You are now my personal slave so get used to it

You are now my personal slave so get used to it
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Young And Foolish? Part One True Confessions of a Lonely Boy I was about 10years old when this happened.

I used to go to the Saturday matinee at our local pictures. I would normally sit in the second or third row because there was no one else there. One time a grown up sat next to me. I knew nothing about anything other than peeping at my sister when she dressed in those days. But that's another story. After the first film finished the man asked me if I wanted an ice cream. I said no, but he kept on and on, so eventually I accepted his offer. After I had finished the ice cream and the next film had started he began pushing his leg against mine.

Not knowing what he was doing and because I wanted to see the film I ignored him. I realise now by ignoring him it made him think he could go further. In those days we all wore short trousers until we went to the upper school.

So it was easy to get to your dick if you wanted to. He wanted to. He put his hand on my leg. I tried to move my leg away but his hand stayed put. Then he started to slide his hand up between my legs, and on up the leg of my shorts.

I was getting a bit bothered by now. But still had no idea what he was really intending to do. You may think I was crazy not knowing these things. But it was a time when you never heard of anything like this so your parents didn't warn you.

Next his hand had moved on up and into the leg of my underpants and he started fondling my cock. I decided, now was the time to move. So I moved to the back of the pictures where there were more people. Bad move. He followed me and again sat next to me in the back row. I cannot remember what went through my mind, but I assume I thought I would be safe there because the people with the torches who showed you to your seats were always standing behind the board that separated the seats from the alley.

That didn't stop the man though. If anything he was even more determined to get to my dick. And he succeeded. I didn't know then if I enjoyed it or not as I knew nothing of this kind of thing and I was too young to even realize any of the feelings associated with being fondled.

I just sat there and let him play with me while I watched the film. When I think of it now, it makes me feel very horny. I must have been really stupid, because next he took my hand and pulled it to him. When I resisted he squeezed it and twisted until it hurt. After that I just let him continue, I was now scared of being hurt more. I saw him undoing the buttons of his trousers and took my hand back, but that was short lived.

He grabbed it and twisted it again. I was hoping a worker might see and stop him. But it did not happen. He continued to pull my hand until it was on his lap. Then he leaned over and whispered. Put it in inside my trousers like I did to you. With that he returned to the inside of my underpants. I was really scared by now, but I was also embarrassed and the thought of anyone knowing what was happening would have been terrible. I put my hand into his trousers. He had no underpants on and the back of my hand hit a really hard and hot lump.

Now I know it was his hard cock. I had never felt anything like it before. Again he whispered in my ear, telling me not to be silly and that I must do what he was doing. I told him because of the position I couldn't turn my hand round to get a better position to hold it.

With that he grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand from his trousers and told me if I didn't behave it would be very bad for me. He told me to come with him. I can tell you I was shitless by now. I followed him into the mens toilet. Once in there, he checked all the cubicles. Then he told me to go into the end cubicle. I was shaking like a leaf and did as he told me.

He asked me if I wanted him to hit me or be nice to me. I wanted him to be nice and he said he would if I'd stop shaking. Have you ever tried to stop shaking when you are scared. He told me to undo my shorts. But because of the shakes I couldn't undo the buttons. He told me he would help me. He began to undo my shorts and then he removed them.

He looked at me and then asked me how old I was. I said I was nearly eleven and he said my mother should not allow me to go to places on my own where grown ups go. I felt myself go red. Don't ask me why. Maybe it was because he was talking to me the way a teacher would. I said nothing. Then he asked me what I thought.

I still said nothing.

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Then he said if I want to mix with grown ups I should be ready to do grown up things. This I had to agree with. Not realising what it was leading to or what he was talking about. Again he asked me what I thought. This time I agreed with him and then he asked me if that was what I wanted. Now he had taken a much different tone and I was feeling much safer and I'd stopped shaking.

He then told me grown ups played games with each other just like kids do, and said I must have seen them. I hadn't. My mother and father split when I was very young. I had seen the odd film with people kissing but that was all. But like all kids. I couldn't let him think I knew nothing and agreed with him again. Another mistake. He sat down on the toilet and told me to sit on his lap.

I did that. When I was sitting on his lap he told me to put my arms around his neck. This I did. He then began to kiss me. First he kissed my cheek, then my neck, and then my ear. Putting his tongue inside. He then asked me if I felt anything. I told him I could feel his thing pressing into my bottom. But he didn't mean that, and was not very happy with my reply. He wanted to know if his kisses were making me feel different.

