Asian doctor fucking his micro dick patient

Asian doctor fucking his micro dick patient
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CHAPTER 1—D-I-Y I'd been a do-it-yourself nut most of my life, starting more than forty years ago when just a teenager. There wasn't much I couldn't do—plumbing, electrical, tile, roofing, sheetrock, even concrete and masonry work—even though I can now afford to have others handle these challenging tasks. About two months ago I picked up a new d-i-y skill—CBT—cock and ball torture. No, I wasn't some sick masochist who wanted to get his cock or balls mashed or crushed.

I enjoyed having my scrotum stretched, seeing the slick shiny skin, almost translucent with my testicles just below the surface. Unfortunately, I couldn't just buy CBT equipment online; I doubted my wife would understand. So I made my own—everything I needed I found at Home Depot. First I cut two thin boards, quarter inch by one, about five inches long, drilling a hole in each about one-half inch from the end.

I used two carriage bolts two inches long with a small, but strong spring between the boards, finishing up with a metal washer and wing nut for each bolt. Once I had sanded and painted the wood I was ready. I put the rear board behind my sac, attached the front board, washers, and the wing nuts, adjusting the span so the device wouldn't slip off my balls.

I used a metal hanger, like the ones I always get from the dry cleaner to make two elongated S-hooks. A small loop was slipped over the carriage bolt, a large hook at the other end would hold one or more lead fishing sinkers, depending on how much I felt like stretching my sac.

I always did this when I knew my wife would be away from the house. I was sure she would think I was weird. One Saturday afternoon when I knew she would be gone for several hours I retrieved my CBT kit from the workshop.

I laid everything on the kitchen table and stripped. I adjusted the stretcher and had just added two 8-ounce sinkers, savoring the weight on my sac, when I thought I heard a noise behind me. I turned to find Helen, my staid wife of almost thirty years holding her phone. I had just finished turning when I heard the "click"—she had taken my picture!

"Just a sec, dear—I want to send this to my email." "Why," I asked. "Just in case I need it. Hopefully, I won't. You know, dear, just this morning I was thinking how bland our sex lives had become, but now&hellip. Just think of the fun things I can do with you…the fun things I can do TO you." She walked the five steps to me, bending down to examine my balls.

She flicked each one with her finger. I grimaced slightly from the pain. She reached onto the table, selecting two additional 8-ounce sinkers. She dropped them onto the hooks, doubling the stress on my sac. She examined my balls closely before flicking again.

"You like that, do you?" I could barely whisper through the pain, "Yes." "Hmmm, excellent, now, darling, there are some packages in the back seat of my car. Do be a dear and bring them in for me." I started to remove the device, but Helen told me, "No, no, leave that on.

I want to see it on you all afternoon." I walked awkwardly to the car, realizing only when I reached the garage that she had left her car in the driveway. I was naked with two pounds hanging from my balls. Tentatively, I looked out to find the area deserted.

I scooted as quickly as I could, which was none too quick under normal circumstances, retrieved the packages and hurried back into the garage. "This is silly, Helen, I'm taking this off before I get caught." "Darling, you've already been caught. I'd hate to send that photo to the wrong email address.

It wouldn't do you any good--after all you are a judge. What would everyone think—a judge running around in some BDSM gear, although I must say it's as clever as most of the things you dream up, and just as effective. Now, Martin, just behave and go along with me and we'll have a lot of fun together. But, if you cross me… well, you can imagine." "But, Helen, you're my wife. If you hurt me you're just going to hurt yourself in the bargain." "That may be, but I'll destroy you, won't I?

And then I'll get more than my share in the divorce settlement. I'll be the poor innocent wife—the victim of a demented perverted husband. Won't I look perfect as the victim? No, Martin, you'll be much better off following my orders, just like I've had to follow yours all these years.

Any idea what it's like being married to a brilliant jurist like you—a person who is rarely, if ever, wrong?

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I'm a smart person, Martin, but who ever notices me? Nobody, that's who, but now you're going to notice me. You're going to do whatever I tell you. If I were to send that photo to the Post, or the Times you'd be the laughing stock of the city. You might even get fired—who knows?" I turned from Helen wondering how all this had gotten out of control when I noticed the bright light streaming in through the kitchen windows behind me—behind where I was standing earlier.

I smiled, knowing something about photography that Helen obviously didn't. All the same I thought I'd play along just to see where this went. "Martin, follow me into the bedroom, please. See—I'm being nice even though I could just as easily be bossy and mean. I want to get you into the bathroom. I've never been an admirer of all your body hair and now I can do something about it." I followed meekly down the hall.


Helen preceded me into the bathroom; she took a good-sized hand towel from the rack and put it into the basin, filling it with hot water. When it was hot enough she wrung it out and placed it on my abdomen. I was told to hold it in place while she retrieved the other things she would need. I stood in the tub while my pubic hair was first cut short and then shaved bare as a baby's behind.

Helen finished the job by rubbing some soothing lotion into my skin. Then I turned around and she repeated the process with my ass, even shaving around my anus. Now this did feel weird, but Helen wasn't done yet. She continued all the way up to my neck—front and back—before shaving my arms and legs clean, as well, adding the lotion when she was done. I had to admit there was a certain sensuality to the feeling it gave me.

Finally, Helen removed the ball stretcher and shaved my scrotum clean. When done she again attached the stretcher to my scrotum, taking several minutes to rub and flick my balls. The pain was exquisite, but it made me hard—probably as hard as I've been in more than ten years. "Come along, dear, we really must do something about that hard cock.

I know your schedule makes it difficult to find time for sex, but, now that you're mine you're going to make the time, aren't you?" "Yes, my love, I really have been neglecting you. I apologize and I'll do better in the future. You really don't have to blackmail me, you know. I'm always pleased to service you. You know I love to make you cum." "If you love it so much, Martin, why is it that we haven't made love in over a month?

