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Female agent free
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Introduction: This story rose unbidden from my unconscious mind during a heated exchange with an on-line lover. We were roll-playing an evolving Dom/sub scenario in which I had been a very bad girl.

During a rest break I skimmed the text of our ping-ponging messages, and suddenly I felt a strong urge to type, so I began. The core of this story then appeared on the screen, line after line without pause, pouring out of some dim recess in my brain.

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I found myself typing almost error free, a rarity for me. When I was done I just sat there for awhile, a bit stunned. Where the hell did that come from, I wondered? I let the story sit for a week or so.

And then it demanded that I sit down and begin editing. This version is the result of a little tweaking here, an embellishment there, etcetera.

But the core is intact, the product of an unknown partner who lives in my shadow world. I hope you enjoy.

Susan James ========================================================== Darling, reading back a bit in this email conversation of ours, I rediscovered your offer to spank me for being such a bad girl.

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It got me all wet again. I want to take you up on that naughty offer. Here is one way I think it might happen. As you will see I go a bit beyond just a simple spanking. I can easily picture myself draped naked over your lap, my hair spilling into a dirty blond pool on the floor, my bare ass high and exposed, the skin pulled taut. Sitting here at the keyboard I can almost feel the pressure of your left hand holding me in place while your right repeatedly smacks down on my tender flesh, harder and harder.

You've been whacking away on my ass for some time now, and I'm getting hot and wet. Each blow now brings a grunt from me, and I squirm against your erect cock pressing up against my belly. Each blow rings out and seems to echo from the walls. Tears are flowing down my face. They drip onto the floor and you laugh. And hit me even harder. I know my ass must be scarlet by now with prints of your hand visible on the tortured flesh. My ass is on fire. The pain is blending into pleasure now and I can feel the heat building in my loins.

I am rising toward an orgasm. But I don't want it just yet. I want more pain, more pleasure. But I can't help myself. I can hear myself wailing in the glorious agony of this whipping. You know I'm going to come and you just hit me harder, driving me over the edge. You whisper to me, "Susan, I want you to come for me now, you dirty little slut. I know you want to hold out, but you can't. You're just my sex toy and you will come when I tell you to." As I begin to come, you thrust two fingers deep into my weeping pussy and your thumb into my ass.

I cry out as this assault causes me new pain. You finger fuck me to a string of powerful orgasms. I cry and howl in pleasure and pain, the sensations somehow blending into a force that overwhelms me. Finally, spent and gasping, I slump over your lap, my tears and sex juices flowing freely.

You caress my abused ass and stroke your fingers slowly in and out of my cunt. I can hear the squishy sounds you are making as you play in my swampy core. We are bathed in the pungent aroma of my vagina's fluids. "Well, Susan," you say, "Do you feel adequately punished for being such a bad girl?" "Oh, yes, sir.

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Are we done now, sir?" I secretly hope the answer is no. Rather than answer, you laugh gently and roll me off your lap down onto the rug. You drop to your knees between my splayed thighs, push my legs back against my sweaty breasts, and lower your face to my swollen lips. I feel your breath on my wet skin and then the touch of your tongue.

It probes my sensitive anus, making me shiver.


Moving up to my cunt, you noisily lick and suck my aroused lips. I close my eyes and hold my legs back and wide open to give you full access. I can hear myself moaning as your mouth, lips, and tongue work on my most sensitive flesh.

When I glance down I see your face is covered in my juices. Your cheeks glisten in the reduced light. You move to my clit and suck and lick it with fervor. Almost immediately I come, a total surprise. I hump up into your face wailing in the unexpected spasms that wrack my belly, causing me to arch my back as though offering my breasts to you, taut and straining.

As I drop back down, recovering, you leave my wet, swollen center and rise up over me. With no prelude you plunge your hard cock directly into my cunt, shocking me as you bury yourself to the hilt, slamming your hips into mine.

My legs are still up and wide, offering no resistance to your brutal attack. At first it is painful and I cry out. You ignore me and soon the pain eases and turns to pleasure.

You plunder me, almost like a rape, except that I am more than willing to take your assault. I whimper with joy as you hammer me, banging into my cervix, dragging your cock across my clit on every stroke. You shift above me to put your weight on one hand.

This frees the other hand to play with my breasts. At first you merely massage and squeeze them erotically, but soon you increase the force until it begins to hurt. As I watch, I see your fingers dig deep into my tender flesh, distorting it as if my breasts were bread dough. I moan with the pain and try to push your hand off me. You slap my hands away and growl at me, "Don't interfere, you bitch.

