Bf amp wife doggystyle in hotel

Bf amp wife doggystyle in hotel
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COOL STORIES: No one under the age of fourteen has any sex in these stories.

Hot Coed Fucked Every Which Way

Stories: 1.The Sister-in-Law 2.Violet 3.The Nurse 4.Kisses From Around The World 5.Just a Sweet Love Story 6. On The Bus 7. Nerd NOTE: Is adultery ever a loving act of kindness? Could be. 1.THE SISTER-IN-LAW: Miller is sitting on the couch exhausted. Millie is finally asleep in the bedroom. The surgery has left her in a lot of pain, despite all of the painkillers that have been prescribed.

She just doesn't want to rely on them very much, and so refuses to take all but the most critical of them and only when she just can't take the pain anymore. This all makes it much harder to take care of her. But, his love of Millie obligates him to respect her wishes in this matter. The prognosis for total recovery is questionable.

There could be long lasting limitations on her mobility and bodily functions. He doesn't want to be selfish, but is very concerned about their love life. Until lately, when her condition became apparent, their love life had been very active and adventuresome. Now he worries, what will be left for them?

He knows that she is worried, too. Not only for him, but for herself. She loved the feel of his large cock in her vagina and anus. It all depended on how well the surgery had went, and that was in doubt now. Probably would be weeks before they knew for sure. And then he thought of the coming arrival of Sheila, Millie's sister. She was coming to help out with Millie's care, since Miller needed to get back to work, to help pay for all of this, and also to keep his sanity in the face of all of the stress that they were feeling.

And Sheila would present increased stress to him, in addition to Millie's condition. But, he would just have to face it. He remembers the past, when it was Sheila that he loved and thought that his star would be hitched to. Those lovely days in that summer, before he had been in any kind of serious relationship with Millie. Sheila had been wild and wonderful. A truly kinky and demanding lover and companion. So many sexual adventures that had tested his capacity to keep up with her.

The sharing with others, the dangerous places and sexual activities that boggled his mind even to this day. 'Did we really do that,' he thought? 'Yes, we did.' But, now his life belongs to Millie. Sheila had tired of him and moved on to other conquests. He had been somewhat relieved at that. And she had been so gracious when Miller and Millie married.

It was almost like she had chosen them to be together. He hoped that she would remember that when she came to visit and help out. There had been some not so subtle teasing over the years. Oh well, I guess I better get some sleep before Sheila gets here. The time for her arrival was uncertain, but surely soon. Miller nods off on the couch and gets some much needed sleep. He was so tired that he didn't even dream.

Later that evening, Miller is awakened by a loud rapping on the door. As his mind clears from sleep, he realizes it is probably Sheila stuck on the porch in the dark and cold. So he rushes to the door and opens it to be greeted by a vision of loveliness that is undimmed even at her age of 35.

'She is one terrific looking bitch,' he thought to himself. And he guided her into the warmth within and hauled in her two trunks to the spare bedroom, which she will occupy for at least a couple of weeks. She made herself at home on the couch and wrapped herself in the afghan there to warm up. It had been a long and cool flight, and then an hour's ride in a drafty cab with a broken heater. She was chilled to the bone. Miller made her some coffee and she savored it while watching Miller as he moved around for her through speculative eyes.

She had warmed up enough to move around and so excused herself to take a hot shower to further warm up before she looked in on Millie. She swept by Miller who was now in his favorite chair, as she was on the way to her bedroom, which had no connected bathroom. She made note of that and its possibilities.

She decided to turn up the other heat in the house, so to speak. And so purposely moved from the bedroom to the bathroom without a stitch on and emphasized this by asking Miller to show her how to adjust the shower spray warmth. He wasn't blind or stupid, he had seen this coming, but he graciously helped her with her request and then excused himself to go and check on Millie with a vision of Sheila's gorgeous body in his mind.

Millie was deeply asleep and resting as comfortably as could be expected. So, he decided to make some dinner for the three of them. Thankfully, Millie could eat normally in small quantities and Sheila had always loved his cooking.

While he was cooking, he could hear Sheila enjoying her shower and then finishing it with very easily heard toweling off and then her hair dryer. This was mostly facilitated by her leaving the bathroom door open. The steam clouds from the bathroom even made it into the kitchen. He had to temporarily kill the fire alarms which tended to go off even at the raise in temperature caused by the shower steam.

While Sheila was dressing, he set the table for a dinner for two, since Millie was confined to the bed. He admitted to himself that it would be fun to have a guest to dine with. This had been absent for him for some time now, with all of Millie's health problems and a couple of long stretches in the hospital for her.

When Sheila came out, she was very happy to see the dinner set before them. And they enjoyed their repast in a convivial atmosphere. When the meal was completed and Miller was cleaning up, he heard Millie stirring in the bedroom. So, he put down what he was working on and hurried in to check on her. She was wide awake and smiled up to him. "I can tell that Sis has arrived. I can smell her perfume." "Yes, she is in the living room, right now.

Would you like something to eat? We have just finished dinner and I can bring some in to you. And a pain pill, too. If you want." "Oh Miller, you are so kind. Sure, bring me in a small plateful and one of the medium strength pain pills and a glass of cold water.

After I eat, I will judge as to whether to take the pill or not." "Alright, Honey. I will go and get them." "Please wait a minute, Miller. I want to talk to you a bit. Come and sit beside me and listen. Don't say anything until I ask you to! Can you do that for me?" "Yes, I can do that for you 'hun.' What is this about?" "I am going to talk about serious things now, my love. You are being so kind and loving to me. You can only imagine how much this means to me. It is easy to love someone when things are smooth.

But, you have been just great thru all of the pain and heartache that I have suffered over the last few months. And you have been very brave and considerate too." "I must tell you now, what the actual situation is.

The doctors left it up to me to share this with you at the appropriate time. And that is now. The surgery that they performed on me is much more serious and with a much more uncertain outcome than was previously shared with you. There will be no children. And my survival is very much in question. Also, even if I survive, our lovemaking will be very much curtailed by even the most optimistic outcome. Miller, I am very concerned for you!" With tears in his eyes, tears for Millie not himself, he exclaims: "You are worried about me!!!

When my love, my only true love tells me that many of our dreams are finished and that even your survival is in question? You worry about me? Millie I love you beyond everything. My heart is welded to you. I will love you forever, no matter what happens. Whatever I lose in our physical lovemaking, I will accept.

I will never leave you. I am yours to all time!!!" Through teary eyes, Millie murmurs to him: "I know Miller. I knew it when you asked me to marry you.

I knew about you and Sheila, but it didn't matter to me. I was absolutely convinced of your love and your pledge of faithfulness. I always considered the great lovemaking that we have shared as only a minor part of the love and devotion that we each felt for the other.

You too, are my dear heart, forever. No matter what happens." "But, now we have to do something about you. Sheila isn't here just to help me, Miller. She is here to help with you, too! You need it much more than you realize or would admit. I know it for sure. You are used to having physical attention very regularly and with a lot of enthusiasm and adventure. That cock of yours hasn't been in a mouth, vagina or ass for months, has it? (Miller shyly nods.) I thought so! Even if you had sought relief with an escort or friend, I would not have held it against you.

My dear heart, you need it to be able to cope with all of this, at least until I might fulfill that role with you again." "I will be honest with you, Millie. I have felt the lack of it. I am not whining about it and if it is necessary, I will continue as things are. Besides, I feel that I would be unfaithful to you, if I took care of this with someone else while you are still left in need!" "We will take care of that for me in some way, as soon as I heal up enough for it.

But, in the meantime, you would be unfaithful to me to not take care of yourself with someone else until we can be together again.

Please let me arrange this. I will let you know, my love." "No promises, but I will consider it. If only for your peace of mind." Miller left the bedroom to get some dinner for Mille and he saw Sheila on the couch consumed by tears, sobbing her heart away. He approached her and patted her on the shoulder.

"You heard it, didn't you?" "Yes, I did. The door was not closed. I heard it all, Miller. I am so ashamed of myself. I came not only to help my little sister, whom I have always adored, but to selfishly pursue you to recapture some of the fun we had that summer. I am so ashamed, Miller.

How could I be so selfish and cruel to two people that I love so much? I don't know how I will ever face her!" "You will bravely face the sister that you love so much. She is expecting you. Just let her eat a little first. And I will tell you when to go in. She is very keen to see you, you know." "Yes, she is a kind heart. And Miller, it was no accident that you met her and had the chance to know her. Since, I was so wild in that day, I wanted you close and I also wanted my little sis to have a fine man.

Well, I got at least one of those things. And I have always been proud of how you have treated her. Didn't give up on selfishly enjoying you again, though." "Hmmmmmm. Well Sheila, I will let you know when to go in.

You can rest on the couch and watch something for a bit." With that he went in to the kitchen to prepare a plate for Millie. After Millie had shared some of the dinner with Miller looking on, she indicated that she would take one of the pills after all. Then she indicated that she needed Miller to ask Sheila to come in to be with her for a bit. So, Miller sent her in. As Sheila sheepishly passed through the door, Millie asked her to close it.

And then to take up sitting beside her on the bed. After taking Sheila's hands and clasping them in hers and then kissing them, she pulled Sheila down to hug her as hard as her aching body would allow. Sheila started sobbing again, and Millie found herself comforting her sister, who had come to comfort her. Millie smiled at the irony of that. "Ok Sis, that is enough of that. I am so glad to see you. You look great.

How are things going for you?" "Well, enough Millie. But, I came to be with you and Miller as soon as I found out how things were. Miller is obviously being such a dear. I am so happy that you married him." "He has been a great husband over these years and an even greater mate during my recent health troubles.

I don't know how I would have made it this far without him. But, I have another thing to talk about with you, tonight. It doesn't cost me as much as someone might think, because I love you both so much. I want you to take care of Miller for me, while you are here, until I might be able to resume that responsibility. He will be a bit hesitant at first, but it is for my good as much as for his. And yours too, Sheila! I know that you have missed him over the years.

You loved him first and I have some knowledge of how hot that fever burned. He has been faithful to me, though there is a definite glow about him when you are around. And you have been more careful of my feelings than you would give yourself credit for. But now, I need you to pull out all stops and fuck him for me, Sis.

Keep him safe between us until I see what happens to me. If worse comes to worse, you two will have to sort that out. But, with no guilt! I want you to promise that, Sis!" Sheila looked up at the teary but serious face of her sister, and nodded. She then heard her sister instruct her to start tonight. Not to delay.

Strike while the iron was hot, so to speak. And Sheila knew what 'iron' Millie was alluding to. This was certainly not what Sheila had expected coming here. Of course she would do whatever her sister asked of her in this regard. But, this would not be the fun wanton sex seduction she had had in her mind on her way here. This was to be a mission of mercy, with a possibly resistant target. And all done in the name of her dear sister.

Well, she would take what she could get. No telling if any chance for this would ever come again. Probably not after Millie gets well. She now considered her plan for that night. It would take all of her stalker skills and then some. And a little impersonation, too. Later that evening, when Miller was in deep sleep in the other spare bedroom to give Millie some peace in hers, Sheila stole into his room.

She was wearing Millie's sheerest night gown. White, but see-through from head to toe. It covered everything and nothing. She wore Millie's perfume. She even resembled her younger sister somewhat.


All positive towards her mission of mercy. Miller would not know what was up, until it would be too late to stop. And this could not be an all-out sexual romp.

It would have to be more in Millie's mode to work its magic. The 'really fun' stuff would come at another time, after he was initiated into being with her again. She slipped off her slippers as she pulled up the sheet and blanket. She then curled up to his back, spoon fashion. Then she reached around and lightly caressed his arms and chest, nuzzling up to his neck. She worked on arousing his body, but not his mind. And it seemed to be working. And she found that her whole manner was cooperatively attuned to this mission.

She was actually enjoying this. WTF? She then pulled up the night gown and closely nuzzled her body up to his back. She gently rubbed her woman skin up to his bottom, and shoulders. He was beginning to notice on some visceral level and was rubbing back onto her, too.

And as she sent an exploratory search to reconnoiter his organic reaction, she was pleased to see that 'the iron' was indeed hot! Now she encouraged him to turn over and she did too. Before he could wake and react, she had his penis between her legs and up and into her pussy.

It felt so good to her, there. He had the largest cock that had ever entered her. She had forgotten that. No wonder she missed him, she thought.

It was probing to the depths of her, all the way to the end of her paradise chamber. She felt so full of him. He wasn't awake enough to provide the motion yet, so she did. And it felt so good to her. She could feel the liquids leaking out onto her leg. And she could tell that her pussy was very slickery.

She could feel his body tense in anticipation of its own mission, and then here it came a hot load to the mother lode of sex. No chance for him to sleep through that. He was groggy at first, and with that advantage, Sheila man-handled him to his back, rose up and straddled him, and pushed his still firm cock up into her love portal. The combination of the spectacular view, the white gown and Millie's scent had Miller completely confused.

But, his body totally understood. A hot woman was in heat and he was the meat. So, he knew to work with it and enjoy the ride. And what a ride it was. Sheila was determined to get her due and would ride him to hell to get it. As she bucked, bounced and ground into him; his cock rose to even higher strength. It was so long and hard, that it was actually hurting Sheila inside. But, that lifted her even higher in her desire for him and energized superhuman forces from within her.

She rode him like her life depended on it. As her awareness of her coming climax came up, she began to yell and exhort him: "Fuck me, Miller. Fuck me for Millie. She is probably listening and hot herself. Punch that cock up into me and make me cum. You are the man, Miller. I have missed you so much. Millie loves you so much, no wonder! I will do my best to keep you strong for her. And me. (she whispered) Ride up into me with that cock.

