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Fickmaschine monster cock
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It was just after 11 P.M. when I finally hung up the phone. The queue for Tier 1 had closed over an hour ago, and they had called clear at 10:15. I was stuck on a call, however. I do over-the-phone technical support. I used to do actual repairs on phones and tablets. Now I just work on the software. The customer I had just finished with, she had a particularly nasty bit of malware on her computer that would not go quietly into the night. I'm supposed to be off at 9:30, but in our line of work, calls will go over your work schedule.

You can have up to twenty hours of overtime per week. It was my Friday. Technically, it was Wednesday, but my days off are Thursday and Friday. The plan had been to meet up with Minnie at the Outpost, a bar dedicated to our servicemen and women.

Minnie's cousin had set up his karaoke machine there and I was supposed to meet her, her husband, and our friend Joanna there. We all worked at the same place, though today had been Minnie's day off, and Joanna had clocked out at 9:30, like she was supposed to.


Joanna was a night owl, like me; she loved nights. She didn't get up before 10 A.M. she often said. Which was kind of not true, since our training classes for this job had started at 6 A.M. That was where we had met, Joanna and I. That was where we met Minnie, too. Minnie was also known by her Indian name, Minnie "Moose" Bushytail. Full-blooded Comanche Indian. Built like a steel-reinforced concrete shithouse. Could drink more beer in a single glass than most people could in a whole evening, and still be sober enough to drive Daytona 500 and finish 4th or better.

Joanna, on the other hand, was a bit more delicate in her build. She was a curvy girl, and kinda weird. The good kind of weird. She always wore her hair in a rather peculiar way. She had a ponytail of sorts, held up with hair pins, while the back of the ponytail was made into dreadlocks that mixed her dark hair with streaks of blonde.

If you've ever seen Lulu from Final Fantasy X, then you kind of have an idea what it looks like. She also had bangs that covered about half of her face. She wore glasses, so in our training class she was always blowing strands of it out of her hair.

And she almost always wore dark clothing and colored lipstick of some type, usually a color she called "death blue." I thought it was kind of adorable. And she wasn't too much older than I was; only by about five months or so. Anyway, Joanna had peaced out long ago, and it was now my turn. I logged off and clocked out. I was exhausted, and though I had made plans, I debated calling them off to go home.

As I left the building, I switched my phone back on; for security reasons, phones were supposed to be switched off on the call floor. The moment it booted back up, I got a text from Joanna "U coming?" it asked me. After a brief argument with myself, I text back: "OMW; c u soon." I was soon in the car and driving down the highway towards El Reno, a twelve minute drive in the opposite direction of home. When I got to the Outpost, the doorman didn't ask for my I.D.

He remembered me from last time. Instead, he just motioned me in with a nod of his head. The last time I was here, I'd told a couple rowdy college students to shove off. They had been making trouble all night, and had actually followed Moose, Joanna, and myself from another bar we had been at earlier.

They were both hitting on Joanna quite hard, and I had run interference. I was good at that. Not a particularly good wingman, but I'm good at interference for my lady friends.

I'm either "boyfriend," "big brother," or "gay friend." "Gay friend" was my favorite. I'm 100% straight, but comfortable enough with my sexuality that I can fake being gay well enough that it makes fuckboys like the ones who tried to hit on Joanna that night very uncomfortable and leery.

That night, however, I did not do "gay friend." At Joanna's request, I played "boyfriend." At the first bar we were at, they had been friendly and played a few games of pool with us. They had started getting flirty with Joanna, who kept swerving both of them. We eventually left, but they followed us to the Outpost, and continued their game there. This time, I made a point of holding her hand out in the open where they couldn't miss it, and gave her a few forehead kisses.


They caught the hint at first, but every beer they took in made them louder and more brazen. I later on took Joanna to the bar to get refills of our drinks when one of the guys cut between us and tried to slip his hand into Joanna's backside, nearly ripping her jeans in the process, he was so rough.

