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Chapter 1 Make Way For The King (A Kings Enterance) Walking up the flight of stairs, Scott stopped just short of the door. Last chance to back out, he thought.

He had always dreamed of being rich and famous. Working hard to achieve success on his own terms. Each time, slipping through his hands like hour glass sand. Not anymore! Now it was his time to force that hand being dealt.

This was not the reason for his hesitation tho, he new that there would be a price to pay. There was always a price to pay. The question, was he willing to pay that price? Taking a step back and looking at the house before him. The home was a typical Victorian style row house in SanFran, with the exception of the two black onyx monolith stones set into the masonary on either side of the door. Both had symbols etched into them. Shrugging his shoulders he spoke out loud. " One step for fortune.

Two steps for fame." He said to himself grabing the door handle and walking in. Looking around he called out,"Madam Larousse." A strong smell of incense oil assulted his nose as he looked around.

The decor of a someone who had been collecting antiques for a long time adorned the walls of the hard wood floored foyer. "You are early." Came from another room startling him. The voice gave him an eerie chill.

Walking out from behind a tapestry hanging off the wall. It was apparent that it hid the enterance to another room. Walking up towards him, she wore nothing but a red robe with black symbols stitched into the fabric.

Leaving the robe open, she wore nothing underneath. Her breasts nothing more than a handfull kept the robe open to expose her powder soft skin. Looking her up and down he couldn't help but get stiff from the sight of her.

Long flowing red hair, plump pussy lips with just a tuft of red hair above and nipples the size of grapes. "Yes well, better early than late. Besides there are plenty of things we could do to pass the time" he hinted giving her a wink. "Better you keep your hands and other appendages to yourself if you plan on keeping them." She leared at him.

"Did you do as I instructed?" "Yes, I raped a married woman."he bragged pulling out a vial from his pants pocket. "Here's her blood like you wanted." "Good, come with me." She gave an evil grin. Walking back into the room behind the tapestry he followed. Aged bronze sconces hung from the wall dimmly lighting the oak panelled ten by ten room. At the back of the room sat a shrine of some sort surrounded by candles. In the middle of the room sat a table with two chairs. A laptop sitting on top gave the only other hint of glow to the room "Sit." She ordered.

"Did you scar her mentally? It has to be this way or it won't work. What did you do to her?" Pulling out the chair to sit he began "I traveled to the east coast and rented a home in Virginia. Cash, no name. Casing out a local pub I found a woman matching your description. Timid, honest, dedicated to her marriage. God, all she talked about was her husband this, her husband that." He mocked.

"Last but not least blonde hair blue eyes. I snuck in scopolamine on her last drink. Then acting like I was helping her to her car. I convinced her she was to drunk to drive and that I should drive her home. That was it, she was out like a light.

So I gave her an IV drip of Ketamine wich gave me the time to get her in the basement. Stripped her naked, strapped her up into the sex swing mounted to the rafters and put blacked out goggles on her.

This thing was awesome!" He started grinning as he went on. "It had straps to lock her legs and hands up, plus it had a center pivot so you could flip her face up or down, oh and,," "Enough!

Did you give her the drink I gave you?"she barked "God yes, what the hell was in that stuff. It smelled horrible." "Nevermind what was in it. So go on, what did you do next?" "Well I gave her jaw muscles a shot of Arduan, a neuromuscular blocking agent mixed with a bit of my own concoction to kill the muscle receptors permanently and waited for her to wake up. It took another hour but when she finally woke, she tried to talk.

With no muscle control Ah, ah, ah, ah was all she could say." Laughing outloud."I couldn't help but laugh at her situation. So she started crying once she realized. I gave her several enamas into a bucket below, and shoved my cock all the way up her ass. She squirmed and squeeled the whole time. After fucking her ass for a while, she tried to tell me to fuck-off, or so I think.

So I took things a step further and shoved myself all the way down her throat. Cutting off her breathing just to the point that she couldn't take it anymore. She was terrified of her situation, disgusted that she was force fed a cock that had just been in her ass.


I throat fucked her for a bit longer. When i finally pulled out she pleaded with me. All she could make out was "Eeeya" over and over as she balled her eyes out. Im assuming she was saying 'please' so I pissed all over her face and in her mouth. She went into hysterics!" He laughed again.

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"So I made use of all her holes for a while and when I was ready I came in her pussy. Then the drink. I pinched her nose shut and poured the drink down her throat. It was kinda creepy after that, she was having some kind of convulsions. Foam came out of her mouth, I thought she was dead and then she came back around. I went and told her I was glad she was still alive but this was far from over. Your holes are going to be so worn out by the time you leave, your husband won't even want you back.This time she went fuckin nuts.

