Angel gives dude a vigorous cowgirl and wet blowjob

Angel gives dude a vigorous cowgirl and wet blowjob
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Mommy Mind Control A Story of the Institute of Apotheosis Research Chapter Three: Mommy's Naughty Discipline By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

I was so angry with Melissa when I stormed out of my good friend Cathy Dawson's house. That little fucking skank. How dare she cheat on my son. I never liked little miss miniskirt. She was a slut. A whore. The type of girl who would get knocked up and make me a grandmother before my son turned twenty-one. I was glad I corrected Ryan and made him realize that Annie, the cute nineteen-year-old who lived next door and idolized my eldest, was the right girl for him.

But, still, finding out that Melissa cut the date short with Ryan last night so she could go to a party and fuck this Rick asshole made my blood boil. I knew she would hurt my son. I knew it! Everyone at my son's college had to be laughing behind his back. The pictures were all over social media. Cathy's son showed me some of the pics posted to Facebook. He didn't want to.

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But he had no choice. People had to listen to me now. No one could ever ignore me again thanks to my mind control powers gifted to me by the halo. "Margaret," Cathy called, wrapped up again in her housecoat, her big, fake tits almost spilling out. Her son was behind her, a hand on her shoulder, such an intimate gesture. I had told them about the joys of a mother having sex with her son, and they had listened to me and discovered that joy. "What are you doing?" "I'm going to punish that little hussy," I snarled.

She cheated on my son! "I'll let the entire world know she is a big, filthy whore." "Damn," Bill said, his arms now sliding around his mother's waist, holding her. It almost made her robe fall open and spill out her tits. They were so close to being exposed, such big, lush mounds. After my little threesome with my youngest son Davie and Cathy's daughter Kimmie upstairs, I was awakened to feminine beauty.

A naughty thrill went through me as I stared at my friend's almost exposed breasts. I had never realized how gorgeous and cute women could be, but seeing eighteen-year-old Kimmie blossoming into womanhood at the hands of my youngest had.given me perspective. "How?" Cathy asked as I opened my car door. "Be at the college's football field in an hour," I told her.

"You'll see." I paused. "Oh, Davie and Kimmie are dating now. It's okay that they fuck. In fact, they're having fun right now." Bill laughed, pulling his Mom inside. "We'll be there, Mrs. Justice." Then the door closed, and I knew more than Davie fucking Kimmie would be going on in the Dawsons' house.

It almost dulled my anger. Almost. But that skank's face rose in my mind. She had this cherub innocence, framed by black hair, her blue eyes so sweet. At first glance, she appeared harmless, but then you saw the whorish way she dressed, showing off her twenty-year-old body, flaunting it for all to see. The way she carried herself like a whore set my teeth on edge. She exuded her budding sexuality, attracting flies to her like a pitcher plant, ready to drown them in her poisoned cunt juices.

I jammed my key into the ignition so hard. I twisted it. My car roared to life. Then I was backing out far faster than I normally would, whipping the steering wheel around like I was a NASCAR driver or something. I slammed down on the accelerator, speeding down the street. I didn't care.

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Any cop who pulled me over would listen to why he had to let me go. I was home in minutes. I needed my son's phone. I had calls to make. Starting with that skank and the asshole she cheated on my son with. I burst out of my car and raced up into my house, my naked breasts heaving beneath my loose dress.

"Oh, hi, Mrs. Justice," Annie said, the girl walking naked to the kitchen, her body flushed from having fun with Ryan. She turned away from me, her cute, tight ass wiggling.

She had a petite body, blonde hair falling down her back, all tousled with passion. And there, trickling down her thighs, was my son's white cum. "Hi, Annie," I said, my anger blunted by the hot sight of her walking to the refrigerator.

She stopped, opening it up and looking inside, half-bent over, giving me a profile view of her body, her breasts small handfuls, her face so sweet. I walked up to her. She gasped as I touched her inner thigh, sweeping up the line of jizz trickling out of her pussy.

