Husband fucking his very horny wife

Husband fucking his very horny wife
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Second installment of my series. Continued from chapter 4 of the first story. Link is here if you havent read it. If you like it, commend me and i shall be better. Thanks again for reading - Part 1 "Holy Shit!

Forty-five men?! Per girl? That's sick." exclaimed Alex, the new guy in the control room. Elise rolled her eyes.

"Not really. You'll see once you're here long enough." Alex was still not convinced. "I mean, seriously, 15 dicks to each hole, how does a virgin, or any girl for that matter take it? I mean, she would probably pass out by the first 5 or so." He arranged the stiffness in his pants as he watched the girl named Amelia get raped in her hole by a 8 inch dick.

"Did I say all at once?" The three people in the room turned. The door opened and Victor stepped in, his cock flaccid and shiny with saliva. "Ahh.that Amelia girl really felt.good. Just loved the way she cried and struggled. Although I would have preferred the other one.hehe. But no matter, I'll get her eventually. Haha, I always do." Alex took a whole second to absorb this.

Brushing the comment aside he said, "You mean you won't let them get it all at once? I mean it'll take hours or days for them to recover just from this abuse. I mean just look what you did to the girl, she's already overflowing. I dunno how she's going to survive the other 14, not to mention those doing her ass and mouth too." Victor raised an eyebrow.

He gave Elise a quizzical look and then understood. "Alright new guy, I'll explain. We don't let them get fucked consecutively, they get a rest after the first 15 are done, then we go on the next round. After the next 15 are done, they get a rest again and then the last 15 go. Also, we give a special mix of ours to keep them going.

This way, they have enough energy to maintain their fighting for a longer time and they don't look so fucked up by the end. Well they do, but not that much. Get it?" Alex shook his head. "No, because the way you say it, they rest only a short while and like I said, a gang rape on this scale to these girls would be so exhausting that even a month might not suffice for recovery." Victor cocked his head and turned to Elise, "Just how new is he?" Elise replied, "Just started today." "Ah!

Right, wasted my breath." He turned to Elise. "Why don't you go fill him in and I'll just go to the Resurrection Chamber for awhile before round 2 starts." He left, cradling his cock as he slammed the door behind him. "Resurrection? He's not dead! What is a Resurrection Chamber?" Elise rolled her eyes again and replied. "Here in Perfect Circle, we provide sex fantasies for our clients, sometimes this results in their victim's death, but we have a policy of 'no loose ends', so we need our victim alive.

Dead people cause trouble see.

So that's what the resurrection chamber is for." "No shit. You can revive people?" "Yes, not just revive; it can be used for rapid regeneration. In Victor's case, refill his erm." Elise closed her eyes to think. "Cum?" Alex offered. Elise nodded. "Ya, that's it. Cum. Haha." Silence. Then, "You know, I think he overdid Amelia." She added as an afterthought. "Never seen an Asian girl getting rape by him before, they are so much smaller than westerners." Alex finally spoke.

"So the 'rest' he meant was." "Yes, regenerating them quickly. Also, we can wipe certain memories to revert them back to their pre-rape selves, thus keeping to the realism, another policy of ours." "Wait, this means, you can restore virginity?" "Not just that, everything, abit of her mind too, so its like putting her through it again." "Whoa!

That's cool! And sick." He added. Elise just nodded, smiling. Just then, the other guy in the room, Kevin spoke up. "Hey, you're going to like this." The trio gathered round the plasma screen as Kevin hit 'zoom'. Chapter 5: Choices Amelia lay in a pool of sweat and semen. After the assault by Victor, she felt completely defenseless. An hour ago, she was in school, worshipped as a goddess by all the boys, now, he virginity had been taken by the biggest penis she could ever imagine and she was about to be forced to accept another 45 more penises for the day.

Right now, her mouth was filled with sperm, a result of an oral assault on her, and another penis was now moving in and out of her. She looked up at her masked attacker.

