Gordo manicero pide perdon por ser sucio

Gordo manicero pide perdon por ser sucio
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I'm not sure how long I slept or even if I did. But I found myself pinned under daddy; by his breathing I could tell he was asleep. His weight felt good, reassuring. I know that might sound odd to you, but then again you might be a man, but a woman will understand what I mean but that. Lovingly I ran my hands up and down daddy's back. At some point daddy had removed his clothes.

I was disappointed I want to watch him strip. Maybe even strip him. But to be honest I could not be that disappointed, feeling the heat of flesh against mine. The soft hair the covered his chest tickled my nipples and my tummy, and I found myself getting wet again. His back was perfectly muscled and no back hair like some daddies. I raked my nails down his back. And wiggled in his sleep. I giggled softly. So daddy was a bit ticklish. Again I ran my nails down his back, again daddy jumped, again I giggled.

I guess I was a little louder this time, because I found my hand pinned over my head. "So picking on a poor sleeping man. Not too smart for a little girl that is ticklish all over and when the same little girl is pinned, and naked that really does not speak well for her." Daddy said moving my hands so he could hold them with one hand.

He ran his free hand down my rib cage. Causing me to wiggle I bit my bottom lip to keep from laughing. "So my hot little captive, you think you can keep quiet." Daddy teased, before I could nod my head or reply in anyway, his mouth closed over one of my stiff nipples. "Mmm." I purred, Daddy laughed "It wasn't too hard to break you.

Remind me never to tell you any top secrets." He sucked at my nipple again, this time running his big hand over my bare hip, down my thigh. I tried to shift so that his hand rubbed over my heated pussy, but daddy only laughed, "Now baby girl I see you're hot and ready, but the thing about love making is that it is not always fast, in fact some of the best loving making is slow, and teasing." With that he ran his hand up the inside of my thigh stopping just the merest inch away from where I wanted him to touch the most.

Daddy smiled down at me. "What do you want baby girl." He asked. I knew enough now to know he would not let me get away with a general answer as I did before. "Touch me daddy, touch my pussy please." His hand slip up, until he was cupping me, slowly he rubbed up and down, using just enough pressure to drive me insane. Every so often he would slip a finger between my swollen lips. "God baby you are so wet. I have never seen a woman get this wet before." "Only for you, daddy, no one has ever gotten me this hot before.

Please daddy can I suck your cock?" I don't know if it was my words or the look on my face, with a moan daddy rolled off of me onto his back. "Do what you want baby." He said turning his big beautiful body over to me. For the first time in my life I felt powerful, almost as strong as daddy. Slowly I ran my hands over his chest pinching his nipples, until they too stood as poky as mine.

I wondered if a man's nipples were as sensitive as a woman's I leaned over and flicked my tongue over his nipple. Daddy moaned; this made me even bolder. I sucked the hard little nub into my mouth, letting my teeth graze it lightly.


Daddy winced. "Did I hurt you?" I asked pulling back. "Fuck no!" daddy barked making me jump. "sorry baby no you didn't hurt me, in fact that felt wonderful, your mother never uses her teeth, and I have asked her to many times." With that knowledge I leaned back in, this time biting his nipple not hard but firmly.

I felt daddy's cock jump, hitting me in the leg. I laughed; daddy looked up at me confused. "Looks like a man doesn't have to tell a girl what he likes." I said indicating his cock. "Watch." I bit him again, and again his cock jumped.

"Your body tells me." I ran my tongue down his chest to his stomach, there I bit again; and again his beautiful cock jumped. Daddy laughed, you're too clever." I placed my hands on his chest, I don't know what came over me but I raked them down his chest to his hips, leaving red marks. At first I thought I hurt daddy but then I say the pool of precum on his hip. "God damn! You little hell cat." Daddy moaned. I could tell he loved it, and I could also tell he never tried it before, but daddy liked a little pain.

I ran my tongue over the scratches, daddy's cock danced. Reaching down I grabbed it, not hard, but firmly slowly I began to jack him off. Daddy was in heaven. His hips moved with each stroke. I moved down, to get a better look at daddy's cock. "My god daddy your cock is beautiful, not at all like the tiny pale thing of Dylan's. Daddy started to say something but I ran my claws over his thighs, his cock reacted.

Some more precum oozed out. It was time to full fill that thought I had three years ago. I leaned in a licked the droplet off of daddy's cock. The taste was mind blowing, I could not get enough. Soon I was stroking daddy's cock while sucking on it. Doing all the things I have seen in porn movies. Daddy had to clamp his hands behind his head to keep from stopping me.

His arms were straining. God he look so hot like some kind of Greek god.


