Gay fuck Hot new stud Josh Holden displays off this week in this

Gay fuck Hot new stud Josh Holden displays off this week in this
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Ben, George and me spent rest of that day at the river swimming and fooling around, as we always did. Yet something was different.

Every once in a while we'd exchange short look of accomplice between us. Our wrestling in the water was also different we'd much more grab each other's asses, crotches and both of them would take every chance to feel and grab my tits. Luckily, we managed to keep things under control enough that nobody else could see what we're really doing. Of course, being in water above waistline all the time was a big help too.

On our walk home, we talked and laughed. We always did so. Conversation was always mostly about other people we saw at the beach … but, to my surprise, this time we hardly talked about girls. Both Ben and George, usually speaking about nothing but tits and asses of other girls, now compared our bodies and features with other males, both boys and man, we saw at the beach.

I participated, but my mind was aching with something I wanted to say to my friends: "Guys, I have to tell you something … Actually I wanted to tell you this for some time, just hadn't had courage to do so" I started talking not looking at them.

"What? That you fancy boys as much as you fancy girls or even more?" George cut me off. "Well, we know … we're not blind you know." "Nor dumb" Ben added jokingly, and he continued more seriously "But, if we're spilling our guts, now would be the time for me to spill mine.

I may be gay. Not sure yet, but after today I am a bit more certain." "Oh come on … you're messing with us, right?" George sounded honestly surprised "I mean you have keenest eye for chick's tits that I know of. Nobody can spot good pair of boobs from a mile away as you can. And now, you're to tell me that you, if not faking, at least do not care for them … it's hard to believe, you know." "Well, it's not that I don't care or that I faked, but I often got hardon just looking at John over here and his tits … and never felt that way about any girl.

I even groped few of them, never really got excited holding them. Yet, I just have to look at John's and here's what happens" said Ben pointing at slightly noticeable tent in his shorts.

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"Wow, that's …" I stuttered, feeling a bit in awe "I am … wow Benny … I'm glad to have that kind of effect on you" - I was completely honest. Ben smiled back to me so warmly, steering that familiar tingling feeling in my lower belly again.

"OK you two, question for both of you" said George sounding serious and confused, looking at his feet while making one step after another.

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Both Ben and I looked at him in anticipation, yet he was silent as if he couldn't find proper words to say what was on his mind. "'Till today, I never looked at any boy in a sexual way I had eyes only for girls. But today I let my best friend jerk my dick 'till I came … and my own hand grabbed his ass.

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And all of that in front of my other best friend, also a boy … and it all felt great. Yet, I'm not certain that I liked it … that I liked myself enjoying … I mean that it felt so great to me.

Oh fuck, what I'm trying to ask you is AM I GAY?" George was dead serious, and it looked like he's on a brink of tears. His black eyes were deeply confused as he looked at me and Ben. To my surprise, Ben was first to react "Look here George. If it felt good it couldn't be wrong, right? It is between us and will always stay just between three of us, so … and I'm sure that many other boys our age do that kind of stuff." "Exactly" I added.

"As goofy as Ben is, this time I believe he's absolutely right. As long as we have a choice to take part or not, no harm done. And you'll always be our best buddy." George looked at me and actual tear rolled down his right cheek. Ben saw it and stood in front of George, stopping him and making all three of us standing on a trail, close to each other in that moment of deep connection.

"Georgie, don't … hell, I just told you I might be gay and you took it like a champ. No yelling, no cursing, nothing I feared might happen … you were just concerned who will spot some good pair of tits for you …" Ben was serious yet both George and I started to laugh.

"Georgie, you'll always have our friendship, no matter what!" "Thank you guys, that really means a lot to me … but, can we stop talking about today … I have a headache, and still don't know what to think of this day …" George said … "maybe my head will be clearer tomorrow … I just need to sleep.

I'd like to think about it by myself." "OK George" Ben said.


"Just talk to us. Tomorrow, day after … doesn't matter, just promise you'll talk to us." "Yeah … When I know what to say, you two will be the first to know" and with that said, George quickened his pace leaving me and Ben more and more behind. "John, what is happening … why is he like that?" I suddenly realized how deeply Ben was upset with what George said and did.

"I just think he's confused and he needs some time to sort his head out. And, to be honest, I think you and I need some quiet time too." I spoke from my heart, not giving much thought about it. "This thing that we did, though … entire day today … to me, it was dream come true. But, now I can see it's not that simple and it's not just about what I wanted. George and you have minds of your own and need to sort out what today means to each of you.

That much I can tell you now …" Ben listened to me with the most serious look on his face I've ever seen. My little speech made Ben and me walking in silence for about ten more minutes. I was preoccupied with my own thoughts when he started talking again, with just ten more minutes before we reach first house of our village. "Look here John. You know me … well almost as long as I know me. And I couldn't say to any living being what I've just said to you and George.

