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Jeder sieht  wie kirara asuka gefickt
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A Ghostly Haunting Chapter Five by Simon Fear Ashley was laying on the hospital bed her legs spread and up in stir-ups. The small hospital gown she was wearing was pushed up to right below her tits her whole bottom half exposed to the doctor and nurse who was in front of her. The doctor who was female had some kind of tool inside her pussy which had her spread and kinda hurt. He was peering down into her pussy hole with a small light, and then one occasionally probe his finger inside her vagina moving it along the walls of her pussy hole pressing here and there and then would jott down some notes.

Sometimes he would put a long q-tip down inside her. All these things he was doing was getting her very horny. She could feel her juices flowing out, and dribble down her butt cheeks. The nurse would occasionally wipe her nether lips, and butt cheeks with a clothe. Ashley tried to concentrate on other things and fight back the sensations she was getting, but to no avail.

If she kept this up Ashley knew she was going to cum, and she did not feel like squirting this woman with her juices. I didn't help matter with the doctor being so pretty and young. Ashley lifted her head, "Docter?" The doctor had slid her fingers back into Ashley's pussy causing her to moan and held them, "Yes?" Ashley held her breath fighting back the impending orgasm, " much longer is this going to take?" The Doctor looked up at Ashley, "Not too much longer hun, I'm just checking a few more things out and then we'll be done, why do you ask?" Ashley blushed, "Well.hum.what your doing is about to make me um." The doctor smiled, "It's ok if you do, some girls do have a problem of having an orgasm when being checked out by a gynocologist.

Usually those girls are sexually active, and judging by the amount of secretions your vagina is producing ( she moved her fingers around showing the slickness of Ashley's pussy, which made her moan out) and the largness of your clit and how erect it is (she then touched Ashley's extended clit, making her squirm and squeal out) I would say you are very sexually active, am I right?" Ashley just blushed more.

The doctor smiled again, "Just try to think about something else, if you have an orgasm it wont be my first patient to do so." With that the doctor continued her examination. Ashley tried her hardest to think about something else.

Usually she wouldn't mind having an orgasm in front of the lovely doctor, but she had just gone through a terrifying ordeal of almost getting raped. But try as she would her orgasm kept building. Eventually her hips started thrusting outward against the doctors hand making it harder for her to do the examination but making it easier for Ashley to cum. "Uuugghh, mmmmm oohhh God," she mumbled. Doctor Lexington then motioned to the nurse, "Can you hold her down right here, she is making this a little difficult." The nurse place her left palm right above Ashley's pussy and her right against her stomach pressing her back down to the bed.

However the nurse's left thumb was also pressed right down on Ashley's clit. Ashley didn't see the doctor smile, because even though she was performing an actual rape test on Ashley one of the things the doctor did like to do, was test and see just how active a girl was and if possible make her cum. Doctor Lexington always reviewed each of her test over the camera she had installed in her office, and it always made for good time when she got horny and wanted to finger herself.

Her nurse who was also in on it, sometimes joined her. The nurse slowly moved her finger across Ashley's clit, but pretended not to notice. Ashley bit her lip, "Ohhh God uggghhhh." Doctor Lexington slid her finger deep inside Ashley's pussy one last time. Ashley's body started trembling, "UUgggghhh, mmmmmm, ohhh shit I'mmm cummmingg, ughhhhhhh." She thrust her hips against the nurses hand as her juices began squirting out.

This was one thing the doctor was not prepared for, as the juices squirted against her face, dripping down her chin. Ashley continued to squirm as her body quivered under the nurses hand. The nurse looked on, shocked by the scene and very turned on. Oh how she wanted to put her face against Ashley pussy and drink up her juices.

Doctor Lexington at first shocked by what had happened, almost did lean and slide her tongue against Ashley's pussy, but held back the urge, and instead licked her lips tasting the juices that had squirted on her. Ashley finally slumped back onto the bed, exhausted and embarrassed.

"I am so sorry Doctor, I tried to hold back, really I did, but it was too much for me." Doctor Lexington stood up and smiled, "It's quite alright hun, really it is, that is something I have to say. Not many girls can do that, and most wish they could. Does it happen everytime you have an orgasm?" Ashley nodded her head. Doctor Lexington looked at her nurse, then back at Ashley, "May I say something that will stay right here in this office between the three of us?" Ashley nodded her head again.

