Cute blonde giving handjob to stepbro in classroom

Cute blonde giving handjob to stepbro in classroom
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Part One.

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Ruben lives in a small town in England with his Two parents and his Brother, Jake. He is a shy and innocent young boy, blonde hair, blue eyes, slim and has one of the cutest faces I have ever seen. Ruben is a great dancer and has been for many years so you can imagine his body is pretty toned and perfect too.

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Ruben has few friends, mainly from being shy but also for being a young boy that dances. Rubens few friends reflects on him at school, he is continuously sat at the back of the class rooms because teachers know he is shy but he will get on with his work because he is so intelligent. It is very rare that any one chooses to sit next to him or work with him in class. Some days there is the odd chance when a girl will get teamed up with him but that is about it.

Well, this was until a physics lesson just before break time on a Friday. It was period two on a Friday, the classrooms were hot due to no air con and the class was being more disruptive as usual. One of the loudest kids was sat at the front of the class room so the teacher could keep an eye on him, Aaron. Funnily enough, Aaron was also a dancer but he was a popular kid.

He was not shy like Ruben, loud, popular and cute. Aaron was also blonde, skinny but was about 9inches shorter. Aaron was gay, and he was out to everyone. I think this is one of the reasons he is so popular in school. Anyway, the class got louder and things were started to be thrown around with excitement. Aaron was the first to be caught by his teacher for throwing a paper aeroplane across the room. "Aaron, get to the back of the room now!

Take your bag and go sit next to Ruben! Everyone be quiet and sit down!" Screamed the physics teacher to the annoying class. Ruben made space for Aaron to sit and let him sit next to him. Nothing was said at all, Aaron just sat looking at the table below him whilst Ruben silently carried on with his work. Time slowly passed but the class got quiet and everyone started to get on silently with their work.

As Ruben started drawing a diagram he dropped his pencil on the floor and it rolled slightly under the table, he reached down to get it and as he did his knee slightly banged against Aarons. "what the fuck did you do that for!?" "umm, it wasn't intentional?" "Don't touch me alright?" As Aaron said this, he placed his hand on my side of his leg, almost as a barrier between them.

Thinking this was stupid, Ruben decided to annoy Aaron by pushing his knee up against Aarons hand on purpose. To Rubens surprise, Aaron made no attempt to move, nor did he say anything. 5 Minutes or so passed with Rubens leg pressed against Aarons hand. He had almost forgotten about it till Aaron slowly moved his hand out from between their legs and moved it to Rubens inner thigh. Ruben tried so hard to remain still, the touch felt amazing!

He didn't want Aaron to know how much he was enjoying this so he just looked down at his work, knowing he was bright red in the face. He tried to ignore it as much as he could but this was proving impossible as Aarons hand started to explore his inner thigh. Ruben let out a little gasp as Aarons hand moved quickly from leg to crotch. This made Aaron laugh, they suddenly looked at each other, knowing what they both wanted and just smiled.

Aarons hand hardly moved from Rubens hardening crotch area for the rest of the lesson. Time couldn't go fast enough but then suddenly the bell rang.

They both ran down the corridor before anyone else was out of classed and in to the boys toilets. After making sure no one else was around, Aaron pushed Ruben in to the far cubicle and locked the door. Ruben shuddered as he heard the bolt locking the door, knowing exactly what was going to happen. Aaron quickly pulled off his backpack and put it on the floor by the door so no one could look under then forced Ruben to sit down on the toilet seat.

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Ruben looked up slightly to see Aaron releasing the button and zip on his school trousers. Once loose, he dropped his trousers to his ankles in front of Ruben and pulled his semi hard 5" cock out of his pink and black boxers.

"Ruben open up your mouth" As he did so Aaron teased his head on Rubens soft wet lips then slowly slid all of his cock in to Rubens mouth in one go.

