Heißen Ebenholz ihre geschwollenen Pussy liebäugelt und spritz

Heißen Ebenholz ihre geschwollenen Pussy liebäugelt und spritz
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Imperfect Storm, Part 3 (Trent has had a breakthrough fuck with his girlfriend, Whitney, after she read a sexy on-line story that happened to be written by Trent.

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Trent filmed their sex adventures, and has threatened to show it to Whitney's sisters. It's Sunday, early afternoon.) I don't know if you know much about video editing, but it takes a fricking long time.

The Sister Bitches all went shopping for the little sister, Melissa, who was supposed to go next weekend with her dumbass boyfriend, Jake, to the shore for the weekend. They were going to the mall and would probably be gone several hours. I needed that time to edit our little sex-movie that Whitney and I just made this morning.

Total footage of the flick went about 45 minutes. But, who wants to watch that? I can't watch 45 minutes of the same couple doing it, it's boring! Fast forward to the good parts!

So I tried to cut it down to just the good parts. And add some music here and there, but also toning it down so you can hear the occasional dialogue. Whitney said something cool at the end, straight to the camera: "Bet you wish you were me! Have you ever been fucked like this?" I took just the audio of that part, "Have you ever been fucked like this?" and made it the tagline of the movie.

Then I spliced in some crazy euro-disco-techno-rock version of Karl Orff's Carmina Burana. Go youtube it. A bunch of quick edits of me fucking Whitney, me eating her out, my cum dripping out of her vaj on to her face, "Have you ever been fucked like this?", and Whitney getting her ass pounded.

you get the idea. I put some of the cumshots on slo-mo, and then repeated it at regular speed, too. I ended the movie with her saying to the camera, "Bet you wish you were me!", and then my cum/ass-juice dripping cock entering her mouth.

and a fade out as she slowly devours my dick. It's a fucking work of art, if I do say so myself. I was just finishing it up, checking the flow and stuff, when my sister Kylie called me. If you recall, I titfucked her lactating tits recently. Yesterday, in fact. "Hey little Bro, what's up?" "Nothin' Chica, Whitney's at the mall with the bitches. 'Sup with you?" "Nothing, Dick's out in the back fucking with the pool filter or some stupid shit. So, can you talk?

Freely?" "Yeah, just me here. Hey um. that was. pretty wild yesterday." "I know, Trent. I didn't sleep well, I was all worked up." "Worked up. meaning, what?" "I was fucking turned on, you shithead! You got to cum, remember? I didn't.

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You always were selfish!" "Yeah, sorry about that, babe. But, you know, you kind of rushed me out of there." "Haha, you just called me 'babe'." "Oh, uh, sorry" "No! I like it! Trent." "Yeah?" "What are we gonna do?" "Um, I haven't gotten that far yet, Kylie." "We have to fuck. At least, I want to. Do you?" I didn't have to even think about that.

"Absolutely! Yesterday was incredible. I've. thought about you forever, Kylie. I've probably jerked off more to you than everyone else, combined." "Seriously, Trent?" "Well, yeah. I mean, we're adults now. But. nobody can find out, right? We can't, like, marry each other or anything, right?" "No.

it would be too weird, we'd lose all our friends, family, everything. But we need to fuck, Trent." "You want my cock, don't you." "Jesus God, with all my heart!" "You want my cock inside your pussy. Your fucking wet pussy." "It's fucking wet right now, Trent. I'm. I'm." "What? Tell me! You're what." "I'm touching myself right now." "What, like touching your elbow? Come on, spill it!" "I'm touching my pussy, Trent! I've got one finger inside me now.

so wet. God it feels so good. your cock looked so good yesterday. your cum was so good, baby. I guess you liked my tits?" "Kylie, your tits were fucking outrageous! So big, and the milk was. it was unreal! I loved it, I want more. I couldn't believe you have so much, and you showered my cock with it. and you licked it and drank your own milk." "You weren't disgusted, I'm so happy!

Dick, my darling husband, thinks 'working boobs' are kind of gross." "They are glorious, fascinating, I want to suck your milking tits forever! I want to titfuck them and have them spray your hot milk all over me! But then you have to lick it up. Hey, are you still touching yourself?" "Yes Trent. Tell me more, make me cum, please, my clit is throbbing!