"Whoa!" she screamed. "Not cool!" "What's your problem, dickhead?" I screamed at him. He turned to face me, and almost knocked me out with his whisky breath. I don't remember what he said, but I remember the look on his face when Moose tapped him on the shoulder and said, "I think it's time for your last call." His expression went from, "who the hell do you think you are?" to "I'm fucked" in point-oh-shit seconds. He turned to face Moose, and craned his neck to look up.

and up. and up. I grabbed his buddy and said, "You both need to go. Now." They left. "Sign the book," the doorman said. I signed my name in the book like I always did, and went back to Moose's spot in the game room, which consisted of a single billiards table and an electronic dart board. Moose was seated at the head of the long table, her customary pitcher of tap beer sitting in front of her, with what was perhaps the single largest crazy straw I had ever seen sticking out of it.

It was about five times wider than a normal straw, and it looped and spiraled around itself as if it were trying to tie itself in a knot. Moose had told us stories about this rather legendary straw before, about how it held a special place above the alcohol behind the bar because of her equally legendary status at the Outpost.

But this was the first time I had seen it, however. It certainly looked like it had some stories to tell. Joanna was seated next to her, a mix of vodka and Sprite gripped firmly in her hands, the nails of which were painted jet black. As for myself, Moose had taken it upon herself to have a Bud Lime waiting for me. It had clearly been sitting there for a moment, because it was no longer frosty from being fresh out of the fridge, but the bottle was unopened so it was still cool-ish.

That would work for me. I took the bottle in my hands and positioned my fingers on the cap. Years ago, I had stayed with my step-brother for the summer and he had taught me this trick to uncap a beer bottle by "snapping" the cap off.

He made it look super easy; I only managed to slice my thumb open the first time I tried. I was fifteen.

Now, ten years later, I was a professional at it. I snapped the cap in Joanna's direction, and missed. It hit the wall behind her, but she still reflexively ducked, then gave me probably the sweetest "go to Hell" look I've ever received.

I downed the beer pretty quickly, mainly because I wanted to move onto the next one, preferably a cold one. At first, there was really no indication that this night was going to be different from any other night. We told stores about our customers, particularly the stupid ones or the ones who were pissed off for no reason other than it was a day ending in "y." Shortly after, we started karaoke in the main lounge.

I sang a few songs. Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Black Sabbath, and Johnny Cash were a few of my go-tos. Joanna, though she would never admit it, could do a pretty good imitation of Florence + The Machine. But it was Moose who always brought down the house with The Eagles's Hotel California. Every week, she would sing that song and every week, she would nail it.

Looking back, however, a few things stuck out as. different about Joanna. For starters, she was normally a very timid person, even when she was drunk. She'd always been somewhat shy and reserved around myself and our coworkers. When she sang karaoke, as good as she was at singing, she was always very stiff, hardly ever moving at all. That night, however, she was very animated and flirty. Once we had a round or two of karaoke under our belts, Joanna and I would retreat to the game room where we would take turns at throwing darts.

"The Queen of Darts" was a title that my mother bad proudly held in her youth, and it was something that had been passed onto me, as I could throw fast and accurate. Didn't always hit the bullseye, but I would always get close, and I always got the darts grouped together. I could have ten darts flying across the room in about seven seconds.

Joanna, on the other hand, wasn't nearly so accurate or quick. She almost never hit bullseye, often hit near the edge of the board or, on at least one occasion, missed the board entirely and embedded it in the wall. We always had a good laugh about it, though. And on this particular night, she seemed to be enjoying herself more than ever. As we finished our game of darts, we turned around to sit back down at the table only to find Minnie standing in front of us, someone's phone (it was either her's or Joanna's, as they both had similar phones) in her hand as if to take a picture.

Joanna leaned into me and smiled widely, sticking her tongue out to where she was almost licking the side of my face. I smiled too as Minnie took the picture. When last call rolled around, Joanna was pretty toasted.

She hadn't drank that much, but she was a featherweight when it came to liquor. I was still feeling pretty solid, however. I could never keep up with Moose in a drinking contest, but I could hold my own for a few bottles and still be cool to drive. I took care of mine and Joanna's tab.

