Hot eurochick blows plumbers pipe

Hot eurochick blows plumbers pipe
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My name is Dean and I'm 26 years old. I'm single and spend many friday nights watching porn, a recluse in a way. I've had girlfriends but not many, and I've only had sex once. My life is in the shitter socially. My job on the other hand is great. I make indie comics with my friend Martin. We make around 8 thousand dollars here in the suburbs of New York. I'm glad I have that money. To pay those damned medical bills that I still have one payment on.

About 6 months ago I was driving down the road, my nice year old Honda Civic. Black, working air conditiong. That's about all I know that I really like about cars. Definately not a car guy. But, as I was driving down the street to pick up some paper and pens for the studio, I get fucking rammed buy a huge Toyota truck. I still don't know what model or year, I honestly don't care. I woke up in a hospital, a broken right arm, my leg having about 120 stiches from the twisted metal cutting into me, and a killer head ache.

I was asleep for two days. Appearantly, the guy didn't know what the fuck a four way stop was, or even a stop sign was. My car went up about 7 feet in the air spinning and hitting another car totaling my car and the other one. Nobody was killed but I was the most hurt.

Needless to say, I got fucked when he told them his foot was caught on his gas pedal. Anyway, I had to learn how to write with my left hand. Not easy but after the 9 long weeks were over I could write with both hands, the second good thing about the wreck.

I have a new car, but that really isn't too important to me. It's just another thing to poison the enviroment. Deciding to ride the bus while my car was in the shop, I asked Martin if he could drop me off at the shop after work so I can get mine. He said yes and asked if I wanted a ride to work. I said no, and I'm glad I did. Walking out of my apartment and going down two flights of stairs I walk outside admiring my familar city street.

I check my watch after walking just a few blocks. 10:24. Shit! I began to quicken my pace, desperate to make it to the bus stop in time. Running as I see the bus drive away after the last passenger got on. "Wait! Wait.!! Shit." I rubbed my face and groaned.

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"Damnit!" As I began walking to work, about 3 miles away, I hear a beep not long after I missed the bus. It came from a blue Saturn. A girl, about 23, was waving across her wheel.


"Come on!" I heard her say through the window. I quickly opened the door and slid in shutting it and grabbing the seatbelt and putting it on. "I saw what happened. That really sucks." She says to me. Such a beautiful voice! "My name's Samantha, but call me Sam if you want to" She said extending her left hand.

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"Thank you for picking me up Sam. My name's Dean." "Pleased to meet you!" She said happily. "Ah, but the pleasure is mine" I replied with a smile. I moved my brown hair out of my eyes, looking at her. What a beauty.

Standing she must be about 5'5", her beautiful blonde hair to her breasts, those shapely perky breasts! They must be about a B maybe a low C. I showed her the direction where the studio was. I was right across the street from her! "How cool is that!" I exclaimed.

In the short ride I told her about the wreck and the few good things out of it, being with her being one of them. She smiled at that and told me she wished we could have met, but not have me getting into a wreck. I smiled back. God, what a smile! This girl was stunning! When we got to the studio I had worked up the courage to ask her for her number.

"I'm glad you asked! I can never seem to ask without studdering." "Shy, huh?" I replied. She handed me her number. Right above it was a message "Please call!" Under the number written in pink ink was "Samantha" in curly cursive writing.

"I will" I reassured her. I smiled at her and told her good bye. She turned and pulled into the front of her office, waved when she got out, and went inside the building. I walked into the studio and climbed the spiral stairs to our floor a big smile on my face. "Hey, man. You were almost late." He said. He was way cooler than i was.

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More laid back, more attractive. At 6'0" I was usually taller than my other girlfriends. Martin at 5'8" he matched better with his, the little playboy.

He was only 25 and had sex about 17 times already. He needs to be sterilized, I swear. I stroked my brown goatee still smiling "It would have been worth it if I was.

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I missed the bus and got a ride" "From who, a fat guy named 'Bubba'?" He asked laughing. He was working on a panel drawing effortlessly, looking like it came natural to draw such flawless art.

"Nope. A girl named Samantha" I said. "Check it out." I showed him the number. "She hot?" "No. Beautiful" I told him. I got a headshake from him. I took back her number, and began writing out a draft for our next comic. That's usually how we worked. I wrote the story and he drew it. It was also inked by Martin but I would sometimes ink, once in a blue moon. Not often though. The story was usually a good long capturing read, filled in the comic near the end, and then I make a cover and put that in color, usually on the computer with a drawing by Martin.

With the comic being in black and white, it was easy for us to meet the monthly deadline. It was like a dream really. And that's pretty much what we did all day, from around 10:30 to 3:00. Really it was easy work for me, I can make the words flow easily. Martin on the other had gets shit work, But since we've known eachother for about 10 years we split the money evenly. 4 grand each. It was like that for a few weeks. I would hitch a ride from Samantha and go to work.