She straightened, whirling, blue eyes so wide as I brought my son's jizz to my mouth and sucked it clean, savoring the salty cum. "Mrs. Justice!" she gasped. "Relax, Annie," I said, thoughts prickling. "And call me mom. It's okay if I touch you. You're family." To prove my point, my hand shot down and rubbed at her blonde bush, sticky and matted with sexual fluids, and jammed two fingers into her hot, tight pussy.

She was so wet and tight, her cunt newly deflowered by my son. I stirred them around, making her groan and shudder, her blue eyes fluttering. She held a can of Pepsi in one hand. "I see you and Ryan decided against condoms," I said. "Are you on the pill?" "No, Mom," she moaned, her pussy clenching down on my fingers. "I just.I just want his babies so badly. I wouldn't let him put it on.

But he was so eager to breed me. When I begged him, he fucked me so hard. It was wonderful." I shivered, wishing I had seen that. "That's great. I hope you conceive. I can't wait to be a grandmother.

I'll be such a cool one." "Yeah," Annie whimpered then gasped as I pulled my fingers out of her pussy. I brought them to my lips, sucking off her spicy musk and my son's salty cum. It was such a delicious combination. Annie's cheeks were so crimson as I popped my fingers out of my mouth and let out a satisfied moan.

"Mmm, that's good. You two taste great together. I knew you'd be perfect." Annie just smiled shyly and said, in her sweetest tones, "Thank you for talking to him. He told me you explained it to him, and then he understood how much he loved me." "You're welcome." I leaned in, giving her a quick kiss on the lips. "So, getting refreshments?" Annie nodded her head. "Sex makes you so thirsty. But it's lots of fun." "Better than masturbating?" She blushed so beautifully.

I loved it. "Yes, Mom." "Okay, grab him a drink, then I need to talk to him." My face set. "That little skank Melissa cheated on him." "But they're broken up," Annie said, frowning. "Not last night when she claimed to have a family emergency while on their date. But instead of going home, she went and hooked up with Rick at a party." "No!" Annie gasped.

"That bitch!" "So we need to teach her a lesson." The girl nodded her head. "He's such a great guy. How could she cheat on him?" "Because she's a whore." My thoughts prickled hard.

Annie gasped, her eyes widening. "Yes, she is. A filthy, disgusting whore." I put my arm around her naked, slim shoulders. "Oh, you are such a wondrous thing, Annie.

I'm so glad you and Ryan are together." "Me, too," she sighed. Ryan was stretched out on his bed when Annie and I walked into his room upstairs. He was naked, left arm folded up behind his head, stretching out his muscular torso. He was tan and buff from sports, the opposite of his shy, slim brother. He had a rugged handsomeness and a smile that melted hearts and panties. "Hey, Mom," he said though his eyes were on Annie.

It was only proper. She was his girl. But I knew I had a special place in his heart. "You won't believe it!" Annie said, marching to him in an angry huff. She sat on the bed, handing him a Pepsi while she opened her Diet Dr. Pepper, my favorite. "What?" he asked, sitting up and pulling her to him. "Melissa!" Annie said, saying the word with such venom. "Oh, shit, I never told her we were breaking up," Ryan said. "I got distracted." Annie squealed as his hand wandered between her thighs.

"Melissa didn't have a family emergency last night," I said, grabbing my son's phone. "What's your passcode?" "3891," he said, frowning. I typed it in. He had his phone on silence, not hearing any notifications.

There were tons of them he had missed. There were people telling him what happened last night. Some were laughing at him while others were commiserating with him. "Oh?" Ryan said, frowning as opened his contacts and found Melissa's number. "What are you doing?" "Calling that skank," I said.

"She was with Rick last night. It's all over Facebook that she hooked up with him at a party." "What?" Ryan said and there was real hurt in his expression. He had cared for the skank. "Fuck." "She's a whore," I told him. "So don't feel bad or guilty or anything. This is what whores do. And it's time the world. Hi, Melissa," I said when the girl picked up.

"Mrs. Justice?" Melissa said, sounding a little shocked. "What's up?" "Oh, I think you know. I want you at the home team goal post at the college football field in an hour." My thoughts prickled hard. "You will be naked, bent over, your hands grabbing the post, your skank ass stuck out, and your pussy on display, whore." "O-okay," the girl said, her voice frightened.

