Busty lesbian hottie Cate is giving Natali a sensual massage

Busty lesbian hottie Cate is giving Natali a sensual massage
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Apocalyptic Lovers It was a beautiful spring day in Atlanta, Georgia. The sun was out, a few puffy clouds were drifting by in the heavens, the temperature was warm, and a light breeze was blowing.

It was too perfect a day to think of the disaster looming in the near future. That impending disaster was the reason Amy had the job she was supposed to be doing. The teen was supposed to be stacking boxes of emergency supplies in an bomb-proof underground bunker. The supplies would soon be needed. The scientists at NASA had broadcast a world wide warning of an approaching meteor. The meteor that was going to hit the earth in a few days was predicted to hit somewhere in the Great Plains of North America.

The resulting impact would destroy a great portion of earth's population. The initial deaths would come either from the violent impact itself and its shock-wave and the huge earthquakes that would follow. Many more would die from the long period of darkness caused by the ejection of massive amounts of earth ejected from the impact site and hurled into the upper atmosphere. Vast crop failures were expected which would result in worldwide starvation. Many governments, private organizations, and a few wealthy individuals were stockpiling survival rations in what they thought were secure locations in the hopes of providing any survivors with what they would need.

Curt Johnson was one of the wealthy individuals who was planning to survive the meteor strike. He had built a nearly bomb-proof storage bunker and a home next to it. The home was designed as a reinforced shelter as well. For the past month, Curt had been carefully watching one of his young employees. She was a hard worker and he had grown fond of her without saying anything. Amy had been employed by a wealthy individual unknown to her to help store the emergency supplies in a very secure bunker.

It was Friday afternoon and her tasks were nearly complete. The meteor was due to arrive sometime around midday Monday. Time for preparations was getting very short. Instead of working as she was supposed to be, Amy was daydreaming about cuddling with a boy she knew and liked from school. She had dreamed of him ever since they were Juniors in high school. At nineteen years of age, Amy had now graduated from school and was part of the adult working world.

Unfortunately for Amy, the boy she was fantasizing about didn't know or care about Amy's feelings for him. He barely acknowledged her existence. Amy wasn't his type of girl. He preferred the slender, big-titted, cheerleader types. Amy, on the other hand, was short and a little on the pudgy side. She stood a bit over five foot six and weighed about one hundred forty pounds.

That combination had given her a sizable set of tits, a plump and well rounded ass, and a nicely padded belly. She kept her auburn hair cut short, and it seemed to form a frame for her cute round and freckled face. Her green eyes usually sparkled when she smiled. Amy didn't know her supervisor, Mr. Curt Johnson, was the owner of the bunker where she was working.

As he walked by the area Amy was in, he noticed she was just standing in a corner of the bunker behind a pile of boxes. As he got closer to her, he noticed tears flowing from Amy's eyes. "Amy, what's wrong?" He asked the weeping girl. She was startled by Mr.

Johnson's sudden appearance. "Nothing sir. I'll get back to work right away." "It's alright, Amy. No one expects you, or anyone else, to be concentrating on work with what's soon coming our way." With tears still flowing from her eyes, Amy walked past Mr. Johnson to return to work.

He gently reached out and took hold her by her shoulders. He pulled her backwards until her back was pressed to his chest. As he held her firmly, he asked. "Amy will you talk to me? Is there anything I can do to help you?" "No sir. I have just realized that I will never be with a boy I like.

He will never hold and cuddle with me. He, I, and most of the other people we know will probably be dead by next Monday evening. He didn't care for me anyway. I'm too fat for him to be attracted to me. All my dreams will end in a few days anyway. Maybe that's not so bad after all." "Amy, you are not too fat. I think you are cute as hell. I've been watching you for weeks, and I like what I've seen. I have developed a strong attraction to you.

I just didn't know how to approach you. After all, you are only nineteen and I am your twenty-eight-year-old boss. I hope you don't get too mad at me for what I'm about to do." Mr. Johnson then bent forward and kissed the side of Amy's neck. In the mean time, his hands slid around her torso and gently hugged her.

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Amy sighed as she felt her supervisor's strong arms around her waist and his hands on her belly. "Oh Mr. Johnson. I'm not mad at all.

As a matter-of-fact, that feels nice." She then tilted her head back and let it rest on his chest. "Amy, please call me Curt." He began rubbing and squeezing Amy's belly and slowly moved his hands up to her breasts. He gently squeezed them and kissed her neck again. She gasped when Curt moved his hands up and covered her breasts. She then cooed in appreciation of the feelings she was getting. "Curt, I have never done anything like this before. The boys never seemed to like me." "Well I do.

I like girls with a little meat on their bones." He then squeezed Amy's breasts again. "Amy, since the workday is almost over anyway, I would like to take you out if you're interested. Amy, will you go out to dinner with me?" Amy spun around in his arms to face Curt.

She seemed to be in thought for a few seconds as she stared into his eyes. Then a smile spread across her face. She then threw her arms around his neck, pressed her breasts into his torso, and kissed his lips. "Curt, are you really asking me for a date? No one has ever asked me out before." Curt smiled down at the cute girl in his arms.

"That's their loss. Yes Amy, I'm asking you for a date. Would you like to go to dinner with me tonight?" "Yes Curt, I'd love to go to dinner with you.

I just need to go home to clean up first." Amy was back to her normal bubbly self. "OK! Go home now. I'll pick you up in about an hour." Curt had barely finished speaking before Amy was running out of the bunker's open blast doors and heading for her car.

Curt thought he should probably hurry too. He didn't want to keep his date waiting very long. With the approaching meteor only a few days away, there was precious little time to waste. Just a little over an hour later Curt had gotten home, showered, shaved, dressed, and driven to Amy's apartment.

He had barely gotten parked when Amy came bounding out to meet him. The loose summer dress she was wearing fluttered in the breeze as she approached. Its low cut bodice showed a considerable amount of her cleavage. She hoped into the passenger seat of his car before he had a chance to open the door for her. She then leaned over to kiss his right cheek. "Wow Amy! You sure seem a lot happier than you were a little while ago.

You look and smell delicious." Amy practically beamed at him and said, "Curt, there is not enough time before the meteor arrives for me to play hard to get. So, if you're interested in a fat girl like me, we can have a good time tonight." Curt replied without actually responding to her comment. "You're right, Amy. Time is short. So, let's get going." Curt then pulled out of the parking space and headed toward one of the nicest restaurants in town. They ate steak and lobster and shared a bottle of wine.

The laws on underage drinking had been rolled back. Due to the likelihood of a short life expectancy, sixteen was now the legal drinking age. By the time they had finished dinner, Amy was giggling a lot. She was a little tipsy from the wine. "Curt, I'm sorry I'm being so silly. I have never drank so much wine." Curt laughed at his date, placed his arm over her shoulder, and pulled her closer to him.

"It's alright, baby. I want you to have fun and remember this night." Amy thought the comment about remembering this night was a bit weird considering they would probably be dead in a few days. There wouldn't be time to remember anything. She tilted her head back when Curt lifted her chin. She happily accepted and returned the tender kiss Curt placed on her lips.

Curt whispered in Amy's ear. "Are you ready to go, Amy?" She looked up into his eyes and replied. "Yes Curt, but let me say something first. You're the first guy who has treated me this nice. I like you a lot. So, since we only have a few days before the meteor probably kills us all, I've decided to give myself to you. You can do whatever you want with me. I am looking forward to at least one night's pleasure with you before the meteor puts an end to us all and all that we know. OK, I'm ready now." Curt kissed her passionately and told her, "Amy, your are a very special girl to me.