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It was a gentlemanly thing to do, especially since she was single and I thought she was cute. I did this every week; at first, she protested it immensely and tried to slip a twenty in my car. After a few times, she eventually stopped trying, since I would always catch her in the act, or I'd give it back the next day. She had started doing so again the week before, and I told her if she did it again, I'd stuff that twenty up her cooch.

She seemed to think that was a promise and not a threat, as she did it again that night. Moose and her husband had already buggered off, leaving Joanna and myself to our own devices.

As I said before, I closed the tab and walked Joanna out to the cars. It wasn't exactly 2 A.M. yet, so most everyone was still inside. "I'm starving," she said as her eyes glazed over with hunger. "Well, we do need to eat something. All that alcohol doesn't sit well on an empty stomach," I added. "There's a Waffle House up the road." Joanna got an enormous smile on her face.

"Waffle House sounds fantastic." About that time, I felt her hand on my pants. No, she wasn't going for my zipper; it was in my pocket! I kept my phone in that particular pocket, so I naturally freaked out and jerked away.

"What-" I started to exclaim, and then saw the twenty flutter to the ground. "Oh, Jesus, Joanna, really?" At first, she gave me a deer-in-the-headlights look like, "I don't know what you're talking about." But once I picked up the twenty, her expression changed to one of guilt. "I told you to stop that," I exclaimed. I wasn't mad, but it was a bit frustrating. "Remember what I said last week?" "That you were gonna stuff it up my cooch?" she replied with a wide grin.

I couldn't help but grin, too; I'd forgotten that I had used that particular verbiage to express my displeasure in her actions. I was hoping she would just remember that I had asked her not to do it again.

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"I did say that, didn't I?" Unfortunately, she did not present her cooch for stuffing at that particular time, but she did pull down the neck of her shirt just enough to expose a bit more of her cleavage. "I'm not exposing my cooch. Not in public, anyway," she explained as she made a head nod down towards her breasts.

I had to be merely content with shoving the crumpled bill into her bra. She smiled widely as my hand plunged between her tits and stuck the twenty in front of her nipple.

"Sober me" would not have done that, but "drunk me" thought it was an incredible idea. Of course, I tried to be gentlemanly by not copping a feel on the way in or out. Well, as gentlemanly as you can be when stuffing a twenty into a pair of 36DD tits. Once the bill was tucked safely inside her bra, she turned back to her car and got inside.

She waited for me to back out first so she could follow me to Waffle House, which wasn't too far away; only a five minute jog up the highway. We got to the joint, sat down, and ordered our food. Joanna was already starting to feel the effects of her revelries.

"I can already feel the headache coming on," she complained. "You know what's fantastic for headaches?" I asked, intending to bring up the copious amount of Tylenol I kept in my car for my kidney stones. "Sex," she replied flatly. I merely nodded in surprised agreement; she wasn't wrong. Sex was supposedly good for headaches, which was one of the many random factoids I had learned during my life.

"And masturbation," I added. "Unfortunately, since we are in public, I can only offer Tylenol." Joanna cracked a smile, but turned down the offer. "No thanks, I've got some. I'll take it when I get home." She sank back into her seat and seemed almost wistful for a moment.

"Masturbation is fun, though." "Oh, I totally agree," I said without even thinking. "Especially when you get your partner to do it for you. That's always fun, too." "I squirt," she replied. I looked up, rather puzzled. What a random thing to mention. We were really going down this rabbit hole, weren't we? "I've never met a guy that could make me do it, but I've made myself squirt before." Six hours ago, this would not have been a conversation for a public restaurant.

But given that it was just after two in the morning, and the only other people present were in the kitchen cooking our food, I had a feeling it would slide. "And how do you do that?" I asked. "I have a G-spot vibrator. You know, the one with the curved tips?" she clarified upon seeing my confused expression. I actually knew what she was talking about, as I had seen a few of them before and knew what they looked like; I just didn't know that's what they were for.

