Asian teen Miko Dai tied up and pounded

Asian teen Miko Dai tied up and pounded
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Having being conned into fucking her underage sister it was Jo's turn to be surprised! Unfortunately the next time I took Claire out, we went to a party and she got pissed out her head. Vomiting all the way home and apparently after. She got grounded for a week. The very same week I was, to my surprise, told that my parents were away for!

I managed to get the week off work, at short notice, as some-one had to look after the dogs, two Staffordshire Bull Terriers. They looked mean, the dog especially but in reality were softies.

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So a week with no Claire to fuck and time on my hands, damn! One morning, I awoke later than usual, got up and opened the curtains, there, walking past our bungalow was Jo. She didn't appear to be looking acroos at me but I could sear that she was, out the corner of her eye, her head seamed un-naturally stiff. Her head wasn't the only thing, as usual I had woken up with "Morning Wood" which was fortunately just below the window cill.

She carried on walking by and was gone. I decided to have some breckies, go for a run with the dogs. Upon my return, all hot and sweaty, I showered and dried myself off as I returned to my room, towel around the waist I saw Jo once again, passing in the opposite direction.

I banged on the window, not having time to open it, to catch her attention. I beckoned her over, making gestures with my hand. She saw me, realised what I meant and came to the front door. I opened the door and the dogs went crazy, barking. They didn't know Jo and were always wary of strangers, especially coming into their house. "Will they bite?" she asked as she tentatively approached.

"Only if I tell them to" I replied. Jo looked me up and down as she entered, me stood there in just a towel. "Come through" I beckoned her, all the time hatching my "evil" plan. I motioned her through to my bedroom, she didn't know where she was going, so obediently followed.

"Oh so this is your bedroom?" she asked as she entered it. "Yeah" I replied as I drew the curtains closed "The room where all sorts of naughty things go on" I told her as I commanded the dogs to "Sit and stay" at the doorway. Jo looked around at them apprehensively. "Please sit down" I asked her as I motioned her towards the foot of the bed, she pensively sat.

"How come your on your own today, where's Alan?" I asked. Jo looked down at the floor, "Had a row" she replied "I wanted some air" she continued. It may have been "air" she wanted but it was "fucked" she was going to get. "Mind if I dress?" I asked as I whipped the towel off, facing away from her, giving her the best view of my tort bum. Looking over my shoulder I saw her look at my ass.


"Like what you see?" I asked "Or would you rather see this?" as I turned and displayed the hard on that had grown as my subconscious imagined what was about to happen. Jo gasped "Err…err" was all she could muster as I approached her. As I drew level with her, cock at her face height, I said "Say Argh".


Jo looked up at me, quizzically, "What?" "I said say Argh" I instructed her again. Still slightly confused she opened her mouth and said, rather quietly "Argh".

It was all the opportunity I needed, grabbing the back of her head and steadying my cock to be at her mouth level I pushed my cock into her mouth.


It took her by surprise and her cheeks puffed out as she tried to either blow my cock from out of her mouth or struggled for breath. "Claire is grounded, so I've no-one to fuck and so who better to fuck than her sister?" I said as I continued to push my swollen member deeper into her mouth. Jo reached out with both hands, placing them onto the front of my thighs, she gave a little push but not too much, probably to show a bit of reluctance but there was no going back now.

I pulled on the back of her head and pushed more of my cock into her, nearly gagging her as I made her mouth open wide. She didn't throw me back and now seemed to be resting her hands on my thighs rather than pushing on them, so I face fucked her. "Mmmm much better than your sister" I told her as we both got into what was happening.

She tried to smile but the size of my cock meant there wasn't much room for anything other than wrapping her lips around my shaft. "You know when I first got with Claire all she seemed to talk about was me fucking you".

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Jo grunted as she looked up at me, as if questioning what I was saying. "Yeah, she seemed to get turned on by the fact I fucked my last girlfriends sister up the arse and wanted to know if I wanted to do the same to you".