Count on doing it every day from now on—every day, and probably more on weekends. You'll use every part of your body to make me happy—oh, God, cumming every day! What a delicious thought!" Helen led me to our bed, pushing me down so my feet remained on the floor and my balls retained the heavy weights pulling against them. My hard cock stood as vertical as a flagpole. Helen quickly stripped down to nothing. Her body was much as it was when we first met.

Sure, she was twenty pounds heavier, but her weight went to all her best parts—her breasts were fuller, more sensual; her hips broader, her ass rounder, but still firm. She pushed my head down on the bed as she climbed over me, straddling my chest. "I think you know what I want. Do a good job and I'll take good care of you—deal?" I nodded a smile on my face. I pulled her toward my mouth as I extended my tongue. I licked slowly up the edges of her beautiful cunt. Helen was right—our sex life had all but disappeared as my career had progressed.

Now as a Federal Court of Appeals Justice the demands on my time were enormous.


I'd have to find the time for Helen—she seemed to think she had me by the short hairs, and, maybe she did. I moved my attention now to her wet musky slit where I was instantly rewarded with a flood of her nectar.

I sucked on her labia, engorging them as her passion rose. When I thought she was ready I began to fuck her with my tongue, searching for and finding her G-spot. Helen responded, grinding her cunt into my face faster and harder as I moved now to her clit. Helen had a big one—more than an inch in length protruding from its protective hood. I sucked on it like a miniature cock, taking it between my teeth and licking around the "head." When I nibbled I brought her over the edge.

Her orgasm was accompanied by a flood that quickly covered my face. I eagerly licked her juices from my lips and cheeks as she collapsed on top of me. It was several minutes later that she spoke, "Wow, Martin, you haven't made me cum like that in ages.

I suppose now we should address that big problem you have." She slid from my body to sit next to me. "Here's what we'll do. I want you to stroke your cock and make yourself cum.

I'm going to play with and flick your balls. The longer you take to cum the harder it will be, so I hope you're horny.

I don't want to hurt you…too much. Let's get started." I wrapped my hand around my erection, noting how hard and hot it felt. Then I felt Helen lightly flick her nails against my poor balls.

I'd better get going or I was going to hurt badly. It had been a long time since I last jerked off, preferring to fuck or have Helen blow me. I ran my hand up and down my cock, gripping lightly as Helen gave me another flick—harder this time as promised. Now I was stroking furiously, hoping to avoid any further punishment to my scrotum.

It was enough to have three pounds straining my balls, but the little touches Helen gave me seemed to be magnified by the weight. I gripped my cock tighter now in the hope of accelerating my orgasm, but Helen wasn't to be deterred. She actually slapped my balls this time resulting in a sharp gasp from my lips.

Thank God I was getting close—I could feel my balls clench. I erupted, shooting a huge fountain of cum onto my chest and stomach just as Helen smacked them again. Six times I shot, panting wildly as I did until I was done. I hadn't cum anything like that ever. "'Well," Helen began, "I'd say that was a success, wouldn't you, Martin?" "Yes, but my balls are aching.

Can I take it off now? It's really hurting me." "Very well, you sissy, but get used to it. You're going to wear it every day and I'm going to increase the weight. I'll bet you can handle much more than you think." I stood, loosened the nuts and allowed the weights to slip to the floor. My balls were swollen and red from the abuse Helen had given them. It was a relief to be free of the weights.

"I think I need a shower," I told her, "and when I get out I'll be happy to take care of you again." Helen smiled coyly, "OK that sounds great. Do I get to choose how?" "Sure, why not?" I turned to the bathroom, hoping to get there before I leaked cum all over the expensive mauve carpet.

The shower refreshed me and I had to say the lack of body hair was a huge turn-on. I ran my hands over my smooth soft skin. When I turned in the shower I noticed Helen giving me an approving smirk. I ran the towel over my body quickly and eagerly; I couldn't wait to get back to my wife—to have the chance to satisfy her over and over, to make up for my neglect over the past several months. Helen was lying in bed when I exited the shower, her large D-cup breasts heaving in anticipation.

I could see tiny droplets on her glistening cunt. I lay next to her taking her head into my hands. I leaned in to kiss her—tenderly at first, my tongue teasing, entering her mouth but just barely as I encouraged her to respond. In seconds her tongue was in my mouth hungrily searching out mine.

Our passion grew as our lips mashed together. I moved my hand to her breast, massaging and kneading gently. "Harder," she whispered, "Pinch my nipples…twist them in your fingers." I had told her I would do as she wished so I forced her spongy nipple between my fingernails, pressing firmly. When I released her I rolled it between my fingers as she groaned into my mouth.

"Get on top of me, Martin. I want to use your cock to masturbate myself." I rolled over her, moving up so my cock head was over her clit. She gripped my cock, rubbing it several times to ensure its hardness. She brought the tip to her slit, moistening it in her juices before moving it to her clit. Vigorously she rubbed it into her clit. Her motion was almost the same that I had used to jerk myself off earlier and I felt myself getting warmer, my cock swelling in excitement.

"Oh, Helen, I think I might&hellip." I had promised it would be for her, but would she object if I got off, too? "Go ahead, Darling. I want it to be good for you, too." She strengthened her grip on me. I wanted to help her so I dropped my head to her nipple, suckling like a baby while my hand explored her other fleshy orb. I balanced on my left hand; it was easy—I spent almost half of every lunch break in the courthouse gym, a facility that was only open to judges and court officers.

