Asian street boys gay sex first time After some wet and muddy

Asian street boys gay sex first time After some wet and muddy
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I drove away from my house in a hurry, downshifting for speed.


As I got near town and started fighting the traffic, I thought about Janet, the chick I was on my way to see. She worked at the record store downtown, and told me when I was there earlier that if I came by at closing, I would probably get lucky!

We have been flirting over the last 6 weeks or so, every time I go in there. She is college-age, kind of freaky. She has her hair dyed black and a nose-ring and wears ALL KINDS of eye makeup, but you can tell she is really pretty underneath and God, what a bod!

She has nice hips, a slim waist and a perfect set of gorgeous 36C's!

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She's always wearing these jeans that drag the floor because she has them pushed way down her hips, and tight t-shirts that aren't quite long enough for her. This shows off her flat tummy and navel in the sexiest way.

Anyway, as I pulled into the parking lot, I could see the closed sign was already up.


I walked up to the front door & peered in. She was in the back, but she saw me. She sauntered up to unlock the door & let me in.

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"You look good!" I shouted. "Huh?" She couldn't hear me over the loud music. That's ok, I hadn't gone there for the conversation. I followed her into the back of the store, where the grimy office was.

She had me sit down in an office chair that was pushed up against the wall.

She then sat on my lap, facing me, and sort of clutched my legs with hers and started gyrating her hips against my crotch. My cock was already hard at this point and it started to drive me a little nuts.

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She held her lips about an inch from mine, we were both panting. As soon as I went to pull her top off of her, she grabbed it and pulled it off herself.


I wrapped my arms around her and my lips engulfed her right nipple; sucking, licking, and rolling it with my tounge.not to mention kind of whimpering with desire. I fondled her other breast with my hand, and then moved it down to her jeans. I started to undo them when she suddenly jerked away from me and stood up.

She looked kind of freaked out, and I started thinking maybe this whole thing was over when she fell to her knees and started unbuttoning my jeans. She fished out my cock and my balls, which are always unencumbered by underwear. She looked very nastily up at me and took my cock in her mouth, just the first inch and a half or so, and started rolling her tounge around it and sucking softly.

She continued the soft sucking and carressing of the head until I was about to go nuts.

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I reached down and pushed her head until she was taking more. I heard her moan, even over the music, and I knew she was loving this. I kept my hands on the back of her head as she sucked and rolled my cock in her mouth, sending me to heaven and back over and over.

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She was taking a good two or three inches of my 7-incher, but not doing much more. Before long, I was pushing her further down my cock to take more. She resisted slightly, but I pushed a little harder. When I did, she moaned again. I looked down and realized she was fingering herself!

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Now that turned me on even more, if that's possible! From my perspective I could see her nasty lips sucking my cock like there's no tomorrow (doing a pro's job with her tounge), her hot, creamy, perky 36C's swaying back and forth with the motion of it, and her hand stuck down her jeans jerking like crazy!

Suddenly she slowed way down and lowered the intensity of her sucking and licking. I said, "Faster!" But I don't think she heard me. "FASTER!", I shouted. And she started moving her head faster, but did not increase the intensity of her sucking; it was like little butterfly kisses on my cock - I almost couldn't feel it.

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I was getting pissed, and I finally knew what she wanted. "Suck it, bitch! Suck it hard!", I said, and pushed her head until she was taking my cock to the hilt. She moaned and started fingering herself faster. I was holding her face to my pubes, with my cock shoved into her mouth.

I could feel her swallowing against it as it hit the back of her throat. I released her slightly and let her move almost off my cock and then pulled her back against me again.

She was licking and sucking hard now, as well as fingering herself and moaning like an animal. I held her head steady and began fucking her mouth as hard as I could.

When my load hit the back of her throat, the moaning intensified and her whole body shook. She came hard while she swallowed my cum. When we were both spent, she leaned back on her knees and closed her eyes. Then she looked up at me and grinned and licked her cum off her fingers.

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When I zipped up and left I said thanks and she told me not to be a stranger. THE END