Doctor Lexington walked around the side of the bed next to Ashley taking her hand, "What just happened here is one of the sexiest thing I have ever witness, and I wish it happened more often." Ashley smiled, she liked this doctor. Doctor Lexington looked back at her chart, "Well everything seems to check out, so you are free to get dressed, your clothes are in the cabinet there. Your parents will be waiting out in the lobby for you." Doctor Lexington and her nurse then walked out of the room and into the her personal office where the blinds were drawn.

What Ashley could not see was the nurse kissing and licking Doctor Lexington's face, tasting the sweet juices from Ashley.

In the Lobby Mrs. and Mr. Logan were sitting, waiting for their daughter to come out. Mrs. Logan had called her husband the moment she had gotten to the hospital and he had driven straight from his office to the hospital in the small little town where they had moved. She had told him everything that had happened, except for the feelings that she had experianced about her daughter, and having an orgasm thinking about her. Mr. Logan had his arm around his wife, when the Police Officer who had spoken with Mrs.

Logan just hours before and a young woman in her mid twenties dressed in slacks, sports coat and a white blouse tucked in came walking up to them. The officer spoke up first, "Mrs. Logan." Mrs. Logan looked up recognizing the man, "Oh hi, the doctor just spoke with us, Ashley will be coming out in just a moment." The officer smiled, "How is she?" Mrs. Logan almost broke down crying again, but manage to contain herself, "She is holding up, she was crying all the way up here in the ambulance." The officer knelt down in front of the Logan's, "It's quite understandable, you both just had a horrible thing happen, something that should never happen to anyone." Then he looked at Mr.

Logan, holding out his hand he introduced himself, "Mr. Logan I presume, I didn't have a chance to properly introduce myself to your wife but I am Sergeant Jeff Lomack. I was the on-duty supervisor that responded to the incident at your home." Mr. Logan shook hands with him, "Thank you so much Sergeant. My wife said you were very kind to her and my daughter." Sergeant Lomack smiled then stood up and pulling two more seats over to them motioned to the female who was with him, "Mr.

and Mrs. Logan, this here is Detective Lawrence. She one of the three detectives our department has. Usually when the victims are women, the Chief has her do the investigations. She is very good, even though she has only been with us for over a year." Detective Lawrence shook hands with the Logans then sat down.

She looked through her notes, then looked back at Mrs. Logan. "Mrs. Logan there are just a few things I need to go over with you. There were some things in your statement that just don't add up." Mrs. Logan looked perplexed, "What do you mean?" Det. Lawrence looked at her notes, "Well let's start with after you woke up, You claim that you turned on the Kitchen light but it blew out (Mrs. Logan nodded her head). Then said you heard what sounded like a rat moving about the kitchen (Mrs.

Logan nodded her head). You say you saw something moving just at the edge of the light from the fridge, and it looked big (again a head nod). Then you went to go to the bathroom, but your towel that you had on got caught on a nail by the counter, so you let fall, then went to the bathroom, turned on the light and sat down, and then the light in there blew out (Mrs.

Logan nodded her head, tears begining to form at her eyes. Mrs. Logan thought that detective was going to mention that the movement and thing she saw might have been the man the whole time)." Detective Lawrence looked up at the Logan's, "This is one of the troubling things about your statement. When the officer who responded to your home, claim that when they broke through your front door, they could see light coming from the hallway. When they went in they noticed that the light was actually coming from the Kitchen.

The Kitchen light was fully working." Mrs. Logan looked shocked, the officer who had gone back with her into the house had said the same thing but she thought she might have misheard, "I heard the thing pop, saw the flash come from it when it went out. Are you going to tell me next that the bathroom light was working too, because I was pitch black for almost thirty minutes." Det.

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Lawrence looked back at her notes, "Yes Mrs. Logan, the bathroom light was also fully turned on when the officers went in." Mrs. Logan shook her head in disbelief. Det. Lawrence continued, "Also as to your towel snagging on a nail, the officers found a towel laying in the middle of the kitchen floor, no where near a counter, and there wasn't any rip from a nail. Which brings to my next question, just why were you and your daughter only wearing towels, and sleeping together on the fold out bed of the couch?" Mrs.

