Another one of us fucking with big cumshot

Another one of us fucking with big cumshot
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I started Dressing when I was around 8. Mom caught me so many times the she started to dress me when I was 12. I had a small build for my age, so when I was dressed and out with mom no one would think I was not a girl. Mom even put me in school as a girl when we move to a new city.

She would dress me in skirts, short tops, tights, make-up, and heels. I had my first gay when I was in college and loved it so much I know I was going to be a toy for any guy that wants me. So when I got out of college I moved in with a friend and was his fuck toy any time he wanted.

I was dressed all the time like he wanted. I would keep his house clean, cook, and do anything he liked. Well we got tired of paying high cable bills so we switched to satellite. The day came to have the satellite delivered and to set it up. We set the time to be 10:00 in the morning because we went out to a party the night before. My boyfriend left for work at 7:00 and I went back to sleep. Around 9:30 the doorbell rang and I know it was the satellite guy.

So I got up and slipped my silk rope on over my black thigh-hi, black lace thong and 38C black bra that I had on the night along with a short black dress. I answered the door to see the biggest and best looking black guy I have seen in a long time. I showed him which rooms we wanted the satellite set up in and told him I was going to get change and I would be out in a few minutes. The next thing I heard was him told me to take my time and I did not have to change that is when my hart started to race.

The man was 6'3" around 220 and full of muscles. I know a man that big would have another big thing that he could use. I went to the bathroom to redo my make-up and put on a nice short skirt, tight top and 4" heels. I walked out of the bed room and found Jim the satellite installer just finishing up the set up all the room but the bed room. So we walked to the room and showed him where the TV was. He started to tell me how everything worked but I asked if he could show me how things work.

We sat on the bed and he toke the remote to show me. I was not pay attention to what he was doing. I just wanted to know how big he was. I could see his cock was getting bigger when I looked down.

Do you like what you see? Ho yes I do. I placed my hand on his crotch and found out how big he was. He bent over to give me a long wet kiss and told how beautiful I was.

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So I had to thank him in the only way I know how. So I got off the bed and knelt down in front of him and started to unzip his pants to find an 11" black monster.

I reached in and pulled the monster out and it toke only a few seconds and I was licking it and sliding my lips over the head. I just moaned as Jim pushed my head down to make me deep throat him and make me gag. This went on for a few minutes till he let me breath.

He told me to take off his pants so I could get a better hand on the monster. I could not stop licking it and sucking it to make it harder. He told me to stop and to get on the bed. I know what was going to come next. I know it was going to hurt when he started to fuck me.

Don't get me wrong I had many big cocks fucking me in the past but this was going to be the biggest. He lifted my skirt up and pulled my thong to the side and I could feel his wet tongue slid up and down my ass pussy to make it nice and wet.

I gave him some KY and told him this will help because he was so big. I felt the cold KY fall on my pussy. Then he told me reach around and put some on his cock for him. So I did as he told me and I could feel him getting even harder.

I could feel his cocks head sliding up and down my hole to spread the KY. He then told me to breath in deep has he started to push his monster cock in to my pussy. I could feel his cock slowly slid past my pussy hole and then pulling out fast.

Slap smack his monster cock hitting me on the ass. "Do you like that bitch". OH yes, hurt me some more.

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Smack with his hand on my ass. I jumped with the sting of his hand slap. He then pushes me back down on the bed to start pushing his head back in my pussy slow. This time he keeps it in and slowly pulls back then back in deeper each time, pounding me harder and harder till he was slapping is ball against my ass. He had me pinned down, what felt like hours pounding me. He would ask me each time he trusted back in how do I like that bitch, or whore, or sissy fag, or cum slut.

I could not speak from the size of his cock pounding me deep and taking my breath away with each thrust. With each other thrust he would slap my ass hard. By the end of fucking my from behind my ass was so red and hurt, I was thinking I could not set for weeks from the pounding and the slaps.

He pulled out and told me to get on my back. "I want to see your face when I cum inside of you". I had to think, my god how much is he going to cum? In a few seconds I found my legs on top of his shoulders with his cock just inches from my pussy hole that he reamed out.

"Are you ready bitch whore for another pounding"? The only thing I could say was yes but before I could say yes he had all 11 inches inside of me with one hard thrust. OH MAY GOD was the only thing I could say when I got my breath back. As soon as he started to pull out and push back in the verbal abuse started all over.

Every few stroke he made he would call out "YOU BITCH or YOU SISSY YOU LIKE THIS DON'T YOU".

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"Oh yes I do, Fuck me". This lasted for about five minutes. Then he started to slow down. I could feel his cock getting bigger and knew what was going to happen next. With a few more thrust of Jim's even bigger cock now than when he start fucking, he had one last big thrust deep and hard in me as deep as he could. I could feel the hot warm cum exploding deep inside of me. It felt like he cumed a gallon inside. Jim jerked a few times as he cumed. Each jerk he it made him go deeper than the last time.

The last time he jerked to finish himself off he slumped down on top of me. "There you go you slut but I am not done with you yet" God what is going to be next, I was thinking.

My pussy is full of cum and now dripping out.

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"Now open those red painted lips bitch". "I am going to feed you what you want, my black seed" Jim slid off of me and moved to my head with a half hard cock.

As he put his cock next to my mouth I had to open it and let Jim slid that cock in. "Now suck it you whore like an old pro like I know you are".


Jim started to face fuck. I could feel him get harder and harder as the as he pumps his cock even deeper in my mouth. If I did not deep throat Jim I would gag by each thrust he made. "You like that cock in your mouth" I could not speak because when he finish talking he was in my throat.

Jim's breathing got faster and deeper. I know what was about to happen from hearing that many time before. He was about to cum in my mouth and I know I had to swallow, but how much? I could taste his sweet precum and I loved it. "Bitch you better swallow ever last drop of my sweet love juice" as he was pulling out. "Yes give it to me I want your cum, I want to swallow it all" with that being said his first shot of salty sweet cum felt like it shoot the back of my head off.

Then the next few cum shots fell on my waiting tongue. "Do not swallow any of my cum till I finish fill your month. I want to see you swallow all of it". I just laid there letting him fill my mouth witch felt like another gallon.

How can one person cum this much in one hour. When he finished I had cum dripping out of my pussy and now my mouth.

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I could not hold all of it. "Ok now whore now swallow all of it and the clean my cock". It toke me two tries to swallow all of his sweet and salty love juice. "Is that good, did you like feeling like a cum whore you Bitch"?


I could not say a thing and just laid there with my sore ass and cum covered face. Jim started to get his clothes back on and just looked back at me when he was done. Here is your info you need to use your satellite and your first bill. I started to get up and Jim just told me to stay in bed and he will show himself out. Jim went out the bed room and I could hear the door open and close.

The last thing I heard before I fell asleep was thank you for the great fuck whore and using the satellite service.