"Anyway, a G-spot vibrator and a mini vibe that do the trick every time." "Well that leads to another question," I began. "Do you strip down, or stay clothed?" "It depends on the mood I'm in. If I'm just rubbing one out before work, I take my panties off and leave everything else on. Because, again, I squirt, and walking around in squirt-filled panties is not fun.

It starts to stink if you wear them for too long after. And I don't mean the good kind of pussy smell." "Fish tacos," I replied.

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Joanna winked affirmatively, but canned the conversation momentarily as our food had arrived. Once the waiter was gone, Joanna started up again. "So what about you? What makes your engine go?" "Oh, there's a few things," I mused. "I kind of have a small shoe fetish. Not a foot fetish, but shoes. Like heels, flats, pumps, things like that." "Boring," she bemoaned. "Anything weird?" I thought about it for a minute; of course, there was, but did I really want to share that with her.

I guess I should; she told me how she masturbates. I guess it's only fair to admit what I masturbated to. "Well, I have a thing for Spider-Gwen," I admitted. Joanna looked interested by this, so I continued. "I also like Elsanna." This one got a puzzled look. "What? What's Elsanna?" "You ever see Frozen?" I asked. "Yeah, I have-Oh God, that's gross!" she laughed. I laughed too as she continued to berate me. "They're sisters! How did you get into that?" "Well, after I watched that movie for the first time, I developed a crush on Anna, the redhead.

That's another thing that I absolutely love. I'm a straight sucker for redheads." "Don't change the subject," she snapped. "Explain, now." "Well, like I said, I had a crush on the Anna, so I looked up some fan art. Saw 'Elsanna' mentioned on a Tumblr page and went down a rabbit hole." "That's weird," she said, shaking her head and trying not to break into laughter again.

"You asked," I said. "I'm starting to wish I hadn't," she replied as she sipped her coffee. That was the end of that particular conversation, though we talked about other things while we ate our meals. After we left Waffle House, I followed her up the highway to the interchange where she went one way to get home, and I went the other. It was 3:30 A.M. when I got home. I sent Joanna a text letting her know that I had gotten home safely, and received one back from her a few minutes later informing me of the same.

I then stripped off most of my clothes, save for my evening shorts and lay back on the bed. It was 3:45 when I fell asleep. *** When I awoke, it was still dark out. I didn't know what time it was, honestly. I looked at where my alarm clock was, but the display, which normally showed the time in bright red color, was strangely dark. I suddenly felt uneasy; not quite nauseous, but something in my gut told me something was wrong.

There was a sound, so subtle and quiet that it would have been unnoticeable had I been fully awake. But lying there in the dark, in complete silence, I heard it as loudly as if I was hearing it through a set of headphones.

It was the sound of breathing. Someone was in my apartment. I wanted to get up to find out who it was, but my body wouldn't move.

My legs wouldn't move, and neither would my arms. Only my head was free. I wasn't restrained, at least it didn't feel like it; it was like I was paralyzed. I struggled for a few more minutes, or maybe it was seconds, I'm not sure. Nothing moved at all; every limb felt like it was weighed down by thousand pound weights. I eventually gave up and came to the conclusion that I had to be dreaming.

There was no other explanation for this! I closed my eyes and tried to force myself to wake up. I opened my eyes. Joanna was right over me. Not sitting on me; she was floating above me.

My brain refused to process what my eyes were seeing at first, but slowly, I took her in. Her hair was still done up like it always had been, but her skin was deathly pale. Her clothes from earlier were gone, replaced by a very sheer piece of dark-colored fabric that waved and fluttered, almost like smoke. I could see every curve of her body through the fabric. Despite the fact that she was suspended in mid-air, the thin cloth clung to her frontside like a wet t-shirt, showing off her erect nipples as well as her pussy, which looked like it had been freshly shaven.

The only other garments she wore were a pair of black flat-heeled shoes. As I stared at her and wonder whether or not I was still dreaming, she slowly descended towards me.

