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Babes wet crack is full of mess from dudes hardcore drilling
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Gabriella was never very girly by society standards. She would rather play outside in the dirt than play inside with dolls. She was good at sports, mostly soccer.

Her family lived in the lower end of the city. She liked to play in the street with the other neighborhood kids. She always had scrapes or bandages on her legs or arms.

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Her skin was shiny and tan, though not extremely dark. Her hair was brown but bleaching from the sun made it match her skin almost perfectly. She mostly wore shorts and a tank top. Most of the kids in the neighborhood called her the ball girl because she owned the soccer ball they played with.

She kept her short hair tied on the top of her head and chewed gum constantly. She was always squinting because she needed glasses that her parents could not afford. On one rather cloudy afternoon, Gabriella came out of her house holding her soccer ball under one arm. She trotted over to the boys that were hanging out on the front steps of their apartment and adopted a large grin, expecting them to perk up at the sight of the ball girl.

"Not today," Manuel, the shortest of the boys, tried to shoo her away. He had dark hair and slightly tan skin as well. "Scared?" she taunted him.

"For your information, Gabby, Manny just got an Xbox. We're all going up to play it now." A slightly fat Asian boy with a bowl cut and glasses explained. "That's so cool, can I come?" "No, there's no girls allowed in my house," Manuel scoffed.

"She's not really a girl though, is she?" Sam, the skinniest of the boys tried to make an excuse for Gabby. "You mean she doesn't act like one. That doesn't change the rule," Manuel was not budging.

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"You're just afraid your mother will hit you for bringing a girl into your room," Henry, the Asian boy, laughed at him. "Why would she hit him? It's not like they'll be doing anything. It's not like she'll be naked, right?" Sam asked with a stutter.

"Why would I be?" Gabby scoffed. A grin had already spread across Manuel's face though. "How badly do you want to see my Xbox?" he asked. Gabby tilted her head in thought. "I've never seen one before. I'd really like to go." "What if I said you had to take off all your clothes before you could come in my house?" Manuel asked.

Both Henry and Sam gasped. Gabby was less shocked though.

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"Fine, if that's all it takes to see your Xbox, I'll strip right here." She began to lift her tank top off over her head, exposing her still developing breasts to the three boys. Henry leaned closer and gulped while staring straight at them. Sam covered his eyes. Manuel just casually patted Gabby on the shoulder.

"You can wait until we get inside," he assured her. "Manny, what are you doing?" Sam hissed as they stood up and his friend began to unlock the door to the apartment complex.

"You can't do that. I mean, it's just Gabby but still." "Dude, shut up before she changes her mind," Henry growled at Sam.

"Maybe it'd be a good thing if she did," he whimpered. He was by far the most cowardly of the three. Manuel was the ring leader though and they usually ended up doing whatever he said. "Who are we to exclude Gabby, just because she's a girl? We get naked together all the time." It was not uncommon on the hottest days of summer for the boys to take a wrench and use it to open the fire hydrants on the street so they could go streaking to cool off.

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No one in the neighborhood seemed to care if they saw naked boys running around. Some of the girls in the neighborhood, including Gabby, had joined them on separate occasions. They usually wore a swimsuit or at least underwear though. In Gabby's case she just wore shorts, meaning this was not the first time the boys had seen her breasts.

Of course she had grown since then. Her mother had been trying to get her to wear a bra and more girly clothes in general. Once inside the apartment, Manuel shouted to his mother that he had brought his friends over.

She gave a single word response, letting him know it was fine. Manuel stood beside the door to his bedroom with his arms crossed as both Sam and Henry entered. He grinned and moved into Gabby's path before she could follow them. He did not have to tell her what to do. She slid her shorts down to the floor with her panties in them already and then took her tank top off over her head. Manuel gave an impressed whistle as he scanned her tan body.

She kept her legs together and her hands in front of her crotch. She had hair in places she did not exactly want him staring at. Manuel stepped backwards into the room, letting her follow him. Then he scurried out again to gather her clothes so his mother would not see them.

Normally in the summer he would leave his door open all day. Today however he closed it. After tossing her clothes in a corner, he directed Gabby to the bed where she could sit.


Henry and Sam were made to sit on the floor. "Dude, I can't believe you have a naked girl on your bed right now," Henry squealed giddily.

