Dick sucking cutie filled with monster shaft

Dick sucking cutie filled with monster shaft
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"Fuck, your pussy is so wet and tight!" He groaned as he sunk the head of his cock into her wet cunt. He never imagined she'd be this tight and feel this good on his cock.

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He sank the rest of his cock inside her and she moaned. Withdrawing a few inches out, he sank slowly deep into her warm cavern. Already his cock was throbbing and his balls tightening. He didn't want to cum yet. He had waited this long to have her and he wanted to give her pleasure like she'd given him. Her lips wrapped around his dick. Her tongue circled the tip, then around the head.

She began to undulate her tongue against the head once more before swallowing his dick whole. His orgasm had never been so fucking intense and hard as it spewed out. She drank all of his cum and cleaned him with her tongue.

He'd given her pleasure too. He laid her on the bed and pulled her to the edge and kneeled down between her thighs. He spread her pussy lips opening them to reveal the pink clit between them. He kissed it and flicked his tongue up and down on it making her writhe. He knew he was making her mad with pleasure if all the moaning he heard was any indication.

She started gasping and bucking her hips against his face trying to escape the exquisite torture he inflicting upon her. Finally he ceased his ministrations on that particular spot and started sliding his tongue up and down her slit while taking his thumb and rubbing her hard nub back and forth. A few moments of this had her back arching and she cried out, her orgasm washing over her.

He lapped up her sweet juices with his tongue.

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They tasted like the ambrosia from the gods. He looked up at her. Her pink nipples were hard and her chest flushed. She lay there breathing harshly trying to catch her breath. He kissed his way back up to breast, sliding his hot mouth open upon the sensitive flesh of her slim stomach. The contact made her jerk in response. He reached her nipples and sucked them into his mouth going from one to the other, swirling his tongue around them.

Lifting his head and keeping her nipples between his thumb and index finger, he gazed into her eyes. They were the color of the sea and they shimmered with ecstasy. He flicked his thumb up and down on her nipple.


She murmured a small moan. Reaching down between her legs, he slid his finger inside her and felt her pussy muscles clench around his finger. She was wet and hot to the touch. He knew without being told she wanted his cock inside her. His cock was fully erect and throbbing. It looked like it ached to be inside her.

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He motioned for her to move back on the bed so he could stand on his knees between her open thighs. He inhaled a sharp breath as the head of his cock sank into her warming depths. Inch by inch, he pushed his cock into her silken wet cave. Now he was being tortured. He opened his eyes and looked down at her. Her eyes were closed, her face relaxed, her lips parted slightly. Her tongue darted out to lick them and he felt his cock twitch. He pulled his cock all the way out before sinking deeply back inside of her.

He groaned.

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It had been a mistake to do that. Her pussy was like wet silk against the head of his cock and the tightness that wrapped around him seemed draw sharp sensations out of him.

He wanted her to cum. He wanted her to have pleasure. Lifting her hips, he clutched her ass in his hands and started to thrust deep and hard within her. He knew he was moving right on her g-spot. Her hips bucked and the moans in throat grew louder and louder. He breathed harder trying to hold back as he continued to thrust his cock harder inside of her.

He opened his eyes and gazed down at her. Her long dark hair laid spread out behind. Her eyes were closed and her mouth opened as she moaned. "Angel," he murmured, "angel, look at me." She opened her eyes, looking into his. He kept his eyes on hers thrusting deeper, harder and faster bringing on her orgasm.

"Ah fuck!" she screamed. Her pussy convulsed around his dick and her juices swam over him just as he reached his own peak, his cum spewing into her. He thought he would never stop. She could feel his cum hot and thick fill her pussy to overflowing.

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When the intensity of it all finally ceased, she opened her eyes to look at him. He was still inside her but she could feel his cock start to return to its normal size as he rested his weight on his elbows.

He was studying her intently. She smiled. "What are you thinking so hard about?" I'm thinking three days with you won't be enough, he thought to himself. "Nothing," he told her instead. He decided to change the subject. "You want a hot shower?" he suggested. "What about you?" He shrugged and trailed his lips over her neck. "I need time to recuperate." She laughed.

"Okay, then." He rolled off her and watched as she swung her legs off the side of the bed and walked into the bathroom, her hips rocking and her ass swaying with every movement. He let his head drop back onto the bed and groaned. What the hell had have you gotten yourself into, he thought to himself. He heard the water turn on and the shower door open and close. He figured he should order some food. He didn't bother with clothes as he strode over to the phone.

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He remember her saying she loved steak and shrimp. He ordered a rib eye steak cooked medium rare along with several fried shrimp and corn. He ordered a steak for himself and a buttered baked potato. He also ordered a bottle of wine.

He'd just replaced the phone on the hook when he heard the water turn off and the shower door open. She walked out wrapped in a long white fluffy towel. "I order room service," he said. He watched as she walked toward him. "That'll help you rejuvenate your energy." She smiled saucily and let the towel drop to the floor and pressed her body against his.

Her flesh was still damp from her shower and the scent of her shampoo hair tickled his nose. He slid his hand around her waist down her lower back till he could cup her ass in his hands. He squeezed them gently. She moved her hands up his chest, up his shoulders, and trailed a finger over his lips. He lowered his head and brushed his lips on hers. She kissed him back, pressing back and sliding the tip of her tongue between his lips.

He returned the favor by thrusting his tongue in her mouth. She moaned, opening her mouth wider and tangled her tongue with his. His hands reached under her ass and lifted her up, her legs going around his hips. Pressing her against the wall, he took his cock in his hand and guided it inside her. He gently grinded his hips against hers torturing her all the while, knowing he was making her feel good but at the same time keeping her from the height of pleasure she wanted to go to.

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"Damn you! Fuck my pussy! Fuck me now!" she begged. He pulled his cock out until only the head was inside. She squirmed around trying to buck her hips against his to make his cock inside. "You want me to fuck you?" He slid his cock slowly back in.


"Do you want me to fuck you like this?" He pulled out again. "No…" "No, you don't. You want me to fuck you…like this." He cupped her ass in his hands and lifted her the slightest inch so he could pound his dick into her over and over again.

"Oh! Oh! Fuck!


Fuck!" she screamed as he fucked her relentlessly. "That's how you want it. You want me to fuck you like a little slut. You're my little slut!" "Yes! Fuck your little slut! Fuck me! Oh! Oh!" She came just as he filled her sweet cunt to the brim with hot cum. He walked over to the bed and dropped on to it with her. He rolled over on his back. Damn, did he love fucking her!

He had just closed his eyes when a knock sounded at the door. "Ahem.

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It's room service. I have your dinner you ordered." She looked at him and burst out laughing. He laughed along with her. "I guess you don't need to give him a tip!"