So, you got the picture there's nobody that I trust more than you two guys. But John, I am really and entirely sure about what I'll to tell you now I LIKE WHAT WE DID TODAY" "Keep your voice down Ben, we're almost in the village someone can hear us" I had to quiet him, he began to really shout.

"You're right, I got carried away" he was speaking normally again "but, I need you to hear me out and listen to what I'm saying. Your hand on my dick, you jerking me while I grabbed and felt your boob … that was awesome. I came today as I've never did before … and it was even better to watch you jerk off George … my point is I loved it, all of it, and I would very much like to do this some more.

A lot more, in fact. With you and George preferably, but at least with you. And I have a feeling that you want the same too … if all this means that I'm gay, so … I am gay" said Ben shrugging his shoulders, looking at me. Somewhere in the middle of his monolog, we've stopped walking and stood there facing each other. In front of us lay last several hundred meters of trail leading to our village. First house was just behind next patch of high bushes ahead.

He looked me in the eyes with some new seriousness he never showed before, and I looked back. Our gaze lasted for maybe ten seconds, when I felt the need to kiss him and you should know, I've never ever kissed anyone like that before.

None of the girls had any interest in chubby boy like me. Ben and I were just one step apart. I lifted my arms, placing palms of my hands on his cheeks while, at the same time, making that one step toward him.

Our bodies met and I swear that something flowed between us … powerful force that was, since we stuck to each other like we were glued. I pushed my left leg between his, making sure top of my thigh is pressed against his package. That pressed mine hardening cock and balls to the top of his thigh. Our bellies met, my soft from excess fat on it and his hard from muscles contracting bellow his warm and soft skin. Still holding his face in my hands, I pushed my head forward, leaning just a bit to the left.

Funny, I kept my eyes opened the whole time looking at Bens face and I was deeply mesmerized with it. He closed his eyes expecting our lips to meet. And they did. Soft, hot and slightly moist Bens lips met mine and pressed … "YEAH" ringed in my mind "I'm kissing another person" … that was my first kiss. And I felt like my knees will buckle, it felt so unreal.

But Ben knew better he had prior experience from kissing girls. Hi slightly parted his lips, and I felt tip of his tong knocking on my doors. In reflex, my lips parted and my jaw opened, letting his tongue enter my mouth. My tongue met his and they started to wiggle inside my mouth.

It was great …but, as I was excited by all that was happening and didn't know better, I held my breath. So I broke my first real kiss to take in some much needed air.

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Ben opened his eyes and made softest yet biggest smile I've seen on his face: "Was that your first kiss?" His voice sounded so soothing, so sweet "You have to breathe, you know … but, don't worry I will teach you everything that I've learned from my girlfriends." Suddenly, we both became aware of our hard cocks pressing our thighs.

Before you could say 'hardon' Ben hand was holding my package and mine his through our clothes. "Ben … Oh Ben …" I moaned straight into his face "we need to stop … or move … someone might come" "Yes" he said, breathing heavily "we need to move. Just let me feel your ass and we'll go." As he said that both of his hands grabbed my ass, each one groping one of my ass cheeks.

He squeezed them a bit, made few circular motions feeling my ass and suddenly, one of his hands went into my but crack. I felt like a million volts hit me sudden surge of heat went straight from my ass crack to the tip of my cock and I started to grind my junk onto Ben's hip.

I grinded fast and hard and went overboard in no time orgasm struck me without familiar feeling of buildup in my balls.

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I just got rigid, even lost my breath and my body started to pump spunk through my cock straight into my underwear … Ben was a little surprised by how fast I started to cum, but he quickly grabbed my dick through my clothes, squeezed and jerked me as I squirted. His other hand, still foundling my butt crack, managed to find my anus and rubbed it, adding a squirt or even two to already biggest load leaving my body. I had have just one stronger orgasm with even bigger load besides that one in my life and it was again with Ben … but, we'll come to that.

Anyhow, peak of my orgasm was over, letting me to take a deep breath. With it, my orgasm furtherly subsided and I started to regain control. "Wow … did you just came only from my hands on your ass?" Ben asked amazed. "Y-y-yeah … I guess I did" I was trying to speak, but still was in daze.

"And … I kind of humped you." Breathing heavily, I started to regain control over my body. My entire lap was wet, yet Ben grabbed my junk and gently fondled me. My hips moved away since my cut dick felt a bit sore from this stimulation. "Wow dude … what do you have inside of you? Water pump or something? You're soaking wet!!!" Ben laughed rubbing his palm on my thigh.

"What can I say I've never squirted so much … I guess you affect me that way." I grinned blissfully, and my hand landed on his hard member. "We should do something about this, you know. Come on, let's find some cover." Still holding his cock through his clothes, I walked into bushes searching for suitable spot to do what I had in mind.

