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The Vampire's Kiss Chapter 11: Bloody Incest by mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Father Hyrum Augustine, unknowing pawn of the demon Jezebel, faced the vampiress, Rosa Reyes, in her realty office, the sunlight streaming through the window onto her golden-brown skin. It did not consume the foul creature. The Latina woman's face transformed as the priest's snarl of "Vampiress" echoed through the room.

Fangs flashed between her ruby lips. Damien turned her and she was gifted daywalking. Every vampire had a gift from telekinesis to mesmerizing gaze. Some, like Rosa, were protected from the purity of the sun, able to walk in what should burn her foul body to a crisp. The priest's cock throbbed harder as Rosa moved. She dressed in a sleek, tight miniskirt and low-cut blouse, showing off the beauty of her body to gain an edge in negotiations.

The priest admired her beauty, eager to own her body like he yearned to own the vampiress Lynette's nubile form. Lusts defined the Father, the whip the demon possessing him used to drive the priest to her tasks. As time slowed, fantasies flashed through the priest's body, whispered by Jezebel. He pictured Rosa pinned to the table, her body naked, golden-brown, heaving in the sunlight as he plowed his cock into her sinful hole.

The table creaked as he ravaged her. All women are whores, and vampiresses especially. They are sin animating flesh. They inspire such depravity in men. The priest already yearned to tame Abigail, and now he lusted for Rosa. He wanted his own pets vampiresses to join him, to be yoked to his communion the way he had chained the three woman who surged around him. Blonde and youthful Joy drew a silver machete while Samantha, her glasses slipping down her alabaster face, produced a wooden stake she had hidden beneath her clothing.

The white oak's point lunged at Rosa. "Capture her," breathed Father Augustine as his holy warriors rushed forward. Donna Lawson—the married MILF he had savored stealing from her husband—snapped her hand out at the lunging Rosa. Shock burst across the vampiress's face. She had known blood in the early hours of the morning when she helped Damien slaughter at the mansion. She discovered the ease of killing humans with her undead speed and strength She expected humans to be slow.

My whores have been blessed by my holy power. Yes, they have, the feminine voice whispered. To the priest, Jezebel's purr belonged to the Holy Ghost and proved the priest's righteous belief in his purpose. Flesh smacked flesh. The vampiress hissed in pain, her clawing hand recoiling before she could reach Father Augustine's throat. The priest folded his arms, his cock tenting the front of his cassock as he admired his women unleashed.

Joy's blonde hair flowed behind her as she swung with the silver-plated machete. Only items of purity—salt, white oak, sunlight, holy water, silver—could harm the undead. Rosa's nostril flared. Her dark eyes burned as she twisted from Joy's weapon. The machete sang through the air, a flash of silvery violence.

Blood spurted. Rosa grasped her leg. Smoke curled from the wound. "Do not mar her beauty too much," the priest smiled. "Disable and pin her so I may claim her." "Yes, Father," breathed Donna, her large breasts heaving beneath her blouse as the MILF and Samantha charged in.

"Claim me?" laughed Rosa. Her uninjured leg lashed out. Donna took the blow in the stomach. The force threw the woman back into a filing cabinet.

Metal groaned as the MILF bounced off. She left a creased dent, the gray-green paint flexing off. Donna rose, shacking off the injury. "Thank you lord for my holy warriors," prayed the priest. Thank you for making my whores strong. Samantha screeched as she stabbed the stake at Rosa's stomach, forcing the vampiress to leap back. She landed on her bad leg and howled in pain. Pure rage burned in the vampiress's face as she struggled to stay upright. Joy leaped over the woman's desk, knocking over a computer monitor as she landed beside the vampire.

She swung hard with the machete. Rosa sucked in her stomach as she danced back. Fabric sliced. Smoke curled. A thin, long slice weeped tainted blood down Rosa's stomach. "I will rip you all to shreds," screeched the vampiress. She seized the heavy printer sitting on a small table in the corner and hurtled it at Joy.

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The blonde knocked it from the air and advanced on the vampiress, Samantha rushing in alongside her. They had the vampiress pinned in the corner. It was almost over. Father Augustine reached down and rubbed at his cock. "The hussy has unleashed her sin upon me," groaned the priest.

"Then she'll have to satiate you, Father," Samantha snarled. The brunette stabbed with the stake as Joy sliced her machete. Rosa could only dodge one. The machete swiped at her neck. The priest tensed, fearing his whore had lost control and disobeyed him. But Joy's attack forced the vampiress to dodge into Samantha's path. The wooden stake slammed into Rosa's stomach. Agony screamed from the vampiress's mouth. She stumbled to the right. White oak planted into a vampire's torso was agony.

It disabled them. Hunters carried bolts of white oak to shoot into vampire's chest so they could paralyze and then kill their foe. "Yes," Father Augustine breathed. "No," snarled Rosa as her body convulsed. The vampiress found the strength to throw herself backwards before she lost all motor control.

