Blonde babe pisses herself and plays with it

Blonde babe pisses herself and plays with it
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All Woman's Club Tina spotted the black purse from almost 100 feet away. She glanced around quickly. The tail of a plane moving past the window held her eye for a moment. She started moving closer to the purse, eyeing the crowd as she did. She stopped, waiting breathlessly, estimating that it would take three long strides to grab the purse and sprint away.

Her nerves were tingling.

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The hair was standing up at the back of her neck. She took a deep breath and started forward.

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A firm grasp on her wrist stopped her. "That's bait, honey and you're the rat. Check out the crowd," a female voice said in Tina's ear. Tina looked at the blonde first, classifying her with one glance. She was mid 30's, bleached blonde hair, over tanned, with just the right amount of makeup. She seemed to be an over the hill model. Tina turned and looked at the crowd.

The woman was right, two men in jogging suits and short hair, one woman with a large purse and tennis shoes, another man in a bad suit coat who looked totally geeky. They were cops for sure. "Thanks," Tina mumbled. "No problem. They are part of an airport sting to catch thieves. You would have been number three for the day." "So why'd you stop me?" "Courtesy." "Like hell." "I need a favor from you.

Actually I'm doing you a favor." "I ran away when I was sixteen. Since then anybody who was doing me a favor," Tina made quotation marks in the air with her fingers, "wanted to get into my pants." "Well I'm no exception. How old are you?" "Eighteen, nearly nineteen.

In case you are interest, I just had a miscarriage. The official cause was malnutrition. Now can I go?" "You look much younger. Are you milking?" the woman stopped and studied Tina breathlessly.

"Yes," Tina said suspiciously. "Oh my god," she gushed suddenly with a big smile. "Then you've got to come with me," the woman said in a gusty voice. "Like hell," Tina said sarcastically. "How would you like to make a thousand dollars?" "Not the way you want it." "Five thousand?" "No," Tina said uncertainly.

"Ten thousand for one night's work. That's as high as I can go." "What the fuck? What do I have to do?" Tina asked. She took a seat on a wooden bench. "One night, I don't get beat up and I don't end up in Bagdad?" "Absolutely not," the woman laughed. "You would be the guest at a woman's club." "How would you pay me?" "Cashiers check. It can't be cancelled." "When?" "Now, if you like. But I'd stick with you until the party." "What if I ran?" "I'm a lawyer.

I'd find you." "You're a lawyer!" Tina gasped. "That's how I knew about the sting," the woman laughed. "But that doesn't change our deal. There are some very important women at this party. Judges, senators, the works. I'm the least of them." "Wow," Tina said, thinking quickly. "Ok," Tina said, swallowing nervously. Her eyes grew big as the woman handed her the check. She shook it and looked at the bank. The woman helped her open her first bank account.

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The five girls were very nice to Tina. They bathed her, gave her a facial, and did her hair until it was just right. None would talk to her when she tried, but they were polite and gentle with her treatment. "I smell like roses everywhere," Tina giggled when she saw the woman later.

"They gave me a rose smelling bath, douche, and squirted rose water up my ass," Tina giggled. "I can't wait to taste you," the woman smiled. "You're a lesbian?" "I am today. We all are. Your name tonight is Rose. We don't want to know your real name, and don't ask ours.

Ok?" "Sure," Tina nodded. "I'll see you out there," the woman said before kissing Tina on the lips. "Have fun." "I will, I guess," Tina was remembering the taste of that kiss. She liked it. "Fifteen minutes," a woman yelled somewhere. She yelled three more times before she showed up at the door.

"Fifteen minutes, people. Get Rose dressed," she clapped her hands. Before Tina could move, she found herself sitting on the edge of a hospital bed nude. A scant rose colored leather outfit was brought and Tina was stuffed into it.

A close-fitting rose-colored leather hat with eye holes was pulled over her head, making her look like cat woman. She looked down at herself and found one difference. The reddish hair on her pussy was showing. By the feel of the cold air, her pussy and breasts were protruding from the suit. "Weird," Tina muttered as she was pushed from the room. She was joined in the hallway by young girls named Orange, Cherry, Lilly, and Chamomile. Tina was taken to the center of the room.

She looked around in shock. The room was decorated for Halloween. Was it really Halloween? She had lost track. Everyone was in costume and wearing masks. Old, young, rich and influential were all milling around, drinking, and tasting snacks. One thing Tina never did get was food. She was starving.