Ooooooh… I am cumming Mil! I am cumming with you inside. Give it to me again, Mil! Give it up to me now, you bastard! Now, Mil! Now! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, oh yes. I felt it. Another heavy load, and I came Mil. I came." As Miller and Sheila came down from their mutual high, they snuggled up together exhausted. In another bedroom Millie had been listening and stroking herself imagining that it was Miller with her. She came high, but didn't dare bring herself to climax with her recent surgery still not completely healed.

With a little tear, she smiled for him and fell into a comforted sleep. 222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222 2. VIOLET: NOTE: This is one of only two stories that I have written from a request by a reader. I liked the idea and the story that grew from it. Violet reaches up on the time card rack for her own personal hourly record and installs it in the appropriate slot, then pushes down the blue bar across the machine and she is now officially on duty and part of the company.

She moves swiftly to her appointed checkout stand and gets things in order for her to carry out her appointed duties. She has already been upstairs to stow her personal belongings that have no place at her work station.

Amber the Front End person has installed her till with the funds carefully counted out to exactly one hundred and fifty dollars, including the change and postage stamps. Violet notices the six-wheeler cart of candy and snacks for the check stands ready for her attention. Since, it is slow for the moment she begins this routine job, with zeal, because it is something different than just checking or waiting for the next customer.

She doesn't mind her job at all, it is just fun to do something different once-in-a-while. She notices the other department heads moving to take the reins in their individual 'kingdoms.' Their assistants have already been in house for a couple of hours to get everything ready for the morning 'before work' crowd.

They will cause an avalanche of very impatient customers for about an hour and then things will slow down till about noon, when the lunch crowd arrives. It is Wednesday "hump day' after all. Violet takes a very 'laissez faire' approach to Check Stand oversight. As long as everyone is busy and they have the appropriate number of checkers in the front they hear nothing from her.

But, she could be sharp if necessary with a malingerer. Mostly she was about the sweetest 59 year old widow you could imagine, and everyone respected and loved her in the store. In addition to oversight of the check stand operation, she also did some tutoring of the courtesy clerks and checkers as needed. Marci the First Assistant manager had informed her yesterday that a new young man would be starting today as a checker.

That was very unusual, since most started farther down the rungs and worked up to the check stands which paid more than courtesy clerks or helper clerks. No one ever managed to find out how that happened for him, but he turned out to be a rather pleasant young fellow, so the shock wore off in just a couple of days. Violet closely examined Tim as he approached her to start his first day in the store. From the manager provided printout she learned that he had already been through the two-week company indoctrination school, so was somewhat in the know about what was expected of him and how he was to do it.

He had even scored a 95 on the product code test, which is unusual for a male.

103 % on the timed production test, which is good for even an experienced checker and a 50% on the customer interaction scale, which he would have to improve on to succeed in this business. The grocery business tends to attract the most socially interactive people it can, because in the end it is not primarily prices or store décor that brings the customers back, it is the people, which many retailers have learned to their chagrin during labor work stoppages.

Violet-----Hello, Mr. Lockland. Welcome to Food Specialties. I am the Check Stand Coordinator and I manage the clerks and courtesy clerks while they are working in the check stands. I will be available to aid you into entering in to this profession with encouragement and mentoring. I understand that you will be used on the floor for displays and stocking when I don't need you up front.

But, you need to know that when I call you to help up front, that I need you NOW. So as soon as you can safely leave off what you are doing on the floor you need to quickly make your way to the front. Also, I see the results of training school here on a print out. You did exceedingly well. But, you will need to develop customer interaction here in the check stands and on the floor. Don't force it. Let it grow.

You will also need to oversee the courtesy clerks who are helping you while you are checking. Most of them are fine, but every once in a while we get one that is clumsy or lazy. If you notice a continuing problem, I need to know about this. I will attempt to improve their work.

No need to take any of the challenges in the check stands to anyone else in the store. We keep such things here and I don't ever take a name to the top store management unless it becomes hopeless.

Only done that twice in my twenty years with the company. Tim------- Boy, that is a lot to take in. Violet-----Yes it is, but I and the others here will help you in your transition. From what I see and have read of you, I will be very surprised if you don't get your act together very quickly. Tim------- I sure hope so. Everyone here is so very encouraging. And……&hellip.friendly. Violet----- Yes, Tim, this business tends to attract such people.

After a couple of minutes to let this all soak in--- Violet----- I don't need you for the present, so you can go back and report to Nor-man our backstage manager and receiving clerk. Try to not take on any tasks that you will have a hard time leaving on a moment's notice. Norman will understand. As she saw Tim walk away and before he rounded the corner going down the grocery aisle, she fixed her attention on this very nicely dressed, respectful and attractive young man. Perhaps like one she might have had with Alvin her very dear and departed husband.

No complaint about her lovely daughters though. At about eleven in the morning business started to pick up, so she called Tim back the front. She called Marci on the internal phone system and asked her to take a check stand so that she could mentor Tim as he took his first customers.

Marci as First Assistant Manager was exempt from having to help out in the check stands, but both she and John were exemplary in helping out around the store when needed. She put Tim on the quick check stand to give him small orders to break him in with. He was doing very well.


She only had to remind him twice about code numbers that were rarely used and also for him to work his way around the credit card scanners for the customers. He got it very quickly. So, she then asked Marci to trade places so that Tim could gain experience with larger orders.

He did really well again. His interaction with the customers needed a bit upgrading, but he was not shy about directing the courtesy clerk in what was needed to be done. After a couple of customers it was Violet's time to go to lunch, so she patted Tim on the shoulder and told him how well he was doing.

Violet noticed that Tim sort of leaned into the pat and briefly brushed the front of her body. She asked Galen the bread guy to come up and mentor Tim, since he was done with his daily duties by now and was an excellent checker himself.

Then she went off to enjoy her lunch and some delicious personal thoughts. As she was sharing in her lunch, three of the key ladies in the store joined her at the same table. Estelle (Front End), Bobbi (Bakery) and Chandri (Floral) came to be in deep conversation of deep concern to them. Violet just caught a couple of words mentioning John and them and a couple of other ladies. She spoke up and said that the ladies should drop this subject where anyone else could hear it or they would be jeopardizing their jobs and maybe John's whole life.

The conversation stopped immediately. Then Violet kindly shared with them that they should think about what John had done for all of them before providing the reef to sink the ship.

And to remember, that no matter what the law says and business ethics teaches, no one loves a snitch. Unless it involves abuse of children or forced attentions on anyone, it is best to just leave it alone. Everyone present in the lunch room heard the last statement, looked down and very busily engaged their lunches.

Little did she know that she would need this kind of treatment, someday. Over the next three months, Violet and Tim learned much about each other, and deduced much more by what was not said. Tim learned that Violet was married to Alvin who was fifteen years her senior when she was nineteen.

That Violet was never beautiful, but she was nice looking and very popular among the boys because of her enjoyment of attentions.

Alvin never acknowledged, nor worried that she was not a virgin going into the honeymoon. And that they were very happy with each other until he died unexpectedly at age sixty four. And that despite the fact that Alvin was short, rotund and bald, he had fathered two beautiful daughters on Violet. He also learned that Violet had a very fine life with her children and grand-children coming for the day on every other Sundays. They would attend church together (possibly their only appearances at such,) have a sumptuous buffet dinner, release the men to watch the football game in the living room on the only T.V.

in the house, have the ladies remain in the kitchen and after the dishes were done entertain themselves with family talk and cards and send the female children off to one of the girl's old bedrooms and the boys to the other.

There were no T.V.s in either one, no video games either. But, there were marvelous toys and games to play. One of the things that he deduced from among the things she said and didn't say was that she was very lonely for male attention when she wasn't at work or with her family. She had evidently truly loved intimate loving attentions. Alvin hadn't been all that good at them, but had made up for it greatly by all of the other loving things he had done for her.

She was just hoping that she could experience some things before she really was too old to share in or enjoy them anymore. Violet had learned about Tim that he had come from a 'cold' but responsible family and that he had married very young at nineteen.

She had been a buddy of his since they could walk. He truly loved her, but in the five years that they had been married, that her initial intimate interest had pretty much dried up. She hadn't started to totally ignore her husband, but there was now no adventure or deep feelings apparent in it. But, despite this, he wanted nothing to do with leaving her and their one son.

If he had to, he would live with this for the rest of her life, since they were still great friends. But, the pot was boiling between Violet and Tim. There were the pats, 'accidental' body brushings and near misses of kisses.

One Friday she asked him if he could come by her house and help her put up some curtain rods, since she couldn't reach up that far and wasn't comfortable standing on a ladder.

He just smiled and said, "Sure." When Tim showed up, Violet had already been very busy in her weekend cleaning with her family due the next day. She was dressed in her overalls and looked very cute in them to Tim. They shared foolish and shy smiles at each other as Violet showed Tim the curtain rod brackets that needed to be installed. Tim brought in his handy man tool belt and carryall and began the small job.

While this was going on, she excused herself to take a refreshing shower. When Tim was completely done he wandered up to her bedroom to report on his finishing the job and accidently (?) discovered her in her bedroom totally naked and still toweling off from her shower. Their eyes met and he nodded to her soundlessly. Then he asked, "Violet, do you have any more little jobs that need to be done around the house before I leave?

She paused and then motioned for him to come in and then directed him sit on the side of her bed with his feet on the floor. She then lowered herself to the small rug there and after dropping her towel, moved to opening his pants.

Without looking up into his eyes, she opened up his under shorts and guided his penis out into the open. It was just a bit over average, but handsome at that.

With saliva from her mouth she slickened it up and moved her hands to pump up and down on it. Now she moved her eyes up to see Tim's reaction. He was enthralled at seeing his dick being attended to by his much appreciated leader and mentor from work.

She smiled. When it had reached what she presumed was it maximum inflation, she moved her mouth to take in the head with its purplish head. She first kissed it and then moved up and down the underside of the shaft, then with her lips moistened and her mouth full of her saliva, she moved half of the length into her waiting mouth.

She used her tongue and inner surfaces to give him the maximum pleasure and then moving the remaining length inside she swallowed the first length down her throat. She didn't even choke on it as some might, but was able to breathe around it as she pumped her mouth and throat up and down on it. It took only a few minutes and she could feel the tightness in his balls in preparation of shooting his spew inside her. She tightened her grip on him both with her mouth and hands and he proceeded to dump his load right down her esophagus into her stomach.

He leaned back in a weakened state and so she eased him onto his back and lifted his legs on to the bed. With him comfortably supine on the bed she moved up to straddle his head with her matronly breasts. He moved his mouth to the side and took the nearest nipple into his mouth and kissed and then suckled on it.

She very actively showed her approval and enjoyment of this. His loose hand moved to her pussy area and he could feel the abundance of sex moisture there. When he wiped her there and then brought the product to his mouth, he tasted her for the first time. The tastes and pheromones lit his sexual fuse and he rolled over her to be on top and immediately mounted her, pushing his still hard dick into her now drenched pussy.

They both then became very active in the resulting fucking, with her pushing up and he pushed down. After a few precious minutes, they together dumped their loads into her vaginal vault.

Some even managed to enter her womb. With this they relaxed and enjoyed each other's bodily contact in post coital bliss. It was a half an hour before either of them wanted to move or talk. And when this happened, Violet was very curious as to his response to this loving session.

Tim sat up and made himself comfortable with a couple of pillows stacked up upon each other. He looked to Violet and then realized it was up to him to comment on what had just happened.

Tim------- Violet, I am not leaving my wife, no matter how good this is! Viol------I know that and am not asking for it. But, I am offering what you apparently are not getting at home, without disturbing your family arrangement. Tim------- What a gift that would be to me. It might even save our marriage. Violet-----I hope so, she is a lovely lady. Tim-------Yes, she is. And this would relieve her of an onerous responsibility. Violet-----Don't abandon sex with her entirely.

But, won't she figure this out and be jealous? Tim--------No, I don't think so. She and I will still be very interested in our son and each other. Except for intimacies she really likes to be around me. And yes, she would insist on at least some marital due to keep the marriage alive. But, I don't think that she will mind at all having me taken care of by someone that is not interested in threatening our bond.

Violet-----Good to hear. Now show me how much you appreciate what I am offering! With that he rolled her over on to her back, lifted her legs and moved his mouth to her pussy. It was already inflamed with excitement and wet with anticipation. Licking about it with no pattern he raised her to higher levels than she had ever experienced before. She then began to beg him to fuck her again. She couldn't stand it anymore. It had been so long.

So, he smiled, kissed her firmly on the lips, briefly tweaked her nips and then moved in between her legs and entered her sacred chamber. She was mute with desire and expectation. She could only moan at the sensations that she was feeling. Mercifully he proceeded to lightly pound her, causing even more of her love juices to appear.

He felt that she was very close, so he moved her legs together while still in her and pounded very powerfully into her. She couldn't take this long and with his dick rubbing against her clit she shot into sexual dreamland with a very soft and affectionate landing.

As she came back to her senses, she cried on his shoulder and told him how much she had loved it and appreciated what he had just done for her. He said that it was his pleasure, and actually meant it. Then she became aware that he had not cum again yet. He was not complaining about it, but he was obviously in some distress. So, she asked how he most dependably came and he replied anally. She thought for a moment because she had never shared in this before, but was determined to send him off satisfied also.

She gathered up two pillows and laid down with them centered under her belly. He was already very well lubricated from her pussy, but added some spittle to that and nudged up to her rosebud. Because of her age, it opened very quickly for him and he progressed very slowly and gently until he was all in. She was finding this to be not bad at all. Just a very different feeling about it. After he was settled in her and her body had adjusted to his entry, he began to lightly pump in and out of her.

She found that she was getting excited again, and he definitely was. After a brief time he bucked up and spewed all of his load into her dark chamber. He then laid next to her and held her in his arms so very gently that she barely felt it. She only felt the love that they shared at that moment.

Her mind reviewed what had just happened and she was very sure that she wanted him often. She also would have liked to have a child with him, but that apparently was too late to happen. Perhaps, they could adopt a deserving little boy and raise him together with him being represented to him as the 'uncle' and with it in her name.