She crashed through the glass window. The shards spun about her, cutting her flesh. The sunlight illuminated her blood droplets. They glowed with inner fire. And then she was gone, plunging several stories to the street below. A snarl of rage burst from the priest's lips. He rushed to the window and peered down at the cement below. Rosa landed hard, her body convulsing on the sidewalk.

It would take more than that to kill a vampire.

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Pedestrians already crowded around her, speaking on her cell phones. Calling the authorities. No time. Damien is the target. Forget the bitch, hissed the feminine voice. "We need to leave," Father Augustine spat. "Right now!" "Yes, Father," Samantha said. "I.I'm sorry, Father. I tried to capture her." The priest didn't answer.

Bile burned the back of his throat. There is still Abigail, whispered the feminine voice. Once you kill Damien, the widowed vampiress will need the comfort of her priest. Father Augustine smiled. He had failed to kill or dominate Rosa, but he had confirmation on Damien's lair. The loft above Club Risqué. How else had Rosa, the property's realty agent, been turned into a vampiress? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Remember, you have a way to escape your corruption.

Kill Damien once Faust's blood has cooled. Gideon's voice echoed through her mind. Aurora the corrupted angel spun around, her crimson wings flapping wide. She gripped her sword then let it vanish. She would never turn on Damien. He had unshackled her from Heaven's morality. Together, they would kill Faust and stop Jezebel's plan. The demon would pay. And then she would serve her vampire and combat darkness.

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No rules or petty morality would stop them. They would fight darkness with darkness. They would prowl the night and keep mankind safe from the predators—shepherds guarding the flock.

And like any shepherd, they would earn the right to take the choicest morsels and feast. "Aurora, is everything all right?" a soft voice asked. The angel turned, her naked tits heaving, and faced Britney. The thrall stretched from the mattress she lay upon. Mary slept beside her. All three vampires—Damien, Abigail, and Mary—slept in the dark loft. The windows were coated with thick, black paint, hiding the foul sun from their flesh.

"It's fine," Aurora said, her wings fluttering. Seeing Gabriel, her former angelic partner, excited her. The prospect of seducing a pure angel and tasting his seed appealed to Aurora. When Damien feasted on her, she became a different kind of predator, one who feasted on sexual juices. She had been feasting on Britney's milk when Gabriel interrupted her.

Aurora's eyes locked on the blood-smeared tits. Britney's wounds, caused by Mary's sharp teeth, had healed swiftly, but streaks remained on her skin, mixing with the milk beading on her nipples.

Britney yawned. "Okay. I was just falling asleep. I thought I heard a man's voice." "Just a fool." Aurora walked to Britney as the thrall closed her eyes and fell into sleep again. She needed to regain energy. She had been feasted upon off and on all night by the vampires. Though her human body had been enhanced to replenish her blood and milk swiftly, there were limits. Aurora shuddered. She needed to feed. Thralls existed to be used. "Sleep, child," Aurora purred as she fell upon the mistress lying on the empty loft's floor.

Nearby, Damien, Abigail, and Vicky, another Thrall, slept. "I will give you such sweet dreams." Aurora's hands slid up Britney's smooth thighs. The young girl, barely eighteen, shuddered as she dreamed. Her hand held Mary's. They were friends before their changes, and now they had an even stronger bond uniting them—serving Damien. The angel pushed her thighs apart, exposing Britney's shaved pussy. A landing strip of fine, blonde down led to a wet snatch.

Aurora's nose twitched as the angel breathed in the musk. An orgasmic sigh issued from her throat. "Such sweet dreams." Aurora leaned down to feast on the sleeping girl's snatch. Her tongue flicked along the shaved vulva, gathering up the sexual fluids—cum or pussy dew, Aurora craved both now. Her wings fluttered as her excitement grew.

Aurora savored the flavor. It burst to life on her mouth. She moaned through her lips, her body feasting on the sustenance of Britney's lusts. The girl shifted and let out a soft sigh as she slumbered and dreamed. I hope they are such— Metal rattled outside.

A van door sliding open. It was in the alley of of the loft. Footsteps stomped. The angel's keen senses alerted her to the clatter of a gun's slide pulled back and released, the flick of safety, then steps pounded up the stairs.

"Wake up!" Aurora shrieked, her wings flapping, carrying her to her feet. Her bloody sword appeared in her hand. "We're under attack." The door burst open. Sunlight ruined the purity of darkness.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Damien D'Angelo's eyes snapped open the moment Aurora's shout burst from her lips. The vampire's enhanced senses heard the pounding footsteps. Four separate steps but three were light—women. Their excited musk brushing his nose mixed with gun oil, salt, white oak. Vampire Hunters. The door burst open as Damien rose.

His wife Abigail, who moments before had slept in his arms, leaped to her feet, his hard dick sliding out of her ass.

She hissed in a low crouch beside Damien, flinching from the vile sunlight spilling into the loft as three women burst in carrying weapons. Donna Lawson, mother of Britney, was at their lead. Though Damien was shocked to see his neighbor leading the charge, he did not let it stop his reaction as Donna lowered her shotgun right at Abigail. Damien knew it was loaded with rock salt, a tactic he had used many times as a living hunter.