Oooooooh talk to me." "How about I suck your tit and get a mouthful of milk, then move down to your pussy. To your cunt. Then I flood your steamy cunt with hot milk from my mouth! Then I'll fuck you so hard, milk will shoot out everywhere. And I'll keep fucking your cunt, baby." "Shit, Trent, almost.

More. Fuck me for more for chrissake!" "I'll get you on all fours like a fucking hot bitch in heat. Jam my cock inside you so far and so fast and fuck you so good you'll scream at the top of your lungs. And I'll slap your tits and make the milk spray out with each slap, baby.

You like that?" "Fuck yes! Oh my fucking god oh my god!" "And. you look in the corner and there's Richard tied up to a chair. He's watching everything and mad but also has a raging hard-on. I pull out from fucking you and punch him in the face so hard that he falls over backwards." "Fucking 'Dick'! You're my hero! Jesus Christ I'm so fucking hot! What else!

Finish me!" "You're still on all fours. I crawl under you and we sixty-nine, sweetheart. Sixty-nine so you can grind that cunt in my face and get me all fucked up with your cunt juice.

And I can skull-fuck your fucking hot wet mouth. Jesus fucking Christ I want you to grind your cunt on me and cum, Kylie.

Cum on my face. Let me have you. Cum in my mouth, I want your hot nectar. Your fucking cunt juice!" And Kylie came for me, right there on the phone. "Yes oh shit oh shit YES! god on your face all over your fucking face I'm cumming oh fuck i'm cumming." I was doing everything I could NOT to touch myself.

I think if I even looked sideways at my cock it would come of it's own volition. But, I was hoping for some action tonight and I didn't want to use up my shots.

"And I want your cum in my mouth," Kylie continued, panting like a thoroughbred horse. "And I want to swallow you down--" "No, Kylie! Save it and go spit it in Richard's face!" "Oh my god you're a sick bastard! I might as well piss on him, too, right?" "Haha I love it! Piss on the poor dumb bastard!" "Ahhh, thanks Trent. I needed this, badly. I gotta get myself together here, the room smells like pussy and there's milk drops everywhere.

But hey, this isn't why I called." "Ha! You mean, there's a better reason than this? I gotta hear it then!" "Well, we've gotta untie Dick and wipe the piss off him. He wants you to call him Monday to set up some interviews this coming week. He's got some openings and wants you to take a look." Kylie and I talked some more about the job. It would mean about 30 more minutes on the road for me, but would have much more potential. Not to mention a higher salary.

But I don't want to work for Dick. Too weird. From the sounds of it, Dick wanted to do the multi-interview thing. That's where you see four or five people back-to-back-to-back so you can just run through it. Grueling, but it's good to see everyone at once so they can compare notes, etc. I would take the whole day off. Maybe could squeeze in a visit with Sis, before or after!

We hung up, and I see that I've got some text messages from Whitney. Picture messages. Pictures of lingerie. Close-ups of ass cracks and flimsy-looking underwear. Cleavage, and a push-up bra.

That's Stacy, the older sister. I can see her little mole right there. Ooh, big cleavage! Melissa, for sure. big cleavage pushing against other cleavage. Missy and Whitney! I drop trou and take a snap of my erect johnson, a gleaming drop oozing out of the hole and ready to drip down the shaft. Push Send. Take that, bitches! Text from Whit: Don't touch that thing! Save it for me! Me: when u cumming home Whit: at da bar with vodkas u might have to cum get us Me: ok one hour?

Whit: great come rescue me and fuck me Me: What about the bitches Whit: they can watch tv Me: k luv u Whit: luv u too luv everyone Haha she's getting a little bit happy! And she's less of a party animal than the other two! God, this hour is going to take a long time. With this time to kill, I decide to export the sex video I just did of me and Whit to a smaller size file and email it to my sister.

See what she thinks. It's only five minutes long. Text to Kylie: Check ur email IN PRIVATE Kylie: k 12 minutes went by. Kylie: holy fucking shit Me: haha you like? Kylie: i watched it twice i came twice you prick, im so jealous and i hate whitney a lot Me: maybe i'll film you sucking my cock Kylie: i dont care just cum fuck me soon Me: k gotta go hugs Kylie: k bye fucks My sister wants some serious fucking.

