MK gets Spanked for being late

MK gets Spanked for being late
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When he replied to my ad online, Steven said he was an attractive, 30-something, successful white man who was willing to explore the wild side. When we met in person, I was more than a little bit disappointed.

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Attractive was a stretch of the imagination and I told him so right off the bat. He acted as if I'd said something to offend him and responded by saying, "Well, no one's ever told me that I was unattractive." When I suggested that was because no one had had the occasion to be brutally honest with him, he got visibly pissed off and blurted out, "Well, my mom thinks.

. ." and caught himself before he said something that made him look like a total, pathetic loser. Truth be told, Steven wasn't gruesome; he was merely average. Average for a white boy unfortunately is just shy of ugly. Thin lips, pasty skin, thinning hair, non-descript features, he was nothing to write home about.

I had plans to change that. The ad to which he replied was a proposition to completely transform a white boy into a sexy, desirable, cross-dressing, sissy, and insatiable, cum-crazed whore for black cock.

I didn't pull any punches and he knew what he was in for so there was no reason to play games.

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I didn't have much to work with from the beginning but at least he wasn't fat and out of shape. I'd had less to work with in the past so he wasn't my greatest challenge. I took him back to my loft and told him to strip.

He'd lied in his response by saying that his cock was just a little over 6 inches. I made him stand in the center of the room, completely naked, and I sensually stroked his cock for less than a minute until he was whimpering and biting his lip, trying to keep from cumming.

I took out my ruler and placed it at the base of his cock and told him to tell me EXACTLY how much his worthless, pathetic cock actually measured.

He mumbled something incoherent.


"Listen you little worm. I said TELL ME HOW MUCH YOUR LITTLE CLITTY REALLY MEASURES." His face became reddened and he looked angry and broken at the same time. I continued to stroke his cock and I could tell that he was on the verge of shooting his load. Tears were forming in his eyes.

"Five," he whispered, almost inaudibly, choking back the tears. It wasn't even a full five inches but I'd accomplished my mission. He was humiliated. "You can't expect to please a woman with that. That's pathetic. You have no choice, you have to be transformed into a cross-dressing, sissy whore so you'll never have to annoy women with your worthless attempt at fucking again.

I'm going to make sure your pussy is your only source of sexual satisfaction. I'm going to turn you into a woman, the way you walk, the way you talk, the way you move, the very way you think is going to be that of a woman.

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You will be a lady in the streets and a filthy, nasty, cum dump in the sheets. Your pussy will throb and get so horny you will actually think it's getting wet and you will be desperate to get fucked by the biggest, blackest, hardest pricks you can find. He moaned out loud as his cum dribbled from his cock, barely enough to be considered a spurt, let alone a blast. Over the next three months, I trained him.

I caged his cock in a chastity device and he was denied the right to cum. I had his body waxed and he was as smooth as silk. Lessons consisted of teaching him how to walk like a woman, how to hold his hands, and how to cross his legs and be sophisticated in public. I also trained him in ways to drive a man crazy by spreading his legs wide and begging for hard dick in his slutty cunt in private.

He was a very good student. I could see the changes taking place before my very eyes. When he did well, I would reward him by strapping on a 10 inch black dildo and fucking him while he looked at pictures of gorgeous Black men with enormous cocks and he told me out loud how much he lived to worship them. For punishment, when he would do something wrong, or simply for my amusement, I would wrap my hands around his neck and choke him, telling him that I was going to make him suck off a white man if he didn't learn to behave.

Cutting off his air supply, I would tell him that white men were arrogant, repulsive, ignorant assholes and that if he didn't do as I told him, I was going to make him put their nasty, pitiful small cocks in his mouth until they came and that he would never earn the right to suck off a Black man's gorgeous, manly cock. Just as he was about to pass out, I would release my grip and he would cry like a baby hysterically on the floor, begging me never to make him do something so disgusting, confessing that he hated white men and never wanted to touch them or be touched by them.

At four months, he was passable enough that we could go out shopping together as girls, and he was already turning heads of men and didn't even realize it.

