Casada infiel cogiendo en hotel Maga

Casada infiel cogiendo en hotel Maga
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Hey, I'm back and if you read the first part of this story, well then here's what happened next… One morning after my girlfriend left for work, I got Kyle to come into the bedroom. So, I got him good and tweaked and laid at the edge of the bed, holding my legs up with my knees in my chest and had Kyle French kiss my asshole for a good long time. He knelt down on the floor in front of me and he looked at my puckered, hairy asshole and finally ran his tongue up it. It felt so damn good and I could feel my asshole clenching as he started licking and lapping on it.

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I grabbed his head and pushed it into my ass and told him to suck on my asshole and when he did, I was going apeshit! My cock was so swollen and I started stroking it.


I couldn't stand it anymore and suddenly found myself wanting to get fucked in the ass. I never had been fucked before, but I was amp'ed and turned on enough that I'd let Kyle stick his young cock in my ass. So, I turned over onto my stomach and held open my ass cheeks and told Kyle to rape me in my fucking ass. He was all for it, but he wasn't sure at first how to do it right and I told him to go ahead and just push it in. So, I spit on my hand and wiped it on my asshole and then felt Kyle lean against me and he started pushing his cock straight into my tight hairy hole.

Fuck, it hurt but at the same time I was getting off on feeling sodomized by this young boy. I told him to fuck my shitter hard and he make a few hard thrusts and then suddenly started to shudder as he dumped his hot goo into my ass.

I had my hand buried into my crotch yanking on my hard rod and told Kyle to lick his cum out of my ass.


He paused for a few second and I yelled "Do it! Come on!" So, he did and I felt his tongue lick out his creamy load from my hairy asshole. That's what sent me over the edge and I turned onto my back and shoved Kyle's head down so my cock raped his mouth and pumped my seed down into his throat. He gagged but I held his head down until I was done emptying my balls into his mouth.

What really got me off later that night when I was fucking my girlfriend was knowing that only hours before I was getting my ass licked and fucked by her teenage son. So when August came around, I got an idea to take Kyle camping and invite my tweaker buddy Bob along.

Bob was a known perv who ficked anything that moved and I had a feeling he'd take a liking to Kyle being a nasty whore for him. So, I took Kyle in the travel trailer and we picked up Bob and went to the mountains and found a remote camping area that wasn't really legit to camp at, but it was out of the way.

So Kyle got out of the trailer and went for a walk with his headphones on and I had a talk with Bob as we were sniffing lines of crys and told him about how I got Kyle to start takin' care of me and how I got him to be a nasty whore. Bob instantly became intrigued and excited by this and liked that I invited him up to fuck around with the boy.

So, Kyle got back and I had him go into the trailer and have Bob follow him in.

I went in behind Bob and shut the door. Bob then grabbed the boy and walked him over to the bed/cot in back and bent him over, pulling his shorts down. Kyle was a bit surprised and said "What…" but Bob said "You know what's going on, I heard all about what a nasty slut you are".

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After that, Kyle was silent as Bob opened the fly of his jeans and pulled his big cock out from his boxer shorts. He gave it a few tugs and then spit into his hand to wet it a bit.

He then pinned Kyle down and pushed himself into the boy's ass and began jamming his prick into Kyle's ass hard, pulling Kyle's wavy hair and saying to him "That's a good cockwhore. You like me fucking your cunt like that you little bitch?" but Kyle said nothing, so Bob raised his voice "Answer me!" and Kyle then said "y&hellip.yeessss" and Bob rammed him harder.

I almost felt sorry for Kyle, but he was getting used to being a filthy gaping cuntboy. Bob's thrusts became harder and faster and deeper and I had my hand in my jeans squeezing my cock as I watched Bob anally rape Kyle.

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Then, Bob pulled out and made a loud groan as he aimed and squirted his seed into the boy's open anal cavity. After Bob regained his composure, he turned around and zipped himself up and said "There, now you got some lube to fuck him with" and he laughed as he went outside to get a beer out of the cooler and think about what he just did and how much he got off on sodomizing the boy. So, I told Kyle to stay where he was and Kyle listened. I had him pull his ass cheeks open as I pulled out my cock and let my jeans and briefs fall somewhat.

I stared at the boy's raw, gaping hole with cum bubbling out of it and it made me intensely harder. I couldn't wait and I pushed my cock up the boy's slimy ass and began jamming as deep as I could into his hole. I started biting and licking the boy's neck and then told him to turn his head around and I shoved my tongue in his mouth.

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He seemed to like that and I asked him "you my little bitch baby?" and he moaned "yes, I'm your nasty bitch" and that made me tremble and buck my hips hard into him and empty myself into his hot anus. Bob and I took turns having Kyle give us head, lick our asses and we fucked him repeatedly, the crys only amplifying and prolonging the lewd acts we were performing on the now corrupted boy. He was oozing and dripping our cum for the entire weekend and personally I didn't want it to end.

So that's the second part of the story, but I'll be back to tell you some more. Take it easy.

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