What could I say. They weren't. I don't think I'll ever forget the expression on his face. I thought he was really going to hit me. He was furious. He said, I thought you wanted to be treated like a grown up. He was right. But I hadn't a clue how they behaved. So I told him. He then asked me if I wanted him to teach me.

I blurted out one word. Yes. The mistakes were coming fast and furious now. He told me to kiss him. Again I hadn't a clue how to kiss. So he ordered me to pay attention. He put his lips on mine and tried to put his tongue in my mouth.

Then he pulled away and with a really loud sigh he told me I should relax and allow his tongue to slip into my mouth. And anyway my mouth should be open a bit anyway to kiss properly. He tried again and this time slipped his tongue into my mouth licking my tongue over and under. He pulled back and told me that was much better and with practice I would be a great kisser.

Believe it or not I was quite proud of myself. Then he told me I must do the same to him and I should not worry because it takes time to be good at kissing. We kissed for a while and then he asked me if I liked birds. (The feathered kind) I said I did and he told me he had a parrot and would I like to see it.

Don't ask me why, but I was feeling quite relaxed with him now and I said I would. He said. Would what. So I said. Like to see his parrot. He told me to put my shorts back on and as we were about to leave the cubicle he asked me if I liked kissing. I had never done it before and I must admit it seemed ok. So I told him yes. He asked if I wanted to practice more. Again I said yes. He then told me I should have an identity for him. In case anyone asked who he was, and said I should him uncle.

So I said ok. When we were in the street I would run and call for help. We left the pictures and we started walking. He told me I should hold his hand because we would be crossing some dangerous roads.

He held my hand very tight. That killed any chance of me running. We finally arrived at his place. A council flat on a bad estate that I was told to keep away from under threat of death from my mother.

I told him I was not allowed to be here and he told me I would be safe with him. He would look after me. Although the outside of his place was a dump the inside was like another world.

It was painted in bright colours with lots of pictures hanging from the walls and then there was that parrot. To me it was the loveliest thing I had ever seen. My uncle, as he kept making me call him asked if I liked it and I told him yes. He said if I learn all the things he's going to teach me about being a grown up he would let me have it. You cannot imagine how happy I was to hear this, it excited me beyond belief. So I told him I would learn everything he told me.

He said it won't be hard to learn. It will be like kissing. He came over to me and took my hand and led me into another room. It was his bedroom. He sat on the side of the bed and told me to come to him. Then he lifted me onto his lap and he started to kiss me, and I kissed him.

I could feel him getting hard under me again but kept kissing and being kissed. When he stopped I asked him why he had a hard lump that came when he kissed me. He told me men get hard when they become excited. I told him I didn't. He asked me if I wanted him to teach me how to. Without even thinking I told him. Yes please. He smiled at me. That was the first time I had seen him smile and it made me feel a lot more at ease. He asked me what time I had to be home.

I told him seven. He looked at his watch and said I should go now then. Even though we had stopped watching the film just after it had started we had been in the toilets and getting to his flat had passed time.

He said he would take me home in his car. Wow. I thought he has a parrot and a car. I was again excited. Before we left he told me if I wanted the parrot I must not tell anyone about him or what happened in the pictures. I promised him I would not and he asked me when he could see me again.

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I knew my mum was going to visit an aunt on the Sunday and she knew I wouldn't want to go. So I told my new uncle I would be able to see him all the next day. .

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As usual when I arrived home I received a telling off and a whack from my mother and told to get to bed. Fair enough, I was 15 minutes late. I was lying in bed thinking about what I had been doing that day. And, that I was to meet this man I didn't know the next. The reality of it all hit home and I became really scared again. All the excitement of the parrot and the car had made me forget what he was doing in the pictures. I had trouble getting to sleep until I realised he didn't know my address as he dropped me a few roads away and we hadn't decided a time when we would meet either, so he was probably not interested in seeing again anyway.

I started to relax, thinking I would never see him again because of these things. And I fell asleep. The next morning I was woken by my mother shouting and ranting downstairs. Don't think you're going to spend the day in bed my lad. The usual statements she would make. Followed by. Now get down here. I shot out of bed and down to the kitchen. Seeing the clock on the wall showing only 7.30 I asked her if she knew what the time was.

