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This story takes place in the short future, after the third world war. All former governments are for the most part nonexistent since the war took a turn for the worse and turned into an every man for himself war.

Our story is told through the eyes of a 18 year old boy named Jordan living in a battle ravaged military town in Texas. Trying to stay alive and protect the girl he loves.

I paused to let my back quit spasuming as I walked the last quarter mile back to the school. To help end the spasuming I dropped the deer legs off my shoulders and my satchel containing the deer's innards. I had been dealing with back problems even before the war, and having to hunt twice a week and do another strenuous work only made the problem worse.

Finally it ceased, I bent over and picked up the satchel and legs again before I continued I took a drink from my water bottle. I started humming as I continued my walk; it only took another 20 minutes before I could see the remnants of my old high school. The now battle scared school was only a shadow of what it used to be. Towards the end of the war it served as military outreach post for civilians.

This had adverse affects when the invading countries found out what it was and mortared the whole area for a day straight. Now all that remained of the school was the tower connected to the theater, one of the gyms, and the top and bottom stories of half a hallway. It now served as a home for about seven families trying to survive as a community.

Only three of the families were actual family the other four were close friends who found each once the dust had settled. Nearly all of us weren't older than 25, except for an old couple, how they managed to survive the bombings is a mystery as it was with most of us. Together we made a little community whose only goal was to survive what was left of the world.

I could feel my legs starting shake; I had never taken down such a big buck, and it was really starting wear on me. I was now close enough to see the farmers finishing up in the fields we made behind the school. Thank god only about another 4 minutes and could sit down, and enjoy the praise for bringing dinner.

I had made it to the parking lot when I was able to see her, Jackie. She and her two younger brothers made up my new family. We had been friends for two years before the war; I always wished we were more than that since she was so beautiful. She was about 5' 6" with long flowing chestnut hair, brown eyes, and a slim figure with high c or low d tits. When the town was getting bombed I tried to make a run for it in my SUV, but when I made it to the overpass I found it was blocked and therefore no way out of the town.

I was sitting in the car trying to figure out what to do next, that's when I saw her and her brothers running from the main blast zone. I of course came to their aid; I decided our best bet for safety was to head to the creek about 15 minutes away.

It served as our home the next week until the bombings stopped and we made our way to the school, and 2 years later here we are. She saw me and gave me a wave I heard her tell her youngest brother to help me with the buck, his name was Michael and was seven years old."Is that just for us" he asked as he gawked at the size of the buck. I laughed and handed him the satchel, "no way man, this is for everyone we would never be able to finish it all" I joked.

"So what did you do today?" I asked, "Me and Gabby (the only kid his age) went with Nick (my best friend and gabby's older brother) to go fix the showers at the field house", "did you get them fixed because I reek?" This made him laugh but it was true two weeks without shower does that too you.

"Yeah we finally got them working but it took all day," "Well at least they got fixed" I said as we made it inside the school. I took the satchel back from him and made my way to find Gram (what we call the old lady) so she could add some of the buck to tonight's stew.

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I found her in the courtyard since that was where we made the make shift kitchen. I handed her the legs and the satchel, "where's the rest of the deer?" she asked with a hint of venom in it "that's all I could carry gram that son of a bitch was huge." She took she had and hit me with it, "quit being wasteful" she said "Gram are you ever happy" I said jokingly "get me a stove and we'll see" she replied "it's at the top of my list gram, but in the meanwhile when will dinner be ready?" "When I serve it" she said as she started making the stew.

I laughed and made my way towards my section of paradise. Jackie and I had set up our sleeping area on the stage, because when I wasn't hunting I was usually on look out. I slowly drifted down towards the old theater, once I made it to the theater I saw Jackie on the stage putting up laundry and re-doing the bedding.

I walked down the isles in-between the seats, she saw me and smiled. "Michael told me you got a big buck," she said "yeah, I've never seen one that big that close to the school." "What did you do today?" I asked "Me and Ivana did laundry and went with Robert to the old supply camp to see if we could find something we could use." "Sounds like fun, did Michael tell you that the showers are back on," "yeah I was actually about to go up there." "Well if you don't mind the company i'll come with you," "that's fine," she said.

