Gorgeous Brunette Marley Brinx Riding Dick On Massage Table

Gorgeous Brunette Marley Brinx Riding Dick On Massage Table
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My name is Prashant and this would be my first story on iss. Am an average looking guy, not much famous among girls. But this girl, somehow i managed to become friends with in my 3d Art classes.

In Hyderabad if you roam about in public with a girl, you will have hell lot of eyes watching u. its real strange so i decided to invite her to my home, where i live alone as i dont belong to Hyderabad. To be more precise i invited her not for lunch or dinner or date, but for project work we had to do for our college, damn it was boring until that day. Sweta(name changed) knocked the door while i was cleaning my messy room. Final check for my underwears lying here and there.

After moving them out of the scene i opened the door. Wow, never saw her in Blue jeans and Black top. Tight top actually which enhanced the appearance of her 36c breasts. she was slim with nice ass. round and curvy. When she entered i was actually wondering how did i managed to get this jackpot. Never my luck was so shining when i was alone with a gorgeous(according to me) with a perfect figure(my taste).

Wake up Prashant shes just here to Work on the god damned project!! Gawdd but look at her boobs. u think she wore this top intentionally?? NO WAY, now shut up and open ur sketch book. From here i will write dialogues in hindi : Pani piyogi ? I ll make some tea. Tum baitho. Tumhara ghar to nahi hai magar apna he samjho.

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(bad joke prashant) she smiled and sat on the dunlop on the floor. Muje tumhara net use karna hai. can i? she asked. Yes ofcourse. PC on he hai. (oh fuck!!

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redtube.com browser history …shit shit shit) i continued to prepare tea for her. Prashant ?? (i got nervous. did she see the browser history ? god save me now) Haan kya hua ? No nothing, come here when you are finished. i finished and went to her, Oh my my, what a scene, she was sitting and her top was up (ofcourse she was unaware). Hats off to the designer whoever invented this low waist jeans, girls are most of the time are unaware that their back is visible clearcut, in some cases some part of their butt is also visible.

i gave her some biscuits and tea. Haan kya bol rahi thi tum? Kuch nahi bas yeh reference image download kiya hai. We should use it for our character. Kaha hai dikhao?


Yeh ?? yeh humare character ko suit nahi karega. Humari Character ka khoobsurat hona bohot zaruri hai. and not just khoobsurat, she has to look calm, also sexy u know figure should be nice.(what did i just say.) Hmmm, to tum reference do, uska sketch banaenge. (Tumhe he reference le lete haina… i wanted to say) Shweta dekho, we are art students. Reference leke to sab banaate hai. Hume kuch alag create karna chahiye na?

Arent we supposed to be CREATIVE? So what do u suggest? well kuch sochte hai. You are girl, you can be the reference. well not literally but we can get inspiration from your anatomy and erm figure.

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Theek hai. Sounds good. (I cant believe my luck was this good today, i bet mai 500billion lottery maangta to woh bhi mil jata) Till then we had finished our tea. So lets start, are you ready Sweta? What am i supposed to do? Well u start sketching me, agar kuch changes karne honge to hum kar denge.

Haan woh to theek hai. magar dekho bura mat maanna mera koi aisa vaisa intention nahi hai. magar kapdo se mai kaise tumhara figure aur anatomy determine kar sakta hu? i was expecting to get a slap. Well yes in Art when u are sketching something or someone, you have to be accurate.Thats why models have to undress if artist wants it.

Sweta said, to muje kapde utaarne honge? is it really necessary? Yes if accuracy chahiye to. i said. Ab itni mehnat kyu kar rahe ho prashant?

Sidhe Sidhe kyu nahi kehte tumhe mere sath Sex karna hai huh? What? tum aisa soch bhi kaisa sakti ho?? ( shocked with her reply i was blabbering) Chalo chalo tumhara Redtube.com dekhke muje pata lag gaya tum kitne sidhe ho. i was numb. Its ok re, i m sick of this society rules.

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i want to lead a free life too. mai bhi to insaan hu, sex ki ichha muje nahi hoti hogi? Sweta i am sorry. sshhhh. And she kissed me. Our lips met. Our tongue rolled over each other. We exchanged saliva. and my hands slowly through her waist went to her breast and i cupped them. she released a deep breath while kissing as i cupped her breast and pressed them.

she moved her hands all over my back. my other hand was too desperate to remove her top and see whats inside. so i pulled her top up, broke the kiss for a while and WOW!!

black bra for perfect white creamy boobs. she removed my t shirt, and i started pressing her breasts softly over her bra. and started kissing her neck and shoulders. she was moaning already, rubbing her legs on mine. and her hands were busy on my back. i was hard already, my 7 inch penis was screaming get me out of here!! i unbuttoned her jean while kissing her tummy, and sucked her navel. she had most sexiest navel i had ever seen in my life.