"It's not a big thing. Wanda comes into my room naked all the time." Wanda was Manuel's little sister. Neither Sam nor Henry was interested in seeing her naked though. "So what do I do now?" Gabby asked as she sat on her knees to keep her bare ass from actually touching the bed. "Nothing, just watch us play," Manuel instructed her as he turned on the Xbox. "Can't I play?" she complained. "You could, but then your hands wouldn't be free to protect your dignity," he explained.

Gabby seemed to weigh her options for a moment. "How about, every time one of us wins, you let us touch you," Henry suggested. "Touch me where?" Gabby bit her lip. "Does it matter?" Manuel touched her knee to prove a point.

"Dude, no fair!" Henry shouted in a hushed voice. "What's it like? How does she feel?" "Man, girls are really soft." Manuel climbed onto the bed and knelt down behind Gabby, placing his hands on her shoulder.

She shuddered slightly at the feeling of him touching her bare skin. "My turn next." Henry stood up from the floor. "You have to win a round first," Manuel reminded him. "How come you didn't have to?" he complained. "Because it's my house and I only have two controllers." He sat down so his legs were on either side of Gabby. They were touching her bare thighs but she pretended not to notice. Sam started the game while Henry watched Manuel and Gabby with his mouth agape. Manuel ran his hands down her arms and eventually tucked them under arms and against her stomach, pulling her backwards against him.

"You're so soft. I thought you'd be a little tough like you look. This reminds me of when I hug Wanda." Unable to keep sitting on her knees anymore, Gabby moved her legs out from underneath her. She was now sitting bare assed on the bed with her butt pressed firmly against the crotch of Manuel's shorts. He pulled her closer by the waist and pressed his face to her back, making her gasp. "You smell sweet," he whispered into her ear.

"What are you doing?" Henry hissed at him. "Pay attention or you'll lose," Manuel nodded at the screen where Sam was in the middle of using Ryu to pile drive Kasumi in a game of Dead or Alive.

Gabby burst out laughing. Henry was obviously the better gamer when he was paying attention, making it funny to see him losing to Sam. When she stopped laughing, Manuel started to tickle her.

She almost shrieked but moved her hands from her crotch to cover her mouth. She shifted and tried to move away from him but he held her in his lap. Her butt wiggled against his crotch, making it ever so slightly hard. When he finally stopped tickling her she let out a sigh of relief. "I'm sorry," she apologized immediately.

"What for?" he was confused. She simply lifted her butt and sat on his lap properly. "I don't know. I just want to do this," she admitted. He raised his lap slightly so that she was somewhat elevated and could feel the bulge in his shorts against her butt better.

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"What else do you want to do?" he asked in a low voice while sliding his hands up her stomach. She gasped when he touched her nipples. She had not noticed them becoming erect. "Ha, got you dweeb!" Henry's sudden shouting after having beat Sam startled them both. "Alright, my turn." He spun around to find Gabby covering her nipples with her hands instinctively but leaving her bare cunt in full view. A line of blood trickled out of Henry's nose as his eyes rolled into the back of his head.

Sam rushed to catch him but was too small. Instead he ended up flattened beneath the fat Asian boy on the floor. Manuel stood up and dropped off the bed to help his friends. When Henry regained consciousness he was in a state of delirious joy and concern. "What the hell was that? You shouldn't be showing that off. Can I see it again, just for a minute?" he was halfway scolding Gabby and halfway begging her. Gabby was sitting on the bed with her legs pressed together.

She shook her head at Henry's request. "Just for a little bit." Manuel put his hand on her knee and pulled her legs apart slowly. Gabby found herself powerless to refuse him. Her face was burning red, making her freckles more visible. "Why don't you all get naked too," she whined. "Because the rule is only girls need to be naked," Manuel informed her. She flinched as he ran his hands down her legs. He ever so gently pulled the folds of her cunt apart, exposing her insides for Sam and Henry to stare at through the spaces in their fingers as they pretended not to want to see.

It was glistening slightly, proving that she was at least slightly turned on by what was happening to her. She almost hiccupped when she felt Manuel's fingers push inside of her.

A lump caught in her throat as what had been childish curiosity became sexual in the blink of an eye. She tried to say something but her throat was too dry. She ended up just staring at Manuel's face with her mouth open as he rubbed his fingers inside her most private place.