I have never been married and it's unlikely that is in my future right now. So, let's make the best of what we have and let whatever happens happen." He then left a nice tip on the table and escorted Amy to his car. During the ride to Curt's home, Amy sat close to him. He placed his right arm over her shoulders and hugged her. He gently rubbed her upper arm as he drove toward his home. Though he was very tempted to caress her breast, he didn't want to come on too strong and frighten this young woman.

She soon sighed and laid her head back on his shoulder. A broad smile brightened her face. After a short while Amy relieved some of his fear of frightening her. She turned slightly to her right. She then pulled the hand that had been rubbing her arm to her right breast. When Curt gently squeezed her breast, Amy sighed again and snuggled even closer into his side.

He continued to massage Amy's breast until they reached his home. When they pulled into Curt's driveway, Amy sat up. She turned to face him, and they tenderly kissed.

Curt helped Amy out of his car, and, with an arm around her waist, led her into his home. He then helped her sit on his couch.

He sat next to her, put his arm around her shoulders, and firmly hugged her. He gently kissed her again. She cooed and returned the kiss. They cuddled for a while and talked about what their future may hold. She was convinced their future would end sometime next Monday. He tried to calm her fears. After a little while Curt began fondling Amy's breasts through her dress.

He released several of her dress buttons and a great deal more of her ample breasts were exposed. He pushed her dress from her shoulders. Except for the lacy light blue bra that lifted her breasts and helped create her cleavage, Amy was nude from the waist up. Curt leaned over her and began kissing and licking the exposed areas of Amy's breasts. Amy cooed in response and put a hand on the back of Curt's head. She pulled his head tighter to her chest.

"Do you like my boobs, Curt?" Curt sat up and replied, "Oh yeah, Baby. I sure do. They're so soft and kissable." He reached out and put a hand on each breast. He firmly squeezed both of Amy's boobs and again kissed each one. While he fondled Amy's breasts, they stood and faced each other. She opened his shirt and pushed it off his shoulders allowing it to fall to the floor. She briefly rubbed her hands up and down his solid chest and belly.

"Oh my! I like this. You work out, don't you?" "Yes! I have a small gym here at home." Amy then moved her hands down to his waist and began fumbling with his belt and pants button.

At the same time, Curt released the rest of her dress buttons. In short order his pants and her dress were puddled around their feet on the floor. They both kicked off their shoes and stepped out of the clothes around their ankles.

His boxers and her bra and matching panties were their only covering. Curt stepped back and they looked each other over. Curt smiled broadly and said, "Amy, you are a very beautiful young lady." "For a fat girl." She replied sarcastically.

"No!" He said firmly. "Regardless of how much you weigh, you're as beautiful as any girl I know." Amy grinned and asked, "Do you really mean that?" "Yes I do, Amy. I think you are beautiful from head to toe. I like your soft round tummy. Your butt is plump but firm. And I especially like your tits. They will be a delight to play with." He reached out and squeezed them again. Amy giggled. "Amy, would you consider staying with me until the meteor hits?

I really like you and want you to stay with me." "Curt, I believe in straight talk. Like I said earlier, I have already made up my mind to give myself to you. If you want me to stay with you, we can try to make our last days happy ones." She then reached behind her back to release her bra.

"Wait a minute, Baby. Not yet! I am anxious to see your nude body, but I have something else I want to show you before we go any further." He held out his hand to her and said, "Come with me." Amy took the offered hand, and Curt led her through his home to the rear of the house.

He led her through a door that led to a stairway down to his basement. Once at the bottom of the stairs, they doubled back under the steps to another door. Amy was beginning to wonder where Curt was leading her. This door opened to reveal another set of steps that went much deeper under the house. "Where are you taking me?" He answered somewhat cryptically. "There is a lot more to this house than is apparent at first sight." At the bottom of the second set of steps was a door similar to the blast doors at the bunker where she worked, only this door was much thicker and heavier.

It opened to reveal a complex of fully furnished rooms larger than the house under which it was located. It had all the amenities of a regular house as well as storage areas full of supplies. He showed her the living room, his gym, the cooking area, and security room with banks of dials, switches, and monitors. Finally he led her to the sleeping quarters with its adjacent bathroom. There was a row of switches on the night stand next to the bed and several monitors on the wall. "This is where we will be staying.

The structure here can take a great deal stress. As a matter-of-fact, it can withstand almost anything except a direct impact by the meteor or an atomic bomb. The plumbing and air recirculation systems are designed to survive a near miss as well. The meteor impact will corrupt the air above ground for many months, perhaps more than a year.

This shelter has been stocked with all the supplies we will need for whatever length of time it takes for the air above ground to clear. Water comes from wells deep beneath our feet. When the electricity fails, our electrical needs will be provided by a self contained generator powered by a very small nuclear power plant." "So, you see Amy, I intend for us to survive the coming disaster, together, in this bunker.

I have longed for you ever since I first saw you working in the storage bunker. Amy, over the past few months that you have worked for me, I have fallen in love with you. If you accept my offer, I wish for you to be mine for a long long time. Do you still wish to give yourself to me? Will you be happy spending your youth with a man nine years older than yourself? You may change your mind if you like, and I will take you home right away." "Are you kidding me?

Why would I want to change my mind? A man I like, and who likes me as I am, has asked me to be his girl and live with him. In addition to that, we may survive the coming meteor hit. Of course I'll stay with you, Curt. Whatever comes our way, I am your girl!" Amy then released her bra and let it fall to the floor.

She shook her shoulders from side to side and her large tits swayed freely. She smiled at Curt and said, "Curt, you can have me any way you like.

All I ask of you is that you please be gentle with me the first time. If you like plump girls, come make this plump girl yours." A very broad smile spread over Curt's face. He spread his arms and Amy stepped into them. He hugged her tightly crushing her tits into his chest. He kissed her with a passion she had never felt before.

He let his hands slide down her back to fondle her plump ass. He firmly squeezed her butt's cheeks, pulled her pelvis tightly to his, and told her, "Amy, I really do like your body. I love a girl with a little meat on her bones, and baby, you have just the right amount of meat in just the right places." Amy cooed in pleasure. "Oh Curt, you don't know how much I wanted to hear you say that.

I know you will make me feel wanted and cared for. I can tell already how much you want me. I can feel that desire pressing against my belly." Curt laughed.

He knew his manhood was standing at attention and was pressing into her soft belly. "You're right, Amy. I do want you so very much." He then pushed his hands under lacy panties and squeezed the bare flesh of her ass. Amy laid her head on Curt's chest and moaned. "Then do something about it. Please take me to bed and make me yours. My cherry is yours to take." Even though Amy was a little heavier than she would have preferred, Curt bent over and picked her up.

He cradled her in his arms like she was as light as a feather. She gasped and then giggled. She then threw her arms around his neck. He was much stronger than she had expected. They kissed as he carried her to the bunker's sleeping chamber. "I have just one more question, Amy. Are you on birth control pills?" She looked up into his eyes and replied.

"Yes, I just got a six month refill on them. After that, if we live that long, I don't know what we will do." He smiled and kissed her again. He then laid her on the king sized bed. He slid her panties from under her butt and off her legs. With a broad grin, Curt exclaimed, "Amy, you're bald!