Thrashing about in the swing, yelling gibberish, trying to kick. I had to knock her out with more Ketamine. When she finally went lights out, I took a syringe to draw the blood and that was when I left. Went to another bar told some thug looken guys about her and gave them the address." "Is she alive?

She must be alive for this to work." "Yeah she's alive. I made sure." He lied not really knowing. Smiling in satisfaction with the events. She could only wish to have witnessed it herself. "OK, I will do the ceremony. First let's discuss my fee. Half of a million here, now. " She ordered turning the laptop around to him. "Transfer into this account.

There are two more things must add. One, ten years from now I will come back to you and present you with a task that you must complete or you will be stripped of your fortune and fame. Two, upon your death your soul will be collected. Those are the terms." Grabbing the computer, he tapped away at the keys putting in his account numbers. "Before i push send, how do I know this isn't some bullshit scam?" "Because you wouldn't be here if you thought it was." Thinking about that for a moment.

He was only here because of what the old man at the Martini Lounge had told him about his successful career. The man told how he owed all his success to Madame Larousse but that there was a price to be paid. Handing over the address he told him to think long and hard about the choices he would have to make from here on out. " Pushing send, he spun the laptop back around to her. Satisfied she folded her fingers together out front and looked him square in the eyes.

"Then let us begin." Getting up, she walked over to the shrine. It was hard to tell what she was doing with her back turned to him but after a few minutes she returned to the table with a chalis full of some dark liquid. Grabing the vial of blood, she poured it in. Taking two goblets from her robe pocket, she poured from the chalice filling them both.

"Hold these rocks in your hand and give me your hand." Muttering some unintelligible words she held his hand in hers. "Now with your other hand take the goblet and drink with me." She said. Lifting the goblet to his mouth it was that same nasty shit that he gave the woman back in Virginia. 'Down the hatch' he thought to himself. Forcing the drink down he put the goblet back on the table.

God, it tasted worse than it smelled. A bitter chalky taste clung to his mouth. "That is it. You may go now. Remember, ten years." Getting up from the table he went to turn towards the door but suddenly got light headed. Grabbing the chair and edge of the table for balance, stars swam around in his vision. The room instantly became bright as the candles around the shrine burst into five foot blow torches.

A startled, Madam Larousse jumped in her seat. Looking back at Scott in confusion she yelled at him."What did you do? What did you do? You did something wrong." Fighting to keep from falling over, he flopped back into the chair.

"I, I, don't know. I, I, really!" He stuttered. The light bulbs in the bronze sconces getting brighter began exploding. POP! POP! POP! One by one. "You fool! What did you do?" She hissed again. Scott just stared at her, mouth agape. His vision starting to tunnel. ZZZZAAP!!

A bolt of electricity shot out of one of the sconces into another. ZZZZAAP!! Again another bolt. Electricity began jumping back and forth across the room.

Between the five foot flames busting out of the candles and the bolts of electricity, the room was too bright. Squinting with her hand sheiding her from the light and heat, she watched as Scott fell forward in his chair, face plant into the table. Scott didn't feel a thing. Just a falling feeling as everything grew dim. Sound fading as though he were travling farther down a tunnel.

Till there was nothing except an unfamiliar distant laughing. Chapter Waking up Scott could feel something pulling at his arms and legs. Another nasty bitter taste in his mouth. Opening his eyes to look everything remained dark. 'What the fuck!' he tried to say but instead it came out "Yahhahha." Something was wrong with his voice too. It came out all high pitched.

Still groggy, he tried to pull his arm back, it only caused whatever it was to pull tighter on his legs and other arm. Letting go he could feel his entire body sway like it was hanging.

"Oh good, your awake." Came a voice from off to the side." For a while there i thought you might not make it." Something was awfully familiar about the voice off to the side but with his head still swimming he couldn't quite figure out why. A shiver ran through his body, he realized he was cold, wet and naked. 'What did you do to me?' came out as "Waharahaaha." "Save it for someone who cares." Came the voice to the side again.

Coming within inches of his ear the man softly spoke. "This is far from over."he laughed."Your holes are going to be so worn out by the time you leave, your husband won't even want you back." That was when he knew. The cold chill of fear raised the hairs on his body, peircing through his mind, and causing that sick feeling at the pit of his stomach.

The voice was himself, back in Virginia. But how? This was impossible! That meant he had traded places with the woman and that he would be the one to get raped by all those hoodlums. Trying to warn himself he fought at the restraints. 'You have to stop! Let me go! Im you, your making a big mistake! No, don't do this!' but it all came out as a bunch of gibberish. He tried several more times, but once the Ketamine bag was attached to the IV and the fluid started rushing into his arm, it was over.