"This is she," a familiar voice said from behind a black mask. "She's milking," the blonde whispered to a very old woman. Tina tried to keep her disgust hidden. She had never been done by a 60-year-old woman before. She kept thinking about the money as both women fondled her.

"You are here, on the swing," the blonde said, leading Tina to the padded table. There were chains and straps hanging from the ceiling. "Relax, have fun," the woman whispered. "I'm afraid," Tina whispered back, while looking at the room full of strange women. "I guarantee that when the night's done you will want to come back next year, but you can't.

This is a one-time deal. So enjoy it while you can. And think about the money, if you are forced to do something disgusting, remember that the money will keep you off the streets for years." "Thanks," Tina said as she was harnessed in the chains and straps.

She soon found herself hanging from the ceiling. She was able to support herself with hands and knees, but there was no need. The straps were comfortable. "This is Rose," a voice came from behind her. She turned and could barely see a new woman standing behind her. She was in a Marti Gras type of costume. "Rose is very young, as you can see. But more importantly, Rose is special in another way. Rose is lactating." "Really?" "What?" "My God," voices came from all around the room.

Women hurried to stand by the table. "What am I bid?" the first voice asked. Tina's eyes widened in horror. Was she going to wake up in Bagdad after all? "Seventy-five thousand," the 60-year-old woman said. "Come on, Brenda, we can't match that and you know it. Make it something reasonable?" the blonde said. "Oh all right. Twenty thousand, then. I know that several of you can afford that. If it's too high, fuck you." "I'll take 20," the blonde raised her hand.

"Me too," a young black woman with short hair nodded.

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"Count us in," two other women bid. They looked like oriental twins. "All bidding on this table is closed," the woman said. "Now let's move on to Orange." Tina looked around nervously. If she had followed what just happened, she now belonged to the five women standing around her. "Swing her down to a sitting position," the old woman said. Quick hand took Tina out of the straps and redid them so she was sitting in the straps with her legs wide spread.

"I get her pussy," the old woman said. "I'll take her ass," the blonde said with a happy smile. "We have her breasts first," the oriental twins said. Tina looked around nervously. She was approached from all sides. The old woman immediately sank to her knees in front of Tina's open legs and grabbed one thigh in each hand. Her old, wrinkled mouth felt wonderful on Tina's young pussy. Suddenly she didn't care who ate her, as long as it didn't stop. The blonde was the next to join the party. Her hands opened Tina's sweet little ass and her tongue began fencing with Tin's puckered little ring of flesh.

She tightened her asshole involuntarily, but the blonde's talented tongue slid easily inside. Tina gasped and shuddered as each tongue began creating fire in her loins. The oriental twins approached Tina from each side. They Each claimed a breast and began drinking and tonguing her sensitive nipples.

"Oh my God," Tina howled. "Oh fuck," she said, looking down at all the attention she was receiving. Fire was filling her body from everywhere. She looked back to see the blonde kneeling behind her. Suddenly a strong hand took her hair in it's grip and turned her face. She found the beautiful black girl nearing for a kiss. Before she could think, their mouths were touching.

Before she could decided if she wanted to kiss, she decided that she liked this kiss more than any other kiss she had ever received.

A black woman's lips were the thickest and softest in the world. Tina fenced with the black girl's tongue, while a strong tongue reamed her ass, another licked her sweet, rose flavored pussy, and two pairs of strong lips drank her milk. It was the most wonderful feeling she had ever experience. Tina began concentrating on the old woman's tongue in her pussy. It was magnificent. She could tell that the old woman was a dyke. She knew just how to eat a woman, with just the right amount of brutality.

The woman had Tina's pussy pried wide open with her thumbs, while her long tongue flicked and licked everywhere. Tina was beginning to feel the first tendrils of an orgasm and they had only started. How many times could a woman cum in one night and still survive?

She just might find out before the night was over. "Uhn," Tina grunted into the black woman's mouth. Her pussy was now on fire.

Her entire body was on fire. Those lovely Japanese lips on her breasts were drinking her dry. Those greedy bitches planned on getting every drop before they had to give up her breasts.

