Anna box got so wet

Anna box got so wet
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Kristy was just your normal thirteen year old, she loved shopping, Twilight and Justin Bieber.

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Average height, average weight, average looks, perfectly plain in everyway. With one exception, two gloriously large 32D breasts sat on her otherwise completely average form.

Developing early is what the doctor that Kristy's parents had taken her to had said. " Perfectly normal, nothing to worry about," He had assured them, and aside from the occassional back pain he had been absolutely right.

In truth Kristy loved her large breasts, they set her apart from every other girl in her middle school and earned her a lot of attention from the boys in her class, something that her looks alone would never have earned her. She lived with her mom and dad in a large house set in a small valley between two mountains in East Tennessee. To call their home secluded would be an understatement, the nearest town was a solid forty-five minutes away.

Kristy's father was an investment banker with offices in Knoxville and Asheville and was frequently away on business, he loved their little house in the hills because it allowed him to get away from his usual frantic pace. Her mother was a nurse at a local Knoxville hospital and was always on call, not that she needed to be home as they had shipped Kristy off to a boarding school in Chattanooga when she was 8.

Kristy waited for her mother at the baggage claim at the Knoxville airport.


Her parents couldn't be bothered to drive to get her, even though Chattanooga was a less than two hours away. Her cute little pink bag finally circled it's way around, she grabbed it up, extended the handle and headed for the doors to the passenger pick up area. She was greeted with a cold mountain wind as she took her first steps outside, the pilot had said bad weather was moving in behind them, she had hoped she might have at least a day before it set in.

She pulled her coat tight around her trying to stay warm, the wind cutting straight through the skinny jeans and boots she had on. She waited for what seemed like forever until she finally saw her mothers blue BMW pull up into the line. She threw her bag in the trunk and hurriedly climbed into the passenger seat, quickly buckling her seatbelt and then warming her hands on the air vent.

"How was your flight dear?" Her mother asked her after pulling out into traffic. Not so much as a hug, Kristy thought to herself before answering. "It was fine mom, very short. It got a little bumpy as we were coming in to land. I guess because of this bad weather." "Yea, weather man says we have a big snow storm coming in, guess you got here just in time." Her mother favored her with a weak smile and pressed the accelerator.

They made small talk about Kristy's experiences at school, her grades, friends etc. until her mom pulled into the parking lot of the local grocery store in the town closest to their home. "Just need to stop in and grab some essentials in case we get snowed in honey, you want anything?" Kristy did indeed want a few things, but rather than trust her mother with it she got out of the car and followed her in.

She wandered up and down the aisles of the little mom and pop shop until she found what she was looking for, then made her way to the check out counter to await her mother. Two men were standing at the counter holding a conversation.

Kristy stood behind them, still waiting on her mother and couldn't help but overhear what they were talking about.

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It seemed that a local mining company was causing all kinds of disturbance on Henry Mountain. That just happened to be one of the two mountains their quaint little house set between. She set this information away for later and reminded herself to ask her father what was going on. Her mother finally walked up to the counter, they paid for their purchases and made the final uneventful leg of their journey.

Kristy grabbed her bag out of the trunk and one of the bags from the grocery store and ran into the house. Seeing her father was the first thing she had genuinely been excited about all day. "Daddy! Daddy I'm home!" Kristy yelled as she kicked the first traces of snow off of her boots.

"Daddy!?" "Didn't he send you a text sweetie? Dad got called out of town last minute, he'll be in Charlotte until the weekend." Kristy felt her heart sink a little, stuck in this house, in the middle of a snow storm with her mother for the better part of a week, how was she going to survive this?

She set the grocery bag down in the kitchen and headed upstairs to her room, she decided that surely everything would feel better after a nice hot shower. The hot water and steam felt amazing on Kristy's tired and cramped muscles, she stayed in well over an hour enjoying the peace and quiet, all the while quietly dreading having to go back downstairs and spend time with her mother.

Eventually her shower came to an end, she shut off the water, wrapped her body and hair in a towel and set about her post shower routine. After toweling herself off and blow drying her hair she slid into a fresh pair of pink boy shorts, hooked the back of her matching bra, then tugged on some black yoga pants and a white cami. She stomped downstairs and headed to the kitchen, determined to find something to eat, fully expecting to see her mother at their large oak dinner table with some annoying board game or something for the two of them to bond over.

Strangely her mother was no where to be found, Kristy looked all over, even going so far as to run back upstairs and check her mother and father's room, but nothing. She walked back down into the living room and a piece of paper by the living room phone caught her eye, she picked it up and read the short message written on it.

