Bianca Shows Boobs and Sucking Skills

Bianca Shows Boobs and Sucking Skills
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I looked on in terror as my sister's foot came barreling towards my exposed nuts. I instinctively closed my eyes and braced for the explosion of pain that I knew was about to come.

But after a moment, when nothing had happened, I opened my eyes and looked down. Jennifer's foot was centimeters from my balls. "Wha-what happened?" I asked dumbfounded. "Oh, I just wanted to make sure I had good aim first silly," Jennifer said. Then without letting another second pass, she pulled her foot way back before rocketing it into my nuts. The impact was like a freight train. My body visibly rocked as her foot exploded dead on into my nuts.

The pain was instantaneous and intense, and before I knew it, I was huddled on the floor clutching my nuts and gasping in pain. Fortunately, it only took a few seconds for the pain to diminish from a level I would call mind melting to something more bearable. At this point I looked up to see the three girls giggling hysterically, and Jillian and Jessica high fiving my sister. "That was awesome," Jennifer said when she got her laughing under control.

"It felt so exhilarating. I want to do it again." "Well too bad," Jessica replied.

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"You had your turn. Now it's mine." "Yeah, okay," Jennifer agreed.


"Come on Justin," Jessica said as she clapped her hands together. "Stand up. Let's get this show on the road." "I think I need some help," I responded weakly. Jennifer and Jillian came over to me and grabbing me by the upper arms, lifted me to my feet, where after a moment I was able to stand unassisted.

Knowing I had no choice, I assumed the position and waited for Jessica to further my destruction. Fortunately for me, she was also wearing simple flats, so at least I wouldn't be getting kicked by anything too devastating. I briefly looked over to Jillian.

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She was wearing a pair of hard pointed shoes. I wasn't looking forward to that. Jennifer took her foot and slowly extended it until it was right under my balls. She did this a few times to get proper aim, and actually lifted my balls in their sac a few times with her toes. I felt like I was going to pass out from anticipation.

"Okay, here goes," she said as her foot raced towards my nuts. The second impact was equally as devastating as the first and I fell to the floor in a ball of pain. It was a good 15 seconds before I was even able to open my eyes this time. When I looked up, I saw that both Jillian and Jessica were openly rubbing their crotches through their skirts. When they saw me looking, they quickly stopped.

I couldn't believe they were getting off on my pain! "Alright, tough guy," Jillian said. "My turn." Jennifer and Jessica helped me to my feet as Jillian started stretching, as if she were warming up for a soccer game.

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Which didn't seem so strange really as Jillian played in the high school girls' soccer league. I almost collapsed again at the thought, but Jennifer and Jessica were still supporting me and didn't let me fall.

I figured that like the last two girls, Jillian would need to take a few practice swings first. I was wrong. Whoosh, BLAM! The hard pointed toe of her shoe impacted directly into my right nut, causing a blinding jolt of pain to race through my body. I let out a pitiful mewling sound as I collapsed to the ground like a sack of potatoes. Based on the pain currently coursing through me, I figured I'd probably be laying there for the rest of my life. "That was amazing Jillian," Jennifer gushed.

"You really destroyed him with that one." "I know, right?" Jillian agreed. "That was sooo great!" "Okay," Jennifer said as she walked over to the computer. "Justin finished his turn, so let me click this button and…" as she clicked the button, Justin's piece advanced to the second square on the board. "I guess Justin's winning, huh?" Jessica said. Jillian looked over to where I was still laying in a heap on the floor.

"Oh, I don't know about that," she snickered. "It's your turn Jillian," Jennifer said as she made room by the computer for her friend.

"Okay," Jillian said as she took the mouse, and without hesitation clicked on the action card.

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The card flipped over and displayed the word Pleasure. "Goody," Jillian exclaimed. She then rolled the dice, and it came up six. "Oh, wow. Lucky," Jessica said. Jillian began to read. "Get a player of the opposite gender to pleasure your pussy with his mouth for one minute. This will necessitate you taking off all clothing worn below the waist. You may not put them back on for the duration of the game." "You really hit the Jackpot," Jennifer said.

"I'll say," Jillian agreed as she quickly took off her shoes, socks, skirt and panties. She walked over to where I was laying with my eyes closed, mostly oblivious to the rest of the world.

