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Phat azz in jeans tube porn
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Kyle was not a happy boy. He was 18. He wasn't geeky or anything.

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He was 5 foot 10 and weighed 165. He was good looking and girls did not ignore him. He was just shy around them. He had had a girlfriend once, but he didn't even get to second base. She may have wanted to go further, but he was too unsure of himself.

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The real reason for his sad state was his family life. He just couldn't stand them. His dad was a former jock who forced him to play football. He didn't hate the sport, just the way his dad acted at the games. His mom was a real bitch. She gossiped about everyone and thought herself superior to all. She was constantly putting down anyone who didn't go church or stay in shape. She was 48, but looked 38. What she would never admit, was that she had had lipo suction, a boob lift and tucks here and there.

Subtle enough that people did not suspect. He also hated his sister. She was a year younger and a real snob. She was a drop dead gorgeous blond girl who knew it. She wore short skirts and tight tops and teased boys all the time. She would even walk around the house half naked to get a rise out of Kyle and drive her mom nuts. He did have a good friend next door. Danielle was a sweet, strawberry blond, girl.

She was a little chubby and plain, but really nice. She did have large breasts, but always wore loose clothes to hide them. Her mom, Rosie, looked like a red headed, older version of Danielle.

She was chubby and her large breast sagged, but that is normal for a 45 year old mother who did not use doctor to stay young looking. She treated him like a son.

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She was more loving than his own mom. He always had a bit of a crush on Danielle, but he really valued her friendship. There was one time he came over. Rosie let him in. He walked to Danielle's room. Her door was slightly opened and he caught a glimpse of her putting on a sweatshirt. He saw her bra encased boobs, and since then has really wanted to see them again.

He never dared ask or make a move though. Kyle was walking home when he notice a small plastic container. He reached down and picked it up. It was a memory card for a phone like his. He wanted to buy one, but was still saving the money. He pulled out the chip and inserted into his phone.

To his surprise the phone reset itself and then showed a quick message "UltraControl.dll Loaded and Ready" then the phone went to its regular start up page. Worried that he just screwed up his phone he decided to test it.

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He pulled up Danielle's name from his address book and called her. "Hey Kyle." "Hi Danielle, I just needed to test my phone.

I put a new memory card in and I was worried that I screwed it up." "Sounds fine on my end." "That's good. I guess I.

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Thanks" he hung up. He browsed the phone and found that the card was a 160 gig chip. He didn't think they made them that large yet, but hell, why complain. Then a message came on the phone. "Do you wish to Configure Ultra Control?" He was hesitant, but decided to take a chance. "Yes" he pushed The phone worked for about 5 minutes. "Address book upgraded.

Do you wish to automatically add visual connections?" "Not sure what it is, but why not?" he said to himself as he pushed Yes. "Complete. Do you wish to add Auto Address?" again he through caution to the wind and pushed Yes. "Set up complete. Auto Address has detected 38 cells in the area.

Do you wish to add them?" He was a little confused. This program found all cells and could add them to his address book. Cool. Had to try that. Yes. "Do you wish to automatically add from now on?" Yes. "Do you want to activate voice commands?" Yes. "Complete. Enjoy your new program." "Open address book" He said. His address book opened and he found it had increased by 38 new numbers. He also noticed that all his contacts now had a video next to them. He could not figure out how that had happened.

One caught his eye. It was a video of a pretty brunette girls reading while sitting at a bus stop. The name was Kelly Smith. "Open Kelly Smith." He said He opened the address. Now the video was full screen. That's when he noticed that across the street was the girl on his screen. He realized that not only did he now have her number, but a live video link to her.

He pushed on the information button. Kelly Smith 18 years 12 Main St 5′6″, 115 lbs 35-24-32 B Cups IQ 114 Heterosexuality 90% Bi-Curiosity 10% Promiscuity 40% Send Command? "How the hell could it know all this? How could I even know if it was right?" That's when he noticed the Send Command prompt. He pushed the button and it open a window that said "Give Command" "Call Kelly Smith." The phone rang. He saw her across the street answer the phone.