Your punishment is far from over." Still hammering your cock into me, you slap my left breast hard. It bounces on my chest and pain fills it quickly. You laugh and do it again, back handing it this time. You set up a rhythm of blows that set my breasts into continuous motion and continuous pain.

As the pain mounts I weep and moan, and my tears flow freely. But my hands fall to my sides and I arch my back, offering my breasts for your use or abuse. You laugh at me again. I think you can sense that pleasurable, erotic feelings are starting to accompany the hot agony of your blows. You are panting now, and you are covered in sweat.

You stop slapping my tits and instead grasp a nipple between fingers and thumb. I can feel the sudden sharp pain as you severely pinch my tender bud. I can see the wild lust in your eyes as you abuse me. It scares me a little, but it arouses me much more. My belly is awash with the pleasure of your hard fucking. You begin to savagely twist the trapped nipple and pull it out away from my body, causing new waves of searing pain.

My breast stretches and distorts under this cruel treatment. The pain is almost unbearable and I feel myself weeping and imploring you to continue. What!

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Did I ask you to keep doing it? It seems I did. Some unconscious part of my brain must be in control now. You release my tit only to get a better hold on it. And again you yank the bruised organ out of shape.

I scream with the agony coursing through my breast, and then with no real warning, an explosion of ecstasy floods my belly. My body is out of control, thrashing in orgasm under you.

And still you keep pounding into me like a madman. You are panting and moaning, your sweat dripping onto my face, by breasts, my belly. I realize you are near to coming and quickly make a decision. "Oh, honey. Don't come in me. Please. I want to see and taste your cum. Please cum on my face. Cum on my face." That seems to do it for you.

You cry out, pull your wet erection out of my cunt and crawl up my body. Your cock, red and swollen, is dripping on my breasts. I take it in my hands and stroke it once, twice, aiming it at my raised face. You yell out, "Oh, shit. Oh, fuck. Here I come." Your cock erupts, jerking in my hands and spiting ropes of warm, white cum at me.

I am ready for your offering, my mouth open in anticipation. But your first jet of cum splashes against my forehead and eyebrows, dripping down onto my nose and cheek. Another shot hits my upper lip and nostrils. A glob falls into my open mouth. A third burst finally finds the target and flies directly into my mouth, coating my tongue and drooling over my lower lip onto my chin.

Your cum keeps jetting out at me in a series of smaller spurts, amazing me with the quantity. I revel in the smell and feel of your cum on my face, sticky and gooey.

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Some of it slowly runs down my cheek and into my ear, tickling me. I take your cock into my mouth to capture the last of your fluids, squeezing your hairy balls to extract the dregs. I suck gently as you hang over me panting, sitting lightly on my abdomen, and supported by your arms extended above my head. I smile up into your eyes as you take in the sight of my face, drenched with your sexy excretions. As you watch, I use my tongue to lick the cum from my lips and into my mouth.

I reach down under you with one hand to touch my sopping cunt. You rise a little to give me access, your balls coming to rest on my arm Then, as I stroke up and down my slit, I use the fingers of my free hand to slowly, languidly scoop the gooey, white globs from my face and onto my outstretched tongue. The fingers in my cunt switch to rubbing my clit. I can feel another orgasm building. I rub faster and harder trying to force my tired body to do my bidding.

You see my dilemma and take pity on me. You take my sore nipples in your fingers again and pinch them hard. "Susan, you dirty fuck slut, you cum-covered bitch. I want you to come for me now. NOW, cunt. Come now." Once again the dirty talk does its job. My cunt clenches, squeezing the fingers that are now shoved deep into its channel and the orgasm takes control of my body.

"Oh, God.


Oh, dear God. So good, so very, very good. Oh, God." Minutes later my breath is nearly back to normal. I look up into your eyes and feel my lips forming a smile. "Thank you, darling. You know me so well. You always know what I need. Wow, I feel like I've been rode hard and put up wet." You smile back and say, "Sounds like a good description of what just went down, my love. And speaking of wet, you didn't finish your housekeeping chores." You pick up where I left off when I got distracted by my pussy's need.

You bring your hand to my face and continue the job of moving your gooey cum from my face to my mouth.

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When you're finished I swish it around in my mouth and then open to show it to you. I can feel it coating my tongue and teeth. I delight in the look on your face as you see what you have done to me. "You really are a dirty little slut, aren't you?" you ask "Yeah, sexy. I am. But I'm your dirty little slut. All yours. And I know this is how you like me." You smile tiredly, kiss me gently, and slump down beside me.

Cuddling quietly, we rest and recuperate, knowing that a hot shower is not far away. The moral of this story? Sometimes it really pays to be a bad girl.