Lucky MILF getting her slick cunt drilled by teen hot stud

Lucky MILF getting her slick cunt drilled by teen hot stud
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Mike was sitting at the bar with his friend Dave.


Both men were 24 and unspectacular in appearance, not unattractive, but neither had the features that made them stand out to the ladies. Mike was 5'11", lanky, with dirty blond hair. Dave was 6', average build, and brown hair.


The two buddies were chatting idly while surveying the room. It wasn't very busy tonight, Cassandra was working behind the bar, the guys came by the bar so often they were officially acquaintances with Cassandra now. At the other end of the bar was a couple who were clearly on a first date.

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He looked like he was coming on strong and often leaning too close, she was try me to be polite but her smile became less genuine as the minutes progressed.

Cassandra had just brought them another round and now he was making hand gestures for her to drink her drink. But before that, Mike noticed something. "Hey Cassandra " Mike called the bartender over. He motioned for her to lean closer. "What is it?" Cassandra asked. "I think that guy might have slipped something in that girl's drink" Mike said seriously.

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Cassandra looked over. She had heard snippets of the couple conversations that night and the guy did seem like a big douche bag. "Shit." She crossed the bar again, flashed a fake apologetic smile, and reached for the girl's drink.

"I'm so sorry, I messed up your order. Let me get you a new one" "Oh, I couldn't taste anything different" the girl replied. Her name was Sarah and she'd been drink vodka sodas all night. "I insist. Let me get you a new one" Cassandra took the drink and shot daggers with her eyes at douchbag. He must have guessed she was onto him. He excused himself. Cassandra brought a new drink back to Sarah. "I don't know what your deal is with that guy, but I think he was trying to put something in your drink" "Fuck" Sarah cursed.

"We have no deal. That's what I get for being bored and going on Tinder. Thanks for warning me" Mike and Dave watched Sarah downed her drink in one long gulp and grabbed her purse to leave. Sarah was 27, 5'5" with shiny brown hair down to her shoulders. People described her as slim but she thought she was rather top-heavy, with boobs that barely fit into a double D bra.

Cassandra walked back over to the guys "Thanks Mike. I'm gonna tell the manager not to let that creep back in here. Can I get you another round?" Mike put an extra tip on the bar for Cassandra and shook his head.

"No thanks, I gotta get up in the morning." Dave reluctantly stood as well "I supposed I should go as well" They said their goodbyes and the guys also headed for the exit.

Sarah yawned as she turned the corner to go to the subway station. She couldn't believe her terrible luck with guys as of late. She'd been dating her ex for 4 months before she realized he was actually married, and from then it'd just been a string of losers capped off by this creep tonight, who almost managed to drug her.

Good thing she'd only taken one sip of that drink. She yawned again, it'd been a long day and she'd probably drank more than she should have. Her head was feeling a little thick, good thing she left when she did, she still had a long way to go to get home.

Mike and Dave decided to take the subway and as they made their way to the station they noticed the girl from the bar was in front of them. She looked like she was maybe a year or two older than them, and quite attractive by their standard. She was wearing one of those fashion jackets that looked like a zip up varsity jacket but made of a thin silk fabric, and a flared skirt that reached about mid-thigh.

You could see a little more than mid-thigh when she walked and the breeze caught the skirt. She had slender hips and seemed skinny overall but it was hard to tell how big her chest was because of the shape of her jacket. The subway arrived just as Sarah reached the platform. She was glad she didn't have to wait, the fatigue had hit her pretty quick, she couldn't wait to get home to bed. She stepped onto the last subway car, despite the late hour it was still quite packed. This station was four stops away from Central Rail Station which ran regional trains 24hours so people were always travelling there.

The subway would empty out then and she could get a seat. Mike and Dave ran down the stairs and dove through the subway doors just as they were closing. The subway was unpleasantly packed, it looked like a high school orchestra with their luggage and instruments were taking up half the car and there was not a seat in sight.

They each grabbed onto a handrail. Sarah swayed with the subway as it rumbled through the tunnel, her eyelids were drooping now. She thought they would have reached Central Station by now so she could sit down. She was right at the back of the train and looked further up the car for a seat but there was nothing. When the subway reached Central Station it lurched to a stop. Mike saw that the girl from the bar was only a couple feet away from him and she practically went flying forward as the train braked.

He reached out and caught her, he put a hand on her hip to steady her. "Woah. Are you ok miss?" He held onto her as the people on the train pushed past them to get off at the rail station.

Sarah's eyes opened, she didn't even realize they had been closed. "Oh my god. Yes, thank you. Sorry, I'm just so tired" With one hand still on her hip, Mike guided her to the nearest seat. "Well here, sit down" Dave had sat down on the bench at the very back of the train, Mike guided Sarah into the seat next to Dave and then sat on her other side. These were the old subway trains, with rows of bench seating, no automated station announcements, no security cameras.

