Hot gay sex The trio folks that I brought in to do a shoot was

Hot gay sex The trio folks that I brought in to do a shoot was
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I learned about sex from my older brother and his friend during the long hot summer of my 8th year. We lived in the sticks in a rural suburban neighborhood and the only kids around were me, my brother Jim, and another neighbor boy, Danny who, like Jim was 14 but went to a different school. School was just out and we were bored most of the time. When Mom would go out during the afternoon and leave us I would play in my sandbox and Jim and Danny would go into the garage.

One day I looked in through the window and saw them with their pants down playing with each other and making each other cum on the garage floor in the corner. I felt left out so next time Mom went out and they headed for the garage I followed and said I want to come too but my brother said get lost.

I stood my ground and Danny whispered something to Jim and they had a whispered conversation and finally Jim said, ok, but you gotta do whatever we tell you and you can't ever tell anyone or else. I knew from experience or else meant a hard punch in my arm. I agreed and they took me into the garage, one on each side of me and lead me to the far corner.

They put me in the corner facing them and Danny said pull your pants down and show us yourself. Since I knew that's what they did, I grabbed my shorts and underpants and pulled them down to my knees.

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No, Danny said, all the way down to your ankles, so I pushed them down to the tops of my sneakers and stood there. They looked at my privates and Danny said she's got no hair on her pussy.

Jim said turn around so I shuffled around so they could see my ass. I felt a hand on my ass and Danny said smooth, and then I felt another hand on my ass. Danny said turn around again and when I did he said pull up your shirt. Jim snorted & said she's flat but I was a little chubby and had baby fat tits and Danny reached out and felt me up and tweaked my nipples.


Then he pulled down his pants and took my hand and had me hold his dick while my brother watched. I looked at his dick and saw he had hair above it and started to move my hand back and forth like I had seen them do to each other and Danny got hard and said faster and soon the white stuff came out onto my thigh.

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He said to Jim your turn and Jim said nah, let's get out of here before Mom comes home. Wait, Jim said, then to me, squat down and pee right now, so I squatted down and pee'ed on the garage floor. Jim said if I told anyone about this he would tell Mom I pee'ed in the garage and I'd get all hell.

Danny watched me pee and when I stood he said to be sure bend down and kiss it so I bent down and kissed the puddle I'd made.

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After that Danny took me into the garage every chance he got but Jim wouldn't watch. Danny'd make me take off all my clothes except for my sneakers and he touch me everywhere, putting his finger in me and finger fucking me while he had me stroke his dick and making me bend over and put his fingers in my ass a few times. He'd suck on my little tits and I liked that cause it felt good even at 8. He'd hold me up against him and squeeze my ass and dry hump my stomach.

Sometimes he'd kiss me and put his tongue in my mouth. He had me kiss his dick and suck on it like a lolly pop and once he came in my mouth. It didn't have much taste but was warm and gooey and salty and there wasn't much of it but I drank it cause he told me to.

He liked to watch me pee so I made sure I drank water before Mom went out so I could do it for him. Once or twice he took me in his own garage while Mom was home and told Jim to be the look out.

Once After awhile Jim did come in and watched once. It was on a Friday. That night my parents went out and left me home with Jim alone. I'd had my bath and was playing with my dolls in the living room while Jim watched TV. As soon as the car was out of the driveway taking our parents away he told me to go in my room and take off my nightgown and wait for him.

I was sitting on my bed naked when Jim came in in his bathrobe. He stood in front of me and opened his robe and he was naked underneath and his dick was hard. He was hairy and bigger than Danny but neither of them were very big even at 14 and horny as hell all the time. He stood there with his robe held open with his hands on his hips and said ok, suck me, so I leaned over and put the head of his dick in my mouth and sucked like Danny had taught me.

Jim took my hand and put it on his dick and made me rub it while I sucked. He put his hand on the back of my head in my hair and held and handful of my hair while I sucked his dick and rubbed it. He started to breathe heavy and said lay down on your bed and as I did he took his robe off. He got on top of me and started kissing me and I kissed him back like I did for Danny.

Jim was rougher than Danny, not scared, kind of in a hurry. He said open your legs and I did and he raised up and looked down at my pussy and put his dick in the opening of my pussy and rubbed it there. He then straddled my chest and said make my dick real wet so I ran my tongue on it and tried to get as much spit as I could on it.

Then he put some of his own spit on it and put his dick in the opening of my pussy again and shoved it in. My vagina was tight at first but opened up for him and he lay on top of me with his dick up my little pussy. He was so much bigger than me his head was against the headboard do he made me scrunch down the bed so he had more room. At first his dick hurt me but soon it felt ok and he started to hump me.

I was 8 and didn't even know that my brother was fucking me and that I was no longer a virgin now. I just laid there and he pulled my legs up some so he could get hid dick deeper inside me and he humped me harder. His breathing was heavy and his face was getting red and then he gasped and I could feel something warm inside me down there.

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I knew that my brohter's white cum stuff was inside me now. He stopped and laid on top of me and said that was pretty good. He kissed me on top of my head and told me again this was not to be told to anyone or else and he went and took a shower and ignored me for the rest of the night.


From then on when Mom would go out Jim and Danny would take me into the house and fuck me on my bed, Jim was always first and he would leave when it was Danny's turn. Danny would watch Jim fuck me and he was hard and ready when Jim was done.

I learned to bring my knees up and to the sides so they could get inside me easier. It didn't hurt any more and it was easier with Danny cause I already had Jim's cum inside my pussy and Danny wasn't as big as Jim.


I had to take my clothes off but leave my socks and sneakers on in case Mom came back too soon. She never did and though it didn't do much for me at 8 to be fucked by two 14 year old boys all the time, I liked being part of something secret and being part of their games.

I was a good little girl and did what they wanted me to do for them. It was more fun than playing alone in the sandbox or with my dolls.

Sometimes if Mom didn't go out they'd take me for a walk into the open overgrown field nearby and have me jerk them off or if they were sure no one was around I would have to take my clothes off and they made me suck them off and then I always had to pee in the field in front of them.

Once in awhile I had to do #2 and they watched me do that too and I learned to bring tissues cause I got shit on my pants once and Mom was mad as hell at me.

This went on all summer with my brother Jim and his friend Danny fucking my little 8 year old pussy or having me suck them off or jerk them off and peeing and sometimes shitting for them almost every day until we went back to school and then the routine changed, but that's another story.

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