As senior judge I was able to take my choice of equipment whenever I wanted it. I never even had to ask, in fact, when I entered the gym almost everyone else left out of respect for my position and the limited time available to me. I noticed Helen raise her head so I moved my lips to hers for a long and extremely passionate kiss. She whispered to me, "I'm almost there, Darling; will you cum for me, too?" All I could do was grunt. I'd learn that straining to cum never worked; I'd do much better by relaxing and letting Helen do her magic on me.

Her attempts to rub her clit were making her rub up and down my shaft. I didn't know if I'd be successful—it had been years since I'd cum twice the same day, let alone twice in about an hour.

I could feel Helen shudder beneath me as her orgasm began to ripple through her body. She shook for maybe ten seconds, rubbing her clit the entire time. She continued after she came down—for me?—for her? I didn't know and I didn't care. I was having too much fun either way. I thought I might be getting a bit closer when I felt Helen's hand on my balls.

"I'll bet these things need a good squeeze. You need a little pain to get off, don't you?" "Oh, God, yes please," I groaned as she increased the pressure on my tender orbs. It was definitely exactly what I would need. To emphasize my need Helen leaned up to bite on my nipple.

My head went back as my back arched. Cum poured from my cock in what seemed to be a never ending river. I was ready to collapse until I heard Helen, "Not yet, Darling, you made this mess.

You should clean it up." Her abdomen was covered in cum. I looked up to her, noticing she was making a lapping motion with her tongue. She wanted me to clean her with my tongue. That meant I'd be swallowing my entire load. I wasn't too happy about this but she was supposed to be in charge so&hellip. It took me almost five minutes and when I was done Helen invited me to cuddle with her. We held each other tightly until she chuckled, "it's only four in the afternoon, just think what we can do tonight!" I shuddered at the thought.

CHAPTER 2 HELEN RAMPS UP HER DOMINANCE That night Helen decided we should fuck. Being in control she decided she wanted to ride me. First she sucked me to hardness while I fingered her pussy. She was as wet as the first time earlier today.

I had never realized my wife was so sexual. We kissed seemingly for hours and I suckled her breast until she decided she was ready. I held my cock steady, noting how the arteries pulsed with every heartbeat.


Helen kneeled over my abdomen and ran her slit over my cock head, moistening me for entry into her treasure. She leaned forward, encouraging me to suck and bite her nipples as she ground her big hard clit into my abdomen. I was fascinated as I watched her grind herself into my smooth hairless skin. It was surreal, almost as though I were watching a movie instead of experiencing it in real life. Helen leaned down further to kiss me, her long tongue wrapping around mine as she continued her quest for orgasm.

This was going to be for her alone; there was no way I would be able to cum again after two mind blowing orgasms just this afternoon.

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Faster and faster she moved. I looked up as if to ask what I could do for her. "Bite my nipple," she whispered, "Hurt me. I need some pain, too." When I nibbled she told me, "Harder…much harder." I clamped down with my teeth and when I did she exploded in orgasmic rapture, shaking and shuddering for almost a minute. We lay together for several moments before she spoke, "Aren't you glad you got caught, Martin?" I had to admit I was. She told me to clean her cunt which I did eagerly, slurping up all her juice—all her tasty nectar.

When I was done she asked me, "Do you have to work tomorrow?" I almost always worked on my case list Sunday afternoons after church, so I told her, "Sorry, but I do. I can take care of you in the morning before church if you like." "Let's see how we feel then.

You'll wear your stretcher while you're working. I'm going to add another half pound. Make sure you sit with the weights hanging down. I may come in and play with them so be ready for some pain. I know you like that, don't you?" I had to agree; I found that pain exhilarating.

When Helen had flicked my balls this afternoon it had sent shivers of excitement up my spine. I was pretty sure it would become the key to my cumming in the future.

"Yes," I told her, "You know how much I need that." She kissed me and we went to sleep. I woke early Sunday morning—I always wake early, between 5:30 and 6:00. I could see Helen lying on her back, her legs slightly apart. I snuck off the bed, tiptoed down to the foot and climbed up between her legs. I extended my tongue, gently licking her slit. She woke immediately. "I have to pee," she told me, "and normally I would just go to the bathroom, but since I am running the show now I think you should take it so I don't have to move.

Scoot over here on the floor next to the bed." I looked at her as though she was crazy. "Do I have to send that picture after only one day? You were wonderful yesterday, but this is another day. Get over here and take it. I don't really care if you hate it, just do it." Reluctantly, I moved to where she had pointed.

She positioned my head, mouth up and open. She sat onto my head, her cunt sealed within my lips and her flow began.

I couldn't believe the taste—it was hot and extremely pungent. Fortunately, I didn't have to smell it. If I had I'm sure I would have thrown up. "Relax, dear, I woke up about a half hour ago and went then so I won't have much. Consider this a test of your devotion for me. You passed. Now climb up and eat me before we get ready for church." I was relieved that I didn't have to swallow much of her pee, but what would tomorrow bring?

Fortunately, I'd have to go to court so maybe I'd get off without it. I scooted up onto the bed, finding her cunt hot and wet. Damn, my wife was 48 years old and she was as wet as a teenager—and twice as horny. I dove in, licking and sucking, taking in her nectar as well as the remnants of her urine.

Luckily, there was much more of the former. Helen pulled her labia apart, signaling me where she wanted my tongue. I fucked her hole avidly until I heard her grunt.

I switched to my fingers in her snatch and sucked her clit into my mouth, biting gently until she flooded my mouth and face. I kept it up until she pushed my head away. She breathed deeply and rapidly until she was once again at rest.

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Then she pulled me up and kissed me, tasting her nectar. She licked it from my face until she suggested we get a shower. I followed her into the bathroom and set the water for her so I was surprised when she pushed me into the stall in front of her.

She kissed me again under the torrent of hot water. I took the soap gently washing her neck, shoulders and breasts before moving down to her abdomen and trimmed pussy. I knelt, kissed that glorious cunt, and attacked her legs—front and back. I spun her around so her front could rinse while I ran suds over her ass, taking a moment to finger her asshole.

