Cum in briefs gay After wetting each others cocks Jacob backs his

Cum in briefs gay After wetting each others cocks  Jacob backs his
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The Knight and the Acolyte Chapter Four: The Monster's Lust By mypenname3000 Copyright 2015 Note: Thanks to b0b for beta reading this! Acolyte Sophia Shesax, the Kingdom of Secare My heart beat with excitement as we crossed the Merchant's Bridge over the Melkith River that flowed through the sprawling city of Shesax.

Behind us, the Lone Mountain thrust up like a rock spire to pierce the fluffy, white clouds drifting across the sun. Ahead, the sun rose, shining golden light in our eyes. The Merchant's Bridge connected with the K'holene Highway, the great merchant road that led to the mining city of K'hol. I had ridden this very road from my mother's estates in the Tith Hills the day I came to Shesax to serve in the Temple of the Pure. Beyond K'hol, the road led to Ostian and down south to the Kingdom of Valya.

I sat sidesaddle on my white mare Purity, a gift from the Temple of the Pure. Knight-Errant Angela rode beside me on her monstrously large, black stallion Midnight. He was the meanest horse I had seen, his hooves stamping hard, his eyes vicious, and his neighs wild. He was a warhorse, trained to kick and bite in battle. He was nothing like my sweet, gentle mare. Angela sat stiffly upon her saddle, her face drawn. I knew nothing about her. We had only met last night for her Blessing, and then I was mostly concerned with eating out her pussy—and she did taste delicious—while hoping she would receive an easy Quest.

She hadn't. We had to slay the dragon Dominari far to the east. Well, okay, she had to. I was just along to provide support.

I had no idea why. It was some ancient tradition that Acolytes of the Goddess Saphique would journey with the female Knights Deute on their initiation Quests. It was stupid. I wanted to be back in the temple lounging with a nubile novice. I missed those twins. They had been so cute. The city of Shesax was bustling. I was surprised that so many people were awake. The sun had barely risen. Shouldn't they be asleep for hours more?

I tried to never be awake so early, unless I had some stupid duty to attend at the temple. There were so many of them. "The city sure is bustling," I said, trying to start a conversation. "Is something going on?" Angela glanced at me, her blue eyes narrowing.

She had fiery-red hair that fell about the shining pauldrons of her armor. Her breasts were impressive, cupped by her half-breastplate, and her midriff, left bare, was flat and toned. She wore knee-high boots, covered in armored greaves, but her upper thighs were bare and delicious. A shield hung from her saddle and a sword from her belt. "You do not leave the Temple much," Angela said. "What's that supposed to mean?" I demanded.

"Most in Shesax rise before the sun, at least the common folk do. There is much to do, crafts to perform, shops to set up." I blinked. "Oh." Angela muttered beneath her breath. "I didn't catch that?" Angela just gave me a sweet, forced smile.

I suspected what she muttered wasn't nice. I gave an imperious huff, lifted my chin, and tossed my light brown hair. Did this woman know who I was? How dare she insult me. The crowds parted for us, calling out, "Good luck, sir Knight." and "May the Gods watch over you on your Quest, sir Knight." Did any of them care that I was with her. I kept my head held high. I was the daughter of Duchess Catherine of Tith and an Acolyte of Saphique, the Virgin Goddess.

"Do you plan on riding sidesaddle the entire time?" Angela demanded as we neared the gates of Shesax that opened onto the farmlands that surrounded the city. "How else would I ride?" I blinked. "I am a noble woman, not some uncouth peasant. It's hardly dignified to ride like a man." "And what happens if you have to ride at more than a trot?" I rolled my eyes.

"Sir Angela, I rode from K'hol to Shesax sidesaddle. It will be fine. And I would prefer if you addressed me as Acolyte Sophia or my Lady. I am the daughter of a duchess." Angela actually laughed. "Out here, you're more like my squire. My little acolyte that I'm saddled with. I have my doubts if you'll even be useful."v "I'm plenty useful," I huffed. "I know magics and have healing potions. You will be thankful of my presence. If not, I will just ride back to the temple." Please, do not be thankful.

I held my breath as she gave me a considering look. Her blue eyes grew considerate. "No. I need you. You are my witness that I have performed my Quest and keeping you alive is part of the task. I must defend not only the realm, but your pampered ass." I lifted my head and gave another imperious toss. Anger boiled through me. No one had ever talked to me like that.

"You are rude and uncouth. How a peasant was ever allowed into the noble Knights Deute, I will not understand?" "I'm the daughter of a count," Angela answered as she heeled her horse through the gate and out of the city. "I find that hard to believe," I muttered as Purity followed after. The peasant farmers were already out in their fields. Like the poor commoners of Shesax, they had risen far too early.