Even in his regular clothes, he was becoming feminine; he spoke with a gentle demeanor, and showed none of the signs of arrogance of when we first met. He was an expert at applying his makeup and the expensive wigs we purchased for him looked 100% real.

He learned quickly to point out cheap and trashy cross dressers and their lame attempts to get off by shocking unsuspecting sales clerks in lingerie stores. We shopped in expensive boutiques and he had quite a collection of heels, stockings, lingerie, and dresses. Orgasm denial was taking a toll on him because it was month five when he began to beg for release, to practice his newly learned deep-throating skills on a real cock.

He endured the discomfort of saline injections to increase his bust size and he marveled at the way his new, full tits looked in his lacy bras, bustiers, and corsets. He especially loved when I would apply nipple clamps and twist and pull his nipples while calling him a filthy white whore. Previously a work-a-holic, wearing men's clothing felt unnatural to him and now he would find excuses to work from home or leave work early so he could get home and put on his satin and silk and feel like his true self.

He would beg me to let him eat my pussy, but I told him he wasn't allowed because he could only have superior black cocks in his mouth. Steven the male was no longer; he was a distant memory. Stacy was born anew, a woman in every sense of the word. I planned Stacy's coming out party for exactly six months from the day we met. I had to admit, she was gorgeous. Even I didn't think she was capable of such an extreme makeover.

That average looking white boy I met so long ago was now a stunning, beautiful white woman whose smoky seductive eyes could captivate, whose collagen-enriched, full lips were inviting to the hardest of cocks, and whose hips swayed sensually when she gracefully walked in her expensive stilettos.

There wasn't a detail I left to chance. Her hands were perfectly manicured, not with garish fake claws but with an elegant clear polish. She wore a simple diamond band on the ring finger of her left hand, not as a symbol of our marriage, but as a symbol of her devotion to me for allowing her to become the cum hungry whore who dwelt inside her.

I'd invited four of the most hung Black men I knew to her party. They'd been to a couple of my events before and they knew the deal. They were to treat the slut as harsh and as rough as they could as long as she didn't utter her safe word. I'd kept the party attendees a secret, Stacy didn't know how many or who, she just knew that her asspussy was going to be truly satisfied for the first time in her life.

Stacy sat at her dressing table, applying the last little bit of her makeup, her hands shaking. She looked at me through the mirror and said softly, "Thank you. I feel like I've been freed from a prison of lies and masquerading. It makes me sick to think of what I used to be. I know that I'm supposed to be a white bitch for black cocks now, I know that I was born to be a sissy slut." Tears were forming in her eyes and I stopped her. "Stop with the waterworks sweetie, you'll ruin your makeup.

Just go out there and make me proud." She stood up and I made her turn around for me. She was breathtaking. I applied pressure to her shoulder and she bent forward for me without me having to ask. I pulled up the hem of her skirt and bared her pussy. I'd inserted a large, black butt plug in her earlier in the day and I pulled it out as it made a lewd and nasty plopping sound as Stacy moaned and wiggled her ass at the empty feeling.

Her cunt was tight and ready. I wiped the excess lube away and finally handed her the key to the chastity device. "Here, you do it for me, please. I can't. . I'm . . You were right all along. My clitty is worthless and I should be ashamed I ever tried to use it. .

." I freed her from her restraints, stroked it softly, and her clit engorged to its full length immediately, harder, thicker, and longer than it'd ever been.

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I turned her towards the full-length mirror and pulled her skirt up in front of her. We both giggled at the obscene image of this strikingly beautiful woman with an oversized clit staring back at us. She pulled on a pair of sexy French-cut, lace panties and tucked her clit away as she took a deep breath and emerged for her debut as a dirty, white, pain-pig, tramp.

The reactions of everyone were just as I'd hoped. The fellas almost couldn't believe that Stacy wasn't a real woman. They kept looking at her and whispering to each other. Dante pulled me to the side and asked me if I wasn't trying to play some sort of game on them because there was no way that could really be a dude. Stacy was disappointed and deservingly so.

