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"Are you sure this is appropriate? What if Cory's walks in on us?" "If Cory walks in on us before we finish, she may want to join us but right now I want YOU to FUCK ME!" Wet from her vagina to her clitoris, she was so close that she knew just a small amount of additional stimulation would push her over to orgasmic nirvana.

She wanted Bill to fuck her hard and slid a pillow under her butt to raise her vagina. Bill pushed his middle finger tip inside Sharon's vagina and felt how swollen and wet she already was. It was a bit of a surprise that she was already so stimulated, but he had learned from his sex coaching to not question things so much. He penetrated her in a series of three pushes and heard her softly growl like she never had before. Sharon moved her hands to the back of Bill's ass and began pressing him as hard and deep into her as she could.

He was fucking her harder and faster than ever. After pressing him into her for the seventh time Bill felt her vaginal contractions squeezing him. As soon as her contractions stopped, she lay motionless while Bill continued fucking her with deep powerful strokes. Less than two minutes after her first, Sharon shrieked as she had a second orgasm and as soon as Bill felt the powerful contractions of her second orgasm, he became practically motionless as he let his own orgasm build and then came inside her with one of the most explosive orgasms he had ever had.

Cory woke up when she heard Sharon's shriek, washed her face, and went to the kitchen to check on the dinner preparations. After seeing that Sharon had lowered the temperature, she washed her hands, put the green beans in the microwave, set the dining room table for dinner, and went to sit on the porch to enjoy the twilight. Sharon and Bill joined her at a little after 7. Bill turned to Cory, "I forgot how pretty it can be here at sunset." "Would you guys like a beer?

"I've got some cold that I make only for me. "It's kind of a Scottish ale. A bit puzzling and very tasty when it's very cold! "But, I'll warn you!

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"The other beers are about 5 percent alcohol by volume. "The Scottish ale is about 7.5 percent." "I don't know about Bill, but I would like one." Cory got three very cold Scottish ales from the refrigerator and rejoined them on the porch.

"Sharon and I talked about me making the dress for your wedding. Would that be all right with you, Bill?" "I think that would be a really nice thing for you to do." Bill moved closer to Sharon and leaned over like he wanted to say something to her but didn't want Cory to hear.

After he started Sharon moved a little further away and held up her hand to stop him from saying anything further. She softly kissed Bill and then turned to him. "If we're going to all three be living together as a triple as you said, I don't think we should have any secrets from each other. "What do you think Cory?" "I agree with you Sharon.

"We need to be open, honest, and trust each other. "If we can't do that then the three of us being together will never work." Bill turned a little red, looked away for a few seconds, turned back to look as Sharon, and then looked at Cory. "You are both so right. "We should be open and honest. "And we should trust each other." Cory lifted her ale to offer a toast.

"Here's to that!" "Okay! "Here is what I was going to say to Sharon. "What would you think about the marriage we have planned to change from a marriage between the two of us to a marriage between the three of us?" Sharon was first to respond.

"I would like that." Cory chimed in, "So, would I. "I love you Bill. And I love Sharon. "If we all three could be married to each other it might prevent some legal problems. "I don't know that the three of us can be legally married but here's a thought.

"If we can't be legally married, do you think we could have a legal agreement between the three of us that gives the three of us all the rights and responsibilities and so forth of marriage?" "I don't see why not. "Why don't we go talk to my family attorney and ask him what he thinks. "He's good about advising his clients about the law and doesn't take some high moral ground about whether or not he thinks something is wrong or not." "Why don't we." "Yes!

Why don't' we." Cory added. "And here's another thing to consider. "Regardless of what the lawyer says we can or can't do, we can do what we want. "And as far as any ceremony I think it should be between the three of us." Bill chimed in. "We aren't obligated to call it a marriage ceremony, are we? "If we have to, we can just call it a ceremony and it can be to celebrate our love and commitment to one another." Sharon said, "If we are going to have a ceremony to celebrate our love and commitment to one another, I think Cory should have a special dress, too.

"I don't know how to sew nearly as well as Cory, but I saw a dress that Cory is making for one of your mom's friends. "It is beautiful." "Thank you, Sharon. "Maybe the two of us can make our dresses here at the farm house? "I've got all my sewing and tailoring stuff here and it's organized the way I like it" "I would like working on something like that with Cory. "Would you be all right with that, Bill?" Tuesday afternoon Cory went to tell Brenda and Martin about her plans to move to Manitoba to live with Sharon and Bill at the fishing lodge.