"Honey, got called into work at the last minute, dinner in the oven, will be home tonight." Kristy's spirits lifted, at least for this one night she would be spared the agony of bonding with her mother. Kristy ate the roast and potatoes her mother had left in the oven for her, then sat down on the big couch in the living room and turned on the television.

The wind had really picked up since she had gotten home, it beat against the side of the house and sounded like it was ready to rip siding off. She peered out the window and saw nothing but a blanket of white, it was really coming down out there. Two glowing orbs started to grow in the middle of the white out, slowing forming into headlights on a red truck. A man in a large red coat exited the vehicle and approached the door.

Kristy opened the door just before the man had a chance to knock, which clearly surprised him. "Why hello little girl, are you mom or dad home?" He asked. "No I'm afraid not, they won't be home till later. What can I do for you?" Kristy replied.

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"Well I'm from the Henry Mountain Mining Company and we were just trying to get around to all the houses in the area and were asking if anyone had seen or heard of any strange activity in the area, specifically with the wildlife?" "Honestly sir I wouldn't know, I just got home from school today so I haven't been here to notice anything." Kristy said.

"Oh ok well, here is our card.

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If you would please pass it along to your mother or father and ask them to pass along any information they may have." With that said the man turned around, climbed back into his truck and his tail lights disappeared into the storm. That was strange. Kristy thought to herself as she locked the door behind her. The storm raged on around the little house as dusk gave way to night, though you would never tell by looking outside. Kristy watched one of the Twilight movies, followed by a sappy romance and before she knew it it was one in the morning.

She stood up and stretched long and hard, then reached down and turned th TV off, then headed to the kitchen to put her glass and dish in the sink. She heard a loud crash as she passed the basement door, it sounded as though the floor had caved in, but as she looked around terrified she could clearly see the floor was still intact.

She quickly set her dishes down on the counter and ran to the basement door. She slowly opened it and listened, peering down into the darkness. She could hear or see nothing, she reached out with a shaky hand and flipped the light switch, but nothing came on.

"Oh great!" She thought, "Whatever happened down there killed the power." She ran to the utility room and grabbed a flashlight then returned to the top of the stairs. She clicked the light on and peered down into the basement, still nothing. "Quit being a baby and get down there and see what happened!" She said to herself before taking her first step onto the creeky stairs.

A few painfully awkward moments later and she was finally down into the basement. She swept the light back and forth looking for the source of the earlier noise. On the third pass she saw it, a giant gaping hole in the cinder block wall at the far end of room. "What the hell could have moved the foundation?" She thought to herself as her curiosity drew her closer. She heard a loud clicking noise followed by what sounded like nails dragging on the concrete and she froze, the beam of light pointed straight ahead.

A shadow in front of her moved, then another and another, the light glinted off of six giant orbs which Kristy slowly realized were not orbs at all, but giant eyes. She screamed at the top of her lungs and turned to run back up the stairs only to find her path blocked by a fourth creature, its two giant black eyes peering up at her unblinkingly.

Two wicked looking three foot long pincers opened and closed just underneath them as a long snake like tongue darted in and out of its mouth testing the air. Kristy froze in place, this time unable to scream. The flashlight fell from her hand and rolled across the floor revealing a six foot long ant-like creature, with six legs and a slimy black carapace.

It took a step closer, it's tongue darting out of its mouth tasting the air around her. Slowly, tentatively it's tongue carassed the skin of Kristy's neck, leaving a sticky trail is it darted back.

She could hear the other three approaching from behind her, a second tongue probed the fabric of the left leg of her yoga pants, while a third gingerly touched the small cheeks of her ass. Kristy's mind raced, unable to scream, afraid to fight back, all she could do was stand there and pray that whatever these things were, they inspected her and moved on.

The tongue of the fourth creature wrapped itself around her right arm, slowly snaking its way up to her shoulder. The second one slid it's tongue into the back of her pants, leaving a slime trail along her previously untouch ass cheeks. At first it seemed to be moving around lazily, then without warning it darted between her legs and started rubbing against the fabric that covered her mound. Her legs almost buckled at the sensation, but she managed to stay upright.

The bugs pincers clicked excitedly, then the others did the same, all of their tongues snaking their way into her yoga pants, drinking in the pheremones from her virgin vagina. In unison and without warning the four bugs pincers latched on to Kristy's pants and began ripping and tearing away at them until nothing remained but her tattered waistband and little pink boy shorts.