She leaned forward while groaning, apparently trying to feel him deeper. Despite her reluctance she was still curious and unwilling to stop. "Dude, is she okay? Are you hurting her?" Henry asked as he watched her almost delirious expression in awe. Her mouth kept changing shape as she gasped slightly with each twitch of his fingers. Her eyes were fluttering every once in a while but they would always come back to focus on Manuel's hand. She was watching it intensely, as if seeing someone other than herself being touched.

"Maybe you should let her calm down. She might faint at this rate," Henry was extremely worried. "I kinda like it," Manuel admitted.

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"I want to see her expression change more." He pushed his fingers in deeper and ground his knuckles against the outside of her cunt as well.

She jolted and scooted forward, slamming her cunt against his hand. Her eyes rolled out of sight for a moment before returning. She was now thrusting her hips against his hand, trying to get him deeper into her cunt. "She's kinda vulgar, isn't she," Sam whispered. "She really likes it." "Does that make her a slut?" Henry asked.

"Of course not," Manuel scolded him. "A slut does it with more than one guy." "Well there are three of us." Henry reached out and touched her cheek. She moaned and turned her head. Her tongue darted out and lapped at his fingers. "Woah, even her mouth feels special." Henry pushed his fingers inside her wet and somehow dry whole. She had been panting for a while after all. She pushed her own head forward, trying to fit Henry's fat knuckles into the back of her mouth.

Instead she just made a slimy squelching sound when she gagged on them. "She's so naughty," Sam gasped. "I can't believe you're doing this to Mrs. Sanchez's daughter." Gabby looked at him with slightly glazed over eyes. She was obviously racked with embarrassment but somehow that was not enough to make her stop.

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She just continued bucking her hips and slurping away at Henry's fingers as drool ran down her chin and coated her chest, making it shiny with saliva and sweat. Curiosity finally outweighed Sam's concerns. He reached out to touch her too. He was an inch away from touching one of her erect nipples when her chest suddenly heaved.

With a loud hiccup she sucked in a large breath and nearly swallowed Henry's fingers. When she began to choke he pulled them out of her mouth. Her face was even redder than before and only the whites of her eyes were visible. Gripping the bed sheet, she was lifting her butt up and thrusting her cunt against Manuel's hand furiously. The whole time she shook her head in apparent agony. The sensation was too strong for her to simply sit still.

At first she was just wheezing as she expelled air from her lungs but it slowly built until she was thrashing on the bed and doing her best not to scream. Manuel continued to scrape the inside of her cunt with his fingers the whole time. He was smiling at her with gleaming eyes.

An hour ago she was a headstrong tomboy who did not care about being seen naked. Now she was a girl in the midst of animalistic throws.

Clear liquid squirted out around his fingers, soaking his sheets and his sleeve. She crossed her arms over her eyes and began to sob as her body continued to heave and shudder. It had begun to ache but she was far from done with her orgasm. After nearly five minutes of her just trying not to pass out and even biting her own arm to keep her voice down, she lay on the bed, still except for the occasional twitch. Her skin was shiny and glowing and she was breathing heavily and trying not to smile.

All three boys were looking at her with admiration. Never had they been so glad to play with a girl before. Somehow they all knew that they would be trying to get back to this place and this feeling for the rest of their lives.


Manuel kept sweeping the hair out of Gabby's eyes as she smiled up at him. "Sorry about your sheets," she apologized. He was stunned at the fact that she still felt like she had done something wrong. Quite obviously this was all his fault. "Can I come back and play on your Xbox another time? I kinda want to go home and take a bath." Manuel seemed to ponder the idea for a moment. "Of course she can," Henry spoke first. "It's not your house," Manuel reminded him.

"You can come by any time, you just have to remember the rule. Girls aren't allowed to wear clothes in my room." Gabby did her best not to smile. "That's obvious. I wouldn't dream of wearing clothes around you three. Girls must be stark naked when playing with boys." Manuel helped her to her feet and also with getting her clothes back on. It was slightly difficult because she was sticky with sweat and her loose clothes clung to her body.

When she started to walk away, he reached up and gave the tuft of hair on her head a swift yank, jerking her head painfully. This was what boys in school did to girls they liked. If the girl liked them back, they would be forgiven. Gabby understood for Manuel and her it had a slightly different meaning. It meant her body belonged to him and she would never be able to tell him not to touch her. She simply smiled as she continued out the door.

An hour ago, Manuel had not looked at her body very much at all. Now he was watching her hips sway and her clothes clinging to her slim waist with intense interest. He had not seen her as a girl before. Now he could not see her any other way.