She turned slightly to give me a mock reprimand then shook her head as if to comment on what a sick fuck I was. I had just finished her back when she pulled the shampoo from the shelf.

I poured a generous dollop into my hand before spreading it throughout her hair. I'd always enjoyed washing Helen's hair, but this was the first time I'd done it in the shower with her.

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I massaged her hair while she massaged my cock, giving me an "evil" smile, one that said she knew just how wickedly she was acting. I rinsed Helen's hair and she went to work on my body. She ran her hands up and down my hairless torso, savoring the feeling of my smoothness. Two minutes later we stepped together from the shower. I took a towel from the stack and proceeded to dry her, ignoring my own needs. I planted a kiss on her pussy as I dried her legs. Helen spread her legs to give me better access so I continued to lick and suck her; in seconds she was running pussy juice.

When that started I attacked her cunt with all I had, fingering her G-spot and sucking that big clit between my teeth. I was rewarded with another flooded face as Helen held my head for support. I moved my hands to her ass to prevent her from falling. I stood and dried myself as Helen blow dried her hair. Still naked I shaved, combed my hair, and brushed my teeth. Helen was done at just about the same time so hand-in-hand we returned to the bedroom to dress. It was our habit to attend an early service and grab breakfast at a local restaurant afterwards.

We had just entered the restaurant when Helen gave me a brown paper bag from the supermarket, telling me to go to the men's room. I looked inside—it was my ball stretcher and three and a half pounds of weight.

I gave her a questioning look, but she gave me a steely look back. I took the bag and went for an empty stall. Carefully, I attached the stretcher and added the weight, groaning as the extra half-pound was added.

I pulled my pants over the weights, agonizing when they caught on the fabric, further pulling my poor sac. Finally, I was able to join my wife although I walked extremely slowly to get there. "Helen," I whispered in her ear, "I don't mind at home but asking me to do this in public is too much. I can barely walk." "Suck it up, sissy you started this, didn't you?" Seeing I was getting nowhere I sat and ordered breakfast, impatient to get back home.

Helen was becoming a real pain in the ass about this. I didn't know how much more I was willing to take. Helen had complained that I had controlled our lives over the past years. What she didn't say and failed to accept was the reason—Helen was OK with decisions up to a point, then she always fucked up totally and completely.

I had no illusions she wouldn't bomb this time either. I changed my clothes, heading to my home office naked, facing four maybe five hours of work.

I sat on the edge of the chair so my weights would swing free. I was there maybe two hours when Helen entered, giving me a smile of approval when she saw the weight on my scrotum. She went down to the floor to examine the status of my balls. They hung more than five inches below my cock, the skin stretched almost to the limit. Helen looked up, smiled again, and gave me a wicked flick causing me to grunt in pain. I closed my eyes trying to focus when she gave me another.

"Please, Helen, enough—if you do any more I'm going to fall to the floor. There's too much weight and it's too painful. If you hurt me too much I'll take days to recover." Helen seemed to consider what I had said before she spoke, "OK, Martin, let's remove some of the weight." She pulled off a pound as I breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank you, Helen, that's much better." To show me she was still in charge, she flicked me again before rising, kissing me, and leaving me in a world of pain.

It took me almost thirty minutes before I was able to concentrate again. At one Helen brought my lunch and a Pepsi so I wouldn't have to interrupt my work. The faster I could finish the faster we'd be able to fuck, assuming I was able to get it up. My balls were starting to bruise from Helen's abuse.

When I finished my work I found Helen and showed her the bruising. "Darling," I told her, "hitting my balls can't be an everyday thing. Take a look. They're so painful now I don't know if I'll even be able to make love to you. I can hardly even stand. Please…I want to please and satisfy you, but you're killing me." Clearly Helen wasn't too pleased, but she nodded, removed the stretcher, and pulled me to the kitchen for an ice pack.

She got the ice and led me to bed. I lay with my feet apart as Helen held the ice for me. "I guess I got a bit carried away, sorry, Martin." I sat up to hold and kiss her, letting her know that I forgave her.

CHAPTER 3 HELEN TRIES SOMETHING NEW I managed to give Helen at least one orgasm every day, and most days during the week she had even more. Mostly I used my mouth and tongue as I was unable to even get an erection for the first three days. Finally, on Thursday I was able to get it up and we fucked. I entered her from the rear—doggie style—before pulling her back into reverse cowgirl where I was able to reach forward to tickle her clit.

So effective was this that she came twice, another first for her. I walked in the door on Friday evening and Helen showed me a good-sized box on the dining room table. It was addressed to me. "But, I didn't order anything," I protested. "Well, it's addressed to you, so open it." I grabbed a steak knife from the kitchen and sliced through the tape. When I saw what was inside I broke into a smile. The first item was a steel ball stretcher, the kind that hinges and fastens with an Allen wrench.

There were two eye bolts that screwed into the sides for weights. The second item was a parachute—another ball stretcher that could also be attached to a leash; that might be a lot of fun, too.

I pulled out a third stretcher, this one a neoprene sleeve about four inches long that snapped together in several places. This would stretch my scrotum without any weight, at all. I also saw a pair of nipple clamps—apparently Helen was enjoying causing me pain. There were a number of weights—not the fishing kind—and a five pound dumbbell weight.

I wasn't so sure about that, but I thanked Helen profusely, anxious to try some of these things out. Helen told me to strip and I did so willingly. I stood naked in the dining room while she fitted the parachute to my scrotum. I thought she would add several weights, but instead she tied a thin but strong cord to the ring and led me like a dog on a leash to the bedroom. Helen quickly removed her clothes and climbed onto the bed, signaling me to join her.