The bugs began chittering even more excitedly as their tongues snaked their way under her panties, spreading the lips of her pussy wide and lapped at the inside of her pussy. Kristy couldn't help but moan, it was the first time anyone, or thing in this case, had ever touched her there and her body was betraying her.

One of the bugs stood up on it's hind legs behind her and pushed her to all fours and the realization of what was about to happen sank in to her young mind. "Oh please, please, please don't!" She began to sob, beg, plead, anything to talk these giant bugs out of raping her.

But sadly they werent interested in listening. Her panties gave way with the slightest of tugs and all four of the bugs tongues caressed her lower body. She heard a wet, almost cracking sound and turned to see a vile black penis extending its way from the carapace of the closest bug. She screamed and tried to run, but was held in place as the bug moved around behind her and began to position itself, it's grotesque member still growing. It's back legs held her legs firmly in place while it's middle two legs grasped her hips, finally its front legs held her arms, she was completely immobile as she felt it's phallis begin to probe her bald mound.

All she could do was cry, loud sobs of fear and helplessness as she felt it spray something warm on her hind quarters, completely covering her vagina. Without warning the bug pressed its giant erection into her tight, virgin hole. She couldn't even scream this time, her mouth opened but nothing came out as her vagina was stretched impossibly wide.

The creature forced more and more of itself inside of her with each thrust, then fell into a medium pace when it felt it had enough or it's slime covered erection buried into the small human girl.


Kristy's body began to rock with the thrusts, loud squishing noises came from between her legs as the vile insect worked his massive cock in and out of her ever relaxing pussy. Her heavy breasts began to sway with the motion of the bug, slowly at first but ever faster with each thrust and it wasn't long before the other insects, who had never seen breasts before came to investigate.

Kristy was moaning audibly, despite the tears streaming down her face, her body betraying her as the giant bug mounted her pussy from behind.

Rocking her body with each thrust, causing little explosions of joy to shoot up her spine. So it came as no surprise that she hadn't noticed the other two bugs until the had ripped the shirt from her back and were tugging at the much tougher fabric of her bra. Her breast bounced and jiggled violenty from their effort until finally they were rewarded and her heavy 32D breasts swung free and low underneath her. This seemd to spur the big one inside her on, it's thrusts became more frequent and frim as her tiny body was rocked by it's bulk.

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Two tongues wrapped around her exposed breasts, squeezing and tasting the soft flesh, sliming her nipples and pulling each one towards their mouths until each breast was firmly being sucked upon by a different bug. This sent a final wave of joy through her body, her pussy clamped down on the bugs giant cock, he back arched and she shook violenty as her juices sprayed out from around the erection plugging her hole.

The feel of her young body cumming only drove the bug crazy. It began to flail wildly as it drove it's cock deeper and deeper into her body.

The two on either side of her were squeezing her breasts with such force that they were beginning to turn blue. Both of their cocks were impossibly erect, a strange yellowish liquid seeping from their tips. Before she had a chance to realize what it was, the liquid sprayed from their cocks, covering her sides and back. The final bug moved to the front of her, positioning itself and holding her head steady as it forced it's thick, slimy cock into her mouth.

She tried not to struggle, know that struggling would only make it worse, as the nasty cock slide down into her throat, it began to fuck her face with even more vigor than the one currently working on her vagina. Tears streamed down her face, her clothes tattered and hanging from her cum soaked body, as she was rocked from both ends by two giant creatures that by all rights shouldn't exist. her mind couldn't fully comprehend what was happening.

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She began to moan loudly, finally giving in to the experience, the muffled groans barely escaping from the cock rammed down her throat. She could feel her pussy begin to tighten a second time as the giant black cock slammed in and out of her, the wet, squishing noise so loud you could hear it over the wind whipping outside. Without warning both creatures seized up, cum spraying from both of their cocks, filling her womb and stomach as her body was wracked by one finaly orgasm.

Jet after jet of their hot sticky ejaculate filled her inside until she thought she would burst. Finally mercifully they stopped. There was an awkward stillness, everything quiet, nothing moving. A chittering could be heard down the hole they had entered the house from and with as little warning as they had entered her with, they withdrew, their cum pouring from both ends as their erections left her body.


She collapsed in a pool of thick yellow cum, barely able to roll over on her back, she watched the creatures retreat into the hole from whence they came. The wind picked up outside, whippiing at the siding, one of the shutters had broken loose.she thought as she drifted into a sweet, exhausted sleep.