Gina Valentina and Olivia Glass fuck with strapon

Gina Valentina and Olivia Glass fuck with strapon
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Chapter 7 Things heat up in Donovan's Manor As Kathy went back downstairs she retied her robe closed. As she entered the bedroom she didn't see Ray, but his suitcase was packed. She went into the Master bath and found Ray in the tub waiting on her. He was holding his hard cock in his hand, stroking it slowly. Kathy stepped up to the sink to brush her teeth. Kathy saw what Ray was doing and said, "Ray what are you doing?" Ray smiled and said, "Just getting ready for you." Kathy finished brushing her teeth and turned around dropping her robe.

Myron was wondering why the husband was in the bath tub alone pulling on his little dick. As Kathy came in he was starting to figure it out. Kathy opened her robe as she looked at Ray and his hard cock. She was totally worked up after the good night kiss from Brock. She let the robe fall to the floor and stepped into the tub. Myron's dick went from soft to hard as soon as he saw Kathy through the window, standing beside the tub naked.

As Kathy stepped in she sat down with her back to Ray and leaned back against him. Ray's arms came around Kathy and up the sides of her big firm breast. She began to relax and sink into Ray as he began to massage her breast. She could feel his hard on poking her in the back. She reached around behind her and took hold of him. Rubbing his cock, she was getting revved up again, her pussy was throbbing.

Myron couldn't see everything that was going on, but saw Ray playing with her tits. "Lucky bastard" he thought. Myron sat his chair next to the window and settled in for a show. With his big cock in hand he began to slowly stroke his meat as he watched Kathy's husband play with those beautiful tits. Kathy couldn't get Ray's cock where she wanted it from this position so she told Ray to sit up on the edge of the tub. Ray moved as she moved to the edge of the tub, leaning back into the corner.

With his back to the wall he planned on getting plenty leverage to push into that sweet pussy. Myron watched as Ray started to sit on the edge of the tub on the entry side. All Myron could see was Ray's back.

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Just as he was about to say "shit" Ray turned and sat back in the corner on the other side with his back against the wall. Myron just smiled as he saw Ray's 6 inch boner come into view. Kathy waited till Ray was in position and then knelt in front of him and took his cock in her hand and started jacking him off. His dick had lost a little of it's stiffness in the moving around so she put the head in her mouth and started to suck him back to full hardness.

In about two minutes her jacking and sucking paid off. Ray was as hard as stone again. Myron could only see the back of Kathy's head and her left arm moving up and down.

He knew she was sucking Ray's cock and jacking him off. He imagined it was him she was sucking and jacking off, his 8 inch cock was as hard as Ray's.

He wondered what Kathy would think if she knew she was causing two dick's to get hard tonight. Little did he know it was actually three dicks counting her own son's. As Kathy stood up and turned around she began to back up into Ray. She took hold of his cock and guided it to her slick hot waiting love tunnel. She eased down on Ray's cock, wiggling that fine ass of hers and working his fat cock into her.

He began to push into her depths as Kathy began to rock and rotate her hips grinding her pussy into Ray's crotch. Ray slid his left hand up her side and circled her left tit and began to work her stiff nipple between his finger and thumb. He took his right and found her clit and began to rub in circles around it, pressing lightly.

This set Kathy off and she began to moan and lick her lips. Ray whispered, "Baby your so hot and wet tonight, your pussy feels like it's on fire." She didn't answer she just said, "Mmm." As she tried not to think of Brock's huge cock that she had in her mouth moments ago. Myron had a perfect view of her right tit bouncing with each thrust. In the dim lighting he couldn't see her pussy real good but could imagine what was going on.

He was sitting in his chair stroking his long pole so intensely he didn't hear his sister enter the room. One very important thing he forgot to do before the show started was to lock his door.

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Jasmine stood outside Myron's door listening after she checked her parent's room. All was quiet in there and there were no lights on, mom and dad must be asleep she thought to herself.

She entered Myron's room quietly to see why his chair was squeaking. It was dark in there so she knew he wasn't at his computer. Then she saw his silhouette near the window. As she snuck up behind him to see what he was doing, things were getting pretty hot at the Tatum's. Ray's fingers on her clit and his cock buried balls deep in her hungry pussy was getting to Kathy as they both neared their climax.

Ray had switched hands and was now working the same areas but with opposite hands. Kathy's nipples were rock hard and so was her clit. As hard as she tried not to, she kept thinking of her son's big cock. Kathy could feel her orgasm quickly approaching. She whispered to Ray, "pound me good RayRay, I'm about to cum. Jasmine was close enough to Myron even in the dark she could see he was masturbating.

But he was sure interested in something out the window. She took one more step and could see out the window herself. "Oh my god Myron, your peeking at the neighbors!" She hissed.

Myron about shit himself right there. "What the hell are you doing in here?" He hissed back as he jumped out of his chair. Jasmine said, "I came in to see why your chair was squeaking. I didn't expect to find you spying on the neighbors." If Myron hadn't been so surprised he might of asked her what she did expect to find.

He said, "Get out! Jasmine said, "Oh I'm getting out alright, and Mom and Dad are gonna freak when they find out what you been doing in here at night." Myron quickly jumped in front of her blocking her way. "Wait a minute, you can't tell them about this." He said, motioning towards the window.

Jasmine said, Yes I can and I will unless you're a real good boy from now on." As she pushed him out of her way, Myron just stood there with his mouth hanging open and his know soft dick swinging in the cool night air.

Jasmine saw the motion out of the corner of her eye as she passed him and felt it bump against her thigh. She looked down at it and said with a smirk, " and you better put that away before he catches cold." Chapter 8 The Kat will play while Ray's away The next morning Ray was up early and gone before Kathy or Brock were up.

He left them a note and said he would be gone until Thursday. He signed it: Love, Ray. Kathy got up just as the sun was coming up, made her a protein drink and got dressed for her morning two mile run. By the time Brock got up she was already out the door. Brock was a bit relieved that she wasn't home. He didn't know what to say to her after she sucked him off and took most of his load of cum down her throat last night.

He was still in a bit of a shock. She walked in on him while he was pounding one out. At first he thought it was his imagination playing tricks on him because she just stood there with her robe open rubbing her clit. As he thought about the whole thing it dawned on him that she was masturbating to him jerking off.

She was actually turned on by watching him stroke his big cock, and was playing with herself right in front of him. As Kathy came out of the house she turned left and headed down the sidewalk. Myron was setting on his front porch step tying his shoes.

When he saw her his pulse quickened. She was one hot lady, especially in spandex jogging clothes. He got up and started to run in the other direction, figuring he would catch her on her return trip. As Kathy rounded the corner she could see someone in the distance running towards her. As she got closer she recognized Myron, she smiled to herself and kept up her pace. Myron saw Kathy as she was rounding the corner and his cock began to stir while he was jogging.

As he got closer to her he could see those big ol' titties of hers bouncing in rhythm with her steps. "What a sexy sight indeed," he thought to himself. He started running in place, waiting on her as she got closer. He smiled real big and said, "Good Morning Mrs. Tatum." "Oh Myron, don't be silly, call me Kathy." He said, "I know, I'm just practicing for when other people are around." She said, "Tomorrow night if you haven't heard from Brock by 7pm I want you to come over and ask for your ankle support back.

At which time I will ask if you would like to join us for a movie, and of course you will accept." "Ok." Myron said. "OK, see you later." And she took off running towards home. Myron continued his run in the other direction. As he ran, he wondered what she had in mind. He finally got home and his parents were both already gone to work. He walked into the house and said good morning to his sister. Jasmine had been acting funny ever since she caught him spying on the neighbors with his cock in his hand.

Jasmine looked over her shoulder at him as he passed by the kitchen and said, "Morning." Myron thought she had been rather cold towards him, but that was just odd. Usually she would glance at his cock in those spandex and smile or at least say something about his package if mom and dad were gone. But this time she didn't do that. Kathy arrived home and was looking around for Brock.

He was usually in the kitchen at this time when he was home.

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She didn't see him on the first floor so she climbed the stairs to see if he was up there. When she got about halfway up the stairs she heard his shower running. She went to his bathroom door and listened. She could hear him moving around in the shower.

She tried the knob and the door was unlocked. She quickly stripped off her sweaty jogging suit and entered his bathroom in just her bra and panties. She called out his name as not to scare him. He jumped anyway not expecting anyone in there with him. "Geez Mom you scared the crap out of me." He said. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to." Kathy replied, as she stepped close enough to the shower door she could see that cock of his.

"Did you want something particular mom?" he asked. She said, "Yes I do. I want to join you, I'm all sweaty from running and your water is already running and warm." Damn, he thought, she must think what happen last night was ok. As he was thinking of what to say, the shower door opened and there she stood naked. He was about to say; Mom, we need to talk about last night, but he got two words out and she stepped into the shower.

She put a finger to his lips and hushed him. "Brock honey, I hope you don't mind but I'm just amazed at how you've grown." She said, as she looked directly into his eyes she touched his cock softly and he kinda jumped a little and tried to back away. But there was no room in his shower to go. He blurted out in a rush, the only thing he could think of to say. "Dad is going to kill me." Kathy smiled and said, "Is that the only thing stopping you?" That caught Brock off guard. He had to think about that for a minute.