"I. What are you doing to me, Mrs. Justice?" "You wanted to be a whore, so I am treating you like one," I growled, so angry, and ended the call with a sharp jab against the touchscreen. "Jesus," Ryan said, staring at me in awe. "You're using your powers?" "Yes, I am. Everyone will listen to me and understand." I found Rick's number and made the next call. I called and called, hitting up everyone on my son's contact list, boys and girls.

I had them all post on social media and tell their friends that Melissa Franklin would be whoring herself out at the football post. $5 to fuck her pussy, $10 to fuck her ass. For girls, $5 for her to lick their cunts. She could service the girls and the boys at the same time. It was distracting because Ryan was fucking Annie in the background. He nailed her hard, pouring out his anger into her, the pair moaning and gasping, the bedsprings creaking, and his cute ass pumping up and down.

It was enough to drive a mother mad with lust. But I kept my self-control. I had a mission. Then we headed down to the college, Annie clinging to Ryan, looking so happy. I drove again, not bothering with obeying the traffic laws. I was just so much in a hurry. Plus, I was special. I could do what I wanted. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Look at her drive," Alexis said, staring at the drone feed of our newest goddess as she raced her car through traffic. "She is pissed off." "That whore is going to get punished," Alex, Alexis's twin brother, laughed.

He held their naked mother on his lap, one hand fondling her breast. Deidre Icke enjoyed that. The President of the Institute of Apotheosis Research loved incest. She was so glad the newest goddess taught that a mother should always be her son's lover. And that she should choose his future wife. Such fascinating things. And like the last goddess, that cheating whores had to be punished.

"So many revelations," Deidre said, her ass rubbing on her son's hardening cock. "Mmm, and you are just eager to enjoy your Mommy again." I know I am eager to enjoy your cock again, Deidre purred. Alexis shifted as she sat naked on the desk, the eighteen-year-old beauty spreading open her thighs. "You can lick me while Alex fucks you." Deidre thought about it.

Brother/sister incest had yet to be revealed as permissive. But her son and daughter weren't touching each other. "Mmm, that sounds yummy." "Oh, yes," Alex groaned. "This is so hot. And she's going to the college." The drone moved overhead, controlled by operators elsewhere in the institute. Other people who were learning about the new gods and goddesses birthed into the world through technology. The Age of Aquarius was upon the world.

A new paradigm was needed. And the Institute would ensure it happened. Deidre nuzzled at her daughter's pussy while her son thrust his cock into her cunt from behind. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I smiled at the crowd of students already gathering at the colleges football field when we arrived.

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A shiver ran through me. I was so eager for them all to learn what a whore Melissa was. Pussy juices dripped down my thighs as I strode forward. Ryan and Annie trailed behind me, clinging to each other the way only young people in love could.

I used to do that with my husband. I missed him so much. Davie and Kimmie were there, along with my friend and her son/lover. Davie had his arm around Kimmie, holding her tight, the pair looking as cute and cuddly as Ryan and Annie.

Kimmie was Davie's age, a petite eighteen-year-old redhead who had such a huge grin on her face. She was so happy now that she understood how much she loved my son. "Hi, Mom," Kimmie said, licking her lips.

I was about to open my mouth, when Melissa arrived. Naked. The skank was scarlet from head to toes with embarrassment as she raced across the football field, struggling to hide her round breasts and shaved-bare twat. Her black hair streamed behind her as she headed for the goalpost where everyone gathered.

"Oh, my god," a girl laughed. "She's naked." "What a whore," another girl laughed, clutching a five dollar bill in her hand. "Look at that skank," a guy laughed. "Gonna tear her ass up." "Jesus, you're such a slut, Melissa!" "A skankasaurus!" Melissa hunched her shoulders, tears falling down her face as she pressed through the crowd. Guys were groping her, squeezing her ass and breasts. I nodded in full approval, marching towards the goal post trailed by Ryan and Annie.