Looking at him I think he would be Ares. The god of war, after all look at his sword. Ok I know what you are thinking a little carried away and maybe you are right, but it's my dream come true so let a girl get carried away.

Well anyhow soon daddy was hipping into my mouth, while I sucked him for all I was worth, I felt daddy's cock twitch, and his balls tighten.

"Baby I'm going to cum, you better stop." He said but I only sucked harder. "Honey I can't hold out much longer." He said trying to pull away, but I dug my claws into his hips making him stay still.

"Oooo fuck! Oooo my god." Daddy grunted as his hips slammed forward, he grabbed the back of my head pushing me down at the same time, at first I choked as the first load shot down my throat but I quickly learned to relax my throat and let it slide down. Daddy shot so much cum into my mouth I could not swallow it all, it shot out of my mouth over his cock and down over his balls.

Daddy moaned and jerk, until every let drop was shot from his balls. When he stopped I pulled back licking my lips. "Mmm daddy you taste so good." I leaned in and cleaned his cock, then his balls. I loved the manly taste of him.

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Daddy's cock began to get hard again, I am not sure who was more surprised me or him. "Hell cat you are a bad influence on this old pecker of mine." He teased; it has never been this hyper to go again so soon after an orgasm like that.

I started stroking him again. I wanted him hard, I needed him hard, and daddy must have seen that need on my face, because he pulled me up beside him.

With you being so small, and also being a virgin I think it might be better if I go in a little on the soft side." Trusting daddy I opened my legs as far as they would go. Daddy smiled "That's my girl." He moved between my legs and started rubbing his cock up and down, letting my juices coat his cock head. The feeling is hard to describe but it was more than wonderful, and then he slowly pushed his cock into my tight virginal hole, I felt my body open a little wider for him.

It was not uncomfortable, at least not yet. So daddy pushed in a little deep. This kind of hurt and my body tightened. Daddy stopped moving, giving my body time to relax and adjust. But the second he pushed in again, my body stiffened. "Relax baby girl, it won't hurt so much if you just relax. He rubbed my arms, and played with my nipple, but my body just could not seem to relax. I looked up at daddy, and he was straining to hold himself still, his muscles bunched, and sweat was rolling down his back, there was a pules throbbing in his temple.

"Are you relaxed?" I ask. "FUCK NO! I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO GODDAMN TENSE IN MY LIFE!" he answered honestly. I couldn't help it I started laughing, I laughed so hard, and body shook so hard that my legs opened a little wider, daddy took that second of unguarded time to slam through my innocents.

It hurt like hell; tears began to run out of my eyes. "I'm sorry baby I promise it won't hurt long, and soon it will feel wonderful." I don't know when it happened or how, but in a matter of minutes I felt a new feeling, something that was almost like pain, but it wasn't pain.

It took a few minutes to separate it from the pain, it was fullness, I looked down between daddy and I and I could see how my little pussy was stretched around daddy's cock, I could also feel him getting harder inside of me. I shifted slightly not wanting to hurt myself. Daddy must have felt me move, in one swift move he rolled us over until I was on top and he was under me, I felt him sip deeper inside of me, I also felt my juices leaking out over him.

"Now hell cat go at your own pace, use daddy's big ugly body to please yourself." "It's not ugly, I think you're beautiful." Daddy laughed.at my words, when I realized just how silly that sounded. I laughed so hard on top of daddy; the feeling was shocking between our bodies shaking it felt like a vibrator deep inside of me.

Soon I found myself moving back and forth, and then in little circles. All while daddy laid perfectly still, letting me move and slide, finding out what I liked what I needed.

Note my friend you cannot get such understand, such strength, from younger guys. That's not to say that daddy couldn't be fast if I wanted him to be, but he knew this was a very important move for me. He knew that he could make this very good for me or very bad. That control comes from living, and experience. Not knocking younger guys, but I will stick to my older lovers thank you. But again I got sidetracked, sorry.

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Not long after our laughter died away, that daddy must have sensed I need more. "Now baby you are control, you decide how fast we go, how much of my cock you want inside of you." "I want more daddy I more of you inside of me." I moaned out. Daddy chuckled. "Bounce up and down baby. "That's it baby, oh fuck baby girl you're so tight." "You feel so big inside of me daddy; and so fucking good! Oh my god your cock is stretching me." I was bouncing faster, harder trying to get more and more of him inside of me, but it wasn't enough.

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"Daddy fuck me, please fuck me. I need you to daddy." Daddy rolled us back over, grabbing my ankles and tossed my legs over his shoulder, soon he was pounding in and out of me, grounding out with each hard stroke. "Fuck yes daddy fuck me, fuck your little girl." My claws raked up and down his back pulling him into me. "Ohmm god baby girl, I don't know how much longer I can last." Daddy moaned out slamming deep inside of me.