With a roar, he threw Abigail to the side. His red-haired vampiress tumbled across the floor and came up in a crouch. The shotgun roared. Pain exploded across Damien's side. He felt every grain of salt strike his skin. Smoke wisped from his wounds as thousands of crystals dug into his flesh, pricking agony through his body.

"Bitch!" His shouted thundered through the hall. His right arm fell limp. So much smoke billowed from it, he couldn't see his flesh from wrist to shoulder.

The smoke stung at his eyes as he rushed at the woman. Damien drank in the pain. His cock thrust hard before him. Donna racked her shotgun, the red shell ejected smoking. It spun through the air as the next shell slammed into the breech. It was sawed-off. One of Damien's he had left with Father Augustine. The priest strode into the loft, a dark shadow surrounded by the too bright sunlight. "You have fallen, Damien," the priest said, his gruff voice stronger, alight with inhuman words.

Damien heard something strange in the priest's voice, a woman speaking with the man, a faint, almost ringing tone just at the edge of Damien's hearing. "But I have come to free you from the prison of your flesh so you may find paradise again." "Amen," Donna hissed.

Damien snagged the barrel of the gun and shoved it to the side. The shotgun went off, spraying salt past his chest. The barrel burned his hand, but Damien could ignored the mundane heat. His flesh healed in an instant. He ripped the shotgun from her, spun it, and pumped the action. In a blur almost too fast for the vampire to follow, she produced a silver machete and swung. He blocked it with the shotgun barrel.

Donna was fast. Too fast for even a hunter. Damien had numbered among the best of the Knights Venator, and he never possessed the woman's speed. "What are you?" he demanded as she hacked at him again. "Something holy," breathed Donna. "Something pure. Chosen by god to kill you and rescue my daughter." But Damien smelled a different truth on her.

She oozed lust. It burned through her. Consumed her and drove her. The lust wasn't holy. It was foul, tainted, corrupted. It made no sense to the vampire as he fell back before her feverish assault.

But it made her blood smell so sweet. He yearned to taste her corruption. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Damien screamed in pain as Abigail D'Angelo came up in crotch after being thrown to the side. She snarled at Donna Lawson, glaring daggers at her neighbor for hurting Damien.

She rose and tense, prepared to leap and rip the woman's head off. Movement attracted the vampiress's attention. Samantha Murphy raised a crossbow to her shoulder, a white oak quarrel resting on the cradle. The young woman, a member of Abigail's church, fired. The crossbow bolt took Abigail in the collarbone as she tried to dodge. It spun her around. Pain burned down her arm. You invited me to your wedding next week, bitch, Abigail thought as the pains creamed through her.

The vampiress crashed to the ground. Her left arm paralyzed by the shot. She rolled onto her right side, the quarrel twisting in her flesh.

She regained her feet. Samantha, her glasses slipping off her nose, calmly reloaded her crossbow, cranking the mechanism to pull back the cradle and bend the arms. Abigail ripped out the quarrel and threw it at Samantha. The human reacted in an instant. She raised the crossbow, blocking the powerful throw. The quarrel embedded into the fiberglass body of the weapon. Abigail didn't stay still. She rushed in after the thrown bolt. Feeling returned to her left arm.

Her wound still burned and smoked, but she had removed the white oak's purity didn't, returning control to her limb. She snarled, her fangs growing. Samantha's blood smelled sweet. Samantha threw her crossbow. The large weapon hurtled at Abigail. She raised her forearms, letting the weapon bounce off of her. She kept running. She wasn't a weak human to be slowed down that easily. She lowered her arms, ready to grab Samantha, and hissed her hunger.

Samantha drew a handgun from a shoulder harness. "Bitch," Abigail snarled as she stared down at her own 9mm with an extended magazine holding thirty rounds. Samantha pulled the trigger. The 9mm had been illegally modified to full auto. A burst of five round spat from the end of the gun as Samantha swept her arm before her. The bullets struck Abigail in the legs. Three of the silver coated bullets passed through the flesh of her thighs, leaving burning wounds behind while a fourth miss.

The fifth struck her knee cap, the silver lodged against the bone. Abigail's legs folded beneath her. She collapsed before Samantha. Confusion gripped Abigail. Samantha shouldn't have the skill to be so precise with a 9mm firing at full automatic.

The young woman had never held a gun before. She was pro-gun control, believing every Christian should be against any weapon being owned. So when was she trained?


Behind Samantha, a blonde woman Abigail didn't recognize dodged the streaking blur of Mary. The young vampiress was gifted with super speed. She left only an afterimage behind as she raced up the wall and leaped at the blonde. Who pulled an ampoule of holy water and flicked it almost casually before her. Mary, streaking down from above, had no chance to avoid it. Her momentum provided all the force to shatter the glass. Holy water spilled about the vampiress, and she crashed to the ground at the blonde's feet, her flesh burning.

