Asked her on fuckXXX dot info for fuck and she said yes

Asked her on fuckXXX dot info for fuck and she said yes
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The sky was lit up with stars. the night drive in my bran new car seemed to fly by. I was cruzing along when I seen it.

Flashing red lights in my mirror. Fuck I mumbled under my breath as I looked down. 20 miles over the speed limit. Not too shabby but I knew I could get out of it. Slowly I pulled over to the edge making sure no one would scratch my new baby.

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When I first seen him get out I instantly smiles. The way he strutted toward me you could tell he was confident. As he got closer I didn't notice a ring. I unzipped my hoodie and adjusted my hefty size DD tits in my bra. Making sure they popped out the top just making sure to show enough. I rolled down my window and sure as shit his smile could of lit up a room.


"license and." he paused " miss do you know how fast you were going?" I Bit my lip and give him a little shrug making sure to make my tits bounced a little bit "you were going 18 over when I clocked you" It was evident to me he liked what he saw. I leaned over and my brown hair fell in my face as I reached for my wallet I made sure my beautiful breasts fell out for him to see. As I handed him my license I gently fixed myself.

The officer looked around then looked at his watch. "could you step out of the vehicle for me, Miss?" I eagerly jumped up as I felt my pussy get wet. I was hoping I would get searched.

It had been a while since a man with them huge hands touched and caressed my body. I go out of the car and he closed my door.

I pulled up my tight black jeans so my big bubble ass wasn't hanging out.

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My ass and my hips added to my sexy curves. I was a plus size woman and I was proud of every single curve I had. Step around the vehicle please.

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I made sure I popped my ass while I walked. I wanted him to stare me down. Ushering me towards the passenger side he started to tell me what to do. "Please put your hands on the car and spread em." The moment I felt his hands touch me my g string was not safe ANYMORE. I gasp and I knew I was soaking wet.

I wanted him to touch every hole I had making sure I felt the power he had over me. He slid his hands over my pockets, patted down skirt, and up my leg. I heard him ask me the routine questions but I couldn't even comprehend them. I could smell his sexy cologne.

He was so close I wanted to grab him and show him what I could do. When I heard the cuffs come out my nipples shot out with excitement. He slapped them on me and started whispering in my ear. One thing is for sure I knew he wanted me.

He told me how bad of a girl I was and how much trouble he could get into. Slowly spreading me wider and wider he slid his hands up my thigh. Instantly I came. I was so excited. His fingers we so huge as they slid into my tight wet slit.

I let out a little moan while he tugged my handcuffs. I KNEW who was in charge and I liked it. The officer slowly made his way down to my shaved pussy.

Making sure I was still spread wide he licked my lips and made me cum again. I grinned against him over and over. Making sure he tasted me. He licked me so much I was begging to be fucked. Getting up he unbuckled his pants and they dropped to the floor. "Your a good little whore" He bent me over grabbing my handcuffs. "You liked to be fucked don't you?" He slid his cock into me and I let out a deep moan.


He entered me and I quivered with pleasure. Instantly I knew he wanted to cum. My skirt was hiked up over my top. I was helpless and dripping with desire. He started ramming pulling in between the handcuffs.

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I screamed in pleasure over and over. "fuck me harder, faster" "deeper" ohhhhhhh did I love to be fucked. He pulled his throbbing cock out and let out a deep sigh while he spun me around making me kneel down.

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He came all over my face. Watching his smile I felt pleasure all over again. From then on it was a blur of endorphins. He hiked up his pants.

Handcuffed me and sent me on my way with a warning. If he caught me speeding again. I was in big trouble.