I should feel weirder about this, but I don't, I'm fucking excited! This honesty shit is paying off. I went to Applebee's to pick up the Sister Bitches. I texted them 15 minutes ago to come outside, they're just now struggling out the door.

Good thing I'm driving! They fell into the car, giggling, laughing, can't get their seatbelts on. pretty sloppy drunk chicks. They've got shopping bags from Macy's and shit, plus several little ones from the Naughty Shoppe. Awesome. They are all teasing me with "Wait till you see what we got" and shit like that.

But then Katy Perry came on the radio and she kissed a girl and she liked it and the Bitches are yelling at the top of their lungs as we cruised on down the road. "More drinks!" ordered Whitney as we got inside our apartment. I quickly made some vodka drinks, pomegranate juice and lime juice. You put the lime in the pomegranate and you drink it all up.

never mind. I put on the Pandora to a dance station and the party continued. "Oh wait!" hollered Whitney. "You should see what I got you, Trent!" She handed me a little shopping bag from the Naughty Shoppe.

I'm thinking it's some hot nightie or something. but no. It's a a small elephant head, with a stretchable trunk. And a long string around it. Obviously, the trunk covers my dick, like that's all I'm supposed to wear? Yeah right! I held it up, and the girls fucking cackled like hens at me.

"Put it on", "Try it out!", "I'm sure it's too big" and shit they yelled at me. It was fucking funny, I'll admit. "Ok bitches," I announced. "You want to see me in this, yes?" They all screeched yes. "Alright then. I'll wear this.

On one condition, that you three put on what you got at the Shoppe first!" We clinked glasses and everyone finished off their drinks. Then the girls went to my bedroom to change, and left me to my own devices in the living room. I stripped down and tried to figure out the elephant trunk. Oh, it's got an elastic string so it's pretty much one size fits all. Looking in the basket again, there's also a bowtie/collar, and two white wrist things.

So now I looked like a Chippendale with an elephant trunk. I checked myself out in the mirror while I hear all the giggling in the bedroom. Still got some work to do on my abs, but there's a bit of definition going on there. Arms looked good. Wish I had more tan, though! I heard them coming to the door so I scrambled back to the couch and took a seat.

I grabbed the remote control so I could work the DVD and TV. Because, you know, I've got our new video in the player! I turned the TV on, but with no signal it just sat there, black, and looks like it's off. And, oh yeah whaddya know, my friend's video camera just happens to be sitting there.

Some papers and shit covered up it's red recording light. "Ahem!" says Whitney. "Our first gal this afternoon, is the very sexy but still the oldest of the bunch--" "Whore!" Stacy yelled at Whit. "--The always popular and always easy, Stacy!" I clapped as Stacy made her entrance. She was wearing all white; push-up bra, nylons, garters, tiny g-string panties that were barely there, white heels.

And white ribbons in her hair. She twirled, bit her finger, 'accidentally' dropped a napkin and bent over slowly so I could see all her cleavage. She walked towards me and dropped it again, spun around and bent over again, this time with her luscious ass facing me.

Good Lord I could see the folds of her puss between her legs. Truthfully, I could've fucked her right there, she looked so amazing.

She came up to me as I sat on the couch. She took her knee and pushed my legs wide open. My elephant trunk was standing straight up. She put her arms around me and kissed me on each cheek. "Hey now." warned Whit from the hall.

Slightly dejected, Stacy plopped down next to me on the couch. Her elbow bashed into my cock several times, Whit couldn't see over the arm of the couch. "And next we have the baby of the bunch," continued Whit. "Little Missy! She may be young but she's the sluttiest of us all!" "You're goddamned right I am!" answered Melissa. Little Missy came out in like this old-time saloon girl outfit; red and black bustier (pronounced boost-ee-ay for you non-frenchies) that barely contained her big tits, black stockings and garters, ruby red slipper/heels, and some fancy hat thing.

Stacy and I hooted and clapped as Missy danced for us, bent forward and shaking her shoulders back and forth furiously, sending her tits into a quivering frenzy. It was only a few moments before they both broke their bonds and leaped out into the open air. Fuck yeah! "Hey!" cried Whit. "Put those away!" Reluctantly, Melissa slowly forced them back inside her top. But they barely fit and you could still see half her nipples, not to mention the miles of boobflesh that was already out.

