Public masturbation cock gay Cristin and Joey were looking for some

Public masturbation cock gay Cristin and Joey were looking for some
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This is my first story, enjoy! Nicole is a girl I went to college with, she was in marching band with me and I always though she was the cutest girl in the band.


I first met her when I was junior, she was just a freshmen. A very cute freshman at that. She has a skinny, athletic body. She had just past shoulder length blonde hair, pretty blue eyes and beautifully soft skin. Her legs were long and skinny, as were her arms, she was no twig though.

She had a very toned body all around, especially her stomach, she had the sexiest v shaped abdomen leading down her hips pointing to her smooth bald pussy lips.

She had a little camel toe on her which was apparent whenever she wore those skin tight leggings or yoga pants to practice which was almost every time. Her hands were as soft and elegant as her feet, which is important for to me as I have a huge foot fetish and love soft sexy feet. Her feet almost defined perfect for me, her toes were in perfect descending order and were long.

Anyways, I fantasized about exploring her angelic body many times. The following is my favorite. She smiled at me over her right shoulder as her eyes flirted with me as she stood there naked. I took in her body, head to toe, her blonde hair shining in the light, reflecting off her soft skin. Balancing on the balls of her feet, her long legs led up to her firm, tight, perfect ass.

Her bare soft skin of her back taunting me, calling me to her. I began to walk slowly up to her as she crawled on the bed. I watched every inch of her crawl onto the bed, her cute ass rotating left then right, her soft soles and long perfect toes up her thin legs showing off her thigh gap.

She got to the middle and rolled over one knee up to run her cute foot up the other leg, running her right hand up the side of her body. I stopped at the edge of the bed to gazed upon the sexy girl that lay before me taking all of her in. "Like what you see?" She seductively asked.

"I don't know where to start, I want you, head to toe." I confessed. "Mmmm. start with the toes." She ordered pointing a finger at them. With that I knelt down at the foot of the bed, her soft, sexy soles inches from my face waiting my attention.

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I leaned into her feet, close enough to taste them. I took a nice deep whiff, the scent of her lovely feet filled my nostrils. Nicole's feet smelled sweet like lilac. Overwhelmed with the desire to suck on her sexy toes, I licked her soles from heel to toe with one long lick each, savoring her slightly salty taste. I started with her pinky toe, sucking it gently up and down into my mouth, wrapping my tongue around her toe.

I did the same with her other foot, progressing towards her big toe, alternating feet every time.

Her toes were succulent as she occasionally wriggled them in my mouth, moaning softly in pleasure, running a hand over her chest, tits, and stomach occasionally rubbing her shaven pussy. The other hand ran through her hair as she watched me suck her sweet toes. I went back to her pinky toe, licking across the others, then sliding my tongue in between each of her toes, working one foot then other.

My tongue slid down the tops of her feet and back, I sucked her toes back into my mouth a few at a time, and then gently sucked on the balls of her feet, I moved down to her arches pausing to kiss lick and suck them until I was sucking her heels.

I traced the insides of her feet together with my tongue back up to her toes. I could worship her precious and perfect feet all day and all night, but I wanted to explore the rest of her. I spread her legs and pushed them back, bending them to 90 degrees before reaching up and grabbing the front of her thighs to pull her to the edge of the bed.

"mmmmhmmm" she moaned realizing that I was doing, "You gonna taste my pussy?" she asked. "Yes baby" I smiled back at her as she closed her eyes and laid her head back, waiting for me to devour her pussy and send waves of pleasure coursing through her clit and pussy up through the rest her body.

I watched her hands roamed her torso, occasionally grabbing her b cup breast or pinching and twisting her nipples for a few seconds before diving into her lovely pussy. Her pungent womanly fragrance overwhelmed my senses and pulled me into her. I stated with a long deep lick, wiping up the juices that had begun to trickle out of her slit. Her taste was heavenly, slightly salty yet sweet, as I gently lapped up her juices. She let out a sharp gasp and then cooed as she got used to my touch.

My hands, still gripping her thighs, lightly messaged them as I gave her a few more licks. I pressed my tongue deeper into her soft smooth folds reaching for her love hole. I savored her taste as my tongue wiggled its way up to her clit. "Oh god!" she moaned as my tongue found its mark. Her hips also responded as they retreated then pushed up into my mouth wanting more. I teased her clit with the tip of my tongue by gently flicking it, her hips began to gyrate in response. I sucked up her clit gently massaging it between my lips.


Her moans increased as did her gyrations. I watched her chest raise and fall, her one hand twisting her nipple fiercely, the other trying to pull out her hair as arched her back. "Oh god! Oh! I'm gonna cum!

I'm gonna cum!" She breathlessly warned as I worked her clit. I slid my tongue down her slit and into her warm wet hole as deep as I could to push her over the edge.