"Ah!" she cried, breaking contact with the woman's mouth. The woman backed away with a shy smile and allowed Tina to look down at the old woman. "I'm cumming," Tina whispered. The old woman looked up and smiled. Suddenly she didn't look so old. Suddenly she looked like a lover. "Oh God, I'm cumming big," Tina quavered. She tried to ignore the persistent tongue up her ass.

It was magnificent. It felt like it was six inches long. "Huh," Tina grunted, falling forward against the chains. The old woman began flicking her tongue over Tina's stiffened clit.

Tina jerked on the tongue, bouncing in the chains and making the twin's bounce to follow her bobbing breasts. "Ah, ah, ahhhhh," Tina screamed with her head turned toward the ceiling. She grunted and bucked against her crowd of lovers. The fire continued in every part of her body as the assorted mouths refused to give up her sweet young body. She whimpered and begged until the old woman gave up her pussy, the blonde reluctantly pulled out of her ass, and the twins were pushed away from her breasts by the black woman.

With a gasp, Tina fell laxly against the chains, trying to recover. "Take her down," the old woman said. "I get a breast," the black woman said. "I want her pussy next time." "I'll take a breast," the old woman said. "I want to be eaten," one twin said. "I want Candy," the other said. "Candy?" Tina asked. "Me," the blonde smiled. "It's my stage name. I was once a guest here like you are tonight." "Oh," Tina said. She found herself on her back. Candy held up a butt plug and turned it enticingly in the air.

It was a vibrator. Candy put the butt plug in her mouth and lubricated it before approaching Tina's ass. She slid it in with no problems.

With a twist of her fingers the butt plug came alive. Tina moaned and lifted her ass off the blanket. Candy fell between her legs and engulfed her small pussy with her open mouth.

She sucked noisily for a moment, then began licking gently from bottom to top. She judged Tina's response and decided that Tina was ready for the second round. Tina moaned softly as Candy's sweet mouth began sucking, while her tongue remained buried inside Tina and licked gently. It was hard to feel Candy's mouth with so much going on inside her ass. She hardly noticed when the old woman began nursing on her right breast. Tic or Tac began nursing on the left. She studied their faces behind the masks.

The old woman was at least 60 years old, possibly five years older. The mask hid a great deal of her face. But her neck and the wrinkles above her eyes gave away her age. Tic was definitely a young Japanese woman. Tina couldn't remember a pair of rich Japanese twins in Denver, so they must be from out of town. Tic and Tac would certainly show up in a place like Denver. The old woman and the pretty black girl could be anybody with the masks on.

Candy rubbed her fingers over Tina's firm stomach and down to her small patch of pubic hair. She petted the hair gently, while her mouth worked on Tina's pussy. Tina was on fire again, but thankfully it would take quite some time for her next orgasm. The vibrations in her ass were detracting from the wonderful sensations in her pussy. She liked thinking of Candy down there, even though she couldn't see more than the top of her bobbing head.

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Suddenly, Tina's view of everything was cut off by Tic's pussy lowering toward Tina's mouth. Tina started to object, she had never eaten pussy before. She saw the old woman watching her as she feasted on her milk.

They were waiting to see what she did. Then Candy's earlier words came back to her. Think about the money if you are asked to do something nasty. Tic's pussy was not exactly nasty. In fact it was neatly manicured, pink and delicious looking. Tina marveled at the colors of the swollen pussy lips and the raven black hair.

Tic squatted on Tina's reluctant mouth and oohed as Tina gave it a tentative lick. She tasted Tic's pussy for a moment and decided that she liked it. It was all she needed to start the passion burning in her body.


She engulfed the pussy and tongued it steadily, as Candy was doing in her own pussy. "Oh, that's good," Candy said from out of sight.

Tac had just slid up behind Candy's ass and was giving it a liberal bath with her tongue. She spread Candy's ass and began attacking her asshole. Tac lifted Candy's hips and slid a pillow beneath her abdomen.

With her ass and pussy handy for eating, Tac began licking Candy's ass and pussy wholeheartedly. With so much stimulus in her own pussy, Candy redoubled her efforts on Tina. She sucked brutally, drawing the tiny clit into her mouth where she fenced roughly with her stiffened tongue. The sudden attack started Tina moaning and jerking beneath Candy's tongue.