Mary's agony screamed through the warehouse. "What are you?" Abigail hissed through her teeth at Samantha. Her wounds in her legs healed, all except around the bullet lodged against her knee. "God's warriors sent to fight evil," Samantha said, her eyes burning with lust. Abigail shoved herself backwards as Samantha aimed again. The vampiress's legs burned. But she wouldn't give up. She would keep fighting and drink the bitch's blood.

Another burst of 9mm rounds exploded from Samantha's gun. They did not hit Abigail. Vickie fell to the ground before Abigail.

The Black thrall clutched her bleeding stomach. The scent of blood thickened in the air. Drops splashed across Abigail's face and breasts. Her tongue licked out, tasting the salty flavor. The thrall's life. A spike of energy shot through Abigail. "Kill her, Mistress," panted Vickie, her voice thick with orgasmic pleasure.

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Pain and rapture were the same to a thrall. Abigail snarled in answer and gained her feet. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Britney Lawson rushed across the loft. Mary screamed in pain behind her and Abigail lay on the ground, bleeding. But she was Damien's thrall. It was her Master that she ran to the rescue of, her large tits heaving. Britney couldn't believe her mother thought she needed saving.

But Britney would not let her mother harm Damien. It didn't matter that Donna Lawson had birthed Britney and raised her. Nothing would stop Britney from protecting her master. The young woman let out a shout right before she slammed into her mother's side, a football tackle. Donna gasped and grunted.

The two women fell to the ground in a flurry of matching blonde curls. Donna struggled as Britney seized her mother's arm. "You can't harm him," Britney shouted. "Oh, honey," groaned Donna as she wrestled with her daughter. "I'm here to save you, sweetie. Then you can serve the priest like I do." Lust burned in Donna's mouth. Britney was shocked by the wanton, purring moan. It was sexual, taboo groan of pleasure. It unleashed incestuous lust inside of Britney.

Her pussy, already wet from the angel's licking while she dozed, unleashed a new flood of pleasure. "No," Britney gasped, her eyes widening. "No, no. You need to serve Damien. You'll love it. Just let him bite you. Fuck you. Let him make you cum, Mother!" Donna, to Britney's absolute shock, through her daughter off of her.

Britney landed hard on the wooden step. "I'm trying to save you," Donna roared as she gained her feet with far more speed and grace then Britney thought possible.

"Don't you understand?" Damien raised the shotgun, the barrel scored with dents and nicks. Donna cursed and dived to the ground. The shotgun boomed. But her roll was swift. She came up in a crouch and threw her machete at Damien. "Master," Britney gasped in shock. The machete took Damien in the thigh. The vampire moved, but not fast enough.

How is Mom a better fighter than Master? It's like she's not human. Damien roared in pain. His cock thrust hard before him as his flesh sizzled. He seized the handle of the machete and ripped it out of his flesh. His blood sizzled on the weapon, boiling away. Damien shuddered. "What are you?" he demanded, facing Donna. "Purified by the priest's communion!" Donna's eyes widened with ecstasy as she reached into her back pocket and pulled out a vial of holy water.

"No!" Britney threw herself at her mother. Donna cursed and turned. She grabbed Britney's hand, twisting it. "Stop fighting, Britney Lawson. You don't know what you're doing. He's evil." "He's my Master!" Britney screamed the words. They exploded out of her. She believed them with every fiber of her being. "He owns me. You can't hurt him." Donna struggled and pushed Britney away, turning to face Damien. The vampire surged in, swinging the machete. Donna twisted her body, her feet almost a blur as she backpedaled and dodged around the attacks.

She can't dodge us both. The thought propelled Britney into motion. She moved around her mother. A sexual surge of lust rushed through her. Blood scented the air. She wasn't a vampire, but she still responded to the aroma of spilled life fading into death.

She licked her lips. Milk beaded her nipples. Her mother was so strong. She would make Damien a wonderful vampiress. Britney lunged at her mom's back. Donna threw a glance and cursed. She tried to dodge both Britney and the machete. But she couldn't do both. She twisted her body out of the way of Damien's blurring swing.

Britney grabbed her mother's waist. She locked her arms tight about her mother, hugging her from behind. She then hooked Donna's foot as the older woman moved. Britney yanked, throwing Donna off balance.

The pair crashed to the floor, Britney's hands sliding up, grabbing her mother's breasts. She pinched with her fingernails hard, tearing through her mother's thin shirt and into the flesh of her tits. Blood welled around her fingers. "Master," Britney moaned. Damien loomed over them, his muscular body bleeding as it healed. A wild rage burned in his eyes, teetering on the edge of lust. The vampire's nostrils flared, inhaling Donna's blood. Yes, take her, Master.

Damien fell on the mother squirming in her daughter's embrace. Britney's smiled as Damien seized her and opened his mouth wide, his fangs flashing. A hot thrill ran through the young woman. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aurora rushed to Mary's aid. The vampiress screamed on the ground, her flesh burning from the holy water.

Mary shuddered and writhed. She would heal, vampires always did, but for the moment she was incapacitated. The blonde girl produced a sharp, silver knife, raising it high to dispatch Mary. "No," Aurora shouted, swinging her sword and catching the knife as it flashed down.