Dark-brown soil, almost black, was tilled by oxen, donkey, or horses, each pulling a plow while a farmer walked beside, leading the beasts. Children followed in the wake, planting seeds in the fresh furrowed tills. In other fields, weeds were pulled and thrown into wheelbarrows.

"Such dirty work," I sighed. "Most work is," Angela answered. How did I get stranded with this unpleasant woman? The sun rose higher and the day grew warmer. The wind blew, but it carried the foul scent of manure from the fields.

I grimaced and wished I had a perfumed handkerchief, a scented pomander, or even a fresh orange to hold to my nose. Sweat gathered on my forehead. I slumped my shoulders. My poor butt was growing sorer and sorer. This was as unpleasant as the first journey. "Why don't we take a break and enjoy a refreshment?" I asked. Angela glanced at me. "We're only an hour from the city? It's far too early for our midday break." "Midday?

Surely we would take a break before them." "We're on a quest, my Lady," she sneered. "Not a pleasant ride through the country. And what refreshment do you expect to have here?" "Perhaps a sweet wine to help wash away the dust of the trail and a light repast?" "You have a waterskin.

It's plenty refreshing." Angela pulled her own skin and drank water. I grabbed mine and frowned. I had noticed it on my saddlebag, but hadn't realized what it was for. It was a leather bladder with a wooden stopper plugging the opening.

I pulled it out and put it to my lips. I frowned. No water came out. I lifted it higher. "Give it a squeeze, my Lady." Her tone was so insolent. I squeezed, and warm water flooded my mouth. It was not the refreshment I craved, but it was better than nothing. I lowered the waterskin and capped it. "And what are we eating for our midday meal?" "Trail rations." Angela grinned at me. "A hardy mix of dried fruit and nuts mashed into beef and turned into jerky." I shuddered.

The journey became quite monotonous. When I traveled with my mother to Shesax to start my novitiate, we had singers to serenade us, servants to care for us. When we grew tired of riding, we would slip into the carriage and eat lemon cakes and sip lavender water. I squirmed. My butt ached. My back was sore. The sun was so hot on my brow. I raised the hood of my robe to shade my eyes. I drained my waterskin before noon and my bladder began to grow full, but Angela showed no sign of stopping.

I decided I wouldn't show her any discomfort. She rode her horse like nothing was the matter, her back as straight as when we left Shesax. The profile of her face was lovely. She was nobly born to possess such perfect features, and that hair bespoke of foreign blood. It shimmered in the sunlight as it bounced on her armor. "What are you looking at?" Angela demanded.

"Do I have a speck of dirt on my face." "I.what?" I demanded. "You were staring at my face, my Lady." My cheeks burned. I looked ahead. "I was doing no such thing. I was watching sights." Angela looked to her left. "Right. Because a peasant mucking in the field would interest such a refined lady as yourself." I wanted to scream.

But I wouldn't. I was grateful for our midday break. We found shade beneath a chestnut tree. Angela sat on the grass as she chewed on her trail rations.

I walked around, letting my legs stretch out, and rubbed my poor, abused bottom. Maybe Angela would kiss it better. I glanced at her. She took a vicious bite out of her trail ration, almost ripping the poor piece of jerky in half. I glanced at my own. It was brown and beaten thin. And it was hard. I tried to take a small bite. It was salty. I grimaced, but my stomach growled.


So I bit harder. I had to work to bite my teeth through the tough food. I may as well be eating leather. I chewed on it for a whole minute. It was spiced, and there was a faint trace of nuts and fruits mixed in. I swallowed and ripped off a second bite.

Angela had already finished and sipped from her waterskin as she stared out at the sky. I paced as I worked the jerky in my mouth. My eyes kept sliding back to her, studying the slopes of her breasts and the sleek lines of her thighs. I haven't cum once today. I couldn't remember the last time I had gone so long. Certainly not since I joined the Temple of the Pure. An itch flashed through my pussy.

I shoved the last of my jerky into my mouth before I leaned against the tree, squeezing my thighs together. I let out a sigh as I rubbed my clit. I was skilled at masturbation. I was trained. I could get myself off just by pressing my thighs together. I closed my eyes and let out a second sigh. I pictured Angela kneeling before me. I am so sorry for how I treated you, my Lady, she purred, her hands reaching out to rub at my sleek thighs.

I humbly beg for your forgiveness. I understand. You were overwhelmed by my beauty. A flutter of pleasure went through me. I sighed and squirmed. My palms grew damp. I gripped the hem of my white robes.