Missy Came over to me, bent down for a moment and banged her tits into my elephant dick, then sat down on the other side of me. The only logical place for my arms, with a hot girl on each side of me, was around their shoulders. Missy was on the far side from Whit, so I could grab her right tit from the back and Whit couldn't see. Missy snuggled closer. She did the next announcement. "And finally, we have Whitney! Whitney was very uptight her entire life until this afternoon when she flashed her shaved pussy to everyone in the Naughty Shoppe!

Let's hear it For Whitney!" My jaw dropped as Whitney came out. She was wearing a black fishnet body suit. I mean, from neck to hands to feet, all fishnet. And not tight fishnets. The criss-cross pattern was like two-inch squares. Her bare nipples stuck right out.

You could see her pussy lips as she danced for us. This was somebody else, this wasn't the old Whitney! Holy Shit! Whit came over and just laid down across everybody's lap, painfully bending my cock but then it went the right way. We all laughed and pushed on Whitney and teased her and stuff, then Missy said, "Hey, we haven't seen Trent model his stuff!" Oh boy, well now all I had on was this elephant mask/trunk on my dick, cufflinks, and a collar.

I played coy and grabbed two couch pillows and stood up to an enormous amount of boos and name-calling. I slinked into the kitchen and poured myself another drink and gulped it down. I fiddled with the music and put on "Moves like Jagger." I leaped out from behind the kitchen counter and danced like a maniac. My hard dick was flopping up and down, the girls screamed and howled with excitement as I gave them everything I had; I love the Napoleon Dynamite movie and I tried to copy his dance moves from the finale.

I pulled out all the stops, baby. I turned around and shook my ass for them and shot them the browneye, too, which brought more howls of laughter. Finally, I ripped off the elephant trunk and tossed it to Whitney, who was now sitting in my spot on the couch between her sisters.

Christ what a sight. Missy's tits had mysteriously fallen out of her top again, Whit's tits were in plain fishnet view, and Stacy's hand was accidentally brushing her crotch area.

Yep, they are ready. Without another word, I turned off the music, went behind the couch and hit 'play' on the remote. The opening chorus of that techno Carmina Burana blasts from the TV. "What the fuck?" the girls pretty much say in unison.

Then Whitney's smiling face appeared on the screen. Her golden face glistened a little from tiny beads of sweat, and she breathed heavily. She said right into the camera: "Have you ever been fucked like this?" And the action began. Whitney tied up. Getting fucked. Getting fucked HARD. Her tits getting slapped. Me eating her pussy. Cum shot slo-motion. Cum dripping from Whitney's cunt into her open mouth.

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The Sister Bitches watched, mesmerized, staring at the TV. Well, not quite. Missy and Stacy had their hands inside their panties, rubbing their pussies and clits. My Whitney just stared at the screen, smiling. The movie continued, Whitney getting assfucked, pounded hard, me licking up some cum, me feeding Whitney my cum. And every 30 or 40 seconds is Whitney's voice going, "Have you.

Have you. Have you ever been fucked like this?" After a short five minutes, the movie ended. Missy fell over sideways on the couch, moaning as she came. "Oh my fucking god you guys oh my fucking god, ohhhhhh my god." Stacy grabbed Whitney's left tit and frigged herself to completion, too.

She didn't say anything but just made faces and little moans. Finally, Whitney said something. "Sit down on this couch, Trent. And play that fucking thing again." Whit went to the kitchen for a second, found the scissors, and cut some of the fishnets around her snatch.

I sat between Stacy and Melissa, my ramrod cock oozing fluids down the shaft. Missy managed to sit upright. The movie started up again. Whitney sat down on my cock, and with no real effort, she impaled herself on my cock. She moved back and forth on me, getting a totally different feel than I ever have before. I grabbed her tits and rub her flat stomach-- "No babe," she whispered.

"Don't touch me. Touch them." I paused for a moment or two, then plunged each hand into a sister's pussy. Both were so wet, I got three fingers in right away.

Then four. Their juices are like heavy syrup, there's so goddamned much of it. Stacy yanked off her bra and squeezed her tits for me, and Missy laid down next to me with her legs spread on the couch back and the floor; her hot, slick cunt enjoying my four fingers and my thumb on her clit.