His face was filled with ecstasy as he moved in and out of her body. To him, she was like a toy, defenseless against a temperamental child. Her body shook as her attacker slammed into her, each stroke bringing him to orgasm. Amelia could feel her body responding to the attack. Her body was beginning to feel tingly as the moving penis sent uncomfortable waves of warmth through her.

She was shocked at her body's reaction and was appalled to realize she was now actually secreting fluids of her own. The shaft went deep. Amelia gasped and arched upwards as a strong wave emanated from her vagina. She began to feel scared as every stride of the intruding penis made her shiver with increasing intensity.

Another hard shove. "Uh!" Amelia let out another non-committal moan. Her attacker saw this and smiled, "Never cummed before eh bitch? Well its your lucky day!" With that, he began increasing in speed. In and out, in and out. Amelia could feel herself beginning to lose muscular control as her body began to orgasm. "S-sto-p! Stop! I am feeli—AH!" She felt her lower body spasm uncontrollably under her attacker, and with overwhelming force, Amelia reached a climax.

The force of her first orgasm caused her back to arch upwards, and although she tried to suppress it, a great force of emotion flushed out from her and she could feel herself squirting as though her bladder had just relaxed, allowing its contents to flow out.

Amelia lay there feeling inexplicably happy in spite of her condition and at the same time scared at this violent reaction of her own.

"Ahh…I'm coming bitch!" in her orgasm, Amelia's vaginal muscles had contorted tightly over her intruder's shaft, squeezing it and causing it to climax. Amelia's temporary euphoria evaporated as semen poured into her uterus in loads, coating her inner walls with disgusting fluid. "That was good bitch. Was that fun?" the man said with a taunt. Amelia shook her beautiful head, eyes clenched shut.

Amelia cried. She knew what she felt was her body's natural reaction to sex but she felt disgusted at how her body could actually enjoy this violation.

Her problems were far from over. A finger stroked the wet lip of her vagina. Amelia jolted out of her trance. The broad frame of her next attacker, Mr.59, stood in front of her, penis erect. "My turn girlie. Turn around." Then she remembered what was happening. Her eyes opened wide in fear. "N-nn-no!…" "Ooh yes." he said as he clasped her hips and tried to flip her over.

"Noo! Stop! No!" Amelia tried to push him away and anchor herself face up at the same time. Her attempt at both feats failed as her assailant quickly overpowered her and with a heave flipped her on her underside.

He then proceeded to rub his dick against her dripping pussy. Amelia squirmed uncomfortably and began struggling as her assailant held both her wrists together behind her back in a hand. Then, with the other hand, he used two fingers to stretch open her anus to feed in his shaft. Amelia felt the invading head and panicked even harder and started to cry. "No! Please! Don't!" Mr 59 then started to press into the small cavity. The tiny hole tensed as it felt the intrusion.

Slowly, the head started to slide in. "Aaa-ah! AH! OW!" Then, with a sudden thrust, he impaled her completely with his shaft, stretching open the hole to its limit. Screaming was immediate. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT HURTS! AH! TAKE IT OUT!!!!! AHHH!!! EEEEEEE!!!" Amelia's fingers spread outwards in star shapes inside her attackers grip as the immense pain sent her whole frame into a convulsion.

Her entire body was paralyzed from pain, save her throat as she screamed with every push or pull her assailant made. Her, body paled and her face was flushed red, each agonizing push from the invading penis forcing beads of sweat from her head. Anal sex felt different from vaginal sex.

Amelia did not feel that fuzzy warmth that resulted from her vaginal rape. This time, all she felt was pain as her anal muscles clamped tight on the shaft, attempting to force it out.

It felt a hundred times worse than constipation or a period. The penis went in and out, gaining momentum as its owner reached climax, and then in another swelling explosion, Amelia felt her anal tract become spewed with the warm gooey fluid she detested so much. At the same time, Amelia felt a relief as her hands were released and the penis in her anus begin to deflate and slip out of her.

Amelia's anal muscles continued to contract tightly even after the penis had been removed and wiped on her thigh.