I wanted to lift them up. But there were men around, working the fields, and I couldn't let them see my naked treasures. I was dedicated to Saphique. No man could ever know my flesh. Only the sweet touch of a woman was permitted. My nipples ached as I imagined Angela pushing up my robe, her hands sliding up my thighs. Her breath was warm on my pussy as her teasing fingers neared closer and closer. My pleasure swelled inside me. I squeezed harder on my clit, working my thighs to massage my bud.

That's it, I whispered in my imagination. You can apologize with that delicious tongue of yours. I bit my lip as my fantasy-Angela licked her tongue through my pussy. Her tongue was lithe, stirring through my folds as she moaned in delight. My fantasy savored the taste of my pussy before her lips wrapped around my clit.

I shuddered again, my hips bucking. I sucked in my breath. Mmm, yes, Angela. Eat my pussy. Put that tongue to use. You're going to be my little, lesbian slave on our journey. Yes, my Lady!

I want to worship your pussy. You taste delicious. We'll kiss and suck and love each other all the time, I moaned in my imagination. My clit throbbed. My pussy clenched. My orgasm swelled. Whenever I have an itch, you'll be more than happy to scratch it. More than happy, my Lady! I love your pussy! And your sexy body! You're so beautiful. I love your small breasts and cute nipples. I love your wide eyes and gorgeous smile. And your ass is perfect, just plump enough to grab a hold of. "You're so kind," I whispered.

"What?" the real Angela asked. "Nothing!" I gasped as my orgasm shuddered through my body. I clenched my teeth as the pleasure burned through me. My juices flooded out, pouring down my thighs. I loved this moment. My fingers balled up my robe as I quivered. "Are you sure? You seem in pain," Angela said, standing up.

"No, no, I'm fine," I panted, a big smile crossing my lips. "Mmm, I'm more than fine. I'm ready to get back down the trail." Angela furrowed her eyebrows.

"Did you just." She shook her head. "But you weren't even touching yourself." I strode to my mare, my body buzzing with pleasure. "Come along. We need to get going." I climbed up into my saddle and all my good mood evaporated as my poor, sore bottom sat upon the hard saddle. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight-Errant Angela K'holene Highway, The Kingdom of Secare Sophia was a pampered, soiled, bratty, annoying, whiny, sexy woman. She aggravated me.

All she did was complain. When I traveled to Secare, I had a thousand servants to wipe my ass and blow my nose, I imagined her whining. So I expect the same out of you, Sir Angela. "I'm a fucking knight, not her wet nurse." "Hmm?" Sophia asked. She had her hood up over her pale face. She was beautiful, with wide, green eyes and when she did smile, it lit up her face. She was petite, wrapped up in a white robe that concealed her figure instead of the diaphanous wraps she had worn in the temple that left her body nearly naked.

"Nothing," I answered. She licked her lip, her silver tongue piercing flashing. That piecing had felt amazing when she ate my pussy last night. A hot flush went through me. I was mostly used to riding on horseback, but sometimes the rub of the leather saddle on my flesh was exciting. My clit tingled and my pussy grew moist. The moans of all the acolytes echoed in my mind as they masturbated around me, their pussies clenching and squirting their juices on me. My thoughts drifted away from them to Kevin.

His naked, sculpted form appeared, covered in muscles, his cock thrusting thick and hard before him. My pussy clenched, aching to be filled by him. He always knew how to love me. My heart clenched. Pain filled me. How could he doubt my commitment to the Knights Deute? He had called the order's duty bullshit. He wanted me to quit and become his wife just so I wouldn't face death. I had misjudged him.

I thought he understood me, that he respected me. He should have been proud that I was committed to perform a Quest no knight of the three orders had completed successfully. Tears burned at my eyes. I forced them down. I had to be strong. I couldn't lament over my boyfriend's insults.

And I most certainly couldn't break down and cry before Sophia. I wouldn't give the bratty cunt that satisfaction. Our shadows grew longer and longer before us as the sun set behind us.

"When do we stop for the evening?" moaned Sophia. "Surely we have traveled far enough, Sir Knight." "When we reach Vrex," I answered. "There's an inn. We should be there by nightfall, okay." "Fine," she muttered. "And how long is that?" I grit my teeth. "A few hours still, my Lady." I put all my derision I could into the words. Why had Vivian, the Holy Virgin of Saphique, chosen this whiny brat to be my acolyte.

Sophia clearly resented this task foisted on her. I always thought the best acolyte was chosen, one eager to serve her Goddess in this important Quest. I gripped the reigns of Midnight. I too was eager to reach Vrex. A day in the saddle was wearing in armor. My lower back ached and my legs were sore. Not as sore as Sophia's butt.