How did you know I preferred bald pussy?" "I didn't know if you would like me shaved or not." She replied with a smile. "I told you I had made up my mind to give myself to you, if you wanted me, before you picked me up this evening. So, while I was in the shower getting ready for our date I shaved my legs. I then decided to shave my pubes too. I wanted to be as sexy as I could be for you. I had hoped you'd like me this way." "I certainly do! You look good enough to eat. Let me show you how much I like you and your bald pussy." Amy somewhat nervously spread her legs as Curt crawled from the foot of the bed up between them.

When he reached her crotch he kissed then licked her bald pubic mound.


He kissed her snugly closed split. He then gave her one long pussy-lip parting lick from the bottom of her split to her clit and flicked his tongue over that sensitive bundle of nerves.

"Oh God!" Amy gasped and thrust her pelvis up to accept the attentions Curt was giving her pussy. He then inhaled deeply of her fresh aroma. Curt smiled at Amy and said to her, "There's nothing I like more than the taste and aroma of a fresh virgin's pussy." He then began licking and sucking Amy's pussy with exuberance. In a short time, she was thrashing on the bed beneath him. She soon felt the first orgasm of the night rush through her body. She clinched her fists. She wadded bedding into each fist on each side of her hips.

She thrust her pelvis up to meet Curt's mouth. She had never felt anything so intense. As her orgasm waned, he pressed his tongue as deeply as he could into her awakening hole. Her body began responding again, and she used both hands to press his face tightly into her eager pussy. He continued eating her through two more shuddering orgasms.

Eventually, Amy pushed Curt's head away from her pussy. It was drenched with her lubricating juices. With a breathless voice, she begged her lover. "Oh Curt, that is so wonderful, but please, let me rest a minute." "Of course, Baby. We have all night." He then shed his boxers and crawled up to lay beside Amy and began fondling her ample tits. Her nipples were standing invitingly erect.

"Baby, you have a wonderful set of tits." She moaned and groaned as he kissed and sucked each nipple and firmly squeezed both of her meaty tits. "Curt, I'd like to return the favor. I've only seen it on the internet, but, if you don't mind, I think I'd like to try giving you a blowjob." Curt laughed and hugged Amy tightly.

"Amy honey, you can do anything you like." Amy smiled and kissed Curt before turning to put her head on his lower stomach. She really didn't know what to do, but she wanted to try. "Oh my! How big is this thing, Curt? Will it fit in me?" "It's a bit over seven inches long. I really don't know how thick it is. I've never measured that. I'm sure it will fit in you if we go slow like you asked." She tentatively put her hand on his cock and began rubbing up and down its length.

She soon wrapped her hand around his hard member and squeezed. She was surprise it could feel so hard on the inside and soft on the outside at the same time.

Amy lifted and studied the first real cock she had ever seen. When a drop of precum appeared, she pondered it a few seconds them flicked her tongue out and licked it up.

She then kissed the head of Curt's stiff cock, opened wide, and took several inches of it into her mouth. She slowly moved her head up and down the hard shaft. Curt moaned. While one hand stroked the hair on the back of her head his other hand fondled her ass. He then gave Amy a suggestion.

"Baby, try sealing your lips around it and sucking while you swab your tongue all around it." She did as he suggested and began bobbing her head much faster on his cock as well. She soon had him about to erupt. With his orgasm rapidly approaching, Curt warned her of the coming eruption. "Amy honey, I'm going to cum soon. If you don't want a mouthful of cum, I suggest you stop for now." Rather than stopping, Amy seemed to double her efforts.

She pushed even more cock into her mouth and sucked harder. Curt groaned, thrust his hips up, and pumped several spurts of cum into Amy's willing mouth. Amy gagged a couple of times while Curt filled her mouth with his cum, but she bravely took it all. She pulled her mouth off Curt's cock and kissed its head. She then sat up and swallowed. With a wide grin on her face, Amy turned and laid her head on Curt's chest and draped a leg over his hips.

"I didn't know if I could do that. Did I do it right?" "Oh yeah, Baby. You did great, especially since it was your first time.


If you'll give me a few minutes to recover, I want to make love to you." "Oh God, I hope so, Curt. I've been waiting for this moment for so long. I hope I can please you." "Baby, you already have. Just by staying with me you have pleased me." They cuddled and softly chatted until she felt his soft cock under her leg begin to firm up again. She reached down and stroked it.

A short time later, Curt's cock was at full staff and ready for action again. Curt kissed her and said, "Amy, I know this has all been very fast for you. It was just this afternoon that I found you daydreaming and weeping over the loss of some boy you knew in high school. Now, a few hours later, we're here and I'm about to take your virginity." "Curt, I couldn't ask for a nicer man to give myself to.

Remember, I am willingly giving myself to you. You are not simply taking me. I look forward to spending a long time with you as your girl." She then rolled onto her back and smiled at him. She reached down, and began pulling his cock toward her virginal pussy. "I think this thing is ready to claim your girl and pop her cherry, Curt." Amy spread her legs wide as Curt rolled onto her soft body.

Slowly, he kissed and licked her tits, chest, neck, and finally her lips as he moved up her body. His cock's head was poised at the opening to her virgin pussy. Curt could feel Amy tense a bit. Not knowing what else to do, she wrapped her arms around Curt's neck and whispered to him. "I know it's going to hurt. Please be as gentle as you can but take me quickly." "Alright Baby. I love you." Curt then kissed her passionately. At the moment of the kiss, he pushed forward slowly until his cock's head met the resistance of her hymen.

That barrier had protected her virtue for nineteen years and was about to lose its job. He broke the kiss and again said to her, "I love you, Amy." Just as he kissed her again, he shove his cock forward.

He felt her hymen resist the invader as it pressed forward. It quickly gave way, and his cock slid fully into Amy's very tight channel.

Curt's cock had entered deeply into Amy's virgin pussy. Amy cried out and tightened her grip on Curt's neck. A single tear from each eye rolled down her cheeks. Curt held still when he felt his cock's head bump into her cervix. He relaxed the pressure of his hips pressing into her and kissed all over her face.

He kissed her tears away and held her tightly. "Are you alright, Baby?" "Yes, I'll be OK. Just hold still for a minute or two." Curt laid perfectly still with his cock soaking in Amy's very tight and now devirginated pussy.

He continued to kiss her face and nibble her ears. After a short time, Amy tipped her pelvis up against Curt's hips. He pulled back just a little and pushed back in.

"OK Baby?" "Yes! Go slow but go ahead and do me." Curt began slowly giving Amy short strokes. After a shot time he told her, "Baby, you feel fantastic. You have the best pussy I've ever had, and you feel so good under me. I hope you come to enjoy me as much as I will enjoy you. I love you, Amy." Amy smiled broadly up at Curt, hugged him tightly, and replied. "I love you too, Curt. I'm already enjoying your loving me.

Though I'm still sore, I'm ready for you to make love to me. Go on, love me like you really mean it." Curt pulled back until only the head of his cock remained in Amy's pussy. He slowly shoved all the way back into her depths.

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She grimaced, but he repeatedly stroked his cock in and out of her tight hole. She soon began rocking her pelvis to meet his thrust. Slowly he increased the speed and power of his thrusts.

"Oh, oh, oh! Yes Curt! That's feeling so good now." She wrapped her legs around his to lock them together. She used her legs to return his thrusts. She could feel her body responding to the new sensations she was getting from Curt's cock burrowing into her. Her orgasm was rapidly building. "Oh God, Curt! Yes! I'm going to cum again. Fuck me hard!" "Me too, Baby!" Curt began slamming his cock deep into Amy's hungry pussy. "Umph, umph, umph!" Amy grunted each time he drove deep into her body.