Boy did I fuck up, was the last thing he thought. That distant laughing again. Coming back around he could hear voices.

It felt as though someone was pushing him back and forth. It took a bit to shake off the drugs, but when he did his memory came rushing back to remind him of the current situation. He wasn't being pushed, some guy was fucking him only Scott was no longer a guy anymore. Somehow he switched places with the woman that he raped in Virginia.

"Look our little fuck slut us waking up." Somebody grabbed her face, squeezing hard and said. "Now you are going to be a good whore and fuck all of us.

If you go making this difficult you ain't gonna make it out alive. So just relax and take it. Speaking of take it, open wide bitch." Shoving his cock in her mouth and down her throat. With no muscle control of her jaw, there was no way to resist.

Holding it there in her throat, she couldn't breathe. The drugs still had a strong enough hold that she didn't resist it. A white hot burning corsed threw her lungs as the body became deprived of it's oxygen. Pulling out just before going unconscious, she drew in just enough air before he started fucking her mouth rapidly. Gluck gluck gluck gluck her mouth making obscene noises as he rammed in and out of her throat.

His balls slapping her in the face smeared the slimmy spit and tears all over making a mess out of her face. "Oh fuck, dude aaah fuck!!!" The guy between her legs yelled out emptying his seed deep inside her pussy.

Scott could feel the juices splashing inside, a new yet frightening experience. "Y'all can have dat used ass pussy, I'm get me some a dat boootay." "Dude how the fuck you gonna put that in her with out splitting her asshole in half?" "Very carefully." He laughed slamming his cock deep in her vagina. Pulling out he aimed it at her anus. Pushing slowly he added more pressure till he felt it give way. His cockhead inside, she began screaming around a cock still pounding her mouth.

"Little cunt, ya just keep screaming. Daddy still got a whole lot more to put in there." Sinking slowly in, her shithole stretched amazingly wide to take the width, tight around his cock. The intense burn and pain from her asshole she felt like she was being ripped apart. She then started to shake and thrash as the cock in her throat was depriving her of air again.

At least it took her mind off the pain from the cock in her ass. It felt like it was threatening to tear her anal ring. As the man in her throat emptied his nut into her stomach. He pulled out just enough to get air but as she went to inhale he shot another blast at the back of her throat causing her to choke and gag. Coughing she blew cum out her nose. Another blast filled the rest of her mouth. Regaining her breathing the terrible pain in her ass returned.

Still not all the way in, he kept feeding her more. He was all the way past her rectum and up into her colon, just when she thought she couldn't take anymore he was finally all the way in.

"Fuck bitch, you tight. Not for much longer. Yo asshole gonna be so loose by da time im done, gonna be like a hotdog down a hallway." He laughed as he began pulling out to slowly fuck her. As the cock in her mouth pulled out he smacked her face with it several times.

Realizing what an extremely dreadful situation Scott was in, now being the rape victim. She began to whimper, only to have another fat prick shove its way into her mouth. With both men fucking her, they got into a rythem. Slamming into her ass pushed the cock in her mouth down her throat. Back and forth they went, drilling in and out of her holes. The sound of the basement door opening a bunch of footsteps came down the stairs, Scott knew there was no way of making it out alive.

That must have been what went wrong with the whole ceremony, spell, incantation, or whatever you call it. Now the only thing Scott could do was reside to his upcoming fate as a she for whatever time was left. "Derick that is fucking awe," "You idiot!! No fucking names!!" "Shit sorry." "Hey this thing has an adjustable strap, let's take that mattress over there and set it up underneath.

That way one of us can fuck her ass while someone can still get up in her pussy." Another person off to the side added. "Y'all can do that after i blow my load. I ain't gonna have no cock near mine." he said panting as he thrust faster and harder, getting closer to blowing his load. "Hey, trade you spots. You take some a dis. I wanna finish down her throat." He ordered pulling out of her now gaping asshole. Stepping around he forced his slimmy cock into her mouth. The bitter taste exploded within her mouth, making her gag at the taste of her own ass.

Slowly he began fucking her throat moaning and grunting. Spitting up from around the cock in her mouth, drool ran in rivers down her cheek and matted her long blonde hair.

"Oh god bitch, keep swallowing like that around my dick. Fuck, your gonna, uh, uh, fuuuck!" He moaned blasting huge loads into her stomach. Finally pulling out of her mouth he began wiping his giant member all over her face.

