Legal age teenager rides old strong cock hiddencam and hardcore

Legal age teenager rides old strong cock hiddencam and hardcore
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It was that time of the year again, a time for eating too much, drinking too much, and attending the yearly office Christmas party.


This year Selena, a gorgeous red-head with a body that oozed sexuality, got rid of her deadbeat husband who couldn't satisfy her physical needs, bought her own condominium, and landed herself a very nice promotion. But she had her eyes set on even bigger sights at this company, and she decided that she was going to make that happen at this year's office party.


She arrived wearing a low-cut, strapless emerald green dress that had slits up both sides showing off her shapely thighs.

Her beautiful red hair flowed over her bare shoulders, and her large green eyes smoldered as she surveyed the room searching for her victim. Mark, the president of the company, was an older, gray haired man who had a reputation of being Mr. Straight As An Arrow.

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Tonight, Selena was going to prove that the arrow could be bent and in the process, a new woman executive would rise up through the ranks. She grabbed two martinis and found her way over to Mark who was standing alone. She couldn't help but notice how he gazed at her shapely legs as she walked over to him.

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She offered him a martini and as they sipped and made idle chit chat, Mark's eyes were now riveted to Selena's beautiful large breasts popping out of her dress. When he saw her looking at him, Mark immediately looked away. The waiter came by and she grabbed two more martinis and ushered Mark to a couch where she sat very close to him, letting her breasts play on his arm.

She crossed her legs so that the slit of her skirt uncovered the entire length of her thigh and as Mark stared at her, she placed her hand on his knee and squeezed lightly. The martinis appeared to be affecting Mark as Selena played little games with her fingertips up and down his thigh. She caught sight of a nice bulge starting in his pants and asked him if he would show her the new corporate conference room that had just been remodeled.

They entered the room and Mark reached for the lights, but Selena put her hand over his, placed it on her breast and told him only she needed to be turned on. She reached down with her own hand and pressed lightly against the hardness forming in his pants and as she pressed harder, he stroked her breasts with his fingertips. She pulled him over to the conference table and asked him in a throaty voice if he would like to see more of her breasts and before he could answer, she unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor.

She was now bare breasted and stood in front of him wearing only a black garter belt and nylons. Mark's breathing started coming quicker and his cock was ready to burst out of its prison. Selena reached down to his crotch, unzipped his pants and pulled out his long, thick cock.

She started stroking it with her hands, then knelt in front of him and rubbed it between her breasts. She moved down further and Mark didn't move as Selena's tongue licked at the tip of his cock and moved up and down his shaft. Selena had never seen a cock so long and thick but she put her full lips around it and moved her mouth slowly down the shaft, taking in as much as she could, then going back up flicking it with her tongue all the while.

All of a sudden, Mark lifted Selena up off the floor, sat her down on the conference table and spread her legs.

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He knelt in front of her dripping, red-haired pussy and to her complete surprise, told her how much he had been wanting to do this for quite some time. He opened up the inner lips of her cunt with his fingers and just stroked her lightly as he watched her wetness increase and her clit get bigger and harder.

He touched her knob with the tip of his index finger and ever so gently massaged it in a circular motion while he inserted his middle finger inside of her.

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He applied more pressure with his finger and stroked harder around the sides of her erect clit, finger fucking her rapidly with two fingers. Selena started moaning softly as his fingers moved in and out of Selena's drenched cunt easily. Her hips moved faster and faster under his hand and she grabbed at her breasts, massaging and kneading as she cried out in a shattering orgasm. Mark leaned over Selena and started licking her breasts, making circles around her large nipples with his tongue.

He took first one nipple, then the other into his mouth and sucked on it gently while his hand massaged her stomach. His tongue moved down her stomach and then down one soft thigh to her knee, where he licked under her kneecap. His tongue went back up her thigh, crossed her stomach again, and licked down the other silken thigh, again licking under her kneecap.

His mouth moved upward toward her still pulsating cunt and he blew on it gently. His tongue licked away at some of her moistness on her pubic hair and then plunged inside, stroking her inner lips and kneading her clit with the tip of his tongue.

His mouth moved all around her cunt, licking, nibbling, sucking and when Selena started moaning again and moving her hips under his face, he inserted his tongue as far as it would go inside her love tunnel, moving it in and out like a small cock. His tongue moved from inside and outside of Selena's cunt, tongue fucking her and licking her clit and she was writhing under his face.

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Her orgasm started coming from deep inside of her as she felt his tongue reach back as far as it would go. Her body convulsed again and again as Selena's love juices flowed into Mark's mouth.

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Mark removed the rest of his clothes and moved Selena up further onto the conference table. He hovered above her and rubbed his dick against Selena's very wet and throbbing pussy, directing it right on her clit. She arched her hips upward so that he would enter her but he kept rubbing her until she started moaning and pleading with him to slip his steel rod into her. Mark entered Selena slowly inch by inch until he was competely inside of her.

He started moving back until he was almost out and then again slowly entered her. He continued this slow motion fucking until she grabbed at his ass and started pounding against him.

She wrapped her legs around him and moved her hips furiously under his, letting him drive deeper and deeper into her hotbox.

Her pussy was on fire and as she contracted around him in another orgasm, she could feel his hot love juices gush inside of her. After they dressed and were on their way out of the conference room, Mark told Selena that she had the promotion she wanted.

She seductively asked him if his decision had anything to do with her performance on the conference table, but he told her that the decision had been made by the Board of Directors last week.