Lacey stockings girl fucks and sucks fake cock

Lacey stockings girl fucks and sucks fake cock
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I left the department store and walked through the parking lot towards my car, swinging my hips and the bags with my new purchases. It was a gorgeous day and I'd bought some sexy new clothes - a dark blue lace teddy, thigh-high nylons, a revealing black dress, some new bras - I couldn't wait to wear them. But the highlight of my trip had been teasing the older man in the shoe department.

He'd been helping me try on shoes, and I'd shamelessly teased him. I could feel my pussy getting wetter as I remembered how I'd spread my thighs and let him see that I wasn't wearing any panties. I'd let him place my foot in his lap as he slipped on some spiked heels, and I'd stroked his hardening cock with my toes. I'd leaned over to lace up some boots, making it clear that my full tits were braless under my red dress. My nipples got so hard from his stare. I let his hand slide up my legs, past my knees, along my thighs.

I just barely let him brush my bare pussy lips before I thanked him for his help and left him with a painfully hard cock. It was such a rush to get a man so hot.

Thinking about it was making my pussy so wet I thought it might drip down my thigh before I made it to the car. I saw my sporty red car and popped the trunk as I walked up. I tossed my purchases in the trunk and closed it, walking around to the driver's side. I started to open the door when someone pushed me from behind, pushing me up against the door.

Before I could scream a hand covered my mouth. Hot breath tickled my ear, "Hello again slut. You left something at the store.

I thought I'd bring it out to you." He pressed against me from behind and I felt his cock against my ass. I realized it was the man from the shoe department.


His other hand slipped under my skirt and immediately went to my pussy. "You little whore, your cunt is soaked. Did you like teasing me? I think we need to finish what you started." He stroked his fingers between my pussy lips, brushing against my clit and making me moan. "Yeah, you like that, don't you slut?" I nodded, I couldn't deny it, I needed cock so badly I could taste it. I ran my tongue along his fingers to let him know I'd behave.

He moved his hand away from my mouth. "Good girl." He slipped his now-free hand into my dress and pinched my nipple HARD, making me cry out. "Tell me you want me to fuck you." His other hand was busy thrusting into my pussy.

"Please," I moaned. He twisted my nipple and licked my neck. "Please what, slut?" "Please fuck me. My pussy is so wet, I need you to fuck me." "Cunt, your cunt is wet. You want me to fuck you? Right here in the parking lot like a whore?

Where anyone can see you?" "Yes, please. Fuck me like your whore," I begged, ashamed but too horny to care. He now had three fingers inside me, "And you will do anything to make me fuck you, won't you slut?" I was now humping his hand. "Yes, anything, tell me what you want and I'll do it." He pulled his hands away and backed up, turning me around roughly.

His face was contorted with lust. "Pull your dress down and show me your tits." I looked around to see if anyone could see us between the cars. We were blocked on one side by a large van. "Now!" I pulled the top of my dress down, releasing my tits for him to see. He immediately reached out and cupped them in his hands, pinching the nipples, making me moan like a slut. "You like it rough, don't you girl?" He twisted my nipples until I cried out again.

"Yes." He twisted them again.

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"Say 'Yes, Sir' slut." "Yes, sir." "Get on your knees." I dropped to my knees on the rough concrete as he unzipped his pants and withdrew his thick cock, hard and purple with need. "Suck it bitch." I opened my mouth and hungrily sucked him in, running my tongue over his veiny shaft, tasting his salty precum, suckling the head, swallowing as much as I could.

He pushed deeper, making me gag as he hit the back of my throat.

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"Swallow slut!" He pushed deeper, slipping into my throat as I struggled to swallow more. He fucked my mouth deep and hard, raping my throat. "That's a good slut," he grunted as he humped my face.

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"Take it like a good little girl." I could feel my juices running down my legs as this stranger fucked my mouth. I squeezed his balls with one hand and pinched my nipples with the other, wanting so badly to cum. Suddenly he pulled out of my mouth and I choked and gasped for air. He pulled my arm to help me to my feet and bent me over the hood of my car.

He kicked my feet apart and thrust into my pussy. I came so hard and so fast, my cunt clenching his cock like a vise. He pounded into me, "Tell me what you are, slut." "I'm your whore, sir. I'm a cum-hungry slut.


Please, fuck me harder, cum inside my hot cunt." He groaned and fucked harder, stretching my tight pussy wider, stroking so deep inside me. "You want my cum, cunt?" "Yes, please, fill me with your hot seed.

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Cum inside me!" "You are such a good whore, I'm going to cum, fill you with my spunk." He pounded into me. "Jesus, you are tight.


Here it comes!" I felt his hot cum splash inside me, coating my cunt. I came again, squeezing his shaft as my cunt spasmed. "Take it all honey." He filled me to the brim until finally I felt him pull out of my hungry pussy. I heard him say, "Your turn." I was about to turn around and ask what he meant when I felt another, thicker cock thrust into my used pussy. The shoe department man walked around to face me and said, "This nice man was kind enough to let us finish.

Show him what a good slut you are." And then he shoved his deflated cum-covered cock into my mouth. "Clean me off." I felt the man behind me pull out and I was about to object, beg for him to continue, when I felt the head of his cock push against my ass. I gasped, taking more cock into my throat. I felt tears run down my face as the cock pushed into my tight ass. The shoe department guy said "You like it in the ass too, don't you?

You really are a nasty little slut." He squeezed my tits as the man behind me pushed deeper inside me.

Deeper until I felt his thighs touch mine and I knew he was all the way inside me. My ass burned and my throat ached as they fucked me from both sides. My juices and hot spunk dripped out of my cunt and down my legs. The man behind me started fucking my ass faster, harder. He grabbed my hips and sank deep into my ass, making me cry out on the cock in my mouth. I came again and again as they used me, called me slut, whore, cumtoy, cunt.

Until finally they both cried out and came at the same time, cum filling my throat and ass, my cunt still dripping with seed. My nipples sore from pinching and rubbing against the car as they filled me with cum.

I came one last time when the cock pulled out of my ass. Hands turned me and pushed me to the ground. I finally saw the beautiful face of my ass fucker. Gorgeous blue eyes blazed as he guided his limp cock into my mouth for a nice tongue cleaning. He finally spoke. "That's a good girl." He stroked in and out of my mouth.

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"You did very well, slut. You deserve this treat." I came again.