Emo gay adventures first time The camera is pointed at Austin

Emo gay adventures first time The camera is pointed at Austin
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"Wow! You two sure know how to make a guest feel comfortable." I chided Stan and Gina. "Our pleasure, we assure you." Stan answered, winking at Gina. We all slipped into some comfortable clothes, grabbed a snack of tuna sandwiches and juice, and threw our beach gear into the trunk of Stan's car.


"Let me drive, Stan. You and Dee can sit in the back and get better acquainted." Gina suggested, with a teasing look at both of us. "Sure, baby. That sounds like a great idea." He responded, pulling up the front seat so I could crawl into the back. Gina made sure the front seat was pulled up as far as possible to allow us plenty of room before she turned on the ignition and pulled away from the house. As we drove along, Gina put a cd by Enigma into the cd player.


It was the first one I bought by them, very sexy, relaxing and sensual. After about 10 minutes of listening to the music, Stan placed his hand on my thigh. I looked up a t him and smiled, encouraging him to slide his hand further up my leg until his fingers slipped under the leg of my shorts, higher and higher.

He put his left arm around me and slid his fingers inside further. I wasn't wearing any panties, so he had easy access to my private place, heating up more and more as he grew bolder and bolder.

"It's pretty hot down there." he whispered into my ear as he dipped his fingers into my damp spot. "It's pretty wet there too." He added. "Mmm.I wonder why." I teased. I spread my legs farther apart so he could have better access to the spot he was playing with and he gently pinched the tip of my clit which was hard as marble by now and peeking out of it's little hood.

I squirmed and squealed uncontrollably when he did this, surprised at the sensation and not expecting it. "Are you okay?" Gina asked, concerned and surprised. "Oh, yes.just playing a little bit." I replied. "Stan, you aren't pinching her clit are you?" She asked. "Oh no, Gina, what ever made you think that?" He teased.

"I just wanted to see if her reaction would be the same as yours. Guess what? It was!" "Well be gentle with her, honey.

You'll scare her off!" Gina replied. "You don't have to worry about that!" I assured both of them. Gina turned up the music and Stan and I settled back for some heavy petting and fondling. As he fingerfucked my hot, wet pussy, I managed to get his rock hard cock out of his shorts and began stroking him in unison with his fingerfucking. As he dipped his fingers in and out of my pussy, first one finger, then two fingers, then three, stretching my tight little hole to the max, I was writhing in ecstasy, putty in hands.

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I slipped his balls out of his shorts so I could caress them as I stroked his cock. "Oh.yes.that's it, baby." He moaned as I gently squeezed and jerked his cock. "Don't stop.ah.oh.ohgod.oh.oh.oh.ooooh." I moaned as his fingers pumped in and out of me faster and faster, his thumb rubbing my clit harder and faster, harder and faster.

"Come here, climb on top." He ordered. I climbed on top of his raging hardon, sliding the crotch of my shorts aside as I did so, and lowered myself over him, inch by inch, until his huge cock was deep inside of me.

"See if you can buck me off." I taunted him as I wrapped my legs on each side of him.

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"Okay." He answered, pumping up inside of me harder and harder, his cock banging against my insides until I thought it would come up out of my mouth. I hung on for dear life and bounced up and down in pace with him.

Gina was watching in the rearview mirror, but I had forgotten she was even there until she pulled the car over to the side of the road and turned around to watch us. "Please, go on.


Don't stop on my account." She teased, reaching around to pull my blouse open and unfasten my bra so my breasts would be freed. She squeezed and caressed my breasts and offered them to Stan to suckle on as he pumped his cock up and down deeper and deeper inside me.

I turned around and kissed Gina, plunging my tongue inside her mouth. Her lips were so soft, her mouth so sweet. I loved kissing her.

I loved fucking Stan too, though, so I turned my attention and concentration on trying to control my orgasms until he came inside me. I wasn't having much luck though.

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"Oh God! Your cock feels so good! Fuck me, buck me off, fuck me harder, harder!


I'm cumming!!! Again!!! Again!!!" I screamed, as Stan fucked faster and faster, deeper and deeper. "MMMmmmphhh.Oh! Oh! AAAaarrgh!

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I'm cumming!!!" Stan shouted, stiffening inside me as he spilled his load in my waiting pussy. "That was terrific!

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But you didn't buck me off!" I teased him as I slid of his now limp penis, and helped him stash his cock and balls back into his shorts. "It sure was!" Gina agreed, fastening my bra and helping me button my blouse. "We're here!" We had arrived at the beach. "Well, this is beautiful!" I exclaimed as I looked out over the ocean and the rocky shores. "It looks kind of secluded, though, doesn't it?" I asked.


"That's the general idea, silly! We can go skinny dipping here and not be bothered." Gina replied. We took the beach blankets and umbrellas and cooler from the trunk and carried them toward the ocean, setting up in a cove surrounded by huge rocks, with the surf pounding against them.

The seagulls dove up and down, looking for fish in the ocean, as we laid out the blankets, set up the umbrellas and relaxed in the sunshine, lying side by side on the huge beach, all to ourselves.

It wasn't long before we drifted off one at a time, worn out from so much sex in so little a span of time, I guess. I woke up first, and turned over to see Gina lying there in the middle of us, looking so lovely, her red hair spread out on the blanket and her bikini top threatening to reveal the hidden treasures beneath. I couldn't resist. I reached over and untied the sides of her bikini bottom and slid it down to see her beautiful pussy glistening in the sunlight.

She stirred a little and spread her legs a little, opening that love spot for all the world to see. I moved slowly down to the bottom of the blanket a nd inched my way upward until my face was directly over her mons, then I dipped my mouth down and into that glistening crevice, sucking her clit and diving my tongue inside her. Yummy! I love the taste of sex!

She stirred again and awoke to find me eating her pussy hungrily, moaning in delight. She reached down and took my head into her hands, coaxing me to continue my actions, which I did gladly. She writhed and squirmed as I flicked, sucked and licked her private parts and then she signaled for me to stop and pulled me up on top of her, our large breasts rubbing against each other after she pulled my top and her top from both of us in two swipes. She slid her hand down my body and into my slippery pussy, playing with my clit and rubbing it as I wiggled on top of her.

I suckled her melon shaped breasts one at a time and ground my hips into her hand. We moved against each other in unison faster and faster until we came together over and over.

Little did we know we had an audience. "Oh, please, go on.don't let me interrupt." Stan teased, his huge cock already out in his hand, ready to mount whoever would have him.

Since I was on top, I was the lucky one. He moved around behind me and slid his raging hardon into my pussy with one hard stroke, and proceeded to fuck me hard and fast and deep. "Mmmpf.mmmpf.mmmmpf.Oh yeah.that's so tight!.mmmmmpf" He moaned as he pumped harder, deeper, faster, plunging his cock as far into me as he could.

Gina moved up so I could eat her pussy again as Stan fucked me, which I did greedily. I was getting the best part of the action, I felt. We stroked, fucked, pumped, licked until we all reached our climax.

Exhausted, we pulled apart, stripped our clothes off and ran into the ocean naked for a refreshing swim before dinner.