Breathtaking fuck of a filthy love tunnel

Breathtaking fuck of a filthy love tunnel
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One evening, when I was taking a nap after a long day of productive work, the doorbell rang. I usually didn't open my door unless I was expecting someone, but I guess I was tired, since this time I did it without thinking.

Behind the door were standing three women dressed in identical mannish-looking but femininely cut suits and ties. Two of them were wearing sunglasses even though it was evening and they were indoors. I guessed the one in the front only didn't because she already had eyeglasses on her nose.

I stared at them for two seconds and said: "No, I don't want to hear why God makes people suffer, please go away." I started to close the door, but the one in the front with short blonde hair shoved her foot between the door.

"Hey, what are you doing?" I asked, as they forced their way in. "Sit down, Mr. Decker," the blonde said in an ordering tone. The other two, who were a tall freckled redhead with her hair in a ponytail and a Mediterranean-looking tanned girl with a massive cloud of black curls, appeared to be searching my room. The curly one closed the curtains and the redhead shoved me against the bed suggesting I should do as the blonde had ordered.

"That's not actually my real na-" I started, but I was interrupted by the blonde authoritatively raising her finger. She clearly was the leader of this group, whoever they were. The other two stood behind her with their arms crossed. The pixie-haired blonde said: "We are from the M.I.A., Decker." I had no idea what M.I.A. was, but since she was calling me by that name I had some idea what she might have been talking about. I tried to explain: "I know I have some weird fantasies, but you should know I don't really do any of that shit.

Surely you know some real rapists and pedophiles and guys like that you should be arresting instead of me. " The blonde raised her glasses with her little finger and looked at me accusingly as she spoke: "Yes, well, there are other people who do that.

Our department's job is different, but it is no less important." "And what is that?" I swallowed nervously, feeling that I might be in trouble, although I was not quite sure why. My writing might have been somewhat embarrassing, but as far as I knew fictional sex fantasies were not illegal even when presented in a written form.

The blonde pursed her lips and answered: "It is our responsibility to uphold the absolute highest standards for free internet porn, Mr.

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Decker." "Err. What?" "We have received several complaints from people who have said that while your stories made them come pretty hard, they were distinctly lacking in writing ability and their level of quality was below what is expected in our circles." Red and Curls nodded affirmingly behind Blonde as she said this.

"Is this some kind of a candid camera show? I don't think you're allowed to just enter people's homes and film them without permission." "Tsk-tsk-tsk." The blonde shook her head and adjusted her glasses again.

"The standard of your writing is frankly put, appalling, and your stories practically have no plots and are ridiculously unrealistic. You also use lots of commas, except sometimes when you should be using them.

You start sentences in absolutely improper fashion, as well as constantly screw up your prepositions, almost as if English wasn't your native tongue. We know your style, Decker." "I can see you are a fan," I dryly commented. The curly-haired girl behind the blonde seemed almost to smile, as if she couldn't quite hold her composure. The blonde agent went on: "For example, you might write about three random women randomly showing up at your door and telling they wanted to blow you for some completely outlandish reason, and you wouldn't give them any real characterization or even proper names." "I don't think normal people really care about stuff like that when they want to wank off -" "For your information, I am Vance," the cool blonde said.

"This is Kensington," she added, pointing at the freckled redhead. Lastly she voiced: "She is Garcia," which was directed at the curly-haired tanned girl.

I moved my eyes from one to the other. I noticed their attractiveness and inquired: "Do you have first names too? Although I think Vance is kind of a sexy na-" "Those are the only names you will need," the blonde hushed me. "Otherwise you might do something stupid like write us into one of your stories. That would be highly inappropriate." "Right, right.

So what happens now? Am I arrested or what?" Vance raised her glasses with her forefinger and smiled as she said: "We are going to blow you, of course." "Well sheeit." Vance became serious and lectured: "There actually is a very good story behind this, at first it is very important to understand that -" I interrupted her myself this time, which seemed to irritate her.

Vance was very sexy when she pursed her lips angrily, as I asked: "You don't really look like it, so I don't suppose there's any chance any of you three are related? That would be really hot, you know, and." "Unfortunately not, Decker.