I opened my mouth to say something, but she quickly put her finger over it, the classic "shush" sign before she then straddled my stomach. I was right about her being freshly shaven; her pussy was silky smooth against my belly, and rather cold, too. In fact, all of her skin was icy to the touch. She leaned in and raked her black nails across my cheek as she whispered in my ear, "Just relax, and let me do all the work." Her voice was a bit deeper than it normally was, seductive and cool.

She then closed her eyes and bit on my lower lip. I was suddenly stiff as a board in the only place I wasn't already. Then a funny thing happened; as Joanna nibbled on my lip, I felt a pair of very sharp.

something, I wasn't sure what initially, but whatever they were, they scraped the inside of my lower lip. I suddenly tasted my own blood, but not much of it. She moved down my chin to my neck, where she bit down again, this time a bit more painfully.

I felt my body tense up, but I still couldn't move. As Joanna pulled away, a light from outside reflected on her lips, and I saw what looked very much like a pair of elongated, pearl white teeth, like fangs. Vampire fangs. What the fuck was going on? Joanna scooted forward, the thin fabric dress she wore now hung loosely over her body, still waving wildly in the still air of the apartment.

A moment later, she was shoving her crotch into my face. In the low light, I could barely make out the outline of her pussy crack. What happened next must have been a trick of the light, if this whole scenario was even real.

As Joanna spread her legs wide, the inner lips of her pussy opened up and I saw that they were in an odd shape; they resembled the wings of a bat. At least, that's what it looked like; as I said before, it all could have just been a trick of the light.

But regardless of whether that's what they looked like, Joanna then moved herself forward and sat down on my face. "Lick me," she demanded, her cold thighs pressed tightly against my cheeks and temples. If this was a dream, might as well roll with it.

I stuck out my tongue and dragged it through her slit. She lolled her head back in ecstasy and started breathing heavily.

Her hands pinned my wrists down, her nails digging into my skin. My tongue soon went numb, but she dug her nails in deeper every time I slowed down. "Keep going," she ordered. "You're not done until I say you're done." I obeyed and continued, sucking her clit and lips. It was then that I was struck by the fact that her legs were pressed right up against my ears, yet I couldn't hear anything that would sound like blood rushing through her veins.

It was like her heart wasn't beating at all. "Oh, fuck yes," she moaned, derailing my train of thought. She relaxed her grip on my wrists and started wriggling on my face. Her pussy was dripping wet by now, and she spread those juices all over my cheeks. "Now suck my clit. Hard." My lips closed around her clit and, as ordered, I began sucking hard. "Bite it," she moaned. "Make it bleed." I wasn't sure what was stranger at this point: the orders she was barking at me, or the fact that my cock was straining inside my shorts because I was so turned on by the orders she was barking at me.

I bit down and let out a stifled squeal. She quickly leaned forward and started to move her hips back and forth very quickly, her clit still pinned between my teeth. Faster she moved, and I soon tasted her blood in my mouth. She was gasping for air in big breaths now, her clit throbbing as blood dripped into my mouth along with her own wetness. "Good boy," she purred as she dismounted my face. I still was unable to move, and felt my heart pounding wildly inside my chest; I thought I was going to explode.

Joanna now knelt next to my body and looked down towards my shorts, where my erection had popped a tent. She eyed it with the same hunger that I had seen earlier as we left the Outpost. "Your turn, now." Before I could say anything, she took her hand and raked her nails across my stomach before digging under my waist. Her nails continued to scratch down my lower torso until they found my erect cock.

She dragged one nail up the underside, and nearly made me cum right there. She pulled the waist of my shorts down and my cock sprung free. Before I could react, Joanna leaned down and her mouth swallowed my whole cock.


I could feel myself inching further down her throat, which contracted tightly around me for a moment before relaxing slightly with each up and down motion her head made, gently massaging and squeezing my pole as she went. And her teeth scratched the underside of my cock, too, while her fangs scraped and poked at the head, threatening to draw yet more blood.

I managed to lift my head up enough to see Joanna's saliva drip from her mouth as she gave a loud "slurp" while pulling my pole from her lips. Then, much to my surprise, she stuck out her tongue and wrapped it completely around my shaft. Her tongue squeezed and flexed around my engorged rod, attempting to coax every drop from it. She then took her hand and started massaging the tip, slowly and focusing on the underside.

