Mi novia Le gusta Grabarse Mientras cogemos

Mi novia Le gusta Grabarse Mientras cogemos
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My daughter Sally My Name is John. Nothing extraordinary, even a kind of boring but that's what I have been named. I own a little house in the suburbs of Chicago. It is one of these houses which were built million times and you have to know from every American movie. I buyed it from my first paycheks.

As I moved in, I was only 22. At this time I took a one-night-stand almost every second night. I mostly fucked them in my bed, but in summer I fucked them sometimes outside in my little pool. No girl stayed longer than one night and it was a wild time.

But something disturbed me. When I got home with a girl it was dark. When we had sex, it was very dark although I had my little lamp on my table beside my bed alight. But I never saw them in full light. So I decided to do something. But what? Hook them up earlier was impossible. Set my whole bedroom under Floodlight? No, because my neighbours would have enjoyed the show but that was not what I wanted.

Then I had an Idea. My wardrobe in my bedroom was on the same wall as my shower was. So I threw everything out of my wardrobe an cut out an hole which was 40 inch width and 80 inch high. In this hole I set in a half sided mirror as you know them from several interrogation rooms in TV-series, so you could look through my wardrobe through the mirror in the shower, watching those girls when they take a shower.

I had much fun with this toy… But then Debbie moved into my life. She was hot, maybe not that hot as one or two of the girls I nailed In my earlier years but still very impressive.

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She was 5.5 foot high, had not brown and not blonde hair, but something very sexy between that. Her breasts were good D-Cups and we had much fun discovering each other…We married and she never knew that I watched her showering through my mirror (actually I was watching and jacking off) and she never knew that you could look through it either. After two years of marriage our daughter was born.


Sally. Same hair colour as her mother and sweet as a candy with too much sugar. She was always very popular, maybe of the fact she and her friends could do almost everything when they were in our house.

They had sleepovers with 5 or more friends at our house and at fourteen she turned her birthday party into a pool-party.

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Debbie was in New York at that time. I liked my daughter running around in a bikini very much (she had nice breasts for her age, a good C-Cup and tanned every weekend almost nude in our garden.

I liked the … view. But I never watched her showering) and it seems that the boys were enjoying it too. Maybe a bit too much. As the party was over I talked to Sally, told her what I heared what the boys said about her. They had talked about how fucking hot she looks in her bikini and they even did a bet who of them could touch her breasts. I noticed a bulge in their pants. She was a bit surprised but then she said: „Well that's no wonder if even my own father gets horny when I am tanning." She grabbed my hand, gave me a naughty look and pulled my hand to her ass.

I thought: "Wow their really perfect.

STOP! Don't think like that about your own daughter!" But my member disagreed. I mumbled something stupid and ran into the bathroom. Later that day I we ate the rest of the birthday cake for dinner but she did nothing like earlier.


I decided to use the mirror in my wardrobe because IT just does not want to come down so I thought that I would need a good view to get him down. So I told her that I am in the bedroom and went off. As I opened my wardrobe door, she was already undressed, so I could see that her pussy hair was trimmed.

HER PUSSY HAIR WAS TRIMMED? O.K. It seems that there was much that I didn't know about my daughter.

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I sat on my bed and had a perfect view of her in the shower. She got a bathing sponge from the little storage and started to massage the shampoo over and over her body. She started with her feet and turned in a way which gave me a perfect view of her ass and as she leant forward I could see her pussy. I had never been that hard before. Then she moved up her legs and turned again. She nearly seems to make a show for me. She left out her pussy and took care of her flat tummy. She continued with lustful expression on her face to massage her breasts.

She took one in each hand and massaged them for nearly 3 minutes and as I could see, her nipples hardened. I was about to cum. Normally I last longer but the view of my daughter, massaging her own breasts with this look mad me cum almost instantly. Then she went down to her pussy.

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Oh. My. God. She rubbed the sponge faster and faster. After some time, she reached down, out of the shower and took a pink dildo.

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My daughter really has a talent to surprise. She sat down, her legs spread wide, so I could see everything. She slowly started to rub it up and down her belly to her clit.

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She parted her pink pussy lips and slowly pushed it into it. I came. I didn't recognized it.

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I just went on rubbing. Then she put it in and pushed it in and out. After a way too short time she came. I know because I heard her scream through the wall. She pulled it out and sticked into her mouth, sucked it clean and went out, drying her hair. Now I realized I had come twice. Cum was all on the bed, my hands and my cook. I took a tissue and tried to clean up.

I was totally distracted from cleaning up, so I didn't saw my daughter going out of the bathroom without drying or taking a towel. I just took the second tissue as my daughter stepped in… To be continued.