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Femaleagent Glück Stud fucks schnell und wütend auf agents de
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Nobody under the age of fourteen has any sex in this story. MAGNUS: Nobody knows much about Magnus. He uses no known last name. He is ethnic American Caucasian, but the rumor says that he is the adopted son of a Malaysian tycoon who was well connected with the government. The reason for this, it is said, was that the mother of Magnus was the favored wife of this tycoon and so he made his adopted son extremely wealthy while his mother decorated the tycoon's bed.

Done very well, a person might conclude. He flew into Big City airport with no public notice in the largest plane that had ever landed there. And after him getting off with all of his party and his luggage, it immediately took back off to fly, to somewhere else.

Then a line of Suburbans loaded up the man with his party and belongings and he moved to the largest mansion in the city on the top of a hill overlooking Big City Bay and the Samish Sea. When the gate closed behind him, he was never seen by anyone except for his chamberlain and his women after that. After his arrival several more vans pulled in and a small army of domestics and security took over the management of the site. His domestics lived on site and the security personnel rotated through their duty shifts and lived off campus.

The outside security was taken care of by an organization made up of former Navy Seals and Army Rangers. The inside people inside the inner security fence were people from the Bash Brother's Firm. The mansion was estimated to be a hundred years old and was known to have a number of hidden rooms and walkways. It also had four floors, ten bedrooms and one whole floor as a private reserve for the head of the home. There were no parties there and people, especially the news medium, were not welcome either.

No one ever had access to Magnus, except for Richard, his chamberlain, and his women. All that anyone knew, except for he himself, was that there were at least four and probably more ladies in residence to satisfy his every sensual desire. And he had a variety of them. The rumor was that among his coterie of females, all of them beautiful and compliant, his favorite was a Moslem girl who wore the signature garment, the burqa, for women of that faith except when serving his private desires.

Her name (Fatima Jermiah) was never spoken among the staff, she was just referred to as M.G. (later EmGee) if she was referred to at all. The first night of his residence, he moved through one of the hidden walkways and joined her in her designated suite.

She excused her women attendants and moved to embrace her Lord and Master, Magnus. He very enthusiastically hugged her back and she was as tall as him at five foot eight inches.

He never forced her to remove her clothing, it was up to her how much she wanted to reveal to him on any of their meetings together. This time, she lifted the face mask, niqab, up and he kissed her very deeply to her and his pleasure. She then took him by the hand and settled him into a very comfortable chair for her to take care of his immediate need. Then she kneeled down and with her niqab in place, lifted its bottom flap and moved her mouth to being over his cock and began to kiss, lick and suckle on it.

She was very skilled in this and so soon had him emptying into her mouth. She made sure that all of the productions from his cock were swallowed so that none of it came to be upon her garments. She then took him by the hand again and led him to the bed where she settled down on her back with her pelvis elevated on a firm cushion, and he then with her skirt lifted, he with his dick arisen again, proceeded to take her pussy and plunge into it. There were some grunts and moans from behind her face covering over this, but no complaints at all.

He wasted no time in his using her and soon after was penetrating deeply her baby zone, emptying up into her to her relief and satisfaction. After this, he bent down and moved his face up to her privates to give her some pleasure and a climax, too. After that they cuddled together to sleep for some time before he left.

Magnus was a bit of a night owl and so with his moving to his personal space fired up his very expensive and prodigiously capable computer system to engage his favorite sites. He was a member of a number of discussion groups and enjoyed them all.

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His entry into the online world was done through a sizeable computer server that was totally dedicated to his security. And then other firewalls were on his main system. With very difficult to discover passwords, he was as safe as anyone on the Earth and he was known online at the SHEIK OF MALAYSIA.

This got him a lot of attentions from women who for one reason or another wanted to decorate his bed, with hoped for monetary blessings coming their ways. He rarely responded to any of their outreaches, but did keep a record of the very young ones that sent sexy pictures that were verifiable as not being copied from someone else and had stories of a very seriously vulnerable tone. This night, one came through of a young Hispanic girl in Chicago, who was being pursued by a gang to be their bitch and escort money-maker.

She was only fifteen at the moment and totally undesirous of that 'honor.' So, Magnus activated a hired representative in that city, one shared by other rich pervs, too. And asked him to check up on this girl. What was found out was that she was still a virgin, healthy, picture accurate and story accurate, too. So, the representative put it to her in her hidden 'on the streets' sanctuary, that a very rich man was interested in her and if she would agree to be his lover, that he would take her in for as long as she wanted to stay.