So much happiness could be theirs without it directly affecting his at-home family. If everyone involved would just act respectfully, this could lead to her totally enjoying her life into the future years. Well worth the effort 333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 The Nurse: Ben was coming out of a cloud. It was like a cloud in his brain. His mind was trying to find its way out of the fog.

Unknown to him at this time, was that he had been in a very bad auto accident, which had caused him to be unconscious for more than three months. He also didn't know that his wife had been killed in the accident, though his children in the back seat had survived, though badly hurt.

He couldn't see anything yet, but he could dimly hear voices and sounds around him. None of his limbs would obey his commands to move, but there were some sensations in his limbs that he couldn't identify. Just there, but not definitive. The young nurse noticed the change in his breathing. She had been instructed to notify the RN, when this occurred and then she would decide if this called for immediate attention by one of the attending physicians.

The RN decided that a text message to the doctor was enough for now. He would be coming in to see Ben in another couple of hours, anyway. For Ben, the fog was starting to thin out. He was coming to be more and more aware of his surroundings. He noticed the nurse even before he could see her. Perhaps her body heat, or her breathing clued him in. Even though he couldn't see her, he could sense the loving care that she was showering on him.

An awareness he felt even before his brain was fully engaged. Over the next few days, his senses became more acute, and some tingling feeling was restored in his limbs. He came to feel hunger. This was so, even though he was intravenously fed.

It didn't satisfy his stomach. Next his eyes opened. It was a momentous day. He couldn't focus on anything yet. It was all light and dark. But, it was progress. The nurse noticed the blinking and dutifully reported it to the RN. His progress was accelerating, now. His whole body was waking up. As the young nurse cleansed his body the next morning after Ben had awakened, she noticed that his penis was reacting to her touch.

She shed a little tear to see this evidence of his return to humanity. But, she grieved over the realizations that were to come for him about his family. Such sadness. Her heart just reached out to him. She hatched a plan in her mind to help ease the burden for him, when he got to the point where he would be able to sense what she was doing for him.

A few days later, while she was again cleansing him, she noticed that he was now getting hard when she touched his penis. He was also showing some signs of stress over it. It had been so long since he had had a conscious release. Unknown to her, his mind had returned to the level of activity that permitted dreaming.

And such dreams they were. It was like somehow his body knew that he hadn't been laid in months. He dreamt of his beloved wife, of the few other women that he had shared his love with before he married. His wife had been so sweet to him. Not at all adventurous in their sexual relations, but very concerned for his feelings and needs. Very affectionate, too. He never felt that he was missing anything while he was with her in passion. The next time she washed him, she noticed that his eyes were open and following her.

His penis rose and got very hard. She took it in hand and caressed it till it began to weep his pre-cum. She then cleansed it again and after checking that they would be alone, took it into her mouth and swirled her tongue over it.

He was so overwhelmed by this loving act that he proceeded to cum very quickly into her mouth. He showed some signs of embarrassment over this, but she wiped her hands and mouth and ran her fingers through his hair and kissed his brow.

He then relaxed with a faint show of heartfelt gratitude. This was repeated every few days, when she cleansed him as he continued to improve in his bodily senses and his awareness. He hadn't gotten to the point where he could focus his thoughts enough to ask questions about his situation.

Just enough to begin the process to coping with basic bodily functions. In a few weeks, he could sit up and move his hands with some purpose. They seemed to have at least some sense of feeling in them. He couldn't talk intelligibly yet or stand up. But, she recognized the progress in his hands, by moving them up to cup her breasts under her blouse, and then moving them to under her skirt to caress lightly her belly and nether regions.

She could see the relief in his eyes from her accepting these attentions, and of course the cum from him in response to her oral attentions was quite evident. Two months later, he was standing, haltingly walking and talking in basic sentences. To the doctors, his progress was simply amazing. Since his awareness of his past was not seen yet, they wondered at how he was moving so rapidly forward. They gave a lot of credit to his attending nurse, not knowing how true this was.

He had progressed sexually, too. He was using his hands to give her some pleasure, which in turn pleased him after all of the very personal and welcome care that she had given him. None of this was known to the doctors. The next time that she came to wash him, she decided that he could do this himself in the shower. The RN had been recommending this for some time.

So, the nurse helped him off with his clothes and guided him to the shower connected with his room. She took off her clothes after locking the doors and joined him in the shower. She helped him to wash himself and then with a shower cap on, moved down to her knees and took his penis into her hands. She massaged and caressed it, and finally took it into her mouth.

She swirled it with her tongue, pumped it in and out of her mouth and finally added sucking action to that. He got rock hard. She had him sit on the built-in bench in the shower and then turned around and sat on his lap, while guiding his penis into her pussy. He couldn't move much yet, but she did for both of them. After a few minutes, he came deep into her. And she sighed in sympathetic response. She then rinsed him off and helped him back into his hospital pajamas. He was able to return to his bed with little help from her.

He laid back and closed his eyes. Sleep soon followed. When he awoke, she wasn't there. He asked about her, and was only told that he didn't need the round-the-clock monitoring anymore. They would answer no other questions about her. The nurse that came now infrequently was very officious and would answer none of his questions about anything: his care, what his family situation was and especially about her. After another couple of weeks, he was moved into a convalescent center for continued care.

He progressed well, but never saw or heard of the nurse again. The young nurse was taken in before the hospital board and congratulated over her excellent care of such a traumatized patient. In private she was counseled about remaining professional in her treatments of patients and then given a glowing letter of recommendation that she in a chastened state took along with her to duty in another of the HMO's hospitals in a distant city 444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 4.Kisses From Around The World: Toby had Giselle in the car with him, they were leaving the dance early, and she was sitting right next to him in the front middle seat.

It was a dream come true. Thank God and his parents for family sedans. As he drove to the local burger joint known to the locals as the Burger Burp, he sneaked his arm around her. It was dark, the windows were tinted, so he wasn't worried about any cop stopping them.

She snuggled up to him and laid her hand on his lap. They were quiet and contemplative during the drive. He wondered why she had just taken an interest in him lately.

She had never shown any interest in any of the boys that he knew about before. She wondered how far she should let him go tonight. After eating their meals, he asked if she needed to go home then. She said, 'no' her parents would be there and they wouldn't have the privacy to talk.

Evidently, she misunderstood the import of his question. Or she was signaling that for her the evening wasn't over yet. He suggested that they go to his place, then. He informed her that his parents were at an all-nite party. She already knew that he was an only child and that no one else lived with them. Since they had both lately turned 18, she was showing a more independent attitude about herself and him.

She had always stood firm about herself, and was thought of as ice-cold. But, evidently she had been just reserving herself for the right time and the right person. He wondered how he was fitting into this, now. They moved right up to his bedroom and locked the doors and turned down the lights to a bare minimum to foster a feeling of intimacy. They removed their outer clothing, she even removed her sweater so that only her blouse was on.

Then they laid back on the bed next to each other and turned on the radio to their favorite station. At this time in his life, he listened to the radio far more than he watched T.V. He kept the volume down low enough for them to talk, but high enough for them to hear the broad range of the tones of the songs played.

For a while they just talked about their friends, school, and what they wanted to do with their futures. She wanted to be a psychologist working with young people. He wanted to be a banker. She described a difficult challenge to finance her dream.

He could pursue almost any future he wanted with his family's newly acquired wealth. She knew about that, with all of its implications, and was truly happy to see him have a chance at a bright future. She imagined herself in that future with him.

It didn't hurt at all that she had always liked him. They were feeling very comfortable with each other there, and soon their hands found each other and one of each ensnared the others with their fingers entwining.

The conversation dwindled off, and each wondered what to do next. She wanted this evening to be memorable for him, to foster the possibility of them becoming a couple. He just wanted to partake of as many of her charms as she would allow. He really liked her, though. After a few very quiet minutes, when she was afraid that the intimacy with him that she was trying to foster was dying on the vine, she suggested a game that some of the girls were playing.

He rose up to sitting as he listened to her describe it. While he was listening to her, he couldn't help noticing her breasts rising and falling as she spoke. The game is called, KISSES FROM AROUND THE WORLD. It involves naming a country and imagining what a kiss among lovers from there would be like.

She suggested Alaska, to start. He had no intention of reminding her that Alaska is a state and not a country. She already knew this, but used Alaska to initiate their play with something rather tame.

"Let me show you a kiss from Alaska," she said with a shy smile. And so she rose up, showing a little bit of her breasts which Toby very much enjoyed. She had him turn and face her and then she started to rub noses with him. He was much amused by it and smiled widely at her when they stopped. She smiled, too. And patted him on the arms to further initiate the closeness she wanted to foster between them.

"There are only two rules to the game, Toby. One, one of us names the country, and the other decides what kind of kiss would come from there. And Two, they both have to agree on the kind of kiss that is proposed. Do you understand? (He nodded.) OK, I say India." He thought for a few minutes for an appropriate type of kiss from the long list of things that he wanted to enjoy with her. He suggested a very chaste kiss to her cheek, since they have a reputation of being very proper in public.

She agreed. And so he leaned over as she turned her cheek to be in proper position for him and he lightly touched her cheek with his pursed lips. She showed little reaction to him, but felt her body warming up inside. He next suggested France, but she said that France might be a bit too advanced for them yet. She countered with Italy, since they always seemed to be kissing everyone enthusiastically on the cheeks.

He agreed, and so she grabbed his head and enthusiastically kissed him repeatedly on both cheeks. It caught him by surprise, so he tried to draw back at first, but when he understood her playful spirit, he really got into it, too. They lightly laughed when they pulled apart. Since he missed his turn, she allowed him to again make a suggestion. He was trying to think of a country noted for hugging, since he badly wanted to hug her next. So he suggested Spain, since he imagined them being very active in hugging.

Didn't know for sure, but wishful thinking was well in gear here. He told her that it was because of their active hugging of each other. She couldn't for the life of her remember if that was true, but in the name of the game, she let it go by. They turned to face each other and reached out with their arms to pull each other near, and then simply pulled themselves up heart-to-heart as well as body to body.

She now saw where this could lead to and she made sure that despite her enjoyment of the game with him that she would keep enough of her will alive to call a halt to things if they started to get out of control. Where that line was, she wasn't sure, and it seemed to move one tick away with each of the countries that they visited. She now revisited the suggestion about France that he had previously had suggested and said that perhaps they could entertain that now.

She didn't explain why, but he thought that he knew.

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They again faced each other, drew themselves close, pursed their lips and began a very spirited kiss. After a few moments, neither of them wanted to stop and it developed into open mouth kissing and then tongue probing kissing, too. They were both getting physically warm, his pulse was rising as was a certain member of his body; she was feeling a little light-headed and noticing a warm and wet feeling in her nether regions. When they came up for air, they broke apart for a bit to catch their breath and let their minds cope with what had just happened.

Neither of them wanted to discuss it, but they both felt the magnetism that was forming between them. In order to cover his flaming desires, he suggested that they go down stairs to get something to drink and something to snack on. She wasn't biting on that. She didn't want to lose the advantage that she now possessed, and have him just remember a pleasant evening's kisses with her. She wanted it to be an evening where she would forge bonds with him that could last a lifetime.

Every girl knows how to do that by the time she is Giselle's age. Many of them long before that. And since she had just found out that she really liked him a lot, and that he definitely stoked her fire, she was now going to go as far as needed to accomplish her mission.

So it was her turn to name the country, and she considered it closely for it to further her purpose. She was trying to think of a people who were 'handsie,' that is that they used their hands a lot when affectionate. She couldn't come up with one, so she decided to use Germany and stated it was because they liked to caress and pat those that they love. He didn't know about that, but was good with assuming that it was true. Could be that it is true, he thought.

So, they again sat so that they faced each other and began to pat and caress each other's body. They began with innocuous areas like their heads, arms and backs; but it soon moved on to more intimate areas like her breasts and bottom, and his chest and groin. They were again getting very heated up. He next suggested Hawaii, since they wore little clothes to the beach. She again knew that that was a state and not a country, but in the name of the game and to continue to foster the intimacy that they were generating, she agreed.

They both simulated being on the beach by removing all of their outside clothes, leaving him in his shorts and her in her bra and panties. Neither seemed all that shy about it, when they thought of it as beach wear. As part of the play, she said in a playful tone, "Isn't the beach pretty today?" He smiled and agreed. He got a big bath towel and laid it on the bed. They laid next to each other just like they would have on the beach, and he sat up after a bit and leaned over and kissed her very warmly.

Both of their nether regions were warm also. They also let their hands play over each other's bodies and began to deeply kiss. Nods to the countries that they had already visited, surely.

His hands strayed to her nether regions through her panties, and hers did too, through his shorts. It started of its own free will without any thought of it coming up to their conscious minds. The kissing got more enthused and the hands got busier and the 'heat' was rising. In an inspired moment, she suggested Africa, since she averred that the people go around naked there.

This came out of her mouth before she could shut it off. But, since it was out and he looked enthusiastic at the prospect, she decided that it would be rude to back out now. So, they removed their underwear very quickly and resumed their positions on the towel acting as a beach blanket.

They also resumed the kissing and hand's work. It got to be too much and Toby was just crazy to see Giselle's private regions. And she wanted him to do so. So with a deep kiss to her mouth, he then moved down to her breasts. Small but firm and pointy with the nipples at full attention. After gazing at them for a moment he moved in to kiss, nuzzle and suck on them. Giselle nearly went out of her mind with this, it felt so good, so to return the favor she reached for his member and began to caress it.

This certainly further spiked his attention, and so he moved down to her groin area. For a couple of moments, he just looked at it. Amazed at the simple symmetry of it. Her flat tummy with a slight swelling centered by her belly button.