Suddenly, Stacy stiffened up and I felt her cunt begin to clench and flex on my fingers. "Oh god Trent. Whitney. you guys. fucking I don't know what to say. oh fuck. fuck. fuck." Stacy pulled my hand out, but then licked my fingers clean as she scrunched up into my side. Whitney was getting close, I could tell by her breathing; short, quick gasps. "You gonna cum, Whit?" I ask. "Gonna cum for all of us?" "Yes baby.

I'm so close." I grabbed her ass with both hands, lifted her up and dropped her back down on my cock. "Come on girls! Give her some tit!" Stacy and Missy both got up and shoved their tits into Whitney's face. As far as I knew, Whit's never touched another woman. Now she's got two different tits mashed into her face. Whit frantically went back and forth between her sisters' tits, sucking one for a moment, then the other, then pressing forward into them both. "Girls, move the fucking coffee table!" They obliged and shoved it out of the way.

I pushed Whitney face down onto the rug, her ass sticking up in the air and her wet pussy pulsating. "Fuck me Trent, hurry!" Whitney pleaded with me. "Yeah," added Missy. "Fuck her like the bitch in heat that she is." I crawled up behind her and rammed my cock in to the hilt. Jesus her slippery but tight cunt walls felt delicious.

I couldn't hold on much longer. I was fucking Whitney so hard, and her sisters knelt right next us. Stacy leaned over and gave me a sloppy tongue kiss, and grabbed my ass and helped me fuck harder. Missy played with her sloppy pussy just inches from Whit's face, Whitney was definitely getting a nose-full of all that cunt! "Whitney, baby! I fucking love you!" And my orgasm started from my toes and fingertips, rushed through my whole body and exploded out my cock.

Whitney felt my pulsing member and came also. She collapsed into a quivering heap on the floor, my cock still inside her. I felt her pussy pulsating. "Hey Trent," said Missy. "Let's do that cum dripping thing, like in your movie." I winked at her. "Sounds like a great idea little Miss!" We maneuvered the rag doll that used to be Whitney so that her head and shoulders rested on the floor, but her ass/cunt is way up in the air and her legs are just about around her head. Immediately, my cum starts flowing out of Whitney's puss, dripping onto her own face again.

But her aim isn't very good and not much of it goes in her mouth. "May I?" asked Stacy, still a little tentative with Whitney. This cum is, after all, from her sister's boyfriend. Kind of not the usual thing. I backed off and grab the camera. "Come and get it," replied Whit. She didn't care about much right then, she's just floating. I brought the camera in for an extreme close-up as Stacy tongued her sister's face, lapping up my hot cum.

pushing some into her sister's mouth. she and Whit kiss tenderly. all captured in glorious 1080p, baby! Melissa looked dejected for a moment, then she noticed great gobs of cum still in Whitney's pussy. "Hey Trent, over here," She called, indicating she wants the camera on her. She moved around behind Whitney's upside down torso, and with a devilish grin, she dipped her tongue into Whitney's jizz-soaked sex. Missy gathers some jizz onto her tongue, and slowly licked her lips for me.

She's a fucking natural on camera. Missy went back in for more, sucking up Whitney's pussy lips into her mouth, cleaning all my cum off and out of Whit's pussy.

Stacy tapped me on the shoulder, and motioned for me to film her. I did, of course! Another close-up of their faces. Stacy lightly kisses Whitney's lips and then says: "Little sister?" "Mmmmm," moans Whit.

"Yesss?" "Melissa is licking you. She's licking your fucking cunt." "Mmmmmm God," say Whitney. She seems drugged or something. Maybe just too many extreme orgasms today. That's a terrible thing, ya know. "Let me down?" asks Whit. "I'm all scrunched up" Missy let Whitney lay flat on the floor, and quickly resumed her pussy licking.

She spread Whitney's legs and dove in deep, head-first. Missy let's out a 'Whoop' as she's so excited. She looked pretty fucking good, too, with her ass sticking up in the air and her face deep in her sister's pussy.

I decide that's a good shot: Panning from Missy's toes, along her calves, then up her thighs, pause for a while on her engorged pussy and soft asshole. Then move along her side, then drop down as we follow the contours of her hanging tit, part of it mashed into the carpet. I continue panning up the side of her cute face. Missy looks at the camera, while still eating Whit's pussy. "Missy," I say in my announcer voice. "Tell the folks at home what you're doing." Irritated, she draws back slightly, her lips and cheeks shining with girl-cream.