She wanted more than four men to use and abuse her body. She'd learned to take two oversized dildos in her asscunt at the same time. She could swallow 12 inches of dildo without gagging and I'd teased her for months about the prospect of having no less than 10 men fuck her to unconsciousness. She was the most gracious hostess however, refilling drink glasses, making sure everyone had something to eat, laughing and mingling and making everyone feel comfortable like only a real woman could do.

She teased the men, just like I'd taught her to do, bending over and showing off her ass. Her tits were spilling out of her sexy top and she made sure to rub crotches whenever she could. Everyone was waiting for my signal for the real party to begin. "Gentlemen, I want to thank you so much for coming here tonight. Stacy is my greatest accomplishment to date. Spank her, fist fuck her, make her suck your filthy cocks after you fuck her, degrade her in whatever extreme, base, perverted, disgusting way you can think of.

ANYTHING you can think of, she'll do it and I promise she'll only beg for more. Without further ado, let the games begin." The guys started moving furniture around, making space in the living room for the serious play to begin. Stacy did a sexy and sensual striptease, more exotic and alluring than any professional could do. I saw a look of panic in her eyes when it came time to take off her panties.

It was in that moment that he was ashamed of her cock. She wanted to have a real pussy, a real clit. I looked at her and nodded slightly and told her with my eyes that it was okay for her to be who she was.

She sensed my reassurance and boldly stepped out of her panties and got on her knees and waited for whatever sweet torture could be inflicted upon her. Dante and Rodney pulled out their dicks first and Stacy dove for them, feeling the smooth, taut skin of their hardening cocks fill her mouth, tasting their sweet precum. She jerked off one as she sucked the other and went back and forth, deep throating them and getting them wet with spit.


Rodney grabbed her face and forced her mouth open and spit in it and shoved his dick balls deep in her throat. He grabbed the back of her head and fucked her face. Dante pulled her sexy nipples which only made her hum and moan on the cock in her mouth. Eric wanted in on the action and he pulled off all his clothes and said, "Let me have some of that." Always willing to share, the first two backed off and let the other two have at it.

Eric turned around and said, "Come on bitch, nothing more that I like than a white woman's tongue in my dirty asshole. Lick it clean." I had no idea how dirty his asshole was in order for it to be licked clean but it was apparent that Stacy loved the smells and tastes of whatever his asscrack had to offer. She drove her tongue in deep and sucked his asshole. I could hear her say, "Mmmm, it tastes so good," before her face was surrounded by Eric's sex bubble butt and she went back to making a feast of his asshole.

Gerald was the last man standing and he wanted in on the action too. Come here bitch, I gotta piss and I want you to drink it all. Stacy whipped around and before she could confirm that she was ready, her mouth was full of cock. She had been trained well to hold completely still and wait for that piss and I could see her start to swallow repeatedly as Gerald moaned out, "Yeah, toilet whore, drink my rank, hot piss." I could tell when he was finished because he started to fuck her throat savagely.

"Yeah slut, take my black dick." Things went into overdrive from then on out. All four men had their hard cocks in her mouth in succession. Occasionally she would have two cocks in her mouth at the same time but that didn't seem to faze her. While she was sucking one, she was stroking off two others.

They were pinching her nipples, slapping her tits, taking turns shoving their hard cocks in her throat. Eric hadn't planned on cumming in her mouth but she was sucking so hard, licking his balls and working the head of his dick with her throat that he couldn't help himself. He blasted her mouth with his salty cum like a real man, pumping his hot jism in her mouth and adding his spit to the mix before she was made to swallow.

Stacy was in the zone. "Fuck me, somebody please fuck me." She was pushed down to her knees and Rodney got in position first. He was still wet from the nasty blowjob and her pussy was leaking lube so he had no reason to go slow. He rammed his dick in her cunt balls deep.

She let out a moan and lowered he head to the floor and kept her ass in the air so he could have full access to pound her tight pussy. He grabbed her hips and started pounding out a steady rhythm like an African drum.