But it was difficult to think about any thing except the sensations he was feeling in his cock right then. As it started to grow, Kathy got on her knees in front of her son and began to worship his huge cock. She started by slowly licking around the big helmet shaped head. He wasn't even close to hard yet but the thing was big and heavy.

As she lifted it in her hand she could feel the weight of it. It was starting to firm up now, as she began to stroke it lovingly and opened her mouth wide and put the head of his manhood in her mouth.

Brock just groaned as he felt her warm mouth envelope his cock head. Kathy liked sucking Ray's cock, but this thing was so much bigger she had trouble getting more than the head and a couple more inches of it in her mouth.

But she kept pumping him and sucking him. Soon he was at full size and Kathy was breathless not only from the big cock filling her mouth up, also she looked at it in bright lighting and up real close, it was huge. But she loved the look and feel of it. She couldn't get enough of it as a matter of fact. She was hungry for big cock. The next thing Brock knew his cock was being worked over expertly and he was about to cum. "Mom," He said.


Shh, let it go baby. Kathy said as she doubled her efforts. She knew the poor boy was about to shoot a big load, his balls were so heavy and the head of that enormous cock was swelling in her mouth. Ugh, Ugh, Ugh! Ugh, mmm. Was all Brock could say each time he shot a rope of warm thick sticky cum into his mother's mouth.

Kathy swallowed it all like a professional. Brock was blown away again by his mother's actions, but this time he was fully awake and wondered what had gotten into her.

After catching his breath and getting the strength back in his legs he was ready to ask her about all this. Just then she asked him to wash her back. Which then turned into her front, by the time the young man got to her thighs and calves he was completely hard again.

As he stood up his raging hard on slid right between her knees and came to rest right against her pussy when he stood all the way up. Kathy felt the big head of his massive tool nudge her pussy.

"Mmm, that feels amazing Brock honey." She said. Since he was taller than her and his cock was so long it angled away from his body at a 45 degree angle. The ridge around his cock where the head meets the shaft was so big it kinda hooked on her clit as he pulled away. They both felt the ridge catch her clit and kinda flick it. She went, "Mmm" and he just groaned.

"Mom, we need to talk about this." "I hardly think this is the right time Brock honey." He said, "I don't think Dad would appreciate this very much if he knew what we just did. Or if he knew about last night." As Kathy ran a soapy hand all over his firm chest she looked him right in the eyes and said, "Well I guess we better make sure he doesn't find out then." She quickly rinsed off her hands and front and opened the shower door.

Stepping out she grabbed his towel and began drying off. "I'll get you another towel son," she said. She retrieved another towel from the linen closet next to the toilet. Brock shut off the shower and opened the door. She handed him a towel and he took it and began to dry himself off. Before he could get to his protruding hard on Kathy took her towel and began to dry his magnificent cock and heavy balls. "You sure are intrigued by that thing aren't you?" Brock said, as he spread his legs and allowed her access to his ass crack.

She gently worked her way from his balls down between the cheeks of his ass getting him good and dry. He had to admit to himself that her touch felt good. She backed away and looked up to see him smiling. "Yes I am intrigued by your whole body, but especially this big cock," Kathy said. She then took the head into her mouth and licked all around it, swirling her tongue and sucking on it gently. Brock put his hand on the back of her wet hair and began to flex his hips forward, driving his cock deeper and deeper with each gentle thrust.

"Mmm, damn that feels good." he said. Kathy pulled her mouth off his cock and licked his entire shaft, all the way to his balls. Then she took each one in her mouth one at a time and sucked and licked them gently. After a minute or two of this she let his balls drop out of her mouth and kissed her way back up his shaft to the head again and licked his pee hole.

Then she kissed the head of his cock, stood up and smacked his firm ass. "We need to continue this later. Right now I'm gonna fix us a light breakfast then I want you to start unpacking the boxes in the garage." "Oh Mom," "Can't we finish this first" Brock said as he took a hold of his cock and waved it at her.

She was tempted, but was able to resist, barely. She was so horny right then, one touch or rub against her clit and she would have exploded. But she was looking forward to a long night of being ravished by that big cock. "No, get dressed and be downstairs in ten minutes." She said as she left the room. Kathy went down and fixed them some toast with honey, a little bowl of his favorite strawberry yogurt, and a glass of apple juice. He came down stairs and sat down to eat his breakfast.

Kathy had on her white terry cloth robe and Brock watched her as she bent over to put the toaster away. He could almost see her pussy, he was pretty sure she had no panties on. As she came over to the table and leaned over to take his empty yogurt bowl away, he saw enough of one of her tits to know she had no bra on.

His cock twitched just thinking about how hot a body she had. Just then, the door bell rang. They both looked at each other wondering who that could be. Brock got up to answer the door. He got to the front door, looked out the peep whole to see a young guy standing there with what appeared to be a gift basket.

Brock opened the door and the guy says, "Hello, my name is Randy. My Mom and I live across the street, and Mom wanted me to bring this over." He started to hand Brock the basket and then changed his mind saying, Is your mom here?" Before he could say anything Kathy stepped up to the door and said, "Brock who is it?" She then saw who it was and said, "Oh hi Randy." Brock looked at her and said, "You two met already?" Kathy explained how she had met Randy and his mother the other day.

"Mrs. Tatum, Mom wanted me to drop this off to you and say welcome to the neighborhood. She will be out all day till late and wanted to make sure you got it today." Randy handed her the Welcome basket. As he did he glanced at the opening in her robe. Seeing the side of her tit caused his eyes to widen just enough that Kathy and Brock noticed. She said, "Thank You very much Randy, and tell your mom thanks as well." "Ok, well bye for now, see you two later." Randy said as he turned and headed back across the street.

Myron was coming out to get in his car just then and Randy stopped and talked to him a second, and then went on across the street to his house as Myron was pulling away. Brock went to the garage and began to go through the boxes and sort them out. He heard someone at the trash barrels beside the garage and stepped out the over head door to see who it was. There before him was the most beautiful black girl he had ever seen holding a bag of trash. As she looked at him he said, "Go-good Morning." Brock was always nervous around girls and especially ones as foxy as this one.

She looked at him and said, "Morning." She walked right back into her gate and closed it. Brock thought, wow, friendly little thing. Oh well, maybe she's not a morning person. He would ask Myron about her later. As the day went by he never saw Myron come home. He wanted to ask about the girl, obviously his sister. To find out more about her. Brock had never had much if any interest in black girls. Most of them seemed to have an attitude he didn't care for.

After lunch, about 1:30pm Brock heard a car pull up out front. Lifting his head out of a box he was sorting through he saw what must be Myron's Dad get out of a Pearl White Escalade. The tall heavy built black man walked up to the front door and out of Brock's sight.

But Brock heard keys jingle and the the front door open. A few minutes later he decided to take some boxes he had sorted out to the closet in one of the spare bedrooms upstairs. After he sat the boxes on the shelf. He walked over to the window and looked out into the neighbors back yard, hoping to see the neighbor girl again.

What he saw was her father groping her ass and motioning toward the house. He must of said something to her cause she went into the house with him right behind her. What the fuck, Brock thought as he looked out the window. He couldn't see them so he hauled ass down stairs and back into the garage. With his heart pounding in his ears he tried to think of what to do.

He took his cell phone of the speaker jack where he had been listening to music while he worked. He slipped out the garage door and around the corner. He could see a window on this side of the house but the fence was in the way of seeing directly into it.

He just had to confirm his suspicions. It didn't look like she was enjoying the groping awhile ago, so he wanted to know what was going on. He quietly opened the gate into their back yard and left it ajar. He eased up to the window and looked in on an angle. Myron's dad was sitting in a chair beside the bed. The chair was so close to the window that it scarred Brock at first. But he just eased back away from the window, fearing any sudden movement might cause him to be seen.

He slowly brought out his cell phone and turned it on video. Holding the camera up to the bottom of the blind where he could see into the room, he pushed the record button. He didn't stick his head up there again, just his phone. He could see in the phone what the camera was picking up. It stunned him to the core. Here was Myron's gorgeous sister on her knees in front of her dad with her shirt and bra off licking his cock. Brock's first look at Jasmine's beautiful c cup sized tits made his mouth water.

Jasmine licked all around the cock head, then sucked it in her mouth. Then the big man put his huge paw on the back of her head and jammed her head down on his cock. Brock could hear him saying, "Suck it good you little bitch and make me cum. I'm gonna cum right down your throat." Brock could hear Jasmine gagging on her dad's cock, as her nose was in his pubic hair. About then Brock heard his mother calling his name from the laundry room door. He lowered his phone and jammed it in his pocket.

He went back out the gate and just as he turned around his mother was standing right there looking at him.

Now after what he had just seen the look on his face did not match the words coming out of his mouth as he explained to his mother that he had been talking to Myron's sister. Well Kathy would have thought it strange him talking to a girl because he was so shy, but maybe it being Myron's sister, he might be opening up. She knew she was going to do her best to make him comfortable around girls and women.

As Brock and his mom stood in the garage discussing the progress he had made on unpacking, Brock saw Myron's dad get in his Escalade and drive away. Chapter 9 Movie Night Invitation That evening at supper time as Kathy and Brock sat at the table eating, Kathy suggested to Brock that he invite Myron over for tomorrow night and they could watch a movie together and that she would make refreshments for them.

Brock said, "Yeah Mom that's a good idea. I can get to know him better. They finished the meal and nothing more was said about it.