My sister is a librarian. But perhaps you'll meet her later. I believe she just started working in the local branch." "What about your mother?" "She is a lawyer, and you definitely will be meeting her at some point if you keep this up." Vance snapped her fingers and ordered: "Clothes off!" The other two women behind her immediately started undressing each other, revealing some of the most incredible sights of femininity I could ever have imagined.

Curly-haired Garcia looked somewhat alarmed when the redhead's hands lingered on her naked breasts, slowly drifting along their pleasant round shapes, her fingers stroking the other agent's dark nipples. "Keep your hands to yourself, Kensington!" Vance howled angrily when she noticed that.

"Aww, boss, but she has really nice tits," the redhead complained, but she did move away from the curly-haired girl who was staring at her apprehensively with her big dark eyes. "You too," Vance said, looking at me. She took off her own jacket and started unbuttoning the white shirt underneath. I did as ordered, but told to the authoritative blonde: "Keep the tie on, Vance. And those glasses too. They are hot." "You don't give the orders around here, Decker," Vance said, but she did keep the aforementioned items on, as well as the thigh length white silk stockings she wore underneath her slacks.

The other two girls preferred to accessorize less. The redhead still had her sunglasses on at the moment, but apart from those she only wore a small silver crucifix, which hung on a chain between her freckled breasts.

Garcia wore absolutely nothing, unless her magnificent hair counted. I'm sure it actually covered a larger portion of her body than whatever Kensington wore in her free time. "Aren't they going to say anything?" I wondered, gesturing at Kensington and Garcia. "Or are they just here to add some variety to the action?" Freckle-faced Kensington smiled charmingly as she took off her sunglasses. She licked their earpieces suggestively and spoke: "I already did, in case you didn't notice, when the boss told me to stop grabbing Garcia's tits.

Anyway, we are going to swallow your balls dry even if it takes all night long, and if you must know, we have made a bet who gets you to shoot the biggest load. I guess I could also tell you about my hobbies, my pet kitten and my career interests, if you really want to hear about them, muffin." She had a British accent, but only the most accomplished of wordsmiths should attempt to represent such things in typography. Certainly not the kind of people who just put all those commas there.

"On the other hand, let's just skip that part," I concluded. My eyes appeared somewhat wide and a strange humming sound was ringing my ears because of blood suddenly rushing away from my brain. "I hope she's not some kind of an embarrassing ethnic stereotype, though," I said, gesturing at Garcia.

"Don't you worry about that," Garcia said, brushing her magnificent curls over her shoulder and blinking her long lashes at me. "I feel I too should say at least something before your balls are in my mouth, so I have to express my liking for your stories.

They are somewhat crude, as Agent Vance said, but personally I find distinct charm, eloquence and appeal in them." "I think I like you, Garcia," I said and smiled at her. Vance looked angry again, but it was an attractive look for her. "I don't really understand the complaints," the raven-haired beauty continued, "I have gotten off with them pretty well several times.

I especially like the one where the guy's mom -" "Garcia!" Vance sternly reprimanded the curly-haired daydreamer. "We are here on official business, so keep your personal opinions out of this!" "Yes, boss," Garcia sighed, rolling her huge dark eyes. Vance continued: "We are well aware, Decker, that you're some kind of a weird, but altogether too common kind of a pervert, who often prefers that women swallow sperm instead of having normal intercourse." "Yeah, I don't really know myself what's up with that, but I don't feel like wasting the time analyzing myself when I'm jacking my dick.

Although I wouldn't mind if you, like, shoved your tongue in Garcia a bit too if you really want some vaginal action. I like her thick bush, and I'm sure you will too." "Mr. Decker! Do you really think all women are lesbians or bisexuals who like to do something like that?" Vance was really cute when she was angry, although her ice-blue eyes were somewhat frightening when they were staring at me like that.

"No, of course not," I said and smiled. "But do it anyway, and I promise to bang you if you really want it so much. Kensington can blow me first, while you have go at it.

I'm sure that ponytail of hers will bounce nicely in the rhythm." "My pleasure," Kensington purred and moved forward. Vance looked angrily first at me and then at Garcia, who stared back at her.