With that she went nuts. Of course I know what time it is. I told you. You need not think you're going to spend all day in bed. I shall be leaving in 15 minutes and I want to see you upright before I go.

And woe be - tide you if I hear you've been up to anything while I'm gone. Your aunty will be keeping an eye on you to make sure you behave. You can start by putting the Hoover about the place and dusting. I quietly groaned. She heard and screamed at me asking what I said. I told her nothing and with that received a clout round the ear. Her favourite target. I switched off after that and just let her scream.

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I wanted to ask her when she was leaving. But decided against it in case I got another clout. I was not very happy and went into the lounge out of her way. All of a sudden the thought of spending the day with my new uncle suddenly became quite pleasant. But he didn't know my address and we made no time to meet.

So I decided to forget about it. All the things he did to me hadn't really made an impression because none had changed my feelings about the world. The world. There is so much to learn. I did my mothers bidding and began doing some housework. Five minutes later she was leaving, announcing over her shoulder.

I've put a salad in the larder for your dinner, you know where to find tea and I'll be back about nine, and you had better be in bed and asleep when I get home. I finished doing the dusting and things, washed and dressed and it was about nine.

I started looking at the clock every two or three minutes. Then I began looking out of the window as often. I want my new uncle to come and collect me, so I wouldn't have to spend the day alone, or bored. At ten thirty he still hadn't arrived, so I decided to go to my friend who lived opposite.

As I opened the front door to leave I heard a car horn. I looked up the street and saw uncle. I slammed the door shut and ran to the pavement waving. He came alongside and stopped. As I opened the car door he said he had driven up and down all the roads round here hooting to try and get my attention, as he didn't know what road I lived in.

I told him I didn't think I would see him that day. He asked me if it made me unhappy. I said I think it did. Mind you I was thinking of car rides and the parrot. I had forgotten he was thinking of things very different. My answer made him smile. He told me he was pleased to hear that because he liked me very much.

It's amazing how when you have a mother who does nothing but shout at you all the time and never has time to spend with you, another person even a stranger can become your best friend. I had friends but no grown ups. We went for a drive and he got me my favourite ice cream. Then he asked if I'd been practising my kissing. I told him laughing. I had no one to practice with. Then he asked if I wanted to do some practice now. I said yes. When we arrived in his flat I went into see the parrot.

I spent some time talking to it before uncle asked me if I wanted a kiss. I would rather have stayed with the parrot. Uncle saw that too. He then asked if I really wanted to be treated like an adult. I said I did, still more occupied with the bird than with him.

He then told me he didn't believe me and because of this I would not be able to have the parrot. I spun round and told him I really did want to be treated like a grown up and do grown up things. I ran to him and promised I would pay attention in future. He told me to prove it by kissing him. I put my arms round his neck and as my lips touched his he slid his tongue into my mouth.

Thinking about it now gives me a hard on and makes me feel really horny, but at that time it felt like nothing but kissing. He asked me if I was ready to learn more grown up things. I asked him if I was going to be shown how to go hard in my underpants today. I really wanted to learn that. He told me I would need to enjoy all the other things he will teach me before that would happen. I was not happy about that and uncle noticed.

He took my hand and led me to his bed. He sat down and lifted me onto his lap like the day before.


He told me feelings inside cause your knob to go hard. It's not something you can be taught. When you enjoy a thing or even more get excited, then it will get hard. He then asked me if I played with myself. I didn't understand and thought he meant with my train set. He smiled at me. Saying. No, No, No. That is a different kind of playing. Do you remember what I was doing in the pictures yesterday.

I nodded. That's the kind of playing I'm talking about. Every day and every chance you get you must do that. The more you do it the more you'll want to do it and it will become hard just like mine does. I told him I didn't understand. He then asked me if I wanted to do a very grown up thing. I told him I did. He asked me if I wanted to do to him the same as he was doing to me the day before.

I nodded my head, not quite sure what I was expected to do. He then said it was hot and asked me if I was hot. I told I was a little. He then sudgested we get undressed. He would undress me and I him. I said okay. I was to undress him first. So I started. Under his instruction I undid and removed his shirt and then I undid the buttons to his trousers. They fell down without my help again revealing his lack of underpants.