A little later Brock was in his room sorting boxes, looking at his movie collection. He remembered what Kathy had said at supper. As he thought about it, he remembered Myron's sister and then thought of all he had seen go on over there today. Asking Myron over was one way he could get to know more about the sister. Then he thought, "I'll just ask her to come over too." Brock took a quick shower, put on his best cologne and his newest clothes and headed next door.

He knocked on the door and then rang the door bell. The door opened and at first he thought it was Myron's sister. Then after a closer look, he realized this beautiful creature was older. He didn't say anything for a second. Finally Mrs. Wilson said, "Hello, can I help you?" Brock immediately snapped out of his confusion and said, "Oh, I'm sorry I thought you were Myron's sister for second there." Mrs.

Wilson smiled and said, "Young man that's very sweet of you, are you here to see Myron?" "Yes ma'am." Brock said. Mrs. Wilson called over her shoulder to Myron.

As she stood admiring the handsome white boy in front of her, Myron came up behind her. He said, "Oh, hey Brock." "Mom, I see you've met Brock from next door?" His mother said, "No, we haven't been properly introduced." "Oh, I apologize, please forgive my bad manners, ma'am." Brock said. He stuck out his hand and gently took Myron's mom's hand in his. "I'm Brock, your new neighbor." Now it was Mrs. Wilson's turn to be speechless for a second. She was quite taken back by this white boy's manners.

Even though he didn't properly introduce himself upon his arrival, he sure knew how to apologize and show respect for his elders. The gentle touch from his big hand sent a sensual vibration through her body as they shook hands. Mrs. Wilson said, "Hello my name is Angela, nice to meet you Brock." As they let go of each other's hand, she stepped back into the house.

Angela said, "Brock please come in." Brock stepped inside and saw Myron's sister standing a few feet inside the door. He said, "Myron I just came by to asked you and your sister if you wanted to come over tomorrow night and watch a movie with me?" Myron said, "Sure thing, sounds like a good time, how about you Jas, you want to go too? The way Myron said it made it sound like to Brock that she would be tagging along to one of his friends house.

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Brock picked up on it immediately and said, "Myron shame on you, you haven't even introduced your sister to me." Myron said, "Oh I'm sorry bro, this is my sister, Jasmine." Brock stepped up closer to her and stuck out his hand. It was weird to him to be introduced to a beautiful girl for the first time and have had already seen her tits naked.

Jasmine took Brock's hand and immediately felt a connection with him. As they shook hands and said, "Hello" she thought that was a strange feeling. Brock noticed it too but never said anything about it. Instead he said, "Jasmine won't you please join us tomorrow evening for a movie?" Jasmine said, "For once I agree with my brother, it sounds like a good time.

But I better make sure daddy is ok with that. He still thinks I'm his little girl." Brock was thinking oh shit, I bet he does. She called her father into the room. Brock was about to shit himself when the big black man came around the corner out of the kitchen.

To Brock's total surprise it wasn't who he was expecting. This man was close in size to the other man he had seen there earlier, but it definitely wasn't him. Chapter 10 Bath time for Brock Brock got back home and walked into the kitchen where his mom was just finishing cleaning up the dishes from supper. She said, "Well how did it go?" Brock was still wondering in his mind who that other big black man in the white Escalade was who was there earlier. He did notice a black Escalade in Myron's driveway on his way back across the yard to his house.

"Oh it went great, their coming over tomorrow night for a movie." "They?" Kathy asked. Trying to keep the surprise and disappointment out of her voice. "Yeah I invited his sister Jasmine over too." Kathy said, "Oh, I see. Well that was nice of you." Brock didn't say anything but he noticed his Mom's tone had changed.

Kathy's little plan for the boys was slowly slipping away, but she would wait and see how things played out. Quickly changing the subject she said, "So did you get all the boxes from the garage sorted out like we talked about?" "Not all of them, but I'll go work on it some more." So he went out to the garage and opened the over head door and picked up where he left off earlier.

Still wondering who the man was that made Jasmine suck him off earlier. Kathy busied herself cleaning and straightening the kitchen and living area for their guests that were coming the next evening. She thought she would go to the store the next morning and get some party supplies. It was getting dark outside and Brock was getting bored with the box sorting.

He decided to call it a day and closed the garage door and went inside. He didn't see his mom anywhere so he went through the house till he found her in her bedroom. She was wearing a short silk robe standing in front of the dresser mirror combing her hair. Brock could hear the bath water running in her bathroom.

"Hey Mom," he said as he entered. "Oh, Hi honey, she said. Did you get all finished up out there?" "No, but I made significant headway." Brock said as he walked up to her. "I got tired of it and was at a stand still so I gave up on it for tonight." Kathy looked at her son in the mirror standing behind her and said, "I hope your not too tired, you've got a long night ahead of you." "Our bath is almost ready." Brock smiled as he put his arms around her waist and said, "Our bath?

"Yes, she said. Let's go." She led him into her bathroom. She shut the water off, dropped her robe and looked at Brock's expression as she stood before him naked. She reached over to his shirt and pulled it up over his head. Then she unbuttoned his shorts and pulled them down with his boxers. His soft monster sprang free and bounced against her cheek.

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As she stood back up, she embraced him as her big firm tits pressed into his chest. She kissed him softly and he kissed her back. Myron had been in Jasmine's room talking to her about the next night and was ready for a shower and some relaxation before bed. Jas had been acting better and more friendly since Brock's visit and invitation. "Well sis, I'm going to take a shower, I'll see you in the morning." He said, as he leaned down and kissed her gently on the forehead.

"Ok, she said Goodnight." He left her room and as he entered his dark bedroom he saw the light from The Tatum's bathroom shining in his window. He immediately locked his door and went to the window without turning on any lights. As he looked down into the neighbors bathroom he was taken by surprise by what he saw.

There was his beautiful Milf neighbor and her son standing there naked embraced in a hot lover's kiss. Holy shit, he thought as he stepped over to grab his desk chair and rolled it into position. As he dropped his shorts his dark meat began to rise. He got into a good viewing position and when he looked again Brock was getting into the tub. Kathy followed him and sat down in front of him. Myron was blown away. They sat there for a little while talking while Brock massaged those lovely tits.

Kathy could feel his massive tool reaching halfway up her back. It was hot and throbbing against her soft skin, sending shivers up her spine. As Brock teased her nipples with his fingers she began to melt into him. Before she became too relaxed she slowly stood up putting her ass right in Brock's face. He was looking right at the most beautiful pussy and ass hole he had ever seen, just inches from his face. Kathy whispered in a husky horny voice, "Lick me Baby." Brock leaned forward and buried his face in her lovely ass.

His nose was right in her ass hole as his tongue touched her pussy for the first time. He worked his tongue into her pussy lips and began licking her clit, the drove his tongue into her hot slippery hole. "Mmm." Was all she could say, as she pushed back onto his face and that magic tongue. Brock was in heaven. He had only eaten one other pussy in his young life but had watched a lot of porn. He loved doing it, and had watched videos of lesbians to learn how to do it right.

He was licking her and made her lean over a little, bringing her clit to a better vantage point. He sucked it into his mouth and used his lips to pull on it. Kathy was moaning and rocking her hips into him. Kathy could feel her juices flowing and was close to her first climax of the evening. She knew it was time to try some of that big hard dick of his. As Brock was really getting into it, she pulled away from him before she had an orgasm.

She wanted her first one with him buried way up inside her. She stood up turned around and took him by the hands. Brock stood up and they kissed passionately.

Myron's dark flag pole was hard as steel as he stroked it slowly. When Brock stood up Myron feared the show was over. But to his surprise Kathy had him sit in the corner of the tub an lean back against the wall.

Myron knew what was coming next before Brock figured it out. About then Myron noticed Brock's cock for the first time. Damn, he thought. That white boy is hung! Myron thought as he looked at Brock's cock that he might be bigger than me. Kathy turned around and backed up to Brock, grabbing his massive stone hard cock and began to rub the big head over her slippery hot pussy.

After she had it good and wet she aimed it at her hole. Here we go she thought. She began to ease down on her son's big cock feeling it spread her lips and the big head enter her hole. Wow she thought as it stretched her hole open. After several long minutes of pushing down on it and rotating her hips she was able to get a fourth of him into her tight juicy hole.

She began to slide her pussy up and down those few inches working it deeper with each downward stroke. Brock was amazed at the whole thing. Fucking his own Mother and the tightness of her pussy was putting unbelievable pressure on his cock. But man it felt good he thought. Myron couldn't believe his eyes as he looked upon the spectacle before him.

He reached into his shorts pocket and grabbed his phone. Switched it to video and zoomed it in. From that distance and through all the glass reflecting the image wasn't that great, but you could tell who it was and what they were doing. I got a little insurance here he thought as the phone recorded the action below. Kathy had been working that monster into her for over 10 minutes when she finally got all but two inches of it into her.

It was banging the inside of her pussy pretty hard now as it bottomed out. She was beginning to wonder if she was going to be able to take it all. Her legs were giving out on her from all the work she had done.

Finally she stood up slowly and eased up off that big cock. She sat down in the water and leaned forward into Brock's crotch. She began licking her juices of his cock with long deliberate tongue strokes. Starting at his balls and working her way up his long shaft to that huge head that had been pummeling her moments ago.

When she had him clean she pulled him into the water with her. They rinsed off and got out. Dried each other off as Brock remained as hard as stone.