The light patch of hair above a slight swelling that reached to between her legs. The slit that bisected it, and the clit that stood proudly out from the middle of it pointing directly at him. It seemed to be calling him and he answered the call. She had heard of such things, but the prospect of it actually happening right now, started to spook her, but he was so affectionate and gentle, she decided to relax and enjoy it. Relax, sure! Every fiber of her body from her lips down to her pussy was alive with feeling.

She started when he first engaged her clit. But, she soon began to enjoy the intense feelings that it generated. She began to move her body in concert with his lipping action. She decide to join into the action and suggested that he straddle her body his head to her pussy.

He didn't think about it, he just did it. She had heard of something called, 69 and decided to try it out. When he felt her mouth on his dick, while he was sucking on her clit and pussy, it was just like the world had exploded into a cosmos of wild sensations. A circle-of-lust ensued. The sensations of his dick in her mouth and his mouth on her pussy drove them to heights of lust that they hadn't even imagined. At this point, their bodies just took over, they didn't even know what was happening until it was too late.

That is when he was balls deep in her pussy filling it with his spark of life. They were shocked at what had happened, but it felt so good, they entered into the rhythm again and she got another climax from his emptying into her again. With that they collapsed onto the towel and held each other's hand.

She was the first to recover and so went into the bathroom to clean-up. She then brought a wash cloth for him to do the same.

Neither felt any reason to cover up now, they just rolled into each other's arms and fell asleep into a short nap. When they woke up, it was very late, so they got dressed and prepared to take her home. There was nothing but joy in their manner about each other.

He held her so tight and told her how much he loved her. She cried a little at that, and when he became concerned she comforted him that it was tears of joy. As he drove her home she thought of the night, and knew that he was truly hers now.

All she had to do was to treat him right. Not give him everything that he wanted when he wanted it, but to love him dearly and give him enough to keep his heart bound to her. Too much, too soon, might ruin it. When they got to her home, he escorted her up to the door. They kissed fervently and then she broke free with a warm smile and went in to meet her mother who was waiting.

Her mother was sitting in the living room watching some sales show on T.V. She looked up at the clock and then at Giselle, her only daughter. Then with a questioning look, she inquired, "How did it go?" "Well enough, mom. He is so sweet!" Mom nodded, and they both went to their respective rooms thinking, 'mission accomplished.' 55555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555 A SWEET ROMANCE: I am an aged man now. In good health and secure in my means of living.

But, since I retired I find myself with not enough to do, and sometimes with difficulties in going to sleep at night. So, in those times I open myself up to directed fantasies. They are somewhat freeform, but with limitations that I enforce upon them as they progress. I usually set the stage as the person that I am in the fantasy and the circumstances that I find myself in to start, then I let it roll as it will, for instance: I find myself at the age of sixteen, in the sophomore year of High school in Big City, USA.

The year is 2017 and the month is September at the beginning of the school year. I have lived in this town since birth, so I am well known among the students. But, I have the reputation of being a 'goody- two shoes' because I refuse to join into any of the risky kinds of behavior that some of the other students open themselves to their lives to. And I take my studies very seriously. Though not a highly intelligent student, I make up much of the difference by just old fashioned hard work.

I study the material ahead of time and prepare for all of the tests and produce any lab work of written material that is called for. From this faithfulness I carry a strong A minus grade point average, and am respected by my teachers.

I am not much into sports, except I am a fine bowler, carrying a 198 average in league play. I am a roller skate dancer, and have passed the three first certificates and am working on the Bronze Bar dances. Also, in the late winter, I run cross country and am a miler during track season.

Since, these are mostly individual play events, I am lacking in the team play mentality of other athletes of my school. I am pretty much a loner in most things. And inexperienced in dating matters. I am not completely ignorant of sexual matters. I have already had the Health class that covered human reproduction, and it is hard to be totally ignorant of sex for fun with us being in the internet age with porn so readily available. But, I am not obsessed with porn or sex and have just a normal curiosity and interest in it and girls.

Girls tend to like me, but in a friendly way, none of them have shown any individual romantic interest in me. I understand with my wide ranging reading that that will change when the reproduction mandate becomes fully active in their early to late twenties. So, it is the second week of school and I have no athletic entanglements at school this time of the year.

I am in a junior bowling league on Thursday evenings and doing very well this year, and regularly roller skate on Saturday nights. Those make up most of my entertainment and recreational activities. Sundays are for family and we are all expected to attend church with the family and stay at home for a day together. My folks though, do not believe in driving their children towards decisive involvement with their religion, they are happy to just let us get a taste of it and see if it fits with us as an individual.

In my case at this time, I can take it or leave it. But, the pot lucks and picnics are really good fun. None of the girls at church have taken an interest in me, either. I am sort of tall and slim, and very very shy with them. They are polite to me, though which I very much appreciate.

My classes this semester are: Introduction to Chemistry and Physics, Adult life Challenges, Literature, Advanced Algebra and P.E. I have a study hall in the middle of the day, too. It is just before lunch. I have a thirty minute ride on the school bus to and from school, so I do some of my literature reading on those times. A quirk of mine is that I am very talkative during classes.

I am usually right when I volunteer to answer or discuss things in open class and sometimes don't know when to shut up, either.

But, the teachers are patient with me, and really, when I am talking they don't have to. About this time, one of the girls in my algebra class approached me while the rest of the students were struggling with some problems from the chalk board. Still call it a chalk board when the actually use markers on a plastic surface. When she bent over to have me help her with a problem, her blouse fell open and her breasts were readily available to be seen by me.

I caught just a glance at them, because I knew that the teacher had sent her over to be helped by me, and would be looking at us. But, when I looked up at her, she had a very big smile on her face, the teacher that is.

And the girl was very intent on the problem at hand. So, I dragged my eyes down to her paper and began to explain to her what this problem was all about. One of my math teachers insisted that there are only five kinds of algebra or story problems and if you can recognize which one you have before you, it is relatively simple to solve them. I explained this to her, and as soon as it was out of my mouth she jumped up to return to her chair desk to finish the problem. No thanks or anything like that.

But, I was happy to help her. When we got to lunch, she approached me while I was eating and sat right across from me. "I'm so sorry that I rushed away after you helped me with the problem. I was just so excited to get a handle on it that I couldn't wait to get back to my chair and work it out. I want to thank you so much!" "No, problem, Sharon. I was glad to help.

And for you information, I sometimes react the same way, when I all of a sudden get a handle on a problem that has been annoying me for some time." She sort of looked at me a little sideways and nodded to me and left to be with her girlfriends at their table.

You see, Sharon was one of the UNREACHABLES. Not snooty or anything like that. She was just so busy in her activities and girlfriends that she evidently didn't think about any of the boys at all. It didn't help that she was six foot one inch tall and played center on the girl's basketball team and was a prodigious spiker on the volleyball team too.

And though that she lived just down the block from my family's house, that didn't help at all, either. Because her family was of the upper crust in Big City, with him being the president of the largest bank. But, I don't ever remember them ever looking down their noses at my family though, even though we were strictly blue-collar workers. My father had worked himself up from a very difficult youth, to eventually owning his own car repair and collision shop. Probably financed it through Sharon's father's bank, too.

So, my family was very well regarded, too. She did ride the same bus home as I did and that afternoon as we rode home she took a place beside me and engaged me in talk about our classes. She couldn't help it, either. Her hands patted me on mine and my shoulder several times during the trip.

I didn't think much about it at the time, but it was very nice in its own way. Over the next few weeks, the little group at my lunch room table grew as others boys and girls came to me for clues as to how to handle certain problems. I never gave them the answers, but I did confirm when they got it right. They each treated it as a matter of course, with only faint, but well meant, expressions of gratitude for the help.

It didn't change my status among my fellow students, but they were somewhat more respectful of me from then on. But, my math teacher called me aside before class was started and told me of her appreciation for the help that I was giving the struggling students in her class. I faked not knowing what she was talking about to not appear to be courting favorable treatment from her, but she knowingly smiled and sent me to my seat.

There weren't any grandiose expressions from Sharon, either. But, we did seem to be gravitating to a much more personal relationship with each other. And I was glad for the unhurried manner of it. I wasn't ready to fall in love with anyone, and for this to happen with Sharon would at that time be unexpected. You see, Sharon was a noted girl's basketballer and volleyballer, popular in her own right.

She didn't need to have the reflected glory, as dim as it was with me, for her to flourish in our peer group of students. She was popular in her own right. So, evidently, her interest in me was pure and simple. One boy and one girl in serious LIKE with each other. At that time, she was about four inches taller than me. Not that it mattered a fig to me. After all, I had learned that mostly in love play, the lady is flat on her back, and any guy at any height, could cover her with his body in that position.

Andbesides, I was at an age that I would still keep on growing, and was likely to catch up to her in the coming years. Not that was a big concern of mine, either.

When we looked into each other's eyes, we were equal in every sense that mattered to either of us. It came time for the late fall sophomore Prom, which was a very casual affair. Her father called mine and asked if his son, me, would be interested in accompanying his daughter to the dance.

That we seemed to like each other, but were at this point, too shy to make the next move. The two fathers had a great laugh over this, and my Dad said that he would get back to him. That evening, he put the thought up to me, and I said that I would ask her the next day. In a private moment between us I brought up the subject and she with gleaming eyes, told me, "Yes!" On the night of the dance, when my Dad drove me over to Sharon's home, I went in to get her alone.

When I appeared at the door, her father asked me into his study for a few moments while she finished putting her 'casual' on. As he looked at me, he gently suggested that I sit down. It took a couple of minutes for him to get to the gist of what this was about, but he bravely poured out that he was very glad to have me date his daughter that night, but that he wanted her to arrive home in the same condition as she had left it.

He wasn't expecting any divergence on that, but since a young girl had gotten pregnant after one of these dances in the last few years, a bit of concern wasn't out of place.

I assured him that Sharon was safe with me, and he nodded in agreement. He maintained that he expected nothing less from a fine young man from a very respected family like I came from. I was sort of blown away by that, but nodded seriously in return.

Then I moved with him to the exit door to gather up a casually dressed vision of young woman beauty. My tall young girlish dream. And on the trip to the dance with my Dad's wide smiles, during the dance with other students smiling at our attempts to dance together and on a very warm-hearted return trip to drop her off, the evening was a total success.

I also got a THANK YOU, text message from her dad. Over the next two years, we became regular social partners and shared in most of the social swirl at school together only. There was no profound emotional bond yet, just a very friendly and affectionate relationship, that was a lot of fun for us both. It wasn't that we didn't have the same inclinations that were common for teens at that age, we were just so busy having 'good clean' fun and busy with our activities to have time to get into trouble.

On the weekends when we weren't busy with our activities, we would often be together sharing in family activities with either my family or hers. And both families were very gracious to our sharing of our time together. It came to be silently expected that we would match-up and marry some day.

But, neither she nor I ever brought up that subject. And as to intimate reactions to each other, they were limited to brief excursions to 'First Base' and Second Base' which were satisfying enough for the present. One concern for her father was that she was continuing to grow in height. In her senior year she grew to six foot six inches tall.

I was six foot, two and uncaring of the height difference. And she was still the supremely gifted and coordinated athlete that she had been since I got to know her personally. But, the continued growing was of concern and the Doctors decided that it was a hormonal problem and acted to stop it there. But, along with that came the difficult to bear news that because of her physical attributes that she would likely not live past the ages of twenty-eight or thirty.

In the meantime she would be fine, but in the long run her body would wear out prematurely, even if she took it easy. No likelihood of that. She pushed herself even harder in her senior year of basketball and volleyball and won national attentions for her skills. We both received athletic scholarships to our home town college, and she was selected for the Olympic team as a striker in volleyball. She was nationally recruited for her basketball skills, but was very satisfied to stay at home and play with the local players that she had played with and against over her high school years.

And they loved her for it. During her last weeks before our Senior Prom and graduation, she had a very intense and private discussion with her father. It was about her knowledge of her condition and the expected results to her health and life because of it. She made it clear that she wanted to have babies as soon as possible, so that she could have them before the onset of her expected physical difficulties, and so that they would be old enough to know her and remember her when she passed on.

With this, her father dissolved into tears in his chair, and she had to get up and comfort him with the thought of him losing his beloved daughter.

He had hoped to defer this tragedy into the future and ignore its consequences until it happened. And now she was talking about prematurely in her life giving birth to children, with James?? He knew that James was her best friend and highly thought of her, but love? It wasn't apparent in their relationship, and she admitted that. However, she asked her father's permission to discuss this with James, and to get back with him over it.

He reluctantly agreed to this. So, on a bright spring day, the couple with a blanket and packed lunch drove to the Bay View Park that so many in town loved and took a place among the trees in private to discuss a concern of hers that James wasn't aware of yet. After sharing in the lunch and in some light banter, she got down to business. "James, along with a wonderful lunch with you, I have something much more serious to discuss with you." This got James's attention and he waited for his longtime girlfriend to open her heart to him.

"You know about my physical prognosis, and the limited lifespan that I am expected to achieve. It is of concern to me that it might interfere with me having the children that I would like to have. I don't want to wait until the last minute and have babies that will never actually know me. I would like to have them as soon as possible, so that I can nurture them and have them firmly remember me, however long that time with them will be. The doctors are now extending that expected lifespan somewhat, but it will be what it will be." "Yes, I am well aware of the health considerations and am heart-broken at that prognosis.

But, as to the 'having of babies,' don't' you think that you are a bit young to enter into that, especially since you are just about to enter college and with the athletic obligations that you are taking on?" "Yes, I think that this is quite premature as to the normal flow of life events.

But, because of the health concerns there are ample reasons to move thing quite a bit forward. And I guess that I didn't make it clear to you, I want to have them with you." "Well, Sharon, we are not married, and I am a bit young for that responsibility. It has occurred to me that it would eventually happen for us, but at this time I have felt no impetus to advance towards this in the near future." "I understand that. You have been so good to me and so very respectful. Is there some other girl that you are thinking of in that regard?