Melissa reached it first. She groaned, ripping her arms away from her breasts and pussy, grasping the poll before her, and bending over, shoving her ass out to the crowd. Her legs were spread wide, showing off her shaved, slutty cunt. It looked virgin tight. I smiled. Not for long. "Where's Rick?" I demanded, reaching the slut as she trembled, her hair covering her face.

She shook, sobbing with mortification. "Where are you?" "Here, Mrs. Justice," a nervous guy, maybe a year older than my son, said. He was handsome and muscular, tall and blond with Scandinavian cheekbones, almost resembling Chris Hemsworth.

"So you think you must be hot shit?" I sneered. "Think you can fuck my son's girlfriend behind his back." "Yeah," he admitted though he winced, not meaning to be so blunt and honest. But he had no choice. "She was panting for it. Just begging for my dick." "Oh, god," moaned Melissa. I smacked her ass. Hard. The sting made her yelp, leaving behind a red handprint. "And what gives you the right to fuck another guy's girlfriend?" I demanded.

"Hey, she wanted it," Rick protested.


"She came running when I sent the text. She was dripping for it. Her panties were soaked." "Because she's a whore," I said. "But you. You're a dog." I stared at him. "You understand me, Rick?

A. Dog. No more talking. No more wearing clothes. No more walking on all fours or eating like a human. You'll eat and drink out of your doggy bowls. You'll wear a collar. You'll be my new, favorite pet." My thoughts burned so hard. My vision fuzzed dark. I swayed as Rick convulsed. He fell to the ground, shuddering as my commands fell upon him, changing his thoughts, molding them.

And then he began ripping off his clothing, revealing that muscular body. God, it was a sexy body. And his cock. He was hung. What would that feel like.? Barking, he rolled onto his hands and feet, crawling on the grass towards me, wagging his muscular ass like he had a tail. I'd have to buy him a tail. A nice butt plug. They made ones with dog tails. And some floppy doggy ears.

Along with his collar. "Now you just stay there and be a good boy," I told him, petting his thick, blond hair. "I'll deal with you later." He barked in answer. "Jesus, Mom," Ryan said, something in his voice sounded strained, sick. "He deserved it," I said to him, to everyone. "Doesn't he?" My thoughts prickled, but not nearly so bad. And everyone, Melissa included, said, "Yes, he did." I smiled in delight, drinking in their agreement.

Then I turned to Melissa the skankasaurus. I grabbed her ass, squeezing and then parting her cheeks to reveal her puckered asshole. I spat on it, loving how my saliva glistened on her sphincter.

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It ran down to her shaved pussy. I rubbed her cunt, and she shivered, her flesh growing hot and wet. "That's right," I told her. "You're a whore. And whores are always wet.

Always ready to satiate their Johns." "Yes, Mrs. Justice," she whimpered, her pussy getting even wetter, juices trickling down her sleek thighs. "Ryan, come here and stick your cock in her." "Yeah, Mom," he said. To my surprise, Annie assisted him. She unzipped his jeans and pulled out his cock, stroking him and bringing him to the skank's pussy. Melissa groaned as my son's dick slid into her snatch, making her shudder. Her back arched. "You feel that cock, Melissa?" I asked her.

"Yes, Mrs. Justice," she moaned, her hips wiggling, her hot pussy aching to cum. "You can only ever have an orgasm when that cock is in your pussy or asshole," I told her. "Ryan, stick it in her ass so she can feel." "Yeah, Mom," he groaned, ripping out his cock.

With Annie's help, he drove it into the whore's asshole, using the slut's own juices as lube. Melissa gasped, her back arching, butt-cheeks clenching. "Only this cock," I told her, my thoughts tingling hard, spots of darkness dancing across my vision.

"You'll want to cum with other cocks or dildos or fingers or tongues or anything else, but you won't be able to. Understand?" "Yes, Mrs. Justice," she moaned, her hips wiggling. "From now on, you are my son and his girlfriend's whore. You will fuck whomever they tell you to and give them all the money you make." "Yes, Mrs.