Kathy pulled the plug on the tub, dried her hand off and grabbed that big cock and led Brock to her bed. She laid back on the bed and Brock got between her legs. He decided he wanted that tight pussy good and wet before he tried fucking it again. So he began to lick her inner thighs, getting closer and closer to her beautiful pussy. When he finished eating her pussy he gave her asshole a few swipes with his tongue. He came up to her mouth and kissed her hotly.

Then he lined up his throbbing hard cock at her entrance and began to push. They fucked in several positions that first night and finally after three hours of working on that tight hole Brock finally had her in the doggie position for the second time and was able to bury his cock balls deep into her. Kathy was meeting his every stroke and loving the feel of his big cock head banging against her cervix. She came so many times she lost count and about lost consciousness a few times.

While Brock was working his cock in and out of her from behind, Kathy had her face and shoulders on the mattress. His big balls were tapping her on the clit after every deep forward thrust. She was breathing hard and grunting every time his cock head bump her cervix. Then those balls would tap her clit. Brock could feel his orgasm coming and began to pull almost all the way out of her and then slam all 9+ inches back into her. He reached around under and found her clit, rubbing it in little circles well lubricated from all their combined juices running out of her heated pussy.

He shot that last load into her about the time she came hard from all the simultaneous stimulation to her cervix and clit.

Brock slowly pulled all the way out of her and saw their juices running down her thighs. He flopped over beside her on his back, as she collapsed beside him. They fell asleep in each others arms after a few minutes of kissing, both were totally exhausted. Chapter 11 Movie night Awaking in each others arms was a new experience for Brock and Kathy. Kathy woke first around nine o'clock, feeling dried cum all over her pussy and thighs.

She kissed Brock on the forehead as he stirred. She slipped out of bed and headed for the shower. Brock got up a few minutes later hearing the shower running he entered her bathroom and said, "Good Morning." "Good Morning to you too sweetheart." Kathy said to her son.

Brock grabbed a towel and laid it on the tub and got in the shower with her. They washed each others backs, Kathy had already cleaned all their juices off of herself and began to wash Brock's cock from standing behind him.

Once they were done he was completely hard, Kathy turned Brock around and felt that big club bump into her thigh as he turned around. "Well what do we have here?" she said, looking down at his magnificent cock. The cock that had turned her world upside down and inside out over the past few days and especially last night, all night long. "Mom it's kinda tender this morning," Brock said as he looked into her eyes. "Oh I imagine it is sweetie, I am too." After breakfast Kathy and Brock got ready to go shopping for the movie night.

As they were coming out of the house, Myron was coming out the front of his house ready to go for a run. As usual his tight spandex running shorts had his bulge on full display for Kathy, Brock and who ever else might look down at his crotch. "Good Morning Tatum's." Myron said, as he approached them. "Hello Myron," Brock said. "Good morning Myron," Kathy said as she glanced down at his bulge.

"What time does the movie start tonight Brock?" Myron asked as he saw Kathy glance down and he turned to Brock. "I was thinking about 8 o'clock if that sounds good to everyone. They all agreed and said their goodbyes. Myron took off for his run as Kathy and Brock got into their car and headed to the store for sodas snacks and alcohol. The day went by fairly quickly as Brock and Kathy busied themselves getting ready for their guests. About 7 o'clock Jasmine was finished getting ready and she felt a little nervous about being around Brock for the first time and meeting his mother.

Her parents were in the living room when she came down stairs. They both looked her and her mom Angela said, "My Jasmine you look nice this evening. I think you will make a good impression on our new neighbors tonight." "Thanks Mom," Jasmine said. About then the door bell rang, thinking it might be Brock Jasmine went to answer the door.

When she opened it she was shocked to see her Uncle there. "Oh, come in" she said and stepped back out of the way. Her Uncle said, "Hello Jasmine, you look lovely tonight." As he stepped inside he kissed her on the cheek. Jasmine stiffed her whole body at his touch and gave him a look like "I'll scratch your eyes out if you touch me again." He snickered a little and walked on in. She closed the door and paused until he was in the living room.

As she past by on her way to her room upstairs she heard him asking her dad to borrow his hedge trimmers. Jasmine went to her room shaking and upset. She hated him and the fact that he had caught her sucking her boyfriend's cock on the living room couch one day about two months ago. He had come over one day and used his key to come inside. He had been curious about the strange car in the driveway so he came in quietly and got quite a surprise when he did.

Once he saw what was going on, he quickly pulled out his phone and took two pictures of her with her boyfriend's cock in her mouth. When he announced himself he had already put his phone away and asked what the hell was going on here. Well the boy friend about shit himself and lost his hard on immediately. He rushed to get his cock backing his pants and stood up saying, "I better get going." "Not so fast Punk, I saw what you two were doing and if you ever come near my niece again I'll beat yo ass so bad, your own momma won't recognize you." The scared shitless boy stammered a "Yes sir" and left hurriedly.

Then her Uncle pulled out his phone, showed Jasmine the two photos and proceeded to blackmail her into a blow job once week for his silence. Jasmine sat on her bed, tears running down her cheeks as she once again tried to think of a way out of this mess.

But she couldn't see any way out. She got up and walked over to her dresser, looking in the mirror she was so ashamed of herself.

Her make up had run from the tears and she was cleaning that up as she heard a knock on her door.


She quickly stepped into her bathroom and said, "Who is it?" "It's me Jas, You ready to go?" Myron asked. For a minute she thought of not going, then realized that would mean an explanation. So she said, "Yeah I'll be ready in a few minutes. I'll meet you down stairs." Myron thought that was strange usually she would invite him in while she finished her hair and makeup.

But he shrugged his shoulders and said, "Ok, hurry up." Myron went down stairs and saw his Uncle in the living room and said, "Hello Uncle Dante." "Hello Myron." He said.

Myron went over to the cabinet and began to select a few movies. His parents and his Uncle continued their conversation as he picked a few comedy movies from their collection.

Soon Jasmine came downstairs and told Myron she was ready. They collected their things and headed for the door. Angela said, "You two be good tonight and don't over stay your welcome." "Ok Mom," they both said in unison as they walked out the door. They arrived at precisely 8 o'clock at the Tatum's as Myron knocked on the door.

Kathy said, "Brock go get the door, I'll start the popcorn." Brock opened the door and saw Jasmine first, "Wow he thought she is gorgeous." "Hello everyone, Please come in." He led them to the kitchen and introduced Jasmine to his mother. They talked a few minutes and all went to the living room to start the movie. Myron and Jasmine sat on the love seat together and Brock and Kathy sat on opposite ends of the sofa. They all agreed on a comedy that Myron had brought over and sat eating popcorn and drinking sodas.

Kathy had prepared a special drink for Myron and Brock. A hard cock cocktail she called it. She had made up the concoction and slipped it in them unknowingly by the rest of the group. As they talked and laughed through the movie, all seemed to be going well. About 10 o'clock the movie ended and Jasmine said she was going to head home. Kathy said, "Well I was just going to bring out some more snacks and drinks if you want to watch another one." "Oh thank you so much ma'am but I'm getting sleepy." Kathy's little dose of sleeping pill must be working she thought.

When she made the drinks she had made sure Jasmine would be going home early. "Well I'll stay for another movie if you like," Myron said. So Jasmine said good night to all and thanked Kathy for being a great host.

Brock walked her to the door and said, "Thanks Jasmine for coming over tonight, I really enjoyed having you." "Jasmine said, "Thank you for inviting me, maybe you can come over to our house next time." Brock was a little surprised but answered, I'd like that very much." Jasmine leaned in and pecked him on the cheek and said, "Goodnight." Brock was so shocked he just stood there like a school kid who just saw his first set of tits.

"Uh, Goodnight." He said, as she walked towards her house. Back inside Kathy had made another round of drinks, but with tequila shots loaded with Spanish fly this time. She brought the drinks into the living room and offered Myron to sit on the couch with her and Brock. Myron sat on one end and Brock on the other with Kathy in the middle. They all toasted to a great evening and took their shots, taking a sip of cold beer as a chaser.

Kathy suggested the movie, "Wild Things" and the boys agreed. As things began to heat up in the movie, Kathy could tell the guys were getting aroused. Kathy reached over and started rubbing Brock's thigh. Brock let a a low groan and then remembered Myron was sitting there with them. He looked at his mother and she just smiled a wicked little smile at him. She then proceeded to reach over to Myron and rub his thigh. Myron knowing that those two had been fucking each other last night had no problem with her touching him in front of her son.

By now he was starting to see where this was going, so he scooted a little closer to Kathy. She continued rubbing their thighs and begin to move towards their cocks. Once she touched them both she realized they were both pretty hard.

Brock was stunned at her boldness and said, "Mom what are you doing?" "It's play time sweetie." She said, in her horny voice. She let go of Brock's cock and got up and got down on her knees in front of Myron. Brock couldn't believe his eyes as she began undoing Myron's pants. Myron leaned back on the sofa raising his hips so she could pull his pants down around his ankles. As she did, his huge member sprang free. Brock looked at it with a shock and was surprised at it's size.

Kathy wasn't surprised at it's size but it sure made her hungry for a taste. Myron looked at Brock and smiled. As Kathy took a hold of his big cock and began licking his brown balls, Brock thought "What the fuck has gotten into her?" He stood up and Kathy looked over and said, "Sit down, your next." After the last few days of his mother playing with his big cock, Brock was getting used to it, but now he was watching her take on a big black cock.