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"Mmmm yes take it all, OMG that feels so good in your mouth. Fuck yes, Shit" Ruben was making small moaning sounds as Aaron started to face fuck his mouth, trying to get it deeper down his throat.

Just as Aaron couldn't take it any longer, the boys toilet door flung open. Voices from about 4 older boys filled the room.

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Aaron and Ruben stopped and stood motionless, silently and hoping to god no one would try to look in. Aarons cock remained rock hard in Rubens wet mouth the whole time they were stopped. Finally the boys left after making jokes about someone having a wank in the cubical they were in and their voices faded down the corridor.

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Again they were alone. "I want to cum in your mouth! Make me cum in your mouth!" Demanded Aaron as he started pounding Rubens mouth again in the school toilets. Rubens moans got louder like he was enjoying the face fucking he was receiving. Quickly Ruben undid his school trousers and pulled out his raging 6" erection from his white boxers. He grasped hold of Aarons cock with his left hand and started to jerk it while he was sucking hard on his head.


With his right hand, using some Sylva that he had produced from sucking cock, he started to jerk himself off. The sucking and jerking got rougher and faster, the boys toilet was soon filled with moans and wet cock sucking noises.

Aaron started swearing and his body started to tense up. "Fuck, Holy shit yes Ruben suck my cock, let go of it and take it deep in your mouth." Aaron pushed his cock as deep as it would go and held Rubens head with both of his hands, pulling him in to his groin.

"Argghhh holy fuck that's good! Suck harder you naughty cock sucker, swallow my cock! Yesssss!" Aarons whole body tensed up and he stopped fucking Rubens mouth. With one last thrust in to Rubens mouth jet after jet of cum squirted down Rubens throat. "Yes Ruben, let me cum in your mouth, Shitt fuck I'm cumminggggg!!"Screamed Aaron as he let litres of his cum out of him.

"Mmmm yes you naughty boy swallow all of that hot sperm!" "wow…that was&, you…you, taste so good!" says Ruben trying to get his breath back, still sitting on the toilet with his boner in his hand. "I'm so close, please can I cum in your mouth Aaron?" Without any hesitation Aaron dropped to his knees between Rubens legs and licked up and down his wet cock that was covered in pre cum.

Ruben shivered and shuddered as he felt his cock entering a mouth for the very first time. Rubens toes curled up, the pleasure that he was receiving was just too much. Ruben could hardly breath as Aaron went to work on his virgin cock.

"Yes…Oh…yes, that feels…oh yes…so good! Don't stop, oh yes!" Suddenly, in no time at all, Rubens hips started to buckle and thrust up towards Aarons mouth, ramming his cock as deep as it could possibly go.


Aaron gagged on his cock and just as he did, it sent Ruben in to another world. He couldn't control himself, he was pushing his whole body off the toilet and towards Aarons mouth.

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He did one last hard thrust and completely froze. His whole body started shuddering as squirt after squirt of his hot cum shot straight down Aarons throat. It was too much for him to handle and cum started to dribble out around Rubens cock. Ruben remained motionless for at least 10 seconds, then slowly sat back down on the toilet. His breathing was so loud and so heavy. "Ahh, Oh wow, fuckk" Was all Ruben could say through breaths. "That was the best feeling ever!

Shit." They stayed as they were for a couple of minutes before cleaning themselves up using the toilet paper in there. Both of them re-dressed and wiped the sweat off themselves. Checking the coast was clear, Aaron exited the cubicle whilst picking up his bag and Ruben followed. They both went to the sinks to wash their hands.

Aaron dried his off and went in to his bag to get a piece of paper and a pen from his blazer pocket. He wrote down his name and number and teared off the corner of the paper. As they both left towards the door Aaron turned to Ruben saying "I'm glad miss moved me to sit with you." He slipped the piece of paper in to Rubens outer blazer pocket and said with a wink "Call me sometime." Ruben replied "I definitely will, thank you!" They both walked out the toilet door in different directions for their next class To Be Continued… Leave positive comments and suggestions below