Dave had noted when he sat down that no one else on the train looking back at them would be able to see below their chests. Sarah slumped down and her eyes were already half closed again. She had no idea how she got so sleepy so fast. "Are you sure you're ok miss?" Mike asked again.

Sarah did not respond.

Mike put a hand on her knee and gave her a little shake "Miss?" "Sorry, I'm just so sleepy" Sarah slurred. Dave put his hand on her other knee, to get her attention. "Which one is your stop?

We can wake you." "No, no, I'm going a long way. It's ok" "It's ok, I am too." Dave said "which stop?" When the girl did not answer, Dave shook her lightly again, but allowed his hand to move up further along her thigh. "Miss?" Mikes hand was also sliding up her other leg. His fingers slipped under the hem of her loose skirt "Can you hear us miss?" Over the new few stops Mike and Dave made several attempts each at getting a response from the attractive girl sitting between them.

Both allowing their hands to wander up beneath her skirt, they slowly eased her legs apart, trying to see how much of her shapely smooth legs they could see and touch before she stirred. But if the girl was aware of their roaming hands she never reacted. Dave's fingers finally reached the top of her leg and brushed up against lace, the girls panties presumably, he stroked his fingers along the lace to the thin strip of fabric between her legs, he moved his fingers up and down over her clit area and applied slightly more pressure with each brush.

Still no reaction. "Jesus, what did that guy slip in her drink?" Dave remarked "Actually I only told Cassandra when he spiked her second drink" Mike admitted. He squeezed the girl's thigh and when Dave moved his hand, took over. He probbed his fingers beneath the lace. "No wonder" Dave replied. Sarah's head was slumped forward. He tilted her back so she looked a little more comfortable. There had been a handful of people on the train with them when they'd sat down, but now there was only one guy left and he was facing away from them with headphones on.

Even if he were to turn around, from his angle, he wouldn't be able to see anything but their heads. Dave reached for the zipper of Sarah's jacket, pulling it halfway down to get a better look at her cleavage, which was only half concealed by a tight tank top underneath. He pulled down the tank top slightly to find no bra and that it turned out she had lovely pillowy tits, much larger than he previously thought with her jacket on.

He reach down her top and cupped one of her breasts, she was a easily a Double D. Dave was a real chest man and this was really turning him on. His dick bulged in his pants, he continued squeezing the girl's breast and teasing her nipple with one hand and rubbed his crotch with the other. Mike in the meantime had pushed the dainty fabric between him and Sarah's clit aside and slid a finger inside of her. He'd managed to steal a kiss or cop a feel a number of times in his life, often from girls who were a bit drunk since that was the only time they really paid attention to him, but he could believe his luck that this girl still had not stirred.

He moved his finger in and out slowly at first, then to his surprise he noticed her pussy was getting wet. She was enjoying this, or at least her body was. He slipped a second finger in and began to finger fuck her harder. Another four stops when by and the headphone guy got off the train too. Now it was just the three of them, with still a long way to go. Due to the late hour there weren't many people getting on the train, most platforms they pulled into were empty and virtually no one chose to ride in the back of the train.

Dave unzipped Sarah's jacket entirely and pulled both her perfect breasts out of her top so he could fully admire them. Mike was fingering Sarah furiously now "she's loving this man! Look, she's practically dripping!" Dave lifted the girl's skirt to find his friend wasn't lying. In fact she was so lubed with her own juices he was able to slip his fingers into her as well. He bent over and sucked on one of her tits white they both fingered her in tandem.

Dave's cock was so hard it hurt to keep it in his pants. He no choice but to unzip his own pants and pull it out. His 8" dick sprang out straight up. The train rumbled over a bridge taking them into the residential part of the city. The remainder of the route would be all suburban areas where no one rode the subway at all during this hour.

Dave stopped sucking on Sarah's tit long enough to talk to Mike "she can't really be asleep if she's getting turned on?" Mike shrugged.

He massaged Sarah's clit and leaned close to her ear "miss, can you hear me?" Sarah made a noise.


Both men paused. But that was the extent of Sarah's awareness levels. "Are you secretly enjoying this?" Mike growled in her ear in a low voice. "Mmmm" Sarah replied. "What's that? Do you mean you like getting ravaged by two strangers on a subway?

Tell me you like it." ".like." Sarah uttered "Holy shit" Dave exclaimed, "do you think she means it?" "Tell us you like this slut.