Justice," she groaned. "And if you ever want to cum again, then you better make them happy," I said. "Make me happy, bitch," Annie hissed, then she pulled Ryan away, his cock popping out of Melissa's skank ass. SMACK! I grinned as Annie welted Melissa's ass hard with her bare hand. The slim blonde drew back, her hair flying, and cracked down again. The stinging spanking echoed through the air, all the college students watching.


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My pussy clenched. SMACK! Juices trickled down my thighs. "You are just a filthy whore," hissed Annie. CRACK! "A whore!" CRACK! "Ryan," I groaned, my pussy on fire. "Fuck me!" Then, louder, I shouted, "Mothers and their sons should always be lovers! Now start cuing up to fuck Megan the Whore.

Once Annie is done disciplining that cunt, you can start paying for her services." Rick barked while the students all cheered.

Then Ryan seized me. My son kissed me hard, his hands lifting up my dress and exposing my naked body to all these students. I felt boys, and a few girls, staring at my lush curves, moaning in envy as my son's strong hands found my breasts. I shuddered as he massaged them. CRACK! "I'm so sorry!" Melissa howled. "No, you're not!" Annie hissed. CRACK! "You're just a whore!" I shuddered, loving my future daughter-in-law so much.

Ryan sank me down onto the grass. It was ticklish on my naked back and ass. I squirmed, groaning as his hands fondled my breasts. He grinned down at me, so handsome, so much like his father. I shuddered, his thumbs rubbing on my nipples. CRACK! He leaned down and kissed me so hard. He hadn't shaved this morning, and his rough stubble was such a treat rubbing on my lips and cheeks.

I groaned, squirming and writhing on the grass, my hands shoving up his t-shirt to feel his rippling abs. I had such a hunky son.

CRACK! "Please!" sobbed Melissa. "It hurts!" "Good!" roared Annie. CRACK! My tongue dueled with Ryan's as the students cheered Melissa's discipline.

Others watched my son and me with eager expressions. Smart phones were out, pictures were taken and videos recorded. Which made me feel so naughty. Someone even had a drone flying, capturing the scene from high above. The little, white thing hovered up in the air, a blip amid the blue sky. I groaned into my kiss with Ryan, his left hand sliding from my boobs and down my side.

I shivered at his touch, my pussy growing hotter and hotter. It was so amazing kissing my son, loving him. Davie was nearby getting a blowjob from Kimmie, grinning at me. I shuddered, loving the sight of his girlfriend's red hair swaying as she bobbed her mouth up and down my youngest son's cock.

My pussy clenched, growing hotter and hotter. And then Ryan's hand slid past my stomach and between my thighs. "Yes," I moaned into the kiss. CRACK! "Yes, take your punishment, whore!" hissed Annie. "I'm so sorry!" whined Melissa. "I'm so sorry for cheating on him. Please, please! Stop!" CRACK! "So you'll be a good whore and make my man and me lots of money?" demanded Annie as Ryan started moving down my body, his lips kissing at my neck, fingers rubbing at my pussy. "Yes!" CRACK!

"Beg!" snarled Annie. "Oh, god," I moaned as Ryan's fingers pushed into my pussy, the heel of his hand rubbing on my clit. His lips kissed down my collarbone for my big, pillowy tits. I shivered and shuddered, my hips humping. "Please, make me your whore! I'll be the best whore! I'll make you and Ryan so happy! I'll make you lots of money!" CRACK! "She's open for business!" Annie shouted. "Melissa, you can move from the goalpost," I moaned, shuddering, my neck arching.

"Get on your hands and knees. Service a boy and a girl at the same time!" "Yes, Mrs. Justice," she said, her face stained with tears. She turned and I saw her ass, glowing red and spotted in places by deep purples.


Annie had bruised her ass. As Melissa fell to her hands and knees, her first two customers approaching her, Ryan engulfed my nipple. I gasped, my pussy clenching on his fingers. Delightful moans escaped my lips as I savored his touch. "Oh, yes, that's just what Mommy needs," I purred, my hips writhing, my fingers scratching at his chest beneath his t-shirt.