She rolled her hips slightly, as if to avoid Candy's brutal mouth, but Candy followed her wherever she when. Moaning up into Tic's pussy, Tina's tongue flashed with a sudden fluttering attack which made Tic moan and squeeze her own breasts in brutal hands. She looked back at Candy and Tac, wishing she could change places with either of them. "Oh fuck," Tic moaned. "This is so damn good," she called in her peculiar accent.

"Uh," Candy grunted as her orgasm began burning in her loins. She licked and sucked quickly, trying to bring Tina off with her. She wanted Tina to cum in her mouth. Now that Tina's breast was dry, the old woman began concentrating on her nipple. She massaged the stiff nipple with her tongue, while holding her breast in her right hand. The black girl was sucking much of Tina's breast into her mouth. Tina could feel her tongue pressed against it. There were so many feelings raging through Tina's body that it was hard to concentrate on any one.

It was also hard to concentrate on pleasing Tic. "Oh-huh," Candy cried. "Ah, ah, ah, ahhhhh!" she screamed, bucking against Tac's face. Her wet pussy rode the perfect skin of Tac's mouth, filling her nose with juice and coating her sweet Japanese face with sticky clear fluids. Tac didn't mind. She loved the taste of Candy's fluids. She only gave up the shuddering pussy reluctantly, when it was obvious that Candy's orgasm was finished.

Tac rolled over so she could see her sister getting eaten. It was an eire sight, sometimes, to see one's identical twin having sex. Deep down she believed she could feel what Tic was experiencing. Tac's eyes went to the black girl's perfect ass. She leaned forward and caressed it gently, then kissed it lovingly while her eyes stayed on her sister. "Oh yes," Tic suddenly moaned.


"Oh yes, yes," she said again. "Oh, oh, oh, ahhh," she screamed. She held Tina's pretty face still between her legs as her pussy spasmed and jerked. Tina sucked softly, pressing her tongue against Tic's tiny clit. Tic's own movements were overstimulating her clit, causing intense pain and pleasure. She grunted and rode Tina's sweet mouth until it was finally too much for her. She jerked up off Tina's eager mouth and fell to the mattress beside the black woman.

Tina could now concentrate on her own pleasure. Her loins were glowing. She knew that the right stimulus could put her over the edge in moments. "Put the butt plug in my pussy," she begged, looking down at Candy between the two heads. Candy nodded and reached down to Tina's ass. In a moment the vibrating butt plug slid up inside Tina's pussy.

With the added stimulation of Candy's swift tongue against her clit, it took only moments for the fire to explode in her loins. Her pussy convulsed, clenching and unclenching around the butt plug.

Her pelvis began jerking in time with Candy's busy tongue. She gritted her teeth and held her breath until her orgasm was just too hard. She screamed long and loud, jerking her pussy away from Candy's busy mouth. "Take it out," Candy screamed.

"Take it out, take it out," she insisted until the butt plug fell into a blessed stillness. Candy gasped and fell to the mattress. She was finally free. Everyone had broken contact with her shattered body. "You peed," Candy accused with a giggle. "I'm sorry," Tina said in embarrassment. "I liked it," Candy admitted, wiping the pee off her face. "It was nice." "It's time for a break," the old woman said.

She raised her hand and a naked young woman approached quickly. "Refreshments," the old woman said. The masked girl nodded and hurried away. "You did well this year, Candy. We've never had a milker in here before." "I was blessed," Candy said, reseating herself into a more comfortable position. "I chose Rose because I believed she might be more than 18, even though she looks three years younger. I only found she was milking after I made the initial contact." "I'm glad you did," Tina smiled.

They stopped talking and ate when the food arrived. It was lavish for a Halloween party, but then it was no normal party. Half an hour later, everyone was ready, including Tina. She wondered what the black girl had in mind.

"I want to do the inverted 69 the black woman said as they started again. Can somebody help me with the chains?" One strap was looped around Tina's body above her breasts, and attached to a chain. Two more straps were attached to chains and looped around her legs. Suddenly she found herself hanging upside down with her head dragging on the matteress. The black woman approached her and knelt on each side of Tina's head.

Before she knew what was happening, Tina found the black woman scooting forward and her pussy touched her mouth. Tina lapped eagerly. It was hard to concentrate being upside down, but she did her best to please her black lover.