She kept squirming in her saddle, trying to relieve the pressure. The village of Vrex appeared ahead, built on a small rise that the highway wrapped around. It was a collection of thatched roofs and whitewashed walls. The only slate roof was the Generous Courtesan, the inn that dominated the center of town. It was a well-kept inn, catering to the traveling merchants and nobility that passed through Vrex to and from the capital.

"Thank Saphique's hymen," Sophia muttered as we left the road onto the cobblestone of the village. I arched an eyebrow. "I wouldn't think an acolyte of Saphique would blaspheme." A mischievous grin crossed Sophia's lips; she almost seemed like a real person. "You would be surprised the rules I've broken." We reached the inn and a dirty boy took our horses. "Watch out for Midnight's bite," I warned.

"He can be vicious. But feed him some oats, and he becomes as sweet as a puppy." Sophia dismounted and almost fell over. She groaned as she stretched her back and legs. A loud rumbled erupted from her stomach and she blushed. "I do hope they serve proper food here." "Oh, yes, m'Lady," grinned the stable boy. "Got the finest food 'ere. You'll be burstin' at the seams once you've eat'n the nosh." "Sounds lovely," muttered Sophia.

The innkeeper was a round-faced man named Hal and he greeted us properly. I paid for a single room with two beds along with a meal and stables for our horses. I led Sophia out to the inns common room.

Her eyes widened. Serving women bustled about as laughing men fondled their breasts and ass, the women giggling back. Men drank tankards of dark beer and ate a rich stew of beef and vegetables. My mouth watered at the smell. "This is.different," Sophia muttered.

"When I stayed here with my mother, we rented a private dining space." "That cost coin, my Lady," I answered, giving her a mocking smile. "And we will need to be miserly with ours." "Yes, yes," she sighed, and then smiled as a lass of eighteen sauntered up, her dark hair falling down her back in a thick braid and a shy smile on her lips. "If it pleases you, m'Lady, I am Delores, and my father, the good innkeeper, has asked me to wait on you this evening." "Perfect," Sophia purred, licking her lips.

"You are just delicious, child." Delores's cheeks reddened. "Thank you, m'Lady." "Do you have a bath?" Sophia asked. "Of course. I can attend to you." Sophia nodded. "And do you know how to massage weary flesh?" "Massage.

No, m'Lady." "I'll show you." Sophia gave a wicked grin. "Now, if you would bring us our meal and two glasses of your finest wine." "Ale is fine for me," I interrupted. Sophia wrinkled her nose. "Thank you, sweet child." I frowned at her. Why was she acting so sweet? Delores scurried off and returned with a platter: two bowls of the steaming stew, thick slices of brown bread, a heel of butter, and our drinks.

She sat it down on our table, then moved behind Sophia's chair, patiently waiting. Sophia sniffed the stew. "It doesn't actually smell that bad. I guess I'm just so hungry." "Yes, hunger has a way of spicing food, my Lady," I smiled.

"Are you ever going to stop with the sarcasm?" Sophia asked. "It is most unbecoming." "I'm sorry to have offended you, my Lady." Sophia shook her head and dug into her stew with a wooden spoon. After a moment, I joined her. It was delicious. I smeared butter on the bread and dipped into the savory stew. The warm food washed away some of the exhaustion of the road. I savored it, washing it down with the strong ale. It had a kick to it. Sophia sipped at her wine as she devoured her food.

I think she was surprised by how fast she finished. She pushed back the bowl and finished her wine. "More than adequate," she nodded to Dolores.

"Now I am in desperate need of a bath." I ordered a second flagon of ale and sat back in my chair. I nursed it, pondering the dangers ahead of us. Somehow, we had to find the Lesbius Oracle in the dark, unmapped Deorc Forest. It was haunted by Elves and monsters. It could be almost as perilous as our quest itself.

And I doubt it would help. I took another sip. Lady Delilah was sure I could accomplish this Quest, but I wasn't special. Many knights had died already trying to kill Dominari. Why should I succeed where they failed?

Fine. Be a stubborn bitch. Go and die. Throw your life away on this foolish folly. Kevin's words echoed through my mind. The noise of the common room faded. Pain shuddered through me. I took another drink as tears trickled down my cheeks. I had thought I would marry Kevin after my Quest and once we were both knights. I had such romantic ideas about journeying with him, fighting by his side by day and making love to him by night.

Was he right? Was I just being foolish? No. Lady Delilah believed in me. She was a true knight. She wasn't a coward like Kevin. I slammed down my tankard, spilling some of my ale. "I can do this," I muttered. I stood up, my armor creaking. "I will do this." "Will do what?" a handsome man at the next table smiled. He looked a little bit like Kevin. His hand reached out, patting my thigh. "Because I have a few ideas about what you can do." I grabbed his thumb and twisted, pulling his hand away from my thigh.