And if she stayed for at least a year, she would get a pension when she left. She also was advised that though he tended to be very gentle in his love-making, he was also very adventurous.

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She said that she would get back to him on this. But, as the rep was moving to leave, she got a frantic call from a friend telling her that the 'hoodies' were on the outlook for her and so she called the rep back and agreed in writing to the offer.

The rep took her to a very private motel, washed her up, dressed her appropriately and then put her into a very dark vehicle for the drive to Big City.

It would take several days to make the delivery. And then she would become number two of his party of lovers and under the direct overseership of Emgee. Upon her arrival, she was sneaked into the mansion under the cover of darkness and the complete ignoring of any potential seeing eyes.

She was taken to the small apartment of Emgee and there received her official welcoming and the start of her indoctrination in the pleasing of their master.

After a couple of hours of startlingly clear explanations and instructions, she was ready for him. He was put on notice of this and so, moved to Fatima's rooms to engage with the new girl under Fatima's observations and guidance. As he entered the rooms, Elena (Gomez) stood and presented herself to her new master.

As his eyes studied her, he found her to be short (under five feet,) slim with modest roundings in the usual places, attentive, with dark flashing eyes and butt length coal black hair.

A vision of total Hispanic beauteous young womanhood. Magnus then nodded to Fatima (Emgee) and she proceeded with the young girl's introduction to sex, Magnus style.

With her 'sheila' on, a head covering that was beautiful and face revealing, she took the young girl and seated her in her sex play chair. It had a dark red towel on its surface, the girl seemed to know what that was about. And then Fatima leaned forward and began to kiss Elena all about the face and lips, but with no tongue in mouth.

She then moved down to massage the relaxing girl's breasts very lightly. She could feel Elena's awakening groin by her squirming in place and the lighting up of her face in red flushed lust. With that Fatima began to massage her on her bare arms up and down. When the girl seemed ready, Fatima got on to her knees and lifted Elena's short skirt to her bare pussy and moved her mouth to enliven it for the master.

After about ten minutes of this sensual assault, Fatima got up and moved back for the Master to move in for the removal of the very small obstruction in Elena's love zone. He got onto his knees, moved Elena forward in the chair until her pussy was slightly in front of the chair's seat and then with the chair lowered somewhat, he entered into her lover's zone and immediately punched through her hymen, to the very brief stinging of Elena's body.

He could see from his position, the very light trickle of her virginal blood and then the following cum outpouring onto the towel. He then moved deeply into the young girl and quickly emptied up into her. When he stood up with his still hardened cock, Fatima gathered up some of the productions from Elena's pussy and fed it right into Magnus's mouth, blood and all. Then he moved forward and poked his dick into Elena's mouth and she then, with much practice in her background, opened to suck him off for his second climax.

She didn't get one this time. Too busy in pleasing the Master. But, that would come soon for her and then regularly after that. With him done with Elena for the moment, she was guided to her rooms to take her shower and rest after her latest very busy days. As she went off into sleep, she mused that she could get used to this. Especially with no 'hoodies' in view. And as for Fatima, Magnus spent the night with her in restful cuddling and sleep, and in the morning when they awoke, he gathered her up into his arms and took her anally in the missionary position to her great joy and left her very happy with her services to the Master.

About this time the current mayor, one of the gangster duo of ones, took notice of this visiting nabob, who was dwelling in Big City, without any notice of him, nor any payoffs, either. So, he had one of his administrative assistants look up everything that could be found out about this Magnus. And it was precious little. Even the mansion was not owned in his name, but on a long term lease from a New York bank that he doubted that he could put any pressure on.

And all of the current taxes personal or otherwise were paid up. He had heard that there were underage sex toys on the premises and so decided to use that as his leverage. He figured that he would have this young Malaysian rich man eating out of his hand and filling his pockets in short order. So, he sent out a four car detachment from the local police, each car with fully armed four officers.

When they came to the main gate, they met up with exactly four of the exterior security men. The police officers recognized the fearlessly resolute manner of the security men as being Army Ranger and Navy Seal derived, but proceeded to move forward in their assumed to be successful foray into the rich man's sanctuary, with authorizing papers from a local judge.

After handing the official documents to the man in charge. You could tell he was, because he was standing in front of the other three, the man returned them and in a gruff voice notified the offering officer, "My person recognizes the possible validity of your papers, but my guns don't.

Please leave the premises and do NOT come back under any circumstances, we don't want to hurt such brave public servants as yourselves." The officers who outnumbered the security men by four to one, thought of rushing them.