We had made it to the field house and were in stalls next to each other. I was fighting the urge to peak over the divider since I was 6' 2" it would be easy. Finally I decided I would take a quick peek.

I looked down at her from my stall; she was looking down while she washed her hair. Her hair was long enough to cover up her tits, but her nipples were hard and parted the hair just enough to see them. My eyes then wandered to her beautiful pussy surprisingly still shaved it was just barely visible but it was enough to make me hard. I quickly turned back around to try and get rid of my stiff. I had gotten it to go away by the time she got out of the shower and changed.

I wrapped my towel around me and walked out to get my clothes, she turned the other way so I could change while she was drying her hair. Once I finished she turned around and the shirt she was wearing was thin enough to see her hard nipples, I went past her with a smug grin on my face and opened the door for her, we chatted while we walked to the school.

Dinner was the same as usual everyone talking about what they did that day and someone making a joke that made everyone laugh. But unlike most dinners afterwards I the two Nicks, and Christian went onto the roof of the tower to have some fun.

Before the war I was a drug trafficker and grew my own weed, and luckily I was able to save two plants. We were up on the roof drinking and smoking, and probably having the most fun we've had since the war.

We we're playing poker, smoking weed, and drinking while reminiscing about old times. "Alright I got one guys, which chick did you have sex with the most." I asked as we all burst out laughing.

"Before or after the war?" asked Nick "For you after the war, because we all know before the war the only sex you were getting wad your hand." Said Nick (since there were two Nicks I'll refer to this Nick as the fat man.) Everyone burst out laughing, "Fine Casey" replied Nick.

"Yeah we all know that you two are too fucking loud" I said laughing. "What about you Fat Man?" I asked "I still haven't found the one," "if you spent a little more time looking for a girl instead of your toes then maybe you'd find one." Replied nick this made everyone laugh and made Christian fall out of his chair.

"And what about you Christian?" Asked Nick "Like you even have to ask, this mother fucker beats his meat like every fucking day." I answered for him, everyone laughed except Chris. "Well what about you faggot?" Chris asked me, "Her name was Jenifer she was a crazy fucking bitch, but gave the best head." "Really by now I would have thought it'd be Jackie," asked Fat Man.

"I'm respecting her space" I said laughing "Bull shit she won't give you any!" Yelled Chris, we started laughing again. That continued until about 1 in the morning then everyone went to their room or sleeping spot.

Lucky for me mine was at the bottom of the tower stairs, because I didn't know how much longer I could walk. Before I lay down I looked over at Jackie, she was already asleep with her two brothers lying next to her.

She looked so beautiful with the light from coming from the lamp on the ground, just barely lighting up her face. I lay down and pulled my blankets around me. I had only closed my eyes for about 5 minutes when I felt my blankets lifted off me, and someone laying down with me.

I opened my eyes to see who the fuck was messing with me. Instead I saw Jackie snuggling up with me and taking my arm and wrapping it around her.

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I decided to let her think that I was still asleep, but I was now far from it there were a million thoughts running through my head. But she finally relaxed and it just felt so right, after maybe a minute I passed out. When I woke up in the morning Jackie was already up and gone.

I slowly got up feeling the ache in my legs from yesterday, I walked to the courtyard looking for breakfast. When I got in there I saw Jackie sitting at the table, she saw me and smiled.

I sat down uneasily next to her, what happened the night before was still fresh in mind. "Hey are you doing anything important today?" She asked, "I'm just going to do lookout and maybe recon a few more houses in the development." "Well would you mind blowing that off and taking me to see the militia?" "Why do you need to go see the militia?" I asked, "We just need a few of the basics and since we found some jewelry I figured we should restock." "Yeah I'll take you," "thanks I'll come and get you when I'm ready." She stood up and traced her fingers across my shoulders as she went back to the theater.

From everything that had happened in the last 12 hours was starting to make my head hurt. I decided to just grab an apple I got up and went to get a m14, since guns were one the one thing that weren't a scarcity. The militia is a group of soldiers who during the bombings were abandoned by their respective branches of the military. Using their skills they quickly took over the some abandoned bomb shelters and became a controlling power, by becoming an apocalyptic version of Wal-Mart.