He groaned in pain. "Sorry, Sir Knight," he gasped. I could kill the dragon, and getting drunk and crying into my ale wouldn't help. We had many long days of travel ahead of us. I should get my rest while I have a comfortable mattress to sleep upon.

I strode out of the common room and headed up the stairs. I threw open the door to the room. "Like this, m'Lady?" Delores asked. "Oh, yes, just like that," moaned Sophia. My cheeks reddened. Sophia was naked on her bed, lying on her belly. Her hair was wet and her skin glistened, fresh from her bath. Delores knelt in a thin shift between Sophia's legs, her hands rubbing at Sophia's plump butt.

"Keep kneading," sighed Sophia. "Massage away all the pain." I shook my head as I began to strip off my armor. Sophia's green eyes found me, a contented smile on her face.

My cheeks grew hotter and an itch formed between my thighs as I undressed, exposing my naked body to her gaze. "Keep working those fingers," Sophia sighed. "Mmm, you are such a sweet thing." "Thank you, m'Lady." "Now work your fingers into my crack. Don't be afraid." "Okay." Delores swallowed. Her fingers pushed between Sophia's butt-cheeks, spreading the plump mounds apart as she worked.

"How's this, m'Lady?" "Heavenly," purred Sophia. "you are doing great." I sank down on my bed, slipping beneath the covers. My nipples were hard and a hot itch burned through my pussy. I bit my lip, squirming as my passions heated up. I tried not to glance over at the next bed, but it was so hard.

"And don't be afraid to use your lips," added Sophia. "Kisses are quite relaxing." "They are?" "Uh-huh." Delores glanced at me for a moment, and then she leaned over and planted a kiss right on Sophia's butt-cheek. Sophia sighed and Delores kissed around Sophia's cheeks as the girl's fingers massaged.

I squeezed my thighs together as my pussy burned hotter. "Don't forget to kiss between my butt-cheeks." Delores gasped. "But.m'Lady, that's." "I thought you were here to serve me," Sophia pouted.

"I need your sweet lips to kiss my flesh to relax." "Yes, m'Lady," she sighed. Delores lowered her face, pressing between Sophia's butt-cheeks. My fingers slid down my body as the young woman nuzzled at Sophia's sphincter.

Sophia moaned in delight, shifting on the bed. Her eyes locked on mine, her smile grew as she saw my hand move beneath my sheets. I flushed in embarrassment, but I was so horny. My fingers brushed my shaved pussy lips, gathering the slippery juices before I moved to my clit. I sighed as I rubbed my aching nub with slow circles. "Lick lower," purred Sophia as she spread her legs. "My pussy needs to be massaged." "Yes, m'Lady," sighed Delores, her own hips shifting. The maiden moved lower and pressed her lips against Sophia's pussy.

Sophia gasped in delight, her hips bucking as Delores nuzzled at her pussy. I couldn't see, but I could hear the maiden's wet licks as her tongue slid through Sophia's folds. "Do I taste delicious?" Sophia asked.

"Oh, yes, m'Lady," purred Delores. "Like the sweetest honey." Sophia moaned in delight as Delores continued pleasuring her. I rubbed harder at my clit, my breath quickening. The sheets slid down, exposing my heaving tits.

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Sophia's eyes burned as they locked onto them. "I can help you out, Angela," she moaned. "I think you remember how sweet my tongue was." I froze. "I'm fine, my Lady," I answered and rolled onto my side, facing away from them. I closed my eyes, the sweet sounds of Delores's pussy licking and Sophia's sighs filled my ears.

I tried to picture a man's fingers on my pussy. I pushed three fingers into my depths, fucking them, picturing the handsome man downstairs. "Eat my pussy!" gasped Sophia.

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"That's it. You little slut. Devour me." I tried to hold onto the fantasy of a man fucking me, of his thick cock slamming into the depths of my pussy, but Sophia's vulgar words filled my mind. I pictured her hot pussy pressing on my mouth, my tongue licking through her folds. "Oh, yes!" moaned Sophia. "I'm gonna cum on your face!" My fingers pumped faster, my pussy clenching down on my digits.

"Yes, yes!

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You fucking slut! I love it! Work that tongue through my folds. Worship me! Mmm, yes! I'm so glad your father gave you to me! Oh, yes!" The heel of my hand ground on my clit. "I'm gonna cum on your sweet lips. I want you to drink all my juices." "Yes, my Lady," I whispered as my orgasm swept over me. I shuddered on the bed. Hot pleasure washed through my body. My pussy spasmed about my fingers. I kept rubbing, sending more waves of bliss crashing through me as I licked my lips, wishing I had Sophia's juices staining them.

