Hot brunette mom is penetrated by the ass

Hot brunette mom is penetrated by the ass
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Troy knew that there was no logical way to explain why he was just fucking his sister's mouth or where the come on her chest and face came from. He watched his father come into the room and shut the door. The older man locked the door and turned fully to face his children.

Jason was wearing a pair of dark blue basketball shorts that did very little to hide his own erection. "I see you had the same idea I did," Jason growled, his voice just as deep as Troy's own. The other man came forward so that he was standing between Samantha's legs. He slid two long fingers into her pussy and fingered her until he found her wet enough for him. Troy watched his father, fascinated. The man slid his shorts off and grasped his hard cock.

He slid his hands under each of Samantha's legs and pushed them up to her chest and then he angled his cock and plunged into her soaked pussy, Jason groaned loudly and as he started to hammer into his daughter's wet pussy, he looked up at Troy.

"Fuck her mouth," Jason growled through clenched teeth. Troy didn't hesitate; he stood up and pushed his sweats down to reveal his cock and he stepped in front of Samantha's face. He put his cock into her mouth and began to move his hips. He roughly grabbed Samantha's tits as they bounced from the violent attack her father was unleashing onto her.

The room was filled with the combined grunting and occasional curses of Troy and Jason as they both fucked her. Troy fucked Samantha's mouth with not a care.

His cock went deep into her throat and he loved the way it felt. He heard his father's loud cry of release as the older man came deep in his daughter's cunt. Troy pulled out and gave himself a few jerks. He came all over his sister's face and he even got some into her mouth. Carefully, he slid her onto the bed so that the come in her mouth would slide down her throat.

He was sweating and breathing heavily and Jason had pulled out of Samantha's pussy and was also having trouble breathing. Their eyes met over the unconscious and naked girl between them. Without saying a word, Troy pulled Samantha so that her legs were hanging off of the bed and then flipped her over onto her stomach. Her ass was facing him and he gave it a rough slap. Jason climbed onto the bed with his semi-hard cock in Samantha's face.

He lifted her up so that he could open her mouth. He slid his cock into her mouth and grabbed a fist full of her hair. He began to bob her head up and down on his cock, making her fuck her own face.


Troy decided to fuck her pussy from behind, so he bent his knees a little and slid his rock hard cock into her soaked pussy. She was still as tight as ever.

He wasn't any nicer with her than his father was. He fucked her as hard as he could and occasionally slapped her ass equally as hard. He slammed his cock into her over and over again, slapping her ass as he did.

He pulled himself out all the way to the tip and then slammed back in. He repeated this until he felt as if he was going to come. He pulled out the tip and did quick short movements before slamming into the hilt and coming into her pussy. Troy moaned as he shot spurt after spurt into her hot pussy. He looked up as Jason groaned and used his grip on her hair to pull her head back and he came all over her face. Jason stood up and let go of her hair. Troy pulled himself out of her pussy and stood behind her, thinking that he wanted to call her a lot of different dirty names.

He slapped her ass again and he noticed the red hand print. His father hadn't fucked her ass yet, so he moved around the bed and laid down on the bed, pulling Samantha up on top of him. He grabbed her hips to pull her up and he slid his already hard cock into her pussy. He moaned loudly as he thrust his hips upward to fuck her.

He felt the edge of the bed dip down and his father knelt between his legs. He felt the added pressure of his father sliding his own cock into her asshole. Troy let out a loud moan as he moved his hips faster and slammed into her as Jason fucked her asshole. Jason didn't last long this time and he came after only a few thrusts into her ass. Jason pulled off and away and stood watching his children.

Troy rolled her over and thrust into her as hard as he could. He used one hand to roughly massage her tit and pull at her nipple. "Fuck! Oh, fuck! You feel so good, you fucking whore. I love the way your pussy feels on my hard cock. Oh God. Now you have been used by both Dad and me. You are our fucking slut," Troy moaned as he fucked her. His hips slammed into her as hard and as fast as he could go and he slammed in to the hilt as he sent spurt after spurt of hot come into her.

He bucked his hips faster as he came inside of her pussy. He pulled out as he finished and sat down at the edge of the bed, too weak to get up. He glanced at his father. "What now?" "I don't know, Troy," Jason answered, his erection in his hand. They both turned their attention to the girl on the bed, covered in their combined come. Troy's erection quickly came back and he got off of the bed to hover around her face just as Jason came around the other side.

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They both began to stroke their hard cocks over her face. Troy began to groan and his hand moved faster over his cock just as Jason shot his come all over Samantha's face. Troy let out a harsh moan and he began to come too, his come also landing on her face and into her mouth.