They sell everything from shampoo to sex slaves. It was about an hour and a half walk their and up until recently it was a harmless walk. But now bandits traveled the major trade road and so did slavers. Jackie and I had made it to the entrance of the bunker. Before you go in they strip you of your weapons except for small stuff like knifes, but they later return them.

We made it inside finally and as always I was amazed at mans ability to rebuild even after the worst of times. The place was filled with hundreds of venders, and every so many feet armed guards. We slowly walked through the mass of people heading towards our normal vendor.

As we were walking we saw a group of slavers of trudging along until they saw Jackie, I saw all of their eyes undressing her and calculating how much she was worth.

Evidently I wasn't the only one who noticed because Jackie suddenly got a lot closer and hooked her arm with mine.

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They slowly made their way over to us as I was trying to work my way through the masses of people to try and put more distance between us and them, but to no avail. "Hey friend how much do you want for that precious little thing?" the leader asked, it actually surprised me at how bold the slavers had grown since the last time we had been there.

"Dude fuck off before I make you fuck off." I replied placing myself between the slavers and Jackie, the slavers started to eye me as they circled us. "Who the fuck do you think you are, you trashed out bitch," he yelled. "I think I'm the guy who's going to pull your nut sack out through your mouth if you don't fuck off right now!" I yelled as I pushed him back, this was followed by me getting punched in the face they then moved in on us trying to separate me and Jackie.

I was starting to punch them back but was met with the same retaliation from the slavers, and I could feel Jackie's hand slipping from mine. Suddenly I heard a shot ring out and reverberate across the hallway, everyone stopped moving and I felt the hands on me let go and Jackie's hand found mine again with new found strength. I slowly looked around to see where the shot had come from it didn't take long to see 5 members of the militia running towards us with guns aimed at us.

They grabbed us and pulled us apart while keeping their guns against our heads. "What the fuck do you guys think you're doing, knock this shit off now or we'll put a bullet in all of your heads!" a militia member yelled. They released us and I once again wrapped my arm around Jackie, I stood there glaring at the slavers glared at me.

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"You better hope we don't see you out in the wasteland!" the slaver yelled at us as I lead Jackie away as fast as I could. I had just realized how tight Jackie was holding onto my arm I looked down at her and saw tears running down her face.

I stopped and wiped the tears of her face with the base of my hand, as she left out a little sniffle. "Are you okay" I asked while staring down into her eyes "Yeah I guess I was just so scared that they we're going to take me." "Don't worry I won't them take you no matter what." I slowly hugged her and then released her and we continued our walk to our vendor. We made it to the vendor and Jackie started the process of bartering for the goods that we needed.

As I stood there waiting for the process to end, I started looking around the huge football field sized room. In the center of the room there was multi-layered stage that displayed sex slaves and hookers.

I couldn't help but let my gaze linger on the woman shaking their asses and letting their tops fly free. There was something that made me pay special attention to the dancer on the second lowest stage.

There wasn't anything exceptional about her she was hot but not even close to the level that Jackie was. She slowly turned letting the audience get a good look at the full package, that's when I noticed it a small scar on her shoulder.

It was then that I realized the reason why I was so entranced with this woman, I knew her. It was Jenifer the girl, who I went out with for freshman and sophomore year, I couldn't believe it was her and that she had survived the bombings and the after math.

I started walking over to the stage ignoring Jackie frantically asking where I was going. I completely ignored her as if I was in a sort of trance as I continued my walk towards the girl I had once loved. Jackie stepped in front of me and slapped me, which finally snapped me out of my trance I looked down at her to see her looking at me with a look of fear.

Then a huge explosion rocked the entire trade center and screams coming from the south entrance. "What the fuck!" I yelled but was soon given my answer as militia members gathered at the end of the hallway calling for reinforcements. From the other end of the hall came numerous men in black masks carrying anything from shoguns to grenade launchers.