Like a bottle uncorked, sperm poured out of her contracting hole in a long sticky stream, dripping by her vagina onto the floor. Pressure then gripped her in her gut as it contracted suddenly and then it unwound, sending a bubble of semen out of her anus.

The anal assault had left her with no control over her anal tract. She was actually farting out sperm bubbles, something really humiliating for a girl of her stature.

Amelia lay facedown on the cushioned platform, her chest heaving in laboured breaths, beads of sweat peppering her whole body.

She felt exhausted and dirty and could not help but feel useless as she saw herself get violated against her will. She was sprawled there, hoping to be left alone for the aching sensations from her two holes to fade away. But she was not about to be left alone. Far from it. Without even a slight moment's rest, she felt herself wrenched by her ponytail and hurled onto the floor, where a stiff erection awaited her mouth.

Yen Yi lay on her back, legs wide open, semen and virginal blood flowing down from between the lips of her crotch. Her virginity had just been relinquished by the penis of a skinny middle-aged man who, currently, was servicing his penis in her mouth. Yen Yi tasted both the salty taste of the semen and the metallic taste of her own virginal blood in her mouth; crying as it reminded her of how she lost her innocence and how she could not do anything about it.

Then, while bony man used her mouth, Yen Yi heard a feminine moan from the other platform. She heard her friend begin to moan as she was once again attacked by a penis. But the moan was not of pain, rather, it felt like one of enjoyment! Bony man finished and as he walked off she saw her friend's red face contort as her body shook with increasing intensity. "uhuhuh!!" Yen Yi was bewildered, was it that hypnotic feel again? Then suddenly, Amelia had arched sharply upwards and let out large gasp.

"AHHH!" Yen Yi saw her friend's lower body spasm as she gasped, her crotch gripping hard onto her attacker. Soon after, the penis climaxed and the familiar trail of white flowed out. But Yen Yi noticed something else, apart from the semen, her friend's 'part' was actually puffed up and was contracting haphazardly, and to her shock, spurted a small burst of liquid.

Yen Yi had only seen her own vagina look similarly once when she had accidently rubbed its top when she had bathed. Her labia had swelled up a little, and she felt as though she had urinated.

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The short episode had also made her feel squirmy and Yen Yi had been careful since when washing her privates. But Yen Yi was afraid of what the sexual assault had done to her friend. Would it happen to her too? She could see her friend was clearly tormented by her own body's treacherous reaction to the assault, lying in fetal position, crying.

But then she watched in horror as the next man stood forward, flipped her on her chest and rape her from behind. She saw the look of agony in her friends face, saw it turn red as her friend contorted in pain, her mouth sagging open in a continuous scream, how her entire body stiffened as the man intruded into her anus.

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Then when her attacker climaxed, Amelia's body slackened but she saw that the semen not just flowed out of her violated hole, but rather bubbled out in disgusting splats, as though Amelia had lost control of it.

She softly moaned, "Oh my god." as she saw the desecration of her friend. "Don't worry, it's your turn now." Yen Yi looked up in horror. The negro man, stood there with his long shaft, erect in front of her. She gasped at the realization that this man was about to go into her anus! She had seen her anus before in a mirror, she had stretched open her butt cheeks and discovered the small star-shaped hole positioned behind her vagina.

She had seen how small it was and when she saw her would-be penetrator's penis, she did not need to be a genius to know it would not fit. The black man's penis was nearly 11 inches long and nearly 2 inches wide, it was bigger than conventional penises and actually, Yen Yi realized, was even longer and thicker than Victor's.

Her eye's welled up in tears as she saw what awaited her. "P-please, not there.Please!" But the black man just gave a smile and flipped her over on her breasts easily with his hands. "PLEASE! It'll hurt!" "Heheh, not for me it won't." came the lewd reply. Yen Yi felt the thick swollen head rub against her dripping vagina and squirmed. Then the man wrenched open her two buttocks and pressed his now wet shaft against her exposed little butt hole.