When she thrust her hips up and held her ass off the bed, he buried his cock deep into her hole and bathed her cervix with it first taste of cum.


"Oh my God! I didn't know it could be so good. That's fantastic! Oh Curt, your cum is so warm. I hope you'll forgive my language, but as soon as my pussy gets over being sore, I going to fuck your brains out." He replied with a kiss. "Baby, you can talk any way you wish. I look forward to keeping your pussy and my cock sore from fucking each others brains out." They then hugged and kissed each other until his cock softened and slipped out of her soggy pussy.

It wasn't long before they were sound asleep in each others arms. Early Saturday morning, Amy and Curt awoke still in each others arms. They cuddle until Amy noticed Curt's morning wood.

Softly, she said to Curt, "I'm sore as hell, but can we do it again?" "Sure Baby. Would you like to be on top? Why don't you sit on it? That way you can control how much and how hard you take it." He asked. She giggled and replied, "That sounds like fun." Curt laid flat on his back with his hard cock standing at attention.

She got up on her knees and straddled his hips. Amy reached beneath her crotch and got a firm grip on his cock. She worked it into position at her hole. She was still sodden from the loving she had gotten the night before.

Slowly, she began to sit down and take Curt's cock into her body again. She was still sore and grimaced again, but not so sore that she didn't want to be fucked again. She groaned a bit from the mild pain but continued to impale herself. She soon had taken his full length deep into her pussy.

"Oh Curt, that feels so good. I'm going to learn to love fucking you." Curt smiled up at her and said, "I already love fucking you sweetheart. Now slowly use your legs to move you pussy up and down on my cock." Slowly at first, Amy began fucking herself on Curt's cock.

Faster and faster she moved until she was riding him hard and fast. Curt reached out and rubbed her hips and ass as she bounced on him. As her climax approached, she slammed her pussy down harder and faster.

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He pulled her down on top of his chest, wrapped his arms tightly around her back, and thrust up to meet her pussy each time she slammed down. "Oh yes! I'm cuming!" She cried out. "So am I, Baby. So am I." Curt then thrust up into Amy's cunt and pumped her full of cum again. "Oh Baby, you are one hell of a good fuck." After recovering for a while, they got out of bed and took a shower together.

They carefully washed each other until they were squeaky clean. While Curt dried her, Amy asked, "What are we going to do today? "We need to go by the supply bunker. I'll close everything and activate the security systems. The meteor will be here in two days. We'll get something to eat, and then go by your apartment so you can get everything you don't want to lose. No clothes. I'm taking you shopping. I want my girl to have a complete new wardrobe." "Oh wow!

All new clothes? Curt, may I ask you a personal question?" "Sure Baby, ask away." "Do you own the bunker where I worked? Are you rich?" "I'll give you simple answers to simple questions. Yes, to both. Now, let's go. We don't want to be out after dark.

There will be marauders out on the streets looking to take whatever they can. By the way, can you shoot?" "Yes! Dad taught me to use a gun when I was about fourteen. I was a pretty good shot." "Good, here. Take his." He handed her a compact 9mm Colt handgun. He was convinced she could handle the weapon when she checked to see that the mag was full, confirmed a round was chambered, and the safety was on.

He tied a money belt around his waist and stuffed a .40 Cal. Glock in his belt. He carried two spare magazines.

It only took about twenty minutes to secure the bunker and set the automatic defense systems. Surprising to Amy, the bunker where she had worked was located next to Curt's home. They then stopped at a local diner and paid scalpers prices for breakfast. At least they still took American dollars. Amy made quick work of collecting her things at her apartment. She only took her photo albums, a few keepsakes from her school days, and her supply of birth control pills.

Next they went to an upscale mall to shop for Amy's new clothes. It took much longer than he had planned and they must have spent a couple thousand dollars.

Amy was in awe of how much Curt was spending on her. When she asked him about it, he only smiled and said, "We will be together for quite some time. I want my girl to look her best." Their first hint of trouble came when they went to check out. For security reasons, the mall had combined all the store's cashiers into one area and had several armed guards watching over it. The cashier refused to take cash, check, or credit cards.

"Hey buddy, that crap will be worthless in a couple of days. What else do you have?" Amy looked worried, but Curt only smiled and reached into his money belt. He paid with gold and silver coins. "Oh wow! I have a really cool boyfriend." Curt laughed at her remark. "The cool part will be getting us home safely. You will need to carry all of your packages to the car. I may need my hands free. It's getting late and the marauders I spoke of earlier my be out looking for trouble by now.

Amy wasn't convinced of the danger but became their pack mule anyway. Curt and Amy had gotten about one hundred yards into the massive parking lot when they appeared.

A group of seven or eight punks blocked the path to their car. When they were only about twenty feet away, the apparent leader of the punks pulled a large knife and waved it in their direction. "What cha got in da bags, bitch? Give it to us, and we may let you live. You dude, give us the money." By then several more of the punks had knives in their hands as well. Curt glared at the assumed leader.

"I don't think so, asshole." The lead punk lunged forward thrusting his knife at Curt. With amazing speed, Curt pulled his Glock and fired twice.

The leader dropped to the ground as several more punks charged forward. Curt fired several more shots dropping three more before he had to reload. As he ejected the empty mag and slammed a fresh one into his weapon, another shot rang out and another punk hit the ground. The rest ran for their lives. Curt looked over at Amy. Her packages were scattered on the ground, and she was in a kneeling position, her Colt still aimed at the fleeing punks. "Wow Baby! It looks like I have a cool and handy girlfriend.

Come on honey, let's get home." They both re-holstered their weapons and pick up their packages. They quickly loaded the packages into their car and headed home. She was shaking like a leaf as they pulled out of the mall parking lot. "Don't you think we should wait for the police?" She asked.

"Nope! They may take forever to get here, and then they won't do anything. They're going to be much too busy with active looters and arsonists to worry about some scumbags who sprung leaks in a parking lot. Your first time to shoot someone?" "Yeah. I didn't think I could really do it until I saw them charging you." Hugging her tightly, he said, "You acted just like a mamma lion protecting her cub. I'm glad you did.

Shall I purr like a lion cub for you." Amy laughed and settled in for the ride home. They got back to Curt's place just as darkness was settling in. Within a few minutes they had all their packages and Amy's stuff from her apartment in the house and down to the shelter.

Curt secured the house and set the alarms and defense system. Curt then led Amy down to their sanctuary. He made them a late dinner and they ate it while discussing the events of the day.

They cuddled on the couch and turned on the TV to catch the news. Almost the entire news hour was dedicated to death and destruction at the hands of marauding bands of looters. No mention was ever made the punks they had shot at the mall. Amy looked up at Curt and sighed. "I'm sorry I had to shoot that guy at the mall, but I felt I had to. I guess you were right about the lack of interest in those punks.

The Police and the news people don't seem to care about them at all." "No, they don't. I think the marauders have already begun terrorizing anyone they find. I think it will be very dangerous to go out from now on. So, I suggest we stay here until it's safe to go out again. I imagine that will be some time long after the meteor hits." Amy looked up at him again and smiled.

"I think my boyfriend and I just became like eagles. We're mated for life and will fight to protect one another." "I think so too, Amy.