People ran and screamed as they searched for a way out trampling each other in the process, I grabbed Jackie's arm and told her to run. We ran towards the way we came in while bullets whizzed past. I could see the door through the giant mob of people running from the now raging battle in the main square. We were only about 15 steps away from being outside; I could feel the cold air tearing at my coat and face. That's when I saw Jackie twist and fall forward, I immediately dropped down and grabbed her by her shoulders to twist her around and see what was wrong.

But when I grabbed her left shoulder she let out a scream of pure pain. That's when I noticed the blood slowly seeping out from the inside of her layers of clothing, I was positive she had been shot. "Jackie are you going to be able to walk?" She looked up at me with the biggest eyes I had ever seen tears pouring out of them and drenching her face, and slowly shook her head no. I slowly wrapped my arms around her with her right arm pressed up against my arm, and lifted her carefully into the air.

The whole time letting out little whimpers of pain, I once again began to run for the door just not anywhere as hard as before. We had finally made it outside, only to find mass confusion and building tensions as people searched for their confiscated weapons.

There were many brawls starting to ensue all around the opening to the militia's domain. I quickly made the decision to screw the weapons since I couldn't very well carry Jackie and fight. I started running down the hill towards the woods that I had occasionally hunted in when I couldn't find game anywhere else.

I ran for about another 15 minutes before I found a big cedar tree and decided it was time for a brake. I sat Jackie down on the ground; I had to do something about her bullet wound. I could already tell she had lost a lot of blood and she looked like she might pass out from the pain. "Jackie, I'm going to remove some of your clothes to see exactly where the bullet hit." "What are you going to actually do though?" she asked through gritted teeth.

"I'm going to take out the bullet and try and seal the wound." She stared at me in astonishment, "How the hell do you plan on doing that?" "Well you know what I did before the war, there were a few times when we had to field dress bullet wounds." "Okay just be careful," she said with a look of desperation on her face.

I took off my gloves and outer coat and started to prep a little bit; I looked in my nap sack and found a box of bandages and a few different salves. I lifted up her arm to remove the messenger bag she had on carrying the supplies we had got from the militia. I looked through the bag very quick and found peroxide and another first aid kit, with a few bandages and a pair of tweezers. I emptied my smaller medical box and poured the peroxide into the box I placed the tweezers and my smaller knife into the peroxide.

I then started to take of Jackie's coats and sweaters, when I finally made it down to just the shirt I moved her a little so I could see the back of her shoulder.

The bullet hole wasn't very big so it was probably a pistol round which would make it a lot easier to get out but harder to actually find.

"Alright Jackie I'm going to have to take your shirt off and have you lay on your stomach so I can get the bullet out." She gave me a nod of approval and went to take her shirt off but when she tried to lift her left arm she screamed in pain. I just had her role over onto her stomach; I then grabbed my other knife and cut her shirt off. I disinfected my hands with the peroxide; I spread the bullet wound open a little bit to see where the bullet was. Jackie whimpered a little bit but by the way her muscles had contracted I could tell she was ready to scream.

I could clearly see the bullet it was only about half an inch in and as far as I could tell the bullet was still in one piece. I grabbed a stick off the ground and tore off a little bit of my sleeve and wrapped it around the stick. I handed it to Jackie before I could even say anything she had already had the stick in her mouth and had clamped down on it.

"Here we go, you ready?" she gave a short and quick nod. I grabbed my knife first; I took it and made the bullet wound a little bigger so that the tweezers could fit in there a little bit easier. I could hear her muffled scream as I slowly cut into her already traumatized flesh.

While keeping one hand spreading the wound I threw down my knife and picked up the tweezers. I took the tweezers and got them all the way to the bullet and clamped the tweezers down on the bullet.

That immediately solicited a muffled scream from her; I slowly pulled the bullet out of her shoulder and threw the bullet and tweezers into the grass. Great the hardest part was out of the way now all that was left to sanitize the wound and close it.

I grabbed the bottle of peroxide and poured it into the wound, this gave another scream from her. I then grabbed my knife off the ground and poured the peroxide over it, I then pulled the lighter out of my pocket. I began to heat the blade up till I could see the heat rising off the blade. I pushed the wound together and before Jackie could even get out here first scream I brought the flat side of the knife down on the wound.