I could feel his balls slapping my ass crack with each powerful thrust, it was driving me crazy. "Oh fuck baby, I can't, I can't keep going." Daddy slammed into me faster and harder. I felt daddy's hot cum splash my insides, and I lost control. Something wild and primitive took over. I slammed into his him, my nails dug brutally into his back, and my teeth clamped on the thick hard muscles of his shoulder. "Oh shit baby, oh fuck that's it bite me." More cum shot out of daddy's cock.

I'm not sure how long daddy pumped inside of me, but I knew he shot a huge load, I could feel it running out of me, and it was driving me crazy. I felt daddy pulling out." NO! Don't stop." I tried to hold him inside of me, but daddy pulled out, before I could complain he shoved two fingers into me. "Faster, oh my god daddy harder." Daddy's finger fucked my hard, it hurt but it also felt so incredible.

"Oh fuck "I humped against daddy's hand. With each thrust daddy's palm would press hard against my clit. I was in heaven. "Oh daddy I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum so fucking hard!" as I spoke my dam broke. I felt my juices gushing out. Hitting daddy on the chest; soaking him clear to his lean hips. Daddy moved up my quivering body and held me in a loving hug. "Goddamn baby girl!

I never knew such a small body could hold so much cum." He teased rubbing is chest on me. I could only manage a feeble little smile. My body was spent. But I felt so wonderful. I don't know if I drifted the next thing I knew daddy was telling me to go shower and he's take care of the sheets. Shakily I made it to my feet, my legs felt bowed. "Shit daddy I feel like I have been on horseback for days." I said putting my hand on his shoulder to keep myself steady.

Daddy's laughter got cut off with a hiss of pain, I looked down and saw right where my hand was a huge bite mark. "Oh my god daddy I am so sorry." I said moving for the bathroom to get a warm washcloth. Daddy grabbed my hand. "For what baby girl, you were fantastic, a creature of pure sexual energy. Wild and untamed, do you know how many men will envy me, or how many would worship you if they could have seen you the way I just did.

I can honestly say baby girl I am a lucky man, do not get me wrong your mother is wild in her own way, and god knows I love her, but you kitten, my god if I live to be a hundred there is now way I could find another one like you, and now I can honestly say I worship two women. He stood and hugged me. "I love you daddy." The shower did me wonders; all the little aches and pain seemed to wash down the drain.

I looked at myself in the full length mirror naked and looking at myself. There was no change, well maybe a few little ones, like the fact that my lips were still puffy from his kisses, and my body still seemed ultra-sensitive.

But the big change was in my nipples they seemed to be stiffer now, and even the cool air tingled. The spark in my green eyes was new as well, but it made me look impish. I grabbed a t shirt from my bag, and headed for the kitchen I was all sudden starving. Looking around I decided to treat daddy, he loves steak and eggs. So I pulled two steaks from the freezer, and put them on the counter to thaw, to hold us over until they did I made us a veggie plate, I found daddy sitting by the fire, he looked worried.

For a moment I thought maybe he was feeling guilty about last night. "Daddy?" I set the tray down and moved over to him. Daddy looked up and gave me a weak smile. "Look out the window." He said pointing at it. I moved to the window wonder what it was he wanted me to look at, when I got there at first I was confused I could not see anything, the window was so hazy, Then I realized it was snowing, no not snowing, it was storming.

A blizzard! At first this made no sense this time of year it never snows not even here; once when we were kids we had flurries but nothing that stuck. "Looks like your flurries brought some friends." Daddy said from behind me. I did not hear him, but there he was. "It's ok kitten I already looked into the food stores and as always Mrs. K over stocked, and since it is just the two of us there is more than enough food.

Later when it slows or stops I'll dig a path to the wood pile; thankfully Mr.

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K only put it a few feet out the back door. For now we have plenty in here. "What about mommy and John?" I asked not taking my eyes off the blowing snow. They called and left me a voice mail, I called your mother back, they were worried last night when we never called, she thought we got caught in the storm, I assured her everything was fine, and that the phones where out for a bit." Daddy pulled me into his warm chest, it was then I realized he was not wearing anything but a towel.

"Don't worry baby girl we will be fine, and in the mean time I am trapped in a snow bound cabin with a gorgeous perfect love goddess." He kissed the top of my head, and cupped my breasts through the t-shirt.

I leaned back into daddy, arching my back. Daddy chuckled and took my hand, as he turned to head back to the chair I saw his back. "Oh my god daddy your back?" "Looks like I got in a fight with a wild cat don't it?" he smiled.