Accidentally knocking off the blacked out goggles with his huge nut sack. Scott was able to glance around the basement room, only to find it was packed with black and white guys of all different types watching as they drank alcohol of all sorts.

Some of them had their dicks in hand stroking as they watched.


Others just watching, taking video from their phone. Looking at the black guy between her legs his eyes were closed, mouth wide open as he was silently emptying his balls up her butt.

She could barely feel him in her stretched ass "Dude get her goggles back on. What the fuck." One of them yelled. Pleading with them he attempted to communicate, but again all that came out was garbled words and whimpering that only made them laugh. Two of the men came up along her side grabing the straps, one of them taking the goggles completely off, threw them into the corner.

"I don't think we will be needing those anymore."he said smiling with gold teeth. As the mattress was slid under her, they lowered her just above it. Ready, one of them slid under and slipped his hard cock up into her cum coated bowels. Another got in front and threw his member into her pussy.

As Scott got used to the feeling of being double stuffed, her breathing got heavier. The pressure of both cocks pistoning in and out touched spots inside that she started to feel throughout her body. The building feeling from inside as her muscles started to clench rapidly sent tingles throughout her body.

Especially when the man started rubbing her clitoris. A tightening from the bottom of her stomach to the clit. "Fucking cunt is enjoying it. Look at that, she getten into it. There ya go just enjoy it like the little fuck slut you are." Moaning and panting, an intense feeling began to build up inside. The two cocks now putting pressure on spots inside were driving her wild. Grinding her hips back onto them.

With the pleasurable throbing in her nipples and pussy growing, it sent out wave after wave. Throwing her head back she let out a long gutteral moan as the orgasm swept through her entire body. "Oh yeah she cumin alright, damn she like a vice grip. Baby, oooh here it come." He groaned flooding her vagina with his white baby batter.

Pulling out another replaced him. Her orgasm felt like it went on forever. Scott in the haze of afterglow thought to his/herself, 'Wow that was amazing, if this is what the end is going to be like, i guess there are worse ways to go.' For several hours Scott enjoyed the orgasms as cocks passed in and out of her.

All of them depositing their loads in or on her. Now however things were starting to get sore. Her throat was raw from all the deep throating and her stomach was so full of sperm she was constantly belching it up. Her anus and pussy were raw and stretched out gaping wide open with a torrent of jizz dribbling out of both. Her whole body was dripping in sweat and seamen, hair a matted nasty mess. This was starting to become a horrible nightmare now. Groups of men would come and go, a constant flow.

After a while longer, groaning in pain she began to cry again. "Man, i can't fuck a bitch cryin an shit. Dude we gotta shut her up. Give her a shot of some H, then she wont care bout nuthin." A hispanic guy told another. As they pulled out some herion and started to prep it. One of the guys fucking her mouth began pissing down her throat. Scott chocking on the acrid urine shook and thrashed about in the swing trying to get away. Hacking, her stomach finally gave up it's contents of sperm and piss.

"Shit the bitch just threw up on me. What the fuck!" He jumped back dripping in puke from the waist down. Just as she went to look up a fist hit her square between the eyes smashing the bridge of her nose.

Blood began flowing out of her nose instantly just as soon as the pain exploded across her face. No sooner did that happen, she felt someone messing with the IV on her arm and a wave of heroin washed through her. As it took her to her high, the pain through her whole body disappeared. After that, everything was a blur of more cocks fucking her holes. It didn't matter. They began to do more degrading things to her like pissing on her, inside her ass, pussy, or in her mouth.

Scott didn't care. Making her rim out men with dirty assholes. Sticking their ass covered dicks back into her pussy and mouth. Pushing objects like bottles up inside. Scott had given up. The heroin feeling was all that mattered.

After several days of constant fucking, cum had crusted all over, her ass had a huge prolapse with her anal muscle completly blown out internally. Her pussy lips were black and purple from bruising along with blood flowing from deep vaginal tearing. A vaginal infection had also begun to take hold.

She had deep bruising all over her body from being beaten although she couldn't remember being beaten. Her jaw was dislocated along with a broken nose causing deep black and blue eyes. All Scott wanted at this point was to die. Just for it to end. As if listening to a conversation from at the end of a tunnel.

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"We couldn't even sell her like this. Let's just give her a hot-shot." "She seen us all dude, she gotta go." Someone coming up to her face, she tried to focus but the bleed in her one eye plus the heroin haze made it impossible. "Bitch, i gotta say you was definitely a whole lotta fun, but like everything it's gotta come to an end.