Logan looked shocked, "I told in my statement, We had gotten into a water fight and were soaked, so we dried ourselves off, and just kept on our towels, since our hair was still wet, not wanting to get our clothes wet from our hair. In case you haven't noticed my hair goes all the way down to the top of my ass, and Ashley's is mid way down her back.

If we had on regular clothes they would have just gotten wet again." Det. Lawrence looked at Mrs. Logan for a moment then proceeded, "Then why didn't you two put on clothes after your hair did get dry, and why were you sleeping on the bed/couch together." Mrs.

Logan shook at the thought of what the detective was implying, "It was our first night in that house together. My husband was still in the city and wasn't suppose to be back till tonight.

So me and Ashley were going to camp out in the living room together. Secondly, we were watching a movie and fell asleep before our hair dried. Is that so bad for a daughter and mom to camp together and spend a little family time together." Detective Lawrence held up her hand, "Mrs.

Logan, I'm not implying anything here yet, I'm just going over a few things that don't add up." Mrs. Logan relaxed a little, but didn't trust this woman. Det. Lawrence then said, "Now you claim that once you started peeing, you could not stop, and continued to pee for the whole duration of your time in the bathroom, claiming that while you were trying to get out you continued peeing on yourself, and on the floor." Mrs.

Logan nodded her head. Detective Lawrence then looked at her notes, "Forgive me for asking, but I must, do you own any vibrators or dildos?" Mrs. Logan's face went red as she looked at her husband.

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Mr. Logan spoke up, "I think my wife owning any kind of sexual toy is hers and my business only." Detective Lawrence nodded her head, "I agree but there is a reason I ask and I will get to that, do you own any Mrs.

Logan?" Mrs. Logan nodded her head, "I have a few, me and my husband bought them for me." "Would you mind if we went to your place and took them to be examined?" Mr.

Logan got angry at this point, "What the hell is going on here? You claim you aren't implying anything, but I do not like what I am hearing coming out your mouth." Detective Lawrence remained calm, "Alright I am going to be straight forward, your wife is a possible suspect for the attempted rape of your daughter." Mrs.

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Logan went white, Mrs. Logan's face went red with anger, but it was Sergeant Lomack who spoke up, "Now wait just one moment Detective, you did not say anything about implicating Mrs.

Logan as a suspect, you just said you were wanting to clear things up on the lights." Detective Lawrence looked up, "The reason for making Mrs.

Logan a suspect are the facts that most of her statement does not add up with the reports made by you and the officers on scene. The theory is, Mrs. Logan and her daughter did have a water fight, Mrs. Logan was the one who suggested being in towels and camping together. Then Mrs. Logan began having sexual thoughts about her daughter, who was pretty much naked with her. She waited till she was asleep kept the lights off, then went got a drink, planned what she was going to do, used the bathroom and then went upstairs, got one of her sex toys, probably one that resembles a penis exactly, then tried to force sex upon her daughter.

Since it was dark her daughter could not see, and feeling the dildo assumed it was a guy. But before Mrs. Logan broke though Ashley's hymen her consiouness got to her, probably from the screams from her daughter, quickly got off, ran out of the room and then came back flipping on the lights making it look like she had just come in before the rapist could finish his work.

Then came up with a quick elaborate story of being trapped in the bathroom she forgot that the lights were working, and said that they had gone off, so she could say she did not see anything but could hear," looking at Mrs. Logan, "how close am I to the truth Mrs. Logan?" Mrs. Logan was shaking her head, her face white, tears flowing, "I would never, never in a million years try to rape my daughter.

I love her for God's sake. We moved out here to the quite life to get her away from where rapes were most likely to happen." Detective Lawrence spoke up, "Then you would not mind letting our specialist examine your sex toys then, and taking a polygraph examine?" Mr.

Logan spoke up, "I think not, I do not appreciate you saying these lies about my wife. I don't think you shall enter our home again, or speak with us until we get our lawyer down here." Detective Lawrence stood up, "That is by all means your right to do so, but I will say that unless we can examine her toys for vaginal secretions before you get home to clean them up, it will look bad for your wife for refusing to cooperate. If the test had come back up showing that Ashley's vaginal secretions were not on any of the dildos it would clear up the matter that your wife was the perpatrator.