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Jo grunted again but this time pushed me back making my cock "Plop" from her mouth. "You what?" she exclaimed as she pushed me further back and stood up. "Well I am going to have to fuck you, so I might as well do you anally as well, hadn't I?" Jo looked worried "There's no way you are sticking that monster up my bum!" she told me. I glanced at the door, making her aware that the dogs were still sat there. "Well there's no way you are leaving this room until I've done whatever I want" I informed her.

Jo looked at the dogs, the male dog curled his lip to show some teeth and Jo sat back down. "You can fuck my pussy but please not in the bum, it'll hurt". As she reluctantly accepted the situation. "Didn't it hurt when you lost your virginity?" I asked then continued "And you still have a cock up you pussy don't you?" Jo thinking about it but not knowing what to say stayed silent. "Strip!" I commanded. It took a couple of seconds and a second glance at the dogs but she did start to remove her clothes.

First she pulled her jumper over her head and then her tee shirt. She then reached around to unclasp her bra, letting those enormous boobs of her loose. I stepped forward and placed my cock in her cleavage, took hold of a boob in each hand and slid myself up and down between those fleshy mounds of hers.

I tweaked her nipples and she jerked, causing her boobs to thrust out and wobble a bit. "Can you reach down and lick my cock?" I asked.

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Without answering she stuck her tongue out and licked the tip of my cock which stuck up between her tits. After a couple more thrusts I pushed my cock back into her now willing mouth. The warmth of her hot wet mouth soon had my cock swelling and depositing my seed down her throat. I kept fucking her mouth as she swallowed every last drop and felt every muscle in my body shake with pleasure. "Time for my dogs to see some pussy" I said as I backed away from her. "You'r not…your not …suggesting?" I could see terrible things running through her mind.

"Not if you'r a good girl" I replied. Jo slowly stood, took off her trainers and pulled her slacks down and off and then her panties. Just like her sister she was hairless downstairs.

I gently pushed her back onto the bed, her knees bending on the mattress. Then I pushed her knees apart and slid my tongue up the inside of her thigh. "What…what are you doing?" she asked.

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"I'm going to give your pussy a licking" I replied as I slid my tongue up between the folds of her lips. "Oh my God" she said as my tongue touched her clitoris. "Oooh I've asked Alan to do that but he wont" she informed me. "Well I will and I'm going to" I told her as I took breath and then went back to slipping my tongue up and down, rolling it around her clit on each upward stroke.

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She was soon panting and as I looked up to her face I had it blocked by her enormous fleshy mounds. I could taste her juices, trickling out. "Mmm" I said "Nice and sweet". Jo's panting got faster and deeper as I continued to lick her.

I was now giving her long strokes up and down, still circling her clit but now reaching down, with the tip of my tongue to her anus, also circling her brown, puckered hole.

"Oh no" she bellowed as I tongued her. Another "Oh no" followed by even deeper panting and then she grabbed me by the back of my head, thrust her pussy into my face and squirted her cum down my throat. She ground her pussy into my face, writhing and rolling her hips as she came for what seemed like ages. "Ooooh yeah" she cried as she continued to cum.

"Ooooh yeah". Jo calmed down a bit, let go of my head enabling me to rise up her body and take one of her nipples in my mouth. "Like that did you?" I asked. "Oh yeah" she replied as she once again took me by the back of my head. "Well we've got all day" I told her as I looked up at her face. She gave me the biggest grin and said "Oh yeah". Still sucking on her boobs and nipples I slid my hand down over her belly, over the mound of her pussy and slid a finger between her pussy lips.

I flicked her clit and then drove my finger up into her wet love hole, burying it up to the knuckle. Jo wiggled her hips, causing my thumb to come into contact with her clitoris as I fingered her. First with one and then two fingers, then three. I slowly but firmly finger fucked her, sliding in and out of her wet pussy. Jo started to, again, pant and writhe. I could swear her boobs were also swelling. Knowing she was approaching another orgasm I withdrew my fingers and lubricated by her pussy juices stuck one up her anus, her sphincter didn't have time to clamp shut before I had my finger deep up her butt hole.