Martin liked to fish and had long heard about how good it was in northern Manitoba. A few hours later, Sharon and Bill dropped by the Waters' house. Martin and Bill talked a bit about the fishing and Bill told Martin that he had an open invitation to come to the lodge whenever he wanted. Brenda told the three of them that they had her blessing and hoped they would be happy. Wednesday, Cory and Sharon prepared a feast at the farmhouse for everyone.

After the feast, Bill and Sharon took Dorothy and Karen back to the rest home. On Thursday, Bill was preparing to go back to the lodge to relieve his neighbor of caring duties for Hercules and took Sharon to the farmhouse to stay with Cory. They spent a quiet evening Thursday and on Friday Bill left to go back to the fishing lodge.


Sharon stayed behind with Cory at the farm so that the two of them could make their dresses. Cory told Sharon that they needed to measure her for her dress, so Sharon changed into a pair of light blue exercise briefs and a halter top. She had Sharon stand and sit in a variety of positions and made each measurement three times before writing the numbers in the notebook on the table. Cory had just finished measuring Sharon's bust. "How tight do you like your dresses?" "I've never had a dress made just for me.

"Can you help me decide?" Cory took Sharon's hand. "Would you come with me?" She went into the coat closet in the parlor where she kept clothes she almost never wore and then joined Sharon in the parlor dressed in a strapless, white lacy mini length dress. "This is a middle of the road in terms of tightness. Not so tight that it makes you look cheap and not so loose that it makes you look sloppy.

"Do you like this?" When Sharon saw Cory, her eyes flew open wide, she did a double take, and her jaw dropped as she shook her head. "You are so beautiful." "If you are seen in Winnipeg like you look right now, they'll name a street or an area of town after you.

"Could we make a dress for me just like the one you have on?" "Of course. We can change any of the details like straps and if we have straps what kind.

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I'll show you some pictures and then you can decide? Is that all right?" "Yes." Cory put her hands on Sharon's shoulders and pulled her closer to kiss her softly on the cheek. "And sweetheart, there is not one little thing I think you should change. "You are absolutely stunning just the way you are. "And I love you so, so much!" Sharon turned to look out the window. From the length of the pine's shadow she knew that it was close to nightfall. She turned to Cory. "Do we have time for a short break?" "I would love to take a break but whether it turns out to be short or not is yet to be seen." Sharon sat on the sofa and slid her fingertips from her chin down her neck to her chest.

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Cory started to sit down next to Sharon. "Would you mind just standing there for a minute or two to let me look at you?" Cory kissed Sharon on the corners of her eyes, guided her to stand, and twirled her around. "As long as you let me look at you, too." Sharon turned Cory, stopped her with her back toward Sharon before wrapping her arms around Cory's waist to draw her tightly against her.

"That feels so good." Cory arched her back pushing her shoulders as far back as she could and stretched her neck upwards catlike letting the tingling trail left by Sharon's fingertips across her skin linger. "You are so beautiful in this dress! "So, so beautiful!" Sharon leaned over Cory's shoulder as Cory's turned enough for their lips to meet.

Cory whispered, "Thank you. "Not just for what you said but more for what you're doing." Cory swiveled around to face Sharon and put her hands on the back of her neck. Sharon glanced at Cory's eyes, her eyes widened, and she quickly looked away.

Am I mistaken? She stopped hugging Cory but continued to hold her. "Are you going to cry?" Cory turned to look out the window, took one deep breath, then another, exhaling slowly between breaths. "If I do cry it will be tears of joy because I'm not sad at all. "Just the opposite. "I'm so, so happy. "But … "It's just been so long. "And I've been so lonely. "I'm afraid. "I'm afraid I might wake up and find out that this is just a wonderful dream." "My sweet, sweet, love.

Sweet, adorable, beautiful Cory." Sharon pulled Cory back against her, nuzzled her nose into Cory's hair, and breathed in so deeply that she became a little giddy.

