Black on black couple have anal sex on the bed

Black on black couple have anal sex on the bed
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A Little Vacation Across the Boarder MF,best by Phyllisroger Hubby and I decided it was time for a vacation across the border.

At the time we lived in San Antonio…you know: "Remember the Alamo" San Antonio? Well our little vacation to Mexico I will remember forever. We checked into a nice hotel and settled things in our room…it wouldn't be long before it was dark out and the nightlife of the town would come to life. Hubby said: "Phyllis, I've heard all these stories about the raucous times in this city.

Are you game?" I nodded as he knew I would. "Game for anything and everything," I said. It was his turn to nod and smile his mischievous smile.

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We were both sexually active and open in our marriage and would tease each other. We joined an internet club of swingers not long after we were married and he would screen the men who responded to our site then let me pick someone out for a rendezvous at a local San Antonio motel for fun and games.

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We all used assumed names, no addresses, just recreational sex between strangers…and now we were in a strange town known for strange nightlife. "Strange" was exciting but I had no idea!

He took my hand as we walked to the elevator and then out into the warm night air. We didn't have far to walk before the night was alive with music and people…some of whom were dancing in the street.

There were many bars and cafes and each one seemed to have a doorman hawking the delights of their establishment. We went into one for a drink and some dancing. On the dance floor it was a free-for-all with strangers bumping and grinding into each other with a lot of "dirty dancing." Men were free with their hands…I mean really free…and I got fondled and even kissed and it was all turning me on along with the drinks and "Boy!" it didn't take me long to get in the mood for anything and everything.

Then we walked out into the night air seeing what else was happening. We walked past a few bars that seemed to replicate where we had just been and then came to a bar with very different lighting outside. The neon lighting showed silhouettes of people and also animals…a dog, a donkey…and hubby took my hand, leading me in that direction.

Maybe it was an intermission but it was very dark and quiet inside. We ordered drinks and looked around to the paintings on the walls…they were of animals in various stages interacting with humans: mostly dogs and women…the dogs, their noses in crotches…my crotch was starting to tingle…and of women petting donkeys.

I had heard of these places in Mexico…my girlfriends had told me…their stories told with such laughing and giggles they were hard to understand. I didn't believe them…until just now. I looked at my husband with questioning eyes…he simply said: "Phyllis…we'll just watch the show. Okay?" I nodded and adjusted my bottom on the chair.

I knew I was wet and moving on the chair just in a certain way made me tingle and squirm. I looked at hubby; we shared these delicious knowing smiles. I put my hand on his crotch. I wasn't the only one aroused. We had another drink. The waiter said: "The show is in the other room if you're interested." Of course we were interested and walked through some curtains to the "other room." The room was full of couples sitting in booths and surrounding a small stage on which were a chair and a table, spotlighted by several overhead lights.

I looked around as my eyes adjusted in the dark and there were old, young and in-between ages of couples all looking toward the stage. A man walked out on the stage saying "Ladies and Gentlemen. You are about to witness a show of lust, human lust, animal lust, human and animal lust.

If you are easily offended then you have come to the wrong place. If you have a really open mind then don't leave.

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Enjoy the show!" I looked around. No one was leaving. I was squirming again on my seat in our booth, hands playing with hubby's stiffness. I was getting hot just thinking of getting hot! Was it the atmosphere with all the couples in anticipation of something really naughty?

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I didn't know what it was as I looked around the room…there were young and middle and older…a couple women were talking quietly in their partner's ears…I suspected they weren't ready for the show…I was ready and randy and hubby's hand was feeling my leg and thigh…kissing me as his hands felt my very wet twat…"Phyllis," he said, "you're the prettiest woman here…and maybe the hottest." His words were setting me on fire and I took some swallows of my drink to cool down, pushing his hand away…I wanted to watch the show and things were getting too hot.