Jackie began to scream like she never had before, I longed to remove the blade from her skin but if I didn't hold it down long enough it would have been pointless. I finally removed the knife from her skin and sighed in relief as I saw that the wound had been successfully cauterized.

I threw the knife into the dirt "its okay Jackie it's all over now I promise." She slowly whimpered as she shook her head and let the stick fall from her mouth I saw her right hand blindly groping the dirt. I moved my hand over to it and she grasped down on it. I continued to hold her hand for about 5 minutes when I realized just how late it was. Granted it got dark pretty early I could still tell that it was pretty late.

As I sat there holding her hand and staring up into the sky I could still hear the occasional gun shots and explosions. I started to slowly stand up as soon as I started to stand up, I felt Jackie's grip strengthen tenfold. "Hey don't worry; I'm going to be right around I've just got to get us some kind of camp for the night." She gave me a little nod and she released my hand.

I went around the woods gathering little twigs and branches; I piled them all up in teepee style. I then went and gathered a handful of stones to put around the fire. Once I had gathered the stones I grabbed one of the bandages and put it inside the stick teepee, I took out my lighter and lit the bandages, after only about 5 minute the fire was raging.

I looked down at Jackie and saw that she was shivering from the cold I had completely forgot to cover her back up. I went over to the pile of clothes that had her four layers of clothes. I lifted the coats into the air so I could drape the coats over here, that's when fro the first time tonight I noticed she had no bra on. I couldn't help but give a little snicker as I draped the coats over here being careful with her cauterized bullet wound.

I then went to gather some branches to build a makeshift shelter for the night. Once I had gathered enough branches I set them up in a pyramid fashion so me and Jackie could fit in there. I then grabbed a few branches with some leaves on the branch to help keep the cold out of our shelter, I took my outer Jacket and draped it over the opening to the shelter to keep the cold out.

I then went back to her messenger bag to see if she had bought any food, and by great luck she had bought a can of soup and a danish. I began to cook the soup over the fire once I figured it was cooked well enough, I crawled into the make shift shelter and fed Jackie some of it.


I quickly crawled back out and doused the fire with dirt and crawled back into our shelter. I lay down next to Jackie after removing my coats adding them to the pile of coats already on Jackie. I turned on my side ready for the cold sleep I had before me, when I felt Jackie pull on my arm I turned to lie on my back and looked at Jackie.

She lifted the jackets off of her and crawled on top of me, wrapping her arms around me and using my chest as a pillow. I pulled the coats back over us, and drifted off. When I woke up it took me a few minutes for me to register exactly where I was at and who I was with.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Jackie still lying on my chest her face looked so beautiful with the little rays of sunshine peeking through the cracks of the shelter. I attempted to move but the hard ground had inflamed my back pain, I stopped moving so that I could try and figure out what to do about my back. My movements caused Jackie to wake up, she looked up at me and gave me a big smile and snuggled closer to me.

I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her closer to me she gave a little giggle, I couldn't help but smile and admire the moment. "How's your shoulder doing this morning?" I asked her brushing her hair out of her face, she lifted her shoulder a little bit. "It's doing a lot better but it's pretty sore and very tender," "Yeah I'd be surprised if it wasn't." "Do you want to get up?" she asked with a smile on her face, "Yeah but my back is very stiff and I don't know how well I'm going to be able to move." "Well I'll get off you and see if that helps any." She said.

She slowly slid off me be careful of her wounded shoulder, I then slowly wiggled my way out of our shelter. Once I was out I slowly sat up feeling the strain in my back the entire way, but I was finally sitting upright. Now came the bigger challenge standing, I started to rise up but immediately felt my back, but I was able to stand finally. To help my back I did a few quick stretches and felt my back immediately improve.

Jackie now crawled out of the shelter, she had ditched her cut shirt and went with a hoody. She stood up next to me, "How's your back doing?" she asked "Better now that I did my stretches," "Good." She said wrapping her arms around me and putting her head on my chest, I wrapped my arms around her and rested my head on hers.