"Mmm, you are such a loving son." "He is," Annie said, falling to her knees beside me, her face flushed. "Oh, my god!" a girl moaned behind Annie. "Lick my cunt, whore, while my boyfriend fucks that pussy!" Ryan's lips popped off my nipple. "Mom's got a free tit. Want to help me, Annie?" "I'd love to," the sweet girl said, beaming at me.

I groaned as my future daughter-in-law and son both sucked on my nipples, his fingers reaming in and out of my pussy. It was so hot. So amazing. Their mouths felt so different. Annie was such a gentle sucker, her tongue swirling about my nipple while Ryan aggressive.

His whiskers rubbed at my sensitive flesh, his hand squeezing my big, pillowy mound, fingers rough. Annie's tongue fluttered along my nipple, her silky hair caressing my left tit as she moved her head. It was so hot. It made my pussy burn around Ryan's fingers. I shuddered, humping as he reamed me, stirring pleasure through me.

"Oh, you two are so wonderful," I groaned. "Fuck that skank," a guy cheered. "Bust your nut in her cunt!" "Then I'm going to tear the shit out of her ass." "Yes, yes, yes," a girl moaned.

"Lick my pussy, you fucking cunt." I shuddered, savoring the sounds of Melissa's descent into whoredom as my son and his girlfriend loved my tits. My pussy grew hotter and hotter. My ass squirmed on the grass. My eyes rolled back into my head as I groaned and gasped. My right hand reached out, finding Annie's thighs while my left hand slid down my son's stomach for his jeans. I found his cock while my other hand slid up her inner thigh.

Her silky flesh grew hotter and hotter, wetter and wetter.

And then I found her pussy. They both moaned as I caressed them. I stroked my son's cock and rubbed at Annie's pussy. Her juices coated my fingers as she groaned about my nipple.

She sucked harder, gaining some of Ryan's aggression. Her body shuddered. My son grunted, sucking so much of my nipple into my mouth, engulfing almost all of my areola.

"Damn, Mom," he panted, popping his mouth off. "You are wild." "Uh-huh," I moaned, smiling at him while Annie kept sucking on my nipple. Students cheered in the background as the first guy finished in Melissa, flooding her skank-cunt with load after load of his cum.

She squealed as the next guy fucked her ass. Then let out a grunt of pain. "And your pussy is so wet, Mom," Ryan groaned as I shuddered, loving the sound of Melissa getting sodomized. "So wet," I agreed, clenching down on his fingers, delight rippling through my body.

Then he was moving down my body in a hurry, such hunger in his dark eyes. His cock slipped from my grip as he nestled between my thighs. He twisted his fingers in me, stabbing them deep as he leaned in and sucked on my clit. I groaned, bucking hard as pleasure shot through me. My nipple throbbed in Annie's sweet mouth. My fingers plunged so deep into the girl as I shuddered.

She gasped about my nub, her blue eyes flashing up at me. Then her lips popped off my nipple. "He's very good at that." "So he went down on you?" I asked, humping against my son. "Before he took my virginity." Annie's blue eyes shone. "It was magical. He licked me. He lapped at me. He made me squeal. I was so relaxed it hardly hurt when he entered me." "Beautiful," I moaned. "Take that cock up your ass, you filthy skank!" a girl hissed in the background.

"And tongue my twat!" Annie kissed me, her hand squeezing my large breast with such tenderness. I groaned, our tongues meeting, my fingers pumping in and out of her pussy with such enthusiasm. Her tight cunt clenched on my fingers just like my snatch clenched on my son's. Dizzy lust rippled through me. Ryan's whiskers rubbed into my hot flesh as he sucked and tongued and nibbled my clit. He loved my little bud while his fingers pumped so fast and deep into me.

I groaned, my ass clenching, my orgasm swelling through me. He was such an amazing son. He was so sexy. Such a hunk. I groaned into my future daughter-in-law's mouth as the pleasure built and built. I shivered and moaned, our tongues dueling, her pussy so hot on my fingers. Ryan sucked so hard on my clit, his fingers stirring such passion in my cunt. I came. I broke the kiss with Annie, screaming, "Yes, yes, yes!" "Yes, yes, yes!" another girl moaned, cumming on the whore's mouth.