I promise to take care of you as well as I can. Come my beautiful mate, let's go to bed." Amy smiled broadly and replied, "Yes, I'm no longer sore at all. So, I will eagerly try to please my mate." Curt offered his hand and helped Amy up from the couch. He flipped a few switches on a control panel as they walked to their bed. "Those switches activated a very sophisticated security system. I will show you all the special controls of our 'Eagles Nest' tomorrow.

Do you like that name for our home?" "I think it's great." Amy replied. "I promise to make our "Eagles Nest" as happy a home as it can be. Now, let me go to the bathroom so I can shower and get ready for my lover. I want you to take your mate to bed and ravish her like you did last night." When Amy returned, she was wearing a baby-doll negligee she had bought at Fredrick's earlier that afternoon. The pale green nightie accented her auburn hair and made her green eyes sparkle.

The top was held together by two small ribbons tied in bows, one at her throat and one just below her sizable tits. The bottoms which barely covered her ass and did little to conceal her pussy were secured around her waist with two more ribbons at her hips.

As she slowly approached Curt, he could smell the hint of Obsession she had dabbed behind her ears, between her tits, and even a small dab over her pussy's split. "Oh my God, Baby. You look and smell good enough to eat." Amy giggled. "If that's what you want to do, please feel free. I loved it when you did that last night." She climbed up on the bed and held her arms out invitingly while spreading her legs to offer herself to her mate.

Curt carefully climbed into bed and eased his body down on his willing mate. She wrapped her arms around him, and he began kissing her lips and grinding his hard cock into her pubic mound. Slowly, he kissed his way down her body. The ribbons were soon untied and her tits were being kissed, sucked, and nibbled until Amy was rubbing the back of his head and moaning in appreciation.

He kissed his way down her body. She giggled when he burrowed his tongue into her belly button. He then continued kissing his way further down Amy's soft body. Amy spread her legs as wide as she could. Curt settled his shoulders between her thighs. His mouth hovered over her mound. "Yum, you do smell delicious." With a quick flick of each wrist, he released the ribbons at her waist. He lowered her nightie's bottoms with his teeth and kissed her mound.

Amy moaned, placed her hands on the back of Curt's head, and pressed down. She rocked her pelvis up and her nether lips met his mouth's lips. Curt kissed Amy's pussy and began licking her split. He soon had her writhing on the bed and thrusting her pelvis up to meet his eager mouth. He sucked her clit between his lips and flicked it with his tongue. Amy screamed as a massive orgasm rushed through her body.

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She rapidly and repeatedly thrust her hips up and down as she pulled his face tightly to her pussy. Curt continued to eat her pussy as her orgasm eased. He brought her to two more orgasms before he relented and crawled up her body. Amy licked all over his face as Curt lined his cock up to penetrate her tight pussy.

She seemed to like the taste of her own juices on his face. With one slow but continuous shove, Curt buried his cock fully into Amy's pussy.

She groaned with pleasure as he bottomed out against her cervix. He then began sliding his cock in and out of her tight pussy bumping into her cervix with each thrust. "Umph, umph, umph!" Amy grunted each time Curt's cock bumped into her cervix. Breathlessly she encouraged him. "Oh yes, Curt! Take me! Fill me with that wonderful cock." He slowly increased the speed and power of his thrust.

He was soon pounding Amy's hungry pussy with all his strength. He shouted out. Baby, I going to cum!" Amy rapidly returned each of Curt's thrust. She thrust her pussy against him and cried out.

"Oh yes! Fuck my pussy. Fill me with your cum, lover." He did just that. With one last mighty thrust, Curt buried his cock deep in Amy's core and filled her with cum. They both fell back onto the bed.

His cock was still buried in her pussy as it pulsed around it. It felt to him as if Amy's pussy was trying to milk the last of his cum from him. They quickly fell asleep in that position. Sometime during the night, Curt's cock had softened and slipped out of Amy's pussy. He must have rolled off of her body as well.

In the morning, he awoke lying on his back with Amy's head on his belly. Her hand was gently stroking his cock which was stiff with his morning hard-on. He reached down and patted her ass. Amy looked up and said, "Sorry honey, I didn't mean to wake you. I just had an uncontrollable urge to hold your beautiful cock." Curt said nothing. He just smiled down at her and squeezed her ass cheeks. He then pushed his hand between her thighs near her pussy.

His fingers moved up and down between her nether lips. Amy cooed and spread her legs. She then, without warning, engulfed Curt's cock in her mouth. She took most of his cock in until its head hit the opening to her throat. She didn't gag this time but did back off a little. She licked, sucked, and bobbed her mouth up and down on his cock. Curt fingered her pussy until he was about to erupt. "Baby, I'm going to cum soon." He warned her. "Um hum!" She replied without taking his cock out of her mouth.

If anything she took him deeper and sucked harder. Just as he erupted in Amy's mouth, Curt slid his fingers out of her pussy and used one finger to tickle her asshole. She moaned loudly, thrust her ass up toward his hand, and shoved the head of his cock into her throat. She began rapidly swallowing the cum he was feeding her. He pushed the finger at her ass in past her sphincter to the second knuckle. When Amy had finished swallowing all of Curt's cum, and he had pulled his finger from her ass, she sat up and smiled at him.

"My God, I didn't' know having my ass fingered could make me so excited. I've read about it on the internet, but never really thought about doing it. Curt, will you do my ass sometime?" "If that's what my lover wants, I'll be happy to fuck you up your ass.

What did you think of your first attempt at deep-throat?" "Huh? Deep-throat? What's that? Oh, that. I did didn't I?" She had been so excited about getting a finger in her ass she seemed to have forgotten about the cock head that had been in her throat.

"Yep, you sure did. I guess that's two things we can try sometime. Now, I'm hungry. Let's shower and get something to eat." Amy bounded out of bed and trotted to the shower.

Curt quickly followed. A little while later, while they leisurely enjoyed their breakfast of sausage and pancakes, the chatted about their situation. Curt told her, "First, I'll show you all the controls for the Eagles Nest.

I want you to be aware of how to operate all the systems if I am ever unavailable. Let's take a look around and see what's happening in the outside world." Curt hit a button on the wall next to him and the TV monitors over head came to life.

As he had expected, the local stations had all gone to full time news coverage. Bands of rioters were all over Atlanta and the central Georgia area. Numerous buildings were on fire and ongoing gun battles between the rioters and the National Guard were in progress.

The closed circuit cameras indicated little damage in the immediate area. Flipping the channels indicated the same things were happening all over the United States and in most of the world's capitols.

A text crawl on the bottom of the screens warned people to stay in doors. Martial law had been declared nationwide with orders to shoot to kill. The next crawl indicated NASA had determined the meteor would impact the central US somewhere near Memphis at about noon Eastern time Monday. Amy had a look of fear on her face. The reality of what was about to happen had finally set in. Curt took her in his arms and hugged her tightly.

"That's close enough to do some serious damage around here, but we should be just fine. You are in a very safe place. This bunker can take that impact with ease. We will be safe here. Unfortunately, most of the surrounding area will probably be decimated." Rising, Curt then told Amy they had things to do. "First, I want to show you all the controls and safety features of the Eagles Nest." Over the next few hours, Curt showed Amy all the systems that would help them survive and make their lives easier after the meteor's impact.

He made certain Amy could operate them all especially the defensive systems. Curt then strapped on his Glock and handed Amy her Colt.

He then showed he another blast door hidden behind a pile of supply boxes. That door opened to a tunnel. That tunnel led to the supply bunker next to the house.

There he pointed out additional defensive systems and demonstrated their operation. "All these systems can be activated and operated from either bunker's control panels.