"This is a nice sized cock," she complimented as she jacked me off. "I bet you want to put it in me?" I realized that I was nodding my head in agreement.

Joanna smiled and straddled my lap, my cock pointing into the air before her. She continued giving me a handy with one hand, while her free hand held up a single finger. She placed that finger between her breasts and dragged down. The sound of fabric ripping filled my ears and the front of her sheer dress fell apart, ripped by her sharp fingernail. She began jerking me faster until I felt I was on the brink of cumming. Then, Joanna lifted her body back up into the air for just a bit, glided forward forward, and used the hand she had been jacking me off with to guide me towards her snatch, pressing my head up against her slit.

With a deep breath, she fell back down, and my cock went inside her. Inside her was even colder than her skin, if that was possible. And even here, I felt the same tightness, the same contract-relax action her throat gave. But here, her vaginal walls also pulsed and throbbed at the same time.

It was almost like they were alive. As my pole probed its way deeper into Joanna's cooze, I felt the tip of my cock pressed up against something firm. Joanna stopped, having taken all of me inside her, and looked down at me. I caught a glimpse of Joanna's eyes for the first time; they were no longer their normal emerald green; they were dull grey with a spot of red in the center. "Now, I have one more request for you, lover boy," she cooed.

"You're going to cum inside me. Understand?" Her fangs flashed before me as I nodded in agreement. Suddenly, the wall that I had been pressing up against inside her gave way, sending my head even further inside than I thought was possible.

Joanna then started to ride me, grinding back and forth on my pelvis. Her vaginal walls still massaged me as I moved in and out of her. With each thrust, my head broke back through that wall, and I started to get the impression that I was pushing past her cervix directly into her uterus. I wasn't even sure if that was possible. Then again, nothing about this had seemed possible.

Whatever was happening, it felt fantastic. Her vaginal walls, still ice cold, were milking me of ounce of cum in my balls. Eventually, she stopped grinding me and started to bounce on my pole.

This felt even better, as every down bounce pushed me back into her uterus. I would hit the wall, and then break through a super-tight opening before emerging into her uterus. I could feel my muscle start to twitch and spasm, and I knew I was on the verge of cumming.

She must have known, because she dug her fingers into my shoulders, scratching her nails down the sides of my arms, drawing blood as she did so. She leaned forward, thrusting her lips against mine. Again, they were cold, but at the same time, so full of life. I kissed back, our tongues twisting around one another, and I realized, for the first time, that I could move. My arms wrapped around Joanna and dug my own fingernails into her backside. Wait, I didn't have nails. I felt blood drip onto my hand, which I looked at over Joanna's shoulder.

My own nails, which had grown out all of a sudden, were now pointed and razor sharp, and they were covered in blood. However, I shrugged it off. On any other night, it would seem strange. I pressed my face against Joanna's breasts and began biting them. Rather hard, I might add. Too hard, perhaps. But Joanna didn't seem to mind at all.

In fact, it seemed to serve the purpose of turning her on even more. When I lifted my head, there were bloody bite marks where my teeth had pierced her flesh. Was that done with my teeth?

I wondered, because these wounds looked like they had been made by some vicious animal. "That's it," she gasped excitedly. "Just like that!" I'm not sure where my head went to next, but something deep within my mind snapped, and took over my body.

It was like animal instinct, and I began to become more aggressive, violent. We rolled over so that I was on top now, still thrusting deep within her like a madman. And with each thrust, monstrous and inhuman sounds escaped my throat.

I bit at her breasts, carved bloody gashes in her shoulders with my nails, and bit again at her collarbone. Rather copious amounts of blood began to flow onto the bed. And as our bodies pressed together in carnal bliss, I began to open up more wounds on her body with every bite, every scratch of my fingernails, and she did the same.