I'd call her at about 6 or 7 and we would hang out sometimes on the weekends, sometimes with Martin with us. My recluseness had pretty much disappeared. That is, until the move. Then everything changed, not just my address. It was a big pain in the ass not living where I worked. Martin lived right above the studio and it had three rooms and plenty of space for my shit. Plus all my extra stuff that I didn't want or need would go on ebay!

Flawless. But what about Samantha? Damnit, I always forget something! My free ride had become regulatory, But I would drive her on the weekends. We really liked the rides, talking those few minutes had quickly built up to us being good friends, along with those long weekends. I decided to call her before I moved and told her my plans. The phone rang twice and was answered. "Hello?" I heard her say. "Hey. I have some news." "Really mister?

Whatcha got?" She asked, giggling at her voice she made. "Uh. Well. I'm moving in with Martin. So no more morning rides." The phone was silent. Then as if a switch was turned she said "Well we'll just hang out longer on the weekeds!" Fuckin' brilliant! "Well that was easy!" "Yup!

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So what's up besides that?" She asked. We just got into a normal conversation after that. Girl was a genious! Then the move came and for a few days after I got settled in and a weekend later it was great! Until the weekend after that and things went for quite a positive turn.

I was kicking Martins ass very badly in Gears of War, again, when I got a call. "Hang on. It's Samantha!" "Ooh! Girlfraaand" He said, obviously annoyed that I was winning. Big time winning. "Hey, my battery's about to die. I was wondering if me and you, just me and you, could go for a picnic tomorrow in the park?" "Of course!

When?" I asked. That was a normal place for us so I suspected nothing was going to happen too differently than before. "How about 2:00? The perfect time for a saturday picnic!" "Alright sounds good! I'll bring some stuff" I told her. "Alright, cool. I'll see-" Click! Battery died. "Bye." I said, closing my phone and putting it on the coffee table left of my feet, Martin's feet right of mine. I unpaused and resumed the slaughter. "Picnic tomorrow. Just me." "Don't fucking distract me!" He said, anger increasing with every snipe.

"Heh heh heh heh heh!" I laughed. I whipped his ass a few more times before he gave up, an angry kick of the table, and walked to his room. I watched the tube til it was late, and Marin and I watched a movie going to bed at about 1. I crashed, and woke up at about 11:00. Dressing casually and making up some sandwiches, and of course cheap wine, I set out for the park a little early and arrived about 10 minutes before 2:00. The weather was perfect.

Blue sky, a couple cotton balls of clouds, a perfect 72 degrees. I walked to a big tree shielding the ground around it from the sun, and Samantha. She sat there with a basket and a blue blanket under her. She was stunning to say the least. That short jean skirt and pink polo, a white cami under it. Fucking Christ she's a hottie. "Hey" I said to her sitting down. "Bring some cheap-o wine like always?" She asked, grinning. I brought the bottle out.

"Sha-zam!" I said chuckling. We talked and ate. And of course, drank the cheap wine in styrofoam cups. Classy. "So how has today been going for you?" I asked her. "Good, till you came. Then it got fantastic." I looked at her longingly. Aching for her. My hand slid toward hers and I put my hand over hers.

She stared at me, that same longing stare I held. I pulled back, and leaned against the tree widening my legs.She slid into them and I wrapped my arms around her waist. She rested her hands on mine as we watched the sun fall. About the longest greatest picnic ever.

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It was about 6 when we finally spoke again after we lay there for 30 minutes. I, just stroking her soft, little hands with my thumbs. Her head on my chest. I could smell her wonderful hair.


The tinge of strawberries with a hint of kiwi. I couldn't take it anymore. It was like something that perfect day drove me to do it.

I moved my hand up her stomach to her right breast, and to her chin. Looking down and using two fingers to move her chin, I moved in, her eyes closed, completely ready for a passionate, longing kiss. A wave of happiness came over me when we met. Lips together. So soft, moist, gentle. Stopping for a spilt second and resuing, this time with tongues darting against each other like two fencers' swords, slipping into eachothers mouths and exploring.

We kissed for minutes, enjoying eachother. The kiss was incredible, and knowing it was with one of my best friends was like gas to the already intense flame. I pulled away and stood picking up all of our things into the blanket.

Putting them in the backseat, Samantha in the front with me, eager. She walked to the park so I was her ride. Little did we know the ride would be to my place. Unable to help herself she moved her hand to her pussy and rubbed it with her hand inside her skirt.