This was about too weird for him. He had just become accustomed to her working his big meat over and after last night's fuck-a -thon he was feeling pretty good about it. But for him to think she was now going to do this to the neighbor kid was a bit much for him too grasp. He grabbed his beer and chugged the whole thing down. He Turned to see his own mother sucking and licking Myron's big dark cock. As he sat and looked at her, he was wondering where all this would end up.

Myron was enjoying himself and looked over at Brock. By the look on his face Myron could tell Brock was not too thrilled. Instead of letting the beautiful milf continue to work his tool over, he leaned forward and whispered in her ear.

"You better get over there and spend some time on your son or he's gonna freak the fuck out Kathy." Kathy slowly pulled Myron's stiff cock out of her mouth and looked over at Brock. She immediately saw on his face what Myron was talking about. She got up off her knees and stood up a little wobbly. She began to strip her clothes off looking directly at Brock. She seemed to completely focus on him now. Myron had begin to long stroke his big slippery saliva coated cock as he watched Kathy strip down naked.

She walked over in front of Brock and dropped to her knees in front of him. Completely naked her body was magnificent. Firm and well defined was every curve. She began undoing the button and the belt on his pants as Brock sat in wonder. She got his pants down around his ankles and as his soft cock popped free of the confines of his jeans, she went to work on him. Licking first his balls and then working her way up his shaft. It wasn't long before it began to grow in length and girth.

Myron watched on, long stroking his cock keeping it nice and hard as he watched a mother suck her own son. He thought of his own mother then, seeing her doing that to him was hard to imagine. Kathy was able to get Brock's whole cock in her mouth before it grew to full size. Mashing her nose into his groin and humming, causing Brock to groan himself. As he watched her engulf his whole cock, he was feeling really good.

The beer, tequila, and the hard cock cocktail were really taking over by then. After a few minutes of Kathy's cock worship on his cock, Brock was hard as stone. She got up off her knees and got on the couch on her knees with her ass pointed in Myron's direction. She continued to lick and suck Brock's stone hard 9+ inches.

She looked back over her shoulder at Myron and said, "Lick me good young man." Well Myron didn't need to be told twice, he swung around and buried his face in Kathy's firm ass. Licking her from hole to hole, he stuck his long thick middle finger in her pussy as he licked her asshole. This got Kathy going and she doubled her efforts on her son's cock.

Jacking him off with one hand and fondling his balls with the other. She was pushing back on Myron's face and finger when she felt Brock's cock begin to swell in her mouth. "Oh shit she thought, he's about to cum." She stopped abruptly and brought her head up and kissed him full on the lips.

Kathy stood up and stood with her back to Brock. Backing up to him, she took his stone hard dick and rubbed that big head along her juicy pussy lips. Myron had done an excellent job at getting her nice and wet. She took Brock's cock and lined it up with her pussy hole. She began to push as he entered her.

Brock began to rock his hips, driving his cock up into his mother. Myron sat there on the couch just few feet away in wonder, as he watched them begin to get a rhythm. Kathy looked at Myron and said, "Lick me again." Now this was some crazy shit for these college boys. They didn't know each other very well at all yet and here they were sharing the same woman. His new friend's mother of all people. Myron had never been this close to a guys cock before, but her pussy did look inviting.

So he came around in front of her on his knees and got between her and Brock's legs. Myron decided to go for it and see just how hot this white milf could get. He began licking her inner thighs and working his way into her center. Brock's big dick seemed to be right in the way at first, but then as he worked on her Myron was able to lick her clit while Brock was stroking in and out of her tight juicy pussy nice and slow. When Myron's tongue touched her clit for the first time Kathy went into a bucking motion that caused Brock to go deeper into her and made Myron miss her clit and he licked Brock's shaft.

Both guys felt it and knew what had happened, but at this point neither one cared. All three were lust filled and hot as a firecracker. Kathy kept up the bucking motion and began to rotate her hips on Brock's crotch. This gave her a tremendous sensation of being stretched and drove her on. Every other stroke Brock made caused her pussy to move around and Myron was licking Brock's shaft every other stroke.

Brock's balls began to boil at this new sensation and Myron was starting to get into it. After 5 or 10 minutes of this Brock and Kathy were ready to explode. Brock let loose a huge blast of cum sending Kathy over the edge.

They came together she squirted some cum onto Myron's tongue. Kathy had never squirted before and Myron had never seen such a sight. He greedily lap up her juices from her clit and pussy lips and continued onto Brock's cock. Licking them both together. Kathy noticed then that Myron was licking her cum off Brock's cock shaft as Brock was still buried in her pussy. This thought made Kathy even hotter, she started bouncing up and down on Brock's semi hard dick and soon with the help of Myron's tongue on his balls, Brock was rock hard again.

By now Myron was loving the taste of their combined juices. Brock had shot four good salvos of cum into his mother on that crazy toe curling orgasm moments ago and juice was pouring out of Kathy's cunt as fast as Myron was licking it up.

Kathy was building up to another orgasm when Myron stood up from between their legs and stepped up onto the sofa. Waving his blood engorged steel hard cock in Kathy's face.

She slowed down her bouncing and gobbled his cock with great enthusiasm. Myron began cramming his shaft into her mouth and part way down her throat. All this action had Myron on the edge of a huge orgasm.

Kathy was just as worked up as Myron and switched from sucking his cock to licking his balls and his asshole. When Kathy's tongue probed Myron's asshole, he jerked back and crammed his 9 inches into her mouth as his first spurt of hot cum hit the back of her throat.

Three more good ones followed as Kathy choked down his thick salty cum. She took it well but was unable to contain it all, some of Myron's load came out the corners of her mouth and as she gagged and coughed cum came out her nose.

Upon seeing this, Myron backed off and withdrew his thick cock to allow Kathy to get some air into her burning lungs. With her struggle for air she had stopped bouncing on Brock's pole and just sank down on him till her ass cheeks were resting upon his groin. Brock couldn't see Myron's cum running out of his mother's mouth and nose, but could tell what happened by her coughing and gagging.

"I'm so sorry Kathy." Myron said. As soon as she could comprehend what had happened she smile and said, "I'm ok, but damn that was wild." Well Brock was still stone hard and was ready to cum one more time. He asked Myron if he could lick his mother one more time and asked her if she could take it. They both were all smiles as Myron resumed his earlier position between the mother and son's legs.

Brock began anew to push in and out of his mother with long, deep strokes. Myron began this time licking Brock's balls, working his way up the 2 inches of Brock's shaft that was still outside Kathy's pussy.

Right up the shaft of Brock's cock to Kathy's lips and onto her clit. Brock wanted to cum quickly for he could feel himself loosing his strength and his hard on.

As he continued to push into that tight pussy for the second night in a row, he could feel his dick getting sore. But the tongue lashing from Myron was doing a great job of relieving the soreness and fatigue. Kathy sensed Brock's fatigue and wanted to satisfy him completely so they could all do this again.

So she reached down got her finger in the crack of Brock's ass. Probing around she found his asshole and jammed her finger in as far as she could. Luckily for Brock his ass crack was soaked in their juices allowing her finger to slide right in. Kathy began to work his asshole with determination as she shouted to Myron to suck her son's balls.

Myron let off the work on her sensitive clit and concentrated on Brock's balls. This sent Brock over the edge as he thrust into his mother. He came one good rope into her and then followed up with two smaller spurts that had him shuttering. Myron said, "Damn that was hot!" Brock just said, "Oh, fuck yeah." Kathy said, "Well guys that was the wildest time I have ever had, I hope you two enjoyed it as much as I did." "I'm a mess though and need to clean myself up." She felt her pussy aching as she withdrew Brock's softening member.

Brock and Myron stood up gave each other a high five. Kathy left to take a shower and the guys remained naked and cleaned up the area. Myron said, " I better get going." Brock looked him in the eyes and said, "Thanks for helping Mom get me off there at the end." "No problem, next time you can return the favor." Myron said. Myron and Brock got dressed as Kathy came back into the living room. "Well goodnight, sleep well my friends." Myron said as he headed for the door.

Brock and Kathy followed him to the door and Kathy kissed him full on the lips and said, "goodnight Myron and thanks for a great time." Chapter 12 Brock confronts Jasmine It was nine o'clock Sunday morning before Kathy and Brock woke up. Kathy woke in a panic, as she jerked and sat straight up in bed to look at the clock. "Brock, wake up and get a move on." Kathy said.

Brock rolled over and covered his head with the covers. Ray would be home sometime today and Kathy wanted the house gone over and cleaned thoroughly before he got there. After a great week of hot sex she was sure there would be evidence of it somewhere in the house and especially after last night. Kathy got up, still naked from last night and walked around the bed and yanked the covers off Brock. "Get up sleepy head, your Dad will be home today." At the mention of his dad being home Brock woke up fast and crawled out of bed.

Kathy hit the shower and got dressed as Brock started the coffee pot brewing and took out the trash. When his mother came down stairs dressed rather conservatively he again remembered his dad would be home soon.

The thought of facing him didn't appeal to him at all. He wasn't sure how to handle that after what had happened while he was away this time.