Surely, we found such spot in no time and I faced Ben. "Benny, I'd like to make you cum … I'd like for you to feel what I felt just moment ago thanks to you" I said, moving again close to him. And we kissed … but this time I didn't forget to breathe. And kiss was long … passionate … our tongues wrestled and explored our mouths, while my hands caressed his strong back, circling from his shoulders down his spine all the way down to the waistband of his loose shorts.

He held me by my waste and deeply enjoyed our kissing. I broke our kissing only to continue planting small and soft kisses on his chin, side of his neck down to his pecs. He had great pecs, with big and hard brown nipples surrounded by circle of dark skin. Kissing my way slowly to his left nipple, I planted my lips on dark skin surrounding his nipple which made him moan.

He placed his hand at the back of my head, pressing me onto his chest … I must have done this right, I thought, so I continued to lick and kiss, from time to time making light sucks on his nipple. He squirmed and moaned softly, so I did the same to his other nipple. My hands removed his shorts with his underwear off of his cock down to his knees. As his hard cock sprung free, I left his breasts still kissing his warm and smooth skin, travelling down to his dick.

"Oh John … are you going to do what I hope you'll do?" I heard him say. "Mhmmm" was all I mumbled, still kissing, now already past his belly button on my way down to his crotch.

I kneeled, and started to kiss area around base of his dick. He had quite a bush of pubes around base of his shaft, and I was kissing. He smelled exciting, his skin was extremely soft and he slightly moved his hips from left to right and back. I wanted to put his cock into my mouth so I pulled back a bit, placing my right hand at the base of his cock. View was magnificent his hard and throbbing dick was in front of my face, with big balls hanging at its base … red cock head with piss slit almost winked at me, like his dick was saying 'come on, take me into your mouth'.

And so I did my mouth opened and without any delay I pushed my opened mouth forward. As his cock entered my mouth cavity, my lips closed on its shaft making his glans fully closed in my mouth.


My tongue went underside his cock making a bed of warmth and moist for his new guest. "Oh my sweet Jesus … Ahhhhhhh … This is ssooooo gooooooddd … Johnny keep going … Ahmmmmm" He moaned loudly, so I had to let his cock out of my mouth just to hush him.


"Keep your voice down. Somebody might hear us" I said and immediately returned his throbbing dick into my mouth. It felt great hot, hard and yet incredibly soft skin wrapping all that hardness and hotness around it.

With pictures from some porn I was watching recently appearing in my mind, I started to bob my head up and down his big dick.

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At one moment, tip of his glans rested on the tip of my tongue and I felt salty drop of liquid rolled from his cock onto my tongue. He was oozing precum, and it tasted really good. I returned his dick into my mouth, and had crazy thought "Can you take it all?" was the question banging in my mind.

And I tried, I pushed forward. I took more than two thirds of his dick when his cock head reached my throat.

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Gag reflex kicked in in full force, forcing tears into my eyes. "Ahhhh John … what was that, it felt incredibly" he moaned and asked in low yet husky voice. I responded with another try, only this time I started to make swallowing movements as his cock head reached back of my throat. Still, my gag reflex was very strong, but I managed to suppress it and his cock entered my throat.

One light push ahead and my nose ended buried in his pubic hair. My hand was still in the neighborhood and I cupped his big and heavy balls in my hand. As I was still making swallowing movements, combined with light ball massage my hand was giving him, his dick received all the stimulation he needed. I felt sudden hardening of already extremely hard cock, his balls retracted to the base of his fuck rod and he pushed his hips forward, shoving his cock even further down my throat.

"Arrgghhhhhh …" Ben groaned as he started to cum. With first spasm, my throat was on fire from hot boy juice shooting from his cock into me. Then came second squirt, then third … I stopped counting there since I had my mouthful trying to swallow all that his dick and balls are throwing in me. He was still ejaculating, not in squirts but rather oozing or even better flooding my throat.

I pulled back a little, just enough to pull his cock head out off my throat still keeping it in my mouth. He was still hard, but not for long … I didn't move, nor did I suck I just held his beautiful fuck pole in my mouth, savoring his taste and letting him go soft.

I looked up, still holding now rapidly softening dick in my mouth. Ben tilted his head backward, mouth open breathing heavy, his chest expanding and contracting with every breath he took … He must've felt my eyes because his head returned and our eyes met. He looked down at me and said: "My beautiful Johnny … this was something I dreamed of for quite some time … and it was way WAY better than anything I hoped it would be." Now, I released his fairly limp cock and stood up "I'd say you have some water pump within you as well.

You came lake a horse". He looked me, and before I knew he was kissing me his tongue tasting his own spunk from my mouth. "I do taste good from your mouth. I did tasted myself before, while jerking at home, but it never tasted this good.

Oh well, I guess we're just right for each other". He said and we both started laughing … "Come on, let's get you dressed and go home … I still don't know how to find my way out of this" I said pointing at my wet crotch. He pulled his briefs and shorts up, and we got back to the trail leading to our village. P.S. still lots more to tell, so stay tuned.