She lay on her back as she tied a loop into the cord. She bent her leg and fitted the loop over her big toe. I saw now what she had in mind. We would fuck and whenever she wanted to she would straighten her leg, pulling my balls dramatically.

I leaned down to kiss my wife, our tongues meeting between our lips before moving into each other's mouths.

I massaged Helen's large firm breasts—I knew she loved that—before rolling her nipples. So far, by design, I hadn't touched her pussy, knowing that when I did she would be soaking wet. Helen began to groan so I knew I was getting to her; I moved one hand to her cunt.

As I predicted she was oh so hot and oh so wet. I pushed my middle finger into her tunnel; Helen squeezed it as she stroked me faster and faster. "Martin…fuck me…I need you inside me." I raised up, climbing over her leg as I positioned my cock at her slit as she spread her legs wide; the motion of her foot pulled my balls in that direction.

The pressure was intense—so was the pain. I slid into her easily, pulling her leg back toward mine, easing the pressure of the parachute. We started to move together, humping and grinding in search of yet another incredible orgasm.

I could tell that Helen was getting close, her cunt squeezed me tightly. I increased my pace and changed the angle of my thrusts to rub her G-spot. Suddenly, it hit her hard and when it did she stretched her leg. I screamed in agony, pulling out of her immediately and sliding down the bed to curl into a ball. To Helen's credit, she came immediately to my aid; I could see that this was not the intended result.

However, that didn't make my balls feel any better. Even though it was still early evening, I went to bed for the night knowing that there would be little sleep forthcoming. Saturday and Sunday I stayed in bed trying a variety of remedies. I took several Vicodin I had left over from a recent foot surgery and they helped a lot with the pain, although they did nothing for the source. We used heat, cold, and alternating heat and cold—nothing seemed to help.

Even Helen suffered; I was physically unable to provide her with any sexual services the entire weekend. On Monday morning Helen gave me the steel hinged stretcher, telling me she had bought it for me to wear to work. "There's not much weight, but you'll know it's there and you'll be reminded of me." Of course, I accepted it and thanked her sincerely for all of her gifts. I carefully attached it to my scrotum and headed off to court.

I was mostly better by evening so she tried the neoprene stretcher once I got home. Once it was snapped in place, my scrotum would be four inches longer than normal. It actually felt pretty good compared with the heavy weights I had been carrying. This was the routine we followed throughout the entire week. On Saturday I got another surprise but Helen got an even bigger one. CHAPTER 4 HELEN FUCKS UP After breakfast Helen told me we were going for a ride, but wouldn't tell me where—it was going to be a surprise.

She gave me a travel mug of coffee, telling me to sit back and enjoy—she was going to drive. We headed out of town toward the interstate as I sipped my coffee. I was about halfway done when I found I had trouble focusing. "Helen, wha&hellip." I asked. "Trust me, Martin it will be easier on you this way." She patted my leg as she continued, "I'm getting you pierced. Then I can have even more fun with you." I was so heavily drugged I couldn't even respond, but even in my drugged state I was wondering what the fuck was going on.

I had never shown any interest at all in having any of my body pierced so I would have been dead against it if I had been able to resist. Obviously, Helen realized that—that's why she drugged me, and that's exactly how she fucked up—bigger than big time.

I had no idea how long she drove but I was aware that we had stopped, parking in front of a strip mall. I could see—barely-- but I couldn't speak or control my movements. After a few minutes she returned in the company of two big guys covered with tattoos and piercings. They carried me into the shop and I passed out. When I woke I was back home in my bed. There was some tenderness in my chest and groin.

Tentatively, I touched my nipple—there was a ring in it, same with the other one. What the fuck? I reached down finding rings in my scrotum and a Prince Albert piercing in my penis.

This time Helen had gone too far—much too far. I rose on not very steady legs, looking for my wife. I found her in the living room reading and waiting for me. "Well, dear, how do you like your new additions?" "You've got to be kidding, Helen, who would want these things? How am I going to be able to go to the pool or beach with these rings on my nipples?

And look at my penis, are we going to be able to have sex with this thing?" "Of course, I'm really looking forward to feeling it in my pussy, but we'll have to wait until it heals. The piercer said we should wait two months to be sure." "Two months?" I yelled, "How am I going to cum until then?" "Martin, you can just do-it-yourself! Ha ha ha ha ha ha. That's so funny—do-it-yourself!" She continued laughing like a hyena thinking she was so hilarious.

I staggered to the garage and finding what I wanted, returned. She was still howling in laughter, but it stopped suddenly when I conked her with the two-by-four. I put the board down, picked up my wife, and carried her into the basement. I dropped her into an old wrought iron chair I was refinishing and pulled a bag of wire ties from my workbench.

I secured her left wrist to the back of the chair on the right side. I did the same to the opposite wrist. Helen was now fastened to the chair. She could still get up if she tried, but that disappeared when I tied her ankles to the rear legs. I found a small plywood scrap around thirty inches long and wedged it behind her back, further limiting her maneuverability.

I returned upstairs for my phone. I called my law clerk Laurie. She answered on the second ring, exactly as I had demanded. "Hello, Your Honor." "No, Laurie, not Your Honor," I replied.

"Yes, Master, how may I serve you?" I explained what had happened and continued, "Bring over all our equipment and clothing…also the piercing needle and rings. You'll be moving in…you can bring your own clothes later. Be here in an hour." "Yes, Master." Laurie responded. Laurie Stoneham was far from the best candidate to be my law clerk. I'd had a top five percenter from Stanford Law, and another from Yale. Laurie had attended a middle-of-the-road law school but she had been a very good student.

However, from my point of view she had an excellent interview. There were several indications that she was a natural submissive, exactly what I was looking for.