Everything turned red; the pillows, the sheets, the walls, my clothes on the floor, and even Joanna's body, which became sticky as the blood dried. "Oh, fuck!" she screamed in a mixture of pain and pleasure. I took my hand and grabbed her throat, cutting her off. My hand squeezed, and she her screams became tiny gasps for air. Her eyes soon rolled into the back of her head, her body tensed up.

She grabbed at my back, nails digging in, pulling me closer into her! Her pussy tightened up, but I kept thrusting with all my might!

I was surprised that her insides weren't mush by now, considering everything that I was throwing at her! "Oh, I'm cumming, I'm cummng!" Joanna meekly squealed, and it drove me over the edge.

I gave one final almighty thrust, burst back into her uterus, and exploded inside her! I'd never came so hard before; each throb of my cock seemed to send more of my seed into her belly. I rolled back over onto my back and pulled her on top of me. Her body was glistening with blood now, and I couldn't tell if most of it was hers or mine. Considering how badly cut up the two of us were, with deep gashes on our arms, backs, and torsos, there was a good chance that it was an equal amount of both.

As she finally came back down from her high, she lifted back off of me. My cock fell limply from her pussy, and I saw just how enormous it was for the first time since it had first entered her.

Then, it was just an average-sized penis. Not pornstar-sized, but it got the job done. But now, I was staring at a monster of a pole, over a foot long and glistening with a mixture of my cum and her blood. "That was fantastic," she moaned, running a hand through her pussy, which had started to drip cum like a leaky faucet.

She was simultaneously playing with herself and rubbing my sperm into her skin. "That's a lot of cum," she added. "Fuck a girl like that again, she's liable to get pregnant." She laughed, but not the normal laugh that I usually heard from Joanna; this was a deeper laugh, almost like it wasn't her laughing at all, but someone inside her, possessing her. But I didn't care; I was too exhausted to care. I just lay on my back, unmoving, as Joanna dug out two fingers full of my thick, sticky cum from her pussy and stuck them in her mouth.

"Mmm, tasty," she said. I blinked once, and she was back in that sheer fabric dress she was in when she came in. She crawled over me, and I saw those pearly white fangs again. This time, though, they were stained with gobs of dried blood.

"We'll have to do that again soon, lover boy." she whispered into my ear, nibbling playfully on my earlobe. She then floated back into the air, where, with a snap of her fingers and an almighty crack, everything went dark. *** My eyes snapped open the next morning, and the first thing I saw was my alarm clock display reading 1:09 P.M.

I blinked and sat up. My head was pounding, my dream from the night before just a fragmented memory. My eyes hurt when I opened them, and my whole body ached, feeling weak and dirty.

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I had apparently drunk more than I realized the night before, as I recognized the signs of a hangover, and a good shower usually helped with that. I forced myself to stand up and walked to my shower stall.

As I washed my body off, I heard my text ringtone go off. I ended my shower shortly afterwards and dried myself off. I picked up the phone and saw it was a picture message from Joanna. I opened it and realized that it was the picture Moose had taken the night before, just after Joanna and I had finished the dart game.

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We looked kind of cute in the picture, I'll admit. I was about to read the accompanying message when I noticed something peculiar about Joanna's smile: there, in Joanna's wide grin, was a pair of what looked very much like elongated, pearl white teeth, like fangs. Vampire fangs. I closed the photo and read the accompanying message with a feeling of unease: "Love this photo we took.

Had fun. We'll have to do that again soon, lover boy." I suddenly, I remembered my dream. I remembered Joanna's late night visit, and the kiss she planted on my lips, and the pearl white fangs that were clearly visible even in the darkness. I rushed back into the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror. I placed a finger on my neck and, lo and behold, there were two dark red circles just above my collarbone, right where Joanna had bitten me with those fangs of hers.

And as I looked closer at my whole body, I noticed the scars. Every wound that Joanna had opened the night before had healed, leaving behind faint scars. I turned to my shower, and saw the bottom was covered in a watered-down film of blood. I looked back at the mirror and, reluctantly, smiled. Sure enough, I now possessed a pair of vampire fangs, right where Joanna's were.

At that point, I said the only thing that made sense to say. "Well, fuck."