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Booty gonzo sluts vag pounded tube porn
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It was 8 O'clock at night when I pulled up to the house and honked the horn on my truck. I waited a few moments and then the front door opened. I smiled to myself knowing that within moments she would be sitting in the car, her voluptuous body on the passenger witting next to me.

I had agreed eagerly to bring her to a company party. She said it would look weird if she were to show up at the party without a date. Everyone else that she worked with was bringing someone and she didn't want to be the only person there alone.

I could understand that, and after all, she was my best friends mother.

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We had known each other for quite some years, but secretly I wanted to fuck her brains out. Every time I came home from my Jeff's house, I had to jerk off after seeing his gorgeous mother. She made me sooo horny! She was the type of woman, that was hot and that knew it. She wore sexy clothes to show off her incredible body.

She had no idea, but tonight I was going to use her body and feed my hunger. She exited the house and walked towards the driveway. As usual she was wearing something that would turn heads. Her tits bounced slightly in a tight black spandex dress that ended halfway down her thighs. Her womanly curves stretched at the material as she walked.

If the dress were any tighter she probably wouldn't have been able to move. Her heels made a clicking sound on the driveway and she looked like she could be a porn star.

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. I became instantly aroused and knew this was going to be one hell of a night! Opening the door, her ass fell into the passenger seat and then she brought her long legs into the space beneath. God damn your so fine, I thought to myself. I wanted to jump her right there but knew it was not a good idea right now.

Someone might walk by or she might scream and the neighbors would hear. I was nervous as it is. I had never done anything like this before. I had to make sure we were inside of her house, secluded from prying eyes. "Hay John. Thanks again for helping me out" she said happily."Hay Ms.G" I said. I did my best to look into her big brown eyes. This proved to be a challenge. My eyes wandered down to her mouth. Her lips were large and a light shade of pink from lipstick. I thought about what they would feel like over the head of my cock.

As my eyes wandered down even further I imagined my hand running down that tight skirt, feeling the curves of her body underneath. Her nipples poked out of her tight black dress and I could tell she had nothing on underneath. No bra? I could see the flat of her stomach and her spandex rolled over her hips and down to her thighs.

She was obviously aware of my eyes roaming over her and laughed out loud and said "I'll take that stare as a compliment. Its actually what I was going for. I need to look really hot tonight. I'm not as young as I use to be" "Sorry, its!" I stammered out, embarassed that she had caught me looking.

She smiled and put her head teasingly on my right shoulder. "Its ok, you're my date. You are allowed to look."she said jokingly. I'll do more than look. The party was dull for me. Ms.Gonzalez was socializing the entire time with people at the party, so I barely talked to her.

Everyone was much older and I had nothing in common with these businessmen and executives. I sat at our table patiently, and waited for the night to be over so I could have my fun too.

As the night progressed she seemed to get happier and happier. I knew this was due to the alcohol she had consumed. She had not been without a martini in hand the entire night.

I had a few drinks as well but stopped after my third. I wanted to have a clear head when my time came. I watched her talk to some jerk off that looked like a young David Hasselhoff.

She touched his arm gently and smiled and batted her long eyelashes at him. He pretended not to be interested but I knew if it weren't for that ring on his finger or perhaps this large group of people, he would have laid her out on the table right here and she probably would have let him. Fucking whore!

I felt a fit of jealousy coursed through my body at the thought. It got late and people at the party began to leave. She finally made her way back to our table and plopped down in the seat next to me. "What a great night!" she said enthusiastically. She brought her hand down onto my arm and told me of the people she had met and chatted with. I pretended to listen but the truth is all I could do was think of her laying underneath of me, moaning as I fucked her gorgeous body.

She slurred and laughed as she talked. I laughed back at her drunken banter. "Ms.G. You are pretty lit. I should get you home, plus its getting pretty late." I said to her. She looked at her wrist but realized she didn't have a watch on and laughed hysterically at her drunkeness. "What time is it?" she asked with a slur. "Past midnight." I answered. "Oh! It is late, isn't it?" she said and then giggled. "I guess we should leave then." It took a few minutes before we managed to get back to my truck.

The parking lot was dark and this would have been a good spot but there were still people inside. They might come out to their car and find us. I helped Ms. Gonzalez into the car and helped buckle her seat belt after she fumbled with it for a few moments. As I drove the truck she chatted to me but kept her eyes closed as if too drunk to open them.

"You know, your a good friend to do this for me." she said through closed eyes. "No problem, Ms. G. I'm sure you will return the favor soon" I said smiling. She patted my leg and then seemed to drift off to sleep in the passenger seat. The sound of gravel crunched underneath my tires as I pulled back into the driveway.I pulled the car to a stop and looked over at Ms.

Gonzalez. Her eyes were closed and she was slumped against the seat.