Her dark doe-eyes had suddenly widened. "I don't really do girls, boss," Garcia spoke shyly, biting her lip and looking like a deer in headlights. "Well." Vance said and raised her glasses in a manner reminiscent of Horatio Caine. "I guess I will be the one doing the 'doing'.

Not that I 'do girls' either, but in this line of work we must quickly adapt to new situations, as you well know, Agent Garcia. Now lie down." "Aww, man." Garcia sighed and looked at me like a sad puppy.

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I nodded at her encouragingly as Kensington kneeled in front of me. Garcia was now lying on the floor and she had propped herself up on her elbows. She slowly opened her legs wide, and Vance's blue gaze nervously alternated between her eyes and the thick dark bush between her thighs. Then the pixie-haired blonde bent down to give it a sweet tentative kiss, while keeping her eyes locked with Garcia's. Kensington demanded attention by kissing my balls all over. I turned to look deep into her emerald eyes and brushed my fingers on her freckled shoulder as I softly whispered: "Try not to mind, but I have to look at them too, or my genitals would never forgive me." "I would like to look too, if I wasn't on duty," Kensington acknowledged understandingly and then her kisses traveled up my hard and veiny shaft.

She stared up at me with her big green eyes as she took it in her mouth and started sucking. With this the redhead proved to be quite talented at getting attention of her own.

"Oh my God." I whimpered, as her head started moving up and down on my lap. This woman could make the pope shoot his load in two seconds with those lips. If she wanted to, that is.

Her pretty freckled face and curious emerald eyes told me she was going to make this last as long as possible and make every second count. On the floor, Garcia had raised herself to her elbows and was looking at the spectacled and pixie-haired blonde, whose nose was buried in the thick dark bush between her legs. Vance was staring back at her intently with her deep blue eyes, and her tongue was making audible wet sounds as it penetrated into the other girl.

"A bit deeper, boss," Garcia whispered, biting her lip. "I'm sorry, I know it's difficult, but you know I said I don't really like girls and stuff." Vance noticeably accelerated the pace, and Garcia shifted her beautiful hips and softly whispered: "You can do it, boss. I believe in you." Her breath was deepening. Kensington's red ponytail started bouncing and swishing around more energetically as well. She kept constant eye contact, and her sensitive fingers knew exactly where and how to fondle, stroke and caress my hairy balls.

I think her intention was to make me come simultaneously with Garcia.

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"Yes, boss, yes!" the curly-haired girl was moaning on the floor. A shiver going through her thighs seemed to surprise Vance a bit. "Oh God!" we both screamed simultaneously and came in our lovers' mouths. Kensington swallowed and kept rhythmically bobbing her head. She knew exactly what she was doing, and how long she was going to be doing it.

I came in long spurts, and the girl kept looking at me with her lusty green eyes and begging for more. Judging from Vance's surprised look, she had gotten something in her mouth too, but she was considerate enough to just accept it and keep going. A nice deep blush was rising on Garcia's face, and her shapely breasts heaved and jiggled with the throes of her orgasm. I collapsed from exhaustion as Kensington finally raised her head. Her freckled cheeks were bulging and she winked mischievously at me as she got up.

Garcia's eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily. Kensington went to surprise her with a kiss, spitting a big phlegmy glob of squirming sperm cells into her mouth.

"Mmp!" said the raven-haired goddess, her dark eyes opening wide, as she was equally surprised by the feminine kiss and the disgusting goo spilling into her mouth. Kensington kept her lips connected with the struggling girl's and caressed her throat with experienced fingers, making her swallow with a distinct "Ulk!" sound.


Garcia's thighs suddenly jerked next to her boss's concentrated face, which was buried nose deep between them. Despite the surprise gift she had gotten from the redhead, Garcia instinctively cuddled her close. Kensington used the chance to start fondling Garcia's ample breasts, while Vance kept giving a few more tender kisses between the her legs until her shivers had finally passed.

Garcia got up and glared at Kensington with confusion in her big dark eyes, but she was herself reprimanded by Vance's cold gaze in return, when the blonde raised her head from between her thighs.

"You could have warned me you squirt, agent!" said the blonde bombshell. "I'm real sorry, boss. I mean." Garcia bit her lip adorably and stared at her toes. "Oh, you two." said Kensington, the freckled temptress, shaking her head.