The silver sparked against her bloody sword. Smoke rose. I'm vulnerable to silver. But not daylight. What are the rules for me? Those questions did not matter now.

Aurora reposed with her sword, the nimble blonde leaping back. She moved with grace and skill despite her youth. Aurora spotted no callouses on the girl's hand, no sign of developed muscles brought about by exercise and training. Her skills were not natural. "Familiar," snarled Aurora. She glanced past the blonde to Father Augustine standing in the doorway, the bright, morning sun spilling around him. He was almost an absence of light, a negative space. And lurking in that shadows, Aurora spotted her enemy—Jezebel.

The blonde and the other two women were enhanced by a demon, made familiars through Jezebel's possession of the priest. The Demon had gifted the priest the power to corrupt the women through unholy rituals, a perversion of the priest's faith and power as a man of God. The blonde was innocent. Aurora did not want to kill the innocent. Damien had freed her from Heaven's shackles. She was not bound by morality.


She had a choice. She could heartlessly dispatch the blonde and then kill the priest. Or she could protect the innocent and go for the demon directly. For Jezebel. "You have brought yourself within my reach, Demon," snarled Aurora. "Is that you, Aurora?" the priest said, but mixed in with his gruff voice was the mocking tones of Jezebel.

"What has happened to you?


You have let yourself go. I never expected you to become a succubus." Is that what I am? It explains my hungers. "You have escaped justice for too long." Aurora parried the blonde's attack then lashed out with her foot. The blonde leaped back and Aurora lunged in. Jezebel, through the priest, laughed. "Justice? When has Heaven ever meted out justice? You merely throw us back into Perdition.

But we always find new ways out. New cracks to influence men. They are the ones you need to police, not us. They are the ones that beg for our powers. They are the one crying out to sin." Aurora's lips curled back. She slapped the dagger from the blonde's hand. The girl blinked in shock. Her gifts as a familiar were to fight vampires, not angels. Jezebel did not expect to find me in the field contesting her directly. Today, Aurora knew, she would deliver justice on the bitch. As the blonde lunge for her knife, Aurora flapped her wings, thrusting herself forward.

Her knee slammed into the girl's stomach. The blonde groaned and fell on the ground. Aurora followed up her attack with a kick to the blonde's temple, knocking her out. "Jezebel," screamed Aurora. Her wings flapped. She flew at the possessed priest. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Holy Ghost spoke through the priest as the crimson-winged demon charged at him.

"Will you really strike down my vessel, Aurora?" The priest had no fear. He had righteousness on his side. The demon landed before him, her wings folding around her body. Aurora was a beauty he longed to tame, another whore, naked, her nipples hard as they surmounted large, heaving breasts. His eyes gazed down to her sleek stomach to the bare pudenda.

Her thighs glistened with sexual excitement. Her pussy lips engorged, pink, begging to be touched. "I will not kill him," Aurora said, her bloody sword vanishing.

"I'll kill you, Jezebel." The Holy Ghost laughed through the priest. His body trembled. He stood in the sunlight as the demon seized him. Her lips planted on his. The ecstasy of the Holy Ghost's possession vanished, and a new rapture replaced it. What are you doing? the feminine voice of the Ghost demanded in the depths of the priest's soul. Father Augustine did not care. His lips were locked on the demon's.

Her arms pulled his body against her lush flesh. Crimson wings engulfed him as his dick ached hard. Her lips tasted of pussy, a sweet musk that brought a groan from the priest's throat. His body free of the Holy Ghost's possession, his hands reached out, seizing the demon's pillowy tits. He squeezed them, savoring their pillowy softness. His thumbs brushed her hard nipples, bringing sighs from her lips.

Her hands slid down his body, stroking him through his cassock. Until she found his cock. "Whore," groaned the priest, breaking their kiss as the demon squeezed his cock. "Perdition's slut." "Oh, that's inside of you," laughed Aurora as she stroked the crown of his dick through the robes.

"I'm Heaven's whore. Mmm, Lord, I'm going to enjoy fucking his cock." "Amen," breathed the priest. "Your filthy hole can't resist my dick. You want to revel in sin with me." "So much." Aurora's golden eyes rolled back in her head.

"I want to experience all the sins of the flesh." "Every woman is such a whore, even the demons." Aurora laughed and kissed him again. Her wings held him tight as her hands pulled up his cassock. The fabric rubbed against the tip of his cock, sending flutters of pleasure through him as he thrust his tongue into the demon's mouth.

His hands squeezed on her tits again. The priest broke the kiss and lifted a breast. He stared at her perfect nipple for a moment as she bared his cock.

Her hands grasped his naked flesh. She stroked him. He groaned and leaned down, engulfing her nipple and sucking hard. "Lord, what a wonderful servant I'm going to corrupt," moaned the demon. "He makes me so wet, God. Heaven's light!" The priest's cock brushed the inner slope of her sticky thighs.