After all they had the assumed force of the law behind them, they thought. But, upon another look at the determined stance of the security men, they thought the better of it and got back into their squad cars and left the area. The mayor was furious. But, he was very careful of how he handled this with them, since he was subject to investigations, too.

And had many skeletons in the closet to keep hidden from prying eyes. In the meantime, the agents of Magnus found out about a young Asian girl who was idly hanging out on the streets of Big City. She had managed to skirt recruitment by the pimps in town and avoided usage of illicit drugs too, so far. But, because of her language limitations and her home situation, she was in definite danger. So, a young agent asked her to a local coffee shop for a talk, with a free meal attached to it.

He was Thai, too and so they could freely converse without neighboring ears understanding any of it. He asked of her situation and she shyly offered that she had come to this country with her family, but that they had abandoned her to a local auntie, since it was so expensive to live in the States. The auntie had some kind of plans for her that she knew she wouldn't like, so she spent as much time as possible on the streets to keep away from her influences. So, the agent in very graphic detail described the situation with Magnus and gave her the invitation to join in his little family, if she passed the physical.

She sat back in her chair and thought this out before the very patient agent for about a half an hour and then asked, "You mean that I would have to have sex with him, whenever he wants it?" "Yes, that is so and is the main reason that this offer was being made to you." But, that he would share her with no other man and was a very gentle lover.

And that she would easily know if she was pleasing to him, by the regularity of his sexual attentions to her. And that if she stayed for at least a year, she would be free to go with a permanent pension for the rest of her life. She again sat back to think this over very well. And as she did, the agent played the scene of their meeting through his mind.

He, himself, wouldn't mind tapping that pussy that he easily saw through the leg openings of her very brief and oversized jeans, with no panties underneath. Even the inner private opening was shown to him, with her evident unawareness, through that leg opening.

But, of course, he would never do such a thing so as to not disqualify himself for further duties for this very generous client. And besides, he could fuck away as much as he wanted with the rejects, who were much better than most other guy's acceptable gains. She finally nodded in agreement and was sent to a park to await briefly for the pickup by two very grim men to be taken to the service of the Master of all of them.

It was daylight when they arrived at the mansion, but still no one paid any attention to them guiding her up to the hidden door and then being ushered in to move up to Fatima's rooms. When Boonsri arrived, Fatima had her move to the shower and freshen up for her inspection for the Master. Boonsri, whose last name was the Chinese name of Yeung, to avoid duplication of last names in her native land, obediently moved into the bathroom and entered the shower. As she was getting comfortable, she felt the sliding door open and another body enter to be with her.

While Boosri was lathering up, Fatima looked her over and marveled at how womanly such a tiny girl could be.


From the questioning, it was found out that Boonsri was eighteen. But, she looked very much younger because of her tiny size and barely evident tits. Her pussy was very lightly covered, but her lips and clit were on full display. And with Fatima's attentions was at full flag sticking straight out. When Fatima got on her knees and lipped up to the arisen clit; Boonsri, who had never experienced this before, nearly went out of her mind. And after the shower was finished, the Master met them back in the bedroom and with Fatima sitting in THE CHAIR, naked for once, he moved Boonsri up onto the bed with her legs splayed out and quickly fucked her and him into sexual oblivion.

Boonsri, did climax and Magnus moved down to sample the productions and proclaimed them excellent. Fatima moved over to share this with him, with his arms around her back. After this, Fatima, now dressed in her full covering, led Boonsri to her very own bedroom and showed her how to order her meals.

And then left her to nap and ponder over her now truly fine situation. The auntie was notified that Boonsri was now out of the area (not true) and paid her off to keep the girl's disappearance quiet. The mayor after calming down from his hissy fit over the deflection with questionable legal backing to infiltrate the fucking twenty year old (actually twenty-five) nabob's domain, decided to call in a favor and so called the commanding officer of the State Police.

After he had been appraised of the situation and the assertion that there was 'sex trafficking' going on at this premises, the Commander sent two cars with his ablest and toughest officers to handle this.

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With a bench warrant at the behest of the governor, they approached the four men at the gate of the Mansion. With hardened eyes, and loose handgun holsters, they faced up to the security men and demanded to be let in to check out the circumstances of the premises.

The same lead security man looked them over with a kindly face and remarked, "You officers look very fit and determined.