You may freely move between the Eagles Nest and this bunker. Just be certain to close and secure any door you pass through." Before leaving the supply bunker, Curt grabbed a box of pink disposable razors. With a broad smile on his face, he told Amy, "These are for you." Amy giggled and took the box. "I'll be sure to use these frequently. I wouldn't want my mate to find any stubble." They both laughed as they left the supply bunker and returned to the Eagles Nest.

Amy jumped and giggled again when Curt gave her butt a gentle swat as he followed her through the tunnel. "Damn Baby, you sure have a tempting butt. I am really going to enjoy my mate." By the time they returned to the Eagles Nest it was nearing midday. "Amy, would you mind fixing us a light lunch? I want to scan the area." "Of course I will. By the way, I'm a pretty good cook too. You don't think I got plump without cooking good meals?" They kissed and went to separate areas of their sanctuary.

Curt used the closed circuit cameras to scan the local area. He noted the area was still clear, and joined Amy in the kitchen. She had produced a lunch of a sandwiches, chips, fresh fruit, and sweet tea.

"I hope you like sweet tea." She said as she served him. "Of course I do. This is the South isn't it? Is there any other way to make tea. Lunch looks good. Would you like to eat it on the roof? We may not be able to be outside for a long time to come after today." "That would be nice.

Is it safe?" She asked. "It is for now. Come on." He grabbed a scoped AR-15 along with several magazines. He then led Amy to the roof. They both still had their handguns on their hips. The roof was flat with a three foot tall wall all around its perimeter. "This is delightful." Amy said as she smiled at Curt. Lunch was good and both of them relaxed until an alarm sounded. "Take our lunch down to the bunker, Amy. I'll check the cause of that alarm." Curt grabbed his AR and headed for the roof perimeter.

From there he spotted two guys cutting through the fence at the supply bunker. He could just have easily shot both of them, but he wanted to demonstrate one of his security systems to Amy. So, he ran down to the Eagles Nest and called her to join him.

When she reached him, he was already in the security control room. She could easily see the two men were about to breach the first fence. The would have to cross the area between the first and second fence to gain access to the bunker grounds. As they crawled through the hole they had cut and were running to the second fence. Curt said, "Watch this." He turned a couple of knobs and pressed a button. Instantly, the two men screamed and fell to the ground. They were writhing on the ground apparently in tremendous pain.

Curt turned the knobs down and watched as the intruders slowly crawled to the truck they had come in and drove away. "Wow! What happened to them?" Amy asked. Curt smiled and replied, "They got a taste of the high powered microwave beams that are focused between the fences. They have effectively been cooked internally. They will probably be dead by morning and no longer a threat to the supply bunker. In the mean time, they will warn their friends of the danger here.

If I had left the power on full a few seconds more, they would have never gotten up. I know that may sound cruel to you, but the necessity of severe measures will become clearer to you as more and more people come to attack us and steal what we have and need." "Oh wow! I think I understand. If my boyfriend, lover, and mate tells me it is necessary, I will love and believe him.

Now what do we need to do this afternoon?" "I want to show you a few more things here in our Eagles Nest. We will not have to live a completely austere life here. I have stockpiled several thousand movies and a like number of musical CD's." If the satellites are still working, we may be able pick up whatever they are transmitting. There is a powerful radio transmitter and receiver. If others are so equipped, we may be able to communicate with them where ever they are." Curt then escorted Amy all around her new home again to show her all the creature comforts they had.

The complete tour took several hours. When he finished the tour, he asked her, "Well Amy, what do you think. Will you be able to be, if not happy, at least comfortable here with me?" "Oh Curt, it may seem to be a bit cramped after a while, but I think you can keep me completely satisfied emotionally and physically.

My life here with you will never be boring. Now, as for my sexual satisfaction, that will be a two person project that we must work on together. We made a very good start on that already. I hope we can keep our efforts up in that area of our lives." Curt smiled at Amy and took her into his arms, kissed her deeply, and hugged her tightly.

He softly said in her ear, "Baby, between your age and my appetites, I don't think that will be a problem for either of us." Now, if you wouldn't mind whipping up something for dinner, I want to check our monitors and any news that may be available." "It will be my pleasure to make our dinner." I promise not to poison you with my cooking." Amy then kissed Curt and headed off for the kitchen.

A short time later, Amy called Curt to dinner. She had set the table and lit two candles. She had him sit at the table so she could serve her new mate. She poured a class of red wine which he sipped until she served dinner. First came a salad followed by steaks cooked to perfection along with a side of broccoli in cheese sauce.

She then sat across from him and they began eating their dinner. After taking a bite of all she had served, Curt commented on his dinner. "Amy, this is fantastic. I just hope our supplies hold out long enough. You a not a good cook." Amy looked shocked. He quickly added, "Baby, you are great cook." She immediately brightened and a big smile covered her face. She then asked, "What's going on outside.

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Can we go up to the roof again and finish our wine. It was so nice up there this afternoon." "No, I'm sorry Amy. I have sealed all the entries and set all the automatic defenses.

Roving bands of rioters, arsonists, thieves, and murderers are nearby. I saw a large mob just a couple of blocks away. We will be safe in here, but it looks like we will now have to stay in the Eagles Nest until sometime after the meteor hits and the air clears. If you like, we can watch the conditions outside on the monitors for a while or watch a movie." Amy thought a few moments then smiled at Curt. "How about we put some music on, watch the mess outside for a little while, then try to find some other entertainment?

I'm sure we can think of something to do to entertain ourselves." Her grin broadened as she released the buttons down the front of her blouse and tossed it to the floor. She was not wearing a bra. Curt couldn't help but ogle her bare chest. "Baby, I love your idea, but we should finish our dinner.

We have plenty, but we shouldn't waste anything. I look forward to having you for desert." "So do I lover. So do I. I have come to love it when you eat me, and I really like swallowing your cum. But mostly, I love it when you shove that big cock of yours so deep in me." Amy giggled and was grinning from ear to ear. "Patience my beautiful mate. Let's eat our dinner first." After dinner, while Amy cleared and cleaned the kitchen, Curt double checked the security systems.

All systems were in full automatic defensive mode with their deadly responses on line. Curt was confident he and Amy would be safe from any intruders.

When Amy joined Curt she had removed her pants and was wearing what would become Curt's favorite outfit. She was nude. They then retired to their sleeping chamber where Curt striped too. Curt then turned all the monitors on to different feeds, two of which were of the two block area surrounding their home.

One of those cameras caught one of the local punks scaling the fence that surrounded their location. Just as he jumped down into the area between the fences, he immediately fell to the ground and writhed in pain for less that a minute.

He then lay still. He had paid the price for his stupidity and had been cooked dead by the microwaves. His associates decided to move on to easier targets.

The other cameras showed similar conditions around the region, country, and world. Buildings in flames, looters running wild, dead bodies lying in the streets were common. Amy had a look of fear on her face. "Will your systems be enough? Will they keep the rioters out?" "Yes Baby." Curt answered. "Even if by some miracle the rioters get past my security systems, and they won't, it would take a direct hit from a tank round to get our blast door open. You will be perfectly safe here with me." He them took her in his arms and kissed her tender lips.

Amy put a CD into they player and climbed into bed. She had picked a romantic easy listening CD. As the music played, Curt joined her on the bed and took her into his strong arms. That simple act made Amy feel safe and secure. Of course, the fact that her 9mm Colt and Curt's .40 cal. Glock were on the night stands helped. As he laid next to her, Curt pulled Amy on top of his body.

