Amateur stud taking a cock deep in his tight ass

Amateur stud taking a cock deep in his tight ass
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It was a cold, fall night and Elliot Goldstein had nothing else to do. His wife, Nancy, was out of town visiting her sister and his daughter, Natalie, was out at a friend's house. Knowing he'll be all alone in the house for the weekend, he had nothing else to do but bust out the porn.

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Luckily, he managed to buy a new porno called "My Stepdaughter the Whore". It was a 4 hour movie with nothing but bad girls getting boned in the ass by their big cocked stepfathers. Elliot went into his room to find the porn stash that he kept hidden in his gun cabinet.

His family was too afraid to look in the cabinet since they were a peace and love type of people. The gun cabinet was a gift from Nancy's hillbilly brother. When Elliot retrieved the movie, he went to the family room and put it in the DVD player. When all the FBI content was gone, on the screen appeared a girl wearing a schoolgirls uniform.

The girl had C sized breast and brown hair. She was rubbing her breast and stroking her pussy. What appeared to be her stepfather walked in and caught her. At this point, Elliot was aroused and had taken off his pants and underwear. He had a bottle of KY and poured some in his hand. He began stroking lightly as the schoolgirl was getting her wet, gleaming pussy licked by her stepfather. "Oh god, why can't Nancy be here right now!

I'm so horny! I need pussy now!" Elliot thought as he began going harder and faster on his 6 inch dick.

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He didn't want to be alone at pleasuring himself. Then, suddenly, he remembered what one of his coworkers told him about. It was about an escort service downtown. Without thinking, he quickly got up and got his car keys. It was time to get some pussy! When Elliot got downtown, he quickly saw some hookers on one street corner. They all were wearing mini skirts and stilettos. All of them had D sized breast except for one girl. This girl had an amazing body with C sized boobs. The facial features resembled his daughter.

In fact, it was his daughter! He made a quick U turn and sped over to the corner. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING OVER HEAR!" Elliot screamed at his daughter.


He took her arm and walked her over to the car. "GET IN THE CAR AND WE'LL TALK ABOUT IT AT HOME!" Natalie at this point was embarrassed. All the other prostitutes were staring at the two. One was to doped up to even notice.

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When driving away, she started to cry. "Were you following me?" Natalie asked when they first got into the house.

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The TV had the same schoolgirl and stepfather on it, this time the stepfather cumming on his stepdaughter. She was licking it all off her face and sucking him off. "No. I was looking for something to fuck." Elliot was confessing.

It was better for him to tell the truth. "How could you do this to mom! She's been your wife for over 15 years and this is how you repay her! I'm telling!" "You do that and I'll tell her how you went and sold your body for sex!" Elliot shot back.

He was still pissed that he caught his daughter showing off her sexy body for some fucking time. Her soft, tan body was at least 100 pounds at the most.

Natalie's body was fairly skinny, with her big breast sticking out.

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Just thinking about made Elliot get aroused. He thought about her big ass and how it would feel against his skin. Finally, he couldn't take it anymore.

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He went over and kissed Natalie. Natalie backed away. She was appalled that her dad would do something so repulsive. Yet, he was so hot with his boyish facial features and perfect body. She couldn't help but think that his dick would feel good in her mouth, back in her throat. Hot, sticky cum all over her body.

She then started making out with her own father. Elliot took his daughter to the family room, where the porno was still going on. He undress Natalie, where quickly saw his daughter's bulging breast. They were bigger than his own wife's. He stood up and took off his pants where a perfectly erection stood.

Natalie quickly got on her hands and knees and started to suck her own father. Elliot shivered as his daughter was giving him perfect oral.

She went at a medium tempo while caressing his balls. Up and down her mouth went on his shaft while her tongue licked the head of his dick. She then proceeded to his balls while stroking his cock.

Elliot groaned in pleasure while Natalie sucked on his balls. The touch of her soft tongue made it all the more pleasurable. Elliot then put Natalie in the recliner and took off her panties.

Right in front of him was a pussy with puffy lips. It was shaved and he could tell that Natalie was not a virgin anymore. Quickly, he started to eat Natalie's pussy. The taste never satisfied him quite like that before. "OH GOSH! YOU ARE SO AMAZING! I'M ABOUT TO COME!" Natalie screamed. She never had an orgasm, even with her boyfriend, Mark.

Elliot flicked and spun his tongue in a special way. Elliot positioned Natalie on all fours. He pulled apart her butt cheeks and could see her tiny asshole. How he just wanted to give it to her up the ass.

Elliot found the KY that he had out earlier and applied some to his hard cock. He guided his dick to her asshole and in it went. "Give it up the ass, daddy. I've been a naughty girl, so you have to punish me!" Natalie loved having anal sex. It just felt so good to feel a cock in her tiny asshole.

Elliot started sliding his dick in and out, very slowly, but that wasn't good enough for Natalie.

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"FUCK ME LIKE YOU HATE ME! I WANT IT HARD AND FAST! I WANT YOU TO FINGER MY PUSSY WHILE DOING MY ASS!" Natalie screamed. When it came to sex, she was a tough cookie. Elliot did as he was told and stuck his fingers up her pussy.

Oh God how it was so wet! It was so wet that juice was dripping on the recliner. "OH GOD! YOUR SO WET! PLUS, YOUR WAY BETTER THAN YOUR MOTHER! IF YOU WEREN'T MY DAUGHTER, I'D DO THIS IN FRONT OF HER!" Elliot screamed as he penetrated her ass. The tight hole was really satisfactory.

It was so tight, that he couldn't even move his dick out without getting it stuck. But he didn't care. All he cared about was fucking the brains out of his daughter. "I'M COMING!" Elliot said as he pulled out his dick from Natalie. Natalie started stroking his dick as he exploded all over her face and tits.

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Elliot never had an experience like that before in his life. "Thank you daddy. I won't tell anybody if we can do it again this weekend?" Natalie asked.


She knew that he would never say no to her. "You bet. You're my special slut!" Elliot said as he sweated. He was glad that the experience happened and would never trade it for anything. He loved her and her ass!