Say 'I like this'." Mike commanded. "Say 'I like this'." "I like this" Sarah mouthed faintly. Dave had no idea whether she meant it or if she was just groggily following commands. But it gave him an idea. "Say 'I want your cocks'" Dave said "Say "I want your cocks inside me" "Say 'I want you to fuck me'." Mike chimed in "Cmon" Dave prompted "Say I want your cocks inside me." "I want your cocks." Sarah mumbled That was good enough for Mike and Dave.

Dave's cock was already out of his pants. Mike tugged on Sarah's lace underwear which turned out to be a thong. He tugged a bit harder and the lace tore easily, allowing him full access now. Dave gathered up the girl's skirt so that Mike could lift and position her onto his cock. Mike let go and Dave's cock plunged into the girl's warm wet pussy.

The feeling was sensational and Dave went wild bucking up and down beneath her to fuck her. He was already so aroused it didn't take long for him to cum. As he did his slipped out of the girl and ejaculated mostly on her skirt. Mike had a chuckle over his friend but quickly wanted his turn fucking a hot chick on a public train. Dave was still catching his breath as Mike tilted Sarah so that she was now sideways on the bench, her head leaning back on Dave.

He lifted her legs in the air and tilted her hips up so he had a clear view of her pussy to get get in there. Mike was only 7" but much thicker than his friend. He watched Sarah's pussy stretch around his dick, which was super hot, he was able to slide in easily and quickly started pounding her pussy, his balls rhythmically slapping her ass.

You could hear this even over the train he was fucking her so hard. Mike had a lot more stamina than Dave it turned out. It was almost 5 stops later that he finally shot his cum deep inside her. She never once opened her eyes in all that time, but her pussy stayed wet and welcomed his seed. As he pulled out of her he could see his cum dripping out, he couldn't resist taking a picture. He would have easily fucked her again but the train was nearing its final destination.

The guys straightened themselves up. Dave fixed Sarah's top and zipped her jacket back up. Mike flipped her skirt back down. Dave got up and moved to the bench in front of her and Mike sat a respectable distance at her side. Mike once again shook Sarah, this time by the shoulder.

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"Excuse me miss. Wake up. It's almost the last stop." He shook her several times before she responded sleepily "what?" "End of the line miss. Can we help you get anywhere?" "I." her voice trailed, she was not fully regaining consciousness just yet.

Dave reached for her small "Miss, I'm not taking your things, I just want to see if I can find out where you live" He said this as he rifled though her wallet for some ID with an address. Turns out there was no need for explanation, Sarah never heard him. He finally pulled out her license. "Her name's Sarah.

She really does live at the last stop. Should be pretty close to the station" "Let us help you home miss" Mike said. "Do you think you can stand miss?" "Mm.yes" Turns out that wasn't really true. Both Mike and Dave put one of Sarah's arm around their shoulder to hoist her up.

She took a few steps with a lot of assistance, but was mostly out again by the time they reached the top of the escalator to ground level. They carried her awkwardly in that position to her door. "Do you think you can get into your apartment?" Dave asked. Again it was useless because Sarah wasn't conscious. Dave dig out her key.

Turned out to be a walk up and Sarah was on the second floor.

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As Mike threw her over his shoulder to carry her up, he could smell the mix of their bodily fluids from their subway escapades. She smelled like sex and he was starting to get aroused again. Dave opened the door, turned on a light and they found the couch to lay her on.

The two friends looked at each other. "Wow" Dave said. "Yeah, wow" Mike agreed "That was quite the ride." "She's quite the ride" Dave joked. Except it wasn't really a joke. Mike could feel the bulge in his pants again. Dave saw this and also considered the possibilities. He was standing next to Sarah's head as she lay on the couch. He bent over and unzipped Sarah's jacket once again, pulled up her top and gazed hungrily at her tits.

He then dropped his pants and shorts. He was only half hard but that soon changed as he started rubbing both of Sarah's breasts. He came around and strattled her, resting his cock between her glorious tits. He squeezed them together and slid his cockback and forth between them.

This was the bet tit fuck he'd ever had, and he finished off by cumming all over those dream tits.

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Mike was ready and waiting with his pants down and cock out, as soon as Dave was done he wanted Sarah's pussy again. He probed with two fingers again first and once more he found that Sarah's body was quickly aroused and took his cock once more.

He didn't last as long this time but once again filled her with his cum. And again wondered how many times he could fuck her until she awoke. There was a lot of light streaming through Sarah's window when she woke up the next morning. Her head was so thick and she had no idea how she even got home last night. She'd only made it as far as her couch and slept in her clothes, which felt damp and sticky. She felt a soreness but her brain couldn't recognize the source.

She reasoned it could be as simple as sleeping on the couch. Sarah struggled to remember anything from after she left the bar, but all that came to mind was the two nice boys who'd asked if she was ok.