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Her sizable tits were crushed against he muscled chest. His cock grew to its full seven inch erect size and pressed into her belly. She sighed and relaxed. She spread her legs and let them drape over his hips. Her pussy was already dripping with her lubricating juices.

"Curt, thank you for asking me to stay with you. I feel so safe and loved when I'm close to you like this. I also feel so horny." She then shifted her body until she had his cock pressing at the entrance to her pussy. When she wiggled her hips just right, his cock slipped into her. "Oh yeah!" She cooed. She pushed back until she had Curt's hard cock filling her pussy.

"God I love having you inside me." Curt reached down and grabbed both of her ass cheeks and pressed her hips down while he pushed his up. He kissed her and said, "Baby, you feel fantastic." Slowly at first, Amy began rocking her pelvis to slide his cock in and out of her tight pussy. As her excitement grew, Amy rode her mate faster and harder.

Finally, she sat up and bounced hard on his cock. She repeatedly drove it deep into her hungry hole. Curt continued to knead her ass with both hands adding to Amy's rising excitement. She was very close to getting off. Amy's orgasm exploded through her body, and she cried out. "Oh God yes!" She was practically vibrating on top of Curt's firm body. He had suddenly pulled her butt down hard and shoved the tip of a finger into her asshole.

She had cum instantly. As her orgasm ebbed, he slipped his finger out of the ass. He continued to circle her asshole with his finger. As Amy quietly laid on Curt's chest, her breathing returning to normal. She began kissing all over Curt's face. As he circled his finger around her asshole, she softly told him. "Oh Curt, you have got to make love to me there.

I want to feel what it's like to have that big cock of yours in my ass." "If that's what you want, Baby, we'll do it. Are you sure you want me to fuck your ass. It will probably hurt as much as when I popped your cherry." "I know, but I really want you to take my ass." "OK Baby. I'll be right back." Curt then rolled out of bed and went to the bathroom. He returned carrying a tube of lubricant he had picked up during their trip to the mall Saturday afternoon.

He placed it on the night stand and told her, "This will help me ease into your butt." Amy giggled and rolled onto her belly and got up on her knees. She wagged her butt back and forth in front of Curt. With her butt in the air and her knees spread wide, Amy's asshole was exposed to Curt's view.

He crawled up behind Amy and began massaging her ass cheeks. She jumped and giggled when he tickled her asshole with his finger. She then pressed her butt back toward the finger teasing her ass. Curt reached for the tube of lube. He kissed both of her butt's cheeks before putting a large dollop of the lube on his index finger. The next time he touch her asshole, Curt pushed his finger into her.

The lubricant did its job. His finger slid easily into her ass to the second knuckle. "Oh yes! That feels so exciting." Amy cooed and wiggled her butt again. Curt put another large dollop of lube on his finger and pushed it as far into her ass as he could. He thought of using a second finger to stretch her ass but thought she needed to feel his cock stretching her ass open.

He then smeared his hard cock with a thick coating of the lube. He kissed her butt cheeks again and asked, "Are you ready, Baby?" "Oh yeah! Take your mate's ass. Take my virgin ass." Curt lined his cock up against Amy's well lubricated asshole. He firmly grabbed her by the hips and gave a short but quick shove. Her sphincter briefly resisted the invader at its entrance. His cock's head over came the resistance and popped past her sphincter.

Amy yelped at the invasion of her ass. Curt held still. "Are you alright, Baby? Do you want me to stop?" "Oh no. I'll be fine.

I told you I wanted you to fuck my ass. So fuck it. Don't stop now. You're already in me." Slowly Curt pushed about half of his cock into Amy's asshole. He pause again to be certain Amy could take the pain she must have been feeling from having her ass fucked for the first time. "OK?" She looked back over her shoulder and smiled.

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She then pushed back to take just a bit more cock. "Yes! Give it all to me." "Alright Baby." Curt bent and kissed her between her shoulder blades. He then tightened his grip on her hips and pulled while he shoved the rest of his cock up her ass. "Umph!" Amy grunted and again looked over her shoulder and smiled at her lover. Once fully imbedded in Amy's ass, Curt paused to allow her body to adjust to the invader in her ass.

When she pushed back again, he took that as a sign she was ready for more. He withdrew his cock nearly all the way out before reversing and pushing fully back into her ass. He began giving her steady and rhythmic thrusts. Her ass was tight, but the lube was doing its job.

Curt could slide his cock fully in and out of her ass without giving her further pain. He soon picked up the pace and power of his thrusts. "Umph, umph, umph!" Amy grunted each time Curt buried his cock deep in her ass.

Amy was returning each thrust. "Oh God, Curt, that's so hot. Fuck my ass! Fuck me hard!" He did as she asked. Curt tightened his grip on her hips and began slamming into her ass. It didn't take long for Amy's tight ass to have him about to explode. "Oh Baby, I'm about to cum." He then slammed deep into her ass and flooded her bowels with a big load of cum. She dropped her head and shoulders to the bed, groaned, and shuddered through an orgasm of her own.

As her orgasm waned, her knees slid out from under her. Amy's body fell to the bed and Curt fell with her. They were both breathing raggedly. As Curt's cock softened, he slipped out of Amy's cum filled ass.

He rolled off her and laid close to her side. She looked into his eyes and smiled. "Curt, that was fantastic. I didn't know it was possible to orgasm while getting it in my ass. I will remember this night forever.

We will do that again sometime." "Whenever you like, my love." They then dozed off while holding each other. Curt awoke a few hours later. It was nearly dawn. Rather than wake Amy, he laid there quietly and watched his monitors.

He saw all sorts of mayhem. Roving bands of thugs were burning and looting any building that appeared undamaged. Anyone they caught out was robbed and severely beaten.

The cameras spotted one poor woman being gang raped by at least a dozen men. The gangs were unopposed. The government forces that had been trying to control the mobs had apparently been recalled to tend to their own families' needs. Curt's home and supply bunker were the only building in his neighborhood that remained unscathed. He noted several bodies lying between his security fences. Several small burned areas were noted as well. His gauges indicated the automatic fire suppression system had been briefly activated.

His security measures were apparently functioning well. Curt watched his monitors until Amy stirred. He then rolled out of bed and took a shower. Amy soon followed him. She made them a breakfast of ham and eggs.

"How are you feeling this morning, Amy?" She giggled and replied, "My butt is sore, but I still want to do that again. Not tonight, but soon. That was so exciting." Together, they made one last inspection of their supply bunker and home. They found the security systems of both locations armed ready. All was in order. All they had to do was wait for the meteor. It was nearing ten o'clock on Monday morning. It was a little over two hours before the time which NASA had predicted for the meteor's impact.

They had narrowed the time to twelve eighteen PM that day. It was expected to hit ten to fifteen miles east of Kansas City. "Amy, there is nothing else to do. We are as prepared as we can be. I suggest we relax and watch our monitors until we lose the signals." She agreed. Curt set each of the monitors to receive the signal from a TV station in every major city between Kansas City and Atlanta.

The majority of them had aimed a high camera toward the west to see the impact and resultant shock wave heading their way. By that time, in most of the cities, even the mobs had disappeared in anticipation of the meteor impact. The view of the empty streets in major cities was eerie. Building fires still burned unchecked. Many vehicles had been overturned and set ablaze. However, there were very few people out on the streets. An occasional large group could be seen in prayer around the larger churches as they awaited their fate.