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Her nipples poked up out of her dress at me and the curves of her body fit the passenger seat nicely. My dick hardened at the thought and urged me to take her right there in the car. I gently shook her shoulder and she awoke. "Are we home?" she asked in a sleepy voice.

"Yeah, you're home" I said softly. She moaned softly to herself. "Mmmm" "You're drunk, let me help you into the house." Without waiting for an answer I jumped out of the car and walked her into the house. As we entered the door she threw her purse to the ground and fell with her back against the wall, She laughed at her clumsiness.

"Thanks again hun, it was great" she said in a sweet voice. "Here, let me help you up to bed. The least I can do is make sure you get upstairs without killing yourself" "Oh, aren't you the nice young man trying to get me into my bed?" she said teasingly. Actually I am. I thought to myself. She smiled and politely said, " I don't think that's a good John. You should leave now".

I moved quickly and scooped her up into my arms, cradling her up the stairs like a baby."Ooooh!" she said taken a bit by surprise. Her curvy body felt wonderful in my arms. Her muscles were well toned and there were tits, and thighs and curves everywere weighing her down. I brought her through the archway of the door into the bedroom. She flicked on the light for me which revealed a large bed in the center of the room covered by silky white sheets.

On the right side of the room was her dresser with a large mirror spanning out over the wall. On the left side of the room was a door leading to the master bathroom. The headboard on the bed was dark stained wood with looped patterns in the center reminding me of olympic rings.

Underneath us, a soft deep carpet padded out footsteps as I walked with her tucked in my arms. "Thanks again hun" she said softly with closed eyes She was halfway asleep again. I walked to the side of her bed and placed her back against the mattress. I helped her take off her heels and she did not object.


I slowly ran my hand down from her calf to her ankle and flipped the shoe off of her heel, all the while becoming more aroused. She lay there watching me with sleepy eyes.

I put my knee over her leg and reached for her other shoe pinning her left leg underneath me. She didn't even flinch at the idea that I was on her bed. I was actually pretty surprised but she was drunk. I had been in this house hundreds of times when I hung out with her son Jeff, but had never been in her bedroom. But now, I found myself alone in the house with her. She was lying on her back drunk and I we were on her bed. My thoughts raced with glee and my dick began growing harder than it already was.

My crotch was pressed against her leg and she began to take notice of my erection pressing into her. Her eyes opened a bit more and she sat up on her elbows. When I had removed the shoe on her other foot she spoke in a stern tone that I had not heard earlier that night. "Ok, thanks again. But you have to be leaving now.

I think I can handle the rest myself." She looked at me expectantly, waiting for me to get off of her pinned leg and off of her bed. Still holdiing one ankle in my handI bit my down on my lip. I was building up the courage to do what I had to do next. Its now or never. Do it, you pussy! Take her! I finally let go of my restraint and let my animal lust take over. I sat up off her left leg and pulled at her right ankle still in clutched in my hand.


She let out a surprised cry as she was dragged towards me on the huge bed. She slid easily along the silk sheets. She quickly rose up off her back and tried to sit up. I was just as quick at pushing her back down onto the bed. "John!" she shouted out sounding alarmed. I ignored her cry as I worked my body into a better position to keep her pinned down.

I threw my left leg over hers and I was quickly sitting in between he knees. "Just relax." I said in a wanting voice. I moved in closer to her until her thighs pressed up against my own. I took a moment to admire my prize. Her black hair was laying in a fan shape across the bed behind her. She clutched her arms over her chest as if that would protect her from me. Her body rose and then fell with each breath she took and her body had begun to shiver.

Her eyes looked at me wildly and her mouth was wide open in shock as I sat hulking over her. I ran my hands up her bare thighs and towards her skirt. Her skin was so soft and smooth beneath my fingers. "John! What are you doing?

Stop it!" she pleaded. She sat up on her elbows and tried to stop my hands with her own. She was no match for my strength. Her hands gripped at my wrists but I continued to massage her thighs.

I ran the palms of my hands up her legs and underneath the edge of her skirt. The skirt began riding up with my hand as I worked my way farther and farther up her body. "Oh my god, you're so fucking hot. I'm going to fuck you so good" I said slowly. "John. Please! Don't do this!" she said sounding alarmed. I ignored her as I pushed her dress all the way up to her waist.

Her panties were thin white cotton.They were translucent enough for me to see the dark pubic hair and the pink lips beneath it. I hastily gripped the top of her underwear, ready to tear it off of her body. She spun to on her side and kicked trying to push herself off of the bed. "Noooo!" she squealed. I placed my left forearm down over her chest and held her firmly so she could not move.

The fingers on my right hand worked quickly, hooking into the waistline of her panties. I pulled the cotton down towards her thighs as she struggled to get me off of her. I yanked hard and the cotton ripped. She let out a scream as her panties tore from her body. One arm still holding her down I began working at her skirt.