My ears were already throbbing to go with my pulsing hot cunt. I took a deep breath…saying to myself: "Calm down Phyllis…" It was hard to do…I took hold of hubby's hand to keep it away from me…I was ready to cum but wanted to see the show first. The spotlights danced on the stage now and three women came out from behind the curtains dressed in slinky outfits…slits up the sides of their dresses…and spotlights still playing with the scene…they began hugging and feeling and undressing…some music in the background…one girl whipped off the dress of the other and the scene repeated as there were now three gorgeous nude women gyrating to sensual sounds of background music…playing with each other's breasts, rubbing thighs and caressing each other's pussies in an erotic rhythm.


I squeezed hubby's thigh, he put his arm around me, I glanced around the room and saw lots of cuddling and kissing in the audience…the three stage women were more demonstrative now…two holding down the other on the small table and each licking her cunt as she squirmed.

One went behind the curtain and soon reappeared leading a very large black dog which I thought was a great Dane…it didn't matter, what was 'great' about the dog was his very large cock which hung down slapping from side to side as he approached.

She led the dog to the woman on the bench and the dog began to tongue the squirming girl as he licked and she lifted and petted his head. I heard giggling from the table next to us and the partners in the next booth were into their own show of kissing and licking. Next to us, the woman slipped out of her skirt and climbed on her partner, burying her head in his neck, humping him. She wasn't the only one.

I felt like doing some climbing but wanted to watch the show on the stage. Then the two women helped lift the Dane's legs to straddle the table and the prone female and his cock flipped and pulsed as the two guided it to its desired target…there was a gasp in the audience as the Dane's cock entered the prone woman who simultaneously lifted her legs to ease the insertion of the large cock and let out a little scream of pleasure."Yes!

That's it," she exclaimed as we watched the long cock disappear into her body. The dog was warming to the task now and getting excited and frantic as the impaled female lifted to each thrust and held the dog around its neck, its tongue out lapping side to side on her face.

The impaled woman let out more noises and it was obvious she was at climax point as she went silent, her eyes closed, her thighs lifting to enjoy each plunge into her loins, her toes curling up…her head now side to side…another scream or moan as it was obvious she was coming in waves of pleasure.

It made me so rabidly hot to watch and made me jealous at the same time.

I was imaging that hot cock inside my body. I squeezed Hubby's cock, his hand on mine. I looked around the room and saw totally fixated eyes of men and women some in partial state of undress, some couples actually doing lap fucking…the women so turned on by the scene and the sounds of ecstasy making them too hot to wait to cum themselves…it was a scene of total orgy.

I was patient, though wet and hot, and wanted to experience the whole show. In the background on the stage I heard the "hee hawing" of a donkey! The Dane finally withdrew his dripping dick…doggie cum running out of the woman's cunt. What would happen next? I squeezed hubby and loosened his pants, releasing his glorious cock and giving it a kiss.

"Phyllis," he said in a kind of moan…"Oh do you know how to kiss." But I stopped when I heard more donkey sounds. A small donkey was brought on to the stage…prancing on the slick floor…the women changed places…a new woman now prone on the bench…her legs splayed, her head to one side, watching the donkey approach. One woman knelt under the donkey and massaged its groin…soon a nice-sized cock emerged, moving and quivering, and pointed.

The woman, having readied the beast, then brought him to the prone woman's side, his front legs straddling her waist.


One woman held the donkey by a tight leash and the other guided his extended cock to the prone woman's cunt…he was well-trained and needed no coaxing…it was obvious he was practiced as he cuddled up, letting his cock be held to the entrance of the woman, pressing forward as she lifted on to the insertion…the donkey began humping and stroking and humping some more as his cock disappeared into the woman.

Her head was moving side to side with each thrust and she cried out…a bewildering, guttural cry of exploding pleasure.

Her hands went to her cunt and massaged and opened it…moving her hands over the donkey's erection as it fucked her and she cried out again. I felt I was going to cum just watching and without more…an incredibly erotic show…my mind dizzy. I looked around the room…there was a lot of fucking going on…women climbing over their partners, partners between their woman's legs…dresses everywhere except worn and hubby took off my dress and put it aside.

My body opened to his fingers which were taking me to the edge. But just then…a surprise…a huge surprise as a voice called out: "Do we have a volunteer from the audience?" The host of the show was back on stage…the donkey still at work on mating, the woman now making sex and coming noises…then the donkey withdrew, sperm dripping down on the stage from his pulsing cock and out of the woman's cunt.