So he went upstairs for a shower and then went downstairs for breakfast. His Mom had made sausage and eggs for them and sat down with him to eat. They discussed what they needed to get done before Ray arrived and got right to it after breakfast. Once the clean up and laundry were finished Brock went out to the garage to finish sorting the boxes and putting things away. He opened the garage door, set his phone up to play some music while he worked.

He heard the door close next door and then Jasmine was standing at the overhead garage door. She looked at Brock before he saw her and decide she liked what she saw. Then Brock noticed her and said, "Well good morning." "Good Morning to you too, Brock." She said. Brock asked her if she had fun last night and she looked down at the floor and said, "Yeah I guess so." She had her Uncle and that whole disaster on her mind. Brock could tell something was on her mind, so he just asked her what was up.

She denied that anything was up, and asked him what he was doing. He was afraid she knew something about last night she wasn't saying. But he avoided that subject as he realized he hadn't collaborated stories with Myron about what went on after she left.

So he asked her who the man was with the Escalade who stopped by the other day. Her whole demeanor changed instantly as she stuttered out, "Oh that was my Uncle." Brock said, "I see, I thought it was your Dad at first, till I met him then later." "Yeah he's always coming around for something or another.

Yesterday he borrowed my Dad's hedge trimmer." Brock thought, "Yeah he is coming around to make you suck him off." Brock could see that she was upset about her Uncle and didn't want to talk about him.

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"Understandably," he thought. But he couldn't stand seeing her hurt any more so he decided to tell her he knew what was going on between them, but didn't understand why. He made small talk with her until he could think of how to approach the subject. Finally he said, "Jasmine I sure like you a lot and I hope you feel the same about me." Again she looked at the floor and said, I do but&hellip." Brock stepped up closer to her and lifted her chin up with his hand.

Looking her in the eyes he saw a lot of moisture there. "Look Jasmine I've got something to tell you and it's very difficult to say." "I don't ever want to see any one hurt you and I never want to do it myself either." Jasmine said, "Well I know what its like to have something to say but being to embarrassed or ashamed to say it." "I know you do because I know about what your Uncle is making you do, but I don't understand how he is making you do it." Jasmine's heart about fell out on Brock's garage floor.

She began to cry, and started to turn away and run out of the garage. But Brock was half expecting this and stopped her by grabbing her hand and saying, "Wait, please. I want to help you." Jasmine gave him a sad but mean look and said, "No one can help me, I'm just stuck." Brock knew someone who could help, but he needed more details first.

So he asked her to tell him how it happened. She was reluctant at first, but then seeing the sincerity in his eyes, she gave in and told him the whole story. She explained that under no circumstances could her parents find out. After she told the whole story Brock asked her a simple but bone chilling question. The sincerity had gone from his eyes and seriousness had replaced it. Do you want him dead or just silenced? She couldn't believe the question and even more so she couldn't believe he was serious.

But she knew he was. She said, "I don't know. I can't imagine killing him, or if anything like that happened to him my Dad would be shaken pretty badly. Silenced would be nice, but he's pretty arrogant. I can't see him keeping quiet about it if I stop doing it for him. Brock asked what she thought her father would do if he found out his brother was forcing his daughter into sex.

She said, "Well first he would probably kill him and then me." "That would ruin our family." Brock said, "So the best solution then would be for his silence." She said, "Yes but there is no way he will go for that." "Oh I know someone who can be very persuasive." "Sure like who?" She said.

Brock didn't know how to convince her without revealing a family secret. He knew he couldn't tell anyone about Uncle Joey in Chicago.

His Mom's brother. Uncle Joey was a mafia King Pen in Chicago, running all kinds of illegal things and making millions doing it and had been for years. He was very well connected. The people who worked for him were very loyal and had ways of getting things done.

Getting things done that no law enforcement could accomplish, nor would they condone if they knew about it. That was the reason Brock couldn't tell her. All these years Brock had only seen his Uncle twice.

Once when he was little, and the second time two years ago. Both times the Tatum's had taken a vacation outside of the United States. That last time he saw his Uncle Joey he had told Brock when they were alone that if he or his family ever got into trouble and couldn't see any way out to call him. Brock could tell the way he said it that he meant it. He gave him a phone number to a Deli in Chicago and said if he needed help to call that number and asked for Uncle Joey. Brock said to Jasmine, "I have a family secret too Jas, one that would or could possibly put you in harm's way if you knew about it." But believe me your Uncle can be convinced to stop what he's doing and keep silent about the whole matter." Jasmine thought about it for a minute and said, "Ok.

I want him to stop this immediately and to keep the whole thing to himself. If he ever tells a living soul what he made me do, I want him dead. And I want those pictures destroyed. Brock saw a flicker of hope in her eyes. A flicker he wanted to see burn bright in the days ahead. He said, "Ok, it will be so." "You go on home now and I'll talk to you later. Oh, when is he coming again?" "With her head down, she said- Thursday." Brock said, "Give me his name and address." "Go on home, I'll see to it right away." Brock went inside the house told his Mother he was going to run an errand and asked to borrow her car.

She said, "Fine sweetheart, you know where the keys are but don't be gone too long your dad will be home soon." Brock went to his room, got in the closet in his secret hiding spot and retrieved the phone number he needed.

Then he did as instructed by his Uncle. He took cash to the store bought a disposable phone and went 20 miles from his house and made the call. The phone rang 3 times and then someone answered saying hello ______ 's Deli. "Brock said, Yes I need to speak to Uncle Joey. There was a silence on the other end for a few seconds, then a different voice came on the line. The man with a deep voice said, "Call this number again in one hour." The line went dead, Brock thought, "Wow that was strange." He looked at his watch and it was 2:30 pm.

So he went to the local Wal-Mart and bought some batteries for the smoke alarms at home. Stopped and got a coke and drove back to the same spot he was at an hour ago. Same thing again when he called except for after the Deli person answered the next voice he heard was his Uncle Joey's. "Brock is your mom ok?" His Uncle asked. "Oh yeah she's fine. This more of a problem I have. He told his Uncle about Jasmine and the problem she had with her Uncle. Then Brock's Uncle asked him a few questions.

"Brock do you like this girl?" Do you want your relationship to continue? Brock answered yes to both questions. Brock made sure to tell him everything Jasmine wanted. Including complete silence, her parents not finding out and the photos being destroyed.

Most importantly, not to kill him. Uncle Joey had been in business long enough to know exactly what was needed. But he also knew that sometimes these family things could go ugly in a hurry. He said, "Ok Brock I need a name and an address. Brock spelled out his name and gave him the address. He also gave him a description of Jasmine's Uncle. Uncle Joey then asked Brock when the man was coming again. Brock told him he would be at the house next door on Thursday.

"OK then," Uncle Joey said. It will be handled, you didn't tell your friend about me did you? "Brock said, "No Uncle Joey that's a family secret. Uncle Joey went on to asked about Brock's parents and how they were doing. Then he asked if Brock needed anything else. Brock jokingly said, "Well my own car would be nice." "Ha Ha kid your funny." Uncle Joey said. They talked a couple more minutes and said their goodbyes. Chapter 13 Cancelled vacation When Brock got home he entered the house and heard his parents in their bedroom arguing about something.

He walked up to their door which was open and knocked. "Hey Dad." Brock said. "Hi son, your mom and I are having a discussion. Can we talk later?" Ray asked. "Yeah sure Dad, but it sounds more like an argument." Brock left and headed to the kitchen, he was hungry.

About ten minutes later Kathy came out of the bedroom, grabbed her car keys and stormed out the door. Boy she looked pissed Brock thought. His dad came out a few minutes later and told Brock they were going to have to cancel vacation this year that he had to go to Japan on business. Then Brock understood why his mom was pissed. They had been planning a vacation to Hawaii for this year and she loved Hawaii. As Kathy started to get in her car, Judy Forest from across the street was coming out to get in her car.

She waved and smiled at Kathy.

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Kathy gave her a fake smile and waved back. Judy turned from her car and came walking across the street towards Kathy's car.

Kathy didn't feel like being social right now and tried to get in her car and drive away but Judy got their too fast. Kathy rolled down her window and said, "Hi Judy. Judy asked, "Are you going to the store, we could ride together?" Kathy said, "No, actually I'm just going out to get away from my workaholic husband. Thought I might have a drink or two while I'm out too." "Want to come over to my place for a drink?" Judy asked.

"Then you can have a few drinks and won't have to worry about driving, you can crawl home!" Judy said with a smile. "I like your thinking Judy. But I would hate to impose, you were going to the store and everything." Kathy said. "Kathy, what are neighbors for?" "Besides, I can send Randy to the store for me while we relax." Kathy got out of the car and locked it back up.

Her and Judy walked over to Judy's and went inside. Judy sat Kathy in the living room and excused herself to go upstairs and get Randy to go to the store for her. When she got to Randy's room the door was open and she walked in to find Randy on his bed stroking his cock. He said, "Oh hi mom." He never missed a beat, but kept right on pounding his meat. Judy leans over Randy's cock and licked all around the head of his 6.5 inch rock hard young cock.

She withdrew his cock from her mouth and stood back up. "You better save that, I have treat for you downstairs." Judy says. "I want you to get dressed and go to the store for me. Call me in and hour and I'll let you know how it's going. If I say, "That will be fine dear" that means come home. If I say, "Don't forget the 3 cartons of Coke" that means give me another 30 minutes.