Mr. Logan, the lights were on, the doors and windows locked from the inside, and there was no urine anywhere on the bathroom floor." Mr. Logan shook his head, "Speak with our lawyer Detective." But Mrs. Logan shook her head, "No, No honey let them. If it will show my inosence then let them. I will take a polygraph test, and my toys are in the closet, in a blue box with a snap on lid. Take them all and test them. Then when the results come up negative, I expect you to come back to me, and apologize to me for making these allegations against me.

Oh and one thing," Mrs. Logan stood up and stared into Detective Lawrence's eyes, "When those test come up negative, which I know they will, cause I would never hurt my baby, you can bet your ass, that me and my husband will be filing a law suit against you personally." With that Mrs. Logan sat back down and leaned her face against her husbands chest crying. Mr. Logan looked up, "I think it best if you leave now." Detective Lawrence looked a little shaken from the statement Mrs. Logan had made but recomposed herself, "If it alright I would like to have a word with your daughter." Mr.

Logan looked liked he was about to blow a vien but Mrs. Logan nodded her head, "Yes if she wants to. I have no fear that she will say anything to help in your rediculus theory Detective. The more it proves my innosence the more it helps for a lawsuit against you." Detective Lawrence looked taken aback, then strode on into the doctor's office.

Sergeant Lomack just shook his head, "I am so sorry for that Mrs. Logan, if I had known what she going to do, I would have forbade against her coming here. I would have talked the chief into letting one of our older detectives who know the history of the Selmer place take this case. Rest assured I will talk to the chief and see if I can get the assignment reasigned to someone else." Mrs. Logan looked up, her eyes red and teary, "You are so kind, thank you.

But you did say you would explained what you meant about the history of our home." Srgt. Lomack sat down then looked at the Logans, "To begin let me ask you, do either one of you believe in ghost?" Both Logans shook their heads.

"I didn't think so, most folks who moved into the Selmer house usually don't. When I moved here twenty years and joined the police dept. I didn't either until I started receiving calls to the Selmer House. The calls usually dealt with the young girls who lived their with their parents. Most were usually awakened from being touched on their vagina's some felt oral sex being given to them. Sometimes they felt as if someone was always watching them. Whatever it was it always was with the women of the house.

The mom or daughter. If boys lived there they never experiance anything sexual, but sometime, they would wake from being hit, and something thrown at them. The first call I got was a 15 year old girl claiming that she had awoken to being restrained to the bed, and she could feel someone licking her down, uhh.

there. Even though there was light coming in from the hallway she claimed to not be able to see anyone on top of her, yet she could feel someone. A man she claimed, both big and strong. He made her have an orgasm. Well not believing in ghost I was like Detective Lawrence, I started looking at the older brother who 19 years old. If her dad had been living with them, I probably would have looked into him too.

He claimed his innosence but I pressed him, till he believed that maybe he had been sleep walking and doing it with out knowing. I have regretted that ever since.

He finally admitted to it, and was charged and convicted of sexual assault to a minor, got sent to prison for 7 years. I thought I had nailed him. How wrong I was." Mrs. Logan looked up, "When did you start to suspect otherwise?" "When they moved and another family moved in, their 12 year old daughter claimed to being felt up in her bed.

No men in the family. Just a mom and her older sister. All three women small in frame, the little child claimed that she was felt up by a man. Then the oldest sister began having the same problems, she would be bathing, or sleeping, and would feel hands on her. One time the oldest sister was home by herself from school, the mom was at work, and the youngest girl, was at a friends.

The oldest sister said she had fallen asleep on the couch when she woke up naked, and could feel a tongue working on her inner thighs. She ran out of the house, and to a neighbors two miles down the road, still completely naked, which is where I found her.

No leads, but a lot of questions. They moved out and another family moved in, then another, after another.


All of them the same. After 3 years of this I then began thinking that maybe someone was camping out around the woods of the house, stalking the women that moved into that house. We began a wide search of the place, Departments from all over joined in, townsfolk helped out.

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We searched for a week. We found an old cabin about 3 miles north of your place in the woods. Thought we had something. What we found were cobwebs, and a skeleton of the man who once lived there.

Died out there a hermit. No one knew who he was. Results from testing came back he had been dead 2 years. Finally realizing that I may had made a mistake, I began working with the DA to remove the charges against the boy I had sent to prison.