"Oh, Ryan, yes!" I gasped, pumping my fingers so hard into Annie's sweet cunt while she trembled beside me. "Oh, Ryan, you made your mother cum," Annie said. "You are such a loving son. You'll make such a wonderful father!" "Yes!" I gasped. "Yes, he will!" My pussy spasmed about his fingers as he kept sucking and tonguing my clit. I groaned and gasped, bucking on the ground. The grass felt amazing on my ass.

I trembled, drinking in all the sensations, moaning as Annie sucked on my nipple again. Such a wonderful girl. Such a loving, sweet thing. Pleasure burned through me. I groaned and gasped. Incestuous rapture burned through my mind. But I needed more. I needed my son in me. My ass clenched as he sucked so hard on my clit, my pussy on fire. "Ryan," I moaned.

"Mommy needs you in her ass! I need to be reamed! I want your cock in my butt!" "Damn, Mom," he groaned, rising. Annie's lips popped off my nipple. "In your butt, Mom? Won't that hurt?" "Right, lube," I panted. "Shove it in my pussy first. And Annie. Sit on my face. Let me eat that yummy pussy." "Yes, Mom," she moaned as I pulled my fingers out of her snatch. Annie didn't waste any time.

The little minx was on fire. I bet she was close to cumming. She settled on my face, her skirt forming a tent, screening me from the world. But I could still hear the watching college students groaning and laughing and mocking the whore over Annie's squeals, my tongue sliding through her spicy pussy. It was so hot to lick a girl's pussy. She had blonde pubic hair that tickled my face.

And as my tongue parted her slit, I discovered just how silky she felt. And the taste. Spicy cream right from the source. It was wonderful and. "Yes!" I gasped as Ryan lifted my ass from the grass and buried into my pussy.

His cock sank so deep into my cunt. A spasm ran through me, a mini-orgasm that had me shaking and trembling. Then he ripped his cock out of my pussy, lifted my ass higher with his hands, bending me at my waist, and brought his dripping cock to my sphincter. My thighs slipped over his shoulders. I moaned into his girlfriend's snatch as his lubed cock rubbed at my asshole. And thrust into me. I groaned, my bowels clenching down on his dick as his cock reamed my asshole. I shuddered, my thighs locking about his waist.

Burning friction spread heat through my nethers. My pussy ached as he drew back and slammed in again. "Oh, Mom," Annie gasped.

"Oh, your mouth feels amazing on my pussy. Oh, you lick so good. Mmm, yes. I'm going to cum!" "Do it," Ryan groaned, pounding my ass.

"You are so beautiful when you cum." "Aww," she sighed. I could picture tears in her blue eyes. And then I heard them kissing so lovingly, so passionately, while they enjoyed my body. I shuddered, so glad I could share in their love. It was so naughty. So taboo. My son fucked me while I tongued his girlfriend's snatch. I ate her hard, fast, drinking her spicy juices while her pubic hairs tickled my face.

My bowels clenched on his dick, the pleasure building and building in me as he pounded me so hard, grunting into his girlfriend's lips. I was such a naughty mommy.

It was so hot. I humped against him, my tongue brushing her clit. She squealed. Spicy juices flooded my mouth. She squirmed on my face as her orgasm burned through her. It was so amazing to listen to her. The way she squealed and moaned. The way she squirmed and gasped. It was so hot. I squeezed her cute tush as she humped on my mouth, moaning into my son's kiss.

"Oh, she's taking my cock up her ass with ease! What a whore!" "Yeah, she's good," laughed another guy. "Mmm, yes, lick my twat! I'm going to cream your face!" It was so hot, so nasty listening to Melissa being used like the dirty, filthy whore she was while having fun with my son and his girlfriend. I humped into my son's thrusts, pleasure burning in my bowels. His balls smacked into my butt-cheeks while Annie kept cumming, kept moaning. She squirmed on my face, grinding her hard clit across my lips, caressing my cheeks with her pubic hair.

