Im back at it again

Im back at it again
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(Hey Guys I hope you enjoy this and sorry it took so long to get part three out.) Part Three After a third time of love making he had left her, tossing his leather jacket onto the back of the couch he would sink into the depths of it and rub his face in exasperation. What the hell had he been thinking, oh he knew what he had been thinking.

He had been thinking about those tiny hips and pert breasts, who was he kidding he was still thinking about those aspects only in a different light. Memories of her riding him up and down only hours ago caused his loins to stir one more and he would let out a frustrated growl. "Way to go Leon.way to think with your dick." Standing up he moved to the small kitchen and removed a corona from the fridge, popping the top off he leaned against the fridge and drank half the bottle before stopping.

He had to get his head straight, she would be reporting back to her superiors soon, they would want a full report. Would she tell them she had been raped by him, although he doubt rape really constituted what he had done to her.

She had enjoyed it as much as he had so in truth if anything he had humiliated her and destroyed her pride. Draining the rest of the beverage he would open the fridge and remove another one and do the same as he kicked his boots off.

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Wherever she was she was probably pissed at him, as bad as he hated that he knew she had a reason to be. Winching in pain she would stand still as the burning water washed away his scent and dulled the ebbing pain between her thighs, how could she had let him do that.

Not just once but three times, he had filled her three times, scalding her womb. Her face burned in both embarrassment and shame as she set down in the walk in shower and pulled her knees up to her chest, what had she been thinking? She knew what they had done had been wrong on so many levels, he was a monster and she was a hunter, in truth she should have put a bullet between his eyes a long time ago instead she had whored herself to him after he raped her.

At one time she had cared deeply for Leon, maybe that was why she had been intrigued at the chance to make love to him. It was obvious he craved her too, that much was a fact. She could tell by the way he had moved within her body and by the sweet words he had whispered in her ears as they had moved against one another. The water was growing cold so she would stand up and shut it off, reaching for a towel and wrapping it around her body she would turn her head as she heard a knock on her door.

Grabbing the robe she covers herself and opens the door. It was Ethan her partner, "Hey you didn't report to General Hawes so he sent me down here." "Yeah sorry, it was a bust." she said moving aside and letting him. He walked past and crossed his arms. "Damn, yeah well you know him.

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He will expect a full report despite the lack of." As she moved she would winch a bit and he would notice, "Hey you okay?" he asked concerned. "Yeah, I slipped on the way back. Rain caused some black ice and you know me." his face relaxed as he nods, "Yeah you're a klutz but start being careful." "Got it." "Alright well I'll let Hawes know you're back but nothing happened." he walked to the door and opened it, "See ya later." once the door shut behind him she would sit drying her hair, she wasn't worried about Ethan suspecting her of sleeping with the enemy so she knew her secret was safe.

With a sigh she would toss the towel on the table and lie on the couch pulling the blanket down to her and soon slipping into sleep. The next day. It hadn't been that hard to track him down, she knew his habits as well as his likes and dislikes, hell his choice in fake alias was even obvious, "Leone Wolfe." rolling her eyes she knocked on the door.

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"Just a minute." a sleepy voice said from behind the doorway and it would soon open to a shirtless Leon who looked stunned to see her.

"What the." she would move past him into the crowded apartment and say, "Could have came up with a better name mister Wolfe." he reached for a black muscle shirt and slipped it over his perfectly toned and chiseled abs. "Yeah well I'm not one to entertain darling." "Don't call me that." he would smirk and cross his arms, "Alright well what brings you here Sage, was yesterday not enough fun?" her ears burned again and she would have to steady her breathing as she said, "That is what I'm here about." "Oh hey if you are offering I'm willing to oblige honey." he said with obvious enthusiasm on his face.

"That's the thing.I am." What did she say, he could feel his jaw about hit the floor. Had he heard her right, "Excuse me?" she sighed and replied with, "I am.look I know I shouldn't be here. You are a vampire, I'm a hunter.yet." she would begin to pace nervously, "Yet I want you like I did all that time ago." turning to face him she would say, "Can you at least answer me without that shell shocked look on your face?" He had to be dreaming, there was no way in hell that she was standing here in his apartment asking him to fuck her again or well at least offer herself to him.

"Uh.what do you expect me to say Sage?" he would scoff, "I mean you just walk in here without so much as a hi or nice place and expect that I want you." "Don't you though?" she asked. Fuck yeah he wanted her, he had been thinking about her since late last night. "What do you think.and what the hell brought this on?" she would sigh and set down on the couch, "I don't know." she shrugged and it would appear she was indeed conflicted by her own declaration of wanting him as well.


He couldn't lie to himself, the prospect of her underneath him as he pumped inside her and forced her call out his name again caused his dick to harden behind the sweatpants. "So what now?" What did happen now, she would stand up and move towards him, "Now.I want you to undress me and make love to me." she placed her hands in a tentative way on his chest and he would suck in his air. "Make love to you, now?" he asked as his breathing increased and his hands moved to her hips grasping them.