"Don't those people know they are all going to die when the meteor hits? It's so depressing. Why don't they seek some kind of shelter?" Amy looked depressed too. "Baby, those people have their faith and are probably asking for divine intervention. Who knows, God may very well save some of them. Most likely they will be dead within a few minutes of the meteor strike and believe they will be in heaven soon there after. Either way, their faith will give them comfort." "That is so sad.

I hope you are right about their faith giving them comfort." Curt sat on the couch and stretched his arms out to his mate. "Amy, come sit with me on the couch. We can watch as the world prepares to meet this catastrophe." "Curt, can we get naked?

I think I'd like to cuddle and maybe play with each other a little before this thing gets here." Curt did not respond verbally, but grinned at her.

He stood, removed his clothes, and sat back down. Amy then smiled at him and slowly released the buttons of her blouse. She wore no bra. As she tossed her blouse to a nearby chair, her tits wiggled back and forth. She then pushed her skirt down over her hips and stepped out of it. She was not wearing panties either. Her mound showed not a sign of the stubble that had been there the night before. She had freshly shaved herself during her morning shower and dabbed a bit of perfume in strategic spots.

She wanted to be as appealing as she could be for her mate. Though she believed his promise of survival, she still wanted to be at her best for him just in case he was wrong. "Amy, you look and smell delicious. Come! Sit on my lap." After they cuddled for a while on the couch, Curt cradled her in his arms and carried her to the bed. He laid her gently on the bed and cuddled close. After a few minutes, Amy sat up, turned, and sat on Curt's head.

Curt immediately began licking and sucking her tasty pussy. She groaned, wiggled her pussy tighter to his mouth and fell forward to lay in the sixty-nine position. Without hesitation, she took his cock into her mouth. She began slowly bobbing her head up and down and sucked his cock deeper into her mouth. After a few slow bobs, she wrapped her arms around his upper thighs and shoved her head down hard.

She took Curt's seven inch cock fully into her mouth and down her throat. She gagged and pulled back until his cock left her throat. She again plunged downward. This time, she didn't gag. She took him deep into her throat and sucked hard. She began swallowing as she felt his precum oozing from the head of his cock. She moaned with pleasure at the intensity with which Curt was eating her pussy. She pulled her mouth off his cock and exploded in orgasm as he sucked her clit between his lips and flicked his tongue over it.

"Oh God, Curt! Eat me!" She immediately dove back down on his cock and repeatedly took it deep into her throat. Curt then squeezed her ass, pulled it to his mouth, and erupted in her throat. Amy swallowed each spurt of cum without coming up for air.

When she had swallowed his entire load of cum, she licked Curt's cock clean. She then rolled off of her mate and turned to lay next to him. "Did I do OK?" "My God, Amy! That was absolutely the best deep-throat blowjob I have ever gotten." She smiled broadly. "I am so happy I have pleased you. I hope to continue to please you for a long time." "You will, Baby. I know you will." They continued to cuddle until about noon. Curt reminded Amy of the time of impact.

"Honey, we have about ten minutes before impact. Do you want to get dressed." "Not if we don't have to. I am frightened Curt, and if by chance we die, I want to die as your lover. Is that alright?" "It sure is, Baby. I love looking at your body under any circumstances. But, I assure you, we will survive." He then hugged her tightly and held held on until the meteor came into the view of the Kansas City camera.

A few seconds later, the meteor collided with the earth. Maybe two seconds after that, the KC feed went blank. Curt and Amy watched as every city they had been monitoring lost there camera feeds. The shock wave could be easily seen from NASA's satellite cameras. It was spreading out from ground zero at tremendous speed. One by one, the cameras in Memphis, St.

Louis, Chicago, Indianapolis, Louisville, Birmingham, and finally Atlanta went blank. The lights immediately went out. A split second later, Amy screamed as the huge shock wave hit their bunker. "WE'RE GOING TO DIE!" She began crying in fear.

Curt squeezed her tight and firmly said to her, "No Baby, we are not going to die! I'm sorry I forgot to tell you there is a fifteen second delay between loosing city power and our generator kicking in." A few seconds later, the lights came back on.

"There, see? Our generator is now providing all the power we'll need." Poor Amy was still shaking with fear, but she began to look around at her mostly unchanged surrounding. Curt patted her bare ass and smiled at her. "If you will relax for a little while, I have a few things to do." Though the bunker had suffered a few minor damages due to the shock-wave Things such as some broken dishes and a couple of gauges off line were all that seemed to have been damaged.

Everything else appeared to be in working order. Still, Curt had some things to do to be certain the bunker had returned to full operation.

First, he checked the air and water systems. They were operating perfectly. Then he had to reestablish communications with the outside world. Knowing his antennae above ground would have been destroyed by the meteor's shock wave, he had made provision for that event. He methodically shut down the lines running to the old antenna array. Then he activated the protected systems. They had been buried deep in the field behind the Eagles Nest. Automatically, when activated, the shafts were cleared by a powerful ram that pushed its way up through any debris that had covered the protective tubes.

Then the antennae were pushed up through the cleared tubes. Slowly, one by one, the monitors came back on line. Though most had no signal to pick up, any satellite based signals were still available and soon came into view on the Eagles Nest's monitors. Amy had stopped crying but was clinging to Curt. She was still shaking like a leaf in a storm.

"We'll be alright, Amy. I promised to take care of you. Now, I need to check the supply bunker. If you want to go with me, please get dressed. We shouldn't go into an unknown situation in the nude. Besides, seeing your beautiful body like that will be too much of a distraction." Amy smiled and they both went to get dressed.

Once clothed and geared up they entered the tunnel that led to the supply bunker. Amy was carrying a flashlight and her 9mm Colt. Curt carried a bag of tools in case he needed to make some minor repairs. He also took along his .40 caliber Glock. Along the way, Curt replaced a few light bulbs that had been knocked out. He was pleased with the integrity of the tunnel. Likewise, the supply bunker was relatively unscathed by the meteor's shock wave.

Turning toward Amy, Curt asked. "Shall we return to the Eagles Nest? Perhaps we can find some lunch and watch a movie or something. I think our long period of seclusion has begun." Amy smiled and replied, "I'm sure we can find something to occupy our time." She and Curt had spent most of the next weeks enjoying each other. Two weeks after the meteor impact and shock-wave, Amy was preparing lunch while Curt used the security cameras to scan the area around the Eagles Nest and supply bunker.

He was using the back-up cameras he had activated shortly after the meteor's shock-wave had passed. The cloud of dust that resulted from the meteor's impact had been thrown high in the sky and was still blotting out most of the sun's warmth and light. There had been very little rain to wash away the resulting layer of dirt that coated nearly everything. Even though he was using color cameras, all they revealed was a gray landscape.

He unexpectedly spotted movement on one of his monitors. One of the roving gangs that had survived in the inner city had made their way out to the suburbs where the Eagles Nest was located.

They had but one objective in mind. They wanted to steal anything they could lay their hands on or destroy what they couldn't use or move.

Curt watched as their numbers where somewhat thinned by the microwave barrier still guarding the area around the Eagles Nest and supply bunker. The gang apparently decided there was nothing they needed in the area and moved off. Amy had watched as the gang members were killed by the microwaves.

Their bodies were still smoldering when she giggled. "I guess they won't bother us any more. Are you ready for lunch, darling?" After that, Curt and Amy settled into what became a daily routine of checking the monitors and other systems, enjoying Amy's cooking skills, and satisfying each others growing sexual lusts.

Neither of them seemed to greatly miss the outside world too much.