(I shook my head at that.) Okay then, if you would do this for me married or not, it would be a great favor from the best guy that I have ever known and be respected by my family for sure. I have already run this by my father." "You mean that he has accepted the idea of you having babies before marriage with me?" "No, not exactly, he thinks that we will be married for this. And he expects that both families will help to sponsor this while we are getting our educations, to make up for us being so young.

We could live either at your folk's place or my family's. I would prefer my family's if possible to be closer to my mother for all of this and because we have a vacant mother-in-law cottage on our property that would give us a bit more privacy." I asked for some time to think of this, and she agreed.

She also suggested that I talk with my father and hers over this. So, I did. We got married the week after graduation. And got busy to produce our first progeny right away. It was a glorious night and just as exciting and heartfelt as I thought it would be.

With the window shades pulled down, the lights turned low and her in a very cute bra and panty combination, with nothing else, she took me by the hand and led me to our bed.

It was our honeymoon night, our first incursion into active sex, after several years of steering around it. She had a wide smile on her pretty face and with loving hands began to stir up my feelings and hers.

I first gravitated to her face and mouth with growing lustful feelings stirred up by the view of this gorgeous body and the attentions of the girl within.

As I kissed her avidly and began to probe her mouth with my insistent tongue, she was initiating further actions by moving her hands right down to my now exposed penis, that was responding admirably. For this night, she didn't want a drawn out mode of lovemaking, that would come later when she was officially pregnant. What she wanted this night was my load up in her as often as I could manage it.

I instinctively knew that and so after a brief foray into her pussy region with my lips, I moved up into past her still present hymen and dumped my first load up into her. She bravely took the minor sharp pain of her obliterated 'cherry' and gloried in the first initiation of her hoped for motherhood. The process was repeated many times that first night, and because of the emotions and stresses of the previous days, she released an egg that was fertilized and implanted soon after.

It was only a matter of a couple of weeks and everyone in both families knew of our success. A lot of serious planning by all of them then initiated. To accommodate a very young couple in parenthood and successes in our college schooling and other pursuits. Sharon and I were drawn very closely together in all of this. We also began to make brief videos of the many aspects of our lives, for the benefit of our children in the future, especially for after their mother's demise.

Sharon made the Olympic's team in volleyball, and played some. They won the gold that year.

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I was an alternate in the 1500 meters, but didn't get to compete this time. I got to be with Sharon part of the time, but since she was sequestered with the women's quarters, I didn't get any intimate time with her.

She got a lot of offers from fellow women there, though. She missed much of her freshman year basketball season since she was rounded up by then and had the baby on the day of the NCAAW's championship game. That summer, we were very busy with our little girl Athena, and with studying up for the coming year. Neither of our parent's families wanted us to work at this time. They both wanted their grandchild to be well taken care of and they viewed our college studies as our next most important work.

After the baby was established in our lives, she reluctantly gave up nursing her anymore and proceeded to get in shape for the coming volleyball and basketball seasons. We settled down to a workman like relationship in our sexual lives and neither of us seemed to care. We were so busy in our studies, training and child caring that we didn't have much time to think about it. During that summer, she got many outreaches from colleges interested in her for volleyball and basketball, but answered all of them with that she was very happy where she was playing.

The volleyball team played a small college schedule and pounded the opposition. They also peppered in some games in tournaments with major schools and acquitted themselves well in that, too.

So, they were both at the top of the small school rankings and mentioned in the big school ones, too. More of the inquiries of transfers occurred with the same responses by Sharon. She led the league in scoring her sophomore year and the nation in her junior and senior years, for schools of any size. In the meantime, we had another child, another girl, Jewell, who was timed to be born well after the finish of the junior year basketball season.

In her senior season, her local team won the national small college championship, and were invited to an unofficial tournament for the top schools in all of the divisions. It involved eight power houses and Sharon's team played the top school's championship and lost by three points in overtime. Sharon scored fifty points in the final game, and the other team insisted that she be selected MVP, because they were so happy to have won and truly admired her skills.

She played in the Olympics again that year, this time in basketball and led the team to victory. I won the Bronze medal in the 1500 to make it a memorable summer for the both of us. She played seven season of home town pro ball and they won five championships. And she managed to live another ten years to the age of thirty-eight and then succumbed to her body's giving up. We had a total of twenty years as a married couple, all happy years.

And our daughters got to know their mother up to their twentieth and eighteenth years. At the memorial service for her, they had a picture of her as a backdrop of her as a young mother holding both of her babies and a bright beaming smile. When her father spoke of her, he included me in his comments and spoke of how proud he was of having me as her husband.

He mentioned that she didn't have as many years, as he would have liked, but that because of me they were all very good ones. And the two fathers walked me to the graveside service and hung on to me through it all. She was buried in the cemetery prepared for me to be next to her and our parents on each side of us.

I never married again. And lived a fine life, despite that. For the years of our children's lives, they honored their mother by watching the videos that we had made, every Christmas right up to when the last of the two of them died themselves. 6666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 ON THE BUS: Marvin is starting to feel the years.

He is still in very good shape for his age, in his early 70's. But, he feels several things about him that are evidently not operating as the optimum. One of those thing is his night vision. He passes all of the physical tests to keep his driver's license. But he feels somewhat lost and confused when driving on unlighted streets in the late evening and especially in the darkness of night.

He feels that he could drive the streets blindfolded, and probably could because of his several years of driving a taxi in this town.

But, he would prefer not running over anyone in the process, and so has been considering selling his beloved Suburban, the best vehicle he has ever owned. Several of his lady friends, though, have been recommending that he just park it at night and use the buses after dark. Big City has a wonderful bus system. Pick-ups every fifteen or twenty minutes going anywhere in the city. And it is very cheap for someone my age. So, after watching my favorite movie, a replay of OUTLAW JOSIE WALES, in the late evening at the movie complex, I found myself on the bus moving towards my home condo.

This was after riding one all the way up from the theater complex to the northern bus terminus and then grabbing one heading south that would drop me off right across the street from my condo. The bus is just about empty at this time of night. But, with a stop on the way, a pretty little girl boards and takes a seat in the middle of the bus, where I can observe her. She is not aware of my respectful gazing, since she is busy communicating on her cell phone.

On the next stop, five hooded 'gang-bangers' come on board. As they progress down the aisle, they take notice of the young girl and three of them take the seat right behind her. She is still fervently communicating and doesn't notice this.

When the bus starts in motion again, the other two move over to join the three behind her. Evidently the driver notices, but even though it is against the bus's rules, at this point it is not bothersome enough to cause him to stop and do anything about it.

But, I can see that his eyes are following the scene behind him as he also watches forward. I am also following the activities in the vicinity of the little girl very closely.

The guys don't pay any attention to me, after all I don't have a hooded sweater, and am of an age that would equal at least three of them. After a couple of minutes of motion, one of the 'hoodies' leaned forward over the seat in front of him and whispered something into the ear of the girl. She was at first very irritated by the intrusion into her cell phone conversation, but then seemed very scared at the further whispers from behind her.

Finally, one of the guys reached over and did something that I could not see, but evidently the driver saw enough of, especially the girl's reactions to it and pulled the bus over and I joined him as he walked back to confront the guys. It at first appeared that they were going to contest their impending ejection from the bus that they knew was coming, but behind the driver, I flashed my licensed to carry pistol, and they thought the better of it. In hindsight, I think that these were the same thugs that I encountered at the movies several weeks previously, when I first met Miko, the young lady who studies at my place.

But, since I was dressed differently this time, they didn't seem to make the connection. With them gone from the bus, the driver turned around to resume driving and nodded to me as he passed me by, not aware of the artillery that I had brought to bear. I am not sure if carrying on the buses is legal, so I keep it hidden to prevent unnecessary confrontations over it. I sat down next to the girl and asked if she would like to move to the back of the bus to avoid interaction with any other passengers for the duration of her trip.

With tears in her eyes she whispered in a very young voice that she would if I would move back also and guard over her. I said that I would be glad to and motioned for her to proceed back as I grabbed my bags from up front. She retrieved her back pack and we met at the rear of the bus with us on the right hand side, her next to the window and I next to the center aisle. With this orientation, we were just out of the driver's sight, but within his awareness. He was busy driving and seemingly unconcerned about us and our move.

As we settled into the seat, she cuddled up to me and wrapped her arm around my arm with her tiny body plastered against my side. I looked down at her and she lightly smiled up to me with a few tears evident in her eyes. With that we settled in to weather the bus's cascading drive through lights and shadows in its stops and starts with lurching motions through the darkness of late evening.

In a few brief comments from her I gathered that she had a long ride to twelve miles south of the northern bus terminal to just below the city's southern limits. She was a student at the local community college and was making her way home. I was diverting my trip to make sure that she was unbothered for the rest of the way.

As I was enjoying her survival gratitude by holding tightly on my arm, my hand dropped to her lap, where I unconsciously was caressing her lower belly and upper nether regions. Her hand was tightly wound around my arm and tightly anchored to my hand. She just sighed and leaned her head onto my chest as she was very much shorter in stature to me.

After a couple of moments, she leaned up and lightly nipped my ear and kissed it, and then whispered that it felt good. At first I didn't know what she was talking about, but then became aware of what I was doing to her lower body through her clothing. I went to pull my hand back, worried that I was offending her, especially after her escape from the 'hoodies,' but she grabbed my hand and returned it to the place where it was and encouraged it to further stimulations.

To say that I was surprised and stunned is very much an understatement. With that, she untangled her arm from mine and moved her head to the same area on me as she was wanting me to stimulate on her. After just a couple of minutes she moved to unzip me, and whispered up to my ear, "Me, too!" So, I untangled my hand and joined it with my other to unzip her, too.

We both worked our fingers to the inside of the other's undies and to simultaneously give intimate attention to each other. She was already very wet and I joined her in that condition very quickly after her entering my shorts. Since other people were now in the bus, we had to be careful of what we did, so she confined herself to bending over and giving me a very brief but welcome B.J. When she rose up with my 'cum' evident in her mouth and on her lips, I returned the favor with my hands and fingers.

My fingers stimulated her clit and alternately probed into the interior of her vagina. She soon climaxed too, and with her fingers fed the product of it to my mouth. Then we kissed very deeply.

Just before she got off of the bus, she inquired if we could meet again, but I advised her that I was in a committed relationship with another very fine young lady. So, she gave me a card with her number on it, and with "Anytime!' written on the back. She waved at me as she egress ed from the bus. 7777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777 NERD: "Miss Johnson, can you please join me in the meeting room?" "Yes, Mr.

Blandon. I will be there shortly." After a few minutes they 'settled in' in the meeting room, just the two of them. Bruce let her know that he had a very important 'power point' presentation to show her. And she took her chair crisply and prepared herself to listen very carefully to what it was that he was going to offer for her attention.

As he fussed with the projector, she mused, "Why doesn't he ever notice me as a woman? I have wanted his attention for so long. Oh well, let's see what this is all about." As he finished getting everything in order for this very important showing, he mused, "Why have things never worked out between us?

We have known each other for many years. Oh well, let's get this moving on, she has other important work to do." At the end of the presentation, Bruce excused himself to answer a phone call back in his office. It was timed to get him out of there as soon as it was possible. Mary wondered about that.

As she moved down the hallway to her office, she mused over his actions on a personal basis. Bruce had been very fair to her here at Olympus Enterprises. He had invited her to apply here and then had sponsored her promotions, which she had deserved in all honesty.

He had always treated her with the greatest respect and showed it by working her very hard. She had recently been promoted to the manager of the IT Research Section, a very key department in this company. When they had been in High School together, though he had been two years ahead, she had fantasized about them being a couple. He had been very proper to her and had dated the kinds of girls that football heroes date.

He had married one too, while he had been in college. She had heard of it at the university that she was attending, and a little pain went through her heart at the news. It was very sad when it failed. They just didn't make a couple.

Seemed like they should have, but it just didn't work for them. One of life's confounding tragedies. She had never had a serious boyfriend. Very busy in her studies and a little standoffish in her manner. Perhaps, her nerdy type of clothing set the pattern, too. She favored brown blouses, with plaid skirts; a plain page-boy haircut and argyle stockings and the ugliest shoes that she could find. She even had the requisite pocket protector and pens in her blouse pocket.

Though she actually was a very attractive girl, and then woman, with a fantastic body no boy had ever seen; this ensemble virtually guaranteed that she would be left alone. Her bio-logical clock was ringing off the shelf, but she knew that she still had an adequate amount of time. For the RIGHT guy. No other would do. That night while in the arms of Paula, her longtime lover, she revisited all of this with her. Paula was always amused by all of this, since she was more than happy with just Mary.

Didn't have any desire for a guy at all. Except as a possible sperm donor with benefits. Would probably have to be part of a threesome for it to go down well with her. But, she felt no jealousy at all for Mary's interest in Bruce. Paula thought that he was a very nice person, even if he was a man. Silence then ensued as Paula got serious about her attentions to Mary.

She closed off discussion by deeply kissing Mary in the mouth as their bodies were glued together. Mary's hands were tenderly caressing Paula's back and sides.

They could feel the love between themselves. As they backed off, Mary went for Paula's ample breasts with her mouth. She nursed them like any toddler would. After first suckling them, she set in to tongue suck them and remained doing so until they tingled.

At the same time Paula was caressing Mary's head and running her fingers through her hair. When they backed off again, Paula worked her way down Mary's body with her kisses and landed in the love zone, centering on Mary's pussy. Soft licks, end-less soft licks up and down the pussy crack, slowly done started to have their purpose fulfilled. Mary's crack got very wet and her clit swelled up and protruded beyond the outer and inner lips begging for attention.