She gave my shoulder a gentle nudge with her foot and said "hey there pretty boy, I need your help for my first action." I groaned as I opened my eyes, but when I saw what was in front of me, my pain was immediately and fully forgotten.

Standing above me, her feet straddling my head, was Jillian, completely naked from the waist down. Her beautiful vagina, the first I had ever seen in real life, was completely bare except for a small landing strip made up of her downy red hairs. She started lowering her pussy to me, and for a moment I began to panic. Had I received another pain card?

Was she about to smother me? "You have to eat her out for a full minute," Jennifer said by way of clarification. "I'll be timing you guys on the computer." As Jillian settled onto my head, I felt my boner coming back. The furthest I had ever gotten with a girl before today was some kissing. I had never even seen or felt a girls boob.

And now here I was, with each one of Jillian's creamy pale thighs pressed against either side of my head and her pussy resting on my closed mouth. I was very aware of her heady scent, and I was finding it quite intoxicating. "Alright," Jennifer announced. "Ready, set, go!" I didn't quite know what to do, but I had seen enough porn in my life to have a general idea of what was expected of me.

I opened my mouth and tentatively stuck out my tongue. When I made contact with Jillian's lips, I thought I heard her moan, but I couldn't be sure because my ears were currently blocked by her thighs. But she definitely shuddered a little bit. I took this as encouragement and thrust my tongue into her slit. Her pussy actually tasted quite good, and it was quite slippery from all her juices.

I started to explore, all the while hearing her muffled moans. After 10 or 15 seconds, my tongue discovered a large bump by the top of her pussy, and Jillian let out a loud squeal and almost lifted off of me. I had found her clit. I attacked it with vigor, licking it this way and that way and even going so far as to suck it into my mouth.

By now Jillian was thrashing around on top of me like she was riding a bucking bronco. The next thing I knew, her thighs locked around my head in a death grip and she let out a high, keening wail as my mouth was literally flooded with her sweet juices. She continued to shake for a good 15 seconds before she collapsed off of my head and onto the floor. With the obstruction to my vision removed, I looked over to where she lay.


Her eyes were closed, her face was flushed bright red, and she had the goofiest grin on her face. Then I sat up and looked at my sister and Jessica. Both of them had there hands up their skirts and were stroking themselves vigorously. This time when they saw me looking, they didn't bother to stop. My dick, which had already been rock hard, was now hard enough to stab Superman to death.

If I didn't get some relief soon, I felt like something would rupture. After a minute or two, Jillian sat up and opened her eyes. "That was amazing Justin," she said as she leaned in to give me a kiss on my cheek, which was still slimy from all the juices she had squirted on me.

I smiled and puffed my chest out at the compliment. Even though I was sitting here completely naked and had just recently had my nuts bashed in, I felt like a man. "Okay," Jennifer said. I looked up to see that she was once again sitting at the computer. "It's my turn." Jennifer clicked the action card and sighed with relief. She had also gotten a pleasure card.

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The dice came up two. She began to read. "Have a member of the opposite gender massage either your right or your left breast for 30 seconds with his hands. For this action you must remove all clothing above the waist. You must then leave them off for the rest of the game." "Wow, that's awkward," Jessica said. "Your own brother has to feel up your tit." "It could be worse," Jillian said.

"It probably will get worse," Jessica retorted. "This is still only the first turn of the game." "I think I'd be willing to do a lot for a hundred thousand dollars," Jennifer admitted after a moments thought. "Here goes," she said as she started to take her shirt off. I couldn't believe my luck! I had been wanting to sneak a peak (unsuccessfully I might add) of my sister's tits for years. Now, not only was she voluntarily taking her top off in front of me, I was going to get to feel her up too!

Her shirt fell to the floor revealing a lilac colored bra. If you had put a gun to my head, I wouldn't have been able to pull my eyes away.

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When she reached behind her to unclasp the bra, this had the effect of pushing her big tits out even farther. This in turn caused my eyes to pop out even farther. Suddenly the clasp opened and the bra fell away from her breasts. I almost came, I was so excited at the sight before me. Two gorgeous, perfectly rounded orbs of happiness with the prettiest little pink nipples sitting proudly atop them.

Clearly one of God's finest works. Jennifer looked up at me and noticed my ogling. She was clearly embarrassed, but trying hard not to show it. Meanwhile, I just continued to stare like an idiot. Finally, Jessica interrupted the silence. "Are you just going to stand there all day, or are you going to get some of your sister's titty in your hand?" Jillian giggled at this, Jennifer blushed a deep crimson, and as for me, that got me moving again.