Her lusts poured out of her, thickening the air with her sweet musk. The demon smelled of innocent passion. A lie to deceive men. His dick rose higher in her grasp. Her wings tightened around him as she rubbed the crown across her sinful hole, her juices coating the tip. So warm and sticky. The demon's flesh burned for his cock.

She had to feed her hungry cunt with flesh. Even though I came to kill her servant. She is weak. I will dominate her flesh. Father Augustine thrust. Aurora let out a sweet moan as he buried into her wet depths.

Her cunt gripped him, clenching about his shaft. Her juices boiled about him. An exquisite pleasure rushed through his body. His hands squeezed her pliant flesh. "I will tame your whorish cunt, Demon," spat the priest as he hammered her tight sheath. Ecstasy boiled through him. His every thrust sent rapture crashing through him. "You will serve a holy purpose." "Sad," she gasped, her hips undulating, her hot lips pressing into his ear.

"You are the demon's tool. But I will rescue you, Father." Lies, hissed the Feminine voice. His hands moved around the demon's lithe body. He grasped her taut ass, clenching, holding, claiming her. He thrust harder, his balls smacking into her flesh while she writhed and gasped. She threw her thighs about his waist, gripping him tight as tight as her pussy held his cock. The pleasure roared through him. He twisted, thrusting her against the door frame as he fucked her hard.

Her wings unfolded, one in brilliant sunlight, the other in shadow. Her tits bounced before him, her nipples grazing the front of his cassock as she moaned and writhed. Her hips undulated, working her pussy around his cock, eager for her spilling release.

"Give it to me," she gasped. "Oh, sweet Lord, his cock. Such a gift you gave this man. And how he uses it." Her whorish words spurred the Father's hips. The feminine voice inside laughed in delight. What a slut she has become. She is addicted to sex. "To the hole between her thighs," groaned Father Augustine. "I love that hole," gasped Aurora.

"Feed me your seed, fallen priest. Cry out to God as you cum in me. Blaspheme and sin in my body." Her pussy spasmed about his dick. She shook and trembled in his arm. Her eyes rolled back into her head as her orgasm burst through her body. She gasped and shuddered, bucking hard against him. The pleasure coursed up his cock as her wet hole massaged him. He buried his face into the soft neck of the demon.

He breathed in her sweet musk. He sucked on her flesh as the pressure in his balls swelled. They smacked over and over into her body, full of the seed she sought. She was desperate for it. Hungered for it. "Cum in me," Aurora screamed, her fingers clawing into his back through his cassock. Fabric ripped beneath her ardor. Her pussy clenched harder, begging for his seed. "Flood me. Give it to me while God watches our sin. Sweet Lord, thank you for my cunt and this pleasure." Her blaspheme excited him more.

"Yes," he growled. "Praise the Lord for your sinful hole. Her demonic cunt shall serve Heaven by satiating the lusts she inflamed in me. Amen!" His cock unloaded. His cum flooded into the hot, wet depths of her cunt.

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Her pussy spasmed about his cock. She milked him. Her moans screamed through the room. Her eyes rolled back into her head as his seed splashed into her orgasming pussy.

She became crimson light in his arm then rushed inside his body, opened to her by his orgasm. Pain filled Father Augustine and he screamed in horror, recoiling as two souls clashed inside his fragile, mortal spirit. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Abigail tried to dodge Samantha as the young woman swung the 9mm behind. Vicky's blood invigorated Abigail, but it did not heal the wound in her leg fast enough.

The silver bullet burned as her flesh forced it out. In the background, Aurora threw herself at Father Augustine, but didn't attack the priest. The vampiress did not care why the angel decided to fuck him instead. The 9mm aimed at Abigail's flesh. A blur streaked into Samantha. Mary, smoking from the holy water, knocked the gun from Samantha's hand and spun the girl in a circle. Her glasses almost fell off and her brown hair whipped about her head. Abigail snarled and tackled into the off-balanced, young woman.

The vampiress's weight carried Samantha to the ground. Abigail's fangs flashed. She sank them into Samantha's neck. Blood spurted into Abigail's mouth. Wonderful blood. Blazing. Powerful. Dark. Intoxicating. Possessed. Unholy. Samantha was not human and Abigail savored the blood as it flowed into her mouth. Her body spasmed, healing from her wounds. Her hand slid down Samantha's body. She trembled and shuddered, moans escaping her lips. Abigail's fingers ripped cloth and shoved between Samantha's thighs.

She found a hot, wet pussy covered in a soft down of hair. Abigail stroked Samantha's silky labia as the vampiress's drank the blood. The young girl trembled and shuddered. Her heart beat with frantic lust, her moans singing through the air. Her life flowed into Abigail's mouth. "So good," gasped Samantha, her hips bucking, rubbing her hot cunt against Abigail's fingers. The vampiress drank the flood.

It warmed her stomach, invigorating her. Her teeth dug deep into the flesh of Samantha's neck. Abigail shoved two fingers into Samantha's dripping cunt.

Hot, slick flesh clenched about those fingers. "Ma'am," Mary groaned, the wounded vampiress crawling closer. "May.I." Abigail didn't release her bite. She couldn't stop drinking. But she tilted Samantha's neck, offering the other side to the smoking Mary.