She quickly turned away when Vance's furious ice-eyes fell upon her, though. "Kensington! What have I said about harassing Garcia?" her boss demanded. "Yeah, yeah, whatever." the redhead sighed, staring at the ceiling. "Enough. I feel like having another round. You two come here," I said, meaning Kensington and Garcia.

"Push your tits together, so my dick is between them, and work me like that. The boss gets to swallow this time." Did I say Vance was really hot when she was angry?

She certainly looked very hot now. "What did I tell you about giving orders, Decker?" the blonde agent complained. "I don't remember, but I wasn't talking to you anyway." Kensington took Garcia's hand and pulled her along. "C'mon now, Garcia," she sighed, nodding her head. "A girl just touched you more inappropriately than this.

And you quite obviously liked it too, I might add." "Um. Err. Yeah." Garcia blushed shyly as Kensington pulled her along and they came to me. I caressed Garcia's curls as the girls kneeled down.

I looked at Garcia, who was biting her lip again, and spoke reassuringly: "Don't worry. Just get me going, and Vance will do the rest." I glanced at the angry blonde and added: "You come here too. You might be able to find something to do, and you have to be ready for the finale." Vance tossed her head and hissed disdainfully, but she came along anyway.

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I guess her work ethics were important to her as a supervisor of the other two agents. Kensington was sure to rub her erect nipples as much as possible against Garcia's as the two pushed their breasts together, engulfing my hard shaft with their pillowy softness. The redhead was also staring intently into the other girl's dark eyes as she started moving and fondling her breasts. It gave me wonderful sensations, and she was also directing the other girl to do the same.

Garcia looked at me adorably and tried her best. I caressed her back, feeling the mass of black curls tickling my fingers, and offered encouraging words: "Don't worry. Kensington just likes you too. it's perfectly understandable.

You're so pretty. So is she. Look at her." "Uh-huh." Garcia nodded and nervously locked her eyes with the redhead's, and they worked together in giving me more beautiful feelings. Vance finally kneeled down as well. She pursed her lips angrily and then started caressing the other girls' beautifully rounded asses with her hands while giving some instructive comments: "Good, good, but do it a bit faster and try to bring out your inner tenderness." Kensington obviously didn't really need the tips.

She acknowledged that by giving a meaningful glance to my direction. Considering I was already throbbing between the girls' lovely and loving mammaries, I had to agree with the redhead.

Kensington was constantly making kissy faces at Garcia as the girls were jiggling their boobs together. When I said: "That's good, now it's Vance's turn," she tried to kiss her curly-haired crush, but Garcia moved away. Vance moved forward and I was far too excited to listen to her complaints about ordering her around, so I just grabbed her short hair and pushed her head down. She didn't resist too much since she could sense I was really close to shooting my load, so she just stared at me accusingly over the rims of her glasses as she took my hard penis in her mouth.

I wouldn't normally use language like this, but I right now I thought it suited the situation well to loudly yell: "Swallow this, bitch!" when I came. Kensington gave me a thumbs up for that behind her boss's back. I ejaculated into Vance's mouth with a loud "Glurk!" -sound. The priceless look on her face when her cheeks suddenly bulged made it apparent she didn't really like this unlike Kensington, who seemed like bit of a slut, to be honest, if you don't mind the politically incorrect term and yet another overlong sentence with lots of commas.

"Oh my!" Kensington commented from behind Vance's back, hearing the gooey and weighty sound of semen shooting into the blonde's mouth. Vance was a very career-oriented person, though, so she swallowed anyway and gagged only occasionally when a burst was a bit too juicy and voluminous.

She wasn't very quick at it, so she had to be careful not to dribble. She had to shift each load around in her bulging cheeks several times before it went down. I politely stroked Vance's short blonde pixie hair as I repeatedly shot gloopy jizz into her mouth. She looked at me with her blue eyes over the rim of her glasses. That gaze made it clear she wasn't savoring the moment. I hoped I didn't have to pay for this later. The last mouthful was the most difficult.