Yen Yi felt the intrusion and struggled, but her hands were caught and Yen Yi could not move as she felt the pressure against her increase. She tightened her bum muscles, screaming. "No please!

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Don't go in! Please. I'll do anything!" Then suddenly, she felt the man stop. She turned her head back to look at him. "Anything?" he asked. She whimpered and sobbed. "A-a-anything." "Ok then. Turn around." The grip on her slackened and she turned.

Only to face the thick black dick. She cringed. "I want you to suck it. Good." She stared at him. "Either this or the ass." He threatened. But she hesitated, unsure as to what to do. "Grab it first." He started. Gingerly, Yen Yi wrapped her small slender fingers around the black digit and heard the man groan. "Mmmm, good, now stick out your tongue and lick the balls." Yen Yi paused awhile and then, closing her eyes and hating herself, she lifted the penis out of the way and extended her tongue to touch the man's scrotum.

"Ahh. Lick!" Yen Yi slowly moved her face up and down, her tongue wiping against the rough skin of the man's scrotum. The taste of pubic hair and genitals disgusted her but she kept licking. "Good! Good! Now, teabag me." Yen Yi looked up, confused and apprehensive of the puzzling command. Seeing her puzzled look, he said. "Put my balls in your mouth and suck, softly." Yen Yi looked at the teabag-shaped organ.

It was so big she didn't know how it would go into her small mouth. "Faster, and it better not hurt." Yen Yi retracted her tongue and then stretched open her mouth to let the man lower his testicles in her mouth. With her tiny mouth, only one side could fit in. "Suck!" Yen Yi sucked softly at his genital, afraid to hurt it. "Ahh! Ahh! Now the other one." Yen Yi released the first testicle and wrapped the other testicle in her mouth and sucked it softly.

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"Good. Now the dick. Same thing, start with a lick and work your way on up." Yen Yi released the scrotum from her mouth and stared point-blank at the erect shaft. She could see a drop of moisture forming at its tip. She wondered what had caused it.

The penis twitched. "Hurry up." Slowly, closing her eyes again, she touched the tip of the penis with her tongue and immediately tasted the salty taste that was presently in her mouth. "Good. More." She licked again. And again. And again. "Now open wide and take in the dick." She stopped licking and opened her mouth wider, and slowly wrapped it around the thick circumference of black meat.

"Good. Suck." Her lips wrapping half of the penis head, Yen Yi closed her eyes and gave a short suck. "UHhh! Good! More!" She sucked again. Yen Yi felt like a slave as she complied with her attacker's commands, she felt cheap.

The man pushed more of his shaft into her mouth. It was now one third in. "Suck. Don't stop." Yen Yi's mouth was now just inches from her hand on his penis, she continued to suck as she would an ice-cream on the thick shaft, her eyes closed the whole time.

"Good, now rub it as you suck." Yen Yi, moved her hands up and down caressing the black monster of a penis. She felt it pulsate slightly in her mouth. "Ahh, harder. Ah!! You're good at this bitch." Then he pushed his cock further in. Yen Yi gagged as more of the shaft went into her mouth. She saw that her hand was now touching her lips. "Suck." Yen Yi coughed as her gag reflex choked her but she tried to comply and sucked when she could at the penis. "Ok, now no hands." Yen Yi dropped her hand to her side and continued sucking on the penis.

Then the black guy clasped his hands on the back of her head and pushed. Caught by surprise, Yen Yi's gasped on the penis as it was shoved fully into her mouth. Her face turned purple and she choked as she was deep throated. Her face was now in his groin and his hair prickled her and disgusted her with its odour.

Her head was now being brought in and out of the man's penis. Yen Yi closed her eyes as the shaft exited and re-entered her mouth, resulting in her rhythmically choking.

"I want you to look at me." Yen Yi's head shook hard as he pounded her face on his penis. She could barely breathe, much less open her eyes. "Look at me while I fuck your face!" Summoning all the strength she had, Yen Yi suppressed her choking sensation and looked up at her assailant. He grinned to reveal a row of yellowing teeth. "Good." And he continued slapping her face against his groin. Yen Yi felt her nose smack against his crotch as her mouth was forced up and down on the penis.