Giving him a nod she stood on her tiptoes and kissed his lips, that was all it took for him to crush her tiny frame against his harder one. She felt the air leave her lungs as she too deepened her kiss and moaned into his mouth.

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What the hell was wrong with her, did she even care? Right now all she cared about was his hands all over her body moving in a tantalizing way as they found her breasts and brought the tips to a painful peak against the thin fabric of her shirt.

Oh god this was heaven and hell all in one, she had come to this conclusion this morning as she awoke with memories of his lovemaking on her mind. She wanted him and she knew he wanted her why deny that? Okay so she shouldn't be here, she shouldn't be moving against him grinding her hips against his middle and screaming for him to fill her again. Yet here she was. Her kiss not only caught him guard in fact it rocked him to his very core and sent his nerve endings popping like live wires.

She was so accepting and pliant beneath his hands as his reshaped her breasts. He had to see her naked, had to feel her skin against his own, pulling the fabric over her head he was happy to see she was braless under the lavender shirt she had worn.

God he loved that about her, she was so damn gorgeous. Picking her up bridal style he placed her on his bed and broke away long enough to rid himself of his shirt and sweatpants however before he could lie down she was on her knees in front of him, "Sage?" he asked as his breathing increased watching her from below as she took his length in her hands and swallowed hard.

What was she, "Oh fuck." he hissed as her tongue grazed the tip of his manhood and his knees almost buckled. He fought to keep his balance as she took him deep into her throat and sucked hard, he had not expected this. Moving him around by placing her hands at his hips she would make him sit on the edge of the bed as she once again took him deep into her warm mouth.

If this continued he would spill his seed into her mouth, he didn't want that but dear god he didn't want her to stop her.

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Her tongue would wrap around the head of penis as she came to the top and as she took him into her mouth again she would suck and repeat the motion swirling her tongue around the head of his dick. How had she learned this, he didn't care to ask, using his elbows to prop his upper half up he would groan and his right hand would fist in her hair and make her move up and down faster.

She obliged and would increase her pressure around his shaft and speed up the tempo. "Sage, if you don't stop.I'll cum." hearing that only seemed to force her to harder and he could feel his dick twitching inside her mouth as he drew closer to his orgasm, she could tell and she would grab his balls in her free hand and rub.

He would let out a deep groan and spurt inside her mouth sending two giant streams of his semen deep in her throat where she took it all. He would fall back on the bed breathing hard and say, "Fuck." He wasn't done, in fact her skills had enticed him even more so and he would lean up and pull her beneath him, "Hold on baby this is going to be rough." he lined the head of his dick at her slicked folds and drove to the hilt as her nails dug deeply into his back and drew angry lines down his backside.

He hissed in pain and pleasure as he drew out and plunged deeply, she fit against him perfectly. She would cry out as he pulled her legs over his shoulders and reached for her breasts, tweaking the peak he would watch as her eyes glazed over in lust and she said his name in ecstasy.

She was driving him crazy, he was lost in her warmth and in those deep grey eyes as he thrust deeper into her womb. Her moans made him want to thrust faster into her, god she made him insane with want and need. She had come to him willingly and it was what he wanted however how long would this last, would she come to her senses and leave him once he was used up?

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He didn't want to think like that but he was unsure of all this. She was so tight around and accommodating around his shaft that the thought was erased from his head. "Leon you dumb asshole.what are you doing?" She wanted more, she wanted him deeper, closer. She felt like she could die of pleasure, what a way to go she thought.

His thrusts were deep and hitting her womb with each expert thrust and almost sending her over the edge each time. It was a mix of pain and pleasure, a mix she never wanted to stop. "More." she called out her eyes meeting his and for a moment she would feel a bit of fear at seeing the emotions in his eyes.

He would pull out and flip her over, pulling her hips up he lined himself up again and thrust in making her face hit the pillows. This positon was so deep, she loved it, she wanted more. How could she want more though, if he gave anymore he would surely destroy her. His fingers dug painfully into her hips as he held her still to meet each demanding thrust of his hips as his cock buried it's self deeper and deeper still.

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There it was, oh god, there it was.that deep intense pulling motion inside her womb. A burning increasing ten fold as she drew closer and closer, like a bomb ready to go off. She would moan loudly and more often as she dug her fingers into the blankets thinking only of that end.

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She was squeezing him so tightly, fuck she was tight it almost hurt as she gripped him in her vice embrace. Sweat poured from his face as he concentrated on making her his, she was that, his. He could feel the pressure increasing as his cock throbbed painfully and his balls strained against the building pleasure.

Suddenly her inner walls would convulse around his shaft in tiny waves and than finally multiply as she came around him. He would squeeze his eyes closed as he felt the pressure explode as he came and filled her deeply. He would thrust deep and hold before offering a few more deep thrusts as he felt himself empty inside her and his own orgasm cause him to see a white light.


Dear god the things she made him want to do, he would slump over her back breathing hard and attempting to come back to reality. Finally he would pull from her and fall to the bed pulling her next to him. Neither had said a word but each knew what the other was thinking.