"So I'm guessing the other night wasn't just a tender moment," I said jokingly, she lifted her head back a little bit so that she could look out me. "I don't know," she responded letting out a big sigh, "I've just been so confused, I'm saying I like you a lot but I was just so… I don't know, I just feel so complete with you." "So can I expect this kind of treatment even when we get back to the school?" "Oh definitely, but one question, how exactly are we going to get back to the school?" "Well that's a very good question but I'm afraid I don't have any answer for it," I replied, "Do you mean were lost?" She asked, "Not entirely I've hunted this far out before but not often but if we can figure out where the militia is I can get us back." "Ok," she said laying her head back onto my chest.

"Well first things first we got to go find something to eat," I said "And how are you going to do that, you don't have your crossbow or a gun." She said "Well I've got a knife and there's some pretty good sized branches around here I could probably make a spear." "Alright well go get us something to eat and I'll start up a fire." She responded. After making the spear I went hunting and was able to find a bobcat, after Jackie had cooked and we had eaten, I left Jackie at the cam and went out in search of the militia.

It only took me two minutes to pick up on the trail I had made when running through the woods the day before. It took me twenty minutes to finally make it out of the woods, I could see smoke rising out of the entrance to militia base but there were many militia soldiers walking around so I figured they won the battle but had sustained heavy damage.

Most of the vendors were set up outside the base in tents, and then I noticed the same group of slavers that I had fought the day before.

I immediately moved farther back into the woods and crouched down hoping to stay out of sight. They were making their way through tents asking vendors questions, most likely if they had seen any slaves. Since they only had one girl in a collar but they had 20 collars, I looked a little closer to see if it was Jenifer. To my relief it wasn't her so she had managed to escape, but for how long who knew.

They had finally weaved their way through the tents and were now heading straight towards me. My mind immediately went to the fact that they might have seen me, but since they didn't seem to be in any kind of hurry I ruled out that possibility. The next thought was that they were going to go into the woods and look for the slaves that had most likely ran to the forest. My mind immediately went to Jackie sitting back at camp, if I didn't move fast there was a good chance they would end up catching us.

I turned at started running as fast as I could without making a lot noise, It took my 17 minutes to make it back to camp. Jackie was sitting next to the fire lazily poking it with a stick, she saw and smiled as she got up.

"Did you find the militia, which way do we go to get back home?" She asked then her face became concerned when she saw how worried I was "What's the matter?" I stopped to catch my breath, "We've got to get the fuck out of here right now," I answered "What's going on?" "The slavers from yesterday are heading this way, and they've no doubt have picked up on my trail." "What are we going to do?" she asked as she started to freak out a little bit.

"We've just got to run, so douse the fire and let's move!" We had run for 15 minutes when we stopped for a break, I could tell that her shoulder was really starting to hurt her. We we're both leaning up against trees trying to catch our breath, "How's your shoulder holding up?" I asked her "It hurts like a bitch." She replied letting a small smile show, "Here, get on my back I'll carry you for a bit since we've got a bit of a head start." I told her, "Thanks" she replied as she climbed onto my back and wrapped her arms around my neck.

I walked for another 45 minutes before we found a barn house about a mile away. "What do you think we should stay there for the night?" I asked Jackie "I guess so but what if there are people living there?" "Well we see if they'll let us stay the night and if they won't then we'll keep on walking." It took another 15 minutes to make it to the farm house, when we got to the house there was a sign in the window. "Went to Austin heard they were rebuilding, y'all are welcome to anything I left behind, and god save us all." "Well I guess that means its empty," Jackie said as she climbed off my back, "I don't know it might be some kind of rouse to get us to go inside so they can ambush us." I replied "I want you to stay outside while I go in and make sure there's nobody inside." "Alright call when you're done," she replied.

I pulled out my knife and tested the door knob, it was unlocked, and I slowly walked in the house keeping my arms in defensive position.

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There was a door directly to my left and a hallway that I could see led to the living room. I opened the door to my left and found that it was just a closet with a few boxes in it. I closed the door and continued down the hall, I made it to the living room to find a thick layer of dust on everything.

The living room had a open wall into the kitchen, there was also another hallway, I walked down the hall and saw three doors. Behind the first door I found a kids bedroom, the second door held a bathroom, and behind the third there was the master bedroom. "Jackie its all clear," I called out to her, I started walking back to the living room Jackie was slowly walking down the hallway.