I have heard a lot of very good assessments of your capabilities. Now, please get back into your pretty cars and vacate the premises. No paperwork that you have will get you onto these grounds!" And then the four security men lined up opposite of the 'staters' and waited for what was to come. The lieutenant who was leading the detachment of 'staters' looked very carefully at the four men staring back at them.

He decided that it wasn't worth it. He and his men were all married with families that expected them back into their arms that night. The four staring back at them, didn't seem to have such familial considerations to appease. So, as the 'staters' began to turn to leave, the lead security man addressed, them: "Nice of you very capable and brave men to visit the sorts of us. Please don't come back!

You have families to attend to tonight." None of this was said with even an ounce of smarm, but with deep respect and gratitude that the officers had the sense to withdraw from a face off that they couldn't win and probably wouldn't survive either. It took three days for the mayor to come down from his angry mode after the report of this further failure came back to him.

In the meantime, the fourth candidate for a permanent position with the Master came to their notice. She was living in Atlanta and had just been released from jail on a check kiting charge. There were people looking for her, since she had testified against her bosses during her trial to get a reduced sentence.

It had worked. But, did not deflect the attentions of the 'friends' of the men now languishing in prison for years to come over her testimony. So, Richard the chamberlain activated one of their local agents there, a free-agent one, to check this out. When he approached her, she was struggling with two heavies that seemed to want to stamp her right into the pavement.

So, 'Squealer' incapacitated them rather quickly and gathered the terrified girl into his arms to escape any further undo attentions. In a nearby alley, he appraised her of the offer in the name of the Master and she readily accepted.

She was at seventeen very well trained in the sexual arts and had no qualms at all in servicing a wealthy man for protection and sustenance. With that agreement, she was moved to Big City to be further interviewed and checked out physically. When the Master's medical aide was done with her, the report came out that she had a mild STD, and so was disqualified. But, the aide through a sympathetic doctor had a suitable preion made out for her and she was put on it.

The local agent, took her under his wing then. He was not afraid of the risk, because it was minor, and besides if he did get it too, it was after a horrid beginning well managed with the medicine and she would be a very fine fuck mate. She was just glad to be out of Atlanta and any active searching mode for the present. She could regularly fuck this guy for some time. Maybe even, they might become emotionally attached.

Not necessary, but welcome if it happened. He was cute, you know. So, there was still an active spot open for just the right girl. Now with the mayor's dander completely up, he left a message for the local FBI A.I.C. requesting a meeting to discuss a local situation that they might have an interest in. When the meeting occurred, the mayor brought up the possible 'sex trafficking' charge and asked for the Agent to look into this.

Unlike the mayor, the A.I.C. checked in with his uppers and found that Magnus was rich, powerful and had diplomatic status in the U.S. as appointed by the ruler of Malaysia. So, he informed the mayor that he was going to leave the man alone and recommended that the mayor did also. The mayor didn't know for sure at that time, that he was the object of a major and long ongoing investigation himself.

It would bear fruit in a short time. When Magnus's chamberlain had his weekly meeting with the Master about the status of things, these attempted incursions were mentioned. This was in addition to the physical attempt over the fences that was interrupted by the Bash Brothers team.

Whatever they found out, it was not passed on, since they disappeared and were never found again. Probably laying in association with a certain pimp, who also had disappeared? So, Magnus requested that his chamberlain ask the Bash Brothers to look into the mayor's affairs and find some leverage that would stop all of this irritating nonsense at his front gates and elsewhere.

The brothers said that they would love to do this and contacted the Sterling Investigations Agency, The Dickster in charge of, to accomplish this. Since, it was in line with his current activities, all of his info and that which could be gathered was collated and an action plan was formatted. It turned out that in the mayor's family had a certain daughter, Martie, who was very embarrassed by her father's illegal activities.

And she was being very fractious with him over it. He felt that he had taken enough over this and was going to ship her off to somewhere where she would not be an active irritation to him anymore. She was a bit of a 'wild child' too. One of Magnus's agents found her in one of her hideouts and asked her to accompany him to the mansion.

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So, she having nothing else to do at the moment, decided to do so. Living on the 'wild side' has its freedom's you know, as long as you can survive in it. In the rarely used mansion's public meeting office, Dick interviewed the young girl and recorded the offerings that she made.

He still was improving as a D.I. at this time, but was already very good even then at digging out details that could be used later.

After the disposition, she happened to wander off down a strange hallway, trying to find her way out. There she happened to come upon Fatima, swishing her way in the opposite direction. "Young lady, may I help you? You seem to be lost." This was said with her 'sheila' on which exposed her beautiful face to Martie.