The vampiress dragged herself across the floor and sank her fangs into the other side of Samantha's neck. Abigail stared into Mary's eyes. The pain faded from the vampiress. She shuddered and moaned. They both did. Abigail's pussy burned with lust. She humped against the thrashing Samantha's thigh, rubbing her clit on it as she fingered the young woman faster and faster.

"So good," gasped Samantha as the ecstasy burned through her.

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The spurts of her blood grew weaker. Her moans grew softer. Samantha's heart faltered. But her body, drunk on the pleasure of the two vampiress's fangs, exploded. She thrashed and bucked with the final ounce of her strength. Her pussy spasmed about Abigail's fingers.

Samantha's clit throbbed beneath Abigail's rubbing thumb. "Yes!" gasped from Samantha's throat, and then the young woman went limp and began her change into unlife. Mary and Abigail released her throat. The two vampiresses, their bodies healed by the blood, fell on each other. Kissing, sharing the sweet, salty, coppery tang of Samantha's blood as they undulated together, naked breasts pressing against naked breasts, hot pussy rubbing on hot pussy.

Both moaned, drunk on the demonic-taint of Samantha's blood. Abigail ground her clit into Mary's. The redheaded vampiress pinned Mary beneath her, kissing her hard. Their fangs, still out, made their kiss sweeter as they cut each other's lips, adding fresh blood to their passion. They humped and tribbed, Abigail's orgasm hurtling through her. She screamed her passion into Mary's mouth, her every inhalation filled with the scent of sex and blood.

Her pussy convulsed. Her juices flooded out, joining the hot cream gushing from Mary's as they both trembled and came. So sweet. The pleasure hammered into Abagail's mind. She held it, savoring it, glad she had failed to kill Faust. He had given her a gift, and she yearned to repay him for all he had earned. His death flashed through her mind as her orgasm peaked.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Damien sank his fangs into Donna's neck. Her blood invigorated him. His dick, hard from the pain of his wounds, throbbed harder. Britney, holding her mother from behind, shuddered in absolute delight, releasing her mother, squeezing out from beneath her.

"Yes, yes, Master," Britney moaned. "Turn her. Fuck her. You have to make her yours." "Britney," Donna shuddered, her voice thick with passion. Britney bent down, pulling her mother's skirt up Donna's thighs. "No panties, Mother. How wicked of you. And your so wet. You've been naughty. With the priest?" "Yes," smiled Donna. "Oh, Britney, don't touch me like that. Don't finger me." "But I want to, Mommy," purred Britney.

Damien shifted, mounting Donna as he drained the life from the MILF. Britney's warm hand grabbed his dick, sticky with her mother's juices, and brought him to Donna's pussy.

Damien savored the taboo thrill as daughter guided him to mother's cunt. Damien thrust into Donna's tight, hot hole.

"Yes," Donna groaned. "I am such a whore, just like Father Augustine says." "You are, Mother," giggled Britney. She fell on her side, her big, milk-laden tits bouncing. She turned her mother's head. Damien sucked harder on Donna's neck, draining her blood as the mother latched her lips on the daughter's fat, pink nipple. Britney moaned in delight as her mother suckled. Breast milk flooded Donna's mouth.

Her pussy clamped on Damien's dick. "That's right, Mommy, suckle. Drink to your heart's content," purred Britney. "You nursed me as a baby, now it's my turn." Damien's hips thrust faster and faster, the taboo scene and Donna's blood spurred him. His cock ached in Donna's pussy. He ripped his lips away from her neck, watching her swallow while her blood pooled darker around her neck.

She shuddered and trembled, her pussy clenching and relaxing over him. "Make her cum, Master," Britney moaned, stroking her mother's blonde hair. "Please, Master. Make us both yours." "Yes," Damien growled. "You'll be my whore, Donna.

With your daughter. Forever." Donna shuddered beneath him. Her eyes, almost black from her pupils dilation, widened. She moaned about her daughter's nipple. Milk leaked out of the corners of her lips as her cheeks grew paler and paler.

"Cum, slut," Damien growled into her ear. He kissed and nibbled on her ear, drawing beads of her coppery blood. Whatever else pumped through her veins compelled the vampire to thrust harder, his balls boiling. "Surrender and be mine." "Yes, Mommy." Damien slammed his cock deep into her pussy.

Her body bucked as her heartbeat slowed. The pleasure flooded through her body. If she came as her heart stilled, she would turn and become his. His. Just like her daughter. Her pussy clenched hard on him. Then she exploded. Her body thrashed. Her lips broke from Britney's nipple.

A squirt of milk painted Donna's bloodless cheeks. Her eyes fluttered. Her heart beat its last as she fell into undeath. Damien groaned, so close to cumming. Britney licked her mother's cheek, gathering up the breast milk.

Then she kissed Damien, and he tasted her cream. Damien groaned, letting the thrall pull him to her body. He slid out of Donna and then buried his cock, coated in the mother's juices, deep into Britney's wet snatch.