"I'm eating my sister's fucking cunt. It's so hot I think she's on fire, or something. No more questions, please." And Missy shoved several fingers up Whitney's slit. I continued panning up Whitney's body which was barely encased in the black fishnet outfit. Whitney's rock hard nipples jutted straight up, I tweaked them on camera. Finally I panned up to Whitney's face again, only she's partially obscured by Stacy's tit that is in Whitney's mouth.

"Whitney," I begin again. "Is this the first tit you've sucked? How do you like it?" She reluctantly turns her head to the camera, "Yes it's my first boob I've ever sucked. But it won't be the last I can tell you that! Now, go do something." And she waved me away. I point the camera down at my rock hard cock. "Where you wanna go, buddy?" Melissa rises up from her sister's cunt, "Back here! I'm all alone over here and nobody's touching me!" I moved around behind Missy's ass sticking up in the air, it's weird seeing your dick in on the video screen and seeing it in real life at the same time.

But I gotta watch the camera screen, following my dickhead as it rubs against Missy's wet pussy lips. "Put it in me Trent, please? Fuck me. come on." I pressed forward inside her a couple inches, piece of cake as she is so wet. Missy sighed with relief and went back to eating out Whitney.

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Fucking her slowly, I went deeper each stroke, savoring the sensations. This was the first bit of strange that I've had in two years.

It feels so good, and it's so good to be fucking this cock-tease sister who's been sending me little e-videos all the time. I grabbed her hips and started fucking her harder. Stacy decided she needs some action, too, and she squatted down and lowered her hairless sex onto Whitney's face. But Stacy was reversed, so she and I were looking at each other as I fucked Missy from the backdoor, Missy eats Whitney laying on her back, and Stacy sitting on Whitney's face. Stacy and I had a little conversation as we're fucking and getting eaten out.

"So? How's your day?" I ask. "Good, you?" "Never better!" "Good job with the filming." "Thanks! unh. fuck she's tight! Yeah that came out pretty good." "So did you, oh my god that's it Whit.

right there honey.


So did you tell her yet, Trent? Did you tell Whitney you wrote that story?" Whitney pushed Stacy off a bit so she can holler.

"What? What story!" "Your talented boyfriend wrote that story I told you about. The sex story." "Holy shit!

That was you? Holy shit! That's awesome. but. wait. what about all that shit with that guy's sister. wait you son of a mmfgh mmmmghh--" "Shut up Whit, and eat my cunt!" commanded Stacy. I really like her style sometimes.

"MMGULFMM MMGGHHFUCKMM" shouted Whitney. "Yes Whit, talk to my pussy, I love the vibrations." "MMm mmefhg mmmklmm." Whitney kept trying to talk. "Oh shut up Whit," says Stacy, looking straight at me. "You're lucky to have a guy like this. He's one in a million. Ooh yeah Whit, struggle like that, it feels awesome. drink up my stuff baby." Meanwhile, I kept pounding Missy hard. She only liked that a lot. Each hard thrust forced her face into Whitney's cunt.

I reached around and grabbed Missy's glorious, huge tits.


Jesus they felt great, almost like my sister's. Under my relentless pounding, Missy kind of collapsed on top of Whitney, her tits smashing into Whitney's cunt. The total pressure on her cunt was too much for Whit, she arched her back and came with a series of convulsions and muted "MMMmmmmphs".

But with Missy's tits pressing on her, Whitney's orgasm didn't stop for a long while. Stacy released Whitney from her thighs, raising up on all fours with her puss still above Whitney's face.

Whitney just lolled her head to the side and breathed in deeply, the fresh air probably felt nice. I pulled out of Missy, which pissed her off, and got behind Stacy and drilled her from behind. My super slick cock barely slowed down as it entered her cunt. She gasped as it hit home inside her. Whitney looked up and saw her sister's pussy inches from her face, and my cock ramming in and out of it. The camera caught all of it, even a couple drops from Stacy's pussy that dropped onto Whitney's cheek.

"Stacy I can't take much more!" I shouted out. "Me either!" panted Stacy. Suddenly, I'm rocked with a violent spasm that curls my toes, then my cock erupts into Stacy's hot steaming pussy. My throbbing cock stretched her pussy walls, which began to flex on their own as she came, too. Her cunt somehow accommodated my sperm, I didn't think their was any room for that in there.