After a year the order came in to release him, and dismiss the charges. He got killed in prison riot the day before he got out." Srgt. Lomach shook his head. Anyway me and other officers continued to get calls to the Selmer house for many years.

I the 2o years I have been here, 36 familys have moved into that house and fled. Some stay for a few day, some a few weeks, even a few manage a few months.

No one has stayed there for a year. There are 34 unsolved cases involving your home Mrs. Logan, and only one lead to all of them. Ghost. The ghost of Lt. Selmer and his daughter, and his dog." Mr.

Logan looked up, "Hid daughter and dog?" Sgt. Lomack nodded his head, Some of the case involved of being felt up by small girlish hands. Some have even seen a naked girl who looks to be 16 walking around the yard or in the house. They have seen the dog or heard it barking, and have even seen a man sometimes.


One time An officer went there, and was picking something up that he saw under a bed, when a dog bit him on the hand, tore his thumb and forefinger right off. The officer quickly pulled his gun out and then lifted the bed up, only to find nothing except for his partners fingers. The doctor's report clearly stated that they had been bitten by a large K9, but the family claimed to not own any dogs. Any way my best bet is to move out while you can.

Your daughters case is the most extreme to ever have occured to my knowledge. If you decide to stay believing it to be a stalker of the home like some still do, get alarms for your place, change the locks so only you have access to it.

But I seriously doubt that will stop it." Sgt. Lomack stood up just as they heard screaming come from the room where the Detective had gone it, "GET OUT, GET OUT, HOW DARE YOU ACCUSE MY MOM OF SUCH THINGS, GET OUUUUTT!!!" Sgt. Lomach ran to the door, just as Det. Lawrence came out and stormed out.

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Ashley ran to her mom hugging her, "She tried to make think it was you who did it mom, but I know you didn't" Mrs. Logan ran her hand through her daughter's hair, "It's ok sweety, its ok." Then to Det. Lawrence, "Get what you need to run your test and then get out of our lives." Det. Lawrence smiled, "I think your daughter is still too strung up on what happened to realize what really happened." Mr. Lawrence was about to yell and cuss, when Sgt. Lomack stepped in, "That is enough Detective, you are standing on thin ice right now.

My advice is you leave now, or rest assured you will find yourself on patrol detail tomorrow. After I speak with the Chief I am pretty sure that this assignment will no longer be yours." The Detective looked shocked and was about to speak but thought better of it and left. Sgt. Lomack looked back at the Logan's, "I apologize again, you have nothing to worry about Mrs.

Logan, I know you speak the truth and I will not let my mistake happen to another innocent person." With that he turned around and left. As he was leaving they heard him say, "Well hello Miss Reihnholt how is your dad?" Ashley recognized Vicky's voice, "Hey Sarge, he is doing good, tell GiGi I said hi." The Sgt.

walked out and Vicky came running up to the Logan and embraced Ashley, "Oh God, I heard what happened, are you ok?" Ashley nodded her yes, "She was ok now that her new friend was here. Vicky stepped back, "Hi Mr. L, Mrs. L. I'm so sorry to hear about this." Ashley got a good look at Vicky, she was wearing a tight tank top that stopped just short of her hip hugging jeans.

God she was sexy. Vicky hugged Mrs. Logan, "Thank you Vicky, your so sweet, I'm so glad Ashley has you as friend." Vicky smiled, "Oh me too, she is great. I had to get up to see if you were alright." She looked at Ashley who blushed. Mr. Logan spoke up, "Vicky would it be possible for you to tell your dad that I would like to speak with him as soon as possible. I believe he still has my number." "Sure Mr.


L., he was actually going to come up and see you tomorrow." Mr. Logan smiled, "That'll be fine then. Ashley why don't you go ahead and go to the car, if Vicky doesn't mind going with you for the moment. We will sign you out and then be out. Is that ok with Vicky?" Vicky smiled, "Sure thing." Then taking Ashley's hand they walked on out of the hospital and into the parking lot. Mrs. Logan smiled, "She is so sweet, I'm glad they became friends." Mr. Logan smiled at his wife, "I am too, but I need to asked her dad a few more things that he failed to mention during our sale.