You made me a shit load of money. So im'a do you a favor and let you do the long sleep." A strong wave of herion hit her all at once just as someone started fucking one of her holes again, not sure wich hole.

All Scott could feel was floating, endless floating. And that laughing again, a distant evil laugh. Chapter With Scott falling face first into the table the electricity started jumping into a ball over Scott. With a solid arc to his head Scott's body began jumping around in it's seat like a man in the electric chair. Electric arcs jumped in and out all over his body. Just when Madaam Larousse couldn't keep her eyes open anymore.

Everything went dark and silent. All she could see were the bright spots still in her vision as she tried to adjust to the now dark room.The smell of acrid smoke was thick in the air. Something in the room shifted in front of her.

Reaching into her robe pocket for her stick lighter, she clicked it over and over. Finally shaking it she clicked it again. The small flame light the area around the table for just a brief moment but that was just enough for her to see what the noise was. Scott was now stairing straight at her with an impossibly stretched smile, teeth all bared and brow furrowed he looked like the joker from batman. Frightened she tried to get out of her seat to run but only fell backwards in her chair landing flat on the floor.

With a snap of his fingers the candles around the shrine all lit. Cocking his head and pursing his lips he stared at her for a moment, almost studying her. Then with a deep British accent unlike Scott, he spoke. "Marium, it is such a pleasure to finaly meet you in person." Still on the floor while looking for a way to the door she replied. "Well you are definitely not Mr.

McAllister anymore. So who are you?" "Ooh, I have so many names it is simply a bother.

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For you my dear, you may refer to me as Master. I hope you are not planning on leaving to soon." He said streatching out his fingers on the right hand to stare at them for a moment Looking back at the door, it was no longer there. The door disappeared.

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Now there was no exit leaving this room. Returning his gaze back to her, he began again. "So Marium, did you really think you could just steal Pay Per Veiw from the cable company and just get away with it? Did you not think that a day of collection would come to pass." "I, I don't understand." She lied. She knew exactly what he was talking about. During the ceremonies she would bind herself to her clients in order to experience their successes, triumphs, loves, everything they experienced like a Netflix movie.

Whenever she wanted. Cocking his head from one side to the other and shaking it in disaproval. "You have been binding yourself to your clients. Such a naughty girl. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

But you already know you are not to drink from the cup. Now that you have bound yourself to me, that makes you mine. Fear not, you have done me a great service collecting all those souls. I will let you live." Reaching into her robe pocket she grabbed her hex bag in an attempt to throw it at him. Flinging his right hand in the air, the hex bag flew out of her pocket and hit the wall, exploding its ingredients. Thrusting his other hand into the air in front of him, Marium launched into the air.

Hitting the wall, she hung there three feet off the floor, arms and legs spread wide exposing her entire body. "INSULANCE is something I will not tolerate from any of my servants! You will learn to be subservient to me or you will suffer much torment, the likes of which you have never even dreamed!"He yelled. Rubbing his thumb and forefinger together.

Marium's face began to turn bright red as the pressure inside her head began to build. Screaming in pain, a trickle of blood flowed out of her nose followed by more. Her eyes bulging out and bloodshot, tears of blood flowed down her cheeks, more flowing out of her ears.

The blood flowed down her neck and across her naked body. Unable to breathe anymore her screaming stopped as she gasped for air, tongue sticking out. "Now we can do this." He spoke in a calm manner. The pressure in Marium's head gone she breathed heavily trying to get air back into her lungs. "Or we can do this." Rubbing his two fingers together she gasped as an intense tingling spread throughout her pussy and clit. Every erotic zone on her body being stimulated at once.

A trickle of pussy juice ran down her leg. Moaning out loud she started shaking as orgasm after orgasm hit one after another. "Oh, fuuh uh uh, stu oh my unnn." She moaned. Master rubbed three fingers together, her moans turned into a screaming orgasm. Every part of her body even parts she never knew exploding in intense orgasmic pleasure all at once. Her clit and nipples so hard they hurt. Her pussy lips wet and dripping, a squirt of juice sprayed out splattering on the wall and floor.

Every muscle in her body clenched. Stars forming in her vision. Another spray of juice only much stronger sprayed her legs and robe leaving a wet spot. Her eyes rolling into the back of her head on the verge of passing out. The next one was so strong it was like she was pissing herself leaving her lower robe saturated and a puddle on the floor.

"Enough! You understand my point. Do you not?" He questioned her lowering both arms. Marium fell to the floor landing in a puddle of her pussy juice.

Gasping for air after that orgasmic onslaught she managed to get out. "Yes, I, I, understand." "Yes I understand Master" he corrected "Yes I understand Master" she replied "Now." He said looking at himself, the clothes he wore. "This just will not do.