Vance held her hand in front of her mouth, closed her eyes, and winced as she gulped. Then Vance raised her head and adjusted her glasses, sternly reminding me: "Remember, Decker, that good writers do not write sound effects and stupid things like that. They are clearly against the writer's sacred art, and we have received several complaints about your uncouth use of them." I shook my head and answered agreeably: "Well hot damn, I guess I won't do that then, even if they might turn someone on and stuff." "This is not a joke, Decker." Vance looked me with her angry and cold blue eyes.

"The next Shakespeare could just now be writing weird fetish porn for a web site and he could get bad influences from hacks like you, as we all know." "You aren't supposed to end sentences with prepositions either, agent." I grinned at her. "That was spoken language, pencil neck!" Vance stared at me furiously with her piercing ice-eyes. "I kind of like the sounds," Garcia yelped from the background. "Like right now, when you shot your load in her mouth, it would have sounded really slimy and gross in writing if -" "Garciaa.!" Vance raised her voice.

"Sorry, boss," Garcia sheepishly silenced herself. "You could also swallow it immediately instead of sloshing it around in your mouth for ages and gurgling like that," Kensington added, but she started checking her nails when Vance glared at her.

I assessed the situation and then spoke: "Well, you came to blow me, and you two already did," I nodded towards Kensington and Vance. "So I guess it's Garcia's turn." Her eyes widened adorably. "Just let me recuperate for a little while." "Don't worry," Kensington spoke softly and caressed Garcia's shoulder. "He can't have that much left at this point." "Yes, real people obviously can't really ejaculate as much as they do in his stupid stories," Vance said knowingly and directed a disapproving cool glance at my direction.

She still seemed to be having some problems and she looked she was constantly trying not to gag. "You two can help by licking my balls," I said, pointing at Kensington and Vance. Kensington immediately moved to position and gave them a warm kiss.

Vance joined in, and both girls brought their pink and wet tongues to play, lapping and slurping my hairy testicles and each other. Kensington's hands were wandering, they were fondling her boss's breasts and erect nipples.

Vance wasn't as shy as Garcia and she was a strict professional even if girls were not really her thing, so she responded in the same manner. I gathered a fistful of tickling black curls in my hands and held onto them for support as Garcia looked up at me with her huge dark eyes and her thick rose-red lips slowly opened and let me slide inside.

Kensington was a complete and unashamed whore who could suck chrome off a tailpipe, and Vance had simply trained herself to be very good despite her apprehension, but Garcia was just a natural and charming sex goddess. "I think I love you right now, Garcia," I softly whispered, looking into her eyes as she sucked. I felt the tongues of the other two accelerate their motions, as if out of jealousy, so I reached to caress their hair with my hands to show that I cared about them too.

Garcia's big, innocent eyes kept staring at me as her tongue and lips made suckled instinctively in ways which made me feel warm inside. Her full lips slurped and slid along my rock-hard erection until I had to say to the other two agents: "Garcia can handle this on her own just fine.

You two can find something else to do for a while." Vance and Kensington actually seemed to be happy about their compatriot's performance. They moved their mouths away from my balls to Garcia's breasts. Her areolas were large and dark, and the nipples were now tall and erect. Vance slowly opened her pink lips and latched them on the left one. Kensington twirled her tongue around the right nipple a couple of times, making Garcia whelp.

Then she too started peacefully suckling on Garcia's nipple with her rose-red lips. The feeling caused by this made Garcia's long lashes flutter, but then her eyes turned back to me and our gazes locked lovingly together. I felt the weight of her glorious locks, letting my fingers slide into them and through them. The curls tickled and they smelled of orchids. Garcia's big eyes blinked. Her lips were pouty and puckered around the thickness of the shaft, and her cheeks hollowed as she slurped.

I could only caress her curls and softly whisper: "I can't take much more. Please hold my balls, my love." Garcia did as told and took my hairy, warm testicles gently in her hand. Her eyes widened when she could feel them tightening. "Oh yes," I whispered and found a stronger grip from her dark curls. "Oh God, yes." I looked into Garcia's big scared eyes as my balls tightened all the way, and then I suddenly shouted and unloaded into her mouth. She sounded apprehensive, but I held on to two fistfuls of curls and forced her head down.