I don't believe in Ghosts as our Sergeant seems to, but there might be someone out there who does stalk the women of that place, and I want to find out why he failed to mentioned it." Mrs.

Logan nodded, "I agree he should have told us, but we have already bought the place. Maybe we should look into the alarm system." Mr. Logan hugged his wife, "Way ahead of you babe, I already have someone supposed to come two days from now to install a system.

I had decided that during the times I have to stay at work for a week each month, I wanted something at home that could help you girls feel safer." She smiled at him, "You are so thoughtful." They kissed and then headed to the sign out desk. Outside in the parking lot Ashley and Vicky were leaning against Mr.

Logan's Impala. Vicky was the first to speak up, "Ashley I am really scared for you, I know who did this to you and your mom." Ashley looked up, "Who?" Vicky looked down, "I already told you about him once, As much as I want you to stay here, I wish your dad had never bought that damn house." Vicky looked angry, which also made her look very sexy.

Ashley felt her pussy moisten. "Vicky, you don't really expect me to believe in that story about the ghost of Lt. Selmer, do you?" Vicky looked into Ashley's green eyes, with her sparkling blues, "Yes Ashley, I do expect you to believe in it. It is very much true.

There are girls here who have experieanced things at this place. Even me." Ashley looked at her friend, "What happened to you." Vicky looked down, "Remember when I told you about cleaning the place once for my dad, (Ashley nodded her head) and I saw a naked girl in there.

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Well what I didn't tell you or anyone else, was that as I was leaving, something grabbed my shorts from behind and jerked them down to my feet. I wasn't wearing any panties. I tried to pulled them back up but they felt like they were glued to the floor, and I couldn't pull my feet out of them, so I was stuck there.

Then I felt a hand shove from behind me through my legs and grasp my pussy. A man's hand. I tried to run but couldn't. He shoved his finger into me, and started finger fucking me right there. At first I tried to get away, but then the feeling started coming on, and I wanted more. I ground my hips against this guys arm, forcing his finger deeper into.

OOhhhh fuck did it feel good. I was moaning, and playing with clitty. I ripped my shirt and started rubbing my tits. I was into it. I came so hard my knees almost gave out. I thought it was over then, and figured why is everyone so scared of a ghost who can pleasure you like that. But then he hit me in my side, making me hurt badly. He hit me again and again. Broke a rib. Then he forced me over as he shoved a finger roughly into my ass. I screamed in pain, it hurt so badly.

You have to go gentle back there, use lube. Anyway I felt his penis touch my ass, and then I knew he was going to rape me. Believe it or not, I'm still a virgin too. Anyway just as about to penetrate me I saw that girl again as she ran past me straight at the guy who was groping me. I felt him release me, so I quickly grabbed my clothes and ran out butt naked, to my mo-ped.

I started driving thinking I would get dressed on down the road when I saw this big dog run after after me. I kept on driving down the road glancing behind, the dog stayed right at my feet, till I passed the section where your property ends. Then he just vanished." Vicky looked into Ashley's eyes, "I don't want anything to happen to you." Vicky teared up then grasped Ashley hugging her.

Ashley hugged her back, and then they began kissing passionatly. They would have kept on, except they heard Ashley parents as they got near them. They broke apart and leaned back against the car. When Ashley parents got up to them Mrs. Logan thanked Vicky again for being such a good friend. They offered her a ride home, but Vicky had driven her mo-ped up there, and needed to stop by her dad's office. As Vicky drove off Ashley watched her from the window, she was a lucky girl, but should she believe that her new home was haunted.

As they drove off, none of them noticed a blue Ford Crown Victoria parked near them. A woman was sitting in the driver seat having watched the two young girls holding hands and then kiss so passionatly. So the Logan's daughter Ashley was apparently a lesbian. This might possibly explain a reason for Mrs. Logan to have an attraction for her daughter, knowing that she might get pleasured from both her husband and daughter.

Detective Lawrence started up her car, she had taking down many people for being pedofiles and all of them guilty, mostly parents.

She was not about to let this case slip from her fingers. She knew Mrs. Logan was sexually abusing her daughter, and if that Sergeant tried to interfere and if the Chief tried to remove her from the case, she would go to higher authorities. She drove out of the parking lot following the Logan's vehicle. She would not let this escape her.

To Be Continued.