When they finished, they both put their cocks away and stared down at their handiwork. She looked like a used whore.

Troy felt his erection stirring, but it was already late. He grabbed one of her used shirts to clean the come off of most of her and he pulled her cute nightgown back on, but he left her panties off. He glanced at Jason as he started for the door. "Do you wish she knew?" "Hell yes I do," Jason replied easily.

He unlocked the door and opened it. In the doorway, he stopped and looked back at Troy. "But you need to keep in mind that she isn't like us. She wouldn't fuck one of us in our sleep." "I know, Dad," Troy responded as they both headed out to their separate bedrooms. Samantha woke up the next morning and the first thing that occurred to her was that she wasn't wearing her panties.

Then, as she sat up, she realized that she hurt everywhere. She moved with extreme care as she slid off of her bed. She glanced around her bedroom and located the panties she'd had on the previous night by her bedroom door.

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Confused, she gingerly stood up and walked to her dresser. She pulled out a new pair of blue panties. As she bent over to slide one foot into the panties, she realized most of her pain was generated from her crotch and bottom area. She groaned in pain. She slowly slid her panties up over her long legs and then reached into another drawer to pull out a pair of sweatpants and a loose fitting shirt.

She clutched the clothes tightly to her chest, which she found was also sore, and walked slowly to her bedroom door.


Samantha realized it was already late in the afternoon and she thought that she should stop taking the pills so that she could get back onto a regular schedule. She opened her bedroom door and glanced around. No one was in sight, so she rushed as fast as her pain would allow her to the bathroom.

Once she was securely in the bathroom, she sagged against the bathroom door, breathing heavily in pain.

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She placed her clothes on the sink and then went to the bathtub to start the water. She adjusted the heat so that it was hot enough to soothe, but not hot enough to hurt.

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She slid her panties off and set them on top of her clothes before she pulled off her nightgown. She stepped into the bathtub and allowed the water to hit her. She stayed under the water for a long time and as she finally began to wash her hair. Samantha felt really turned on and she couldn't place exactly why.

She felt sore all over and the pain added with her odd turned on feeling. She stepped back under the water and as the running water rinsed the soap out of her hair, she had a weird thought. Something happens to me at night that makes me so sore in the morning.

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She couldn't think on what would make her vagina, ass and various other parts of her body as painful as they were. They felt as if they were on fire. She began to think of different things that actually could happen to her. She admitted that it was mostly fantasies that went through her head. Samantha put a lot of thought into a stranger coming into her bedroom while she slept and taking advantage of her. She let out a loud sigh as she leaned back against the shower wall and very gently cupped one of her breasts.

Thoughts of a faceless man coming into her bedroom and raping her while she was out because of the medicine she takes raced through her head. She bit her lip to keep herself from moaning out loud. She slid her other hand down her flat stomach to very carefully rub her pussy.

Her pussy was still a sore, but the pain added to the pleasure. She bit harder on lower lip as she slid one of her long slender fingers into her wet pussy.

At first, she moved her finger in and out slowly. She rotated her hips against her hand as she fingered herself and she closed her eyes as her other hand massaged her breast. Samantha imagined her limp, sleeping body with a man positioned between her legs and thrusting his big cock deep into her wet pussy.

She wiggled against her hand as she moved her fingers quickly inside of her. She roughly massaged her breast with her free hand as she quickened her pace with her hand between her legs. Samantha felt as if one of her slender fingers weren't enough, so she slid another in. She began fingering herself rougher as she imagined her "Shadow Man" fucking her pussy. Her knees began to weaken as she brought herself closer to her climax.

She pushed herself against the shower wall as her hand worked faster between her legs and her other hand massaged her breast roughly. She began to allow herself to breathe heavily as she brought herself closer to an orgasm. Then, as she slid in another finger, she let out soft moans.

Her fingers moved fast inside of her pussy and she brought herself quickly to an orgasm, crying out loudly. When she came back down from her orgasm, Samantha was sitting on the floor of the shower and the water had now gotten cold.

Samantha couldn't believe where her thoughts had taken her, but she really began to think. What if someone was raping her? Now that she was standing in freezing water, the idea scared her as much as it intrigued her. The only way she would be able to find out is if she didn't take her pills. She turned the water off and then stepped out of the bathtub.

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She still hurt a little, but because of her orgasm, the pain wasn't as bad anymore. She quickly dried off and pulled on her clothes. With an idea in her head, she quickly brushed out her hair. Samantha had it all figured out.

That night, she would not take her pills and she would pretend to be asleep to find out why she was always so sore in the morning. She opened the bathroom door with a feeling of excitement and the thrill of the danger filled her. Samantha headed out of the bathroom and into the hallway with new thoughts racing in her head.