Delicious beauty with succulent bums needs gratifying

Delicious beauty with succulent bums needs gratifying
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The Blackmailig and or Seduction of my Wife My wife and I have been married for almost 29 years.

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We had a kid, got married and then graduated from high school. Kind of bass ackwards but we graduated at the top of our class, ended up raising for beautiful girls that have all made me and my wife very proud. Both of us were virgins when we met so consequently we've only experienced sex with each other.

Over the years we've fantasized about having another person join us but never had the guts to actually do it. I'd love to see her get royally fucked by some huge cocked stud then bury my face in her messy cunt and lick her to another orgasm then using the left over cum as lubricant to fist fuck her into oblivion. She on the other hand say's that she'd like to watch me fuck some sexy young piece of ass while she sits idlely off to the side.

Personally, I think she's holding back.


The way I see it, she has to be wondering what it would be like to be fucked by someone different than me. Maybe I'm wrong but I don't think so. A couple of months ago I was at a friends house and a girl that I had met several years prior showed up. Veronica's a beautiful Hispanic about 25, 28, somewhere in there.

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We got to talking and exchanged phone numbers with the intent of being able to contact each other if we were in need of a supplier of pot. Never hurts to have one more source ya know?


Shortly there after we went our separate ways with the promise to get together and burn one sometime in the future. All was good. A week and a half had gone by and I got a call from Veronica asking me if I could get any good pot. I picked some up from a grower friend of mine and made my way over to her place a few hours later. As I was walking up to her door it opened and out walked Veronica saying that she had to go to the store real quick and would be right back.

One of her friends was in the living room and to go ahead in and wait for her there. I went in, made some small talk with her friend then decided it might be nice to introduce myself just to be polite. I told her my name and she said "nice to meet you, everyone calls me Dyke." Caught me a little off guard! I said "excuse me, what did you say your name was?" She repeated the name and I told her that I thought that's what she had said but thought I'd better clarify. We both got a little chuckle from my reaction and continued the chat until Veronica returned.

We said our hello's then got down to the business at hand, smoked a bowl, then I politely excused myself because I had to get back home. Later that same evening I was hornier than hell and my imagination was in over drive. I started thinking about Veronica's friend, Dyke, and how much I'd enjoy getting to watch Dyke molesting my wife. Perhaps she'd have some toys like a strap on dildo, a HUGE rubber cock that she could plow my wife's juicy cunt with.

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I decided then and there that I wasn't going to let this possible opportunity go by with out at least trying to get something going. What could it hurt to try huh? So.I waited till the next morning and called Veronica and asked her if her friend was around by chance. Sure enough she was there. I asked if this would be a good time to come over as I had something I wanted to talk to the two of them about.

No problem. An hour and a few hits and drinks of courage later I found myself nervously knocking on Veronica's door. I pulled out my pipe and loaded a big ol" bowl and proceeded to pass it around. Veronica took a big drag of the pipe and handed it back to me while asking, "so, whats up?" After I too took another hit I'd tell them that this is kind of a strange request and if they felt awkward or uncomfortable I would drop the subject in an instant.

I'd tell them that my wife and I were virgins when we met and had never been with anyone else sexually. That we had fantasized about having someone join us for a night of carnal pleasures. I'd express my opinion, stating that the wife and I are far to shy to just come out and ask someone and that it would take some work to get my wife into that type of situation.

They'd both get a big shit eating grin and offer their help. I'd suggest that Dyke could go to my wife's work, she works at a fast food place at night, and slowly befriend her, mildly seduce her if you will. Some how getting her to go to veronica's house to do some partying or what ever might entice her to pay them a visit.

While there, they, Veronica and Dyke could break out some party supply's and proceed to get her stoned and or drunk out of her fucking mind with the sole purpose of seducing her.


My wife is easily excited when she's feeling no pain. They could even resort to slipping her something like a ruffie to knock her unconscious If all went well, some photos or even video would be taken and then used as blackmail material. They would tell her that if she didn't do whatever they wanted her to do, they would show the pics or video to her husband, her kids and or any other family of her's they could find.

Maybe even post it at some internet site for all to see. I can see the look of surprise on my wife's face as she realizes she's been had, then submitting to their kinky carnal desires. They'd bend her over a coffee table and secure her arms and legs to the four corners. Blindfold her and place a ball gag into her mouth. Of course video recording the entire ordeal. Once she was blind folded, one of he girls would give me a call so I could come over and watch and or participate in giving my wife a night she'd never forget.

She'd be used and abused by the two girls then they could pretend to call a friend of theirs to come over and fuck the shit out of this slutty chick they have tied up.

It would be me that arrived, unknown by my wife of course, and proceed to plow her pink swollen cunt and asshole to my hearts content.

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Who knows, I might even have them really call someone to come over and give her some strange cock. Ya know something? I've always wanted to see her getting fucked to tears by some huge cocked dog. I think a piercing or two might be on the agenda as well. Well, my cock is rock fucking hard now from just thinking about this happening. I'm going to go wake the wife up and initiate some mornin loving. I'll write some more about this fantasy in the near future.

There's more to cum.

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Thanks for reading.