"You are beautiful inside, outside… "All of you!" Cory lay her head on Sharon's shoulder as Sharon continued. "There is nothing in the world wrong with dreams. "Most of the time they let us see the world as we would like it to be." "This dream if that's what it is could be yours or it could be mine. "But whosever it is, as long as I'm with you in it, I'll be happy!" Cory rubbed Sharon's belly and then squeezed her breasts. "I've been wanting to do that all day. "They feel so good." Sharon pulled the halter top off over her head.

Cory lifted one breast to her mouth, kissed and then pinched one nipple and then the other. When she felt Cory's hands glide along the inside of her panties to her butt and push her down to the top of her thigh to press her clitoris against the top of Cory's leg, she put her arms around Cory's leg to increase the pressure on her vagina and clitoris.

"Fuck me, Cory. "I want you!" Rocking back and forth and side to side, Sharon began rotating her hips stimulating her clitoris from all angles. Cory moved her hands to Sharon's waist pressing her down and sliding her along her thigh harder and faster. The rapid movements of Sharon's hips were so quick, strong, and random that they were practically one movement.

She squealed, thrust her hips forward, and collapsed with her head on Cory's chest. Sharon was trembling so Cory waited until she stopped quivering and for Sharon to speak or move next. I'm really glad we decided it would okay for us to enjoy each other like this. After a few minutes, Sharon said.

"What have I been missing?" Cory and Sharon went to the shower and bathed each other. Out of the shower they tied their hair back with some ribbon from Cory's collection in the coat closet.

For dinner they cooked steaks and decided they would work on their dresses that evening. They loaded up some of Cory's favorite symphonies and several jazz albums that Sharon picked out, sat together on the sofa in the parlor with their legs overlapping, and looked through some dress designs to decide on the details for their dresses. Sharon decided a little more practical dress for northern Manitoba might be a better use of their time. She settled on a linen fit and flare tea length dress with straight sleeves and shoulder straps.

Cory picked out a white silk scalloped V neck mini fit and flare dress. The next day they drove into Des Moines for materials they would need and dropped by the rest home to see Bill's mom.

Dorothy was having a cup of tea with Karen under a pergola near the rose garden. The four of them had a long visit. On the way back to the farm, Sharon said she knew that Bill had told Dorothy about plans for Sharon and Bill to marry. Cory said that she doubted that Bill had said anything to her about Cory joining Bill and Sharon in Manitoba. They had just arrived back at the farm when Sharon's phone rang. It wasn't familiar, so she looked at the caller ID. It was from the neighbor Bill asked to take care of Hercules during his absence.

"That's unusual. I don't think I've ever talked to him on the phone. "I better call him back." Cory was sitting at her table cutting the linen for Sharon's dress when Sharon joined her carrying two bottles of ale and a box of tissue. Cory didn't know what it was but knew it wasn't good.

Instantly on her feet, she hurried to Sharon and wrapped her arms around her. She could feel Sharon shaking and saw that her hands were trembling. Sharon put her head on Cory's chest as Cory rubbed the back of her neck and shoulders hoping to get Sharon to let it all go. "You go ahead and let it go, sweetie. "Get it out." After Sharon stopped trembling, she tried to speak but her voice failed her.

She sat on the bed and gulped down her ale. Cory extended hers to Sharon. "Do you want mine?" Sharon took Cory's hand, led let her to the kitchen, got out another bottle of ale for herself, and turned to Cory. "I think you're going to need that. "Let's sit." "Do you think I should drink it before you tell me?" "I have to tell you some painful news. "That call was from the neighbor to the south of the lodge. "Bill got back to the lodge the afternoon after he left. "That was about 10 days ago.

"This morning Hercules showed up at our neighbor's place." Cory braced her shoulders. "Go on." "The neighbor went over to the lodge and when he didn't find Bill anywhere around he followed Hercules. "Hercules led him right to Bill. "He said it looked like one of the spear traps accidently went off and killed Bill." "This is worse news than I thought it might be. "What do you think we should do?" "On some things we need to take action like right now.

"As soon as possible I need to get back to Manitoba to take care of Hercules and start tying up loose ends." "Okay. I wonder if Bill's mom knows. She probably doesn't, so I think I should go see her and tell her in person." "We need stay in touch on things. "Call me when you get to the lodge to let me know you're okay. "And I need to talk to you at least everyday. "Will you promise me that we'll talk?" "You call me whenever you need and I'll do the same." Cory added, "I need to feel us close to each other." After dinner, Sharon and Cory went to bed.