Paula adjusted her licking and sucking to include the clit and eventually to center on it. With one finger in Mary's ass and the other up her pussy, Mary gave into the assault and exploded in a magnum climax. Mary was somewhat disappointed in Paula's retreat and putting on her clothes quickly which prevented her from returning the favor to her lover.

Paula said, "It's OK, Mary. This was for you………; so that you won't be mooning over a guy who isn't paying attention. I'll see you Sunday. We need to go see that movie we talked about." Then she kissed Mary goodbye and rushed out of the condo. As she neared the door, she suddenly turned around and seriously looked at Mary, "Mary, maybe you need to move things along!!!" Without letting Mary say anything in return, she disappeared out the door.

"What an exit," Mary mused. "What could I do to move things along? I am not going to change my style at this time. I want him to come to me for what I am inside. There is enough time for him to get to know the outer me, which I know from Paula's attitude, he will also be very pleased with. I know that he truly respects me, how can I advance this to intimate interest? I will have to think on that!" On Monday morning, after returning the favor to Paula the day before, Mary had a couple of hours of downtime while she awaited a computer projection in order to proceed on her immediate and time-sensitive project.

She began to think on a plan (actually a plot) to move things along with Bruce. Let's see. There is the business meeting coming up next week, which will include both Bruce and Mary in the entourage. That opens up possibilities. What could spark his interest in her as a person?

I guess invading his bedroom, awakening him to a BJ and then mounting and riding him to a collapsing climax for both of them would do something. But, not what she wanted. Mary guessed that Ingrid might have done that. It got them married, too. But, it didn't last. Sadly, even uber sex doesn't guarantee a lasting union. How the two people feel about each other is the key. And she didn't want him to think of sex only about her, not even first.

If things would ever actually work out between them, it would have to be mutual respect as the rock solid basis. The glorious sex would take care of itself. But to flare up his interest, which was being smothered by their business responsibilities and the disinterest that he guesses that she feels towards him, something needed to be done.

THE NEXT WEDNESDAY: During the day, she noticed furtive looks by Bruce in her direction. Nothing overt, of course. But, she noticed. She might not have been the only one, also. But, the meetings moved forward and much good was done by the traveling management team. A very favorable impression was produced on the visited company.

After a very pleasant dinner with fine wines, on the company dollar, they settled into a restful night of sleep. Mary knew that Bruce tended to be restless at night and so she had prepared well for this trip. She donned her sexiest negligee, the one that always had Paula's tongue hanging out in lust and posted herself in the hallway, with her view fixed firmly set on Bruce's door. He was the only one that had a room alone. But, she planned for that to continue through the night.

Just a little spark tonight. While she was there, a couple of her fellow travelers made their way past her on their way to the ice machine, admired her negligee (and what was in ready view beneath it) and nodded and smiled as they circuited back to their rooms. After a bit, Bruce came out of his room, too. She noticed and moved herself into view. Bruce goggled a bit as he saw her. She had maneuvered into a situation where she was backlighted by a hallway light.

It couldn't have been more dramatic as Bruce saw her in the (Ahem) best light possible. It certainly worked! As soon as she noticed his reaction, she pretended a shyness and turned and returned to her room. On the way back home the next day, Mary and Bruce just happened to be in the same car and of all things, happened to be seated next to each other. Mary pretended to be oblivious to all of this, but she noticed Bruce looking intently at her several times.

He was unusually quiet too. Mary upped the torture a little by 'seemingly' accidently brushing and bumping into him. When Mary reviewed the events with Paula in bed that night, they both laughed uproariously. 'What a meeny you are, Mary!" Paula said. "It was all in good fun and with a worthy purpose," Mary responded in 'put upon' serious tones. She then smiled largely. "The poor dear," Paula offered in between licks on Mary's ass. And in it, too. "What's next on the agenda?

The 'marry Bruce' agenda, that is? Paula said as she rimmed Mary's anus. "Oooooooh, aaaaaaah," was Mary's response as Paula worked over her back channel. During a brief rest in Paula's attentions, she then said, "It is up to him now." "Well, keep me up on the progress. If I am going to have to share you with a man, he better be a great one." "Now, let's get down to business!!!!" Friday, late in the day, Bruce appeared at Mary's office door and rapped gently on it. Since, she had been awaiting this she heard it at first rap.

She moved to the door quickly enough to give him the message that she was positive about him visiting her in her office. "Mr. Blandon, what can I do for you?" "Miss Johnson, could you join me for dinner tonight? I know that this is short notice, but I have something important to discuss with you. Can I pick you up at 8 pm?" "Sure, Mr. Blandon. You know where I live. I will be ready at 8." "Very well, Mary. I will see you then." And he walked away very quickly.

Bruce arrived at her door at exactly 8 pm and she was ready, waiting for him. When she heard the knock, she opened the door almost immediately to Bruce's surprise and very apparent satisfaction.

As Bruce did a very quick scan of her attire, he noticed the usual upgraded by a white blouse, a light coating of lipstick and light colored hose that just quite didn't appear as 'old-lady hose.' He smiled and said to her, "I see that you went all out for tonight?" Before she could react, he took her arm and began escorting her down to the waiting cab.

He settled her in on the curbside seat and rounded the cab to enter on the driver's side. They then settled down for the ride to dinner. She looked sidewise out of her eyes and noticed that he was smiling.

She then relaxed and enjoyed the view as the taxi moved through the city in the dark. The cabby looked into the rear view mirror a couple of times, and by his body language seemed very disappointed that such a handsome couple were up to nothing sensual in the back seat.

Probably later in the evening, he deduced by their appearance and demeanor. When they got to the restaurant, he reached over the seats and handed the cabbie the fare and a generous tip. Asked if they could call him for a return trip if he was near and the cabbie gladly offered them a card with his personal number on it.

Bruce then got out of the cab and reversed the order of actions that he had used to settle Mary into the cab, ending up with her on his arm and entering the restaurant.

The restaurant was a mid-ranged establishment with a good reputation, but not crowded. Mary ordered a small Caesar salad with white wine, he ordered a steak and potatoes with one of the top-drawer local micro-brews. He explained that he had missed the early dinner because of work. She said that she hadn't. They settled in for some small talk while awaiting their orders. She betrayed an interest in the Seahawks and seemed to be quite informed about them. This produced a lively conversation, because they each took a sizably different take on matters.

She was very optimistic about the coming year. He was somewhat more guarded. Conversation ceased when their dinner fare arrived. But as they ate, they openly admired each other. This was apparent to the surrounding tables, which entertained them to a considerable extent. Two young people in love, was the general consensus. When the dining was completed, they settled back for the 'love sparring.' Which is terrific fun if entered into with patience and a sense of humor.

He indicated by no action at all, except for his eyes, that she was to be the first one to speak. So she took the safe way and thanked him for bringing her out to dinner. "Frankly, My Dear Mary (said with hooded eyes) I can't think of a good reason to have delayed so long in doing so. I have known you for so long and we have worked together so well, even if only for that, this is overdue. But, that is of course not all. I am guessing that you were in expectation of this date, too." She ever so slightly nodded.

He continued, "The very interesting maneuver by the ice machine at the hotel, helped give me the inspiration to take you to dinner. From the view that I got that night, the immediate inspiration was much more centered!!!! (She smiles.) Mary, I would like to proceed in dating you, to see where it will go. I have few friends, and you would certainly be numbered among them. I have all the respect in the world for your work in the company.

I have been alone for long enough, and I am very much drawn to you. Without putting you on the spot, am I misreading your interest level?" "No, Bruce.

I have admired you for a long time, since even before I was two grades behind you in high school. Lately, with my life in order and my career securely in high gear, I have begun to think about my personal life and future.

You have been so supportive of me professionally, acting as a true gentleman as you have, I wondered 'what if?'" "Well Mary, I guess that Nature does at times take things into hand. And in this case in a very pleasant way. Let's see how things go. And enjoy the process, too!" She smiled very warmly and he thought that he saw an ever so small sparkle in the corner of her eye.

"At this point, I can see only one roadblock, and that is our important places in the company. We need to be honest about our intentions with them. I know that we are both honorable people, but even honorable people can be misunderstood or even misrepresented, when they are not open about things and perhaps something (like our proposed personal relationship) is hidden and perhaps a questionable situation arises.

To protect both of our reputations, I feel that we need to bring this possibility up to the Board, so that they can make their feelings known to us about it. And objections, too." "Yes, I guess we need to put off any further dates, until that is taken care of. Thank you, Bruce for being so determined to proceed in this in a totally honorable way." "Well, not all of my thoughts are so circumspect.

You may need your tennis racket to keep me in line as things move along," said with a broad smile. She responded, "When the right moment comes, the tennis racket will stay firmly in the corner!!!!" And she smiled, too. After arranging the ride to her home with the same cabbie, who was very interested to see how the ride home went, they were each left to their own thoughts.

Both knew that the next Board meeting was scheduled for the following Friday night. He thought of what it would be like to have this goodhearted woman in his arms. She thought, how in the world am I going to explain Paula? And how will he take it? "That will take some serious maneuvering," she thought. The cabbie was only slightly disappointed by their very circumspect behavior in the cab.

He could tell that 'the waters were stirring' between them. After taking care of the fare and tip, Bruce took Mary by the arm, and then with his arm around her back, escorted her up to her door. A brief and light kiss, and he was gone into the night. Friday afternoon, they met on the way up to the Board meeting. They were still being very professional in their relationship.

But, the fires were burning very deeply in their hearts and 'bodies.' She had talked this over with Paula, and Paula had advised her to just play along and see what would happen, to not fret over it. Easy for Paula to say, but she knew that she was right about this. After 'old business' was taken care of, the chairman asked if there was any 'new business' to discuss. Bruce and Mary looked at each other and briefly waited to see if anyone had something important to bring up.

Evidently no one did, so Bruce raised his hand. "The Chair recognizes Bruce Blandon. What is your business before the Board?" "To the Chair and the Board, I have a matter that should come up before the board for its consideration. "As you might be aware, our fraternization policy for this company is very flexible. I think that one of the board members said during the discussion of the policies for this enterprise, that at least if a person dated someone in the company that they knew that they had a job!" Several smiles and no frowns broke out around the Board's meeting table.

"But, because of the sensitivity of the jobs of the two people involved, we thought that the Board should know that Miss Mary Johnson and I are going to start dating. We wanted to let you know in case you had any reservations about it, and any restrictions for us in mind." Everyone around the Board, just looked at each other.

At Bruce and Mary. And then at the Chairman. No one said a word. After a few minutes, the Chairman looked at Mr. Smelvis, the Chief of Security for the company and nodded for him to comment. "I think that I can speak for the Board and say that I see no substantive problem by this. In fact, I might make the personal admission that I think it is about time that you two do so.

In observing you two and your attempts, no say pitiful attempts, to hide your mutual admiration it is good to see this come out into the open. My only suggestion would be that Miss Johnson and the IT department be moved from under Bruce's authority to perhaps Fred's. Even though Procurements would seem to be a strange matching, since IT pretty much does its 'own thing' that should cause no real problem.

One good thing that would come of this is that with them together, if it goes that far, it eliminates two possibilities of inside info accidentally leaking out." "Thank you, Mr. Smelvis for your contribution. Does any other of the Board have a comment? (No one responded.) OK, then. Can I have it moved and seconded that this issue is closed, unless something substantive comes up in regard to it?" It was moved and seconded, a raise of hands showed unanimous approval, Bruce and Mary left the Boardroom holding hands.

As they left, Bruce was feeling great, like all of the problems of the world were now solved. He had free reign to date and pursue a woman he truly liked. Mary was thinking, OK one problem solved.

Now what do I do about Paula? I love Bruce, but I love Paula, too. I don't want to give either of them up. Now what do I do?

Bruce had a very important meeting out of town the next morning, so he excused himself from Mary and told her that he would text her about when they could see each other again the next afternoon. Mary hugged him and went her own way. When Mary got home, Paula was already there, soaking in a bubble bath.

And a fetching picture she made, too. While Mary was tall, slimly rounded with small sized perky breasts and a small flatly rounded tush; Paula was short, and very rounded. Her breasts were DD and her bottom was widely spread and very firm. She reminded Mary of a very huggable cheerleader.

And she had the energy of one. She practically dragged Mary into the bubbly water. Mary barely had time to undress before she entered the warm and swirling liquid. They each took one end and played with each other's feet. While so entertained, Paula asked, "Well, how did it go?

Are you both fired?" She asked this with a very smirky smile. As Mary's hands were progressing up to more interesting regions, she answered, "No, the board took it all very well. As far as they are concerned, we have their blessing!" "Good," spoken by Paula as they moved closer, with each one's hands on the other's pussy. With fingers busy exploring the sensitive mysteries found there. Their arms then raised and they held each other in their arms, kissing and smiling at each other.

Paula whispered into Mary's ear, "I don't want to lose your love, Honey. I am glad for you about Bruce, but it breaks my heart to think that I might lose you to him." As Mary gets out of the water, she grabs a towel for herself and one for Paula, and says, "Dry yourself off, My Love and come to bed with me to see how likely that would be." They move to the bed and reverse positions so that each of them has their mouth busy at the other's love zone.

They stay very busy in this fun, until they both fall asleep in this position. It is Saturday morning and Paula is gone. Such a tender night, she thought, ending with a pleasant shower together this morning and a kiss goodbye. But, "What about Bruce," she thought? "How will I tell him?" "What will he say?" More importantly, "what will he feel?" "Am I about to break the heart of the only man that I have ever cared about on a personal level?" Can I really have both of them?" "I can't bear the thought of losing either one of them!" "Or is this going to be some kind of shipwrecking hell for me and result in me losing both of them?" "I can't delay long.

I set this table, in the hallway by the ice machine. He is expectant, now. My fault! I maneuvered this into being. It was only possible before, now it is imminent. What do I do?" Mary continues to sip her morning coffee as these thoughts swirl in her head. What a perfect storm of emotions. She truly and forever loves Paula.