She did manage to clamp her anal muscle onto my finger but soon relaxed it again. I dove back down to lick her clit again before shooting a seconds finger into her rear canal. "Oh shit" she cried out in pleasure as her juices once again bubbled out of her as she came.

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I lapped at her pussy, stuck my fingers up her bum, as far as I could and then drove my tongue up her vaginal canal. Jo just couldn't stop cumming, back arched, she wriggled and writhed on the bed. She nearly broke my fingers, stuck up her tight back passage. Eventually she came down from her high and relaxed back onto the bed, I slowly slipped my fingers out, made my way back up her body and kissed her passionately on the lips.

She returned my kiss and we were soon having a tonsil fight with our tongues. We paused for breath. "Now I have to agree with Claire" Jo said "You are good." "Well thank you young lady" I replied "But we're not finished yet!" I placed her hand upon my re-swollen member. Jo smiled and said "And what are we going to do about that then?" as she smiled back at me. I made my way around to the foot of the bed, pulled her legs towards my and raised them, aiming my purple head at her pussy entrance.

"Say argh" I instructed her. Laughing she said "Argh" as I positioned myself and pushed my bell-end into her "AAArgh" she said as I slid more and more inside her. I lay over her, taking my weight on my elbows, pivoting on them as I thrust in and out of her.

Her pussy was still well lubricated but stretching to accommodate me inside her.

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In this position I could just crane my neck enough to suck at her nipples. Jo was enjoying her pussy being literally filled with cock, she was giving little grunts of pleasure as I filled her pussy hole. I withdrew from her and asked her to take the "Doggy position". She semed a bit reluctant at first but then assumed position. I lined up behind her and pushed in.The sight of her glorious firm round orbs nearly made me cum there and then.

In this position I was able to penetrate her even deeper and she gasped as I pushed right to the hilt, my balls slapping at her clit.

It was slow and deliberate and soon had her approaching yet another orgasm. I pat saliva onto my thumb, circled her anal ring and then pushed it into her as I thrust my cock in deep. "Oh fuck" she shouted as she came. "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck" she said as both cock and thumb penetrated her the depth of her respective recesses. I quickly withdrew form her pussy, lined up my cock with her sphincter and pushed. She was so tight my cock bent double trying to penetrate her.

Even with my cock soaked in her cum juices and my saliva I only just managed to get my bulbous knob end in. "No,no,no" she screamed as I pushed and pushed, finally penetrating her.

I reached around and grabbed at her clit, roughly rubbing it as I tried to push my cock even further up her ass. She may have been objecting verbally but her body wasn't talking the same language. She pushed her butt back at me and I finally managed to get most, if not all my cock into her anal passage. It was so tight and the heat form her internal rear passage was so hot on my shaft. I kept spitting saliva onto my cock to help and managed to get a slow rhythm going. She pushed back onto me in time with my forward thrusts.

"No,no,no" she kept saying as I fucked her but she still kept going. The tightness of her anal muscle was pulling at my cock each time I tried to withdraw, the intense pleasure of taking her anal virginity and the tightness of her rear passage soon had me cumming. I shot cum into her, load after load, I didn't know I could cum so much. Jo feeling my hot cum, squirting inside her joined me in her own orgasm.

"Oh my …fuck fuck fuck" she said as I fnally finshed cumming and took my cock from deep within her. We collapsed next to each other on the bed, exhausted.

"Jeees my ass is sore!" she said "And my pussy!" I laughed at her "they're both going to be a lot more sore before the week is out" I told her. It was her turn to laugh. Laying silently, me suckling on her breasts.

She liked having attention paid to them, luckily, she broke the silence, "Are you going to tell Claire about this?" she enquired. I thought for a moment and then cockily replied "Sure she's going to want to join us for a three-some". Jo glared back at me "I don't think so" she replied "She'll go ape if she finds out that you and me have been fucking". I stayed silent for a moment and then said "Tell her that either she allows you to have a three-some with us or I won't fuck her anymore".

It was a brave, maybe stupid thing to say but what the hell, I was certain that Jo was going to come back for more. So what happened next?