I'll get Mrs. Tatum ready while your gone." Randy, knowing the routine quite well, agreed and got up to get dressed. Judy went back downstairs to Kathy and asks her what she would like to drink. Kathy says, " A double rum and coke if you have it." "Coming right up" Judy said, as she headed for the kitchen. She mixed Kathy a drink and spiked it with a fourth of a rufie. Then she made her a drink and brought them to the living room. As they talk about Kathy's cancelled vacation and how much that has her upset, they finish their first round of drinks.

Judy can tell Kathy is getting buzzed. She makes them another round and suggests they sit outside. Soon the heat over takes them and Judy says, "You want to go inside and cool off in my garden tub?" Kathy thinks about it a minute in her buzzed state of mind and says, "Sure why not, that sounds relaxing." As they enter Judy's Master Suite Kathy realizes she has no swim suit.

"Judy, I don't have a swim suit." Judy started the water running in the tub. She said, "Oh that's all right I wasn't planning on wearing one any way. You can sit on the love seat and get comfortable. I'll go make us another round of drinks." Kathy is pretty buzzed by then and agrees.

Judy left her there and went back to the kitchen. She mixes them another drink and figures that the half of a rufie Kathy has already drank should be enough. So she just mixes the double for her and gets them both a shot of tequila. Judy brings the drinks back to the master suite and the water is just the right level and temperature. Judy shut the water off, and set the drinks and her phone on the edge of the tub.

Then she began to undress. "Are you ready to unwind Kathy?" She asked. Kathy was really buzzing by now and stood up wobbling a little and began to undress as well.

Once Judy had all her clothes off she stepped into the tub. Kathy looked at Judy's firm curves and her 34c tits she noticed they were firm looking for a woman her age. As Kathy peeled her panties down Judy looked at Kathy's body. "My goodness" she thought. "This woman is almost too good for Randy. He's gonna be stone hard instantly when he sees her." This garden tub was custom made with seating for four, under the water lights and whirlpool jets in each seat.

Judy sat down and Kathy sat across from her. Once they were seated Judy got up and picked up the drinks. After she handed Kathy hers, she sat down right beside Kathy not across from her.

As Judy handed Kathy her drink and sat down beside her she said, "Relax and enjoy." Kathy leaned back as she felt like she was melting into the water, the tub jets were gently massaging her cares away. They began to talk of other things besides Kathy's present situation and the subject quickly became about Kathy and Ray's sex life. As Kathy explained her desires which Ray tried hard to meet, Judy noticed Kathy's hand under the water gently and discreetly rubbing her pussy.

Judy reached over and put her hand on Kathy's. She said, "Here, let me help you with that." Kathy being buzzed like she was never said anything, she just removed her hand and let Judy take over. Once Judy had her hand on Kathy's pussy she began to gently caress Kathy's clit. It began to swell immediately. Kathy instinctively began to open her legs wider for Judy. Just as things were going according to plan, Judy's phone rings. She looks at Kathy and rolls her eyes.

"Just a minute" Judy said as she removed her hand and reached across Kathy smashing her tits into Kathy's as she reached for her phone. The contact on Kathy's tits sent a jolt to Kathy's pussy.

Heating Kathy up a bit, she reached out and touched Judy's firm left tit. Judy answered the phone and it was Randy. Kathy kept her hand on Judy's tit while Judy talked on the phone. She said to Randy, "That will be fine dear." Then she hung up and after setting the phone down she looked at Kathy's hand on her tit and smiled at her.

Kathy blushed a little and removed her hand. Normally Kathy wouldn't be turned on by a woman, but the rufie and the drinks had her horny and relaxed. As she removed her hand Judy picked it up and returned it to her left tit. Judy said, "That feels good." Then she reached down in the water and resumed rubbing Kathy's clit. Kathy opened her legs and allowed Judy to have her way with her pussy. Judy stiffened her middle finger and ran it the whole length of Kathy's slit, when she reached Kathy's opening she pressed here finger into Kathy.

"Mmm" Kathy purred. Judy then leaned into her and gently kissed her on the lips. Kathy kissed her back with passion. They kissed a few minutes and explored each others bodies. Then Judy pulled away and stood up. She looked at Kathy and said, "Why don't you sit up here patting the back of the tub.

Kathy stood up embracing Judy and she kissed her. Judy took this opportunity to caress Kathy's firm round ass cheeks.

She pulled Kathy into her tightly and rubbed her own mound against Kathy's as she continued the lust filled kiss. When Randy arrived he came into the house and didn't see the women anywhere so he went to his mother's room.

When he walked in he saw them in the tub. Kathy his hot milf neighbor was sitting on the back edge of the tub with her legs spread wide and his mother's face was buried in her cunt.

Just lapping away as Kathy had her eyes closed and was moaning lightly. "Well, what do we have here?" Randy said loud enough for them to hear him. Kathy sat up and tried to close her legs but Judy was in the way. Judy said, "It's ok Kathy, sit back and relax. Randy is going to join us." Kathy reluctantly leaned back against mirror behind her that surrounded the whole tub. As Judy resumed tongue lashing that sweet pussy, Randy began getting undressed.

Once he was naked he stepped into the tub and walked up to Kathy putting his right leg up on the edge and leaned forward till his cock was right in Kathy's face.

Kathy looked as his young cock with hungry eyes and opened her mouth wide. Randy eased his cock into her warm wet mouth. Kathy's moans fromJudy's work on her pussy vibrated through Randy's cock. Kathy worked her tongue all around the head of his cock and then began to take him deeper into her mouth. Randy's cock being much smaller than what she had gotten used to lately, Kathy was able to take all of his 6.5 inches into her mouth.

Randy began pumping his rod into her and Judy continued licking her clit and now started inserting fingers one at a time into Kathy's hot cunt. This went on for 10 minutes and Kathy's oral skill were getting to Randy.

Judy could tell from experience that he was about to cum. "Let's move this to the bed so we have more room and can get real comfortable." Judy said. They all got out of the tub and dried off with the towels Randy passed around. Judy took Kathy by the hand and led her to the King size bed across the room. She got up on the bed and layed down in the middle. She held her arms out to Kathy and Kathy climed up and layed down beside her.

Randy got in bed and layed down beside Kathy. She put her leg over Judy and began to kiss her. Randy took his hard dick and placed it between Kathy's legs right up next to her pussy. It was slick with her juices and he began rubbing the head of his cock in the juice, once he was well lubricated he lined himself up with her entrance. He began pushing into her as she moved her head down and took Judy's right tit into her mouth.

Circling her tongue around Judy's erect nipple, she moved her right hand down Judy's body moving steadily down towards her hairless mound.

Randy continued a nice slow fuck into Kathy, with as long a stroke as he can get from this angle. Judy moans her satisfaction as Kathy sucks her nipple and fingers her slit. "Is this the way you like it Judy?" she asked as she dipped her middle finger into Judy's hot hole while using the palm of her hand to rub Judy's clit. "Oh yes!" Judy answered between moans and grunts. Randy wanted to go balls deep on Kathy but her bubble ass cheeks wouldn't allow it from his angle.

So he suggested to Kathy to get up on her knees between his mother's legs. Kathy let loose of Judy's nipple and rolled over on top of Judy for a quick kiss and sucked her other nipple till it was as hard as the other one.

Then she pushed her self up on her knees and when she buried her face in Judy's steamy pussy, Randy got behind her and rubbed the head of his slick pussy juice covered dick on Kathy's slit. Kathy had never thought of eating pussy before but the rufie and drinks were working her into a frenzied lust. She knew what she like when it came to having her own pussy licked, so she gave Judy what she liked. Randy looked at her perfect asshole and thought, "Damn that looks delicious." He pulled back and circled her asshole with his tongue.

"Oh," Kathy said as she jerked forward ramming her tongue into Judy.

Randy got back up off her asshole and stuck his cock in Kathy's hot horny pussy. Once his head was at her entrance he pushed into her about halfway. "Oh fuck that feels good," he said. Judy said, "Uh huh." As Kathy dove into her pussy hole and then worked her way down to Judy's asshole and rimmed it like Randy had done her a moment ago.

Now Randy could get deep into her slick pussy like he wanted. As he drove his whole 6.5 inch length into her, Kathy let out a lust filled moan. "Kathy looked back at Randy with glazed eyes and said, "Pound me hard with that dick." Randy never one to refuse a request like that, got up on his feet and pushed into her with all his weight.

Sinking in so deep his balls were smacking her slit on every inward thrust. This drove Kathy wild as she licked Judy's clit and got it all wet with her saliva and Judy's juices. She then took her left thumb and began to vigorously work Judy's clit while she tongued her hole as deep as she could go.

Judy began bucking her hips up into Kathy's tongue and grabbed Kathy by the back of the head and held her tight against her pussy as she continued to buck up into her. Meanwhile Randy was hammering Kathy's juicy pussy for all he was worth.

Pushing Kathy forward on each inward stroke, driving her into his mother's cunt. They all three kept up this furious pace for several minutes. Finally Judy came and came hard all over Kathy's face. Kathy licked and sucked all the cum she could. It was all over her face as she looked at Judy. She moved up to Judy's mouth and shared the juice with Judy as there tongues danced. When Kathy moved forward, Randy fell on top of her drove his cock all the way to the hilt and exploded a huge load of cum as deep in Kathy as he could get.