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She shuddered, "Unnngghhh! Oh fuck!" She yelled as both hands gripped the sheets, her back arched even higher, throwing her head back as she levitated off the bed in ecstasy. I could feel her pussy suck my tongue in further, gripping it hard on the peaks of her spasams.

"Oh god I'm cumming! Unnnnggghhh!" Her legs calves met her thighs as her body tensed up, her toes curled as her whole body began to spasm, shake, and shudder. "Ahhhh" She yelped "uuunnngghhh! Fuck!" she moaned and growled. Her powerful orgasm sending lasting waves of ecstasy coursing through her body, her juices lightly gushing out of her sweet pussy. I sucked in as much of her juice as I could, savoring every drop.

I let her ride out the waves of pleasure before sliding my tongue out of her tight, and now very wet hole. She was still breathing pretty hard when I went back to licking her slit. "Oh my god baby!

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That was amazing! I need a break, I don't think I can cum again so soon." She panted. "mmm, I'm sure I can find a way" I teased her. "Just relax and enjoy." My licks continued long and slow until her breathing went back to normal, doing what I could to clean up her dripping wet pussy. I went back to my oral assault on her clit and soon she was gyrating her hips, moaning and enjoying my efforts.

This time I added my fingers to the mix, sliding my middle finger in, gently spreading her tight hole. She gasped sharply at my intrusion and looked down to at me, watching my finger her slowly as I returned her gaze. She pushed my head back down, holding my mouth to her pussy, groaning her approval.

I slid my finger in deep at first, licking and sucking her clit while I rubbed her g spot from inside her. Her pussy gabbed and sucked at my finger, gripping it in rhythm with her gyrations, trying to draw it in deeper. Her fingers ran through my hair pulling my face to her crotch. "Oh god!

You're gonna make me cum again!" She half whimpered and half moaned. I picked up my rhythm, rolling over my finger to point it down her finger, extending as far as I could in her. I pressed down with my finger as I fucked her with it, giving her the sensation of a deep fucking while I licked and sucked her clit.

"OH! Mmmmhhh OH fuck!" she whined. I continued my mixed assault on her pussy, picking up speed and force, finger fucking her deep while also switching between sucking her clit and teasing it with my tongue. She pushed down on my head with both her hands and propped her feet up on my shoulders, gripping them with her scrunched toes I was forced to ride her crotch up and down as she bucked with pleasure.

She lurched forward, "Oh fuck! I'm cumming!" Her nails dug into my skull, "uunnngghhh! Mmmmmhhh!" She moaned, growled and groaned as her pussy sucked and gripped my finger. I kept sucking and licking her clit with my finger locked inside her. She bucked and spasmed and shuddered, her whole body in the throws of ecstasy as she her head went back and her eyes rolled even further back into her skull, her legs shook while clamping together, pushing my shoulders away with her feet but holding my head to her pussy.

Her orgasm, sustained by my clit sucking, went on and on until she finally collapsed backwards onto the bed. I stopped my assault, leaving my finger inside her, I looked up and her and her down at me. She had an exhausted look on her face, but her smile and her eyes said she loved every minute of it. "Oh my god, that was sooooo great!" She panted, sitting up she pulled me in for a deep and passionate kiss.

My cock was rock hard from her insane orgasms, which lined up with her pussy perfectly during this kiss, I slipped my finger out of her and grabbed my cock steadying it while I lined it up with her pussy. Our kiss lasted a while, she tasted herself on my tongue as they tongues tangoed together until she broke it. "I need your cock! I need you inside me! Fuck me!" She commanded with a primal urge. With that, my cock slid effortlessly into her dripping wet pussy.

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I slowly pushed my cock balls deep into her, taking the time to enjoy her pussy massaging my cock. She wrapped her legs around my waist and I pulled her in for another long, deep, passionate kiss while I slowly began to thrust into her.

Moaning into each others mouths as she ground her pussy against my cock, her gyrating hips matching my thrust.

I took my time, increasing my pace slowly, to work her back up to another amazing orgasm. We broke our kiss and looked into each others eyes, our breathing increased, her hands rubbed my chest slowly up and down as mine wrapped around her neck and roamed her leg ass. "Take me, anyway your want, I'm all yours" She whispered leaning back on the bed. She smiled at me as she gripped the sheets in preparation. I hooked her thighs pulling her into me, she arched her back and bit her lip in response.

I began to fuck her hard, with my grip, I could fuck straight up into her g spot. Thrust after thrust, my balls slapped her ass as she moaned and gasped. "Oh fuck! That's it baby! Take me! Fuck me hard! Oh god! Unnngghh! Fuck me!" She begged passionately. I gave her all I got and soon I could feel her legs shake, her eyes rolled back into her head, her back arched high, her breaths turned into sharp gasps as her orgasm overtook her entire body once more.