But, Bruce is the only man whom she can envision in her future. He is the only one that she has ever wanted on an intimate level. And she wants children, the natural way, a gift that she could only accept from the best man that she has ever known, Bruce. She shakes off the morbid and painful thoughts that are trying to torment her, and begins to busy herself with her weekend chores.

Work helps to soothe the mind. Especially regular chores that require little thought, just determined and faithful action. She attacks her apartment with a fury that beats it into submission. Runs all of the dishes and pans through the dishwasher, even the ones in the cupboards. Washes all of her dirty clothes and hangs them out on the deck.

Finally emptying the vacuum cleaner and then using it to get into all of the hidden crevices. Scrubbing the kitchen sink, the bathroom sinks and the shower and tub. Using alcohol to take off the remaining soap scum to cause them to gleam. Scrubbing the floor on her hands and knees, which is more personal and effective. After the work is done, which coincidently brings her to a state of total exhaustion, she crawls up on the couch, pulls the afghan over her and falls into reflective slumber.

Her heart and mind generate wondrous dreams. Some gentle, kind and ever so positive. Others tormenting and with sorrow bringing her to tears. Her body rides through the dreams and visions and twists the afghan into unrecognizable shapes that it might never escape from. Then, she comes to peace in her sleep and relaxes her heart and mind and dozes in sleepless comfort.

It is still early afternoon when she awakens. She takes a very hot shower and vigorously towels off with her towels that she deliberately hangs out to dry in a way that causes them to have a rough texture, which feels so fine on her skin. She looks into the mirror as she first towels off her hair and then brushes it to tame it into a more desired form.

Her mirror is full length and she can see the total height of her body and face. She knows that she is extraordinarily beautiful in face and form. She sees her dainty feet, her long and smooth legs, the small brush at the top apex of her thighs, the slight protruding clit that just barely peeks out from the hair, her flat smooth but slightly rounded belly, her long body, medium-sized slightly pendant breasts with pronounced nips, her long neck and her gorgeous face.

And she thinks how she has hidden this all from men over the years, ever since she became unmistakably formed as a woman, in a continuation of her girlish nerdy style of dress. It was deliberate! Only Paula and a couple of other lady lovers had seen it. No men, until the one that deserved to share in it. If one ever showed up in her life. Bruce??? She decides with her afternoon cup of coffee, that she needs to move things along again with Bruce. He will be anticipating something of that nature, since she has been the driving force, so far.

The time will come soon, when he will have to show the depth of his feelings about her. She is already sure of them, but they need to come out in the open, before she can surrender her heart and body to him. She also needs to come out herself and let him know about Paula.

Paula will be no competitor of him, and no danger to their love. Her love of Paula, is completely separate and self-contained. She will continue to have a significant part of her heart and life, but Bruce will be the center of her existence.

It will be his penis that will enjoy her body, all of it, it alone will plant the seeds of new life in her. She just hoped that Bruce, on some level, will understand. It occurs to her that he hasn't been to her place yet. Only Paula has been into its sanctum. She decides to invite him over for dinner.

She intends to carry on with her 'nerdy' self, but with some modifications to show Bruce just enough, to help inspire him as to their physical future and to hint that other things might adapt to his feelings and needs, too. In the privacy of her condo, she and Bruce can let their hair down, so to speak, and necessary conversation can proceed. "I will try to make it all very pleasant for him, but I need to tell him the truth," she forcefully tells herself. "He is a fine person and deserves the truth!" Mary holds back a pang of fear with that thought.

"YOU ARE INVITED TO DINNER AT MY PLACE THIS SUNDAY AT 8:00PM. RSVP" "DELIGHTFULY ACCEPTED!" The doorbell rings precisely at 8:00 pm and she quickly answers it. After seeing his eyes only in the door eye-port, she let him in. She found considerable humor in the fact that he had come in his own version of nerdy dress. It was obviously not intended to offend or make fun of her.

Just a little touch of the common touch to present his acceptance of her on her own level. Perhaps, an understanding of what was behind it. This was especially so, with the spectacular view that he got at the ice machine.

Anyway, it definitely cut-the ice for their evening. She invited him in and sat him down in her favorite over-stuffed rocking chair.

A chair that had many uses, she mused in her mind as she moved back to the kitchen to put the final touches on their meal.

He amused himself with the variety of magazines on the coffee table. A prominent sports magazine, with the Seahawks on the cover.

ELLE magazine. Several trade journals. And Premiere magazine. "So, she loves movies, too," he thought. Of course this was deliberate, he mused. And very clever, too. He would know just what subjects to pursue at the table. After a brief couple of moments, she came and took him by the hand and guided him into the dining room to sit just across from her.

The dinner was very fine. He was not in the least surprised by this. Mary was very adept at anything she set her mind to. Bruce had a long history of her accomplishments ready in his mind. And again, she had slightly modified her dress, without a doubt for his viewing pleasure.

This time the blouse was slightly agape and the skirt was thigh high, with thigh high argyle stockings no less. No matter how it sounds, it was a very fine display, in his mind. The dinner was made up of salmon, cooked to just tender, with lemon and garlic placed inside.

The salad was garden variety with a choice of dressings. He chose thousand island. The fruit was a cube cut honeydew and cantaloupe mixture with strawberries, blueberries and kiwi fruit sliced into it.

It had no dressing on it at all, and was delicious. She offered a fine white wine, but he declined, since he would be driving home that night, he assumed. She made no move to correct that thought. The night was still in doubt as to its finale.

He settled on a fine root beer that she had, Henry Weinhart's. Perhaps the best of all. The whole scene was working on the both of them. Mary was feeling the rising of very warm feelings and a hint of heat in the nether regions. Bruce was ahead of her there and he also was feeling especially close to her at this point. He just wanted to hold her in his arms, no matter what happened or didn't happen afterward.

It just seem so right to both of them. She dismissed him to the living room and she busied herself in moving the remains out of the way into the kitchen. They would be tended to later, she did not want the warm feelings that they had already generated to cool off. When she soon returned to the living room, Bruce was seated on the couch, on one end of it.

Mary smiled and moved to the center of the couch and snuggled up to him. They began to speak, but it just seemed so unnecessary to them. They fell into each other arms and began very tenderly to caress and kiss each other. No rush, they both felt. This all just felt so right. As they momentarily relaxed in each other arms evidently interested in nothing else in the known universe, Mary reached behind and turned a knob. Bruce noticed the motion and wondered what was now about to happen.

What happened was the emotionally charged voice of Colm Wilkinson singing 'Bring Him Home.' As the voice rose and caressed the music, she thought that she saw a small tear in Bruce's eye. When it finished, she then pushed another button and the trenchant drums and voice came out of the speaker with 'Blurred Lines.' After a couple of bars, they rose and danced together on the rug.

Very slow movements to a very brisk song. She now saw smiles in Bruce's eyes. This was all she needed to know. It spoke of a genuineness of soul of this fine man.

He is the one she wants in her heart, mind and body. He is the one! Now how to keep him? On some level, Bruce knew what was going on here. And he totally approved. Her heart had to know about him and them. If this was to be, she needed to be sure. He already was.

He knew now that he had been for a long time. It just took an ice-machine to bring it out. They then sat down and she moved slightly away and looked at him with an inquiring mind. "Mary, is something wrong?" "No, Bruce. Everything is so fine!" "But, I have something to tell you. It affects whatever could develop between us. I should have made this known to you before, we came this far. But, I was very afraid that what has happened might never start, if you knew before we came this far.

I know how deeply you already feel about me, and how much you desire me. And I know that it isn't just for one night or a few such ones, either." Bruce's heart sunk with this pronouncement! Fear entered his heart. Was the love that was so rapidly growing in his heart after so many years of germinating going to be taken away so soon?

He straightened his shirt and sat up with his eyes firmly fixed on Mary's beautiful but concerned face. With very kind eyes, he said: "Mary, please share with me what is so troubling to your heart. I love you, we can work it out if the feelings that we have shared this evening are real." "OK, Bruce.

You know Paula, my friend?" "Yes, we have met a couple of times at company functions. She seems like a very nice person." He said this with total honesty, to her ear. "Well Bruce, you know how evident it is that I want things to have a chance between us. After all, it has been me that has done most of the promotion of it. But, you need to know that whatever develops between you and me, Paula will always have a special place in my life. We have been lovers for years. I have never been with a man.

You are the only one that I want." "Uh, Mary. I am at a loss for words at this point. I didn't suspect that you and Paula were involved to that extent.

I guess that I shouldn't be surprised at this, by the way that you two act around each other. I guess I was being a little dense to not have noticed. But Mary, where does this put us? What place do you want me in your life? How can we have a faithful life, if some of it is devoted to her? We are so busy! How can you have time for her and enough time for me?" "Bruce there is plenty of time for all of us and whatever follows, too.

And as to faithfulness, I want to be faithful to both of you. Paula has already said that she thinks very highly of you. She also is very afraid of losing me, since she wants no one else but me. But, she has said that if she was to share me with anyone, it would have to be you!" That stood Bruce up, figuratively and in reality. Up on his feet, he felt more than a little betrayed and totally confused.

This gorgeous woman that he knew now that he loved and would never give up in his heart has just told him that she is in total love with a woman and him.

"What is she expecting of me? Am I supposed to have a man lover, too? He was not wired that way. He absolutely adored the ladies. And what about when difficulties arose between him and Mary? Would Paula use that to harm their relationship?" These questions rose in his mind, and Mary could tell. She saw no loss of love of her in his eyes, but he was very troubled, she could tell.

"Mary, I think that I need to leave now for the time being. I have a lot to think about. I will get back to you when I get this sorted out in my mind." "Bruce, some of it will never be totally sorted out. But, that doesn't mean that we can't come to a very happy relationship with all of this.


Please Honey, remember that I very much love you!" "I will remember that, Mary. And no matter what happens, I will always love you, too. Just let me have a little time to come to accommodation with this." As he moved to the door, she joined him there, hugged him, and gave him the first really passionate kiss that he had gotten from her. He sheepishly moved out the door and she bid him off lovingly into the night.Paula approached the table at which Bruce was seated for lunch.

Bruce looked up and said, "Hello Paula. Nice to see you." "Nice to see you, too, Bruce. May I sit down here at your table?" "Surely, though I am not sure how long I will be staying here." "That's ok.

I won't be interrupting your lunch, will I?" "No, I have finished. Just waiting for it all to settle." After acknowledging his remarks, she settled into a chair trying to read his attitude towards her. He gives away nothing. There doesn't seem to be any resentment on his part. She knew that she doesn't feel any towards him.

"Bruce, of course it is no accident that I am here. I have a couple of things to discuss with you. They affect both of us. And Mary. Do you mind?" "No Paula, I don't mind. I am still very confused about all of this. It has been two weeks since dinner at her place when all of this was laid before me. And I don't feel any closer to resolving it in my mind or heart than I was then." "I have no desire to hurt Mary. Or you, either. I just need to come to some kind of accommodation in my mind and heart.

So, that we could have a balanced and enduring relationship. I have been hurt very badly in the past. I don't want to walk into another relationship that might be doomed from the onset. I am guessing that you have a few misgivings also." Paula responded, "I see some of the reasons that Mary loves you so much.

You are very considerate, and speak honestly. In that spirit, I must say that if I had my druthers, she would be mine alone.

And I would guess, that you feel the same about you and her. But, this is Mary. She sets the rules. She wants us both. So, it appears that it will be her and I or her, I and you.

I don't think that she would accept any other way for her." Paula continued, "She loves each of us with all of her heart. Perhaps only someone like her can accomplish that. But, it is real. She wants you very badly to complete certain avenues in her life. She will not cheat you out of all that you need for your happiness. Nor mine. She is uniquely qualified to pull this off. She is a 'big-heart,' one of the few that can totally love more than one partner at the same time.

I think that we each would be missing out on a lot, maybe our one big chance in life, if we miss this opportunity to work things out between the three of us.

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I am certainly welcoming of the chance. I just want so much for her to be totally happy. Paula concludes, "Well, that is enough for you to chew on. I hope that you can come to a balance of heart and mind in this, Bruce. A very dear heart, that we both love, is awaiting to find out." "Thank you Paula, you have given me much to think about. And for what it is worth, I see clearly why she loves you so much. It had to cost you to come here and try to reach my heart for her. I really appreciate it.

And I am guessing that she knows nothing about this!" Paula nods. "Just as I thought. Ok, I will ponder on this and get back to Mary, when I get a handle on these things." He rose and moved around to unseat Paula. She looked up at him with as much affection as she would ever feel for a man. She nodded and then walked away. A couple of days later, he decided to take the issue in hand and texted her: YOUR PLACE OR MINE FOR DINNER AND TALK THURSDAY NIGHT? YOUR PLACE WOULD BE FINE, PICK ME UP AT 7 PM, PLEASE.

OK She prepared herself very carefully for this date. No 'nerdy' tonight. She had her hair done up in a very stylish way. Full makeup was utilized, especially highlighting her lustrous eyes. She wore a loose fitting, but very sexy white blouse, with a long and flaring black skirt and sleek black high heel shoes.

A black faux fur wrap completed the ensemble. She looked devastating! Some surprises for him underneath too, if it got that far. In some kind of ethereal bond, he too 'dressed to kill' for tonight. He had his best charcoal suit and black wingtip shoes on. He took special care of his close cropped mustache and goatee.

They were both in a very positive mind set. Paula's visit had done its magic. His heart had moved out of 'idle' and he was prepared to move (and be moved) forward to Mary's desired goal. He didn't know it yet, but by making this date, his fate was sealed. And she was determined that he would enjoy the 'fate' that awaited him. She had such plans for him, Paula and herself. She smiled to herself upon reflecting on them.