I looped my fingers into the strap over her shoulder and pulled. The material fell easily and slid down her torso. Her breasts spilled out of her clothes as I worked the skirt downwards off her body. She clenched at the material of her skirt trying to hold it in place but within moments it was bunched up around her waist.

I lowered my head and tasted her right nipple in my lips. She begged me again but this time she was crying. "Please stop!

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Don't do this!" she pleaded. Tears rolled down her face as I looked up at her. "Its Ok. Ms. G. I promise" I said softly and took her nipple back into my mouth. As I sucked I roamed my hands over her breast squeezing them in my hand. I licked softly at her nipple until it began to harden in my mouth.

I began nibbling her hardening tit until it had grown in length. I sat up and ran my hands down her breasts and over her rib cage. I proceeded to massage her naval and then moved my way anxiously to her mound.

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"Stop it! Please" she squealed as I molested her body. She fought to push me off of her with her fists but I ignored her. My fingers ran through her soft curly hair until I reached her lips. Moist fluid began coating my fingertips as I massaged her slit up and down. She had stopped squirming now and was lying still on her back.

Her eyes watched me molest her body but she said nothing. She seemed to have given into the inevitable. I was going to fuck her that night and there was nothing she could do to stop me.

Tears continued to trail down her cheeks as she watched me begin to undress. My shirt came off and her eyes trailed over my torso. She looked back into my eyes and said nothing. I looked back into her eyes as I unbuckled my pants. I slid them slowly down my thighs and kicked them off the bed. I yanked down my boxers and my hard cock sprang out. She squeezed her eyes and turned her head to the side as if she could escape somehow by imagining she were somewhere else.

I moved my pelvis closer to hers and grabbed the shaft of my cock, guiding it towards her waiting pussy. I felt her body tense as my the head of my cock pressed against her lips.

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The tip became moist quickly and with one slow thrusts my mushroomed cock was pushing into her hole. She gasped loudly at the feeling of my cock entering her.

Her mouth and eyes wide open staring into the ceiling as I began raping her. I pushed slowly into her. I slid in easily as she was already moist but her walls were tight around my shaft. I closed my eyes in ecstasy at the felling. Her walls closed harder around my shaft as I pushed in deeper. I pushed all the way until I was as deep as I could go She clenched her teeth as she took the full length of my dick for the first time.

I pulled out slowly and then thrust back into her quickly.I watched her face contort as I fucked her. She grunted, opened her mouth wide and then clenched her teeth each time I slammed into her. I picked up speed. She turned too look at me as I fucked her faster. Her lips curled inwards and her thighs began to press harder against my body.

Her body began to take over her movements now. Her hips began moving up to meet my thrusts and her gasps and grunts turned into soft, "mmms" but her eyes still looked so sad to me. She stared at my face while I humiliated and forced her to give me pleasure.

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"You're so beautiful" I said to her softly. I fucked her faster and roamed my hands over soft warm flesh. Every part of her body I invaded with my hands. I worked my palms over her long thighs and over her hips.

I ran them up over her breasts feeling the soft flesh beneath and the long hardened nipples My body coursed with sexual desire and a strong need to orgasm. I picked up even more speed.


The headboard began banging softly against the wall and the bed rocked back and forth as I rocked her body. She.or at least her body was enjoying this now. I could tell. Her soft moans escaped her throat and became louder. "Uhhhh, Uhhhhh!" she moaned as i pumped my rock hard shaft deep into her belly. She grabbed the headboard behind her and arched her back sending her tits pointing into the air as she orgasmed. I felt her walls contract wildly. Over and over her walls gripped and released my cock.

The feeling of her tightening pussy around my dick sent me into an orgasm as well. My body shivered as I unleashed my first load. I threw my body down on top of hers as I pushed my hips hard into her own. "Oh my god, I'm cumming" I moaned into her ear. My balls spasmed wildly and sent hot sperm gushing into her pussy. I ran my tongue up her neck as she moaned into the air.

Her pelvis thrust at my own as her pussy clinched my dick trying to milk me for everything I had. And just like that, it was over. I had fucked and used her as if she were my own wife. It was everything I had wanted it to be.

I collapsed onto her and we lay there breathing hard pressed up against each other for a while. I finally pushed myself up and pulled my cock out of her. I saw her pussy was coated with cum.

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It was a beautiful sight. Some of the moisture had run down her ass cheeks and onto the sheets, turning the silk a dark color. I looked back down at her face. She looked as if she might say something but then turned to look away at the wall once again. I was her sons best friend and she had trusted me. I had forced her upstairs and violated her in her own bed. She was so beautiful laying there on her back.

She was angry and ashamed at what had just happened. You would not have know she were crying if it weren't for the tears in her eyes, rolling down her cheeks. I wanted to kiss and hug her. I wanted to tell her that everything would be ok. I knew that I wanted her again. This would not be the last was only the beginning.