Her thighs clamped my sides, her pussy nearly crushed my cock it spasmed, gripping my cock and trying to suck it further inside her hot juicy fuck box. For the third time her body shook and shuddered and trembled beneath me. The orgasm pulsed through her for a few minutes until her breathing returned to normal.

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"Oh fuck baby. you're so good! I love your cock, I love it inside me." She moaned. "Keep going, it feels so good!, don't stop. don't stop baby." She panted.

She hadn't even opened her eyes yet. She just laid there, her hands rubbing her stomach and tits. With her grip loosened, I raised her legs and put her feet onto my face. I sucked on her toes and licked her soles while I slowly continued to fuck her tight, sweet pussy. I kept my paced steady, focusing more on eating those delicious toes of hers. She moaned her approval, still laying there, just taking my cock, thrust after thrust.

Her tight pussy felt so hot as I could feel the ribs of her tight pussy sucking and massaging my cock. I pulled her ass towards me so it was hanging off the bed, then I pressed her thighs down to her stomach so I could plunge my hard dick deep down inside of her. Her feet framed her face perfectly as I began to pound her once more, she never opened her eyes, but just kept on moaning, letting me take her as mine once more.

I pounded her again and again, my balls slapping against her tight asshole covered in a mix of her juices and my pre cum. "That's right baby, take me! Fuck my for everything you got!" She yelled. I wanted to give her my all so I fucked her as hard as I could, as deep as I could as fast as I could. Her head went back as she began to cum again after a few moments of my pounding.

Her toes scrunches and her soles wrinkled, her legs shook along with the rest of her body. Gasping for air, as her forceful orgasm hit her hard, taking all her breath to send immense pleasure coursing through her body. Her pussy once again sucked my dick in, constricting my cock, messaging it with each wave of ecstasy that washed over her. Finally, she came down from her high. She looked up at me and smiled, "Oh my god! Really fuck me so good. so hard!

And now its your turn to cum baby!" As she sat up and pushed me away from the edge of the bed. Her feet wrapped around my rock hard cock, slick with her juices. She maneuvered my cock between the aches of her feet and began to slowly fuck my cock with her feet, her juices acting as lube. I watched her pretty feet work my cock, she watched me watch her feet with a smirk on her face, she knew I was loving this. She kept a slow pace for a few minutes and then placed my dick between the balls of her feet and wrapping her toes around my cock.

She fucked me like this for a few more minutes, each stroke bringing me close to my orgasm as her soft feet pumped me. Next she decided to change her footing again and placed a foot flat on my stomach, under my cock, the other she rubbed up and down my dick with the ball of her foot faster, and harder.

I closed my eyes and let her do her work, enjoying the feeling of her soft sexy feet fuck my dick. A few minutes later, my balls began to tighten "Baby I'm gonna cum soon" I warned as my knees began to weaken. "mmmm I can't wait to taste your cum baby!" she exclaimed as she slid off the bed and onto her knees. She took my cock in one hand and grabbed my thigh with the other, smiling up at me she pumped my cock a couple of time in her soft hand and then licked up my shaft, from balls to tip.

I could feel her warm breath and tongue work their way up my shaft ending with her lips gliding up over my glans.

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She sucked me half way down my shaft hard and slow, then back up again, popping me out of her mouth with a smile. She then repeated her move but faster and harder without popping me out for a few pumps, then she slowed back down. She knew I was close and was just buying her time. "Oh baby, you're sucking my cock so good!" I complimented. She moaned her response sending vibrations through my dick and then sped back up.

I leaned my head back and enjoyed the ecstasy she was sending through my cock into my ever so tightening balls. Again, after a few pumps, she slowed down. I looked down at her and she looked up at me with those pretty eyes, still sucking me off slowly.

"I can't wait to cum into that pretty mouth of yours baby!" I exclaimed. With that she sped up even further, I again, closed my eyes and threw my head back. My balls were on the brink of explosion and she could sense it, giving me one final pump up and down, she moved on to just sucking the tip of my cock right at the lip, my most sensitive part.

A surge of pleasure coursed through my body, my legs locked up and I let out a deep groan as my balls sent rope after rope of my warm cum into her mouth, I looked down just in time to see my final rope spill out over face as my cum had overflown my mouth. She opened her mouth showing me the load I sprayed into her mouth, then she closed her mouth and swallowed it then showed me her open mouth again. "You swallowed my cum! You like the taste baby?" I asked. "I love the taste of you cum!

Was it good for you?" She asked seductively sucking me back in to suck out the remaining cum. That move almost brought me to my knees as she teased me sending a wave of pleasure through my again. "I'll take that as a yes" She giggled smiling at me with cum still on her mouth.

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