"Oh, yes! That's it, slut! I'm cumming! Oh, yes! Saphique's hymen, yes! You have a delicious mouth! Oh, wow! Oh, damn! By Slata's cunt, that was perfect." "I'm glad I could please you, m'Lady," Delores whispered. My eyes grew heavy. As Sophia and Delores kissed, I drifted off into sleep. My dreams were passionate. I made love to Sophia while a blood-red dragon watched on.

I knew I should fight the dragon, but I just couldn't stop sixty-nining with Sophia. The dragon approached us, snarling and breathing fire. Her jaws snapped, full of sharp teeth, and her long, dagger-like claws scraped across the ground.

Massive wings flapped as the dragon loomed over us. I shuddered and came on Sophia's mouth as I devoured the acolyte's pussy.

Dominari would kill us. Her jaws opened. I woke up in a sweat. Sophia and Delores were asleep, cuddling on the other bed. I rolled onto my back and stared at the ceiling. I focused on Lady Delilah's words. I could do this. I repeated that over and over as I fell back to sleep. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Acolyte Sophia Blath Forest, The Kingdom of Secare The second day passed much like the first. My poor bottom grew even sorer and Angela grew ever surlier.

The only change to the landscape was the growing shadow on the horizon—Blath Forest. It started out as a green haze around noon, and by the time we reached the town of Mruenz, it loomed before us. I remember the forest as a pleasant diversion on my trip to Shesax, but that was in a train of hundreds of servants and guards.

It would just be the two of us. I found another compliant innkeeper's daughter to "massage" me. She was plump and delightful, with big, soft tits that I slept upon.

While we made love, Angela fingered herself on her side, facing away. I so hoped she would join in. I just knew if I could make her cum a few times, she would lighten up.

Early the next morning, we entered the Blath Forest. The road wound through the tall pine trees.

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Thick ferns grew around the base of the trees, forming a barrier that hid anything more than a dozen feet out of sight. It was cool, at least. The wind stirred the tall trees. They creaked as they swayed. Pine needles would drift down, spinning through the air before carpeting the road. I let my hood slip off and, for a few minutes, enjoyed myself. Birds chirped above, singing happy songs, almost serenading us like my mother's entertainers.

But soon the pain in my bottom returned. It wasn't as bad today. I was getting used to riding. I tried to engage Angela in conversation again as we crossed a babbling brook. "That pool looks so refreshing," I said, pointing out where a part of the brook filled a small depression, the dark water swirling about in a slow circle. "I have always enjoyed skinny dipping." "This is not a pleasure trip, my Lady," Angela snapped, her tone dripping venom. "I didn't mean we should stop," I huffed.

"I was merely sharing my joy of swimming and frolicking with a friend." "I doubt you'll have one of those on this trip, my Lady." "Yes, I am realizing that," I said, lifting my chin. "You are far too dour to ever have a little bit of fun.

You are stiffer than that armor you wear." "Be quiet!" hissed Angela, her head snapping around. "I will not be quiet! I have just as much right to speak as you do!

So you will listen to—" Angela's face was livid as she whipped her head back around. "Shut your stupid, spoiled mouth. There is something—" The monster sprang from the brush. It was tawny, snarling like a giant cat while tentacles writhed from its back.

It crashed into Angela and her horse. Midnight neighed in pain while Purity whinnied in terror. My mare bolted. I grasped the reins, bouncing on my saddle. My body shifted. I couldn't ride this fast. Not sidesaddle. "Stop! Purity! Stop!" I yanked back on the reins, but she had clamped her teeth on the bit. She wouldn't obey. "Purity, you will—" I fell off the back of my mare, landing hard on the road. I groaned as I rolled.

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I looked up in horror down the road. Midnight lay on his side, his legs kicking, bright blood staining his hide. Angela was on her feet, facing the beast. It looked like a large cat bigger than any hunting dog, but there were four tentacles thrusting from the monster's back. Fear clutched my heart and I ran after my mare. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight-Errant Angela The panthopus snarled at me. My horse kicked on the ground, his rear leg lamed by the beast claws.

Somehow, the panthopus had gotten its claws beneath the barding and ripped Midnight's muscles. I could do nothing for my horse as I backed away. Panthopuses were dangerous beasts that prowled the Blath Forest. They usually didn't attack, but it must be mating season. The monsters cock dangled hard between his hind legs, red and covered in spiny protrusions. It needed to mate, and would use any female animal it could. Like many monsters, it was a foul creation of the mad Biomancer Verthan.