I eventually pulled out and it started dripping out of her cunt into her sister's mouth, my girlfriends mouth. Whitney hungrily swallowed down my juice, sticking her tongue in her sister's cunt and searching for my white hot spunk. Jesus. I sat down, exhausted. Stacy rolled off Whitney onto the floor, spent. "Hey you fuckers!" whines Missy. "I'm glad you all got to cum, nobody's made me cum yet!" "Oh shit! Sorry Baby Miss! Come on girls, we've gotta rally! I'll take the point. just kiss her and suck her tits." So Melissa laid back on the couch with me between her legs, and a sister at each big tit.

She went from being pissed to being completely at peace in the space of about 11 seconds.

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I buried my face in the hot folds of her lips, shoving my tongue as far as it would go. Swirling it around inside her hot love volcano, trying to get her to erupt. Stacy and Whitney vigorously sucked her tits like they were going out of style.

Missy's breathing increased rapidly. I pulled her legs apart wider and pushed her up a little bit, and sank my tongue inside her butthole. There was so much cunt juice that had flowed down it didn't taste any different from pussy, to me. I moved back up and concentrated my mouth on her clit, while sticking my thumb up her cunt and middle finger up her ass, and I frigged the shit out of her.

In just a couple minutes, as I was seriously sucking her cunt lips and clit into my mouth, she began moaning, and then screaming like a demon. "Oooooooooooh yes ooooooooooh. yes. yesss. YES! YES UNGHHHHH! UNGHHHH! Oh god don't fucking stop FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME!!!!" I could feel Melissa quivering in my hand, which was then flooded with pussy juice as she came hard. Her legs shook and her body trembled as the waves flowed over her.

I drank all I could, I've never seen so much fluid from a pussy before. I moved up to kiss her, but Whitney intercepted me and licked my chin first, then passed me on. I tenderly kissed Missy, letting her savor her flavors lightly. Then I opened my mouth and let her juices into her mouth, her tongue went wild as she tried to clean out my mouth.

We all collapsed on the sofa, naked arms and legs overlapping everywhere, nobody caring that an ass was in their face. "Who's going to get me a beer?" I asked. "Get it yourself!" teased Missy. But she was laughing and her eyes twinkled. "I'll get it, hon" offered Whit. She came back, and poured it on me and the girls! I pulled her down onto me, her body stretched across all three girls, and spanked her ass!

"You going to ever do that again?" "Yes!" SLAP! "Is that your final answer?" "Yes!" SLAP! Holy shit her ass got red in a hurry. "Are you my fucking Dirty Girl?" "Yes!" SLAP! "You like to eat cunt?" "NO!" SLAP! "Yes you do!" SLAP! "NO I don't!" SLAP! SLAP SLAP "You want me to write about you on Sexstories.com?" "No"! SLAP! "You want me to put that film on the internet?" "No!" SLAP!

"What do you want?" SLAP! "I want. us all to keep fucking forever." Love pats. I let Whitney rise up and she kissed with a deep passion that we've not really experienced before. Missy went down and sucked on my tired but hardening cock. Stacy put her fingers inside Whitney's cunt. It was like a fucking roller coaster that you kept riding.

The ride stopped for a moment, but then you climbed back to the top and started the adventure all over again. - - - After another hour of fucking the Sister Bitches, everyone was finally worn out, worn down, and maybe even a little raw.

We ordered pizza for delivery, and Whitney answered the door in her fishnet outfit. The guy forgot to charge us. - - - Monday rolled around. I got a call from my Brother-in-law Richard. He's got interviews setup for me all Wednesday afternoon.

It has to be then, because he's leaving Wednesday night for a tour of their Far-East facilities. Lucky him. His poor wife, my sister Kylie, will be all alone in that big house for three weeks.

Just her and the baby. Richard made me promise to look in on them, make sure they have anything they need. I assured him that they would be fine. I didn't tell him Kylie would get all she needs, and then some. = = = = To be continued.! (Sorry for the past and present 'tense' issues. This was written a long time ago. I tried to fix them but still see a few here and there. Comments and upvotes welcomed!

Thanks for reading.)