Her juice spilled about me as she kept cumming and cumming. It was so hot. She tasted so good. I loved her spicy pussy juices. "Yes, yes, yes, cum on Mommy's lips and cum in Mommy's ass!" "Yes," Ryan groaned, breaking their kiss, fucking me even harder. "I'll dump so much cum in your ass, Mom!" I shuddered as he reamed me so hard. He pounded me, thrusting his dick into the depths of my bowels while Annie squealed and gasped on my lips.

I sucked on her slit, drowning in her juices. It was so hot. So amazing. I couldn't wait to lick Kimmie's pussy. That thought sent me over the edge. My orgasm burned through me. I gasped about Annie's clit, my bowels writhing about Ryan's incestuous cock. He pounded his mother's ass so hard, grunting, groaning, his heavy balls smacking my ass.

"Cum in your mom, honey!" Annie squealed. "Do it!" "Yes!" he groaned, burying into my bowels. "Mom! Love you!" "Love my big, strong son!" I moaned into his girlfriend's snatch as his cum flooded my bowels. He pumped load after load of his jizz into me. I shuddered, my bowels writhing about his cock, milking him. So much hot cum spurted into me.

I spasmed so hard, moaning into my future daughter-in-law's pussy as my ass drank in all my son's incestuous passion. "Damn, Mom," he groaned, thrusting in the last time. "You are so amazing, Mom," gasped Annie. "She is," Davie said. "Yep," I heard Kimmie pant. Annie fell back off of me, twitching. I blinked against the bright, blue sky.

It was so dark beneath Annie's skirt. My face was covered in juices. I shuddered, my orgasm dying as Ryan pulled his cock out of my asshole. Kimmie and Davie were nearby. He had made love to his redheaded girlfriend, pumping her full of cum. He groaned, rolling off of her. She had her legs spread, her wispy, fiery pubic hair matted with his cum.

I licked my lips. "Let me clean you up, Kimmie," I told her, crawling towards her. Behind me, Annie noisily sucked Ryan's cock clean of my ass. Such a sweet girl. "Oh, you are so nice, Mom," Kimmie said when I reached her and grabbed her silky thighs.

"And Davie, go get in line. I know you want a poke at that whore's cunt." Davie glanced at Kimmie. "It's fine," I told Kimmie. "You understand, boys need all the pussy they can get. But you'll never be jealous. In fact, you'll help him find girls. To make him happy." My thoughts prickled. Kimmie nodded. "Have fun, Davie!" Before I buried my mouth between my other future daughter-in-law's thighs, I glanced at Rick and his hunky body. He was sniffing at the ground like a dog then barked as a grasshopper took off.

He tried to pounce on it, that huge cock swaying between his thighs. "Rick, be a good boy and fuck my pussy hard!" I ordered, eager to try out my new pet.

I buried my face into Kimmie's cunt, licking through her sweet pussy and gathering my son's salty cum leaking out of her. I savored the incestuous treat, licking again, her wispy pubic hairs caressing my face while she groaned in pure delight.

And then Rick mounted me. With a savage growl, he jammed that huge cock into my pussy. I groaned, loving his dick. It wasn't one of my boys' shafts, but it still felt amazing. I knew I would enjoy my new pet greatly. But a mother would always have a special place in her heart, and her cunt, for her sons.

"Mom!" Kimmie squealed as Rick hammered me with such wonderful passion. I loved my life. I was special. And everyone would finally listen to me and understand. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Deidre Icke shivered as she, her son, and daughter all came. His cum pumped into her pussy. Alexis juices squirted into her mouth. It was heavenly.

She was so glad that incest between a mother and her children was allowed. And she couldn't wait to find out what the next god or goddess would reveal. Behind her, her dot matrix printer rumbled to life. She gasped, straightening up. Her son's cock popped out of her pussy. Cum ran down her thighs as she raced for the printout, ripping the paper free and staring at the report with such eager delight. It read in blocky letters: "Subject 3 has been located. The halo is ready to be sent." She lifted her eyes to the heaven, wishing her guru, the amazing Dr.

Blavatsky, and his wife were alive to witness this amazing moment. Day-by-day, the New Age dawned brighter. The END