"Hello." She said "Hi is this Kelly?" "Yes." "Do you live at 12 Main St." "Yes" "Are you a B cup?" "Yes" she answered without hesitation. "Why are you answering these questions?" "Because you are asking me them." "So you would answer any question I ask?" "Yes" "When was the last time you masturbated" he asked expecting her to hang up. "This morning." She answered without thinking.

Holy shit he thought. "Will you do anything I ask?" "Of course" she said. "Flash your tits now." He looked across the street and saw her pull her top up, exposing her breasts and then lowered her shirt. He stared in disbelief. Still shocked he said "Thank you" and hung up the phone. Then he decided to test it further. He looked through his address book again and found his buddy Jake. Jake was sitting on a chair in his house and his new girlfriend Laurie was on her knees blowing him.

His info came up Jake Brown 17 years 1865 Carver st 5′11″ 185lbs IQ 121 Heterosexuality 95% Bi-Curiosity 5% Promiscuity 85% Send Command? He pushed the Send Command button and said Call Jake Jake answered "Hey buddy, what's up?" "Not much what are you doing?" "Laurie giving me some pretty good head right now." Holy crap.

He had to test something. "Hang on a second Jake." He put him on hold. He called up Laurie's address. There she was, topless blowing Jake.


Laurie Singer 18 years 653 Meadow lande 36-26-36 D Cups IQ 135 Heterosexuality 70% Bi-Curiosity 30% Promiscuity 60% Send Command? He pushed the Send Command. "Call Laurie." "Hi Laurie, are you giving Jake a blow job?" "Sure am." She said.

He saw a conference call button and pushed it. He now had a split screen of both of them.

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"So Jake I guess you're not lying." "Nope." "Guys put me on speaker." He saw them push a button on their phones and put them down. "Tell me guys how long have you two been fucking?" "About 3 weeks now." Jake answered. "How is he Laurie?" "Not bad, but he won't go down on me." "Jake, that's not fair. You should return the favour." "Sure thing buddy." He said.

Kyle saw Laurie take off her pants and Jake sit her on the chair and go down on her. "Thanks Kyle, I owe you one." Laurie said. "Maybe you can send me some naked pictures of yourself?" Kyle said jokingly. "Right away." She said. He saw her pick up her phone and point it at herself and click of a three pics. Then she worked the phone for a bit and Kyle got an email. He opened the attachment and saw the three photos of Laurie naked, being eaten out.

"Jake hang up and finish what you are doing." "See ya buddy." Jake said as he hung up.

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"Laurie, take me off speaker." She did. "If I asked you to come over and fuck me would you?" he asked "Of course, when." She asked.

"Maybe later." He said to her "OK, anytime." He hung up.


Then he got an idea. "Call Danielle." The phone rang. He saw a video of Danielle in her bra and panties, sitting in front of a mirror, plucking her eyebrows. "Hello" "Hey Danielle, what are you doing?" he asked "Just reading." She lied. "Really." He asked puzzled. How come she could lie. He had to test again. "Danielle, would you take a picture of yourself right now and send it to me?" "No, what the hell is wrong with you." She yelled "Nothing, just kidding around" he said and hung up. "Why did she not obey?" He said out loud.

A message came on the screen "To control subject you must us the Send Command Function." Holy crap. He decided to use voice command to get all the information about his new chip. It was designed by a secret lab. Someone must have lost it. Address book will show current video of subject When calling subject through "Send Command", subject cannot lie or disobey Subjects sent a command through "Send Command" must obey Subject Cell phone must be within 50 yards for commands to work Calls cannot be traced by any government agency Can control anyone with a cell phone Can get info on anyone with a cell within 100 yards This was too good to be true.

One last test. He called up Danielle's address. She was still sitting in front of the mirror Danielle Rivers 18 years 429 Lake st. 38-30-36 D Cups IQ 138 Heterosexuality 50% Bi-Curiosity 50% Promiscuity 10% Send Command? He hit Send Command. "Take picture of your tits naked and send to Kyle." He saw her reach behind her back and undo the clasp. Then she picked up the phone and took a picture of her tits and sent it Kyle. A few minutes later Kyle got an email from Danielle.

It had a the picture of her lovely large breasts. He looked at her video again and she had put her bra back on. Now he needed to think about how to use this new power.