These clothes are atrocious. A second rate car salesmen wouldn't wear these. However, the meat suit will work." Studying his hands and looking in the mirror on the wall. Average height, dark brown hair, light brown eyes. All in all, good looking middle aged man with a well toned body. "Marium we have much work to do. Do you think you can behave." He said still looking in the mirror at himself.

Seeing that she had no choice she shook her head yes. "Good, take off that robe. From now on you do not wear clothes. You are here for my amusement. Now let us depart." He said walking up to her and placing his hand on her face. A blank stare washed over her for a moment, then blinking it off she smilled as all her thoughts just washed away.

The door that had vanished before reappeared as they waked to the end of the room. Following behind, she shed her robe letting it drop to the floor. "First thing is first. New clothes and cigars." He said walking up to the front door with Marium following. Outside a limousine waited double parked in front of the house.

Marium ran ahead of Master to open the door for him, as they both jumped in. Sitting back the driver pulled the limousine into traffic without a word. Chapter Riding along without saying a word, Master, the man previously known as Scott McAllister, broke the silence as he stared out the window. "So have you figured out where you went wrong yet." "The sacrificial woman died." She replied her smile turning dull. "So what happened to the client, if I may be allowed to ask Master ?" "Ohhh, he lived out his last couple days inside that woman being raped and tortured till they finally killed him." He explained still looking out the window.

"Don't beat yourself up to much. This was his destiny, yours too. It doesn't take much proding to make you humans do what we want. Here, let me show you an example." "Driver!" He spoke aloud. The limo pulling over to the side of the road, he opened the door. People walking by on the sidewalk, he pointed at a woman walking her baby in a stroller and shouted at her to come over.

Leaving her baby, she walked over. Putting his hand on her face, her stare went blank. "When you look at Marium, your lust will overwhelm you. You only live in order to satisfy her sexualy. Nothing else in this world matters but your new mistress and me. You are now a depraved whorish slut who is always highly aroused. You will do anything just to get an orgasm." .he spoke to her lowering his hand.

The lady shaking it off blinked several times. "Why don't you step in and meet Marium here. I would like to introduce you." Steping into the limo she immediately locked her eyes on Marium. Moving in to sit next to her, Master stopped her. "No,no,no you sit next to me." He ordered. Hesitantly she looked at him and then back at her, finally sitting next to him. Closing the door he yelled."Driver!" And they were on the move again.

"So what is your name miss." He asked her smiling. "Chauncey." She said giggling, not taking her eyes off of Marium for a moment. Rubbing her legs together, the poor girl couldn't sit still. Moaning ever so softly. "So Chauncey, what seems to be so funny?" "She's naked." She replied licking her lips. Nodding yes. "That she is. How does that make you feel?" "She is so beautiful, I've never felt like this for a woman.

Oh her luscious lips, those full breasts, and her thighs. Is that blood? Are you bleeding? Here let me help you." She asked jumping out of her sest. "SIT!!!" He yelled. Startled she sat back down next to him. "You seem eager to sit by Miss Larousse. Why so eager?" "Ohh god i just want to touch her and kiss her, nibble on her neck and ear. Take her breasts in my hand and suck on her nipples. I," "Okay, okay. We get the picture." He interrupted." So why don't you show Miss Larousse here your breasts.

Im sure she would love to see that." Unbuttoning her blouse shirt the look of unbridled lust grew as her breath drew deeper. Pulling off her shirt she reached behind to unclasp her bra letting it and the shirt fall to the floor. With both hands she caressed the underside of her single D sized boobs. Giving them a squeeze. "Why don't you show Me and Marium how randy you are for her. Put on a show for us you little minx you." He said in a sly tone as he got up to move next to Marium.

With her hand pinching her nipple she slid her other hand disappearing underneath her blouse. Smilling at Marium she bit the underside of her lip and closed her eyes. Opening her mouth just a slit, she let out a moan with a little squeek.

Her hand busy under her blouse, she rolled her nipple between her fingers. "Mmm, ahhhh." As she looked on at her new mistress, licking her lips. Pulling her hand out from her blouse, she brought her fingers to her mouth and sucked her own juices from them. Making love to her fingers like they were her new lover. With both hands she reached down to the blouse waistband and pulled off panties and blouse in one move.

Proping her legs up on the seat she spread wide revealing plump pussy lips with just a bit of inner labia neatly tucked between. She was definitely wet as the panties lying on top of her clothes had a huge wet spot in the crotch. Smiling at Marium she brought her hand down gently parting her lips. A fat engorged clit poked out from its hood. Taking two fingers she sunk them up inside, pumping them in and out while rubbing her clit with her thumb.