"Yes, Ma'am, I am lost in this monumental house. I was just interviewed about my dad and was trying to find my way out." "Why don't you accompany me to a sitting room and we can talk about it and have a bit of tea, if you please." "I am young and have never done anything like that before.

I would love to." And they walked arm in arm down a couple of corridors to the small sunlit ante room. A maid walked by and came in to take their orders. Martie wasn't sure of what to ask for, so Fatima ordered for her. After the maid left, Fatima fixed her attentions on the young lady. Very pretty and built like a European, with a tall slim frame and healthy athletic in manner. Martie's face was slim with a slim nose and a small mouth above a rather pointed chin.

Not attractive in deion, but with the bright eyes and intelligent manner, very attractive in reality. As Magnus was looking for another lady to grace his bed, one different than the others, she immediately seized on the opportunity to possibly recruit this young woman. In the conversation that ensued, she found out that Martie was the daughter of the mayor, rebellious against him, twenty years old (though she only looked about sixteen,) a high school graduate with excellent grades, idle in her life, and very adept at sexual activities.

So, she decided to try her out after the convivial tea to be shared. When Fatima asked Martie, if she would like to visit her rooms, Martie wondering of what they might be like in this big behemoth of a house, and answered in the affirmative.

And again they moved arm in arm down the hallways to take the stairs to the third floor and Fatima's redoubt. There is an elevator in the house, but Magnus is firm in not using it except for emergencies. When they entered her rooms, Fatima invited Martie to look around while she freshened up a bit. So while the visitor took in the lovely surroundings, that were well lit and included a fabulous bed, she couldn't help noticing Fatima removing her clothing to prepare for a shower.

And as she proceeded, she invited Martie to do so also, to share the shower.


Martie intrigued by all of this sumptuous surroundings and this devastatingly gorgeous woman, said, "Of course!" And proceeded to undress in the view of Fatima, too. Then, the two naked women moved into the shower room and the shower automatically read their temperatures and adjusted the water temperature to an average of the both and the ladies entered into its watery wonders.

After getting wetted down with a lot of splashing towards each other, Fatima got out the fragrant naturally scented body washes and began to lather Martie up. Martie was simply mesmerized over all of this. And when Fatima's hands strayed to her breasts and later to her pussy, she just took it as a matter of course in the cleansing process. And when she was invited to return the lathering favors, she was out of her mind enthralled with the process being returned to the most beautiful creature that she had ever met.

Then came the rinsing off, and with this Martie was completely lit up with passion and so Fatima kneeled down and took Martie's pussy up to her mouth and proceeded to give it the grand treatment. Lips and tongue in every corner of her pussy, hole and clit included. And then with Marie backed up to the shower wall and leaning back with her legs splayed as far as she could manage, the final assault on Martie with a full on suckling of her pussy whole and intermittent plunging of her tongue into its hole.

Martie came gloriously very soon under that assault and dumped a prodigious amount of cum into Fatima's mouth. After she shook off the intense feelings related to that, she turned and moved Fatima up to the wall, with her butt up in the air and began to enliven Fatima's day with tongue around and into rosette play.

While she was engaged in this, she heard the shower door slide open and a very handsome young man, shorter than her, but built very athletically, moved up behind her and inquired, may I join in?

She nodded as she was too busy on Fatima to enter into a conversation on the matter and so the young man moved his cock up and planted it right up into her pussy from the rear.

With this, both Fatima, Martie and Magnus came together and then simply held on to each other as the warm water caressed their sated bodies. When they came out of the shower into the bedroom all arm in arm, Martie readily agreed to stay on, if she could for the first two weeks at least, sleep with Fatima in her bed. Magnus and Fatima agreed with that. And then he and Fatima took turns taking all manner of naked pictures of the mayor's daughter engaged sexually with each.

These pictures and an accompanying letter were sent to the mayor on a message board that allowed only one reading and then permanently erased itself with no means of recovery. The message was simple, this is your daughter with us. She is safe here. And happy. If you bother me or mine again, these pictures will flood the internet with the identification traced to you. And we will also post some most damaging information on your activities.

Leave us alone, and we will ignore you and let matters proceed in your life without our interference. The mayor got the message and complied. He eventually had to answer to others. This all got out on the underground informational boards and Magnus and his little family were therefore left alone. And these matters became an especially sensual addition to the local 'urban legends' library. The little play toys of Magnus, tended to stay with him till about the age of thirty.