(of course in porn movies and pics) Sweta, this is my first time. i said. Mine too. she was nervous as well as smiling, that made her look even more gorgeous. her long black straight hairs were all over her face. i went upto her face, combed her hair with my fingers and planted a kiss on her forehead, and eyes. my hands were cold, i moved my hand in her black sexy panty and cupped her warm pussy, as she spread her legs to give me space and aaaahhh she moaned.

with my teeth i held her bra lace and moved it aside down to her arms and with other hand i removed her other lace from her shoulder and those wonderfull breasts with brown medium sized aerolas were there for me. in no time one of the nipple was in my mouth with my tongue playing with it.

and the other nipple was being pinched and rolled by my other hand. And she? she was moaning in a very sexy way. whispering my name, aaaaaahhh prashant ooohhh yessssss aaaaaaahhh.

ummmmm. simultaneously without rushing softly sometimes hardly i sucked each nipple and pressed her breasts and she couldn't stop moaning oooooohhh sssssss aaaaaaaaaaaaaahh aaaahhhh yessss prashant oooooohhhhhhh. i removed her jeans with her panties and she was stark naked lying. i moved my finger on her pussy, she started moaning a little bit louder. aaaaaaaahhh sssssshhhh her breath was increasing the pace. And she started removing my jeans.

along with my underwear. and my cock was set free, and in no time she held my cock which was hot, with her cold hands. aaahhh i let out a soft moan with this unexpected move of hers. i was on her and she was stroking my cock with so much intrest and i was now on the verge of inserting my finger in her pussy. She stopped me and pushed me besides her and came over me. she was on her knees just above my penis, she held my dick and pointed it towards her pussy, and she rubbed it there.

Her pussy was dripping wet, it was hot, nd it felt like velvet, infact softer than that. ahhhh sssssssssss ummmhhhhh aaahhhhh she was moaning. i grabbed her boobs and began to press them hard, pulled her towards me by pulling her nipples, and her lips fell on mine.

we went into deep smooching. She didnt stop rubbing my dick on her cunt while i was pressing her breasts and smooching her. my tongue was in her mouth sucking every possible drop of saliva given by her.

i was wondering what this is it? no sucking before fucking ? maybe she doesn't know she should suck, or maybe she doesn't like to suck. But she knew what she was doing. My dick was now drenched with her pussy juices. she got up and sat on my thighs, bent down looking at me and i stopped her. kya? kya kya? muje kuch nahi milega kya ? ohh, hehe. and she sat on my face her pussy right in front of my lips. I could tell just by looking at it that it was fresh untouched shaved virgin pussy.i gave a long lick on her cunt and you can tell by just tasting it that this pussy is definitely never licked by any other person.

it tastes great. smell boosts your sexual ability. she spread my thighs and started licking my balls. and i was going crazy.

i couldn't stop myself and started smooching her pussy sucking it, entering my tongue inside her hole. just then an idea came into my mind.


i inserted my finger in her pussy. i was supposed to feel her hymen but it was not there. huh? isn't she virgin? i thought. Well never mind. i collected some of her juice on my finger and there she started sucking the tip of my dick.

She perfectly knew all the spots, where to suck how to suck. there were cyclones of questions in my mind. she seems to be expert. but her pussy is so tight and she seems to be fresh.


and she told me she is virgin. i lubricated my finger with her juice and started to move it on her butt hole. she was moaning heavily and was trying hard and harder to take my dick more and more inside her mouth.

oh it felt like heaven. i gently pushed my finger in her butt hole. she clenched but didnt resist, she moaned a bit harder and bit my dick. it didn't hurt me but ofcourse my actions were hurting her. But if she didn't like it she would have stopped me. my finger was less than half in her butt. i started pushing more and more taking it out pushing it again.

and soon half of my finger was in her butt. and she was actually enjoying it. to increase her sensation i was continously licking and sucking her pussy.

she was moving her hips pushing her pussy more deep in my mouth. sometimes so hard that i almost couldn't breath. But that was enough, if this continued for long. i was sure i wont be able to last long and would cum in her mouth. which i didn't want to happen. i want to penetrate in you sweta.

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she got up and lay down on the dunlop. i came over her, spread her legs. and suddenly her phone rang. BAD timing seriously. very BAD timing. muje call uthana padega, m sorry.

shayad mom ka call hai.

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oh no problem. take it. she got up, covered herself with a bed sheet walked over to the drawing room and was speak ing in telegu with someone. don't know why did her mom get this premonition that i was about to fuck her daughter and she had to disturb at this moment.

i looked at my cock, it was shrinking slowly … still wet .