"Did you check and see if there was any food in the kitchen?" she asked "No why don't you go check it out" I replied, as I walked back towards the closet. I looked through the boxes and found nothing of use except for a box of shotgun shells but no shotgun. "Hey there's a lot a canned goods in here" Jackie called out "Is there any power?" I asked, I heard her take a few seconds then flip a switch a few times "Nope" she responded. "Well I bet they had a generator somewhere." I walked back into the living room to see Jackie taking off her coats and lying down on the couch.

I looked down at her and smiled she smiled back, as I walked past her looking for the generator.

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I figured if it was anywhere else it would be somewhere in the master bedroom I slowly looked around and saw a closet. I walked over and opened the closet and to my great pleasure I found a gasoline generator and three cans of gasoline. I picked the generator and carried out to the living room "Look at what I found" Jackie sat up and looked over the couch.

A huge smile spread across her face, "Can we watch a movie?" She asked, I started laughing "Sure." After we had eaten dinner, I had filled up the generator with gasoline and took the generator outside. I hooked the T.V. in the living room and the DVD player up to the generator; we had decided to watch this kid's movie that had come out when we were both kids. We were snuggled up together on the couch underneath a blanket. About half way through the movie Jackie turned around and kissed me on the cheek, I looked down at her and found a mischievous smile on her face.

Then I felt her hand rubbing against my cock I readjusted myself to let her get a better feel of my cock. She leaned her head back to look at me, I leaned forward and kissed her, and I pushed my tongue into her mouth and began to explore her mouth. Then her tongue met mine and our tongues slowly mingled together and danced together.

While continuing to kiss her passionately I lifted my hand up and let my fingers slowly drag up her thigh and then to her stomach to reach its destination her big beautiful tit. I slowly squeezed her tit soliciting her moans, she broke the kiss as I continued to grab her tit I then reached my hand under her shirt and started to twist her nipple.

She let out a long deep moan as she arched her back, I felt her arm wrapped around my other arm. She laid back down on me continuing her soft moaning as she started to rub her ass up and down on my cock. I kept twisting her nipple as she rubbed her ass up and down on my cock, I leaned forward and started to kiss her neck. She abruptly stopped her ass, and grabbed my arm and pulled it out from under her shirt, I was about to ask her what was wrong when. She stood up in front of me and lifted her hoody over her head, it was beautiful sight since her hoody got caught on her tits but still came off causing her tits to drop back down and jiggle.

I'm guessing my jaw had hit the floor since she started giggling at me, I was so amazed that I just kind of froze. But evidently Jackie wasn't in a very patient mood because she grabbed my hand and placed it on her tit and kind of fell forward onto me.


I immediately went back into action as she wrapped her legs around my waist, and she locked her lips onto mine, and my fingers went back to work on her nipples. I could hear her muffled moans as we continued our act of pure lust, she broke away from our kiss and started to playfully bite down on neck.


I pushed her back a little bit so that I could start sucking on her nipples, she let out a heavy moan and arched her back which gave me even better access to her nipples. She once again stopped abruptly and stood up, and wondered what my prize was this time. She dropped to her knees and began to fumble with my belt, I leaned back out let out a small chuckle.

She finally got my belt and pants undone and pulled them down to my knees, she had missed my boxers when pulling down my pants so she went back and ripped them down. I was guessing she had forgotten about my actual cock because when she ripped down my boxers my cock bounced up and smacked her in the face. That made her jump back a little and caused me to let out a laugh.

She looked up at me with a "so you think that's funny" look and I guess to punish me she tried to swallow all 10 inches of my cock in one go. She was unsuccessful but as she lifted her head off my cock she ran her tongue on the bottom of my shaft. "Oh god that's amazing," I moaned Jackie looked up at me with a look of satisfaction on her face.

She once again went down on my cock this time stopping just at the head but she let her tongue go wild on the head. I let out a deep moan as I gripped both arms of the couch, she let my cock out of her mouth with a little pop as she gasped for air.