I could only stare at the damage I had done. I wondered if my face was as pale as it felt. It must have been. Daddy dropped my hand, and left the room, the next thing I knew he was back carrying a huge mirror from his room.

Daddy set it in front of his chair. He sat down and pulled me into his lap. He turned me so that I was facing the mirror. I was right my face was as white as sheet.

"Daddy I am so sorry about your…" He placed his finger on my lips. "Shhh Kitten. Like I said there is nothing to be sorry for. I was totally amazed by you last night.

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You don't know how many women hide or control that side of them. History I am afraid has taught women the wrong things, telling them that if they enjoy sex they were whores or sluts, and that they would go to hell. True today's society looks differently at sex, it is more open more understanding, and women are now encouraged to enjoy sex.

But a hundred years of conditioning cannot be thrown out in a few years. But you kitten, you are all natural, your know what you want and you totally enjoy it, you get carried away by it, and any man would love that no matter how many scratches and bites he had to endure." As he spoke he pulled my shirt over my head, I sat there on daddy's lap totally naked.

"Look at yourself kitten." Daddy ordered. I looked at the little figure on daddy's lap. She was small, a bit pale; her hair was down and floated around her slender shoulders. Her green eyes still sparkled impishly. Her breasts where firm and stood up proudly. Daddy was right I maybe small but my breasts where rather large.

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Daddy cupped my breasts. "See they are perfect, they fit in my hands nicely." Daddy tweaked my nipples. "See how fast your nipples harden." He pulled and pinched, and rubbed my breasts; with each touch I felt a fire flow through me, like liquid lava.

Soon I felt my juices dripping from my pussy. Daddy felt the puddle I was making on his lap. Daddy took my legs and place one on each arm of the chair, looking in the mirror I was spread across daddy's lap. My pussy was shining, and dripping. "You baby girl were made for a man's cock. Look how wet, and hot you get." Too prove his point he rubbed his hand softly up and down my wet pussy. "Mmm oh daddy." I leaned back against him, pushing firmly into his hand. With a chuckle daddy slide a finger deep inside of me.

Slowly he fucked his finger in and out of my pussy, the sounds and smell of my sex filled the air around us. I closed my eyes. "No keep looking in the mirror." Daddy said his voice getting husky with his own need. I opened my eyes and looked at the creature before me. Daddy pushed another finger inside of me. "Do you like that?" daddy moving his hand in short fast strokes. "Oh yes daddy, but. but please daddy go deeper." I tried to move into his strokes but daddy held me still.

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"Not yet. I want you to see what I see. What captivated me last night?" Again he being to move his fingers in and out going deeper with each stroke.

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The juices flowed from me. Soon daddy's whole hand was covered in them. "Oh yes daddy that's it. Oh fuck that feels so good." I needed to cum, I was so hot. And watching daddy finger fuck me was making me even hotter. The longer I watched the more I loved what I saw. What I saw was a very hot girl, totally in need of cumming; her pussy was wide open, and the fingers moving in and out of her where wet and slippery.

Her clit stood out like a little cock, hard and wet; and in need of sucking. Deeper and deeper daddy pushed into me. Soon I could not sit still. "Oh god daddy faster.

I need to cum daddy please make me cum!" daddy pulled his fingers out of me. "Make yourself cum baby, please yourself for me." He whispered in my ear. Daddy moved his hand up in front of my nose. "Smell how hot and sweet you smell, your scent drive me crazy baby girl, so warm, so womanly. And your taste!" he sucked my juices off his fingers. That was all I could take. I quickly shoved two finger deep inside of myself.

"That's it baby." My other hand rubbed my clit hard. "Oh fuck daddy!" soon I was an animal humping into my hands, grinding my clit. Body started to shake; I felt my pussy close tightly around my fingers.

"Cum for daddy baby." Daddy said playing with my nipples. "OH!

FUCK! Daddy!" moans of lust slipped from my lips. I couldn't take my eyes of the girl in the mirror, her face took on a glow, her breasts bounced, her hips pounded forward. She was wild, untamed, an animal made for fucking, and beautiful… In that second my body let go. My cum shot out of me like a train, it gushed so hard and fast it splattered the mirror.

Daddy's lap became so wet he had to hold me so I didn't slip off. My body shook so hard, daddy wrapped his arms around me, as shock after shock ran through me. My body seemed be floating, I could not feel daddy's lap under me. I don't know how long I sat there, waiting for my heart to slow down, and the world to come back into focus.

Daddy was whispering softly in my ear. "Breath kitten, breath." Daddy chuckled.