Each stroke, he would pull out to the head and ram every inch deep inside her. Gerald got in front of her and worked it out so that when he was balls deep in her mouth, Rodney was pulling out of her tight twat. Dante was amused. "Man, white boys are fucked up. Look at this fucking faggot take all that dick and not miss a beat." Stacy looked up. "Yeah, that's right, I'm a fucking faggot whiteboy that lives to be used by black men.

Breed my sissy cunt, use me, degrade me for being a perverted white bitch, treat me like a piece of shit. Take out all your aggression and frustration on my pussy.

Just fuck me. FUUUCK ME." And that's exactly what they did. One by one, they fucked her like an animal without care for her pleasure or pain. Every time a cock was pulled from her freshly fucked shithole she sucked it clean. There wasn't an occasion in over two hours that she didn't have a cock in her mouth and her pussy at the same time.

The guys held off on cumming until they couldn't take it anymore. She worked her pussy and they gave her what she wanted. Her ass was red and sore from being spanked, her tits were bruised from being grabbed and squeezed. Her nuts were aching and in pain, desperate for release. The pain inspired her for more. The more they used her, the more ravenous she became.

Gerald unloaded his nuts her mouth while Dante pumped a load deep in her colon. He grabbed a plate of Hors D'Oeuvres, dumped them on the floor, and made her squat over the plate and shit out his cum. Stacy pushed out his cum and took it a step further and licked his cum from the plate like a sexy kitten licking milk.

Eric had the most stamina because he'd already cum once so he lay on the floor and demanded that she ride his jet, black dick. She stood shakily on her high heels, her legs weakened by the savage fucking she'd endured for several hours. Still a lady in every sense of the word, and still beautiful even with her makeup smeared and her hair sweaty, she thought only of her lover's pleasure first and turned away from him, facing his feet so that he wouldn't have to be disgusted by looking at her obscene, aroused pink clitty.

I intervened. I leaned in close to her and whispered in her ear. "You aren't really a woman, you are a pathetic white boy who needed the pretense of being a woman to realize your nasty true nature. Don't be afraid to show off your worthless cock now. You are a filthy, faggot, cocksucking cum-whore who now knows that you are only fit to please Black men. I destroyed you and recreated you to be what I wanted, a white sissy bitch. Own who you are, just like I own you." Somehow, she understood that they were words of empowerment and she turned to face Gerald and lowered her asspussy on his erection.

She remembered everything I taught her. She worked her pussy and rode that hard shaft, squeezing it, milking it, and pumping her hips like an insatiable slut. Eric tried to fuck her so hard he tried to throw her off.

She rode his cock like a cowboy rides a bucking bronco. The room reeked of sweaty man sex. She kept chanting, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," over and over again. I could tell that Eric was close and I grabbed Stacy's cock and stroked it no more than three times and she erupted, shooting hot cum in the air.

It landed on Eric's washboard abs and he was furious. "Bitch, look what you did! Lick that shit off of me you goddamn homo." For the first time in the evening, Stacy was given a task she couldn't do.

She'd been reprogrammed to detest the cum of white men. In her head, she wasn't a white man anymore; she'd truly become a sissy slut, a feminized bitch. There was something else however that made her repulsed by the thought of having to lick the cum of what she hated most, a white man.

It was in that moment that she started to cry like a bitch, sobbing uncontrollably at the request that made her come face to face with her own self-hatred. "Fuck me some more," she demanded, "give me some more cum." She got on her knees and pulled open her abused asscheeks to reveal her swollen and red rosebud.

"Come on, fuck me. Pump your hot cum in me, Fuck me.

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I need more cum. I need more cocks. I had the guys get dressed and leave while I attended to Stacy, trying to calm her down until she fell asleep on the floor, fucked and exhausted. It's been a week since the party.

Stacy has been calling me around the clock. I've had no choice but to ignore her calls because I'm on to my next project and this time, at least he's reasonably attractive. Copyright 2008 AfroerotiK