My cock rose like flagpole in my pants. I pushed harder on the gas pedal. Getting into the driveway/parking lot thing, we went inside and went up the spiral stairs, into our apartment. Martin was nowhere to be found. Probably taking a shit. I still don't know. Opening my door and pulling off my shirt, I turned to see Samantha in just her bra and thong.

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She's a quick girl. Pulling off my pants I was left in my boxers. I went to her and kissed her, pulling her back and onto the bed. I wrapped my arms around her, and unhooked her bra throwing it on the floor.

Goddamn! Her breasts were perfect! Orbs of sexy flesh with a pink aerola and nipple, sticking out about a quarter inch. I sucked on one nipple and moved down her covered mound. I pulled down the strings and slingshotted the black garment.

I slid in my middle finger into her tight sopping wet pussy. "Oh fuck yes!" She cried out. "Fuck yeah, you like that baby? How 'bout this?" I dove into her pussy with my tongue. Slipping in and out her still with my finger and licking her hard clit.

I quickly moved, desperate to make her cum. Her shaved pink pussy. Licking up and down her sweet slit and curling my fingers inside of her I felt a sponge-like kind of flesh.

She began shaking now, screaming out and squirting out her cum. Her hot wet pussy squirted. "Oh! Oh shit! Aughh!! Mmmm!!" She moaned. The moan of an intesne orgasm. Her pussy got alot tighter around my finger and loosened after about 30 seconds.

I kept licking the entire time, loving making her cum. I pulled up to her when she finally went limp. "How was that?" I asked her slyly.

"That was fucking great!" She moved to my erect, hard as steel prick. She pulled down my boxers showing off my 7 inch manhood. She started stroking me, talking dirty talk. "I'm gonna suck your fucking cock like a good little slut, Yes I am." "Wow. Your-- ohhhh shit!" I cried out as I felt her mouth go over my cock, the suction like a vacuum. "Ah. ahhh. Damn!" I looked down and watched her head go up and down flawlessly on my penis.

The feeling was indescribeable. Samantha was giving me a blowjob! It felt great thinking that with her sucking and pumping. She pulled off "I'm gonna eat your spunk babe, yes I am." "Proove it!" I told her. She stroked me a few more times before sucking even harder and better before! Something I didn't even think was possible!

"Oh fuck!" I wasn't going to last long. I put my hand on her head and pushed her down to the base of my cock, inside of her throat. She didn't resist. She continued sucking and sucking until I couldn't move. The only thing I moved (involentarily) was my legs, bucking as I yelled out "I'm gonna cum! Shit!" She pulled off and stroked me fast. "I'm gonna fucking swallow it! Oh yes I am!" She sucked for about 6 more seconds until her smooth tongue, hard sucking and whimsical heat set me off.

"Ahh! Fuuuck yeaaahh." I said in a low, drawn out voice. I felt my semen shoot and be immediately swallowed down and the next stream being sucked in. When I was finally done, she sucked the tip of my half mast cock before finally coming up to me. "How was that?" She asked like how I had asked her.

"Fucking amazing. How bout this?" I asked her, grabbing her ass and putting her over my cock. "I don't know.

Let's find out baby" She said biting the tip of her pointer finger. She slid down easily and slowly on my dick. I was hard again soon and was buried to the hilt of my manhood.

She was so damn tight and warm! It felt like a glove on my dick. She started to move her ass up and down, riding me pleasuring both of us. I slapped her ass hard making a nice smack. "Ohh baby!" She moaned. I grabbed her sides and slammed her down as she came down on me, making it that more pleasureable. "Oh damn. You're so fucking tight and good!" I exclaimed.

I rubbed her clit, and twisted her right nipple. As she kept riding my dick, going harder and faster with every passing second, she moved her hand to my scrotum, massaging my sagging sac. Shockwaves flew through my body like a truck.

"Oh shit, I'm going to cum soon!" I cried. "Thank. God. oh fuck! Me too!!" She moaned. Her eyes closed, twisted with pleasure. I began humping back, tripling both of our efforts.

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Soon I felt myself go loose, and her get tighter as we both cried out, almost simultaniously. "Augh!! Oh shit! Fuck yeah, here it cooooomes!!" I slurred. "Oh fuck! Oh yes! Fuck me hard baby, right there! Oh my fucking God yes!" She swore out. Soon, after out orgasms ended, she fell on top of me and my now flaccid cock came out of her. I kissed her lips when she lay to the right of me. We were wore out. We kissed for a few minutes, holding eachother.

I stared at her beauty, even though we were both a mess. She was so beautiful. "Samantha. I love you." I told her. She kissed me, fire in her eyes, smiling. "I love you too Dean." We kissed eachother and fell asleep soon. About two weeks later, Samantha moved in with us.

This is only the beginning. Part two?