She had been working for several months when I called her to my office. I could see that she was nervous. I sat leaning on my desk, arms crossed, a stern look on my face. I said nothing for almost a minute, disconcerting her, until, "Well…where do you think you should be?

Who is in charge here and who is here to follow orders? Are we equals, or is one of us the… master…and the other the…?" Laurie turned her eyes down and sank to her knees.

"Very good, slave, you will do exactly as I tell you, won't you?" "Yes…Master. I will do exactly what you tell me to do." "Excellent, slave, now open my pants and suck my cock. That's what you've wanted for weeks, haven't you?" She moved forward as she nodded before telling me, "Thank you, Master." She opened my fly and pulled my hard cock from my slacks.

There was no hesitation—she licked the pre-cum from the head before taking my thick seven inches into her hot moist mouth. Laurie turned out to be a great cock sucker. She used her tongue actively while trying to suck my organ into her stomach. I shot river after river of hot sweet cum into her throat and stomach. Laurie always swallowed every single drop. Laurie was indeed a natural submissive; she wanted and needed to be dominated. Therefore, she required a minimum of training.

I once ordered her to burn herself with a match and she would have done it had I not stopped her at the last second. She may have actually loved me, but what she truly loved was the way I dominated her…controlled her. It had been going on for almost six months now and it was the primary reason why I had neglected Helen.

Now, Helen had fucked up and more than I can even tell you. For the past month I had been under the protection of the FBI thanks to a number of written and telephone threats against federal judges from some wacko militia group in Montana. I was certain that they had followed us when I was pierced.

What Helen didn't know was that taking a federal official against his knowledge or permission was defined as kidnapping under the Patriot Act. That I had been drugged only made it worse; there was no doubt that I hadn't been willing.

I was expecting a phone call from the head of my security team later this afternoon as per protocol. I knew they would have already interviewed the piercers and checked Helen's car for evidence; I guessed my coffee mug was still there. Helen was terrible at planning things like this; she was sloppy and imprecise—a disaster in the making.

I walked down the basement stairs to find her coming out of her unconscious state.

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"Sorry, dear, but I think it best to gag you unless you promise not to scream." She nodded her assent. "While we're waiting I want to show you something. Did you ever look at that photo you took of me?" I opened her phone, quickly finding the photo library. I opened the photos and showed it to Helen, laughing as I did.

"Is this supposed to be me? First of all, you cut off my head, and second, see how dark this person is. There's no way that could be identified as me. That's what happens when you take a picture facing a bright light. The camera can't adjust to the contrast between the subject and background. This photo is completely useless." "When did you figure this out," she asked. "About five minutes after you took it," I replied, "so you're wondering why I went through all the bullshit you tried to put me through, right?" Again Helen nodded.

"I wanted to see how far you would go—where you would take us. As I predicted you went too far and you've fucked up. I do mean really fucked up. You took me to be pierced. I would never agree to anything like that so you drugged me.

Under what is commonly referred to as 'The Patriot Act,' that's kidnapping—a terroristic offense. I'm betting that the FBI has already been to the piercing shop and into your car. No, they don't need a search warrant for possible terroristic offenses under this act. Once they find my coffee mug, you're as good as dead.

Helen, I told you it wasn't necessary to blackmail me, but you did, anyway. You threatened to destroy me and that has changed your life forever." "What do you mean, Martin? I don't understand." "I didn't think you would, so let me explain. You know my clerk, Laurie. She is and has been for the past six months, my sex slave. That's why I've ignored you these past months. Now you're going to be my number two slave. You'll serve me and you'll serve her, also.

Don't believe me? I'll give you a choice—serve us as our slave, sexual and otherwise, or spend the rest of your life in prison.

You probably won't even get a trial." I was about to continue when my cell rang. As expected it was Special Agent Steve Black of my protection team. "Your Honor, we had some concerns about your trip this morning. We found evidence that you had been drugged." "Yes, that's right. I wasn't a willing participant at all.

My wife drugged me en route to some unknown destination. By the way, I have you on speaker so she can hear what you have to say." "Well, Your Honor, what I have to say is that we should have already arrested Mrs. Donaldson for kidnapping a federal employee. We have a really nice cell down in Quantanamo for her. Just you say the word." I could see Helen cringe as she heard the agent speak. "Steve, I think I can work things out here, but I would like to get rid of these things on my body.

I'm sure you have bolt cutters so how about coming to my chambers around 8:30 Monday morning and you can keep them as evidence." He agreed to my request so I hung up the phone. "There you have it, Helen. Want to spend the rest of your life in some dirty prison in Cuba? All I have to do is call him back and you'll be gone." Helen shook her head violently as she said, "No, please no, Martin.

Don't you love me?" "That's a really good question, Helen, and that's what I was thinking all those times you set out to blackmail me and destroy my balls. That was all grossly unnecessary, especially if you loved me as much as I loved you. But, why do you think I didn't just have the FBI come for you? You can show me how much you love me every day by serving me completely as my slave. You can think about it for a few minutes.

I hear Laurie. She will be moving in; she'll share my bed; you'll be down here, or, if you behave yourself, on the floor at the foot of the bed." I taped her mouth before leaving to greet my number one slave.

I walked upstairs, greeting Laurie, who knelt at my feet when she saw me. She kissed my slippers and the exposed skin of my feet. Damn, I loved this kind of adulation. I pulled her up to show her the house. She'd been here before for a party I had held for my staff, but that was almost a year ago.

I moved Helen's clothes from her closet into the guest room so there would be room for Laurie's. As a good slave she never once even thought of questioning me—she did as she was told. I removed Helen's clothes from her dresser, dumping them on the guest room bed.