Early the next day, they packed some snacks and drinks for Sharon's trip. Dorothy woke up from her nap when she heard the knock on the door to her room. "Give me a few minutes please." "Cory is here and needs to see you." "Would you ask her to wait for me in the coffee shop? "I'll be down as soon as I can." She turned to Karen. "Cory's a really wonderful girl. "Smart, pretty, good judgement. "If she's here to see me then it's probably something important." "All true.

"All of the women living here love Cory and the clothes she's made for them are about their favorites." Dorothy stopped at the coffee shop entryway and watched as Cory sat slack jawed, wringing her hands, dropping her eyes to look at the floor, and shifting her gaze to the windows. Whatever it is, Cory's worried. No sense pussyfooting around. Dorothy walked to the table. Cory stood up and held the chair avoiding Dorothy's eyes.

"Hi Cory. "This is a pleasant surprise. "I think I'll get a cup of tea and then I'll join you. "Do you need a refill?" Cory shook her head. After Dorothy set her tea on the table, she sat on the chair Cory was holding for her. "You seem really worried, dear." "I need to tell you something. "And it isn't pleasant." Dorothy set her lips in a grim line. "Cory, you are a mature woman and you are oh so sweet. "You know that what you have to tell me won't be pleasant but waiting won't change it will it?

"So just say it." "It's about Bill. "He died within the last several days when a trap he set up to kill deer hit him." Cory moved her chair close to Dorothy and put her arm around her shoulders. Dorothy pressed Cory's hand to her chest and squeezed it.

Karen watched as the shock in Dorothy's face changed to grief and sadness. "Can I join you?" Cory stood up and held the chair for Karen.

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"I can tell by the looks on your faces that you have not come bearing news of joy. "Dottie, maybe it'll help you to talk to me about it. "I can't change it, but I can listen." "Bill is dead. "It seems like there was an accident." Karen asked Cory. "Is Sharon still in town?" "No.

Sharon left to go back to take care of the dog and some other things. "She headed back this morning." Downtrodden, Dorothy looked at Karen as if she wanted Karen to bandage her wound. Karen slid her chair over next to Dorothy, put her arms around her, kissed both of her cheeks, and then kissed her on the mouth.

Cory smiled. The magic fix.

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Karen continued to hold Dorothy and saw the puzzlement in Cory's face. "Dottie, do you think it's safe for us to tell Cory about us?" "I don't care if it is or not. "Karen is a very important person in my life. "Even before I met Bill's father, she and I were good friends. "And after he died and then Karen's husband died we became more than just good friends." "Okay." "You're probably wondering just how good friends we are. "She and I are lovers. "We have been since both of our husbands died.

"I don't know what you feel about women being with women but …" Cory interrupted Dorothy, "You don't need to justify anything to me.

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"Dorothy, you seem a lot calmer now. "Not happy but not so despondent. "Do you think I'm right?" Dorothy pulled Karen's hand to her lips and kissed it. "I am sad right now, but I've been sad before. "And just like Bill, I am a warrior. A fighter.

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A survivor. "As long as I can still fight, I am alive." Two weeks later, Cory, Dorothy, and Karen drove to the fishing lodge to get together with Sharon. After a few months, they had settled into their lives at the lodge. Each of them had their own bedroom so that they would have privacy when needed. Dorothy and Karen used Bill's notes on foraging and got guidance from the neighbors and with Sharon's help became proficient finding provisions from the surrounding area.

Cory took over the gardening, set up an area in one of the unused bedrooms for her sewing, and moved her brewing to a corner of the barn. She and Sharon added equipment for making high proof distillates into the smoking system Sharon set up. One of the distillates was 190 proof alcohol.

During the winter months they used some of it to supplement their heating requirement and for cooking when they didn't feel like gathering wood. Sharon modified the spear traps with some reflectors and a warning border made with rocks that she painted with some reflective paint to make them more visible.

She took over the trapping and fishing and used the smoking equipment to smoke items for their own use and for sale. Her biggest sellers were smoked walleye and venison. Cory's beers and ales won honorable mention at several competitions and became known as must tries in the Manitoba fishing guidebooks.

Practically all of the men that came for ice fishing loved the high proof alcohol because they could use it as a fuel, to start a fire, or drink so Cory produced some all year long just to be able to supply the demand during the ice fishing season.