She went back and swallowed all but 3 inches of my cock, and this time she started bobbing her head up and down on my cock. My hand immediately went to the back of her head and pushed her head down on my cock. She came back up for air then went straight down this time swallowing me to the hilt, "Fuck" I moaned out as she started to gag on my cock.

This time when she came off my arm she stood up and walked away, it took me a moment to realize that she had walked away. I turned around on the couch to see where she was going I saw her walking down the hallway towards the master bedroom. I jumped over the back of the couch and started to follow her down the hall, once I reached the master bedroom I looked in the door to see her taking down her panties. I quickly walked behind her and put two fingers in her pussy.

This brought a moan from her immediately, and she fell foward and grabbed the baseboard of the bed. I could feel just how tight she was from pumping my fingers in her pussy. She was do tight she couldn't have had to much sex but there was no hymen so she wasn't a virgin.

She reached behind her and pulled my fingers out of her pussy. "Jordan, will you take my virginity?" she asked me "But how are you a virgin your hymen is already broken." "I broke it with a hair brush before the war," she replied.

I was only too happy to fulfill her wish, I leaned forward and kissed her, then I kicked off my pants and picked her up, and fell forward onto the bed. We laid there staring into each others eyes as she bit down on her bottom lip, I looked down and lined my cock up with her pussy. I looked back into her eyes, I thrusted my hips forward sliding half my cock into her. "Fuuuuuck" she moaned as she dug her nails into my shoulders, I left my cock in her for a few more moments letting het pussy expand.

I looked down into her eyes once again and saw the look of pleading in her eyes, pleading for more. I began to thrust into her fast making sure to not let my cock slip out of her pussy. After about the fifth time of pumping into her, I buried my cock to the hilt. "Oh god Oh god your fucking huge," she moaned out I kept pumping into her but each time I was sure to bury my cock to the hilt. I moved my hand up her stomach and made it to her tit and twisted her nipple before she she could moan I clamped my mouth down on hers.

I picked up my pace and could now hear my balls slapping against her ass, I pulled back breacking our kiss. "Can I ride you, I'm about to cum" she pleaded, I stopped thrusting and picked her up and flipped her on top of me. She immediately sat down onto my cock taking it to the hilt, then she began to ram her hips into mine it was amazing she had a look of pure lust while she rammed down onto me.

I pulled her down into a kiss as our hips continued to collide with each other, she let out muffled moan after muffled moan as we kissed. All the sudden she lifted up from the kiss and arched her back and let out a huge moan. At the same time I felt her pussy convulsing around my cock, I knew that she was cumming.

Through her pussy chocking my cock I felt my balls tighten, then I started cumming dumping stream after stream of cum deep into her pussy. As the last stream of cum shot down into her, she collapsed onto my chest lifting her head and kissing me.

I didn't bother to take my cock out of her I just let it slowly slide out of her as my cock started to soften. I looked down at her laying on my chest and brushed her hair out of her face she smiled at me and I smiled back.

I lifted us up and pulled the blankets out from under us and over us, and slowly drifted off with Jackie laying on my chest. I woke up with a stream of light in my eyes, I looked down and saw Jackie still laying on my chest. I moved her hair out of her face and saw she was still asleep, I wrapped my arms around her as I remembered the night before.

I sat there holding her with a smile on my face, when I heard a floor board creek. I looked up only to be met with something hard and blunt hitting me right in the face. My vision went black and then came back as only blurs, I felt someone holding me down. That's when I felt Jackie being moved away from me I heard her screaming, "Let me go you fuckers, Jordan Jordan save me please please." I heard a her get slapped, "Shut the fuck up bitch, man when I saw you yesterday I knew that I'd have you in a collar in no time," yelled the unknown assailant.

My vision started to come back for a minute, then whap it went out again, "And you, you made me look bad yesterday and your going to pay for that." I then felt whoever holding me let go only to be replaced by about 5 bats being brought down onto my entire body. I immediately covered my face only to have a bat connect directly with my arm, I knew in an instant that the arm was broken.

The next hit landed right on my balls I started to caugh up blood and felt my balls start to throb. I moved my hands to cover my balls only to be hit in the head this time I started to pass out. As I sunk into the deep oblivion, the last thing I heard was "Please stop." as Jackie sobbed, then.