He was quite hairy and his knob was very long. Much longer than mine, and his ball bag was massive. But his knob was just hanging there. I asked him why it was not hard like the day before. He said because he was not yet excited. He told me to watch it as he began to undress me. He removed my shirt, then my vest. Nothing happened. Then he began undoing my shorts and then pulled them down leaving me standing in my white underpants. I saw his knob start to twitch and then begin to grow.

It got bigger and bigger and kept growing. He told me he loved my tiny body. I was small for my age. He then told me to kiss him. This I did.

I slid my tongue into his mouth as he had showed me the day before and he lifted me onto his lap. His hard dick this time was between my legs so it looked as though it was mine and not his.

We kissed for ages, his hands running all over my body but never going near my knob. He took my hand while still kissing me and put it on top of his cock. It was all wet and slimey. He then closed his hand round mine making mine hold his knob tight. I couldn't get my hand round it because it was so big. He groaned into my mouth and started to kiss me harder, his tongue almost down my throat.

Then he started sliding his hand still holding mine up and down his cock. All of a sudden it was throbbing in my hand and then it started to jerk violently, and there was wet stuff all over my hand. I could feel some on my stomach and my legs. Uncle was breathing really loudly and groaning. He stopped kissing me and began to hold me tightly to him. I asked if he was okay. I thought he was going to die.

A few seconds passed before he answered. Yes my boy he said. I feel wonderful, and all because of you. I felt warm inside. No one had ever said anything like that to me before, and it pleased me very much. A few minutes passed before my new uncle was able to push me away. He looked at me and said thank you. That was the best orgasm I have ever had.

And all because of you. I didn't understand and asked him why it was. He then told me about the excitement that makes the cock go hard and then the extreme excitement that makes you shoot the white stuff and the terrific feeling you get inside your cock when it happens.

The white stuff is called cum or spunk. So you just say you have cum. I nodded. Still not completely sure what he was talking about.

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He then told me that grown ups like to lick and drink cum, but he said no more. I asked him why and he told me because it tasted very nice. Again he said no more. Then I played into his hands.

I asked him what it tasted like. He looked at me and asked. Do you really want to know. I nodded my head. He told me he didn't think I really want to know.

I told him I did. Please tell me. Okay then. Look there's loads of it down here on my legs, on my stomach, everywhere. Take your pick. I looked at him. He said. Lick it. Look I'll show you. And pushing me away he bent down and starting licking the cum from my stomach.

I must admit for the first time I felt something pleasant. Then he sat up and said. Now it's your turn. I got onto my knees in front of him and he opened his legs and I went between them. I started to lick the cum from his stomach. I thought it tasted very salty. But then there was a different taste after a few seconds.

A taste that was quite pleasant. I liked it. I licked his stomach clean and then he said to do his legs, I did as I was told and lastly he told me to do his cock and balls. But to do the balls first.


I lifted his now soft cock and started to lick his ball bag. As I was doing it his cock started to grow very fast and very long in my hand.

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He told me to lick his cock next. And showed me how with his fingers in his mouth. I only put the tip of it into my mouth because it was so big.

But I could lick up and down the sides and was obviously doing all the right things because uncle was again groaning very loudly. All of a sudden white stuff came gushing from the end of his cock.

It was all over my face, my hands, it was in my hair, it had gone over my head and even on my back and in my eye. Cum was dripping from my chin. I was covered in it, and uncle was still groaning but now he was holding his cock and his hand was going up and down on that huge weapon so fast it was almost a blur. He told me to put the end of it in my mouth and suck like I've never sucked before.

I did as he said. Sucking until my mouth hurt and then some. Spunk was still cumming from his cock into my mouth. I pulled back and looked at him with my mouth half open and full of cum. I looked at him as if to say, what do I do with this. He shouted swallow it, swallow it. I did and as I sucked he pulled my head onto his solid cock again and said for christ sake suck, suck hard. All the time he was pulling my head further and further onto his cock. I could feel my mouth stretching beyond it's normal size and it was beginning to hurt.

I was also having trouble breathing. Then all of a sudden the head of his cock hit the back of my mouth and I began to choke. Uncle quickly pulled his massive tool from my mouth. He then pulled me to him and kept saying he was so sorry. He didn't mean to hurt me, but was so carried away with excitement he didn't realise.

It was because of you. You were so good. I felt myself blushing. So I had my first taste of cum and my first mouthful of cock.

What a morning. Uncle asked me if I'd like something to eat. I said. Yes please. He then went to the kitchen to cook lunch. I wandered in and he asked me if I liked what we did.