Her pussy tasted wonderful. It was obvious that each woman had used a douche, as Tina herself had. She was lucking that nobody was on their period. Then again, a woman on her period would use a tampon and not show any signs of her malady. She had once heard that lesbians used a tampon, cleaned themselves well, and stayed away from the glory hole. Otherwise, they could never have oral sex. A lesbian relationship without oral sex was very bland. "Oh fuck," Tina screamed. The black woman was going down on Tina's pussy, and she certainly knew what she was doing.

She pressed her tongue against Tina's exposed clit and moved it from side to side, while pressing extremely hard. Out of Tina's vision, Tic and Tac were holding her legs so they didn't slide out of the straps. The old woman was prying open Tina's asshole and feasting on her hot butt, with her forehead pressed against the black woman's.

At Candy's urging, the old woman had spread her own legs wide. Candy had knelt against Tina's back and was eating the old woman's pussy. Her cute upturned face was busily stimulating an old pussy which had been neglected for a long time.

Tic and Tac began licking Tina's legs. They licked their way up to her ass, then out to her toes where they sucked each toe, one at a time, then worked their way back into her ass again. Tina found that the black woman was very juicy. She didn't know how juicy a woman could get, but she was sure the girl was the juiciest on earth. She had Tina's face so wet that she had trouble breathing. Juices had filled her nose and she was forced to breathe through her mouth around the woman's pussy.

It was getting harder to breathe as they went on. "I. I can't breathe," Tina complained, not sure if they would listen or not. The black woman released her immediately and crawled off Tina's face.

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Tina was even more relieved when she felt the grip on her legs loosen. Tic and Tac brought her down gently. When the straps were off, Tina pushed the black woman back and fell between her legs. Before the woman could make herself comfortable, Tina followed her pussy down to the mattress, eating and licking with all her might. Tic or Tac crawled beneath Tina's pussy and began eating there.

The other twin lowered her pussy onto the black woman's mouth and squealed when the woman's tongue plunged up inside her. As Tina munched on the black woman's cunt, she took the time to look around the room. What was happening at her own table was happening all around the room. Some girls only had three women at their table, one had five like Tina. At the far table four women were sitting against the wall talking and eating.

They were taking a break. Tina decided she could use another break once she finished the black woman. "Uh-huh," the black woman suddenly moaned. Her mouth went wild in Tic's pussy.

Tac was going wild beneath Tina. Candy was still going down on the old woman, who was just getting ready to cum. It was only seconds before the old woman began screaming and riding Candy's face. The added sexiness of her screams brought the black woman to the brink of her own orgasm.

She cried and hunched her pussy against Tina's face. Tina licked furiously, trying to hold the woman's thighs still so she could enjoy every last drop of juice and every sensuous touch of hot skin. The pink pussy moved in her hands and mouth.

The pussy was brutally mashed against Tina's face. The black woman cried softly into Tic's pussy, then fell into a lax heap of womanly flesh as her orgasm stilled. Tina held the suction on that pussy for several minutes, hating to give it up. But eventually she rose and looked at Tac's sweet face between her own legs. Tina filled her hand with milk from her own beast and licked it from the palm of her hand. The women had not left much in her breasts, but there was a little.

"I don't think I can come again," Tina whispered to Tac. "My pussy's sore." Tac nodded and released Tina's pussy. Tina raised a leg and allowed Tac to pull her lovely face out. "It's midnight," somebody called.

The women in the room began talking and removing their masks. Tina didn't recognize anybody at her table. She wasn't sure about other tables, but she didn't look too close. "You can take yours off," the old woman said. Tina took it off and a huge smile lit the woman's face.

"You did well indeed," she told Candy. "I got lucky," Candy shrugged. "Bring us snacks," the old woman called. Food and drinks were brought. They sat around talking and giggling. When the break was over Candy brushed off the bed and looked at Tina. "Any preferences?" she asked. "I'd like to go down on her," Tina nodded toward the old lady. She saw surprise, followed by appreciation, which was exactly why Tina had picked her.

Besides, she was obviously somebody important. Everybody jumped when she shouted an order. It payed to make the important people happy. "I'll take Lotus," Candy said, pointing at Tic.

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"I'll take Iris," the black woman pointed to Tac. The night went on and on. As Candy predicted, Tina wished to return. Time would tell if she were invited back as Candy had been. In the meantime, she needed to make the best of her money. If Candy could get her law degree on her money, anything was possible. One thing she knew for sure, she would never have to steal a purse again to feed herself.