"Talk dirty." He told her. "Tell your new Mistress what you want to do to her." Pumping her fingers faster while caressing her breasts and nipples, she pursed her lips and began. "Ahhww, i want to stick my tongue in your mouth and explore your inside. Ahhh, nibbling on your lips while I caress your pussy between your legs.

Get you nice and wet." She moaned and squeeled breathing heavily. Inserting a third finger into her sloppy wet vagina, the sloshing of her fucking herself was evidence of how much pussy juice was coming out. The musky smell filling the limo. "Aahhah fuck, trail my tongue to your nipples, mmmm, suck and mmmm, oh god i just want to spread your legs and fuck you with my face aaaaaah." She cried out.

Her hips bucking, legs shaking she rubbed her pussy hard and fast. "Cum all over my face." She moaned out loud rubbing and fucking as she alternated back and forth. "MAKE ME YOUR LITTLE LESBIAN SLUT Aaaah" she screamed out as her orgasm washed over her. "Sir." The driver spoke."Cigar store." "Well then, that was fun." He gestured getting up to the door.

Chauncey laid back in her seat still quaking as she came down from her orgasm. "Ladies if you would please. Follow me." Reaching down to grab her clothes, Master looked back. "Ahh, no, no, no, sorry dear you wont be needing those anymore." Reaching back he ripped them out of her hands.

"You will always be naked." He told her. The three of them got out, Master tossing the clothes into a garbage can as they walked into the store. The bell attached to the door rang a dull clatter as they entered.

"Hello, welcome to Satorie's Cigar Emporium. Is there anything I can help you with today? Maybe the ladys?" The store manger chanted his welcoming spiel. Looking over to the back of the room, a leather lounge chair sat in the corner.

"Yes, i would like to sample some of your fine cigars while i sit with my ladies over there." Pointing to the chair. "Why yes, of course. Do you have any specific types you might be looking for?" Walking to the chair with ladies in tow he spoke out. "I tend to favor robust." "Alright then, would you care to try our house blends" "Sounds delightful." Master replied sitting into the chair. The ladies standing to the side, Marium scrunched down speaking softly, she asked.

"Master, why isn't anyone freeking out about us being naked?" "It is easier to just give the illusion of being clothed, than it is to actually control everyone's individual thoughts. Im just twisting perception a bit. Besides i don't need undue attention to myself at this moment.

And by the way, I find your banter to be quite annoying. You are to be seen, not heard." The manager coming back held out a wooden tray with short stubby sample cigars. "Well now here we go, i brought you an assortment of blends to try. Here is a flameless lighter to light them with.

You can sit and try them at your leisure. Any questions, just ask." He said and walked away. "Ladies, one on either side, legs straight and touch the ground." With the girls on either side, and exposed to him. He took a cigar and twisted the end in Marium's pussy, wetting the end. Sticking it in his mouth he lit the end by just touching it with his finger. Puffing on the cigar he let out a cloud of smoke and put it out.

Grabbing another he twisted the end in Chauncey's pussy and lit it again with his finger. After the final cigar he called over the manager. "I will take a box of these." He said holding up one of the used sample cigars. "And a box of Cohibas." "Oh sorry sir we do not sell those here." Putting down the tray he looked up at the manager. "I did not mention anything about the sale of cigars.

I said I was taking a box of these," holding up the sample cigar." and a box of Cohibas. I won't ask again." "But Sir. I don't understand." A deep sigh of frustration, the Master snapped his fingers. The managers head exploded into a spray of blood, bone and brain everywhere. Collapsing to his knees the headless manager flopped forward with a thud hitting the floor. The area covered, not a single drop landed on the Master. Looking back at the ladies still bent over, now peppered in red he quiped.

" I told him, did i not?" "Yes Master." The girls chimed with a smile together. Everyone in the room stopped and stared in shock and horror at what they had just witnessed.

"You three over here." The managers assistant and a couple walked on over still in shock. "I am going to attempt this one last time. I want a box of these, and a box of Cohibas!" Master yelled. Looking for a response and not getting one he reached out his hand placing it on the girlfriend's head.

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A blank stair crossed her face. After a couple seconds she blinked it off kinda shaking her head a little. Turning to look at her boyfriend, a look of rage replaced her blank stare. With a primal roar she full out punched him in the face breaking his nose and her hand.

Clutching at his face, she threw a kick to his gut knocking him unbalanced, stumbling to the floor. Stepping right up to him she threw another kick to his groin causing him to sit straight up in pain.