I told I liked the taste of the cum. He said really. Is it better than your favourite ice cream? I said I'm not sure. Do you want some more after lunch to help you decide?

I told him I would. He smiled at me. Then he said. We'll try and make your cock go hard this afternoon to if you like. I said in a really excited squeal. O Yes. That would be wonderful. Then I asked him how hard he thought it would go? He replied he couldn't say. That will be up to you.

I said it wouldn't get as big as yours would it. He said no. But added he was a lot older and a lot bigger than me. But with time as long as we keep playing with it, it could get bigger than his.

Oooo! I said. I'd really like that. He then told me it would be my job to find another young boy and turn him into a man. I was thoughtful for a minute.

Uncle then said I would be like a teacher. And I said.


But I don't like teachers. He then said. You like me don't you. And I replied of course I do. Well then. I've been teaching you. But this is fun. Uncle laughed and nodded his head, then agreed with me. After lunch we went back into Uncles bedroom. He asked me if I wanted to undress him again. I said yes and he sat on the bed.

He asked me if there was anything I'd like to do first. I told him I'd like to kiss him. So we kissed. I was beginning to enjoy the feeling of Uncles tongue in my mouth. And I loved the feeling I got when his tongue was in my ear. It made me shiver. As I was undressing him, I asked Uncle if he would be licking me down there this time. He said. What's down there?

I pointed to where my cock lived. He said that's our cock. Say it. I said cock. Don't let me hear you call it anything else unless I tell you too. I said ok. When I had finished undressing him, he began to remove my clothes. This time, when he got to my underpants he knelt down in front of me and put his lips over my tiny cock through them. I felt his hot lips through the cloth.

He lifted his head and asked me what it felt like. I told him it was hot and felt quite nice. He said good and this time slid down my underpants and I stepped out of them. My tiny cock there for Uncle to see.

I felt embarrassed and felt myself going red. Uncle didn't see as he was about to put me into his mouth. His mouth was like fire, but it felt nice. I could feel him sucking me. It felt like I wanted to go to the toilet. Then he stopped and started licking me, just like he did my ear.

This felt very nice too. Then he repeated everything again and again. The more he did it the more I liked it. I knew he liked it too, he was groaning and he was very hard and his cock was dripping cum onto the carpet.

All of a sudden I wanted to lick his cum and put that monster cock into my mouth again. Thinking the way I was I hadn't realized, but my cock was growing. Uncle stopped and said look boy. Look at you. You're turning into a man. I looked down and although it was small at least it was getting hard. Uncle cupped my ball bag in his hand. It was very tight and he said.

I think you will have a very big cock when you get older. He then said. I can't understand why you suddenly got hard so quickly. I told him I was thinking about licking his cum from the carpet and sucking his cock.

He looked at me and said. You really do like cum don't you. I went red and looked away. He laughed. Come to the bed with me. I shall now show you something we call 69. That's where we can both suck each others cock at the same time.

It may be a bit difficult as you are so small. But we'll try. Uncle was right. I was too small, but he found a way we could both suck. He was doing other things too. He would slide his wet tongue from my cock to my ball bag and then to my bum. He would push his tongue into me. Sometimes it hurt but other times I had a really funny feeling. It was a feeling I liked.

I think he liked it too because he held on to me for longer each time. When he stopped he asked me if I liked it. I told him sometimes yes, but sometimes it hurt.

He told me with practice it will only feel nice. He then left the room. When he returned he was holding a film camera, and some poles. The poles turned out to be a tripod. He asked me if I'd ever had my photo taken. I said I had.

Then he asked me if I'd ever been filmed? Well that was a no. He said would you like to be like one of those film stars and make a film with me. Now this was exciting. I said yes, yes, yes, and started jumping up and down on the bed. Uncle filmed us for so long I had to go home. But he told me we would do more the next time. I said it would be a week before that could happen. So he said if I wanted he could pick me up from school and take me home. That way we could stop somewhere and make love.

I looked at him. Yes he said. What we have been doing is called making love. Everyday day Uncle would pick me up from school, waiting a couple of turnings away so as not to be seen. We would kiss and suck each others cocks. I hadn't cum yet but thought I was very close on to cumming. Uncle was like a fountain. He could come over and over.