Randy pulled his cum covered cock from Kathy and rolled off of her. Judy and Kathy pulled apart and looked into each others eyes. A long moment of silence passed and finally Judy said, "Did you enjoy that Darling?" "Oh yes, very much. That was just what I needed." Kathy purred with a smile. "One last thing before you head home." Judy said as she rolled Kathy off of her and rolled on top of her.

Kissing and sucking Kathy's huge tits. Judy loved their size and firmness. She then began kissing her way down Kathy's body until she reached her cum filled pussy. She then dove her tongue into Kathy's hole as Randy's cum was running out. Judy lapped up all of her son's cum and dug her tongue into Kathy and scooped out every bit that she could.

She stiffened her tongue and went right up Kathy's slit till she got to her clit.

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She circled and with her tongue softly at first and then began to nibble it with her teeth. Kathy began to rock her hips up into Judy as she moaned her delight. Judy tonged and finger fucked Kathy till she came and then licked her clean. Randy got up after watching all that and said, "You ladies want to take a shower and clean up before Kathy goes home?" They both agreed as Kathy said, "Judy do you have a shower cap I can use? I don't want to get my hair wet. Judy said, "I sure do, let's go" They showered together in Judy's big walk in shower and played around with each other for a little while and then got out and got dressed.

Kathy made herself ready to leave borrowing some of Judy's make up. By now Kathy's intense buzz was gone and she seemed a little embarrassed at what they had done. Judy calmed her nerves with a shot of tequila and reassured her everything would be fine. As they talked about the sex they just had and how much each one enjoyed it Randy went to the kitchen to start dinner. Judy and Kathy were by the front door talking and kissing each other goodbye.

Kathy asked Judy, "So how long have you and Randy been having sex together?" Judy said, "Well we only have oral sex but we've been doing that for a few months now. I think actual intercourse would be a bit too far." "Oh I see." Is all Kathy said. She thought to herself, "What's the difference, you've already crossed the line." Kathy promised to Bring Brock with her the next time as she went out the door.

Leaving Judy to wonder how far Kathy had went with her own son. Chapter 14 Dante has a change of heart When Kathy got home Ray was gone.

She was releived. She found Brock in the living room and asked him where his father was. Brock told her he had went out shopping for his trip and would be back after supper. Two days went by since Kathy had been over at Judy's. It was Thursday and Ray had left early for the Office to get ready for his trip the next day.

Brock was up early and told his mother that Jasmine would be coming over this morning and would probably stay all day. Kathy thought this was strange but didn't say anything. Dante got up that morning like any other morning his 7 inch cock was hard. But today was his day to see Jasmine so he left it alone. Got breakfast and readied himself to go get his blow job.

As he was walking out to get in his Escalade he didn't notice the white van parked just down the street. When he got about 20 feet from his vehicle it exploded right in his face.


Knocking him back from the blast, he landed on his big ass and his head hit the sidewalk stunning him for a few seconds.

In that few seconds the white van pulled up and the side door flew open. Two huge guys jumped out and ran up to Dante. Grabbing him under the arms they drug him to the van and threw him in, jumped in themselves slamming the side door behind them. The van sped off. The two huge thugs wrestled Dantes arms behind him as he was coming to and secured his arms and legs. Putting a black cloth bag over his head and tying it securely.

They drove across town to an abandoned warehouse. As they pulled up the over head door opened and they drove in. After the big door was closed the side door of the van opened and Dante came rolling out hitting the ground with a thud.

Dante was wondering what the hell was going on as pictures of his prized Escalade exploding flashed through his mind. He was jerked to his feet by the two thugs that had grabbed him. They dragged him to a chair and slammed him down into it. "What the fuck his going on?" Dante shouted. As he was busted in the mouth through the black bag, he was told to shut up. A moment later the bag was removed from his head and Dante sat looking at 5 masked men.

He knew at this point that he was in deep shit. The smallest man of the 5 spoke up and said, "I suppose your wondering what this is all about?" Dante being an arrogant ass said, "Yeah no shit." The big man on his right walked up to him and punched Dante right in the nose, causing it to bleed and run down over Dante's fat lip. "Show some respect or I'll enjoy giving you the beating of your life." The big man said.

"You're here because you've been a bad boy Dante. You have done a very bad thing and you have totally pissed off the wrong people." "I don't know what your talking about." He said. "Well let's just say that your little visit you were planning today to see your neice ain't gonna happen.

Today or any other day ever again. If it does, you will be in the vehicle the next time it blows up." "Oh shit," Dante thought. How did they know about that. "Yeah we know all about your little blackmail scheme and you should be ashamed of yourself. But obviously your not so we are gonna help you with that." "Boys remove his pants." The two big guys that hauled him into the van grabbed him and stripped his pants off.

There Dante sat with his limp dick hanging out for all to see. He was scared shitless and feared they were gonna cut his dick off. "Please don't hurt me," He begged. The little guy seemed to be the leader stepped up with a flat 1x2 12 inch long board and smacked Dante right on the dick with it. Dante let out a howl at the pain. The leader said, "Pull him up and turn him around and bend him over the chair and gag him." The two big guys did as they were ordered with a struggle from Dante as the others looked on.

Once they had him in this position his balls were hanging between his legs. The leader stepped up with his wooden stick and smacked Dante's balls as hard as he could.

Dante about passed out from the pain. The leader said, "You ever touch that girl again and we will be back. If we come, we will cut your balls off and stuff them in your mouth. That will be the way your mother and brother will find you at your house. We will personally bring them to your house so they can see you totally fucked with your balls in your mouth.

Of course, then we will explain why your in such a fix. If your brother doesn't kill you on the spot, I damn sure will." He said as he cracked Dante in the balls again. "Ok, boys let's see if he understands. Turn him around and set him on those sore balls and take the gag out. "Do you understand what I'm saying big boy?" "Yes, yes, I understand." Dante pleaded as his balls and cock throbbed from the pain. "Ok, now where's the pictures?" "Their on my phone in my pocket." Dante stammered quickly.

The leader told the third man to retreave the phone. He did as ordered and opened the phone. Went to the pictures folder and found the pictures. Handing it to the leader he said, "Here they are Boss." The leader looked at the pictures and saw the cute young black girl with her boyfriend's dick in her mouth.

"You weren't dumb enough to send these to the cloud were you?" He asked Dante as he pushed the delete button. "No, I didn't I swear." "You swear on your life, and the life of your mother?" "Cause that's what's at stake here." "Yes I swear, Dante pleaded. "Good then," the leader said as he handed the phone to one of his guys. "Destroy that phone right now he said." "One other thing, Scum bag, if you ever mention what you were doing to that poor girl to anyone, I'll be back for the visit I promised you earlier." "If here parents or anyone else find out about it, your dead, got it?" Dante's attitude had taken an abrupt change after thinking it over.

He said, "Yes I understand completely." "You damn sure better." "Ok, Mikey, give him the shot." Dante flinched as Mikey gave him an injection. The next thing Dante knew he was waking up in the alley behind his favorite club.

It was dark and he felt like he had been there awhile. His dick and balls were killing him and as he stood up he could hardly walk. Jasmine had spent the whole day at Brock's. They had a great time talking about college and jobs they wanted afterwards. They watched a few movies, played video games.

She helped Brock in the kitchen preparing lunch. They cleaned up the kitchen together after the meal. Her and Brock finished sorting the boxes in the garage and she helped him get the garage in order. The whole time they were in the garage Brock had the overhead door open and Jasmine kept looking nervously up and down the street.

At one point Brock noticed her glancing up and down the street and said, "Jasmine, he's not coming." "I'm not so sure, he never misses a week Brock." Brock smiled at her, admiring her beauty and said, "Jasmine it has been taken care of. He won't ever do that to you again or speak of it.

I'm sure of that, now relax and let's get a drink and a snack from the kitchen. They stood up together and looked at the work they had accomplished. Then Brock shut the garage door and they went into the house. A little while later, Jasmine went home and Kathy began fixing dinner.

Brock came back into the kitchen and Kathy looked at him and said, "Brock what or who was Jasmine hiding from today?" Brock was not about to tell her so he said, "Mom you guessed it right but I'm not going to tell you.

It's a private matter and I have taken care of it. Jasmine wants it to stay private, I'm sorry I can't tell you any more, but I promised her I wouldn't." "Well you're a big boy now and can obviously take care of your own problems now, so I won't pry. As long as your sure everything is ok now." Brock assured her it was and they spoke no more about it. Ray came home in time for supper, but it was a quiet meal, Kathy never spoke a word to him and Ray only talked a little bit to Brock.

After supper, Ray went to their room and begin to pack. Once he had his bags packed he went to bed. Kathy spent some time in the family room with Brock and at bed time she went to the spare bedroom and slept there. Brock went to bed last and noticed the light on in the spare room. He opened the door and stuck his head in, "Good Night Mom." He said, as he saw his mother reading a magazine.

Kathy looked up and said, "Come here and kiss me good night sweat heart." Brock came into the room and stepped up to the side of the bed. Kathy was sitting up in bed wearing just her bra and panties. Her lower half was under the covers but her magnificent tits were on display for Brock's viewing pleasure. He glanced down at them and then looked her in the eyes.

She smiled knowing he had looked at her breast and whispered to him, "Tomorrow night these are all yours." Brock bent over and brushed his hand across her right tit as he leaned over and kissed her good night. "Mmm. I can't wait. Good night Mom."