Sperm shooting into her throat made her gurgle and her cheeks were bulging, but she winced and swallowed. She had to repeat it many, many times, and her mouth was still full when I let her raise her head and pull away. The other two kissed Garcia's beautiful nipples and breasts a few more times and then got up to assess the situation.

"Oh damn, I think Garcia won the bet for sure." Kensington sounded disappointed and she crossed her arms under her perky freckled breasts. Garcia tried to talk encouragingly back to her: "Bub yu helbed -" "Swallow it all first, stupid girl!" Kensington said, slapping Garcia in the back, which caused her to make a discomfortable choking and gulping sound.

Vance officially acknowledged her performance: "You won, congratulations! You get to go to the Deep Throat Training Camp, Agent Garcia." Garcia stared at the other two with wide eyes. "Was it named after Mark Felt? I sure hope so." she asked.

The other two rolled their eyes. "What would you think?" Kensington asked a rhetorical question. "Oh, gee." Garcia looked at the floor. "It is a great chance for promotion, Garcia," Vance said to her. "Just make sure you do your best. I expect nothing less.

I believe this year's guest instructor will be Rocco Siffredi." "Oh man." Garcia bit her lip and looked like a sad puppy. I wanted to give her something else to think about, so I said to her boss: "I promised to nail you, Vance, don't forget that.

You two can't just be watching, either." I moved my had to Garcia's neck, brushed her incredible curls, and suggested: "You will sit on Kensington's face." Her back straightened nervously. Kensington fluttered her lashes at Garcia.

Her whisper was like silk as she gently wrapped her arm around Garcia's neck: "The boss might not like girls, but I sure do. I've been waiting for this moment, Agent Garcia. I'll be gentle. Sort of." "Is there anybody you actually don't like?" Garcia said, the corner of her mouth twitching nervously as she looked back at the sultry seductress with her sad puppy eyes.

She had no doubt seen her partner in action numerous times before. "I haven't met anyone yet, but I keep trying to," Kensington said. Garcia on the other hand said: "Mmph!" as Kensington kissed her and slid her slimy tongue down her throat as a preliminary sign of her skills. I touched Vance's buttock and said: "Vance will get a second chance to get dip her tongue deep in somewhere warm again as well.

Do I need to say where, Kensington, or can you guess?" "Oh yeah," Kensington sighed and made kissy lips at her boss, who seemed significantly less enthusiastic about the face.

She was directing venomous ice-blue glances at my direction again.


"You'd better make me come, Decker," Vance said sternly. "I'll do my best. Make sure you will too, it will certainly help us all." We moved to the floor after I had tossed away some clothes and other assorted junk which was taking up valuable space. Kensington was the most eager as usual, so she laid down and opened her long legs wide.

She gave Vance a sexy look and spoke with a husky voice: "Come on, boss. I'm ready." "You don't give the orders around here," Vance said and shook her head. "Why is that, by the way, boss?" Garcia interrupted and received an angry look from the blonde.

"I mean she has been with the agency longer and." Her voice trailed off as she noticed Vance glaring at her. Vance offered an explanation: "If you must know, Agent Kensington has been blacklisted for promotions. She is useful, but she is a bit too much into all this, so she often tends to forget the actual mission." "Right now your mission is to ram that pretty pink tongue of yours as deep into my warm pussy as it goes.

Isn't that right, Decker?" Kensington made rude suggestive motions with her tongue as she spoke. Garcia sounded puzzled again: "Why is he giving the orders then? Hey boss, didn't you say right in the beginning he couldn't. Why are we doing whatever he says?" I smiled at the voluptuous beauty and answered logically: "Because I'm the author.

Now, get going!" "Hmph!" Vance tossed her head angrily, she still went down and kneeled between Kensington's thighs. Kensington flashed a knowing smile at me and then looked at Garcia and whispered huskily: "Come here, my darling." Garcia bit her lip and glanced first at Vance and then at me.

I smiled and Vance frowned, but neither said anything. Garcia cast down her eyes and lowered her legs on either side of Kensington's head and then brought her thick dark bush on the redhead's freckled face.