Truthfully, I didn't think Helen would have much need for clothes in the future—I liked my slaves naked and vulnerable. I went out to Laurie's car to bring in the boxes of our equipment which I took directly to the basement. "I'm going to Home Depot, Helen. I need some things for your new home." She looked at me quizzically so I just patted her head and left. I dressed and Laurie saw my piercings. "I'll explain later, after I've made a cage for Helen. Go back to your apartment and get your clothes.

Bring as much as you can back here and put it away. Clear her shit out of the bathroom and put your stuff in there. Here's a key so you can lock and unlock the door. Don't worry about Helen she's secure in the basement. You can see her later, but do not go down there until I return. Understand?" "Yes, Master, she replied with her head down and eyes averted. I pulled her head up for a long juicy kiss, patted her backside, and left.

I drove an SUV, practical because of all my D-I-Y interests. On this day I bought sixty two-by-fours, a large box of nails, a box of concrete nails, used to fasten wood to concrete, and a large box of wood screws, the kind with a Phillips head. I also bought a bag of hardware and several Master locks. I was back in ninety minutes. Laurie helped me carry the wood down to the basement. I picked an area where there were no windows and laid out a six by eight area.

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I nailed two by fours to the concrete floor and screwed corresponding boards exactly above into the floor joists. I measured the distance between and cut lumber on my table saw to the exact size.

I placed one two-by-four every six inches, with cross pieces horizontally every three feet starting from the top. I used a portable saw to cut a hole in the center where I built in a small door about three feet high and three wide. I developed a set of hasps and locks to hold the door in place. It was ready by nine o'clock that evening. I sent Laurie upstairs to get the guest room mattress and some blankets while I moved Helen into her new home.

"How will I go to the bathroom?" she asked, terrified of what her future held. I passed her a bucket, telling her not to spill it. "If you spill the bucket I will punish you severely. I put and locked a ball-gag onto Helen before shoving her into her cage. I closed and locked the door. "Do you want the light on?" I asked Helen. She nodded vigorously. "OK, but don't even think of trying anything stupid. I'm going to punish you tomorrow regardless, but I can make it much worse, believe me." I showed her a crop and a whip which were bad enough, but when I showed her the electric cattle prod she cowered in fear.

"Misbehave," I told her, "and you'll get to know this very, very well. It's all up to you. Good night." I told Laurie to undress and we went into the shower. I stood under the water while she washed me, taking the time to clean my cock, balls, and ass hole with her mouth. When she was done I pulled her up and washed her body. I kissed her once we were done. "I love you, my slave." "And I love you, my Master. May I serve you with my body tonight? I know you are tired from all that work, but I hope you are not too tired." "Slave, I'm never too tired for you.

Let's dry off and get to bed." CHAPTER 5—HELEN'S NEW LIFE Laurie woke Helen early the following morning giving her a bowl of cereal and a mug of coffee. I walked down the stairs twenty minutes later, pulling her from her cage I gagged her again and led her to be cuffed to a pole I had also installed last night. It was constructed of three two-by-fours nailed and screwed together.

Using heavy duty staples and screws a set of chain cuffs were stapled into the wood. Once Helen was secured I had Laurie cut the clothes from her body. "Helen," I told her, "you're going to learn to respect my authority. You're going to learn to follow my every command completely and without hesitation. This is your punishment for abusing me for no reason other than your fun and enjoyment. I'm going to do this naked today so you can see part of the reason—these piercings that you considered so important.

Don't ever forget—one word, one single word and you'll disappear to a cell. You know that terror suspects are not entitled to a fair trial and can be detained indefinitely. The fact that you're my wife won't mean shit." I retrieved a cane. Even Laurie cringed when she saw it; I'd used it on her several times when she had failed in some respect. I whipped it through the air for effect; Helen cried before I even hit her.

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My first blow cut across her butt, arching her back in response as tears fell from her eyes. Again and again I caned her, losing count after twelve. Helen's back and butt were raw with welts.

I told Laurie to tend to her wounds. I told Laurie to strip; I wanted my new slave to see her piercings. I had done her nipples, her labia, and her clitoris, the last extremely painful when it was done. "Helen, you seemed to be so in love with piercings I think you should have some. I did Laurie's and I'm going to do yours.

They can be remarkably effective when restraining a save. I pulled some small spring clamps from the box, putting one on each nipple as Helen groaned from the pain. Laurie used several thick leather straps to tightly and completely secure Helen's body to the post.

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I removed the clamps, noting how her nipples had swollen in that brief time. It was much easier to mark the nipple for piercing in this condition. I marked both sides, and pushed my d-i-y piercing needle through. Each was followed with a 14-karat gold ring.

I used super glue to permanently seal each ring. I moved down to do her labia while Laurie applied ice to Helen's clit, numbing it for the needle. The whole operation took less than fifteen minutes; Helen was sobbing when I was done. "A lot more fun when you're a spectator, eh?" I laughed as she continued her bawling.

Twenty minutes later I removed her gag and unlocked her cuffs, walked away and told her to crawl over to me and kiss my feet. She did so immediately. "Very good, slave, that's your new name. Now, slave, crawl behind me and kiss my asshole.

Stick your tongue into it and fuck my ass with it. If you hesitate I'll put you back onto the post." Helen hustled to comply. Her training had begun. I kept her in her cage gagged and usually cuffed, for six weeks, working her every evening and all day on the weekends; I finished with a week's vacation during which her training was even more intense. I restrained her several times then using her nipple rings, attaching a short chain that I ran through a hook inserted into the pole while I had cuffed her hands behind her.

This was I found an excellent disciplinary device. By the end of that time she was completely compliant—there was nothing she wouldn't do for either Laurie or me. Laurie and I had even used her as our toilet several times, something I wouldn't normally do. However, as she had done it with me, I wanted her to see how degrading it was. I moved her upstairs to the foot of the bed and when I did she threw herself at my feet in thanks, kissing my feet and toes repeatedly.