He liked them young, and they grew to have fulfilled their young fantasies of sex and life. And then wanted to move on to other things, like perhaps motherhood. If they stayed for the ten years, they got their modest pensions over the amount for one year and with a bit of work they could live rather comfortably.

Also, Magnus's agents kept a lookout for them when they were on their own and more than one abusive boyfriend disappeared out of town, not with prejudice, but permanently in any case. Then, the girl in question would then be presented with a number of qualified guys to build a relationship with one of Magnus's 'forever lovelies.' There was always enough good guys to take care of the good girls! Fatima was an exception to most of the rules. She stayed on with Magnus for all of his life and administered the sexual affairs of her master for that whole time.

When she passed thirty, she became more of a life mate to him, than a lover and many nights slept next to him to his supreme happiness. When she reached the age of forty, he gave her the privilege of bearing his only child, a son that inherited all of his father's estate including the coterie of young lovers.

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Gilbert was much like his father. He was raised in the security of the mansion and educated there. He did a lot of preparatory study for his college work and when attending the local university and living there, he used an assumed identity.

He graduated with a MBA degree and after a few years of tutelage under Richard, took over his father's business and Malaysian official duties.

He was not as house bound as his father, though. But, every bit as sexually adventuresome and continued the rotations of serving lovers in his household, too.

At one point in his thirties, Fatima came to the conclusion that Magnus needed another interest to keep active, though in the household. So, she arranged on her own authority for an exercise room, that he could keep in very good condition in, and having one or more of the girls working out with him in little or no clothing was truly inspirational to his efforts. Also, after Magnus, through the Malaysian government bought the Mansion from the N.Y. bank when it was having some monetary difficulties for a bargain price, it was accorded to him as a gift from the foreign government in gratitude for his many years of representing them.

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With that, wholesale changes came to the building with a total refurbishment of it. The general arrangement of the building remained the same, but some rooms and suites assumed different purposes.

One that Fatima had a great influence on in addition to the exercise room, was the simulated sports stadium guest suite. It was arranged to simulate football, baseball and basketball games, through screens and holographic displaying. So, Magnus who had acquired an especially strong interest in American sports, both pro and collegiate, could simulate attending them in the special guest suite (arranged to simulate attendance in the designated stadium or arena) right in his own house.

It was attended also with the girls who liked such things. And to tease Magnus they would appear to him in very disarranged dress or even sometimes with no dress at all.

During one especially memorable Super Bowl, Twilight City's team was contending with an Eastern team that had been their nemesis for years. It was getting down to the final gun, when the local team's QB famous for his 'pulling a rabbit out of the hat' game ending flurries was leading the team down the field with time ticking off of the clock.

At that moment, Magnus was relaxed on a couch in his simulation suite and his eyes were riveted to the screen. He had the active interest of two of his girls, one impaled on his cock and the other riding his mouth. It was a struggle to keep his eyes open to the view of the game, and the girls were trying to time things so that he would cum as the team crossed the goal line for the winning points.

They were very good at Tantric modes and were getting him up very high in excited anticipation of the team's success. On a final running play the local team's running back fumbled the ball and the other team recovered it on the bounce and was heading the opposite way.

The tight end intercepted him and delivered a crushing tackle leaving the ball on the ground. The local QB gathered up the ball and rushed to the end zone untouched as Magnus creamed the girl on his cock. Then for a variety of reasons, all hell broke out in the suite in celebrations, and Fatima came to see what all of the noise was about. As she entered, she exclaimed to Magnus, "Oh, Oh, I see you are using my gift to a fine degree!!! I will see you in my bed later." And she did so, too.

She fucked him up with the aid of the littlest girl in the house at the time, until Magnus called, "Uncle!" And then the three of them slept together until morning. When Magnus reached the age of seventy-five and still in rather good shape, he decided that he wanted Fatima to have an added presence in the household and so he asked her for her hand in marriage. She though Muslim and him much uninterested in religion, worked it out and they entered on a new status together.

She still managed his corps of young lady lovers and still kept her own suite with her female lovers in attendance on her when she wasn't with Magnus in his rooms. But, the inspiring vision of her flowing robes steering down the hallways of the Mansion with the beatific face framed in her favorite 'sheila' was raised further by her new level of authority in her moderating and also facilitating the spirit of the house and household.

When Magnus passed on, his son was already in full control of all the matters of the Mansion. He had the ashes of his father stored for future use. And when his mother passed away a number of years later, he took both of their ashes and mixed them together and then in the middle of the night took them and sprinkled them around the grounds in symbol of their love of each other and their love of their favorite Mansion.