Kensington's tongue came out eagerly to meet it, and soon wet sounds of attempted penetration could be heard. Vance looked at the two of them thoughtfully. Garcia's hips soon started moving instinctively. I knew why, having felt what Kensington could do with her tongue. I touched the blonde agent's tight ass and whispered into her ear: "Face down and ass up, beautiful." I pointed between Kensington's wide open, long, freckled legs.

Vance looked at me with ice cold eyes and issued a challenge: "Hard and deep, Decker. I'm not used to pencil necks like you. Make this worthwhile." Then she went down on all fours and bent down to kiss Kensington's cute ginger pussy. After a few more tender kisses she slid her tongue in and her blonde head started bobbing between the redhead's thighs. Kensington seemed to be surprised about her boss's skills. Her hips moved and she made a little whimper.

Vance certainly could get things done when she set her mind into it. I could understand why she was the leader. Speaking of cute pussies, Vance's tight little ass was up and it was swaying and moving along with the motions of her head.

I moved behind her and penetrated her slowly. She was just as tight as I had anticipated, but a hell of a lot warmer. I took her like she had wanted me to. I held her hips firmly and rammed against her with hard thrusts. She was so tight it took several attempts to drive the whole length in, but the feeling it caused to her was so tender it caused a chain reaction with the other girls.

Kensington's thighs twitched and she shivered around Vance's tongue. Garcia threw her head up and whimpered, causing a rain of curls to fall down her back. I pulled almost all the way out of Vance and then thrust hard back in, feeling her tight and shivering warmth open around me again and again.

Garcia had complained earlier how hard it had been for her to come with a girl, but she wasn't having any problems like that with Kensington.

The redhead had that certain kind of a talent. Garcia was whimpering and running her fingers through her own curls, making them cascade down her back again as her thighs twitched and jerked around the redhead's freckled face.

Kensington herself was a bit of a nymphomaniac, in case you hadn't noticed, so she was getting off quite easily when her boss's tongue did its work. The redhead's hips and thighs were constantly jerking, and I think Vance got some unpleasant squirts into her mouth this time as well, judging by the sounds she was making. Even the ice queen herself started feeling quite warm and yielding now.

I guess she actually liked normal sex, unlike some internet wankers. Although normal was a relative term in this case, seeing as her tongue was currently nose deep in another woman's vagina. Kensington's freckled thighs jerked again beside the blonde's face. That in turn caused her tongue to do something which made ripples to go through Garcia's shapely ass. They were ready, and so was I. My testicles were tight and Vance's pussy was all too warm and pink for this to last much longer.

Between rapid thrusts I managed to groan: "Here it comes now, baby doll." I audibly fired a powerful spurt deep into the blonde agent's welcoming womb. Her hips jerked in response, and I could feel her warm orgasmic shivers around me as I grabbed her ass and thrust deep with the rhythm of every ejaculation. It became a four-way simultaneous orgasm as Kensington and Garcia came with us. Garcia moaned and gripped Kensington's red hair, pulling her closer to her hairy muff.

Her whole body shuddered and black curls flew everywhere. Vance's tongue was moving inside Kensington along with my thrusts, and judging from the wet sounds she was sliding it rapidly in and out. The redhead's thighs constantly shuddered, and when I finally pulled out Vance was still so emotional she could not stop kissing Kensington's pulsating vagina. Afterwards Garcia had a pleasant blush on her face.

She had pressed her cheek against Kensington's freckled bosom, cuddling close to her. Kensington was running her fingers through Garcia's curls, and Garcia was looking at her adoringly. I guess she wasn't so scared about girls anymore. "You are amazing, Agent Kensington," Garcia sighed.

"That's what they say," Kensington confirmed the statement and winked. "But remember it was you who made him come the hardest. You show promise, puppy." She bent down and gave Garcia a tender kiss on the lips. I was sharing a last loving moment with Vance myself. We were cuddling close too, her head was on my shoulder and I was caressing her ass as she was sitting on my lap. I had only a little left, but we both know it belonged inside her, so she was riding me gently and slowly.

Garcia's kisses started traveling down Kensington's freckled and shapely body, and soon they moved to the sixty-nine position.

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The kisses certainly didn't stop then. When I finally came again, I grasped Vance's ass tightly, and moaned: "I love you, baby!" I shot everything from my tightening balls into her warm and shivering form.

