Blonde Babe Shows Her Pussy

Blonde Babe Shows Her Pussy
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IF YOU READ PARTS 1&2 FIRST YOU WILL UNDERSTAND THIS SECTION BETTER COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS ARE WELCOME! ************** It's dark in the room when I awake. I sit up, realizing that my one wrist is still tied to the bed. "Can't this nightmare be over?" I say to myself. The sun is just coming through the windows, just enough to see outlines of things in my room. I stand and reach for the dresser, hoping that my intruder has left his phone there. No luck.

My cell phone is in my backpack, down stairs. "Damn." I whisper. I can hear the TV on down stairs blaring some cop show or action movie. Hoping my intruder is sleeping I begin to work on the knot around my wrist.

After several minutes of struggling I manage to loosen it enough to slip out of. Throwing on my jeans and a t-shirt, I carefully head down the stairs.

The stairs creak a bit under my weight but I don't hear anyone moving so I keep going. At the bottom of the stairs I stoop to try and find my phone in my bag. No luck. As I try to silently unlock the front door a hand appears next to my head, holding it shut. "Oh, Kylie. Where do you think you're going?" he asks.


I'm shaking so badly I can hardly move. Then his hand is around my throat as he forcefully turns me to face him. "You were warned. Now I have to punish you." Dragging me by my hair, and me kicking and begging him not to hurt me, he leads me into the living room. Rips my t-shirt off of me and bends me over the coffee table.

Straddling my back he ties each one of my hands to a leg of the table. "You have forced me to do this. If you would have just stayed where I put you we could have had some more fun, but…" "Please, please don't hurt me." I beg. He reaches into his bag and pulls out a ball gag. He forces it into my mouth and straps it tightly around my head.

Then he reaches under me, undoes my jeans and easily pulls them off my legs.

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Then he ties my legs to the table. Suddenly his hand comes down onto my ass, shooting red-hot pain though me. Again he hits me.

I yell into the gag. He is now spanking my ass in rapid succession, first one cheek, then the other. Over and over again he spanks me.

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Then I can hear the clicking of his camera phone. "Your ass looks so beautiful, all red-hot!" he says as he takes another picture. "Now, your punishment will begin." Again he is digging in the bag.


I'm afraid of what will come next. Slowly I can feel him spread my ass cheeks and begin to lick and probe me with his tongue. "No! Not there!

Please!" I try to say, but the gag just makes me sound like I'm moaning. Slowly he licks my asshole and my pussy, playing with my clit and putting his fingers into my cunt. I can feel myself getting wet despite the situation. Suddenly, his finger is probing my asshole. I tense up instinctively.

"If you fight, it will hurt even more Kylie." I don't want to listen, but he slowly starts pushing his finger into me. Up to the first knuckle, the second, the third. "Awww baby. Fuck, this little ass is going to be so good," he says as he slides his finger in and out of me.

"Let's loosen you up just a bit though." Again I can hear him digging through his bag. He pours cold liquid over my asshole and then rubs it in and around the tight ring. Holding it in front of my face he silently shows me the anal plug. It is thick and red, and it makes me shake with fear. I am shaking my head back and forth "no", but he pays me no attention.

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Slowly he starts to shove the plug into me. I scream in muffled pain as it stretches me and fills me in a way I didn't know was possible. When he's satisfied with it being all the way into me, he again takes pictures. He spanks my ass and I can feel the plug inside me move a bit. He starts to rub my clit and finger my pussy and too quickly I am dripping wet once more. Now that I'm wet, he starts to rapidly pump is fingers in and out of me as he slides the plug in and out of my ass.


The feeling is so intense that I know I will come soon. "You slut, you're going to come again aren't you?

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You like your tight ass played with," he says as I orgasm, pulling his fingers deep into me, my ass clamping down on the plug. I hear his pants hit the floor and tense myself for what is next. He removes the plug and replaces it with the head of his dick. I scream into the gag, but he grabs my hair and orders me to be quiet.

Slowly he works his cock deeper into me, further and further until his balls are resting against my pussy. Then, without warning he pulls back and slams into me as far as he can go hard.

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He does it again and again and I can feel my hole tearing and stretching to accommodate him. Eventually he cums, shooting his load deep into my ass. He unties me from the table, but leaves the ball gag in my mouth. Slowly I sink to the floor, crying in pain and embarrassment. He takes a few pictures of me curled up on the floor, then grabs my arm, forcing me to stand. We walk to the bathroom and he runs me a shower.

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"I want you to wash thoroughly, but don't touch that gag." I do as I am told and wash every inch of myself, trying to get the smell of blood and sex off of me. As I finish rinsing off, he joins me in the shower. "Now, wash me." Timidly, I soap him down with the washcloth and he rinses under the warm water, we are standing with my back to his front when he reaches around me and starts to knead my breasts.

Silently I stand there while his hands once more roam my body. After a few minutes he shuts off the water and we get out of the shower. I can see myself in the mirror, my hair a mess and the ball-gag still in my mouth.

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I towel dry and hold the towel around me, waiting for him to tell me what to do next. Once he has dried and redressed he leads me to the living room. "You took your punishment well, I'm impressed. And, unfortunately, my time with you is up. Sit down." I sit in the armchair he points me to.

He ties my hands to the arms. "You are so fuckin' hot, this video is going to make me a lot of money, you know?" Again I start to cry, thinking about strangers watching what this man has done to me over the last two days. "But don't worry baby… I'm sure you and I will meet again someday." And with that he finishes packing up his duffel bag and heads for the front door, leaving me to be found naked, bound, and gagged by my father when he returns from his trip.