The tentacles slithered out towards me. I swung my sword, but my blade passed right through the tentacles like they weren't there. The beast could displace itself, making you think it stood a foot farther to the right or left.

Its real tentacles, invisible to my eyes, struck the front of my armor. They were slimy and I shuddered. My nipples hardened beneath my breastplate and my cunt grew damp. The slime of a panthopus secreted an aphrodisiac. "Fuck," I gasped as I jumped back, my breastplate pulled away, gripped by its tentacles. My backplate fell off, exposing my naked breasts bouncing about, both tits covered in the thick, sweet-smelling slime. I licked my lips as I caught a glimpse of the monster's cock.

How wonderful would that feel inside me. No. I need to focus. The tentacles lashed out. I swung to the right of them, hoping I had guessed correctly. The panthopus tentacles writhed as they dodged out of the way. I had. I grinned, rushing forward. The beast actually stood to the left. Its invisible paws mucked up the ground as it shifted. I stabbed with my sword, hoping to get a killing blow.

A tentacle wrapped around my vambrace. The panthopus jerked my arm to the side and twisted. I gasped in pain and my hand relaxed.

My sword fell to the ground. I reached for my belt knife, but another tentacle wrapped around my other arm, growing tight, infecting me with more lusts. "Fuck!" I gasped, shuddering in delight. "Stop this!" The panthopus growled as its remaining two tentacles explored my body.

They slid up to my naked breasts, the suction cups covering my nipples as the tentacles entwined around my tits. They squeezed and milked, my nipples bursting with excitement. "Help!" I shouted as I struggled. The panthopus stopped displacing, the image shifting to the right and suddenly the real beast appeared.

It licked its chops. I tried to kick, but my legs were too weak. Its rough tongue licked up my leg. My pussy clenched. What would that tongue feel like? The monster purred as its tongue slithered closer to my cunt.

Its tentacles worked harder on my tits, covering them in more of the wonderful slime. I shuddered and bucked, spreading my legs apart. Its tongue reached my pussy. "Yes!" I gasped as it took a lick.

His tongue probed into my hole before flicking up and brushing the tip of my clit. Ecstasy burned through me. I shuddered and bucked in delight. Its tentacles squeezed harder at my breasts, my nipples aching in delight as the suction cups worked on them almost like a pair of sucking mouths. "Eat me!" The panthopus purred louder as he devoured my pussy.

His tongue swirled through my flesh. Its tongue was so much bigger than a human's, covering huge swaths of my pussy in a single lick. The rough texture excited my flesh. When he brushed my clit, I bucked in delight. "Gods, yes!" I moaned, my pussy clenching. I came on the monster's tongue.

Pleasure burned through my body. I gasped and bucked in delight as I was consumed by his passion. My back arched as I howled in delight. The monster buried his tongue deep into my pussy, drinking my juices. My excitement spurred the monster to lick me harder. His tongue would dip between my asscheeks and lick at my sphincter before swiping across my pussy. Over and over, faster and faster.

I bucked against his tentacles as I moaned in delight. I couldn't believe how much pleasure I was getting from a monster. I should be afraid. If he fucked my pussy, I would bear a litter of the foul things. I didn't want that. I had to fight, but the pleasure was fantastic. I came again. The bliss hammered my mind, washing away that last fear. "Gods, yes! Eat me! Fuck me!" I shuddered in his tentacles grasp when he flipped me over. I knelt on the ground, his tentacles moving from my arms to grab my thighs and pull me beneath his body.

His soft fur rubbed on my back and his spiny cock nudged at my asscheeks. "Fuck me!" I begged, humping my hips. "Ravish me!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Acolyte Sophia My sides ached. I slowed to a stop and glanced behind me. Was Angela okay? Why had I run? I was supposed to help her. But the thing had been so terrifying. It had dispatched Angela's warhorse with a single attack. Fear twisted my stomach.

I bit my lip, not sure what I should do. I was torn, part of me wanted to run away. But I was the only one that could help Angela. But what help could I give her? She was a knight. She had probably killed the monster on her own. But I did have divine magic. "But what magic could I do to stop a monster." All the magic I knew was for healing.

I could heal her horse. Maybe that would help. I heard a woman's voice on the wind. It sounded like a moan of pain or pleasure. I swallowed.

Couple of young flashers fucks in public place

My hands grew dry. What should I do? I chewed on my lip. I had to help her. It was my duty. I took a step towards the fight. My body trembled. I took a deep breath and forced myself to take a second step. And a third step. It was so heart. My shoes were so heavy, like they were made of lead instead of leather. "This is like all the stories," I whispered. "The Knights always need their Acolytes to do some clever trick." I took a fourth step.

