Amateur teen public blowjob xxx up shits creek without a paddle

Amateur teen public blowjob xxx up shits creek without a paddle
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True story.The first time I saw my wife she was riding a big cock!

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I was with another girl at a drunken party, it was getting late and we were looking for a room in this big old house to have some privacy and we opened a door thinking the room was empty when in fact my future Mrs (Jane) was impaled on a guy's cock while his hands squeezed her big tits. We were shocked at first and must have stood there for 10/15 seconds, almost hoping that they hadn't seen us before she looked right at me, probably about the time the guy was filling her cunt with spunk.

We beat a hasty retreat but I get a hard on thinking about it even now.

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I didn't see her again that night (me and the girl went back to her place where I fucked her good and hard, mainly thinking about Jane's tits) but saw her the following week in the pub with some other people.

She said ''Hello again" and smiled shyly when I looked at her.we got talking and at the end of the night I offered her a 'nightcap' back at mine. She readily agreed and we were soon on my sofa with lips locked together and my hands on her big tits.

Our first fuck was on the sofa, she with her skirt pulled up, knickers hanging off one ankle and me still half dressed. We ended up naked in bed and she said "I know what you want you dirty boy, you want me the same way your mate had me last week." as she proceed to push me back and swing her leg over me before sinking down on my cock.

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My hands found her tits and she ground her clit against me until she came. We spent the rest of the weekend in bed and after work on Monday we fucked at her place.

By the end of the week we had just about moved in there (it was bigger than my place) and were married six months later. She has had other guys since we have been married. We were talking about that first night after a few drinks and she said something like "You like watching don't you, I'm sure you wouldn't have been so interested if you hadn't seen me with that other guy'." and it just went from there, she wanted to do it and I wanted to watch.

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She said that she was worried about it being with someone that she might bump into again/might know someone that knows her so we agreed that on holiday would be best (she is always more turned on when we are abroad anyway, she loves the sun) I booked us a week in Spain and it was unspoken, we both knew why we were going.It made us both very horny, lots of sex in the weeks leading up to it.

After we had been there a couple of nights she had found a barman she fancied so I asked him if he wanted to come back to our room for a drink when he finished his shift, saying "My wife really likes you, she'd love to get to know you better." with a heavy wink, making sure he knew what I meant. He gave a big grin and agreed and an hour later we were sitting on our balcony in the warm night air.

She was wearing a dress, bra, pants and as I could hear some music I pulled her up and started to dance close with her, kissing her and feeling her ass.

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I motioned to the Spanish guy to get up and passed her to him and he did the same. We passed her between us for a while before I undid the zip on her dress and pulled it off her as I passed her to him.


I undid her bra as he felt her arse, hands inside her pants and as soon as his hands found her big tits I pulled her knickers off. We had a good feel of her before dragging her into the bedroom.


He got his head between her legs, licking her cunt as I sucked her tits. He made her cum and then stripped off. I held her hands above her head (she loves bondage and feeling forced) as he fed his cock up her soaking wet cunt. When he was fully up her I let go and fetched my drink before pulling up a chair to watch. They fucked and sucked for the next hour before I just had to cum so while he was doing her doggy yet again I forced my cock almost all the way down her throat before emptying my balls.

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He left after cuming four times and I shagged her again and again in the morning. It was just sex, we both enjoyed it and there was no difficulty afterwards.we even found a young German lad to fuck her on our last night, she had been sunbathing topless and he had been staring. I just went over and said 'come with us and you can have a proper look at her tits'. I don't think he believed me but once back to our room she stripped off her bikini and got on her knees, pulled his shorts down and started sucking his cock.he believed me then!

He was only 18 but what he lacked in experience he made up for with enthusiasm and after she had swallowed his spunk he was soon between her legs hammering away for all he was worth.

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He stayed with us for about an hour before he had to go in case his parents were looking for him. Picking up guys when we are on holiday is something we do if at all possible, some holidays we don't find anyone suitable, others there are plenty. She was very dirty when she was younger and has had at least 50/60 guys by now, hard to say exactly as she is still a little shy about how many she had in her teens.

I don't think it's anything to be ashamed and to be honest it turns me on to think of her at that age being fucked by, as she has said, mainly older boys/men.