Vance gently kissed my cheek. I could only whisper sadly in her ear: "That was all, darling." She rubbed her nose against mine and said: "Thank you, Decker." Then she kissed me tenderly on the lips. Luckily I felt more of Kensington's strawberry taste than that of my own jizz at this point.

"I'm sorry I called you a bitch earlier," I apologized, looking into her deep blue eyes. "I've been called worse, Decker." "I just wanted to say I don't think you are one, anymore." "You will in the morning. It's in my job description," Vance grinned. Then we cuddled together. Kensington and Garcia joined in, pressing their soft forms against me as well as each other, and we slept peacefully.

I was totally passed out during the whole night, having spent all the energy I'd had. In the morning I was woken by three pairs of soft, moist lips kissing my erection and testicles. "I guess it wasn't all a dream, then," I concluded, seeing the three agent girls' big eyes staring at me as they kissed and licked.

"Are you sure? Maybe you just didn't wake up quite yet," Kensington said and winked at me. I didn't answer, since I didn't want to know the answer. Instead I got up on my knees and told the three pretties: "Get close together and stick your tongues out." Kensington licked her lips enthusiastically. Vance now seemed a bit cold again, she looked emotionless and kept her eyes closed. Garcia was shyly blinking her long lashes as she looked up at me with her huge eyes. She flinched and quickly closed them, though, when the first spurt of sperm shot across her face and hung off her black curls as droplets of slimy white goo.

My semen exploded all over their tongues, faces, hair, eyelashes and everything. I guess a night's rest had been quite rejuvenating. Streams of jizz ran down Garcia's rounded tits and Kensington's freckled ones, even hanging off her perky nipples. Vance had caught most on her face, since she had been directly in front of me.

She seemed to be a bit pouty about it. "Don't. do that!" Vance hissed when Kensington started licking the sperm off her face. "I'm going to take a shower. Unfortunately it isn't big enough for all of us. So you might just as well let her do that to save time," I said and went to the bathroom. I don't know if Vance let herself be licked clean or used something else, but she seemed to have gotten most of the goo off her face when I came back. "Take a look at this while I shower," she said and handed me a card.

I watched Kensington licking jizz of Garcia. She wasn't complaining unlike her boss had. When I managed to get my eyes off this spectacle for a moment, I looked at the card. It said: "M.I.A. - Metafictional Investigation Agency.

Department of Crimes against Art, Subdivision of Internet Pornography. Special Agent Vance, Quality Control". Her first name wasn't even on the card. I waited for Vance to come out of the shower so the other two girls could have their turn. They went in together even though it was a bit tight in there for two people. I looked at the blonde as she was toweling her pixie hair and mentioned: "Um, Vance. You never actually told me how this was supposed to help me write better." Vance flashed a little mysterious smile at me and then said: "I thought an intelligent man such as yourself would understand it, Decker." I looked puzzled, so she sighed and continued: "If you don't start to write better, we aren't going to come back next month." Then she turned and shouted towards the shower: "Hurry up you two, we can't hang around here all day!" She glanced disapprovingly at my furnishings and added: "Not that we would, even if we could." She was obviously back in ice queen mode again, just like she had warned last night.

Kensington and Garcia appeared from the shower, holding each other's hands. They had managed to find towels somewhere too. I think I owned the entirety of four. Well, at least those would smell nice for a while. I sat down and watched the girls get dressed in their business suits and shook my head. "This was really weird," I muttered.

Vance turned at me, pointed at the card she had given me and said: "Remember, we will be watching you, Decker. And like I said, we won't be coming next month if the quality of your writing doesn't improve drastically and quickly." I was about to say something more, but Vance turned away from me and faced the other two agents.

She gave them a strict order: "Team out!" They left just as quickly and discreetly as they had arrived, and I could only sit down and sigh: "Well sheeit." Vance glanced over her shoulder just as she was about to step out of the door and said: "Always remember to spell everything correctly instead of using stupid phonetic forms." "Yeah, yeah, let's keep our apostrophes in order too," I sighed, and Vance's cold blue eyes pierced my heart the last time until she was gone.

For now.