Uh! Uh!" Yen Yi coughed as the man moaned. "Stop." She stopped. The man withdrew his cock and sat down on the floor. "Come now." He grabbed her legand pulled her to him.

"Continue." Yen Yi kneeled and then bent over to insert the giant penis back into her mouth. When it was fully in, the man grabbed her head and face-fucked her. Yen Yi's world was a blur as her head was thrust up and down on the shaft, she could think of nothing to do but hold on with her lips. Then, she felt the penis begin to pulsate rapidly. "Uh! I-I w-want you to swallow everything.

Understood?" Yen Yi gave a little nod, choking. Then he proceeded to bang her head hard against his cock and then suddenlythe black shaft swelled rapidly in her already full mouth and blew a load of sperm into it.

Yen Yi gagged at the liquid but fearing punishment, she quickly gulped down the semen, her mouth wrapping around the shaft. It tasted disgusting, but she had no choice, the alternative was worse. The black man continued to hold her head firmly over the dick while he cummed, leaving now choice but to swallow.

Like a black pipe, the man's penis continuously pumped wave after wave of sperm into Yen Yi's mouth. while Yen Yi tried desperately to swallow the disgusting substance before it drowned her. But then unintentionally, her tongue, trapped below the big penis, wiggled against the penis and she felt it twitch violently and blow an extra heavy load into her mouth. Yen Yi was overwhelmed by the sudden wave of sperm. As a result, only half went down her throat and the rest went down her windpipe.


Instant choking ensued. Because of that, the following wave of semen went un-swallowed and instead, overflowed from her mouth. Yen Yi coughed violently as twin streams of white trickled down her lips. Then finally, it stopped pumping, shrinking in size and slipping out her mouth.

Yen Yi swallowed the last gulp and dropped her head. Semen was coagulating at her chin, forming a white gooey drop. "Ahh. Clean it." He ordered. Yen Yi quickly grabbed the penis and sucked and licked it clean of semen. She could feel her whole mouth getting sticky as the semen she took in thickened. "Suck the tip to remove leftovers." Wrapping her lips around the head of the penis, she closed her eyes and gave a hard suck.

A globule of semen escaped the slit of the penis into her mouth. "Rub it more and clean it again. And eat the cum on your chin." Yen Yi complied, using a finger, she scooped up the gooey drop and with a shaking hand, put it in her mouth.

Then she began licking the penis up and down and rubbing it with her hands. Before she knew it, she had caused the penis to erect again. Yen Yi felt tired and used but she felt that it was at least better than Amelia's fate. She released the once again erect shaft, happy to be able to escape certain torment. Then the black guy grinned. "Thank you bitch. That was great. Now turn over." Yen Yi knew she would never forget that grin.

Shock. Yen Yi gazed up at him. Then stuttering, she managed. "But you promised! I already s-s-sucked your c-c-coc-k. You said you won't!" She was really fearful now, had she performed such a submissive and humiliating act for nothing? "Did I? I just heard you say you'll do anything. And now that's done, its time to do your ass." Without further ado, he grabbed her waist and flipped her over.


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Get off! NO!" Yen Yi pushed fruitlessly as the man pinned her down with one arm and held her hands once again behind her back. Yen Yi began to cry. "Please! You promised!" She heard a chuckle. "Hehe, but you broke the deal anyway, I told you swallow everything, you let some out." Yen Yi was flustered.

"You gave me s-s-soo much! I couldn't swallow everything." "No excuses, deals a deal. You broke it, so now you must compensate." Before she knew it, she was kneeling on the floor with her face pressed onto the floor and bum in the air, vulnerable to attack. "No! Please! You'll hurt me!" The man ignored her and just brought his newly erect dick towards the struggling girl. He poked her virgin anus with his swollen tip.