I think I briefly broke the speed of light in my haste to get to her. My hand was filled with lovely tit flesh before Jessica even had a chance to start the 30 second countdown. As I stood there, I knew I was supposed to be massaging it, but for the first several seconds, I couldn't even move. The idea that I had my sister's tit in my hand was causing my brain to short circuit. After a few seconds of this, I felt Jennifer press her breast more firmly into my hand, and this got me moving again.

I started to rub the palm of my hand over her breast and gently palpate it. Then I began to lightly tweak her nipple with my fingers, causing a delighted gasp to come from her. I twisted it a few times too, and Jennifer's knees started to buckle. I was about to take it into overdrive when Jessica called time. It seemed like it was over even before it had begun. How Jessica was able to focus on the clock was beyond me, but reluctantly, I withdrew my hand from the most amazing piece of flesh it had ever come in contact with.

I noticed I wasn't the only one who was upset. Jennifer seemed pretty put out that the fun was over herself. She surreptitiously gave her own nipple another little tweak before her hands returned to her sides. Apparently I had had quite the reaction on her. Score another point for my ego.

"Now it's my turn," Jessica said as she sat at the computer. Wouldn't you know it, she also got a pleasure card.


Not that I was really complaining. I was enjoying their pleasure cards just as much as they were. She rolled a 4. "Get a member of the opposite gender give you a lap dance for 45 seconds. You are allowed to touch him with your hands, but only above the waist." Jessica smiled and spun the chair around.

"Get over here, stud," she said, beckoning to me with her finger. I was happy to obliged, and a large grin broke out on my face as I walked over to her. "Wait," Jillian said.

"If he's going to give you a lap dance, he needs some music to dance to." "Let me pull up my play list then," Jennifer said as she walked over to the computer. "Move for a second," she said to Jessica, who wheeled herself out of the way. My sister bent over the keyboard, causing her tits to hang delightfully. As she typed, they jiggled ever so slightly. I never knew that typing could be so sexy! A moment later, Lady Gaga's "Just Dance" started coming out of the speakers.

"Wait, let me get it to the good part," Jennifer said as she advanced the song. A moment later she paused the song and said, "I'll start it whenever you're ready." "I'm ready," I said.

"Me too," Jessica said hungrily. "Okay, here we go then," Jennifer said as she simultaneously restarted the song and started the clock. As soon as the music started, I started dancing.

I tried to imitate the women I had seen in the movies, but it was harder than it looked. Although it seemed that Jessica was enjoying it anyway. It looked like Jennifer and Jillian were too. As I ground my butt into Jessica's lap, I felt a hard slap on my ass. "Hey, it said above the waist touching only," I protested. "It was an accident," was Jessica's flimsy excuse. I didn't believe it for a second, but I also didn't really mind. After a few more seconds of grinding my butt, I become bolder and swung around to face Jessica.

I straddled her, essentially sitting down in her lap, and placed each of my legs on either side of the chair. I started rocking my hips forwards and backwards as I continued to grind my crotch into hers. I could feel the heat of her pussy through her thin skirt and it excited me terribly. My dick had actually started to drip pre-cum onto her skirt, but both of us were too wound up to notice. Suddenly, Jessica wrapped her arms around my waist and started gently stroking my back and sides.

I moaned at her touch, and my dick started leaking even more. I leaned even farther forward and my dick poked right into her shirt. I was just starting to masturbate myself against her belly when Jillian called time. "Crap," I muttered to myself.

I was starting to develop a serious case of blue balls from all this starting and stopping. I was beginning to feel a desperate need to cum. "We're going to need to find another way to keep track of the time," Jillian said. "I almost couldn't pull my eyes away to look at the clock." "I have a stopwatch in my bedroom," I offered. "It beeps when the time is up." "Perfect," Jillian said. "Where in your room is it? I'll go get it." "It's on my night table next to my bed." "Gotcha," she said as she started for the door of the den.

Double crap. I was hoping I could have gotten it myself and rubbed out a quick one while I was gone. Even so, it was quite a treat to see Jillian's nude ass as she walked away from us.

"And when you get back," Jennifer said, "it will be Justin's turn again." Triple crap. I didn't know if I'd be able to survive another Pain card. I was starting to get a little worried.