He came in the cab to pick her up. Was the same cabbie as before (whom they adopted as their regular driver) and he was astounded at how gorgeous this couple was tonight. Wow!! He smiled just at the thought of it. Bruce got out of the cab and walked to the door. He had some misgivings. Had he dressed too much for the occasion? Would Mary be insulted by his 'over-kill?' He found that he didn't need to worry about it.

When she came through the door, he was truly wowed. He had never seen her this way, in fact neither had any other man. It was all for him. She was stunning in her apparel and there was a distinct hint at what was lurking underneath. Gave him goose bumps to think of it, which he showed nothing of to her at this time.

They entered the cab, he seating her and they sped off into the night.

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This time he couldn't resist and he kissed her very fervently right there in the taxi, much to the approval of the driver, who then tipped up his rear view mirror for the duration of the trip. When they arrived at Bruce's condo, which was surprisingly Spartan, but very comfortable, there was a catered dinner awaiting them.

Bruce seated Mary and the caterers after seeing the handsome couple at the table rose to new heights in the grandeur of their services in the serving of the food, drinks and in personally caring for the two elegant diners. After dinner was finished and Bruce and Mary moved to the sofa in the living room, to savor the dessert and unfinished drinks, the servers withdrew to the kitchen to clean up and then left very silently, so as to not disturb the couple earnestly and seriously in conversation on the sofa.

When Mary and Bruce realized that they were alone, the talk ceased. They moved slowly and deliberately together, first holding hands shyly and then moving their hands to caress each other. Their eyes met and they both smiled. Bruce began kissing her hands, arms, neck, cheek and then her lips. She opened her lips to return his kisses and their tongues searched for each other. Their eyes began to close as their senses were becoming overwhelmed, saving their attentions for the most sensual exercise that was progressing.

Their outer clothes simply disappeared, and Bruce got his first surprise. Mary was wearing a very frilly and lacy bra, a garter with black hose and very cute panties over the garter belt. He knew what that meant. And he, who was already in his close fitting undershorts, moved down to remove the panties. His hands caressed her breasts on the way down, and she moaned lowly and moved her body in position to allow him full access to her loveliness.

He moved his mouth down to nuzzle and caress her lower belly and bare love zone. She gasped when he began to lick and suck on her pussy lips.

At this time he left her clit strictly alone. Bruce was very gentle in his attentions to her pussy. He licked up and down the pussy crease, very slowly and tenderly, glancing past the left hand side of the clit, without giving much attention to it, yet.

He continued on with this loving service as Mary was amazed at his patience and technique. She had had her pussy loved many times by her female lovers, and they were very good since they had pussies themselves and knew what felt good. She had no idea that a man could turn her on to this degree. He was as good as the best of the gals that she had ever played with. Since it was her first time with a man, her body was reacting in ways that she had never experienced before.

It was a deeply surprising and pleasing experience. In fact after several minutes of this, her pussy was begging for him to enter her. She was the one losing patience.

He laid her back on the couch, parted her legs, put on his cover, and very carefully entered her. She felt no pain, since she had lost her hymen many years ago, with 'toy play' that she had shared in with her lovers. His cock slipped in very comfortably and sunk all the way into her vagina, leaving none of it outside. She felt so full of him. Her senses were on fire. Her vagina was leaking copious amounts of female cum.

As he began to pump in and out of her, her body took control over her and she shimmied and bucked in response to his motions. Bruce then caressed the outside of her finely formed legs, leaned over to kiss her mouth with their tongues again touching and then she came with her abdomen spasms, her vagina twitching and her mind in absolute ecstasy. When her senses came back, she realized that she had responded to his loving actions as strongly as she ever had with any of her female lovers.

Just in a somewhat different way. She thought, 'well nature is fair after all.' Bruce took her to the bedroom, helped her out of the rest of her clothes, offered her a newly purchased beautiful nightgown, and they settled in for the night. In the morning, Mary woke him up by demonstrating her newly acquired 'blow job' prowess that she had acquired by watching a couple of tutorials on the internet.

He was very grateful for the demonstration and came fairly quickly. They then took a bath together and she called in to their receptionists and had them pass it on that neither Bruce nor she would be in today. No explanations. None needed either. She cooked breakfast for them and they settled in to a very pleasant day together. Mary and Bruce settled in to a routine that worked very well for them. One week they would stay at his place, the other at hers.

Wednesday nights were for her and Paula. Bruce filled those nights with other activities for him alone, like his gym night. Sundays were an open house, with Paula almost always there helping with the serving of the snacks amid a very jovial atmosphere. Other guests came to share in the football watching and general social fun. They kept the attendance down to no more than eight people at a time. And often when the others left, Mary, Bruce and Paula would cuddle up on the couch to watch whatever came up on the screen, just enjoying the experience.

A couple of times Paula slept over with them. No 'play,' just a comfy sleepover with three 'dear heart' friends. Six months after the formal dinner with Mary and Bruce, they got married. No one was the least bit surprised. They had a small wedding, with Paula as "Maid of Honor,' 'Best Man,' and she gave away the bride, too. The party afterward was raucous and loud.

Paula seemed beside herself with happiness over the affair. Of course, she had planned it too. Mary and Bruce were allowed the honeymoon night together alone, though. Three months later on another football Sunday, no one but Paula showed up. They were puzzled, but not disappointed. They set up an array of drinks and goodies on the tables surrounding the couch and settled in together to watch the game. Bruce found himself in between Mary and Paula, with both of them laying their heads on his shoulders.

They settled in to watch the game and it turned out to be a very exciting one. Bruce was intently watching the game and didn't notice at first that the girls' attention was diverting to other interests. They were evidently in cahoots on this.

Each of them began to massage Bruce's shoulder, arms and his legs. Nothing overt at first, but it was having an effect on him. Without even thinking about it, his hands began to caress them, too.

Lightly caressing their faces, arms and even a glancing pass at their bra wrapped breasts. He wasn't even aware of what was going on, just cuddled up comfy as far as he knew at this point. He felt the weight of the two girls move on the couch. What he didn't know was that they had each removed their jeans and panties and also their bras. Only their loose fitting blouses were left. They moved again to lean on him and let his hands discover the treasures that they had awaiting his attentions.

He was still totally engrossed in the game and the girls were becoming impatient. So they nodded to each other to move things along a little faster. Mary reached down to loosen his khaki shorts.

In his barely noticing mind, he attributed it to her concern for his comfort due to his added girth, the result of some very fine home cooking over the last months. He wasn't bashful around Paula, since they all shared the shower sometimes, though chastely. So no alarm went off at this point. However, when Mary's hand began to unmistakably act as if she had lost something in the vicinity of his zipper, his attention finally diverted to what the girls were doing.

He didn't know how or whether to react to this, but Mary answered that when Paula's hand joined Mary's in playing with his penis. They got an immediate reaction from him with a profound rise of his member.

At the same time his hands had discovered the treasures that both girls had uncovered for him to enjoy. They also began to react to his attentions by becoming very aroused, also. Paula got up and moved the coffee table from in front of them and moved the ottoman to its place. She laid belly down on it and Mary guided Bruce's face up to Paula's love zone from behind. He took the hint and began to nuzzle, lick and suck on everything there exposed of Paula.

He took to this with considerable enthusiasm while on all fours behind her. Mary, then moved so that she was back-down on the floor with her head between his legs, and began sucking on him as he worked on Paula. When he was fully erected, Mary moved out from under Bruce and stood behind him. Paula raised her belly up into the air with her chest still down.

Mary guided Bruce's cock into Paula's vagina and began rocking against him which pumped him into Paula. As he became more involved in the fucking, he heard words of encouragement from Mary behind him as she cuddled up against his back. "Fuck her, Bruce. Use that big dick of yours to fill her up. Make her beg for it. She wants it, Bruce.

Give it to her! Give her your cum. Give it all to her!!!" With Paula now bucking back against him, Mary began to nibble on the back of his neck and shoulders.

He just completely lost it and shot all he had into Paula. She reached back and patted his tummy in gratitude. As Bruce got up to go get a drink of water and to compose himself, he noticed that Paula had moved herself so that her belly was just barely on the ottoman as her head was down towards the floor.

Mary had moved up behind her and was in the process of blowing into Paula's pussy. He had never seen or even heard of anything like this before. He didn't ask, but figured that it was to keep the cum in Paula's pussy and force it back into her and up past her cervix.

A thought passed through his mind as to what that meant. Twenty minutes later, when he came back into the living room to see what the girls were up to, Mary was now on the ottoman, in the same position that Paula had been in. Paula was standing and motioned for him to come to her as she lowered herself on to her knees in front of him.

To his surprise, she took his member into her mouth and lovingly toyed with it with her hands and then with her mouth. After the previous adventure with Paula, he was surprised that it again rose to its full stature. Paula then turned him around and guided him into Mary's love port.

She stood behind him, just like Mary had and began to bounce against his back, with her hands on his hips to emphasize the push into Mary's vagina.

He wondered why, since he had just emptied himself into Paula. But, Paula was insistent and Mary was begging for him to cum into her. Paula began to whisper into his ear: "Fuck that pretty bride of yours, Bruce. Honey, love her like I do. Push that big cock that just filled me up to fill her up, too.

Pound Mary's pussy! Harder! Make her squeal, Bruce. She will, you know. She will beg you for release. In tears and spite, too. Don't listen to her. Your job is to fill her up with your cum, just like you did for me." Paula now began to play with Bruce's ass.

While she nibbled on the back of his neck, her finger was searching for entry into his back port. It succeeded and found his prostrate. She fingered it and he just exploded into his gorgeous wife, with her whimpering and calling him names, since she didn't climax with him. But, that wasn't his job this time, Paula whispered in his ear.

She told him that he had done fine, and for him to now remove himself to the couch. He could watch, if he wanted. Paula now urged Mary to lower her head to the floor and raise her butt, so that she could work her magic on Mary's pussy, just like Mary had done for her.

She moved her mouth to the entry of Mary's vagina and blew into her to move the cum up into her vault. At this, it became aware to Bruce what this was all about. And he had no problem with it at all. After a few minutes Paula and Mary moved back up onto the couch with Bruce.

They were all totally exhausted from their love ordeal and quickly fell asleep in each other's arms. In the middle of the night, Paula woke up Bruce and asked him to take her home.

Her car's battery was dead, and she needed to be home in the morning for some unmentioned reason. Paul agreed to do so and put his khakis back on. They left Mary asleep on the couch. Neither of them had the heart to wake her up from her beautiful slumber. After Bruce dropped off Paula, making sure that she was getting in to her home safely, he turned and proceeded to return to Mary and their condo. He drove up to a stop sign where his road met the interstate and a big truck pulled up behind him and bumped him forward into the highway, just in time to be slammed into by a speeding semi with a long trailer.

Bruce didn't even know what hit him, since he became unconscious immediately. The investigating officers had a hard time identifying him, since he had forgotten to bring his wallet, and the car was so damaged that the registration was not to be found.

All they could find was Paula's business card that had dropped out of her purse. They called her and after several rings awoke her to the terrible news. Between gasps and tears, she managed to let the police know who he was and his personal information. She asked that she, as a dear friend to both of them, be allowed to go to her before they called her.

The police with the sounds of a wrecker in the background reluctantly agreed, giving her an hour to join Mary. Paula called a cab, and beat the deadline by 15 minutes. Fifteen minutes to share the dreadful news with Mary. After the police call to Mary, she and Paula left immediately for the hospital E.R. room to find out what Bruce's status was. They were informed that it would be touch and go for several hours because of the massive injures to him.

With heavy hearts, they returned home to spend the night in each other's arms hoping for the best for their dear man. Over the next few days he began the very long convalescence process. The business appointed his chief aide to hold down the fort thill it became apparent that he could come back. And Paula and Mary took turns visiting him in the hospital. When he got far enough along in the healing program, they released him to return home.

And by then, it was apparent that both Mary and Paula were pregnant. This was a very happy time for them. At night, they took turns sleeping with him and monitoring his status as the healing moved along. When he was ready, Mary initiated some light sexual fun to bide him over until he was fully functional. After a while, Paula started to do so also. She never got into the enthusiastic manner of Mary, but did come to an accommodation with giving needed stimulus and pleasure to a needy man, and eventually with it advancing to full intercourse, got to the point where she would cum sometimes, too.

A few months later when Bruce was able to be alone for some time, both Paula and Mary came to the conclusion that they needed to get their lives moving forward again. So they attended one of the regular parties for the lesbian ladies of the town. Some of them had been her lovers in the past. But now they were just friends, since she was very satisfied with Paula, who had moved in with her.

Most of the ladies were very sincerely sad at the turn of events in Mary's life. While they couldn't understand why she had shared her love with both the lovely Paula and of all things 'a man,' they still were very sympathetic to the evident sorrow that the turn of events had caused.

But, they soon settled down to some more happy news from Mary and her friend. They were all advised that a special gift from Bruce was due to be opened in a couple of months, one each for her and Paula. This was truly happy news they all agreed. Paula and Mary had already decided on names, if one of them was a boy and/or one was a girl.

Barry and Pauline were agreed on. As Mary and Paula were gathering their things to leave the party, an old harridan, known to be a true 'man-hater' looked up to them and said, "Well the sperm-donator died, huh?" This was said with undisguised venom. At that Mary raised straight up and turned dead-white. Everyone held their breath, stunned by the totally uncalled for reproach aimed at Bruce's assumed demise. Then Mary turned beet-red and twirled around and with great control allowed herself to only lightly slap the old bitty's mouth.

With the words ringing in the air, "No he was injured but will survive," then Paula gathered Mary up in her arms and they left. Leaving with the old bitty's refrain, "Pity!" She and Paula raised the children together with Barry, and the kids thrived on the combined loving care of the two mothers and one father.

They did well and each grew up to be decidedly heterosexual. Mary, Barry and Paula lived together for the rest of their lives, happy together. [Sorry, I couldn't resist a change from a very sad ending, to a positive story.]