He said it was because of me and that nobody had ever made him feel so horny. At weekends we made lots of films. One day Uncle wanted to stick his cock up my bum. I said ok. But he had to stop because it hurt so much. He would play with me sticking his finger up me but no matter how much oil he used a finger was his limit. So he decided on another way of doing the film.

A friend of his had a boy about two years older than me and we could make the movie with all three of us. The boy was really handsome and he felt really nice when he sucked my cock, In fact it was him that gave me my first orgasm. Uncle wasn't very pleased. But he got it on film and told me he made a lot of money because of it. I liked Peter.

He was tall with fair hair. His cock was quite long for his age but it was thin. One day he saw me looking at it and said you like this don't you. He was waggling it up and down with a smile on his face. I said I did.

I also told him I liked him too. He said I was only a kid. That did not please me. So I told him I was alright to be filmed with. Again he smiled. I'll tell you what, he said. Do you want to come out with me and my friends?

I told him he thought I was too young. He said I could go as his girlfriend. I was about to get angry when Uncle came over. What's going on here then?

I told him what Peter had said. He laughed. That's funny. I have been thinking of doing something like that. Come over here. He took me to a cupboard full of womens clothes. What do you think of this lot then? I wasn't at all happy. I did not want to dress like a girl. But I did. Because Uncle could charm the birds out of the trees. To start with Peter got his wish and was to take me out as his girlfriend with his mates.

I started to get used to wearing dresses and skirts. In fact when the other kids looked at me and tried to put their hands up my skirt it excited me. It was a good job I was still small and the skirts and dresses where flared with loads of petticoats. I think peter started to believe I was his girlfriend. He was always kissing me in the street and when we went to the pictures he would make me suck his cock in the back row. All the girls with us thought I was dirty and couldn't believe I would suck a boys cock let alone in the pictures.

One day we were at Uncles warehouse alone. Peter told me he wanted to fuck me. I said what's that? You know he said. I want to stick this into your arse. He was holding his trousers and his dick inside. I said you mean make love. He said no.

That may be what your Uncle calls it. We call it fucking. I would have liked Peter to as he called it fuck me, but I remember when Uncle tried. I didn't fancy that pain again and I don't think Peter would stop if he knew he was hurting me.

So I told him no. Then he said I was his girlfriend and that's what we do. I told him I was only a girl while I practice for the film. He told me I look like a girl, I dress like a girl, I wear lipstick like a girl and everyone thinks I'm a girl, so let's fuck like you're a girl.

I told him no and walked out. I could hear him laughing at me as I left. But a couple of weeks later he had a go at fucking me. Mother went to visit a relative and couldn't get home because of the trains.

So she called the police and had them come and tell my sister and me. My sister went to stay at her friends for the night, so I went to stay with Uncle. I had some tea and Uncle and I sucked each other. He could make me cum now and always said I tasted sweet. I was still in awe of the way he came and how often. After we had kissed a lot, got cleaned up I went to bed. I was woken in the night by a body cuddling me.

I turned over to find Peter in the bed with me. He whispered in my ear he was sorry for calling me names and he missed me. I said alright. And we kissed. I still liked Peter very much, so I was glad he had come back to me. We kissed and sucked each other and drunk each others cum.

Peter then turned me over and went down and started licking my arse. Then his tongue was inside. This was the first time he had done this to me but it was wonderful so good that I heard myself groaning and asking him to let me be his girlfriend again. He heard me and crawled up my back until he was able to put his tongue in my ear. He knew I loved that and tonight I loved it even more.

He had really turned me on with his tongue. What I didn't know, was his intentions. While his tongue was in my ear and I was pushing my cock into the mattress for an orgasm, he was putting loads of grease on his dick and was about to fuck me. His hand started playing with my arse again and his finger slipped in. I gasped more at the feeling rather than any pain.

Then he stuck another one in and I said. No Peter please? He said ok and removed his hand, as I relaxed he drove his dick right up into me. The pain was so bad, but I was pinned down and he had every intention of fucking the life out of me. I summoned all my strength and relaxed, he thought I was giving in to him and even told me we will now have a real boy girl relationship. I saw my chance and twisted and pushed him off.

It hurt me when he came out and I assumed by the yelp he gave it hurt him too. I grabbed my clothes and went to the lounge to dress. Uncle was in there with a smile across his face. I said. You knew about this didn't you and he laughed and said it'll be ok now. With that I left and walked home and never saw either of them again.