"Remember, slave, the stairs go both ways. You will go back down if you misbehave or fail to respond promptly to one of my commands. And never forget about the FBI. Now, Laurie and I are going to make love. Would you like to join us?" "Yes, Master--command me." "Very well, first a shower.

You can wash the two of us and then yourself. We will wait for you in the bed, but don't keep us waiting too long." I had purposely made my directions vague to see how much latitude she would take. We entered the shower together and allowed Helen to wash us.

Laurie had a sensational 28-year old body—five feet eight inches tall and 120 pounds-- with a tight ass and abdomen, narrow hips and full C-cup breasts that were still incredibly firm. Slave washed us thoroughly, giving special attention to her slave mistress's cunt and ass. We stepped out to give her the opportunity to wash herself.

Laurie dried my body and I dried hers. Slave exited the shower before we were done to dry herself. She was only a minute behind us as we walked together to the bed. I lay in the middle, turning to kiss slave first. It was long and tender.

I could see the adoration in her eyes when I broke it. "Suck me," I told her and she attacked my cock with her mouth, deep throating me, something she had never done in the past when she was just my wife as I turned my mouth toward Laurie. She waited for me to kiss her—it was never too good an idea for a slave to initiate without permission, however, once we began she would be free to do almost anything. She already knew well what I liked. I pushed my lips to her tenderly. She parted her lips immediately in anticipation of welcoming my tongue into her mouth.

I teased her lips with my tongue, encouraging her to meet mine with hers. Seconds later her tongue was in my mouth, exactly where I wanted it.

I ran my hand to her breasts; her nipples were already hard and firm, indicating her desire for what was to occur; I pulled and twisted gently on her rings. This was our first time with slave so there would be some adjustments to be made—I would make them; she would comply.

"Slave," I commanded, "eat your Mistress's cunt. Make her hot to fuck. Laurie, take over on my cock." Laurie moved between my legs to take my organ between her lips; slave moved to the floor where she could reach and suck Laurie's dripping cunt.

Laurie knew I wanted her to wait until slave had begun. I wanted her feedback on slave's performance. I knew all was well when Laurie smiled and closed her eyes in rapture. I nodded when she opened those sparkling brown eyes and she started on my cock. I wanted to be turned on, but I wanted to fuck tonight so I didn't want to cum just yet. "OK, stop.

Laurie, sit on my cock and fuck me. Slave, sit on my face so I can eat your pussy. Face your Mistress so you can kiss and play with each other's tits. Now!" It was extremely pleasing to see slave move her ass as she hurried onto my face.

She had experienced some minor pleasure over the weeks of her training, but this was her first opportunity to cum in all that time. Laurie took the time to place a condom over my cock. Like slave, she was on the pill, but I had been advised not to have unprotected sex until my piercing had completely healed. It had been a pleasure to be rid of them when the FBI had cut them from my body.

I had nothing against piercings--in fact I had made several rulings in favor of employees who had been fired because of their employers' bias. It just wasn't for me. I welcomed slave's pussy to my mouth. To be honest, I had missed eating her delicious cunt. She had obviously enjoyed her tasks so far; she was dripping onto my face. I pushed my tongue up into her slit, getting an immediate response from my needy slave. She ground her snatch into my face in search of her orgasm.

That would come later; now I was just going to heat her up—make her want that orgasm so very badly. I licked all around her slit, teasing her labia, pulling on her rings with my tongue, and sucking out her juices. However, I stayed away from her clit.

Laurie was kissing her and playing with her nipples, once again teasing, but never quite giving her enough to cum. She would be putty in my hands before this night was over. Meanwhile, Laurie's tight hot cunt was fucking me wildly. She was using her legs to lift up and drop down on my cock repeatedly, an action that was certain to drive my rock hard organ deep into her every time. We fucked almost every day so my staying power was up, and wearing a condom was only going to increase that.

I fucked her back for the first time, lifting my hips almost a foot and lifting my lover almost as high. Not only was Laurie a true submissive and a great cock sucker, she was an incredible fuck. Her tunnel was as tight as a young teenager's. I loved the way she squeezed my cock in that vise of hers. She was so sexual at home, but you'd never guess what she was really like at work where she was so totally professional.

Laurie had changed her motion, grinding her clit into me and bending my cock in her cunt with every motion. "Don't cum, Laurie…not yet.

Make me cum," I commanded, "but if you cum on my cock I will be very displeased." "Yes, Master," was the only possible reply.

She put the pressure on my cock by squeezing her vaginal muscles. Now she was much tighter even than usual and there was no way I could survive this for long. I grunted twice and rammed into her as my load was forced into the condom. Five times I shot a thick rope of semen, loading the condom with my seed. I lay there spent, but I still had commands to issue. "Laurie, remove the condom. Place it into slave's mouth.

Then I want you two to 69. Eat each other until you both cum at least once. You have my permission to cum as many times as you can. Slave, I'm sure you can cum more than once, so get to it." Laurie directed slave to lie on her back.

Once there she placed the used condom into her mouth and climbed onto slave's body. Slave chewed on the condom, releasing its treasure, before slipping it into her cheek. Then she leaned up to taste her Mistress's sloppy cunt. I lay there watching them giving and receiving pleasure.

I knew slave would be really horny after her weeks of training; Laurie was always horny. I wasn't surprised when slave came after less than two minutes. I knew she would want to rest, but she had a responsibility to her Mistress, so I wanted to see what she would do. I smiled when I saw that she kept licking and sucking on Laurie's cunt. Shortly after Laurie came slave came again.

She asked if her Mistress wanted to cum again, and when she had been answered she continued working Laurie's cunt. By my count Laurie came twice; slave three times. I pulled the two of them into my arms and kissed them both. We were a family now.