Yen Yi renewed her struggling but could not do much with the disabled position she was in; she stopped after awhile and cried. "Please don't, I beg you." "Ah look, you even lubed it for me! See? You must have wanted that butt fuck." He commented, ignoring her. He slowly used his free hand to feed his dick into the girl's anus. "Please noooo!! I don't want to be f-f-fuck-ed there! Please! No!" Yen Yi's small anus caved in as she tightened her muscles with all her might, obstructing her intruder.

The black man felt the resistance when he tried to go in and said. "It'll hurt more if you struggle." She didn't listen, she just struggled and kicked, shaking her pretty head. "No! No! No!" He grunted. "Fine then.

You want it the hard way." He then positioned his cock tip against the small indent of Yen Yi's anus and with great force, pushed. The penis pressed hard against the unrelenting butt hole, at first it seemed that Yen Yi's muscles were holding fast. But then, she ran out of energy and slackened slightly. The penis pressed on the moment of weakness and with great triumph, sank deep. To do the moment justice, it must be described in slow motion.

The penis defeated the anal wall and penetrated it tight confines, its large volume stretching the inner walls to its limit.

Smaller sized compared to Amelia, Yen Yi's anus was naturally smaller and tighter and with an intrusion of nearly 2 inches wide into a hole of only 2centimetres wide, she got real hurt.

The tearing feeling sent a million jolts of pain coursing through the girl's body up to her head. Yen Yi's mouth open to scream. Yen Yi's scream was more inhumane as compared to Amelia's, being a girl scout, Amelia was slightly better at rough things but Yen Yi was a sweet young thing from the choir, as such, she was in no position to take pain. And the pain she felt was no pinch. It was like a thick pole stuffed up her behind.

Yen Yi's body stiffened as the unearthly big shaft penetrated her anus. Her mouth stretched open in a scream, stretching lines of semen from her previous oral attacks. "OWWWW!!! TAKE IT OUT! TAKE IT OUT!!!!!!" Her body started shaking vigourously from the intense pressure as the shaft moved in and out of her tight hole. Streams of uncontrolled tears blurred her vision as the pain coursed from her abdomen through her body and into her head. Her captor released her hand and clasped her buttocks with his hands to steadily pump her.

He moved in and out of her rapidly, groaning ecstatically while enjoying the tightness and screaming of the girl he was raping. Yen Yi could do nothing but shout "You're hurting me! TAKE IT O- AHHHH!" the man had rammed hard into her, increasing the pain and stopping her in mid-sentence as she resumed screaming. Then at long last, after a whole 2 minutes of torment, the guy climaxed, the semen flooding the narrow channel and seeping out of her anus, where the penis was plunged in, it was like a stopper overflowing.

The sperm flowed out of her violated hole and down her buttock crack. A wave of relief swept over Yen Yi as the man withdrew his shaft, the cool air reliefing the ache she felt. Semen began to well up in her stretched anus and spilling out. The man let go of her and she slid down on her side, her three holes drooling with sperm, her small chest heaving, her mouth panting from exhaustion and agony.

Then a hand grabbed her head and thrust her open mouth onto the messy dick. Yen Yi tasted semen and her anus in her mouth as it was once used again as a sperm receptacle. She wanted to resist but she was too exhausted to push it away. She just lay there as the black man cleaned off his penis in her mouth and moved off. Yen Yi's mouth was now so full of sperm that it actually restricted her jaw movement. She also felt her anus contract and expand erratically, and she felt her insides contract suddenly, releasing a bubbles of sperm from her anus.

She felt used and dirty, and the lingering salty taste of semen, blood and shit in her mouth made her sick. She just wanted to lie there and wait for all the semen to flow out of her. But she couldn't, barely after a minute's break, she felt her head wrenched upwards and before she could scream, she had another penis forced between her lips. She had been reduced to the same pathetic state as Amelia.

To be continued. Sorry to keep you guys hanging again. But i couldn't finish the next section without making this too long. I try finish this series in the next part. So enjoy this first and wait for the thirf installment.

=) Again, leave a constructive comment and I shall be better.