Her tongue licked at his mouth, savoring her mother's blood. She bucked against his powerful thrusts. Her pussy, as tight as her mother's clenched about his cock. He groaned, savoring the wonderful embrace of her body. He thrust his tongue deep into her mouth. Her hard nipples rubbed on his chest. Her milk leaked out, the beads so warm. His body absorbed her heat as much as her devotion.

He broke the kiss, staring down at her blood-stained lips, her blue eyes shining with emotion. "You are mine forever." "I am, Master." She smiled. "Your slave. Your lover." "Yes," Damien growled and kissed her again. His cock throbbed in her hot depths. His cum exploded. He trembled atop her, held in the tight embrace of her arms and legs. Her pussy clenched about his dick, her own orgasm triggered by the explosion of his cum into her pussy.

She screamed out her bliss into his mouth. He drank it in as his pleasure knifed through his body. His world spun about him. His senses burned with the power of Donna's blood. He lifted his head, turned, and caught the sight of Abigail trembling atop Mary's body. His vampiress smiled at Damien. As the pleasure peaked through him, Damien snarled his prowess. He and his women had defeated their supernatural attackers.

His eyes sought out the priest. Aurora vanished into crimson light. His angel's afterimage burned across his sight for a moment. Then the priest screamed and fell onto his hands and knees in the sunlight. What just happened? The blonde attacker staggered to her feet and grabbed the priest.

"Father," she called out. "Come on, Father." The priest didn't fight as the blonde dragged him into the blinding daylight. "No," Damien snarled, standing up, his cock popping out of Britney's pussy. He rushed across the room and then stopped right before the sunlight. He stared down at the sharp delineation of light across the floor of the loft, spilling through the door. He couldn't even reach the door to close it. Nothing stood before him but the ephemeral, and it might as well be a steal barrier.

"I will rip your throat out Augustine," Damien snarled as the blonde dragged the thrashing priest down the stairs to the waiting, gray van Damien knew so well. Many times he had ridden in that van with Abigail and the priest. In the past when they had been friends. "I have turned two of your whores, Priest," spat Damien.

"And you will pay for killing Aurora. She was mine." Abigail padded to him. Her arm went around his waist. Fury filled Damien. He pulled her tight against his side.

She smelled of blood, hers and Samantha's. He stared at the border of light and darkness and raged. He would have vengeance on the priest. The van started up then roared out of the alley. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "You made a mistake fighting me on these grounds," Jezebel hissed as her sword of darkness parried Aurora's crimson blade.

The blades rang, a shiver racing down to Aurora's hand. "I am no longer held back by heaven's rules," laughed Aurora. "How can this at all be a mistake? Today, I will bring justice." They battled in the rotten soul of the priest. Their weapons clashed together, cutting through the fabric of his soul.

The priest screamed and thrashed in the real world. Aurora did not care. All that mattered was Jezebel's death. "You do not understand what you are." Jezebel smiled. Her black hair swirled about her petite, naked body. Her black wings fluttered. A coquettish hunger entered the demon's eyes. Her hips rolled and her large, violet eyes grew dewy.

A surge of lust shot through Aurora. She's as nubile and tempting as a schoolgirl out to seduce her professor. A mix of whorish innocence begging to be plucked. Aurora grit her teeth, ignoring the cum flooding out of her pussy as she lunged at Jezebel.

But her thrust was clumsy. The demon battered it aside, then her sword vanished. She shoved her hand between her thighs and rubbed at her pussy. The scent of spicy cunt brushed Aurora's nose. Jezebel pulled out her fingers, two glistening with her juices. Aurora's nostril's flared at the scent and she licked her lips. "That's right, Aurora," Jezebel laughed. "You have fallen far from Heaven's light into Sin's darkness.

You are in my territory. I know how to control you." Jezebel flicked her fingers. A single drop of pussy juices soared between them, a diamond of brilliant beauty, then splashed onto Aurora's hard nipple. Her pink nub throbbed. The corrupted angel staggered as an moan exploded from her throat. "There's more right here," Jezebel purred.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The demon savored her victory. Aurora fell to her knees, unable to fight her appetites. Perdition controlled its servants through their hungers. Vampires needed blood, and Aurora, turned by one of those corrupted creatures, hungered for sex.

She could not deny her body. She could not fight the promise of sin between Jezebel's thighs. Aurora's golden eyes burned with hatred as she lowered her lips to feast on Jezebel's pussy. "That's right," Jezebel purred as her enemy took the first lick through demonic cunt. "I have won. You are mine." Jezebel seized Aurora's stained-black hair, a shimmer of silver the only memory of its real color, and held tight.

The corrupted angel's power flooded into the demon's body as Jezebel dominated her angelic slave and stole her energy. Then she poured it into the priest she possessed. He would be something mighty now. Something beyond a possessed man. Something not seen since antiquity when the angels first fell and became demons.

He became a nephilim. Jezebel laughed as the angel took long licks through the demon's cunt. "Such sin we shall cause. Mankind will follow us gladly into damnation!" To be continued.