"Come on now, ladies, do we have a volunteer?" Hubby hugged me: "Phyllis," he said, "what do you think?

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Want to volunteer? I'll go up on stage with you." I wanted to agree but was embarrassed but didn't say "No" right away and hubby knew he had a live willing wife beside him. It was he who took the initiative, standing up, taking my hand and the man on stage announced: "Yes…we have a volunteer!" Hubby led me to the stage and the audience, taking time from their fucking, began to clap and applaud…encouraging me. "What a gorgeous woman," the announcer stated. "Where are you from?" "San Antonio," I mumbled, keeping my head down.

I was naked and on fire…every part of me tingling in anticipation. "Remember the Alamo!" he said. I heard the audience laugh. "What's your name?" he asked. "Phyllis," I said, my cheeks red and my whole naked body flush. "You are lovely, Phyllis," he said and then: "You'll remember this more than you'll ever remember the Alamo!" More laughter and I wanted to go back to my booth…I was getting cold feet but hubby held my hand tight and led me to the little bench…the woman moved off and helped me lie down…three women were at me now, smoothing my skin, kissing my breasts and lips and feeling my legs, gently moving them apart, petting my cuntwhispers in m years that I would love it and just to relax and enjoy and let things happen…and in a moment I felt donkey hair alongside…It was too late now.

I couldn't leave; I had an audience that had gone completely silent. I was silent too and wanted to know what would happen. I felt the coolness of the air on my cunt and closed my eyes. The three women were trained and knew their roles…one petting me on the side, another petting my cunt and spreading my lips, another whispering to me that I was about to have the ride of my life and I felt donkey hair on my skin again, this time between my thighs and I knew my time was near…I was so terribly nervous being the center of attraction but also in anticipation of it all.

Then I felt the donkeys cock bouncing against my cunt lips, more petting and guiding…I clinched, not knowing when it would happen…hubby holding my hand and saying dirty things to me…I couldn't have been more hot or ready…and then I felt a hot cock at my opening…I held myself…wanting suddenly to be home in San Antonio and not the star of the show…it was too late, the hot cock had entered, the thrusting began…my imagination was on fire…the stroking of this strange animal was setting my whole body on fire; I was trembling and making little screams of delight as the cock entered deeply and then again, fucking me to my depths, and I began thrashing as my body was building for a very different kind of climax that I had ever felt before.

I was amazed at myself…unbelieving of what was happening…totally impaled on this pumping donkey penis…stroking me, fucking me…Oh God, this was so beautiful and powerful…the feelings! "Oh please donkey' were the words in my mind…please…fuck me hard!" All I could do was grunt and moan…the audience totally still…I couldn't see, only feel…FEEL!… and the feeling was splashing over me, my body a sea of goose bumps, my cunt lifting to each and every thrust…begging the deepest penetration…I reached between my legs to feel the thrusting tool that was working me.

I cried again and tears were in my eyes, running down my cheeks…I was in San Antonio or Mexico or on stage or nowhere I had ever been as I fucked this animal and he fucked me back and I hoped it would never end as waves splashed and cleansed and his hot cum was washing me and oozing out of my cunt and down the folds of my butt cheeks…Then there were towels wiping me clean and a dressing gown to cover me…they helped me to sit up, my legs so weak…hubby's lips were kissing me, soothing me, whispering in my ears.

I just sat there, gulping air, coming down from a great height. The room was so quiet and then filled with applause. I had done well! A total unforgettable climax!

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Later when we walked back to the hotel…I was still in a kind of daze and still throbbing and oozing…"You were the star of that show," hubby said…"You were magnificent." I squeezed his hand…it was my turn to whisper. "I wasn't acting you know." "Phyllis," he said, "I've never been so hot to fuck you." We were in our room now and I was getting fucked hard again. I couldn't tell him that he was no competition for my donkey lover and I never would!

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What a night to remember!" Maybe next time…oh Yes!…there would be a next time…me and my donkey lover might try anal!