It didn't grow easier. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight-Errant Angela The monster's spiny cock slid into the crack of my ass.


It brushed my sphincter as the beast humped its hips. It was so eager to fuck me, but it couldn't seem to find my hole. I arched my hips, my pussy clenching in delight.

Roaring in frustration, the panthopus thrust its hips. The tip of its spiny cock entered my bowels. I shuddered as hot pleasure shot through me. Purring in triumph, the monster hammered its hips, driving its spiny dick deeper into me. "Yes!" I moaned. The monster's cock was covered in these soft, spiny projections.

They teased my bowels, adding more pleasure. He sawed in and out, stimulating me. I shuddered beneath him, bucking my hips. His tentacles roamed my body. I groaned in delight as one brushed my pussy lips. Hot saliva dripped on my neck as the panthopus's tongue lolled out.

It purred as it fucked me. It's soft, furry body covered my back, adding a sensuous massage while its sharp claws scraped on my pauldrons. "Fuck me!" I gasped. "Fuck my ass! Oh, yes!

And shove that tentacle into my pussy! Make me cum, you fucking monster! Oh, yes! I love it!" I came as the rubbery tentacle wormed into my pussy. The suckers clung to my sensitive flesh as it worked in and out of my convulsing tunnel. The hot passion rippled through my body. I bucked back into his thrusts, my asshole clamping down on his cock. His hips fucked me faster. They slammed that cock in and out of my asshole faster than a man.

My body was alive with bliss. I gasped and panted. I savored every inch of his wonderful cock spearing my ass while his tentacle violated my pussy. "Yes! You fucking beast! Make me cum again! Don't ever stop fucking me!" The panthopus growled. His thrusts grew harder, more frantic. I shuddered, savoring the build up. He slammed into my asshole. His spines caressed my velvety flesh, shooting pleasure to the bliss bursting through my pussy.

The monster roared as it came in my ass. Flood after flood of hot, thick spunk filled my ass. I squeezed down on his cock, eager to milk him of every drop. My orgasm exploded through me as his cock with drew, my ass clenching in delight.

"Yes, yes, that's what I needed." The beast ripped his tentacle from my pussy. Its cock was still hard. The wet tip slid down my taint and brushed the lips of my pussy. I froze in fear as I remembered what would happen if he came in my pussy. "No!" I shouted as it slammed in, my pussy bursting with joy as the spines caressed all the wonderful nerves in my sheath.

"Stop fucking me!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Acolyte Sophia I rounded a corner in the road and gasped in shock. Angela gasped and moaned as she was violated by the monster. Her armor had been stripped off and the beast was slamming its filthy cock into her pussy over and over. "Stop fucking me!" she moaned. I shuddered. I didn't know what to do. I looked around in fear. What should I do?

I couldn't stand by while she was raped. It wasn't right.


No woman deserved that. I was an acolyte of Saphique, charged with defending women's purity. But what could I do against a monster. "Oh, gods, yes! So good! But you have to stop! I don't want to bear a litter of monsters!" moaned Angela! "Oh, Pater's cock! I'm cumming again!" She writhed in joy. I had to do something. Her sword lay fallen nearby.

I swallowed and stepped forward. The monster purred and growled. His tentacles were wrapped around her breasts, squeezing and kneading them.

My body trembled. Every step I took, I expected the monster to notice me. I reached the sword. I grasped the hilt and picked it up.

It wasn't as heavy as I expected, though it felt unfamiliar. I moved forward. The beasts hips were fucking faster, like it was building to its orgasm.

I closed my eyes and stabbed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight-Errant Angela The panthopus roared in pain and leaped off of me, ripping its cock from my pussy.

I shuddered in relief even as the bliss of my orgasm roared through me. I forced myself to stand and face the monster. It swayed, blood pouring from a wound in its side. What happened? Sophia stood trembling nearby, holding my sword, the tip stained red.

I grabbed the blade from her hands and she squeaked in fear. Then I rushed at the wound beast, swinging my blade even as its cum poured from my ass. The monster raised its tentacles. I sliced through two. It howled in more pain. I couldn't let this beast breed with any more women, even fucking the beast felt fantastic. It turned and lunged at me. I caught the raking claws on my arm vambrace as I slammed the sword into its gullet. Gurgling, the monster slid dead from my blade.

"That was amazing!" gasped Sophia and then she ran and hugged me. My body still burned with the monster's aphrodisiac slime, and I put my arm around her and kissed her hard without thought.

To be continued.