Blood flowing through his hands still holding his nose. He begged her. "Stop!" Just before kicking him in the face, knocking him semiconcious and falling back to the floor. Jumping on top of him, she punched him in the face over and over. Blood from the gouges her ring was making to his face splattered all over.

The assistant manager in cold terror stared helplessly unable to move. "I WANT MY BLOODY CIGARS NOW DAMMIT!!" Master hollered in anger looking at the assistant.

The kid stumbling over his own feet ran to the back room coming back several minutes later with two boxes. Stoping in front of the carnage on the floor, the girl was still throwing punch after punch. Her hands and wrists completely broken, bones poking out of her skin, made disgusting crunching noises with each new hit.

His face a bloody unrecognizable mess. Master stepping around the scene reached over to grab the boxes out of his hand. "Now don't you move." He spoke to the kid as he took the cigar cutter from the tray."Come ladies." The ladies still bent over, got up.

Looking over at the scene the girl no longer using her fists slammed her head into the boyfriend's head. Shaking off her own blow, she slammed into him again and again. Walking out of the shop the three stepped into the limo. Master closing the door stared into the shop through tinted glass.

Raising his hand he snapped his fingers. A loud rumble as the entire store blew up, the front of the store blowing outwards glass and debris. The sound of glass and debris bouncing off of the car he smilled and looked down to his boxes. "Driver." And the limo drove off. Thick smoke and flames began to pour out of the building behind them. "Ladies, I must say it is wonderful to be topside again." he smirked pulling a Cohiba out of the box.

Snipping the end he placed his finger over the other end. A bright red cherry began to glow from the tip as he took puff aftet puff. "You both have an extreme lust for each other that drives your passion to explore sexualy anything that comes to mind.

The further you two explore the stronger your lust for one another grows. There is nothing to demeaning or disgusting you both wont do." He commanded. Both woman attacked each other mouths and tongues locked together.

Hands roaming over each others blood covered bodys feverishly. Marium began licking and nibbling her neck eliciting heavy breathing and moans.


A big puff of smoke hung in the air as he sat acrossed from them and watched like a spectator sport. "Oh fuck, my mistress, I'm so wet for you. I want to suck on every inch of you." She moaned burying her fingers in Marium's sloppy wet cunt. Reaching up and in she began rubbing that bundle of nerves, her G-spot.

Joining mouths together again, breathing heavily threw their nose. Little sqeels and grunts could be heard from the both of them as both their hands were buried in pussy. Sloshing from rapid fingering filled the back of the limo, as did the sweet smell mixed with cigar smoke. Moving closer, the girls straddled one anothers legs, mashing their wet cunts together. Moaning out loud Chauncey stuck her pussy soaked fingers in her mouth. Licking each one clean. "Mistress your pussy tastes so good." "Here suck your juices from my fingers" she told her.

Grabing her hand she devoured each finger, one at a time. Sucking herself off of her mistress. Tribbing faster they started kissing again, fondling each others tits. "Lie down Cunt, that is your new name. Cunt. Eat my pussy Cunt." Marium ordered getting on top. Chauncey dove right in licking and sucking her juices.

Spreading the pussy lips she latched onto the clit and sucked it into her mouth. Head back and eyes closed Marium moaned as the sensitive clit was sucked and nibbled on.

Grabing the girls legs she pulled them back bringing her snatch and anus within distance. Pussy lips spread wide open and dark anal rose puckering up at Marium, she returned the pleasure by diving in tongue first. Chauncey's moan muffled out behind a mouth full of ass and snatch only enticed her for more. After sucking her clean, she danced her tongue around and in the woman's bitter asshole, wetting it sufficiently enough to stick her thumb in.

Interrupting the moment the driver alerted. "Sir, we are here." Opening the limo door he looked into the store front before getting out. Looking back at the girls still caught in a sixty-nine, he spoke. "Ladies, I think it is time for some more fun. I want you both to enter the store just as you are.

Walk to the center and wait for your Master." Covered in their own juices, blood, specks of bone and brain. The girls were definitely a spectacle.

Getting out, they walked up to the door. Chauncey opening the door for her Mistress, smaked her ass as she walked by. As they walked in, a father and daughter nearest the door stopped what they were doing to stare in a state of shock and bemusement.

The manager with his tailors, surrounded a man in the back. Taking measurements and musing through fabrics, they did not pay any attention to the two naked ladies till Master walked through the door and yelled. "Lucy I'm home!" Imitating Desi Arnes. Putting his cigar back in his mouth, he smilled with outstretched arms in a welcome gesture.